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Don't Drink Your Own Kool-Aid: Using a Spiritual Guru to Win Your Ascension
Don't Drink Your Own Kool-Aid: Using a Spiritual Guru to Win Your Ascension
Price: $6.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Is this really Guru Ma?, June 2, 2014
There is a radical difference between this author's "Guru Ma" and the Master that was in embodiment. This book's "Guru Ma" constantly puts herself down and teaches the way to heaven as something completely different from the long-established Ascended Master teachings from the I AM Movement through the Summit Lighthouse. She puts down the outer path of rituals as a diminutive part of the path that actually takes you from your ascension and that these activities themselves could not bring one through the gateway to the ascension - as if Guru Ma ever taught that they would!

The real Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and the Ascended Masters through her, taught balance. There was an outer path that gave you standards and disciplines on how to balance your karma and heal your psychology - thereby helping you see the beam in your own eye. This "Guru Ma" says the outer path is cause for you to avoid looking at the beam in your own eye. Which is true, the real Guru Ma or this book's? You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. If someone takes the path to use to appear good that is their choice, but it is no fault of the guru's. Yet what about all those souls that ascended from the Summit Lighthouse because they did surrender and see their human creation from using the outer path's disciplines?

Forty years of these teachings through her cannot be defined in a few words, it was so vast and complex and complete, yet this impostor speaking in her place says statement after statement that little she believed in or saw or experienced in embodiment was real, but just the imagination through her "perception filter", even to seeing her beloved Guru El Morya as something other than his real self, and that she was shocked to see from inner levels that he was really a "pink" master and not a blue master after all.

It is not hard to see that the author, Kim Michaels, has not yet resolved his anger against Guru Ma for an experience he describes on his website where she disciplined him in the 80's for his "critical analytical mental European male pride". He said that judgment of him came when he wrote criticizing the way others did their job, believing he could do better and that his letter got to the messenger with his judgment of others. It appears he received back judgment, God's judgment, to help him separate out from his pride he was blind to. He goes on to describe after the discipline that he surrendered his pride and then felt "El Morya's" pink cloud of love envelope him and since then that El Morya has only ever appeared to him as this "pink" love. Sounds like his vision became "Guru Ma's" judgment she describes in the book, where she failed to see while in embodiment the master as this "pink" but Kim Michaels did - and while in embodiment. Trumped her! Looks like his pride is still there getting his "masters" to raise him up while putting the real Masters and blue flame Gurus down.

Reading this book this impostor is saying what Kim has been saying for years, but in the process making the real masters more human-like . The path the real Guru Ma taught was the straight and narrow path of self-discipline, sacrifice, surrender and selflessness. For those who can't surrender pride, but might want others to see them as a great spiritual teacher, they must hide that pride and create a path whereby the teacher/guru is just like everyone else, ego and all. Creating a false path is not something new with fallen beings, but some like to piggyback on the masters as the doer, teaching the false path in their name and thereby appearing innocent of any crime.

So the true path is made wrong - even harmful to your ascension process - and having pride is commonplace within the Masters before they made their ascensions. From this book you discern that: The "real" path then is only a matter of "perception". Get rid of your perceptions and the outer path and you will finally have the "true path". Also, everything from within the physical becomes a "value judgment" and wrong. Get rid of all judgment and suddenly no one can judge you or they are damned by themselves and their own "beam in the eye" they never can see.

The true Masters teach Christ discernment is an integral part of walking the outer path. Saint Germain made "2 million right decisions" using that discernment. With this new path by this "Guru Ma" (and Kim Michaels with his new concepts), suddenly discernment is in the same box with his judgment of others and is wrong. You cannot separate out a God attribute of judgment from God and then expect to ascend without it! Judgment is part of the first ray quality of El Morya. No wonder El Morya is no more (according to Kim Michaels) and this Master More is his replacement, and judgment is wrong and evil and El Morya is not blue, but pink. God Judgment, as taught by the ascended masters is the first ray attribute of God Power. That is how important it is being of the first ray.

These dictations also sound like a replay from Elizabeth Clare Prophet's memoirs published in 2009 "In My Own Words". Many stories and examples are retold practically verbatim by this "Guru Ma", clearly indicating that the source of subject matter for these dictations were from these memoirs, as well as new teachings created by Kim Michaels' from his websites. Just with a different twist of repudiating ECP's Guruship by having herself tell you how bad of a guru she was. After all, no one can refute her own words if you believe this impostor is really her.

There are several inaccuracies that any long time student would quickly see like her saying that she heard about the Ascended Masters through Mark Prophet. Elizabeth's mother introduced her to the Ascended Masters teachings and Saint Germain from the I AM Discourse book her mother had. Again, widely publicized by Guru Ma herself. This impostor also states elsewhere in the book, "I learned about the ascension at a very early age by meeting Mark Prophet." This statement is entirely untrue. She learned about the ascension direct from the Light long before meeting Mark. She states in her memoirs it came to herself, "Why I have to make my ascension in this life!" as a revelation she received within. Her religious background did not include the understanding of the ascension, but she instantly knew what it meant and that this was her goal.

Outside of the stories from ECP's memoirs, much of the topic matter for these dictations is repetitive of the psychology of one who has created teachings aimed at destroying the true Ascended Masters' teachings such as the true nature of the soul. This "guru Ma" says that by serving you create a "self" that keeps you from ascending, but she says you need that self/service to walk the path. Using a metaphor she says you need to create this boat to take you across the sea of your own psychology, but then you cannot sail further up the shore without jumping out of the boat, disassembling it and leaving it behind once you cross the turbulent waters. She states that the soul is a like a "boat" you create to get across the sea of Samsara and then discard. The Real Masters have taught otherwise. The soul is the lower self that must rise above the human creation and choose the Christ consciousness and therefore is part of one's God Reality that must choose to Be the Christ and I AM, while this "conscious you" she says is the real self.

So regardless of the qualities that made a strong boat and hull, because it was built from within the Mater plane it is no good and you must dump it all - the self and everything of the self, to ascend. The Masters teach otherwise. You are slowly weaving the wedding garment (out of these life experiences and path) that will take you to heaven from within the Mater plane, and all good works and attributes ascend to heaven and accrue to the Causal Body before you ascend.

She also said that 100% of her karma wasn't balanced until she had Alzheimer's and spent 12 years on the inner working out all her issues she couldn't do from her "perception filters" which blocked her from ascending. The real Messenger and Masters told a different story. Elizabeth had balanced all her karma many years prior. She also received the Mantle of Mother, and then went on to balance the little bit left of Mark's (her husband and co-messenger's) karma after his passing, many years before her retirement. She was given the Vicar of Christ mantle and many more mantles to help hold the balance in the earth as the Masters released the heavy weight and karma of the last 25,800 years. She was definitely not some ignorant, blind misleading guru, but a very dedicated chela to God's Will.

You can clearly see much of what this "Guru Ma" says in this book is Kim Michaels talking! Some of what this "Guru Ma" says could be Kim Michaels telling his story. He says on his website "As a child, I was deeply affected by learning about the second world war and the Holocaust." His "Guru Ma" speaks that as a child her eyes were opened to the extreme example of the Holocaust and the evils in the world.

So this teaching is completely the creation of Kim Michaels' mind and not being able to resolve his own psychology in why he was never recognized as great from within the Summit, but rather put down as prideful. He states many times on his website something similar to what he said on why he is a messenger: "When I was a child, I had a sense that my life had a purpose, that I had a mission. I obviously didn't know what it was, but I knew that in order to fulfill it, my mind was my greatest asset." Pretty reminiscent of the same words his ascended "Jesus" he channels said: "As a child, I had a strong sense that I was here for a purpose. I had this sense as a child, but I did not have a clear vision of what that entailed." A savior consciousness perhaps?

A former chela of Guru Ma's
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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite , 6-Inch, Wi-Fi, With Special Offers
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite , 6-Inch, Wi-Fi, With Special Offers
20 used & new from $65.85

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great little book reader, June 2, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
After using the Kindle and moving up to the Paperwhite, I really enjoy the extra features such as the backlight and the touch screen.

Complete System of Self-Healing Internal Exercises
Complete System of Self-Healing Internal Exercises
by Stephen T. Chang
Edition: Hardcover
81 used & new from $3.15

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A beatiful book, December 8, 2011
I love this book. It is beautifully laid out, a beautiful cover and the exercises are well illustrated. They are based on Taoism and there is a chapter describing some of the Tao. It is worth a try to help balance your body. My body is strong so I can't say how well they work on me because I was not out of balance before I studied the book.

People of the Lie (New-age)
People of the Lie (New-age)
by M. Scott Peck
Edition: Paperback
Price: $19.75
63 used & new from $0.58

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars An outstanding expose, December 8, 2011
A great read for anyone who wants to know about evil incarnate through people. You can't put the book down. I now can recognize people who are of this nature and thank God they are not many in my world. You don't want to be around these people as you can't know truth - ever around them.

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