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Nutramax Dasuquin for Cats Capsules - 84 Count
Nutramax Dasuquin for Cats Capsules - 84 Count
Price: $24.34
14 used & new from $19.74

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1.0 out of 5 stars Do Not Give Your Cat Dasuquin!, September 6, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Our vet recommended we switch our 13 year old cat from Cosequin to Dasuquin to further assist our cat with joint stiffness. We tried sprinkling it on her food and she refused her food. We then tried emptying one capsule in a small amount of water and giving it orally via a baby medicine dropper, but she did not like it. We were successful by giving her the capsule to swallow whole.

Over the next several days, we noticed a significant decrease in appetite. She would act like she was hungry and sniff at her food but then walk away. We checked with the vet, and she suggested we try several different foods. No effect. The vet asked us to bring her in. The vet thought she saw indications of a UTI (one of the indications was apparently the loss of appetite) and prescribed 10 days of antibiotics. After that, with no change in her appetite, and with increasing wait loss, the vet suggested an ultrasound. That also showed nothing wrong.

Our cat was really getting thin now. I checked the internet and came across several entries from people who had had similar problems after they put their cats on Dasuquin. Nutramax answers to their concerns weren't helpful, and even seemed a bit formulaic, but, since others had noted the same problem, we decided to take our cat off the Dasuquin and put her back on Cosequin. We changed nothing else. Within 48 hours, her appetite made a complete comeback - her appetite returned to normal, even, at least initially, was greater than before. She's more active than she's been since starting Dasuquin and is gaining her weight back. Dasuquin may not affect many cats this way, but its clear from our experience, and from what I've read on the internet, that a number do, and Nutramax seems to be ignoring it. Our cat suffered as a result, and we're out several hundred dollars in needless vet tests and from trying different foods.

DO NOT USE DASUQUIN FOR YOUR CAT! Nutramax needs to fully test this product and provide better information to its customers.

Apple iPod shuffle 2GB Slate (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL
Apple iPod shuffle 2GB Slate (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL
Offered by Tech Finder
Price: $102.99
19 used & new from $35.00

79 of 106 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Arrived defective, and Apple support - doesn't!, October 18, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
If you're buying an Apple product, you'd better hope you never need to use their warranty service - its about the poorest excuse for service I've ever encountered. As for the device, itself, since it arrived defective, I can't recommend that either.

I ordered the newest (just released) 4th generation iPod Shuffle as a gift for a family member. It arrived promptly, seemed to set up and charge fine and, that first day, seemed to work fine for the 2 or 3 hours left in the day. The next morning, it was dead - wouldn't even turn on. Okay, I thought, maybe it didn't charge properly (although I'd charged it for 3 or 4 hours the previous day, as well as plugging it in overnight), so I charged it for another 3 or 4 hours, and again, it worked fine, and, again, it was dead the next morning.

Understand, I already own a 4th gen shuffle I use for audio books, so I'm very familiar with them and have never had a problem - until now.

I called Apple Support and the technician sent me a list of instructions to follow to reset the iPod to ensure it wasn't the software. Here's where the trouble started - the instructions couldn't be followed. Menu options he said to use weren't on the iTunes screen, etc.. Another aspect of his instructions was, to put it mildly, ludicrous - I was supposed to load only one song on the iPod and put it in loop play mode and listen until it stopped - I'd already told him it played for hours if used immediately after charging - I was not going to listen to the same song hour after hour just so I could tell him it played for hours - I don't like any song that much.

Anyway, I did restore the software using the options that appeared in iTunes, largely ignoring the unusable instructions the technician sent. It didn't help. I called Apple "support" back and a helpful technician said no problem, I'll send you a replacement device. He needed to place a charge on my credit card (which I thought strange) but that charge would be refunded when I reurned the defective shuffle.

A short while later, while checking my email, I noticed an email confirmation from Apple. Reading the email, I discovered that I was being sent a replacement charging cable - not a replacement shuffle! I called Apple "support" back and explained what happened. He said he would cancel the cable order, and that I had two repair options on the shuffle. First, I could drive 40+ miles to the nearest Apple store where I could return the item for repair, or second, I could ship the item back to them and they'd repair/replace it for a $29 "service fee." Now there's a great warranty set up - either I drive 80 miles round trip to maybe get it fixed, or pay a $29 fee to repair a $49 device that arrived defective! NOT. This was my first experience with Apple "support." There won't be another. I returned the device to Amazon - good riddance!
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No Title Available

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Where's the rest of it???!!! - PLEASE CHANGE TO 5 STARS!!, January 15, 2008
From the excerpt, this novel sounds like its got more twists and turns than a politician. I like the hint of mystery about Kath's background, as well as that of the previous owner. Kath's emotional struggles also promise a deeper glimpse into what makes her tick than so often happens in mysteries today. I look forward to reading more!

UPDATE - I just read through the reviews, and I have to admit I'm really disappointed with the Publishers review. It reads more like a rejection form letter than a true review of the content! Who cares if the author picked the wrong word in one instance, or failed to end conversations in some approved style?!! The review reads more like some English teacher's grade on grammar than on whether the book presents a good story! Give me a break! Better yet, give me the book!!

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