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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory - Xbox
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory - Xbox
Offered by Pandora's Lunchbox
Price: $49.99
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Preview of a great game coming..., October 8, 2004
Here is a large preview of an amazing game. Getting better everyday, Chaos Theory is shaping up to be the best game of the series yet, and that's saying something (considering the other 2 were jaw dropping). Here's a preview of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, for the Microsoft XBOX...



*The release of this game has been pushed back to March. But the more time they spend on it, the better it will be...

*2 types of multiplayer have been announced. The first is co-op, where 2 people control 2 spies, going through several missions BUILT exclusively for co-op. There is also the option to do co-op with a friend over XBOX Live...

The other type of multiplayer (and the best hopefully) will be the returning Mercenary vs Spy over XBOX Live. It will, again, be just 2v2. But the ranking system will be revamped, all kinds of new maps will be added. New gadgets, new game modes, etc... All of you who LOVED Pandora Tommorow's multiplayer will be delighted to hear this. Coming in March, this game is going on LIVE...

*There are 2 divisions of Ubisoft. The Montreal Ubisoft is developing this one, which is good news in my opinion. There is a Shainghai division of Ubisoft, which made Pandora Tomorrow's single player. But the Montreal Team created the multiplayer for Pandora Tommorow (I believe), and also made the single player for the original game (the best single player in my opinion). The Montreal team is making this ENTIRE game, and I think that is better.

*Sam will have many more moves in this one. He has also been equipped with some new weapons, most notably the knife. Chaos Theory will also have a lot more freedom, as you can (once grabbing someone) choose to slit their throat, knock them out, or a number of other things. There are multiple ways to complete levels. Also, in certain situations (for example hanging off of a ledge as a guard passes, u may have the option to climb up as soon as he passes, grab him, and throw him off the ledge. Yes, Sam has gotten more violent ;) your options will be endless. If you are in a hurry and come to a door, you have the option to kick it down (and perhaps to smash the door on a guard in the process, as it is possible). The possibilities are endless...

*There will be a sound meter in Chaos Theory, which will allow you to see how much noise your are making. This goes with your light meter, giving u even more stealth...

*The AI has gotten much smarter. Unlike the previous 2, if they hear a sound and then hide, you don't just "disappear" from their minds. From that moment on, they will check more carefully, perhaps look up, go around corners, etc... Of course with the new options, this may be your advantage. As they turn a corner, pop behind them, and...the choice is yours.

2) Graphics~ The graphics have been totally redesigned from scratch, and let me tell you, from the videos, it looks absolutely JAW DROPPING. This is really pushing the XBOX to it's limits. Sam looks REAL. The engine is amazing, the shadows, effects of the environment, etc... Just amazing....

3) Story~ Well, so far, the stories have been amazing, so expect another deep story, as is the Tom Clancy tradition. Get ready, once again, to be sucked into the Splinter Cell universe... The only information we know, it's 2008..

4) Ubisoft has again hired a musician, this time Armon Tobin, to make yet ANOTHER great soundtrack for the Splinter Cell games. Chaos Theory will, again, have the music to make it a great game.

Well, that's a little preview. This game (as of now) is set to hit shelves in March. Cross your fingers, this just may be the game of the year (of 2005).



No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars An Amazing Movie! Great Acting, Story, AMAZING Graphics! A+, July 16, 2004
Well, when I went to go see this movie, I was expecting a pretty good flick. Typical Will Smith movie. Kind of a cheesy story, lots of jokes, Will Smith saves Earth, gets girl. Predictable, but still a good watch. But this movie just went...beyound that. It did more then I expected in every way. From story to special effects, this movie was amazing. Here's what I thought of 'I, Robot'. A real review from a tough critic.
A) Story: Well, the first thing that ANY good movie needs is a good story. And this has it. I'll start it off for you.
The year is 2034, and pretty much EVERYTHING is being run by robots. Robots deliver your mail, walk your dog, cook your food, tuck you kids in to sleep, run errands, etc... Robots are EVERYWHERE. The ratio: every 5 humans to every 1 robot.
Well, what keeps these robots in check? The 3 laws ALL robots must follow. What the laws pretty much say is that a robot, under no circumstances, can ever hurt a human being. Regardless of whether it is in self defense, or to defend another human being. It can not harm a human being. PERIOD. And knowing that they have to follow these laws, is good enough for most people. Yet there is one who just doesn't see how these...robots...can be perfect.
That's where Detective Del Spooner (Will Smith) comes into the story. For some reason (we don't know WHY at first), he just doesn't trust robots like everyone else does. And as such, has always been suspicious of them. And while he can't prove that robots aren't perfect, he still has a gut feeling that something isn't right.
Then one day his theory gets some proof. He is called to the headquarter of the company that makes, distributes, and well, created these amazing investigate a murder. The man who created these robots committed suicide (or so they say). But Spooner isn't so sure. The people he talk to, that knew this man, say that he just didn't seem...suicidal. It just doesn't fit.
As he is investigating the scene of the crime, he realizes that it would have been impossible for this man to have killed himself (he fell from a window dozens of stories up). Because the window he aparently jumped made of safety glass. Even he (with a chair) can't break through the glass. Then suddenly, he is attacked by a...robot. A robot attacked him. The robot isn't obeying basic commands (shut down, deactivate, etc...) and is actually...fighting for it's life!
As he hunts this robot down, he realizes that he has finally found proof...robots aren't perfect. These new line of N-5 robots...may have a fault. At least this one does. This one has feelings, emotions. It couldn't be controlled, it had a mind of it's own. And as he is investigating, Spooner stumbles upon a horrible secret. A secret that the creator of the robots predicted, and discovered. Unfortunately, the only one who knows the dead.
The story gets thicker, and keeps you guessing...until the amazing conclusion.
2) Special Effects: Excellent work. It wasn't Spider-man or LOTR, but they were great none the less. Everything is top notch, from the fighting scenes, to the futuristic Chicago, this movie does not even once disappoint here. Everything looks stunning, sharp, and realistic. The fighting is exciting, fluid, and just amazing to watch. There are tons of these scenes, and each seems to be done to perfection. The special effects bring the amazing life. It really gives you the feel of being in a 2035 Chicago. Everything was great, and I thought they did an amazing job.
3) Acting: The acting in this film was top notch as well. Will Smith pulls through with another great performance. He's funny when he needs to be (it goes with the flow of the story, and at times gives some much needed pauses). He has some good one liners, pulls through with just...a great performance. Of a man who just..didn't trust these robots. Who didn't think that they had the heart, the always do, or know, what's right. He is supported by Bridget Moynahan (Dr. Susan Calvin), another great and convincing performance. And then of course the role of the creator, Dr. Lanning (played by James Cromwell). They have good chemistry, and really deliver the story to perfection.
Overall this movie just...did everything right. The story was above par, the acting was great, and the special effects (robot on robot fighting, huge battles, car chases, or just the city) were amazing, and at times jaw dropping. It really pulled you into this 2035 Chicago, and from the minute it started until the minute it ended, you really are curious about these people, and these amazing robots. Worth every penny, you will love this movie, if you love a good action flick. Excellent movie, 9.5/10 in my book.
Excellent movie, one of the best I have seen in awhile

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars It's Still The Greatest System Ever, Now with HALO for Free!, July 14, 2004
I will describe a bit of everything this bundle comes with:
The XBOX: You know, a lot of people like me (a few months ago) are looking for a good game system. A lot of people don't want a Gamecube because of it's A) Lack of shooters (HALO, Return to Castle Wolfstein, GTA3, etc...) and B) It can't play CD's, DVD's, and once again, lacks in hard-nosed, M games. That leaves the Microsoft XBOX and the SONY PS2. While PS2 has the most games, they lack in quality. XBOX has fewer games, but more quality titles. The XBOX also has better graphics, a hard disk (so you'll never have to go back and delete old game files to save new ones) and lots lots more! Here's why u have to get an XBOX, and why this bundle will get u right into the game!
A)The graphics: This system has it all. From shadows, sharpness, details, and color, XBOX has the future generation of gaming built in. To go with the graphics is an incredible hard disk, a built in broadband connection, and the shortest loading times ever seen in a system. Comparing XBOX's graphics and capabilities to PS2's is like comparing an Elaphant's weight to a dog, it DOESN'T! Where XBOX wins and wins well is in quality, sharpness, and capabilities. It's built for today, but also for tomorrow. This system packs it all in!
B) The games: tons! To name a few: Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, HALO 2, Return to Castle Wolfstein, GTA3 and GTA Vice City, Shenmue 2, Project Gotham Racing 2, Top Spin, Rainbow Six 3, Rainbow Six Black Arrow, Fable, Sudeki, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Spider-man 2, the enire EA Sports lineup (on LIVE), Ninja Gaiden, and of course, HALO. All of the games I just listed our A+, great games, of all sorts. Because there are so many great games, you'll never stop collecting! To go with the awsome graphics and capabilties, XBOX has the games. You'll never stop having fun with your XBOX. Ever...
The game: HALO is a classic game where u take the role of the Master Chief. You are mankind's last hope, and the only thing standing between the evil Covenant race, and humanity's destruction. You are equipped with all kinds of guns, vehicles, and the brave marines fighting at your side. You must battle through 9 huge, jawdropping levels, and uncover the secret of HALO's world. Maybe the best game of all time, HALO will leave you begging for more (not to mention the amazing multiplayer). This is the only game you will need for weeks, as it is long, hard, and fun fun fun!!!
The Controller S: As with the many complaints for the the first controller, Microsft decided to make a new, smaller, and improved Controller S. Every button is now easier to reach, and the layout is similar to the PlaySation's. You PSOne owners counsidering getten an XBOX but the controller...not a problem. This controller (which comes with every bundle) is very similar, and shouldn't take more than a few hours to get used to. Quality comes with it, and this controller shoud last u for many years and many hours of gameplay to come! Not to mention it's also a special edition green HALO color :)
The system: This system is a limited edition, Green XBOX, the first special edition XBOX in the USA. If you've been looking for an XBOX, why not get something a little more original, and differet, and pick one of these up. It's just as good as the other XBOX's, if not better. It looks cool, it plays great, and, your XBOX won't look identical to everyone else's!
Hope this description of the greatest game ever (HALO), system, and controller helped. I know I'd be getting it (if I didn't already have an XBOX). It won't disapoint, and should be the final nail in the coffin. Burying SONY behind and enterting the future world of Microsoft. Enjoy!

Most Requested Hits
Most Requested Hits
Offered by Customer Direct
Price: $7.22
40 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars From beggining to end, AC's best trax on 1 Album~Buy it, June 16, 2004
This review is from: Most Requested Hits (Audio CD)
I just turned 14 a few days ago, and recently heard about this new (and possibly last) album by Aaron Carter. And well, I think I may buy it. Why? Well, when I was 10-11, I always used to listen to Aaron Carter. He was "it" back then for kids. Well, since then, he has continued to come out with great new albums, but I (like many other early AC fans) have not bought them.
Well, this CD is a collection of all of the songs we all (kids 12-16) used to listen too. And not to mention, it's just great music. It's not like those other CD's that only has 1 or 2 good songs. This CD is a collection of hits, and as such, each and every song is pretty good (in my opinion).
Pretty much, what I am saying is, this is 13 great song tracks on 1 CD, and a kind of farewell by Aaron Carter. And while I have not really liked Aaron Carter for the past 2-3 years, the songs on here bring back old memories. All of this music is good, clean, and upbeat music. It's a great CD to buy to just play around the house, or use to go with a slideshow. Just good clean music.
Also, this album has 3-4 new songs, and I really like them. So overall, it's a good album, with songs that you may never be able to buy again (songs that you used to listen to). For fourteen bux, a good deal, I reccomend for old and current AC fans, and well, just people looking 4 good music.
Also, check out [...] for a 30-45 second preview of each song. Great music, I definatly reccomend it!

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow - Xbox
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow - Xbox
Offered by Media-Recovery
Price: $18.99
252 used & new from $0.01

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Everything the first was, times 10!!!, May 29, 2004
The first Splinter Cell was just...stunning. It changed the spy genre forever. It took a fairly small genre, and turned it into one of the biggest. Splinter Cell changed gaming forever, and sold millions upon millions of copies in the process. It won dozens of awards, was hailed as one of the top 5 games of 2003, or even one of the best games of all time. All that is to give you an idea of how good the first Splinter Cell really was. Well, Splinter Cell #2, Pandora Tomorrow, is everything the first one was. And much much more!
1) Gameplay~ Most of the controls in this game are exactly the same as the first. A few things have been changed. For example, the black button is now the "whistle" button. You can do a half jump in a smaller hallway, and of course the full split jump in the larger hallway. They also changed a few buttons. When hanging from a ledge, the B button is now the button that drops. You can also do a Swat Turn when having your back against a wall and pushing A. All this and more have been changed from the original. And in my opinion, it's an improvement.
This game has about a dozen levels, and yet again, an amazing story. There are many more cinematics, bringing the story closer to home. The levels look amazing, and are a blast to play. Each level is fairly large, and every section requires a new talent and skill to beat. It is so much fun to play, and each thrilling minute will keep you coming back for more. The gameplay is amazing, and ups in every way on the first.
2) Graphics: The graphics are, yet again, jaw dropping. The shadows, lighting, texture! It's like REALLY being a spy. It looks so real! The grass blades blow as the wind blows, everything, even the wires on a fence, have a shadow. All of Sam Fisher's moves look cooler, yet more realistic, then before. It just looks amazing, pushing the limit for even the mighty XBOX. Using every last ounce of power to provide that last detail of the crack in the wall, or the crawling of a bug. It really brings this amazing game to life!
3) Online: This is where this game really shines. Once online, you start off as a level one. You can join any number of games (there are always several dozen to join at any moment). There are about 8 maps, and 3 gametypes. Each gametype is a little different. Once in a game, you are either a spy or a mercenary. The spies try to either A) Neutralize console (or extract a tube from it), usually of these consoles. The mercenaries try to prevent the spies from doing this, and protect the target for the set time limit (usually 10 minutes). Also, each team has a certain number of lives. Mercs have 3, and Spies have 4. Each has their own gadgets and moves unique to them. The spies are fast, versatile, and can go anywhere. They can also sneak up behind a merc and grab him. From here, the spy can either hold the merc until he dies (usually 10 seconds), or break his neck. They also see in 3rd person. Mercenaries on the other hand have a deadly gun, mines, grenades, and the ability to kill from a distance. They see in first person.
Overall the online game balances out, and both sides have their disadvantages and advantages. Yet, the talent really shows in a good player, as a good player will always beat a bad player, and the best spies and mercs almost never lose. This game does take a lot of teamwork as well, perfect for friends wanting a game to dominate...together. There is an amazing ranking system, as for every few dozen points, there is a level. Everyone starts at Level 1, and at 0 points. Once they earn 100 points, they increase to Level 2. The rankings work like this, and you can perhaps someday become the best player in the world! (the stats don't reset also).
So as you can see, this game is everything the first one was, and more. It was worth every penny in my book, and is addicting (both offline and on). It is the most popular XBOX Live game right now, and there are always a lot of games to join. It's addicting, fantastic, and overall just a great game. One of those classics that you'll be talking about even years after you beat it. And of course, the game never ends with XBOX Live. A great game, I recommend it 100%! It won't disappoint!

Amped 2
Amped 2
Offered by Missouri Wholesalers
Price: $39.98
86 used & new from $0.02

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A Fun Game, But You CAN Get Stuck..., January 18, 2004
This review is from: Amped 2 (Video Game)
Amped 2 is a pretty good game. It has over 15 mountains, tons of challenges, great graphics, and tons of tricks. Its fun for people who like snowboarding games, and its a blast online, playing with up to 8 people. Here's what I thought of Amped 2: by Microsoft Game Studios...
1) Single Player: This game is similar to the original in terms of single player. You start out at rank 250, and work your way up to #1. Only this time, there are more challenges, more tracks, and several new ways to board. There are now 8 grabs (instead of the 2 in the first), and the ability to do a butter. What a butter does is connect 2 moves. So you can do a backflip, do a butter, then pull of a grind. It combines the 2 tricks for a better score. This can lead to a lot more customization. Not to mention the extra 6 grabs...
Amped 2 brings back High Score, Media Score, and trying to find all the Snow Men. It also adds finding the 5 gaps, and pulling off 5 special tricks. Once completing all of this, you can try to out-trick 3 pros, win over 3 sponsors, and do 3 photoshoots (very cool). Each thing you complete increases your rank, and once up to a certain rank (say 200), you can unlock a new track.
One thing about the single player is that it can get incredibly hard. Scoring hundreds of thousands of points, pulling off insane tricks, or trying to impress a very tough sponsor. Fortunantly, with each rank come new trick "point(s)", which you can use to improve your snowboarder. You can increase speed, rotation, air time, blance, and switch (similar to the Tony Hawk series). Spending the points wisely may be the difference between beating and failing the game...
The problem in single player though, is thats its so long, and so hard at times that you just want to give up (like the original). If you do keep trying though, you can beat it. It can just get a bit frustrating at times...
2) Online Play~ The online play is a blast in this game. You can race with up to 8 people in several game types: high score, king of the mountain (pulling off the best tricks on certain hills), and a tournament (which averages out everyones best tricks, high scores, media, etc.. #1, 2, 3...). The cool thing is that you can take you single player character online. So all that work you put in to beating the game is finally worth it. The graphics are great, there are rankings. So online play in this game is awsome. Especially if u love snowboarding
3) Graphics~ The graphics in this game are...amazing. Your character looks almost real (you can customize his or her hair, clothes, snowboard, etc.. And the color of everything). As you board, the snow shoots out from behind. You leave a trail of where you've been. When you grind, sparks fly out from the board. When you hit a tree, you knock snow off. The snow looks real, fun, exicting. Its a blast to board through and pave your way. The tricks look cool and realistic. The mountains you race on have birds, trees, tons of snow, camera men, rails, and buildings. It really does look like a boarding mountain, and adds to the game.
Overall this game is a blast. Better than the first, the online play and extremely long single player make this a great game that will last you for awhile. Reccomended for anyone who loves snowboarding (I might wait a month or 2 and wait for the price to drop tho). A good game that won't dissapoint.

Project Gotham Racing 2 - Xbox
Project Gotham Racing 2 - Xbox
Offered by exclusiva
Price: $7.28
336 used & new from $0.01

16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars An Amazing Game~Online and Off, January 18, 2004
When Project Gotham Racing came out back in 2001, people had mixed feelings. It was a fun game, with an emphasis on style. It had great graphics, dozens of cars, and a huge single player. There were some problems though. It was extremely hard in areas, people wanted more cars (only 80 or so in the first), and the multiplayer wasn't very fun. Because it was hard for people to just pick up the controller and play...
Well, Project Gotham Racing 2 has everything the first one did, and so much more! Its funner, looks better, plays better, and isn't as frustrating. You can really get good at it, and you never really get stuck. Here's what I thought of Project Gotham Racing 2:
1) Single Player~ This game has an amazing single player. Dozens of tracks, hundreds of cars, and a ton of fun tracks. The game is divided into 2 sections: Kudos World Series and Arcade Racing. The overall goal is to earn Kudos (for every few thousand Kudos, u get tokens. With the tokens you can buy new cars). You can earn the tokens in either the World Series or Arcade modes.
In the Kudos World Series, you start out in the lowest class (there are 15 or so classes, each with about 10 cars). Once you select a class + pick a car, you can begin racing. You pick either to race, cone challenge, 1 on 1, pass as many cars as u can, finish a lap in a certain amount of time, etc... There are several challenges in each class. Each challenge has 5 difficulties: steel, bronze, silver, gold, or platinum medals. Once you complete a class (and earn as many tokens as u can while at it), you can move on to the next.
In Arcade Racing, you either street race or do cone challenges. You are given a car (no car classes here) and try to beat each challenge. There are also 5 difficulties here. Its pretty much just a chance to earn more kudos, and tone your skills.
The single player is huge, tons of cars, medals, and challenges to complete. Just single player alone will keep you busy for dozens and dozens of hours.
2) Online Play: This is where the game really shines. First off, online play is a WHOLE new game. There are no medals, no cone challenges. The only thing that comes with you from single player is the cars you unlocked. Once online you can race with friends, or just random people. You can use any of the tracks you unlocked in single player, or join a game with a map you haven't unlocked. When doing "Kudos Racing" you can earn Kudos to increase your Kudos Rank (online). Everyone starts at 1 on LIVE. After you earn your first few thousand Kudos, that will increase to 2. The next ten thousand, 3. The next twenty thousand, 4. etc... Its sort of a badge, telling people how good you are at this game.
Online you can race with up to 8 people. Voice Chat, rankings, friends, etc... And with Kudos Rank and racing, it really is an unlimited game online. There are really good people out there, so if the computer is just getting too easy, meet your challenge online.
3) Graphics~ The graphics in this game are...amazing. Cars get beat up, glass smashes, license plates become bent and smash off, doors get bent, etc... Your car really does look beaten if you have a messy race. Hard slides have smoke coming up from the tires. Screech marks remain in the steet for the race after a sharp turn. Crashes are greatly improved over the original. Nothing like walling a rival, seeing his perfect car smashed into peices, then driving off taunting. The graphics really do make the game better.
Weather changes are great in this game too. At night, its hard to see, and your headlights are your only guide around the track. Oh, if you break them, they dont shine anymore... When its raining, its hard to see. You car slides all over the track (go a little slower perhaps?) And it just looks incredible. The rain gets on the cars, makes them shine a bit. The track is wet and slippery. Weather really is fun in this game...
Overall the graphics are incredible, and really show off the XBOX's power.
4) Gameplay~ This game is just..really fun to play. Its a blast to hit a perfect slide, keep control, and leave your oppenant in the dust. Steering is hard, and knowing when to slow down, or how to take a turn is really important. In other words, newbs don't beat experts in this game, and you can really get good. This game has rankings online, and you can work your way to #1 (permanantly, as stats dont reset in this game)
Overeall this game is just a blast. Worth every penny, anyone looking for a fun LIVE game, or who loves racing HAS to buy this. 10/10

ESPN NFL Football - Xbox
ESPN NFL Football - Xbox
Offered by NSS2ndHand
Price: $10.00
80 used & new from $0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars A Good Game + Online Play = Great Game!, November 22, 2003
ESPN NFL Football has gotten better and better every year for a long time now. They add new things, improve graphics, add online play, etc... Theres always a new thing that makes the sequel a little bit better. Well, this year is no exception, as ESPN NFL Football 2K4 is once again bringing us something new and innovative. Here's what I thought of ESPN NFL Football 2K4 by SEGA...
1) Gameplay~ This game was incredibly fun to play, even before you knew the controls. You can throw passes hard or hang them up there for your receievers to catch (by pressing lightly or hard on the receivers button). 5 or 6 juke moves to avoid the defenders, a power button that once charged up lets you explode with one of your jukes. Dozens of new plays to call. It's not too easy, yet not impossibly hard. You can run, gun, and have a blast through this great game, playing as all 32 teams and their players. Michael Vick is as fast as he is in real life real life. Marshall Faulk jukes tackles JUST like he does in the NFL. Randy Moss is as speedy as ever. This game is really accurate, fun, and while easy to learn, amazingly complex. This game is up to par with Madden this year, and the gameplay is as good, if not a little better, than rival Madden.
And perhaps the best new addition: First Person Football! So fun! So realistic.... I have never been so immersed in a football game. It's not grainy or ugly; it's sharp, realistic. You hear the sounds you WOULD hear ON THE FIELD. The taunting, the blows of tackles and blocks, players breathing heavy, etc... If anything, get this for First Person Football. Anyone who loves football will love playing down on the field. Excellent job SEGA on the gameplay, you finally are equal to Madden in my book!
The Challenge, the last thing for gameplay, is just incredible. When you make a challenge, they FINALLY allow you to pick what you want to challenge. Placing of ball, whether he was down, feet inbounds, etc... A great new addition to a great new game!
2) Graphics~ This game has some of the best graphics I have ever seen in a football game. The field gets cut up, the players sweat and get dirty. The shine of the lights and reflections on helmets. The replays, in game fun, etc... All great. The fans are even in somewhat 3D this game, and look much better than previous additions. Incredible graphics here, up to par with Fever and Madden...
3) ESPN/Options~ This game is full of ESPN SportCenter goodness. The game has ESPN presentation, breakdown of games, the Sportcenter Music in the background, analysis, ESPN Broadcasting, on the field reports, Halftime Shows, etc... It's amazing, and I love all the new ESPN stuff (one of my favorite channels)
Options in this game are unlimited. Exibition, Practice, Franchise, Online Play, etc... In Exibition, you can play with friends with up to 4 palyers. Practice, you can work on your new skills. In Franchise, you can take a team through many many seasons. Earning new gametypes, games, and all kinds of new stuff along the way. You can draft a new team, be the coach, sign the players to deals you like and agree. Just like all franchises before, only with a ton of new options, and better gameplay.
4) Online Play~ The reason this game is so much better than Madden. Playing online is a blast! Rankings, taking on real people, real challenges. Talking with the communicater, building up a rep and record. Playing with 2 or 3 other people on teams (2v2, 3v3, etc...) This game is so fun online, and after you finish the vast single player goodies, it will be time to take your game online. Will you prevail? A true blast, I spend all the time I play 2K4 online! A great feature!
Overall, this is a fun game. Tons of new features, new gameplay modes, online play, and an ESPN Presentation. Can you beat this game? I love it, and I guarentee that if your a sportsloving, online playing gamer like me, then this will be a title you CANT resist... Pick this game up!

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars An Incredible Conclusion to an Incredible Series, November 15, 2003
10 years ago, no one had heard of the Matrix. No one knew what bullet time meant. No one knew knew who "the one" was, or ever watched Neo Anderson battle agents.
Well, that was 10 years ago, but since the Matrix came out back in the late 90's, it has truly become one of the most watched movies of all time. A few months ago, we saw Matrix Reloaded. Another great movie, continueing the story of Earth in a few hundred years. Finally, Revoltions came out. Simply put, the best of the 3, an incredible movie, great acting -even Neo this time-, and jaw dropping special affects. Here's what I thought of the Matrix Revolutions.
1) The Story: *no spoilers* This movie continued the story of the Matrix, the people fighting it, and the lives of free humans fighting for their life. At this point, Neo is an incredible fighter -both in and out of the Matrix-, and is madly in love with his girlfriend, Trinity. There is a huge battle about to happen. Morpheus believes that this is the battle that will end the war. End the Matrix. And finally free humanity. But things are getting dark. A huge army of Machines is heading toward the last free world, Zion. Neo is confused and doesn't know what he, the one, is supposed to do. Betrayals are being made, lives are being lost, and a great power is growing ever stronger in the Matrix. When suddenly, the Machines are attacking Zion....
2) Special Affects: This movie looked stunning in every single way. From showing us Zion to some of the big battles. To seeing first hand the world of the Machines, and the beauty in which all life holds. Seeing Zion under attack, the battles, all the Machines. It was incredible. It really made you feel that these machines were coming...coming for you. Lord of the Rings like buildings and battles, this movie was just...incredible. The bullet time action is back as well, and I still am amazed at some of the things the Matrix showed off. A great movie, and the graphics don't hold back here...
3) Acting: This movie had the best acting of the 3 in my opinion. Neo finally showed a little emotion in different areas, the love between Neo and Trinity is so strong on film. Agent Smith, Morpheus, the Oracle, etc... All play their parts to perfection. If you liked the first two, or even just thought they were okay, this is a must see. So much happens in this movie, and the acting, like everything else, is great. If anything, see this movie to see Neo finally act!
4) Overall- This movie was just...incredible. 6/5 stars, it was perfect in every way. Anyone not understand Reloaded? This movie will fill in all the holes. Wanna know what happends to Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, the Matrix, Agent Smith, Zion, and the world of humans and machines? You have to see this. And to see perhaps one of the coolest battles ever -for you action freaks like me-, this is just...awsome.
This is the best of the 3 by far, and if you -like i have said- loved the first two, or even just thought it was decent, The Matrix Revolutions is a movie you CAN NOT MISS! Head to your nearest theatre and buy that ticket! This is one of the best movies of the year. Great movie, great conclusion, Matrix Revolutions simply is AWSOME!

Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Grand Theft Auto Vice City
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3.0 out of 5 stars An Incredible Game...With Sickening Gore..., October 18, 2003
I know, I know. This game is innovative, a venture into the new world. It brings video gaming to the next level. I will admit, this game was creative, the concept is pretty good, and at times it can be fun. But the overall gameplay is just a bit too gory for my taste. Here's what I thought after a few hours of GTA: Vice City
1. The graphics: pretty good. I disagree with anyone who said this game lacked graphics. I own an XBOX and hate PS2's graphics, but I was impressed by the many things this game supports. There are dozens of cars, bridges, people, shops, trees, guns, helicopters, boats, and just about everything else you'd expect to find in a city. The world looks real and comes alive! The weather changes, and the worlds are HUGE! As much as I hated all the gore, this game definantly looked pretty awsome in every other way. 4.5 stars!
2. The gameplay: ok...if u like going around shooting people to death. There's way to much blood, and the way u can just keep hitting people again and again with the bat or the gun just gets sickening. The blood is everywhere, and it really takes the quote "Fun" out of the game. The whole concept of hejacking various vehicles (boats, cars, helicopters, motorbiles) is cool, and swithcing vehicles again and again or running on foot was pretty cool (while trying to escape the police). You can hejack anything from regular old jeeps to Taxi's, Police Cars, Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Vipers, Tanks, and anything else out there. Once again, all this would have been fun, even shooting people...without the gore. This game could have been so much more, but instead, it's just sickening. Gangs are everywhere, FREEDOM is everything. But overall, I just didn't find it fun, in fact quite the opposite. 2 stars...
3. Replay value: I can see how an extreme person might like this game, and if u can handle shooting people's head off to see a fountain of blood, go ahead. But overall, the game made me feel like a criminal, nothing else. But if u do like this kind of game, there are dozens of missions, freedom beyond your largest dreams, and cash to earn. Rival gangs and show the cops who's boss... The concept was just didn't click for me. And while the game really shines when your being chased by cops in a Viper, hop out and get into a helicopter, take off and watch them look up in hate, is pretty cool (while then heading off to caues more havoc), it just didn't really click with me. 3 stars...
****As for parents, here are some facts if you plan on buying this for your kid: there are hookers, gore, sex, cussing, blood, gangs, etc... This game is everyting you DONT want younger kids seeing. Its your call, but I would think twice before buying this for a kid. But if your older, I think they can handle it. Just depends on what kind of games they like****
Well, I hope this helped, and if your sickened by gore like me, you probably won't like this game. A sour feeling left in my mouth, I will never be a GTA fan, and will not be picking it up when the package heads to the XBOX. My friend likes it, he can like it. It justn't didn't click with me. Would it with u?

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