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Codependency: A Relationship Rescue for Toxic Relationships, Manipulation & Enabling to Self Confidence, Boundaries, Emotional Health & Happiness (mind ... self esteem for women, manipulation)
Codependency: A Relationship Rescue for Toxic Relationships, Manipulation & Enabling to Self Confidence, Boundaries, Emotional Health & Happiness (mind ... self esteem for women, manipulation)
Price: $2.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Short but reasonably good, March 31, 2014
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Good book but lacks detail. Very general. Not bad. Read in under an hour. I still need more info. Good introduction.
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Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, Fragrance-Free (2 Ounce)
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, Fragrance-Free (2 Ounce)
Offered by Pharmapacks
Price: $6.43
27 used & new from $3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars My Excema can Tolerate this, December 5, 2011
I have a moderate to severe fluctuating excema that weeps and oozes and forms visible blisters easily. It is a dishydrotic hand excema. This is one of the only creams I can tolerate that does not cause the excema to flare up. It does not contain fragrance or petroleum, which both cause hundreds of new blisters the size of a pinpoint to appear overnight. Nearly all of the creams doctors tell you to use for excema I cannot use. It may feel better at first but in an hour I am tearing the skin off my fingers and bleeding all over the place. I also think it is helpful that this does not contain lanolin or vitamin E. Pure vitamin E oil also caused severe itching. This cream does not heal the excema but it does help the rough cracked skin to simply feel a little better. I wear it with cotton gloves, too. I also use cocoa butter occasionally but like this best.
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No Title Available

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1.0 out of 5 stars Did not work for me, December 5, 2011
I have a more severe, weeping, oozing type of dishydrotic excema with visible blisters on my fingers along with itchy spots on the top of my hands and also on my legs (a little). I was hoping this would help with the blistering and oozing but it only stung and did not help at all. It did not stop any itching, either. I've already had many potent prescription topicals and none of them work.
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Stamina InMotion II Manual Treadmill
Stamina InMotion II Manual Treadmill
Price: $145.99
12 used & new from $145.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Loving it so far!, November 30, 2011
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I purchased this model because after extensive research, it seemed to have the most reviews. I'm sure other models are probably good, too, but I was able to read the most about this one.

I have experience with walking and other fitness but I'm not an athlete. I do it to keep in shape and get my blood circulating. I had a couple of gym memberships but we all know how that adds up. I also became bored with the gym and would brisk walk for an hour and 20 minutes at a local park. But I got tired of constantly driving there and how much time out of the day it takes, and not enjoying inclement weather all the time.

I think I am getting a really thorough, excellent workout from this machine. The fact that YOU do the work and it's at a slight uphill incline makes all the difference. I can get on a treadmill at the gym and incline it as steep as it will go and make it go so fast that I am at an extremely brisk walk and it will still take me forever to break a sweat (on a motorized treadmill). I feel like I need to run for 5 minutes to finally break a sweat. I will walk for 45 minutes and stop only because I don't think it's good to keep that up so prolonged because I also have past knee injuries. But I don't feel it was very tough. At the park, I brisk walk for an hour and twenty minutes and do not break any sweat whatsoever. I don't sweat easily. I just walk for 4 miles and hope I got something out of it.

Well this is different than the gym treadmill and the park. I like it more. The first time I tried this treadmill, I broke a sweat within 6 minutes. I definitely felt like I was working and it sure wasn't a walk in the park. It was way better than the motorized treadmill that does all the work while you keep up. This is a muscular, fuller body workout.

The second time I did it, I could feel my body already adapting and I broke a sweat at about 8 minutes. I did it a few times, now I start sweating around 8-10 minutes and have a full on sweat by 15 minutes. 20 minutes gives you a tough workout- I went for an entire half hour one day and at the end my face was totally red and I was dripping with sweat, even my forearms misted with sweat.

You can target your arms a bit if you hold up your body weight slightly as you walk, intermittently. You will hold a muscle contraction all the way down your whole arm. Hold that pose for a full minute- you will need to stop in about 60 seconds because your muscles will need a rest. It's not the same as doing curls or pushups but its still something. Also, depending on the way you hold your body on the treadmill you can target your butt and hamstrings, or thighs and stomach. I don't hold odd poses for too long because I don't know how good it is for your back to walk but I rest my body down on the handlebars and with my back as straight as can be and walk like that for a minute and you can really feel it in your butt and back of your legs when you do that.

I like the digital thing on the handle bars because its counts the time for me. I will do this or that for a minute straight- so I like knowing that I've reached a minute if I'm walking at a certain pace or in a certain way, or holding my body up with my arms for a full minute.

When I'm done I hop off and do some stretching and then round it off with some arm or core excercises or do some lunges with some free weights. I learned some free weight excercises off a Jillian Michaels and Jackie Warner DVD I have so I throw some of those in after the treadmill. I also may do some plank excercises or do pushups against my stairs (pushups were never easy for me but I can handle them against the stairs- the higher the stair, the easier- the lower the stair, the harder.) I'm older- 41- and I'm just trying to maintain fitness and stay in shape but some of the DVD's out there are geared more toward people who are trying to burn an excessive amount of fat or trying to gain a body builder's physique. I'm not interested in these kill yourself workout routines- I just wanted something tough but enjoyable at the same time. I feel like I'm getting that with this treadmill followed up by short bursts of muscle building excercises after. I try to vary what I do after the treadmill so my body doesn't adapt and I get the most from the workout. I think the half hour was a bit much this soon- I think 20-25 minutes is perfect for me on it right now. Staying on it prolonged when I haven't adapted can cause the stress hormone "cortisol" to be released and I don't want that- so 20-25 minutes is tough but without feeling like I'm dying on it.

As for convenience- it is VERY convenient. I have a smallish house and it's limited what I can put in my living room. But this goes in without a problem. I have appointments with clients in my home and thought I could fold it up and push it out of site into my kitchen when people need to come in. It folds extremely easily- and when it does, is very unobtrusive. I don't even push it out of the room- I just tuck it against the wall and it is hardly noticeable. It does have wheels to make moving easy, but I have found that I'm satisfied enough just folding it up. It is neat and compact when folded.

It is a little tricky in the beginning to get the tread to roll straight as you walk- they recommended turning a screw 1/4 until the tread moves to the middle but after a few times of this, it still didn't move. I finally got frustrated and just turned it fully around about 4 times and that did the trick. So if the tread isn't moving for you don't panic, you just haven't turned the screw nearly enough. My husband put this together for me but I watched and it didn't take long. Some women have put this together for themselves and said it was easy- but I have a problem with excema on my one hand that makes it hard for me to turn a screwdriver so my husband did it.

Either way I am extremely satisfied with this treadmill because I wanted a tough workout to look forward to and I love that I can watch television while passing the time on this, and it doesn't matter if its cold or raining anymore, AND it won't add to my electric bill. I couldn't recommend this more. I am just under 5'9" and the handle bars just make it with the height. A very tall person may not like the height- if the handle bars were any shorter it would be too short for me. It is right at the cut-off and just made it for my height.

Lilly and the Flying Fruit Cup
Lilly and the Flying Fruit Cup
Price: $0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Had me laughing!, September 2, 2011
This was great for the kids. Kept us very entertained! Not to mention the affordable price! Another good one from Ballard.

Ned and Buck, a Fish and a Duck
Ned and Buck, a Fish and a Duck
Price: $0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Nicely done!, September 2, 2011
I think Matt's E books are entertaining, amusing, well thought out, and affordable for parents looking to give the kids E books they can enjoy.

Ava the Talking Kangaroo
Ava the Talking Kangaroo
Price: $0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Another cute E book by Matt Ballard, September 2, 2011
I think Matt does a great job of creating fun, entertaining, affordable E Books for kids. I'm glad about it, keep up the great work, Matt!

Chloe the Dancing Cow
Chloe the Dancing Cow
Price: $0.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I thought it was cute!, September 2, 2011
I thought the book was cute. Someone complained about the book but I think Matt does a good job of making affordable E books for children.


5.0 out of 5 stars Very Entertaining!, August 3, 2011
I thought this was a fun, imaginative book for children. I think the pictures and story line will entertain little ones very much!

In Sheep's Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People
In Sheep's Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People
by George K. Simon
Edition: Paperback
Price: $13.24
101 used & new from $8.01

30 of 32 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good for Beginners, June 24, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I liked the book- I read a lot of reviews before I bought it and also noticed it is referred to often on websites that explore sociopathic behaviors. I think the book is good for people that are just beginning to explore this personality type. I like the way some things were worded to make it helpful for a regular person to understand. As I have already read quite a bit of material about character disturbed people, I found a few nice tidbits but nothing really new (for me).

Simon tries to seperate the overt/covert aggressive personality trait from other traits it may be mixed with, since some character disturbed personalities are really a "recipe" of dysfunction with lots of "flavors", if you will, and deal with that trait in an isolated way.

This is fine I suppose but the problem is, in real life, manipulation is often not the only trait you must deal with from a character disturbed person. Many of the situations in the book seemed quite mild to me. Honestly I was hoping for something that wouldn't concentrate on the most severe cases- like Robert Hare's book "Without Conscious" does by focusing so heavily on murderers and people in jail, but at the same time, not be so "mild" like these examples. I do appreciate his clarification of those behaviors, though, and how to react.

I guess there is never really a distinction made that there may come a time when someone should "disengage" from their manipulator. The word "disengage" was mentioned one time that I can recall, but in a way that many people could blow right over it, and not really get that this means- end it, no contact, over. It was mentioned quickly with something else, and then, nothing to follow up. I think he does mention that some people will never change, that past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior, but I think it should be emphasized somewhere, as the focus of that section. I think it's very important to get some people to realize that you can try till your blue in the face to change your behavior to adapt to this personality, but, be prepared to be continuously fending off new, stronger, escalating attempts by your manipulator to break you down once they see that old methods no longer do the trick. I think you could possibly be setting yourself up for even bigger power struggles and therefore bigger stress. What's the answer? Don't know because this possiblity was not explored in the book.

Also- I am having a hard time finding information on what to do when it is someone's child who is the sociopath/manipulator. There is a child mentioned in this book, and it was a somewhat good example, but again, I felt it was fairly mild compared to the personal experience I've had with a character disturbed, highly manipulative child with seemingly no conscience that has now become a character disturbed adult with a child of her own. I think some attention should be put on the confusion and pain that parents go through when it is their child/grown child who is the abuser/manipulater, because parents feel a certain kind of obligation to that child that is entirely different than what someone may feel about a coworker in the workplace, or a boyfriend of 6 months.

Simon admits that some people won't ever change- but doesn't tell you how to handle it if that turns out to be your case. He does offer techniques to help not be manipulated, but, then you stand confused as to how long you need to keep fending off "manipulation tactics". As shown in the one example, the husband used a lame suicide attempt (not enough to hurt himself but enough to look pathetic in a hospital bed) to manipulate his wife to stay. Well- maybe the answer would be to get away from this jerk, rather than employ tactics to try and thwart a never-ending barrage of attempts to control you. I guess I was hoping there would be some kind of line, some kind of clear boundary. But I guess I know the answer. I guess we have to draw our own lines and boundaries and know when they have been crossed. Still, it's hard to find that line, which is how many people end up under the control of a manipulator in the first place.

At the end of the book, I was rather surprised to see Simon give his own take on politics, and I was agreeing with him fully until he began to talk about how we don't really need more rules and regulations in society or industry because they aren't going to actually stop anyone from harming others in order to gain their power. I was with him until I saw the influence this "opinion" could have on many people reading his book, and in a way, I felt that was manipulative in and of itself! (Hey, if that's what Simon thinks, maybe that's the right thing to think!) I for one feel that rules and regulations are necessary for the exact reasons he stated- that people are power hungry and will stop at nothing to gain what they desire. When a person decides that they will try to get away with gaining something while harming someone else, they can be fined and get jail time. When a psychopathic corporation decides it will sacrifice many people's health or quality of life for it's gains- you bet I want rules and regulations. I'm not going to twiddle my thumbs waiting for these "psychos" to have a change of heart. I have to admit, the end of the book was a downer for me because of his take on politics. I feel almost as if the book ended with an unrealistic fairy tale ideal for our country, because obviously- things are as they are and we aren't suddenly going to go back to having people with more integrity. Still worth reading.
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