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The Faithless
The Faithless
Price: $12.23
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4.0 out of 5 stars Brutality - - the real greatness will come down the line., July 10, 2006
This review is from: The Faithless (Audio CD)
Nights like these hail from Memphis Tenn. Where alot of heavy acts seem to be making their name these days.

Its difficult for Nights like these to not fall under a category of everything that has been done before, but they do. Thats not necessarily a bad thing. Very few bands open the way to a new genre, its hard to create something unique and creative enough to the point where its not destructive.

Although Nights like These sounds like bands such as the Acacia Strain, Red Chord, etc. They mix in their own elements which make each listen worth it. At time it can be frustrating for the listener who engages into the melody (if thats what you will call it) and then sporadically taken out of the flow. At times this works amazingly as it transcends you into an entirely new musical aspect but other times your left on the end...waiting...empty.

The cd delivers pure artistic emotion. One thing i enjoy about this cd is it doesn't seem like anything is forced, even if that works against them in some cases it always gives a common level of respect. For people who truly enjoy this genre and heaviness of music will appreciate the journey this cd takes you through. A variety of ups and downs but it can get draining, to the point where you've just had too much heaviness. But to me...thats a good thing.

The vocals are great, bellows and heavy growling type sputs. No screeches or high pitched yelps here. I find that as a plus.

The breakdowns are always enjoyable, sometimes throughout the song you will find some span of blankness...almost as if your searching for that moment that defines the song, alot of the breakdowns make each song worth it but in some cases leaves you disappointed that they could have been ended with so much more explosion. This may have to do with the lengths of the song, the cd runs a little over 25 mins which may not be enough for the average listener. The scary thing is these guys are all around 18-19 years old signing a 4 year contract with victory.

Some good things about this, we should expect them to mature and gradually progress when it comes to song construction and finally a band that cleans up the poppy trend that was starting to consume the largest independent label known as Victory.

Overall i give this cd a 3.5

There are listens on this cd that you will play over and over, but there are some tracks you will just skip because it either leaves you unsatisfied or it sounds to replicated by other sounds in the industry. The talent here is tremendous and alot is ahead for this group. If your searching for a new true heavy sludge doom sound, give this a try, its worth it.

Blessed Black Wings
Blessed Black Wings
Price: $10.99
46 used & new from $0.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Matt Pike hit the X this time..., April 11, 2005
This review is from: Blessed Black Wings (Audio CD)
I dont give albums 5 stars, rarely i do. This almost got it. I would say 4.25.

This album is amazing. One complaint of people who really dont appreciate High on Fires past stuff say its too slow, too boring. Although i think those people are ignorant, the problem is solved. Pikes violent sludgy and doom sound get straight to the point, keeping the listener hooked from the first sound. You never really know where it is going to go next but you know its going to be heavy.

I think its fair when you compare this band to Sabbath. Its a very modern form of what Sabbath would be doing now if they were still around with out the publicity of course. This band has not gotten the props that they deserve.

The listener has an experience in this cd. Look at it like an adventure. Pike takes you through a sloppy sludge sound that will build up to pure carnage of heaviness. He provides much more lyrical content and his voice is perfect for the type of music that is being played. I saw these guys live and watching Pike sing and play the guitar is amazing. I highly suggest that you experience this. This is music, this is creative art of Heavy Metal. No picking it apart, no radio waves taking this apart. This is Metal at its roots. The lyrics are somewhat cryptic and you cant exactly make out what meaning he has behind them, depending on how close you listen you can tell everything thats being said and only adds to the adrenaline pumping action of being part of this experience. Songs are 3:30 pop singles here. Appreciate this and hope they stay together for many more albums.

34 used & new from $1.41

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3.0 out of 5 stars Everyone is pathetic., April 11, 2005
This review is from: Planets (Audio CD)
I never was a fan of Adema to begin with, nor am i still but i always give albums a listen just to keep in touch with mainstream these days. I listen to all types of music and can appreciate it. This Adema album is listenable and it is catchy to rock-pop standards. Its not as poppy as some make it out to be, just simply generic alternative. There is talent but nothing special. There is nothing that makes them stick out than any other band on the radio these days.

Why did i give it three stars?

Because they got rid of the most annoying vocalist known to man.

I like how everyone accuses him of leaving the band because "what they were doing."

He was the sorriest excuse for a vocalist. His lyrics sounded like a 3 year old child wrote them. "Spinny round, spinny round."

He lived in the shadow of his brother, he was sold just as quickly as Davis. They both have progressed to writing bad music.

Maybe the band was getting tired of being another Korn rip off. Thats ALL they were. At least now their respectable for getting rid of that piece of trash. The kid whines about his life just as much as Davis whines about getting raped by his daddy.

They did the right thing changing vocalist, the music sounds so much better and can be listened to longer than 15 + minutes. I have to say the people who enjoy this album better, seem to have much better taste in music. Like i said if you like catchy, modern alternative then this is for you. Its not even hard-rock and its not going to give you a good "head bang."

At least you dont have to listen to the whiny voice of a angst teen who wasn't accepted by his parents because of the clothes he wore.

Good Job Adema, I dont like your music but the change was good.

The Curse
The Curse
Price: $14.99
45 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars Forget the genres..., August 8, 2004
This review is from: The Curse (Audio CD)
I think its everyday that some new genre is made up weather it be..."grind-core, chaos-core, hard-core, metal-core, melodic-core...

It is one of the stupidest things i have ever seen, people continually try to rip every aspect of this music apart to give it a name. Who cares what it is? You cant just label a band...a band always has more parts rather than just one skill that makes it categorized. I think the only genre you need to know is metal...then give it a try and listen to it and decide if you like it or not. You dont need this crap saying ya its a nu-metal formula with a tad of hardcore thrown in with some symphonycore. Just listen to it and decide...there is no point in arguing one what type of genre a music is, that goes around the whole point on if something is good.

To the music, I dont think this is hard but i enjoy it. Yes, they have gone more mainstream but i dont think it has become anything bad rather different. Cant really say if they sold out and neither can anyone else because they dont know what the band was thinking when they wrote this. I honestly wouldnt have thought it was the same band if i didint know the artist. SN and BK was more intense than this but they somewhat keep that edge and in todays radio airwaves i dont see how anything like this would ever become THAT mainstream, there is still plenty of screaming but other than the last one that had very little clean vocals, this one is full of it. What some people have become so mad about is they feel they have lost their formula what made them so great on the past album. Weather you like the lyrics or they are to depressing or too girly, they are still well written and emotional. What i mean by that is you can tell the singer wrote it because of what he feels. They can be over-done and too sappy or what not but that doesnt take away from how good they are. Atreyu stays creative and i believe are just taking more critizing becuase they have become more fan based. Depending on what some people thing, i dont think this is heavy. In past reviews i have said screaming does not mean heavy. The guitars are simply not something that makes it brutal to my ears. The riffs are simply played to high for me to think its hard. I must say i enjoy his screaming rather than alot of bands. It doesnt get old to me and he makes it listenable rather than just a constant monotone noise. Atreyu had simply high expectaions for themselves trying to force too many talents into one which sometimes causes other areas to be lacking.


-If your looking to cry how your life sucks, this album is for you to get suicidal over and let you continue to wallow in self pity.

-Very melodic, rides well together and the rythem works out great.

-Good talent all around, the vocal range spreads at all levels.

-Guitar is good, riffs are catchy.

-They have the foundation to appeal to people of all kinds of taste


-Whiny lyrics to some...if you dont want to hear more pity singing then either ignore the lyrics or dont get this.

-Not exactly "brutal" music, just doesnt bring the heaviness to your ears, mostly because the way it was written.

-A band that was original has sort of fallen in a list with bands who have done this before, therefore making this release somewhat not as stand out for its beauty rather than its catchiness.

-For some this could be way too much of a change from the first album to the 2nd, they have lessened the screaming from which the first had about 98% and this is pretty much 30% screaming...and the screaming is actually comprehensible, which i find a plus.

The talent, melody, rythem, creativeness is there but i dont think we will ever see anything like SN and BK. Dont be surprised to see the hot topic bred babies running around listening to this stuff anytime soon. All good music has to end, has to be over-played, and most of all over-publicized. I believe that Atreyus music is changing in moderation but it still remains good to many ears.

Calculating Infinity
Calculating Infinity
Price: $10.99
71 used & new from $2.35

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2.0 out of 5 stars Blahhh???, July 4, 2004
This review is from: Calculating Infinity (Audio CD)
Maybe its a cool thing these days to like this band, or even give it 5 stars. This is NOT the epitome of heavy music, honestly LISTEN to the music it sounds heavy because it is just noise. The speed, and vocals, and scream, and constant banging of the drum makes it sound heavy. This is not heavy. The guitar is about one of the weakest sounds i have ever heared. There will be some parts in the song where it sounds really good but the guitar is just awful. Just because you do alot of things at once at a really fast speed doesnt make music heavy. Whoever compared this band to Meshuggah is so far from it. I heared about these guys before but never gave them a chance. I got the scarlett cd-cult classic and saw some reviews about it on here and they compared them to dillinger escape plan. Scarlett is what dillinger escape plan would be if they were good. People talk about moshing to this it gives no feeling out to it. Maybe i just dont connect to this album like so many of the people do. I am so surprised that people actually enjoy this album, sitting through it and actually listen to it. Sure, its original. It seems so brutal but the music lacks so much seems like the music needs some kind of fill. Ill admit this music is pretty crazy but its not heavy. I think there is a difference. I define heavy on the play and the sound of the guitar. Not everything combined. I think alot of people just like this album because they are hardcore...hardcore fans and Dillinger offered them something different that wasnt the same old hardcore. I cant see how anyone can mosh to this...if you like this album or you get this album actually listen to it and listen to the guitar its so damn weak. I give them 2 stars because i can sense some talent and i can feel some emotion and heaviness but its always lost by the same drum rythem and the high pitched guitar. Noise does not = hard. Some people today will hear any crap put together and be like..."wow dude its must be hard." I do like parts of it and i have a feeling their 2nd release, which is actually coming up soon will be alot better. But for now this one isint for me...maybe i will grow to like it. I guess comparing with everyone elses articles im wrong but im just giving an honest, un-bias opinion on it.

Results May Vary
Results May Vary
Price: $10.11
149 used & new from $0.01

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1.0 out of 5 stars STOP SUPPORTING HIM, June 28, 2004
This review is from: Results May Vary (Audio CD)
Its simple, its not even worth the words. The only listenable song on the cd is behind blue eyes and they EVEN MESSED THAT UP. They play some DJ stuff in it, god if i was the who i would be so pissed right now. To ruin such a beautiful song.
They need to stop, i will honestly pay them to stop making music. 1st one was good, 2nd one...i got in 6th grade it was catchy and it was at a time when there wasnt alot of rap-rock.
Never bought the 3rd album, liked sss---oo--mmeee of it..shamefully. By then my nerve had already worn thin and i only like a song for one part of it. They have gotten bad...just no i mean worse. Stop buying this music stop helping him think he is good or remotely hard or heavy metal. MAYBE i would respect him if he knew what kind of music he was making instead of publically claiming that he is some kind of metal king. If it was possible i would give it -2342423453253426 stars. Even better, if it was possible i would continue to write reviews until the Avg user rating was down to half of one. Its...that...bad. If you like his rap.rock style just stick to significant other. Its bad but its listenable.

Beneath the Encasing of Ashes
Beneath the Encasing of Ashes
10 used & new from $16.83

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5.0 out of 5 stars Listening music., June 28, 2004
This music is not something that you just take, put in and its something your hooked too. You cant buy this or download it for that matter and just like it. First of all, to the idiot who reviewed by saying they "stole" the vocal style of Zao. The vocal style used is part of the hardcore genre. You could say stop ripping off these vocals to a list of hardcore/death metal bands who use screams/yelps/deep growls. Good god its not like zao created the damn idea of screaming in vocals. Anyway, to the music. This is their first full release, i actually like their new one better, its more put together and more of a blend. The vocals caaannn get annoying after a while but its what creates its full brutality. I reccomend "Frail words collapse" to people who cant handle some really hard hits. What makes this music so great is it is an experience (assuming you like this kind) I hated this at first, my girlfriend was really into them so i was thinking maybe i missed something. I downloaded their whole cd and checked it out, listned to each song and read the lyrics to each one, analyzing each part, from the riff to the breakdown. I grew to love it and realized i was ignorant for listening to it then putting it away, it wasnt the kind that is catchy from a first listen but after the second time around the riffs stick in your head. The music i wouldnt consider hard, the lyrics are pretty intense to me. The lyrics are very well written and put together, dark but they dont try too hard to be depressing like some bands do just to fit into the stereo-typed genre. If you give this band a chance i reccomend you listen to it, give it more than once. What actually impresses me alot is alot of hardcore can end up sounding the same and getting a tad bit repetitive but each song has its own certain flow and its very distinguishable (excluding the use of the vocals). What makes their 2nd release so much better is they play with the vocal range alot more.
So i dont really do song by song analysis so ill sum up the general pros and cons.
-Has its hard moments, the music can get intense and even brutal when added to the lyrics.
-It truly is a great experience when you give it good listening time and read the lyrics
-Lyrics are well written, not some korn "daddy raped me" spewed together (although dark and depressing very heartfelt)
-Growls and screams are breathtaking
-At times not hard enough musically
-Screaming gets repetitive after a while (just because somethings good, theres no need to get greedy about it)
-Unable to understand the lyrics at times, their great lyrics and i wish were made easier to understand fully.
Why did i give this 5 stars with these kind of cons? Because any cd that takes me through an experience when i listen to it deserves 5 stars. Its more than just popping it in and listen to it, its really enjoying it and taking the cd to its full extent. Even though you cant understand some of the lyrics, just read them through twice or 3 times with the cd and you'll be able to know them in no time and then it really gets emotional.
Since this music isint for all people i'd reccomend downloading it first, i got both cds on kazaa and now burned them.

Unstable (Bonus DVD)
Unstable (Bonus DVD)
46 used & new from $0.01

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3.0 out of 5 stars Too bad he writes like a -2 year old, June 28, 2004
This review is from: Unstable (Bonus DVD) (Audio CD)
I am very big in piracy on the internet...i downloaded this CD when it first came out and actually JUST now popped it in and started focusing on it.
Ive always had a special spot for nu-metal because it can be catchy and fun at times. For the most part i have to agree with the people when they can say the music is pretty good but...he is such a bad writer. SUCH A BAD WRITER. He tries way to hard to be depressed, its not that hard of an album despite what people thought about the last album, that wasnt THAT hard either. Typical nu-metal. But the lyrics in the last album i think are worse...All i remember is that song that goes "spinny round spinny round im falling down" Maybe marilyn manson can get away with saying something like this but not adema. Its obvious since the writing were the biggest problem they tried to improve that and at some parts it looks like they do then he throws out something like this..."I'm tired, I'm so damn angry with you." Uhhhh...ok. I can just say im happy i downloaded this and not bought it. I wouldnt buy it but i'll spend 10 mins downloading it. I dont reccoment a buy unless your into the nu-metal scene. Ex. chevelle, adema, flaw...stuff like that.

Becoming i
Becoming i
Price: $13.98
48 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars You either like them or you dont., June 26, 2004
This review is from: Becoming i (Audio CD)
Alot of pieces from past reviews are right. This CD is pure nu-metal, at least there is no rapping (to an extent).
Before listening to this album you have to realize and have a mindset that this is really just another rock band. The originality is lacking big time but the talent is there. I have been keeping up with unloco and reading some of their stuff in guitar magazines. Their debut album, "healing" was pretty much a flop and things started falling apart. I think this explains the more melodic or..."sell out" feel. Sorry to say, but i think to take one last grasp they changed their writing to make one last impact on the rock genre. I dont typically like bands with un-original sounds or something i could qualify as just another band, but something about this is good. They sounded pretty hard at ozzfest when i saw them on the 2nd stage, i dont know about the MAAW tour. Personally my favorite are the vocals, he has a good voice, i like how he writes in the lyrics with a passion, although i do think they are lacking and the typical "im depressed" lyrics they are still very heartfelt and coming from what he's feeling and thats very respectable. I like this band and i like their music, alot. Although alot of the same, it still brings a good listen too. Some songs give great emotion and spurt out great melody and rythem that will have you enjoying. The track crashing is also listend on the playlist for PS2 Madden 2004 football game.
Though i like this band i dont think they will ever make it big... i dont think alot of people will put up with this kind of music when other overshadowing nu-metal bands are out there. They seem to try so hard but continue to lack something, at least thats the feel i get with as much music as i listen to and thats alllll kindssss of rock. But i must admit it takes talent to do the same thing everyone else is doing and still impress people, and thats what they do. I think its the effort they put forth even though it comes up a bit short.
The accoustics are good, but they do get a bit repititive and the intros sound too much of the same...its still very pretty but they could have distinguished the 2 a bit more. I reccomend if you really want to experiment with this band you buy both cd's, the first one before this. In my view its what the real unloco was to sound like until they came to a self-realization that if they continued that musical path, things just wouldnt last. Good sophmore effort Unloco. I really like them even though it has many things about them i wouldnt. I hope things work out for them, give them a listen.

Price: $12.29
46 used & new from $1.23

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5.0 out of 5 stars My opinion their best yet., June 14, 2004
This review is from: Haymaker (Audio CD)
I have got all of Throwdowns cds and only kept this one. Alot of people dont seem to understand that they were searching for the kind of music they wanted to play. I give them props for trying all kinds. Their very first seemed more hardcore punkish than anything. I guess since im more of a full metal fan that i get into this album far more than any of their other ones. Not to say their others are bad but this one stands out to me.
I usually dont like bands that sound like other bands but i am a huge lover of hatebreed and this adds to it. They really fill themselves in the metal genre with this album. I like how they knew where they were going with the music.
Pros: Screaming in my opinion is great. I love Music with brutal screams but you can understand the words their saying. The energy and intensity can pump you up for anything. Its still brutal and if you listen closely the roots of throwdown are still there. The emotion gets you moving, will make you crave for a pit. Another great thing is your chance to see them on the 2nd stage at ozzfest.
Cons: For me this is not a con, but for other people it heads to the melodic metal scene alot more than the hardcore punk image. Its not the same throwdown that everyone wants which i think is a plus. This is my biggest pet peave around this album. I am anti-drug but it seems like their using it as a way to sell their album. If your aware of alot of hardcore bands calling themselves "straight edge" Its more like becoming a cult. If you look up on it, people have taken this way to seriously. I dont do drugs but i dont need a band preaching about staying straight. Honestly it makes me feel a little queer when they chant about being drug free. Its great for a band to take a positive outlook on life but it seems they are using it as a form of advertisement in their lyrics.

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