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Cold Cash, Cool Climate: Science-Based Advice for Ecological Entrepreneurs
Cold Cash, Cool Climate: Science-Based Advice for Ecological Entrepreneurs
by Jon Koomey
Edition: Paperback
Price: $17.93
67 used & new from $0.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Climate Change is Real, and Climate Profits are Too., July 28, 2014
I have read dozens of books on climate change and, rather unexpectedly, I found "Cold Cash, Cool Climate", to be one of the best. This book was written for busy people who need quality information presented in a logical and coherent manner - like entrepreneurs and business leaders..

The science of climate change, and the need for urgent and effective action to reduce CO2 emissions, was covered with the clarity and conciseness that one might expect in an executive review. Koomey got to the point quickly, but with just enough meaningful background information and logical argumentation to enable any reader to easily digest the material and to move forward in an informed and intelligent manner - hopefully to make barrels of cold cash.

Me? My Cold Climate Cash will come by helping my company make smarter and better decisions, and higher profits, based on something else I picked up in "Cold Cash": Ringer's Theory of Reality:

"Reality isn't the way you wish things to be, nor the way they appear to be, but the way they actually are. Either you acknowledge reality and use it to your benefit, or it will automatically work against you."

The Reality of Climate Change is clear: there are profits to be made by acting decisively on climate change - and it's the right thing to do.

Earth Calling: A Climate Change Handbook for the 21st Century (Sacred Activism)
Earth Calling: A Climate Change Handbook for the 21st Century (Sacred Activism)
Price: $9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Informative and Inspirational: A Call to Action, June 2, 2014
An excerpt from “Earth Calling” from Chapter One in a section titled: “How We Start Healing” tells us much about the remainder of the book to follow. It goes:

“We begin by looking squarely at the problems in front of us. We must teach ourselves to take in the scope of what is happening, and we must understand it not only with our minds but also, perhaps more significantly, with our hearts. We must risk being the first ones, the pathfinders, the ones others may shake their heads at in disbelief, because it’s worth it and it’s the right thing to do. Once awake, you can no longer pretend you’re still asleep. You must own what you know.”

Earth Calling helps us “look squarely” at our problems with a wealth of highly readable facts and stories about the abuses of this place we call home. From climate change to fracking to industrial agriculture, the authors present these facts in a way that tells a sobering, yet honest, story about our negligent and harmful behavior and what it means to us, our children and to all living things.

While Earth Calling presents a daunting cause for alarm, it also inspires us to action, and it provides us a wide menu of diverse options so we can find our own path to being a part of the solution instead of adding to our problems.

If you always wanted to be active participant in protecting our earth, but were unsure of what to do, Earth Calling will show you the way.

If the objective of “Earth Calling” was to inspire me to greater action, it sure worked. I’m now “all in” and I hope you will join me. Really, what other choice do we have?

What We Know About Climate Change (Boston Review Books)
What We Know About Climate Change (Boston Review Books)
Price: $8.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Concise, Clear and Compelling, January 26, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have read many books on climate change and consider this one to be one of the best. Why? It's very concise, extremely clear and overwhelmingly compelling. It's an easy read, yet highly informative. Emmanuel does not waste any words, yet the story he tells with those words present a compelling case for how we know human activity is changing the climate and why we must act now to prevent the worst consequences of human caused climate change.

The last line in his book says it the best: "Like it or not, we have been handed Phaeton's reins, and we will have to learn how to use them if we are to avoid his fate."

Rising Sea Levels: An Introduction to Cause and Impact
Rising Sea Levels: An Introduction to Cause and Impact
Price: $14.74

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dealing with Sea Level Rise is Our Problem. Let's Get Started, November 21, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I purchased "Rising Sea Levels" (Kindle edition) just before Sandy struck NYC and the surrounding area.

It was like the chapters of the book were playing out live on CNN as I was reading it. A few examples:

*Chapter 1: Global Warming, and why it makes storms like Sandy worse
*Chapter 2: The Hydrological Cycle and why a warmer atmosphere holds more water, and storms like Sandy, and Irene from a year earlier, dumps more rain (kind of like a bigger sponge holds more water than a smaller sponge.)
*Chapter 3: Why higher sea levels, a result of melting ice around the globe and thermal expansion of warmer waters, makes storm surges and wave damage much worse
*Chapter 4: The cause and consequences of storm surges as the NYC subways and financial districts went under water.

Additional chapters go on to explain that continued sea level rise is inevitable, and that seas will rise at increasing rates. There are also chapters about what we can do to limit the damage and to prepare for the rising seas to come.

I used to think sea level rise was some distant problem - one that would be resolved by future generations through science, technology and leadership.

This book, as well as Sandy, Irene, Katrina and similar recent events around the world, has made me realize that dealing with Rising Sea Levels is our problem - one that we must get to work on now.

We have a moral obligation to our children, and to citizens of the world, to limit harm as much as we can, while preparing for the worst.

Developing an effective action plan requires an understanding of the issue. Reading "Rising Sea Levels" is a great start to gaining that understanding of what will be one of humankinds greatest challeges.

The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science- and Reality
The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science- and Reality
by Chris Mooney
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $15.51
93 used & new from $5.86

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5.0 out of 5 stars "The Republican Brain": Explains why I was conservative (emphasis on was), July 24, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
As a former self-labeled conservative, I hoped Mooney's "The Republican Brain" would help me better understand three questions that I've been pondering for a long time:

1. How does it happen? How can intelligent people, including myself, fall for an ideology, and political platform, that is built on a foundation of ideas that sound good, but are not true?
2. How we can reach the many Republicans that are more reasonable than the ideologues on the party fringe?
3. How can I help others like me escape? How many millions of conservatives don't really believe in the conservative platform, but were sucked in by the hard-wired need for social conformity, even when it is against their own economic best interests?

I'd give Mooney an "A" on #1 and #2, and a "unanswered" on #3. The book overall though, is definitely worthy of a 5 rating for its clarity of message and effort at being objective and seeking truth over partisanship.

Even before I read Mooney's book I had some pretty good ideas about how I became conservative. The pulls of social conformity, i.e. tribalism, the appeal of certainty and simple message is extremely strong, especially when one is surrounded in nearly all areas of life by conservatives and conservative messaging (propaganda?).

Fortunately I have a brother and sister in-law, both of whom having training in science, that were able to get through to me - "to show me the light", as it were. I am incredibly thankful to them for enabling my escape from the lies and deceit that is conservatism - despite the comfort that those lies provided.

Mooney's book confirmed my assumptions and findings from prior reading with overwhelming scientific evidence. One might think that he used some of the conservative "truth confirming" tricks of motivated reasoning and selection and confirmation bias, but he genuinely seems to have bent over backwards to present the data with honesty and objectivity - as true "truth seeking" liberals generally do.

Mooney also had some good ideas about how to reach conservatives - find common ground, don't attack their beliefs head on and use conservative techniques of appealing to authority and emotion while telling a story. Don't deluge them in facts - which will ultimately backfire and reinforce the incorrect belief. Engaging with conservatives is an art-form and Mooney provides some helpful techniques.

To my dismay, he did not address my third question. I'm not sure if this question, how to reach conservatives that are not REALLY conservative, is lacking data, or is just not worth the effort due to the small numbers (or large? Do we even know?) of people that fall into this category. My own unscientific perspective is that the ratio of conservatives who don't "believe" is probably similar to the number of people in church each Sunday who don't really believe in God or in the doctrine of their religion. Why would it be any different?

I don't think many true Republicans will read "The Republican Brain" as they are not typically "open to experience", hence the reason why they are Republican. That is unfortunate as they are in most need of its message. I fear that GOP insistence on ideological conformity on topics that are blatantly wrong will be the death of their party - which is a shame given the benefit we all receive from having two strong, and well-informed, political parties.

It is my hope, however, that the vast middle of reasonable, open-minded and politically independent people that want to understand the psychology of today's political mind will READ THIS BOOK.
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The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines
The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines
by Michael E. Mann
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $21.56
59 used & new from $5.32

54 of 77 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Insider perspective on the attack on science, February 18, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The attacks against science for ideological or financial purposes is a fascinating and well documented phenomenon that has been going on for decades.

It started with tobacco companies paying vast sums of money to raise doubt about the link between smoking and cancer. "Doubt is our Product" being the strategy behind this campaign to misinform the public and our policy makers. It was a very profitable tactic for the tobacco companies, not so profitable for those that died from lung cancer or those of us that lost loved ones.

This strategy continues today with oil companies and conservative "Think Tanks" sponsoring attacks against the well-established science of man caused global warming and climate change (or climate "Weirdness" - which we all can plainly see).

Don't like what the science says? Attack the scientist!

Mann's book is a well written insider perspective of what it means to be the target of this type of attack.

Dr Mann is a scientist doing what scientists do - which is to try to understand the natural world using the best available tool for doing so - which is the scientific method. While I am no scientist and am certainly in no position to evaluate Mann's work, the fact is that all the Academies of Science and the scientific organizations that study the climate, like NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, all have repeatedly confirmed Mann's hockey stick graph. There is no scientific dispute about the accuracy of Mann's "Hockey Stick", nor is there any doubt about human activities causing the earth to warm.

Mann's science is not "left" or "right", it's science. The science tells us that the temperature, as detailed by the "Hockey Stick" graph, is going up and will continue to do so until we wake up to reality and take action to stop the increases in CO2 emissions. Mann's work is a dose of reality.

If you would like to gain a better understanding of how well-funded organizations attack science for their own financial gain, and against the best interest of the citizens of the world, Please read Dr. Mann's book.
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