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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Playstation 3
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Playstation 3
Offered by Budget Video Games Inc.
Price: $12.59
302 used & new from $1.34

4.0 out of 5 stars Phenomenal campaign mode, best multiplayer IF you like TPS, February 21, 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Enough reviews around here to give details on the game. So I'll just give my general impressions.

Campaign-mode/Single player is the most fun I've had in quite awhile with a game. Excellent locales, graphics, action sequences and puzzles. Snarky conversations are a plus that isn't mentioned enough. It was better than Metal Gear Solid 4 -- the previous Sony-touted exclusive for the PS3. MGS4 took itself too seriously at times and tended to be too much like a soap-opera for my tastes (as is the whole MGS series). If you grew up loving the Indiana Jones trilogy, like me, you'll love the campaign.

1)THIS IS PERSONAL PREFERENCE...Multiplayer, like the campaign, is a Third Person Shooter. Unfortunately, I like FPS's more. I will say, that it plays better than SOCOM and Rainbow 6:LV multiplayers, for me. Action and movement is faster paced than those other titles. However, as with other TPS, the targeting and camera movement don't catch up with the pace of action. That is, I've been 'fragged' too many times by someone running to my flank 'off camera' because the view didn't shift around fast enough to allow me to see them. The 'auto-targeting' helps offset this but it auto-targets the body and not the head so it takes too many shots to bring them down. You'll usually lose if you get flanked because of this. Having said that, it IS the best TPS-multiplayer I've played so far with tons of unlocks and fast-paced action to keep your heart racing.
2)The campaign IS pretty linear but no more so than Gears of War (I have a 360 too). So, you may try to jump up and climb on some path you thought makes sense to you and the game just won't let you. So you attempt the same action along the same wall until you get a handhold and mutter 'oh, that must be where they want me to go'.

Patriot PVS24G8500ELKR2 Extreme Performance Viper Series PC2-8500 DDR2 1066MHz 4GB CAS 5-5-5-15 EPP Ready Enhanced Latency Dual Channel Kit (Black)
Patriot PVS24G8500ELKR2 Extreme Performance Viper Series PC2-8500 DDR2 1066MHz 4GB CAS 5-5-5-15 EPP Ready Enhanced Latency Dual Channel Kit (Black)

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Works great so far, February 21, 2010
I've owned this for a little over 2 months now. Used it on a new build on a Windows 7 platform. Unfortunately, I was on a budget and got a mobo+cpu combo at a local B&M store (that rhymes with 'flies'). The mobo will NOT let me adjust the voltages to get this RAM to operate at 1066mHz, only at 800mHz. That's, of course, my fault for going cheap and getting a cheap mobo. I will say that my system's stable for 2 months now and I can do the HD home video editing and simple gaming I've wanted to do for awhile now but couldn't because of a slow system. It is a regret that I know I'm not using the RAM to the utmost of it's capabilities though. But it's functional, stable and a good value, nowadays, for what you get...Although it still cost more than my mobo+cpu (phenom II x2 555) combo.

Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker, 34-Ounce, Black
Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker, 34-Ounce, Black
Offered by Seven Times Six
Price: $37.98
15 used & new from $21.99

66 of 77 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great tasting coffee! Annoying cleanup., February 21, 2010
Had this item about a month now (8-cup size). I use six level scoops for a full 'pot'of strong coffee. Makes about 3-4 "American cups" (8oz +). More than I can drink in a day, so I share with office-mates.

1)Coffee tastes better from this than from my drip coffee maker, IMHO. This is of, course, the number one reason for getting any coffee maker -- otherwise we'd all drink instant and save the trouble of brewing and cleanup. Reading some reviews here and foodie-type sites, the great taste is because the 'natural oils' from the beans are not filtered out by a paper filter. I don't notice 'oily' coffee or any other change in texture but I do notice the upgrade in taste and that earns four stars right there.
2)(YMMV on this)My office has a hot-water spigot at the water cooler so I get hot coffee slightly faster than the generic drip coffee maker where I have to wait until all dripping's done to get my one cup cleanly. If you don't have a ready source of hot-water, more time will be added waiting for water to heat up.

1)You'll still get some 'silt' (micro grounds), even when you coarse grind your coffee. This is mostly due to my grinder, I guess, but a work-around is that I've started to use a small strainer as my scoop. Using this, most of the silt is discarded -- but some still gets through.

2)Keep in mind that the round-ball press handle prevents the mesh part from reaching all the way to the bottom of the container. Because of this, if you put 4 or less scoops (i.e. making a only a cup or so), there's still some space leftover and you don't get that extra squeezing out of flavor from the grounds. Also, I think I got a little more 'silt' when trying to get the last drops out than I got from a full load. Perhaps a packed set of grounds traps more silt than a loosely packed mound.

3)Cleanup is pretty messy, and is my biggest CON for me. As AZshooter recommended, I also use a stream of water to get out the grounds. Works WAY better than trying to scrape them out dry into the trash bin. This, of course, requires a drain and water source. Also, a few grounds always get stuck in the metal frame that holds the mesh in place. I have to use a toothpick to get them out.

Lastly, be sure to drink all the coffee quickly OR separate it from the gounds by pouring the coffee into another container (e.g. thermos). The acidity of the coffee grounds begins to taint the flavor of the liquid above if you leave them together for an hour or longer. This and CON #2 should weigh into consideration as to which size French press to buy.
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