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Hollywood Fashion Tape
Hollywood Fashion Tape
Offered by Product Resort
Price: $7.99
9 used & new from $5.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Surprised by all the glowing reviews -- this product has never worked for me, September 12, 2014
This review is from: Hollywood Fashion Tape (Misc.)
I wish I had anything like the success of the other reviewers on this page. I purchased this primarily for use holding blouses together where buttons gape over the bust (though the rest of the blouse fits well). I have been trying for years, but I have never found this product to work whatsoever for this purpose. I've tried using multiple strips of tape, I place it carefully, I don't pull or tug once the tape is in place... this tape just doesn't have the oomph required to hold a blouse closed against the forces of an average-size bustline. I will continue to hunt for a solution to this problem that actually works.

Flexees by Maidenform Women's Fat Free Dressing Thigh Slimmer, Latte Lift, Large
Flexees by Maidenform Women's Fat Free Dressing Thigh Slimmer, Latte Lift, Large
Offered by Espot Apparel
Price: $24.00

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars The lining is a design flaw, May 3, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
These must have been designed by a man. The inner lining is advertised as a feature, but it is actually a design flaw. When wearing a garment like this, I need to pull it high on my waist (up to the bustline) in order to prevent the garment from creating a huge muffin top between my waist and my bra. With this garment, because of the lining, you essentially cannot pull it up higher than the natural waistline (pulling higher creates painful straining at the crotch). There is no way any actual (non-model-figured) women tested this product while it was in development.

I bought these in nude and black. The black ones have the additional flaw of rolling up on the thighs so you have to pull down on them and readjust throughout the day.

Since these obviously aren't returnable I will keep them and try to make them work (they will prevent thigh chafing) but the design really is not well thought out.

Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Hot Water System, Black/Stainless
Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Hot Water System, Black/Stainless
Price: Click here to see our price
92 used & new from $54.76

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars This is the worst coffee maker I have ever had., January 8, 2013
I got rid of this coffee maker this morning after over a year of annoyance and malfunction that started the moment this came out of the box.

First off, the hot water side was useless from the start. The water that came out was always tinny/plasticky in flavor. I ran water cycles, vinegar cycles, lemon juice cycles, replaced the filter repeatedly... nothing helped. Online research showed me that many people have this issue with this machine.

Around a year into its life span, the programming feature stopped working. I'd program it, turn on the buttons, and the coffee maker just wouldn't come on in the morning.

Shortly after that, the burner or heater element (or both) stopped working. In addition to having to manually start the pot in the morning, all I could get out of this thing was tepid, bad tasting coffee.

Aside from all the malfunction, the engineering/design of this machine leaves much to be desired. The design of the top makes it a hassle to pour the water in without spilling everywhere/soaking the coffee in the cone. Additionally, there should be a button you press that just means it is set to go off at the same time every morning. With this machine, you have to set the knob to "program" and remember to turn on the on/off button. I realize it sounds straightforward but it's annoying to have to remember to press two buttons every night of your life. My old Krups machine just had a setting where it knew that you wanted to coffee to start every morning at 7 (or whatever) and you just had to replace the water and the grounds at night and be done with it. That makes a lot more sense to me.

I replaced this with a Hamilton Beach machine and lugging this thing down to the trash this morning was the best thing I've ever done with it. Do NOT waste your money on this badly made, poorly conceptualized item.

Kyjen Legs Out Front Dog Carrier - Small
Kyjen Legs Out Front Dog Carrier - Small

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars OK once the dog is in it. Getting him in is the issue., June 16, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I ordered this because I have an upcoming vacation to the mountains and I want to be able to take my 6.5-lb. shorkie, Sport, hiking with me. He's too little to hike for hours and carrying him in a tote bag on my shoulder gets hard after a while. I thought the legs out carrier would be a great option to carry him more easily and hands free so I could go longer distances.

Once Sport is in the carrier, it works pretty well. He flops over to the left side because I can't seem to square him in the bag and get his front paws situated under the top (side) straps as shown in the picture. He also falls forward at the top. These two issues mean I have to hold him gently in place all the time. There's a flap that can fold up or down (with velcro) at the top front (just under Sport's chin) and the velcro rubs my wrists as I hold him and irritates my skin a bit. (I can't tell what the purpose of this flap is...) Other than these issues, the experience of carrying him in this carrier is pretty good. His weight is more evenly distributed than it would be in a tote bag, obviously, and I can carry him around quite easily for long distances. He also seems pretty happy when in the bag -- he will happily take treats, which tells me he's comfortable and not stressed.

The issue, though, is actually GETTING him into the bag. I've done it three times now and each time it's taken between 5 and 10 minutes -- a serious undertaking. I am experimenting with lots of different methods. He is the most docile and patient dog, is perfectly content wearing clothes, hats, Doggles; lifts his little paws up one at a time to help me put on his harnesses; etc. I thought I would just plop him in there and go, like I do with all his other carriers, including our sling. No such luck.

There is a hole for the tail in the back of this carrier (the part that rests against your belly) and it is devilishly hard to get your dog's tail through there, then flip the front part (with the blue stripes) up through his back legs against his belly, clip the back of the carrier to the front, and adjust the velcro tabs on the sides. I've tried putting the carrier on him like a shirt (he stands on a bench while I lay the back part against his back, grab his tail through, blindly muddle the front under his belly, clip-clip-velcro-velcro then sweep him up against me and get the straps over my shoulders (best method yet). I've tried putting the bag together and then plopping him in (completely impossible -- his tail won't go through the hole). And I've tried fastening only some of the tabs/clips -- to create holes for just his legs -- and starting there (didn't work as I couldn't grab his tail and pull it through like thread through a needle). So far, I have not found a way of getting him into this bag that doesn't leave both Sport and me exhausted.

I am not sure if the issue is that Sport, while tiny, is relatively long, or if it's that he has a particularly long and bushy tail. But either way, while this thing works well once you get your dog into it, the hassle of getting him in really limits its utility.

Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World
Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World
by Lisa Lillien
Edition: Paperback
Price: $15.17
533 used & new from $0.01

642 of 665 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars You have to understand the Hungry Girl philosophy, May 28, 2008
In my years of subscribing to the HG Web site and now using this book, it has occurred to me that there are many different philosophies of dieting and weight loss/maintenance. There are WAY more than two, but for the purposes of this review I am going to boil it down:

1. Eat super healthy, nonprocessed, preferably organic foods. Make whole grains, fruits and veggies the mainstays of your diet. Severely curtail fats, oils and sugar. When you want to indulge, enjoy one small portion of something "real" -- i.e. one sliver of chocolate cake, one square of dark chocolate, one cookie, or the like. [And exercise.] People who follow this approach are probably more likely to never snack between meals (or eat only fruits and veggies as snacks), avoid "100-calorie-packs," eschew artificial sweeteners and diet sodas, etc.

2. Follow the above philosophy to the extent that your time and lifestyle allow, but lean on processed low-cal foods to (a) save cooking/prep time and (b) enjoy modified versions of the "junky" foods you feel deprived of when you are dieting or have to eat low-cal in order to maintain your weight. [And exercise.] People who take this approach are probably the lion's share of 100-calorie-pack purchasers, more likely to use artificial sweeteners, drink diet sodas, and so on.

What you have to understand about HG author Lillen is that her Web site and book are tools for those who adopt approach #2. She states repeatedly that she isn't a nutritionist or a dietitian, and she makes no claim for the "healthfulness" of her recipes. They do lean on processed ingredients and tend to contain a lot of sodium, artificial sweetener and chemical ingredients. What they offer is a similar flavor experience to the very high-cal foods lots of people like, with much lower calorie and fat counts (and often more fiber as well).

But for those who would knock this approach (while you certainly retain the moral high ground as organic eating becomes something akin to spiritual cleanliness in more and more people's minds), please bear in mind that for some of us, our eating is always going to be a trade-off in terms of risk. I speak from experience as someone who has maintained a 100-lb. weight loss for over 10 years. For whatever reason, my body processes food in such a way that I gain weight exceptionally easily. I have to be CONSTANTLY vigilant about what I am putting in my mouth and how I am counterbalancing it with exercise. If I relax my vigilance for even a couple of days, it shows up on my body. As a (reformed) compulsive overeater I struggle with eating just one cookie, tiny sliver of cake, etc., every couple of weeks. (Yes, it is true, I would often rather have a larger portion of something that actually isn't AS good as the real thing.) And if you think that this behavior is not incredibly challenging to sustain for a lifetime, you just don't know whereof you speak.

So personally, while I certainly do my best to eat truly healthy, skip sugar, keep fat and meat intake to a minimum, and eat lots of whole grains and fruits/veggies, I salute HG for giving me recipes that allow me to "let my hair down" and enjoy some fun foods along with the rest of the world, without having to lie awake at night and worry about what I ate for lunch.

For the record, among my favorite HG recipes are the butternut squash fries, the turkey reuben and the fettucine "girl-fredo."
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Women's Health Perfect Body Diet: The Ultimate Weight Loss and Workout Plan to Drop Stubborn Pounds and Get Fit for Life
Women's Health Perfect Body Diet: The Ultimate Weight Loss and Workout Plan to Drop Stubborn Pounds and Get Fit for Life
by Cassandra E. Forsythe
Edition: Hardcover
188 used & new from $0.01

56 of 75 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Impractical, uninspiring and gimmicky., January 13, 2008
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I'll start by saying that it's in many ways my own fault that I ended up with a book I'm not that thrilled about. I bought it sight unseen after stumbling on a promo segment that aired on the Today show. I was on vacation for the holidays, eating too much and not feeling healthy, and after watching the segment on my computer, I felt very fired up that this book would help me meet my resolution to spend the first few months of the new year getting back on track with healthful eating and exercising. Hopped over to Amazon and ordered the book even though the "Search Inside This Book" feature wasn't available (and I was out of the country, so I couldn't mosey to a bookstore to check it out in person before plunking down my cash).

So, with that said... this book is fairly gimmicky, with two main hooks.

The first is the glucomannan fiber, which the authors promote as the Holy Grail of staying full while you diet. This book sings its wonders and offers a few dozen recipes incorporating glucomannan powder (many of which are frankly unappetizing -- "Eggs with Gluco-Salsa"? "Gluco-Berry Protein Sorbet"??? Blech).

Because I already have a large collection of reliable and healthy recipes that I enjoy, I'm trying to figure out how to work this glucomannan into other things that I make. Truth be told, though I was at first pretty excited about this aspect of the plan, it's now less than one week after the capsules arrived in the mail and I've basically given up on using them at all. I stirred the stuff into some cottage cheese, which not only did not make the cottage cheese more satisfying, but also made it grainy, blander than usual and unpleasant to eat. I added it to part-skim ricotta for a longtime favorite Weight Watchers recipe -- this is the first time I didn't enjoy the finished product.

Onto the second gimmick, to wit: attaining your perfect body requires you to choose from one of two plans, higher- or lower-carb, depending on your carb tolerance. To determine which plan is right for you, you're supposed to alternate a high- or low-carb breakfast for four days, then each day assiduously log your fullness and general mood in a 10-point "Carb Tolerance Questionnaire," on the hour, for three hours. Seriously? I'm sure some people have the patience for this sort of thing, but... It's just *so* not something I'm going to do, especially when it means I have to hijack my excitement at a new year/new plan by eating a "large" (their word) plain bagel with jelly for breakfast two days in a week (which has zero fiber, is not particularly healthy, and is just something I would basically never do, whether I'm dieting or not). Not to mention that I am super busy at work and cannot quite picture explaining to my boss why I am pulling out a questionnaire and logging my satiety every hour until lunch instead of, you know, getting my job done.

So right off the bat they're asking me to go above and beyond in order to get anything at all out of the book. And since I just frankly am not going to do what they want me to do, I can't know which of their two diets is supposedly best for me, and I have that sinking feeling already because I'm essentially not following a plan at all, but combining the two plans and choosing the recipes that appeal to me. (Not "eggs with gluco-salsa").

The workout plan is divided into two sections, one for "Apples" and one for "Pears" (pick the fruit whose shape matches your body). I'm still thinking I may get some use out of this section, as I'm always looking for good new strength training moves to add to my routine, but here I think the book could have benefited from larger photographs and color. Honestly, it does get dreary staring at tiny little b&w photos of models doing the moves, trying to match their form or figure out how you're supposed to be moving. (I hate it when the photos are super small in magazines, too, and always wonder why the fitness editors haven't learned the art of "styling" their shots to be as appealing as every food editor seemingly has.)

So to wrap up, not a great purchase or a very practical or inspiring plan for me (or for the $$$)... I guess it could work for someone just fanatically inspired to follow complicated advice to the letter. Needless to say, your mileage may vary.
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Back RX: A 15-Minute-a-Day Yoga- and Pilates-Based Program to End Low Back Pain
Back RX: A 15-Minute-a-Day Yoga- and Pilates-Based Program to End Low Back Pain
by Vijay Vad
Edition: Paperback
Price: $17.55
109 used & new from $2.58

49 of 50 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars After one week, it is definitely helping, August 30, 2007
I bought this book about a week ago and have done the exercises every day since. I notice an immediate difference after going through the routine each morning (I generally wake up with enough pain that I am hunched over as I walk from the bedroom to the coffee maker; after the routine I am able to stand up straight as well as walk and sit on a chair with little or no pain). I am also noticing an overall reduction in pain in my lower back at all times -- I can sit on the stool at my breakfast bar for longer than I could before, and just generally my back feels better and I am less hunched over than before.

Couple comments related to other reviewers' complaints:

(A) "The exercises are too basic." I am generally fit and have done a lot of yoga, so after four days of doing Series A, I decided to "graduate" myself to Series B in advance of the recommended eight weeks. So far, this is working well. Series B is only a little more challenging, but more to the point, it includes stretches and poses that I can tell (because I can feel it) are targeting the precise areas of my back that need it.

(B) "Anyone who has been to a therapist already knows everything in this book." Probably true, but I think the book is a great idea for people like me who tend to avoid the hassle of going to a doctor. Sure, I've talked to my PCP about my low back pain, at which point she tells me it's probably muscular and offers to refer me to a specialist -- total hassle, time out of my life, plus god knows how many co-pays and added HMO expenses. My low back pain is chronic and I know I should probably see a specialist (in my mid-30s, my low back hurts pretty much every day and I have thrown it out, on average, once every 12-18 months -- requiring 3-6 days immobility on bed or couch to recover -- since my early 20s). But I live in New York City, I'm busy, phys therapy is expensive and I basically would just rather avoid that. For all those reasons, this book is perfect in that it's an extremely affordable investment that shows me exactly which yoga poses will improve my back and saves me a trip to heaven knows how many doctors.

So basically, if you'd rather avoid dealing with a round of healthcare, but your back is bothering you and you don't want to just ignore it, this book is a frugal way to learn a practical yoga routine that will effectively target your lower back.
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No Title Available

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3.0 out of 5 stars Features are good; phone is too big, August 11, 2004
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I got this phone because I wanted a camera phone with Bluetooth (...). The phone is OK, but for the last several weeks I have been hanging out on ebay and amazon looking for deals on new cell phones. I am sick of ALWAYS having to carry a handbag when I go out because this phone is just too big -- you can't possibly stick it in your pocket.

The phone has good battery life, the keypad design didn't bother me for a second, and the camera works fine for my needs. I live in NYC and use the phone with AT&T, and I have not had issues with coverage.

But, the call volume cannot be made loud enough and the phone suffers a bit from "function creep" -- it does more than you will ever even be aware of, and the built-in Help feature is an utter joke, so if you want to figure out some functionality when you're on the road, just forget about it; you have to wait to get home and look it up in the manual.

(...) ultimately it took more than six months to get my money back. If I had it to do over again, I would probably just go for a smaller, cuter phone that did (and cost) a little less.

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