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Pyle-Pro PPJJ15 12 Gauge Professional Speaker Cable 1/4'' to 1/4'' - 15 Feet
Pyle-Pro PPJJ15 12 Gauge Professional Speaker Cable 1/4'' to 1/4'' - 15 Feet
Price: Click here to see our price
88 used & new from $8.10

5.0 out of 5 stars Much better sound compared to my old setup, July 29, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
We can go into all the factors that go into making a professional quality speaker cable, and many have done that already. I'm just going to say for me these cables made a night an day difference for my home studio. You see I'm a musician on a budget that is slowly finding ways to make the studio even better. I got some nice nearfield speakers and a good line mixer. However I always heard some level of hum from the speakers. My first thought is I don't have the levels set up right or I am putting in too much trim (or not enough). Then I learned a valuable lesson that I should have picked up on years ago: balanced vs. unbalanced cables.

You see I was using standard instrument cables to send the audio signal between the mixer and the speakers. The speakers have inputs for both balanced and unbalanced signals, but I think I had the unbalanced instrument cables plugged into the balanced inputs on the speakers. Granted the mixer is unbalanced, but in situations like this your best bet is to go as balanced as possible. When I replaced the instrument cables with these Pyle-Pro speaker cables the difference was staggering. All that hum was gone and the signal sounded really clean.

For any of you out there cobbling together a home recording studio if you are using speakers that have balanced inputs you will get a great sound using balanced cables like these.

KOMPUTERBAY 8GB ( 2 X 4GB ) DDR2 DIMM (240 PIN) 800Mhz PC2 6400 PC2 6300 with Heatspreaders 8 GB - CL 5
KOMPUTERBAY 8GB ( 2 X 4GB ) DDR2 DIMM (240 PIN) 800Mhz PC2 6400 PC2 6300 with Heatspreaders 8 GB - CL 5
Offered by Komputerbay
Price: $164.00
8 used & new from $164.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Zero problems and lots of headroom, July 29, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
These days it's getting harder and harder to find memory for legacy devices. I have never used Komputerbay before, but the alternatives were priced at ridiculous levels. I gave them a shot and haven't looked back since. I have a Shuttle all in one system in a little box to fit into my music studio. The computer uses an AMD three core processor running Windows 7 (and XP before that). The max memory this little economy setup would take is 8 GB, and I was due for a memory upgrade from the stock 2GB. In reading the reviews I knew I was in for a gamble, but the gamble paid off.

The memory functioned perfectly. I had no crashes, errors, or performance snags coming from the chips. As a matter of fact I have had super smooth memory based performance. The only limitations I am getting now are with my CPU not being able to keep up with the newer music software (so if you want a home studio it pays to not go the economy route). It seems to me the big problem with this memory is it doesn't pair well with other brands, which is understandable considering both the price and the age of the technology.

If you need memory on an older PC that only takes DDR2 memory I think you will do well with this memory. Just be sure you completely replace your old memory and not just ramp up existing chips, as I believe most the bad reviews come from this (or not knowing your PC's configuration recommendations).

Cisco DPC3008 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
Cisco DPC3008 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
Offered by Electronics Prime LLC
Price: $88.97
13 used & new from $27.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect set up for our Comcast Internet service, July 29, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
We ordered Comcast cable high speed Internet services, but didn't want to pay the monthly rental fees for a router we didn't need (I already had a good wireless router). I just needed a modem. That's where this baby came into play. Cisco is a leader in telecommunications equipment and services, and this cable modem lives up to that reputation. We just plugged the COAX cable on one end the Ethernet cable on the other. It just started working right off the bat. I have that Ethernet cable connected to a Linksys wireless router and so far not a single configuration issue between the two.

I get the fastest broadband speeds that Comcast advertises to us, both downstream and upstream. While that's more due to Comcast having plenty of bandwidth in our area it doesn't hurt that the Cisco cable modem doesn't impair that process in any way. If you are like me and do not need Comcast to provide all your Internet and network routing for your home, and just need a cable modem to pick up the signal, you can't go wrong with the DPC3008.

Cheez It Grooves Sharp White Cheddar, 9 Ounce
Cheez It Grooves Sharp White Cheddar, 9 Ounce
Price: $2.58
11 used & new from $2.58

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect texture and crunch with a super cheddar taste, July 29, 2015
Cheez-It crackers have a decent reputation for being a good tasting cheese cracker. As far as snacks go they tend to play second fiddle to the giants like Doritos or Cheetos. What makes Cheez-It so good is they know how to get a good amount of flavor in their crackers. However crackers tend to only go so far, and they never have the same deep rooted taste you get from the aforementioned chips. Cheez-It Grooves changes that and turns these little crackers out to a whole new dynamic. They are technically still crackers, but their texture (and crunch) is like a chip. The flavor on these grooves is a knock out. I taste more white cheddar on these then I do on the original Cheeze-It WC cracker. I think the texture makes all the difference as well. It's light and firm with the grooves having a hand in keeping that cheese powder strong (and yes... it's a kosher dairy product).

When I first tried these I was kicking myself for not trying them sooner. Right now my favorite of all chip and cracker snacks are these. If you're a fan of cheese then wait no more. This is a winner.

Snare (12" mesh pad) for electronic drum - Plain Black look - for Alesis and Roland
Snare (12" mesh pad) for electronic drum - Plain Black look - for Alesis and Roland

4.0 out of 5 stars Not perfect, but has a fair amount going for it, July 28, 2015
These Laurin drums look great, and the company gives you a lot of design options for the shell (including using your own designs). I got this basic black as the color fits nicely with my Alesis DM-10X drum kit. This mesh drum is a little bit of a mixed bag. On one hand it certainly feels a lot better than the RealHead drum pad I used previously, and as I said before it looks really slick. Also the responsiveness for things like buzz rolls are improved. The thing it's a very precarious drum... at least on my DM-10.

The drum arrived pretty flat. Which means the head was loose enough to not give me a proper bounce/response out of the box. So if you get the drum and do the stick bounce test (hold the stick normal and letting the bead end fall with no applied force) you will get a very weak bounce. Never fear though as this is adjustable. I had to do quite a bit of tightening to get a proper bounce back on this drum. Even then I would like to tighten it more, but with all the pressure I have already put on it I'm a bit afraid to push my luck. I may be able to tighten it up to my liking. I'm just a bit scared is all.

I had to tweak the sensitivity settings for quite a long time before I got a level of sensitivity I was okay with, and even then it's not quite as solid as the RealHead drums. The rim trigger takes more effort to get a strike on, and the dynamic range on the drum is more restrictive (however for most pop/rock/jam tunes it's not a big deal). So I can get those nice fuzzy buzz rolls I wasn't able to on the RealHead pads, but the levels of velocity had to be set in a compromising level in order to get the sensitivity balanced out.

Bottom line though it I still have my Laurin snare on my kit and haven't put it aside. That means in spite of the limitations I mentioned I still really like the response and feel of the drum, and the issues I have found so far aren't enough to give up on it. If you are like me the only real options for the Alesis DM kits right now is to do your own mesh head conversion, buy your own mesh heads (buyer beware as most of them are just mesh heads over padding... you may as well be playing on a pillow), buy a drum kit that has mesh heads, or get yourself a LaurinDrum. Of all those options this drum pad gets you the actual mesh experience without the risk of damaging your existing triggers.

Just a word of advice. Buy one drum first and try it out. If you love it then go for the full kit.

Alesis RealHead 12" Dual-Zone Pad Electronic Drum Pad Black
Alesis RealHead 12" Dual-Zone Pad Electronic Drum Pad Black
Offered by PitbullAudio
Price: $179.00
3 used & new from $179.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Much improved over previous versions, but wait.... mesh heads are coming, July 28, 2015
Alesis took electronic drumming by storm in the 80's with the HR-16 drum machine, and they haven't let go of their hold since. These past few years they have moved from drum machines into electronic drum kits. The RealHead drum pad is Alesis' attempt at bridging the gap between your regular rubber drum pads and acoustic drums. It's not a perfect marriage, but it's better than one might think.

Essentially you have a real drum head affixed to the pad using real drum lugs to tighten it to the feel you prefer. The pad sits close to a metal plate that's thinly padded. The metal plate holds an electronic trigger. The end result it you hit pad and it feel more like playing real drums. Older model RealHead drums (you can tell the difference as they are a good deal thicker) seemed to be harder to calibrate, and right out of the box you would get crosstalk between the triggers. These newer heads eliminated that problem and made then practically ready to out of the box for Alesis drum modules (using other modules you will likely still need to tweak sensitivity).

12" is definitely the way to go for your main drums like the snare and lower toms. I tried the kits with 10" snares and while I was able to play easy enough the difference is night and day compared to the 12". So whatever electronic drums you get definitely spend the extra money on getting 12" pads for at least your snare drum.

How does it feel compared to top brands out there? Well... it's better than rubber pads. However mesh heads are still the best feeling electronic drum pads today. The problem with the RealHead drums is that metal trigger can give you a pretty stiff response if you are used to striking the drums hard. The bounceback isn't quite the same as on a real drum, which is expected (NO electronic drum is able to feel the same as an acoustic drum... at least not yet). Don't get me wrong. The pads feel great in my opinion, and the velocity sensitivity is outstanding. The pads are dual triggered and hitting rim gives you a nice clean response that doesn't interfere with the pad trigger.

Now for big news. If you can wait just a bit longer Alesis has recently released drums using mesh heads, which give a superior feel and response that should blow away these RealHead pads. So far they only have them available on full sets with no individual pads being offered, but that will change. If you can wait maybe six months or so of this review you may want to opt for the mesh drums, as the kids are just as affordable as Alesis' RealHead kits. Thus the drums will be affordable as well.

Terminator Genisys 3D (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)
Terminator Genisys 3D (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)
Price: $29.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good and bad all at the same time, July 28, 2015
Ever since director James Cameron became unassociated with the Terminator films the quality and execution of the franchise never really lived up to the previous standards. The original Terminator movie was a lean and tight sci-fi thriller/slasher flick and Terminator 2 was a full on Hollywood spectacle done right. And while Terminator 3 and Terminator: Salvation made their own contributions to franchise lore what we have been getting is something more and more removed from the elements of the first two films that made them great. Terminator Genisys attempts to bridge that divide, and while it does take a fresh take on series it also falls into familiar pit traps.

Terminator Genisys takes a stab at the franchise by turning the whole thing on its side. The movie starts with resistance leader John Conner beating Skynet and the terminator machines, then transporting Kyle Reese back in time to go after a terminator sent back to kill John's mother, Sarah Conner (just like the first T movie). Only instead of events taking place like they do in the original Terminator movie, Kyle is rescued by Sarah... and a Terminator that has been protecting her since she was a child. From there the trio take on both the T-800 and the T-1000 and hatch a plan to prevent Skynet from destroying the world... only a new threat emerges. If any of you have seen the theatrical trailers you already know that new threat, but I still won't spoil it for the rest. However feel rest assured, even if you did get the spoiler it's not exactly a super surprise when watching the film. It only makes one plot point revealed before its time.

The story starts off on a strong note and follows through the entire first act. I have to admit it was a treat to revisit events from the original Terminator film and see everything play out very differently. The young T-800 looks incredible. Also the T-100 (played by Byung-hun Lee) is non-stop awesome. It was fun to see Schwarzenegger fight himself and to see Sara battle it out with a liquid metal terminator in ways that weren't approached before. It was kind of cool to even see Kyle Reese be left on the sidelines at first while the girl he is assigned to protect knows more about what's going on than he does. Without a doubt this movie was a really fun ride throughout all this.

However this changed quite a bit on the next act, which is where that plot twist comes in. Since this is a Terminator movie I can at least reveal to you that the new threat is yet another advanced form of Terminator. This was a bad move in my opinion. The plot twist presenting this advanced terminator was a bad move. It falls squarely on a stereotypical pattern these movies have fallen prey to all this time: doling out a new "ultimate" killing machine. This particular idea worked for T2 because it was the first time it happened. The T-1000 was so different from anything seen before. However T3 had to present a terminator more advanced than T2's, then Salvation had to present a terminator so off the cuff it was a plot twist. Now you have Genisys presenting one that's both more advanced than any previous terminator AND a plot twist. This ongoing game of one-upsmanship forces the story to play second fiddle to the fact you have yet another "...and you thought the previous terminator was the coolest. Get a load of this one..." kind of trope. It got old two movies ago.

The new terminator was essentially the worst thing for this movie. It took the interesting story and breakneck pacing from the first act and grinding the film to a halt and made it change direction in a seriously awkward way. And instead of the silent and expressionless killers from all the previous movies this terminator is very chatty and acts very human. So you don't even get the unworldly and alien-like machine that is the hallmark of a good Terminator film.

I have no complaints about the acting, but the casting makes me wonder. Arnold Schwarzenegger absolutely rocks in his role as robot protector. Emilia Clarke makes a surprisingly good Sarah Conner. However Jai Courtney just didn't seem right for the role of Kyle Reese. Maybe it's just me with Michael Biehn still my head. Jason Clarke also didn't feel right in the role as John Conner. An adult John was always previously played by somebody with that serious and experienced look about them (like Christian Bale and Michael Edwards). Jason just feels forced in the beginning of the film and a bit too aloof the rest of the way.

So far four separate stores have announced special released for Terminator Genisys with Amazon announcing this 3D Blu-Ray combo pack. Best Buy announced having exclusive content on their release, Target announced an exclusive four disc steel book package and Wal-Mart announced "exclusives" without really saying if that's packaging or content (or maybe a free koozie). The movie was mastered in 2K so I'm assuming there won't be a 4K release for a while (Though it was filmed in Panavision using actual film so this can change). The audio was sourced in Dolby Digital and Dolby Atmos, which means the surround options should be top notch if they take full advantage of the source material.

As for extras nothing has yet been announced. However there are a couple of interviews out there from Arnold and James Cameron as well as some raw camera footage. I have also seen a really cool (and short) behind the scenes feature on how they digitally created the young Arnold/Terminator and a few short features on the characters and the actors that portray them. So far the featurettes out there are very short and more like promotional plugs aside from the technical one on the digital Schwarzenegger. My hopes are these promotional features stay where they are and better ones are inserted on the discs. Because of this I recommend waiting on actually pre-ordering until you find out for sure what you're getting (if you're into the extras). Especially if Best Buy has something extra up their sleeve (they usually aren't jaw dropping exclusives, but could be worth getting). If it's just the movie you want then enjoy the discounted price on the pre-order. I don't think you will ever see this movie for sale at full retail, but I can see it easily hit $40 in the first months.

American Soviets Part II - Special Remix (Live From Moscow)
American Soviets Part II - Special Remix (Live From Moscow)
Price: $3.96

4.0 out of 5 stars A club favorite re-recorded in style, July 15, 2015
American-Soviets was a big hit on the dance floors back in the late 80's. It was a perfect mix of simple and tight beat, exotic melodies and socially conscious lyrics all tied together in an electronic ensemble befitting of the early techno scene. The first single gave us this great song and an instrumental remix by Cameron Paul. Part II is pretty much the same song, only performed in a different enough way to warrant a release.

This version of the song was recorded live in Moscow, Russia I believe back in 1986. What you get is some variation on the instrumentation and some additional vocals that give the song an anthem like feel. If you have listened to the version of American-Soviets on the album The World then you get the idea. It's a cool take on a classic song. This is a live recording, but it sounds like a studio recording with no crowds cheering or muddy audio tracks. That means you are getting a clean mix. This album has both an edited version of the song and a full version along with instrumental tracks for each. So essentially all the variations are in one spot.

If you are a fan of C.C.C.P. you will want to get this single. It's worth picking up, especially in today's prices.

Best Of C.C.C.P. & Beat-A-Max
Best Of C.C.C.P. & Beat-A-Max
Price: $8.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Same as Best Of CCCP, July 15, 2015
C.C.C.P. is an electronic dance group led by Rainer Streubel (a.k.a Rasputin Stoy) from Germany who reached international fame in the 80's with their club hit American-Soviets. BeatAmaX is essentially C.C.C.P. band member Frank Schendler teaming up with Mario Habelt and Stephen Westphal around the same time that C.C.C.P. was doling out their most popular singles. To be honest BeatAmaX is pretty much synonymous with C.C.C.P. in most regards, and is really just considered an offshoot of the band. What you have here is a limited edition compilation release in 1997.

To be honest this is just a reissue of the album Best Of CCCP 1985-1992 that was release back in 1992. The good news is it's a reissue of a long out of print album. The more good news is this reissue is actually a better package, with a little extra artwork, a photo of Stephan and better looking graphics on the CD itself. This album collects the prominent singles from C.C.C.P. as well as selections from their album The World, and pretty much the entire BeatAmaX album. This makes the album having more BeatAmaX songs than C.C.C.P. songs, but that doesn't really matter because they are essentially still all the same group. Here is a track list with song length:

American-Soviets 4:13
Save Me 3:45
Liaison II 5:31
Digital Musicland 5:55
Twilight 4:51
All She Wants 4:25
William 4:29
Heaven Closed 4:07
Intro 1:02
Caravan 6:06
Sound Innovator 3:48
Made In Russia 3:27
Orient Express 4:21
United States Of Europe 3:47
Don't Kill The Rain Forest 3:43
Liquid Sky (Mix 2) 3:25

Tracks 2-11 are from BeatAmaX's sole album, Liason II while the rest are officially C.C.C.P. songs. Generally speaking the C.C.C.P. tracks the danceable tracks while BeatAmaX is less so. I will comment on the more notable tracks in my opinion:

American-Soviets - This is the track that put them on the map in a big way. Catchy synthpop with an Egyptian style hook and lyrics that reflect the Cold War time of the 80's. It's has a bit of that German techno bite to it while at the same time having a real peppy groove. It's a simple song, but so infectious that you couldn't go to any dance club in my town without hearing this song. This is the radio edit of the song, which hits all the main events of the 12" version.

William - Has a light and catchy beat and a techno-Carribean vibe to it. The chorus is really melodic while the rest of the song is a bit broken up and less busy. A nice tune to lay back and relax to.

Heaven Closed - This song has no drums or rhythmic groove to it at all. It has some synth pads that are played minimally with the vocals pretty much driving the entire song. This is sort of an ambient/downtempo piece that makes me think of songs like Madame Butterfly without the drums.

Orient Express - This is my favorite song from C.C.C.P. with it's dueling synth hooks, driving beat and sly vocals. The song has the same Egyptian-feel on a good chunk of the melody, which makes this song a fitting complement to American-Soviets. While the beat is more driving than American-Soviets the tempo is slightly slower and overall feel of the song is more a groove that you can lean back to and enjoy. This too is the single version as opposed to the 12" or Special Mix.

United States of Europe - Put the driving beat of Orient Express and the social commentary of American-Soviets into one tune and you have this song. It's an even more simplistic song, but it had a lot of leverage on the dance floor. I believe this is version that was recorded for the album The World, which is a bit different the singles most know about. It's still the same song and I consider it a bit cleaner version with less rough edges. Most of you who know the song will likely not notice much of a difference.

Don't Kill The Rain Forest - Another track from The World. This song has a downtempo beat and isn't really geared for the dance floor. Big thick synth pedals dominate the song with the drum machine. It's a very preachy song about the evils of cutting down the Amazon Rainforest (if the title didn't tell you that already). In spite of this the chorus is very catchy and will likely stick in your brain after hearing it a few times. Plus as far as preachy messages go it's not a bad one.

Liquid Sky (Mix 2) - This is a slightly better version of Liquid Sky than the original, but not by much. The song has a lot of industrial/punk sensibilities. This version sounds a lot like acts like Die Warzu or Nitzer Ebb and has more synth leads than I remember on the original. It's also a shorter mix, which makes it less taxing. It's a preferred version, but it's not as good a song as many of the others I mentioned.

If you are a C.C.C.P. fan you already know CDs from this band are hard to come by. If you want an all encompassing collection this is your best bet. It doesn't have what I consider the best mixes like the Vocal mix for American-Soviets or the Special Mix for Orient Express. However it does have just about all of the music released by the band up to the early 90's.

American Soviets (The Cameron Paul Remix)
American Soviets (The Cameron Paul Remix)
Price: $4.95

5.0 out of 5 stars All of the essential classic mixes in one collection, July 15, 2015
C.C.C.P. is a German electronic music group that hit big in the U.S. with their single American-Soviets. This was a runaway smash at the clubs. The song combines Egyptian styled melodies with a tight syncopated rhythm to make a synth-pop song that is forever engrained in the minds of those who heard it. I know what I just said can also be used to describe songs like Planet Rock from Afrika Bambaataa and Egypt Egypt by Egyptian Lover. The difference here is American Soviets is a straight up techno drum beat as opposed to the freestyle beats of the other songs. Also American-Soviets has actual singing as opposed to rapping. The lyrics are a play on the Cold War between the U.S. and Russia at the time; speaking of a kind of utopia where the two world leaders play chess instead of escalating arms.

This single has the two most prominent mixes of American Soviets as well as another popular club hit United States of Europe. Here's my take on the tracks:

American-Soviets (Cameron Paul Remix) - I recall this being a big hit in the clubs, but I absolutely hated it. Essentially all you are getting is a re-edit of the original song with an additional synthesizer added (I'm assuming that's Cameron). The edit is completely instrumental with all of the singing taken out. While the edit itself isn't bad the problem I have is the additional synths. Maybe one or two times I feel it enhances the music but the rest of the time I feel it distracts from the original tune, and even makes more cheesy sounding.

United States of Europe (Mix 1, 1989) - USOP is another song with some Egyptian-esque melodies and a theme of peace. This one is about the borders of Europe opening up for everybody to pass through. This song was written just a few years before the Berlin Wall was torn down, which was a big influence on this semi-commentary/protest song. The beat is more aggressive than American Soviets, but the lyrics are mostly a spoken word/radio style footage with the chorus just the singer singing the song title. This mix is essentially the one that was played in the clubs in the day with a longer ending than I recall. It's not as interesting a song as American Soviets, but it has enough going for it go keep it's title as a club favorite.

American-Soviets (Original Mix) - I have also seen this one be called the Vocal Mix on some singles. This is the best mix of the song. It does away with all of the added synth cheesiness and has a full range of the original instrumentation and lyrics. Despite the Cameron Paul mix being popular it was never able to dethrone this mix, which was still played in clubs many years after the remix fell from the spotlight. There is a radio version of this song that runs at about four and a half minutes as opposed to the six minute bad boy that hits all the marks, just so you know how much extra atmosphere and instrumentation you are getting. In my opinion this track is the real reason to get this song. Especially when you can finally get it on an officially licensed CD.

U.S.O.E (Razormaid Mix by Joseph Watt) - Razormaid was a MAJOR player in the club scene in the 80's and early 90's. Joseph Watt is essentially the creator and master of the Razormaid, and this remix is an example of what he was able to do. The song (United States of Europe) is more minimized with less clutter from the original or the Mix 1. The drums are a bit tighter and the spoken word is given some different color that makes it stand out. I won't call this a superior mix, but it is a very different animal.

American-Soviets (Rimix Live From Moscou) - This is essentially the Special Remix from the American-Soviets Part II single. It's a live track, but it's so incredibly clean you can consider it a studio recording. It's mostly the same as the Original Mix with a few minor changes in the instrumentation and additional vocals.

Only one CD single has been made in the United States and this is it. Official vinyl records made past 1990 are pressed by High Speed Kindergarden and/or published by Clockwork records. If you want to know for sure if it's the official CD just check the back for the following:

"This is the only authorized version of C.C.C.P.'s 'American-Soviets'. All other records carrying this song in a different version or with another jacket are 'bootlegs', especially those C.C.C.P. records pressed and distributed by OAK LAWN records, Dallas, Texas."

American-Soviets is certainly an electronic dance music classic, and this single gives you the best mixes from both of the singles that were made back then, along with the two most notable mixes of U.S.O.E. as a bonus. A recommended buy.

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