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Chef Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen
Chef Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen
by Paul Prudhomme
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $21.18
309 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the all-time classics, December 3, 2014
So I've had this book for almost 30 years, now, and I've prepared his recipes dozens, perhaps hundreds of times. But every time I think I'll pull it out and make some gumbo or etouffee, I seem to forget that HE IS A CRAZY PERSON. 10 hours. For gumbo. WHO FRIES CHICKEN TO PUT IN GUMBO!!!??? Honestly! Paul F-ing Prudhomme, that's who. All incredulity aside, this is still one of my three favorite cookbooks, the man is a legend, and it was the best damned gumbo ever.

For Honor We Stand (Man of War Book 2)
For Honor We Stand (Man of War Book 2)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Timothy Zahn meets Tom Clancy in a Well-Realized Sci-Fi Setting, March 21, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I picked up the first book on a whim and found myself surprisingly enthralled by it despite my usual preference for less military-themed space operas. This sequel, while retaining a lot of the flaws of the first, kept me reading page after page. I haven't been this addicted to a book in a looong time. The pacing is good, the story and the settings are good, and the combat tactics are thrilling. The only weak points are some of the characters and some slightly clumsy writing.

I find the main characters Robichaux and Sahin likeable, but they're simply written in an awkward manner. The captain's character, while developed, still feels a little, well, "hokey" is the only word I find appropriate. The doctor's character is great as long as he's not serving as a rather clumsy stand-in for the reader, as he does in nearly all of the battles in the book. I understand the occasional importance of having a character like this, but really, it needs to be more subtle. When the battles begin and the captain has yet again awkwardly chosen to explain things to everyone EXCEPT Sahin in order to sustain that suspense given the voice of the novel the authors may as well have included a lit-up Vegas-style sign reading "This is you! Here!" with a little arrow pointing to the doctor. I'd like to see Sahin's character eventually reach a point where he can stand on his own rather than fulfilling this purpose, which serves to take the reader's focus out of the story at some of the best portions of the books due to the clumsiness.

But enough well-meant (and hopefully helpful!) criticism, necessary as it is. These are all problems to be expected from new authors and will, I'm quite sure, be ironed out as they mature as writers. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY gets everything right in their first venture into an entirely new field of writing. This is an astoundingly accomplished work given this context.

The descriptions of the technology are top notch and play into my peculiar fascination with futurism. The universe the story is set in is well fleshed-out with interesting, distinct races and factions. Humanity's place in the stars is both believable and terrifying.

The main takeaway from this review should be that these are thoroughly-gripping military sci-fi romps far more entertaining than anything I have read in the genre for years. As the title of my review notes, I am reminded of the best of the suspense and the tactical sci-fi storytelling of Timothy Zahn as well as the accomplished technical writing of the likes of Tom Clancy and Dale Brown. The flaws, while not subtle, are easily overlooked given the incredibly strong storytelling in the "meat" of the novels, which revolve around the superb battles. The tactics are interesting, surprising, believable, and genuinely suspenseful. I sped through the first book, then immediately purchased the sequel. Now I find myself craving the third even though I know it won't be out until the summer!

Fantastic! Experience will smooth out the rough edges. For now, anyone remotely interested in the sci-fi military thriller genre should not hesitate in the least to pick these up! These guys have a real and very promising talent for writing about tactics and setting.
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Intel Desktop Motherboard LGA1155 DDR3 1333 ATX - BOXDZ77BH55K
Intel Desktop Motherboard LGA1155 DDR3 1333 ATX - BOXDZ77BH55K
Offered by Warehouse of Savings
Price: $189.99
3 used & new from $189.99

16 of 19 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Good on paper, but poor quality assurance and compatibility testing, August 2, 2012
Well, I have always recommended Intel Desktop boards for those looking for good performance and solid reliability without all of the bling that comes with some of the overclocking enthusiast boards. No more. While the specs of this board looked great on paper and the BIOS interface is very nice, it's simply a low-quality product when it comes down to it.

The front-panel USB 3.0 headers simply do not work on any of this revision of this board. It's not just that my particular board had a problem, this is acknowledged to affect the entire inventory of this motherboard on the market. Yet they have no plans to fix it as it cannot be addressed through BIOS updates. Classy.

Next (and this is really the big one): they obviously did very little memory compatibility testing with this board relative to other manufacturers. Several of us bought these motherboards at the same time as they were on sale, and we have ALL had problems finding memory kits that will work reliably at the speeds advertised. A set of Corsair 2x8 DIMMs I purchased that test out just fine on other motherboards I tried them on will cause this system to not boot when present. A pair of Kingston DIMMs were verifiably damaged following a routine BIOS update. They worked perfectly fine until the BIOS was updated, now the system won't POST when they are present and they fail integrity tests that they passed before. I am now on my third set of system RAM in as many months using this motherboard, and my front panel USB 3.0 ports still don't work. I just wound up buying a USB hub from Amazon to replace that functionality. Intel support was of little help.

So yeah, this board has cost me over $500 just to keep it working properly, and it's still basically brand new. I will never, EVER buy another Intel Desktop board again. The Intel Desktop board line are no longer Intel products, they are Foxconn products, and rather shabby ones at that. Beware!
Comment Comments (4) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Oct 11, 2012 4:37 PM PDT

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G Android Phone, Black (Sprint)
Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G Android Phone, Black (Sprint)
12 used & new from $59.90

22 of 24 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Phone, but watch out for surprise charges from Sprint when ordering from Amazon, December 1, 2011

Got this phone here about a month ago and I'm loving it. The large screen is a big plus for me as I'm in the IT business and having a device that I can actually use remote desktop on in a pinch can be a lifesaver. Easily fits in all of my pockets. Good size for my hand; when holding it vertically I can perform all functions without having to use both hands.

FAST fast fast is all I have to say about the performance. Probably the quickest phone I've ever used. I can't wait until they get Android 4.0 released for it.

Camera takes very good pictures and video camera WAY outperformed my expectations. The flash is also the brightest I've seen on any mobile phone.

Anyway, I've got it set up as an FTP client, SMB client, VNC/RDP client, DLNA client, Exchange and IMAP client, and even as a Sharepoint client. I can't believe it ALL works flawlessly! Combine this with the Dolphin HD browser and LastPass for password/form-fill management and you've got mobile computing bliss.

Battery life is even better for this model than other Galaxy S II models due to the Epic 4G Touch's larger battery (for WiMax support). If you don't constantly use 4G, it will last even longer than the other models will. I've been getting 20-24 hours of above-normal to heavy use.

4G (WiMax) speeds are much better than I was expecting. I'm seeing real-world speeds of 5-15Mbps down and 1.5Mbps up. Very nice.

Only two major complaints:

1. There is a known bug where if you encrypt both the phone and the (internal) SD card, it disables satellite GPS functionality completely. It will not function at all. This occurs on every phone of this model with the current firmware. Samsung is, I'm sure, working on the problem but not being able to encrypt is a BIG deal for those of us who need to use it for work.

2. Not a complaint about the phone itself, but Sprint adds an (as far as I can tell) undisclosed $36 "Device Upgrade Fee" to your Sprint bill after purchasing it from Amazon Wireless. If it was somehow disclosed during the purchasing process, it must have been in REALLY fine print because I'm not the sort who just scans through. I actually read this stuff.

[BEGIN RANT]Now, calling it an "upgrade fee" is simply false labeling. This fee has nothing to do with recouping the cost of activation or the clerical process of moving a customer's services from one device to another. No, this is not mere supposition on my part. Sprint representatives will tell you up-front (as they did when I called to complain) when confronted about this fee that it's there to "help make their phones' pricing more competitive". So essentially what they're doing is using this as a way to advertise one price publicly while actually charging the customer a higher price than what was advertised. There is no argument in the world - ESPECIALLY having spoken to a Sprint representative on the phone who confirmed this - that this is not a deliberately deceptive business practice. It is unacceptable, and if I didn't already sign a 2-year contract I would have walked out on Sprint over it. No one should tolerate what are manifestly deliberate hidden and obscured fees/costs.

The real kicker here is that Sprint will wave the fee if you purchase the phone through THEIR store (at a higher price than Amazon, of course), but not if you purchased it through Amazon Wireless. I've seen this confirmed by multiple people on multiple forums. Amazon Wireless should be more than a bit peeved by this. I sure am.

So anyway, to sum up: BUYER BEWARE when it comes to Sprint. If they're willing to deliberately deceive customers in this regard, perhaps they're willing to do it in other areas, as well. Keep a close eye on your bill.[END RANT]

So it's a fantastic phone. Probably the best hardware currently available. Even the Galaxy Nexus is getting beaten by it fairly handily in most benchmarks. Once the (rather major) GPS bug is squashed and once it gets Ice Cream Sandwich, it'll be a dream. It's too bad Sprint had to spoil the good time with behavior than ONLY a company with an army of lawyers could get away with.

Wear-Ever Half Size Natural Finish Aluminum Sheet Pan, 17-3/4x12-7/8x1
Wear-Ever Half Size Natural Finish Aluminum Sheet Pan, 17-3/4x12-7/8x1
Offered by A-to-Z Supply
Price: $22.64
12 used & new from $16.00

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Jusrt about perfect, but make sure you measure to the OUTSIDE edge of the pan., July 12, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is just about the perfect baking sheet, especially when paired with the CIA's model 23304 cooling rack, which fits like a glove.

The only caveat is to make sure you measure to the OUTSIDE edge for home ovens. I got this in the mail and it was about a half a centimeter too long to fit in my oven even though it's technically a standard size when measured at the inside edges of the pan. I had to grind down the rather large lip of the sheet on two sides.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jan 7, 2012 9:03 AM PST

15 BlueBird Razor Blades Hi Stainless Double Edge Blades
15 BlueBird Razor Blades Hi Stainless Double Edge Blades

12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great middle of the road blades, January 7, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
There are sharper blades, there are smoother blades, there are more forgiving blades, and there are cheaper blades, but for my face and my Edwin Jagger DE89L, these are the best bargain and the best balance of the above that I've found.

The Derby Extras I started out with were very easy to shave with, but I found that I had to apply too much pressure and do too many touch ups/repeat passes to get a shave I considered close enough for, say, going out on a date. They just weren't sharp enough, and I could only get 3 or 4 uses out of them (although that's not too bad).

From what I have read, these BlueBirds are at least partially manufactured by Derby, which accounts for their bargain price, but they are actually completely different blades. They are much sharper, giving a much closer shave on the first pass, and they seem to be more durable as I can get about 5 or 6 shaves out of them before replacing.

The first time you use a blade after replacing a worn one, it will be a little rough. Not a lot, but a little. By "rough" I mean that they tended to be more affected by the friction against my skin, causing an occasional "vibration" effect akin to what you get when you rub your finger along the surface of an inflated balloon. But this goes away with even a little bit of practice and/or proper shaving prep and didn't cause any harm, at least to me.

I'm very much a beginner when it comes to DE wet shaving, but I did NOT get the abrasion and irritation the occasional reviewer has mentioned. Even with no previous experience with these blades and no more prep than a cursory rinse of the face and an application of Barbasol (yes, I know, I plan on getting something better), I experienced mo more abrasion or irritation than I did with the much less sharp Derby blades.

Granted, this almost certainly has to do with differences in faces and with my Edwin Jagger, which has a reputation for being very forgiving, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

I still want to try the Feather blades, but so far these are my favorites and they're very reasonably priced.
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