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Hamilton Beach TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator
Hamilton Beach TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator
Price: $26.90
48 used & new from $19.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nice for small area smoke eater, March 31, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This TrueAir was purchased to manage the odors of the basement....catbox and smoke being the main pollutants. It does a decent job with the smoke but needs to be placed within 10 ft or so of the smoker. We replaced the filters and air freshener with the Febreze tobacco inserts which helped to overall effectiveness, but it does not move enough air to "Eliminate" the odor. For the size and price, I'd say it is the best little unit we've used.

-1 star because the fan can be a tad noisy, and it sounds like the bearings may be starting to go already. I am already looking into replacing the fan with one of higher quality. Not sure why such a cheap fan would be used in something that is just a fan in a plastic box. If the fan works well, so will the unit, so why not make sure an adequate and durable fan is used?

Overall very satisfied, but looking forward to upgrading that fan!
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Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 - Xbox 360
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 - Xbox 360
Offered by Shining Star Inc.
Price: $23.00
73 used & new from $7.95

8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best Next-Gen Tiger to date! A detailed review!, June 7, 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I have played every game in the Tiger Woods franchise and I have to say this is the best and most engaging Tiger to date. The total swing control takes a few hours to get used to but then its becomes clear that this was the change that the franchise needed. Many argue that the physics of the swing/putting are too demanding and frustrating. And maybe to players new to the game they might seem daunting, but once you catch on they are consistent and rewarding. And sure you can still drive the ball 400+ and break 50 in a round...but really only on the easier difficulties, which in turn rewards you with less status, coins and exp. Now, as for the whole coin system...

Many amateur and pro reviewers have bashed to coin system (the in-game currency) for being a misleading and insulting tease by EA. I can't disagree enough! Coins are earned by playing and playing well, and can be redeemed for Pins (more later) and for rounds at DLC courses. Now once a DLC course is mastered (takes at least 6+ rounds) it is unlocked for unlimited play. This is where the critics say the (6000 coins for a round, 3 for 12000) system is just a "tease" and baits players into just buying unlimited round for 400 Microsoft Pts. BUT, they all fail to mention (or maybe realize) that by buying just one round with coins -and downloading the course- you can also play the course during you PGA Tour season if the course shows up. That means you can play 4 rounds + Training and Sponsor Challenges at the course WITHOUT even spending the round you had bought. So it is actually possible to master any DLC course while only having to "buy" 1-2 rounds with the coins. And then the course is yours for unlimited play!

I say that is a pretty good deal, and something that was never an option on previous versions. TW 13 allows you play your way to free courses. I now have all 37 courses (Yes 37 courses!) with unlimited play and I didn't pay an extra penny to get them. Also, if a course that you do not have (yet) comes up during your PGA Tour season, you have the option to change the course for the event, so there is no need to skip it. I know this was an issue on last years game, but I still find it repeatedly in reviews for this edition. It makes me wonder if all of the reviewers have actually played the game, or at least give it a fair chance!

So I need to ask: how is this years TW considered to be an outrageous showing of EA Sports disdain for the consumer and a new level of greediness?? This new system is the most fair and balanced way to integrate the DLC courses, and just about everyone I play with online completely agrees. Like I said before, all previous games required the player to buy the DLC courses with MSP and they were not cheap! I say kudos to EA for rewarding the gamers who are taking the time to enjoy all aspects of the game and its longevity. I honestly can not remember the last sports game I have played this much (even after reaching 1000 GS). This is in large part due to the coin, pin and country club additions...

The Country Club system in a priceless addition to the franchise. Up to 25 players join and work together to level up their club. There are daily and weekly club tournaments (set by the club GM on the EA website), head-to-head club and inter-club play, weekly leaderboards and more. The Club system is just great as it gives players a more involved experience vs just playing another yourself-against-the-world sports game. Our club is now in the top 35 in the world, and we are constantly congratulating and motivating each other to play well and keep playing. Each week the highest scorer of the club is crowned the Club Champ and is invited to a Club Champ-only weekly tourney where the top players from every club go up against one another. The top 5 players below the club champ are named the Club "pros" and they are also invited to a club pro-only weekly tourneys. Good, good stuff.

Finally, the new pin system adds another clever feature across all game modes. There are 3 main types of Pins: Boost, Player and Course. Boost Pins can be added to your "bag-tag" for a single round to boost your players stats. There are also Player Pins that give all-around stat boosts to the associated player. And then the most innovative new pins; the Hole and Course Pins. Every hole in the game has a pin that can be acquired, well actually 3 stacking pins: Bronze, Silver & Gold. (A few years ago they dabbled with this idea in the form of course exp, which would increase your "Luck" and caddy knowledge of a course the more time you played it, but this is a much better system) Each pin you have on a course increases the exp and status you receive after playing a round. Once you have all 18 pins, you get a course pin which increases the value of any boost or player pins you use at that course. And, of course, these all stack from bronze to gold. Once you rack up some course pins, you can really start raking in the exp, status and coin rewards. Very addicting and adds a greater incentive for continuing to play the game.

The pins are bought in packs from the store using coins. There is a variety of different "pin-packs" available for the pins you are after. Special offers also pop up from time to time. Extra coins can be purchased using MSP but I never found this necessary if you play the game enough and want to progress proportionately, but is a nice option for those who want to level up their player/courses quickly.

Online play remains the same for the most part, save for the addition of the country club features. Daily and weekly tournaments galore, plus the "Play-the-Pros" and a few other special events such as "Tiger Balls" where the top players are basically entered into a lottery drawing for a large coin bonus-pretty cool. Head-to-head matches also have an improved "skill" rating system used for match-making, etc. Sadly, the "GamerNet" system is gone, which is kind of a bummer b/c it was always quite satisfying to be able to save and post those miracle shots that you can pull off. I guess it was passed on to make room for all of the other extra features.

All that being said, the game in not without its flaws. The game is still plagued by glitches such as ball placement and physics in certain areas of certain courses. The only good thing is that they do seem to be consistent, so once you know where they are you can avoid them (ex. your ball clearly lands in a bunker but you are placed in the rough, or the ball may take unrealistic bounces off the flagstick). The glitches are really not that big of a deal in normal gameplay, but can be frustrating when you have a great round going. Far from a deal breaker to me, and I think some reviewers get overly upset about this. If you consider that the game has THOUSANDS of SQ/ACRES of playable land, to me it would be quite a programming feat to have every square inch function 100% properly. The game does freeze a little more often than should be acceptable, mostly during loading screens. Again, frustrating, but not a deal breaker. I think many of the errors are due to the rushed release of the game, and that being considered, it is for the most part an impressive final product.

So I'm sure you can tell by now that I highly recommend this Tiger Woods. As a golfer and a gamer, this Tiger is a huge step in the right direction for EA Sports. Please take the negative reviews with a grain of salt as so many of us have become accustomed to games that are at or approaching perfection. This is incredibly difficult to accomplish with a golf-sim, by EA is doing a great job and getting better every year. The negative reviewers overemphasize the games issues and unjustly dismiss this excellent game. So give it a try yourself and you can be the judge of that!

Hope this helps anyone on the fence!
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Polk Audio RM95 5-Channel Home Theater System (Set of Five, Black)
Polk Audio RM95 5-Channel Home Theater System (Set of Five, Black)

4.0 out of 5 stars Nice surround setup....with one annoying flaw, May 15, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Overall, I really enjoy this set for my smallish family room (Large HT in Basement). The sound dispersion is excellent, smooth highs but lacking some mid-range performance (but this was anticipated with the size of the woofers). I have the surrounds mounted on the wall (main reason I chose this set), with the front and center on the stands.

My only real complaint would be the inadequate functionality of the spring clips. My pin connectors work OK on the fronts, but easily come loose if the speakers are disturbed. I had the biggest issue with this installing the surrounds as the pins were not an option due to space constraints. My 14 gauge wire would not stay in place when I fed through the mounting brackets holes, and would pull right out if tugged slightly. I then went with 12 gauge wire which seems to fit snugly enough to keep the connection secure while I mounted. However, even with this setup I am still somewhat uncomfortable with the vagueness of the connections, as I am usually a bit obsessive with my interconnects. My main concern is that the wires could come loose, contact each other and damage my receiver/amp. I even used some electrical tape around the terminals just in case. I understand that customers had complained about the binding post on the previous generation, and that is why the change was made. But from my experience, the springs are not strong enough and the wire holes are too shallow for solid connections. But that is the only flaw of this excellent speaker set.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Dec 14, 2011 4:17 PM PST

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