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Nike+ Kinect Training - Xbox 360
Nike+ Kinect Training - Xbox 360
Offered by Sell 2 U Direct LLC
Price: $14.00
98 used & new from $0.52

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great excercise game - but not for beginners, December 9, 2012
I've played all of the Kinect fitness titles. Started out as a pear shaped, couch potato who got winded walking a flight of stairs and credit the original YourShape game with causing me to lose 30 pounds in 6 months in 2011. Other games helped me shed another 20 plus increase my endurance and increase my fitness level. I am now in great shape for a 50 year old guy.

I say that because I am really enjoying the Nike+ game. The workout is really different from most of the other games, especially as mentioned that it doesn't use any weights and it doesn't do any classes like Zumba or the Kickboxing/Dance aerobics in YourShape. Instead, it's more like P90X with high impact, plyometrics based movement that uses your own body weight (lots of jumping) to work you out. It is a good work out, but it's difficult and not a good starting point, in my opinion, for someone interesting in making the choice to get back in shape.

If you are in decent shape, and want to improve your athleticism, then don't hesitate to get this game. I love how interactive it is, where the trainer not only appropriately corrects my form in the moment ("You need to straighten your legs"), he "remembers" me from week to week "Last week you had some trouble with this, but today you got it.") The moves are hard and you're breathing heavily quickly. There are lots of built in "breaks", 20 seconds to 2 minutes where they have you catch you breathe, but I skip 75% of them.

This game definetely has the best voice controls in terms of you can say almost anything, but apart from other games this one is 99% accurate in understanding me.

One important note: as I've and others have said, this game is high impact. REALLY high impact. If you buy it, make sure you already own or go buy a pair of cross training shoes or running shoes with really, really good cushioning or you may end up with pain in your knee joints, legs or feet.

Edited to add: I noticed other reviewers saying you need a lot of space. I find this odd because most of the Kinect games I've used have wanted me to stand 8 or more feet from my TV, but this one prompts me to stand like 3 feet away. So of all of them, this one seemed to need the least space. Of course all sets ups are different. Have my camera at about chest level and I'm 6 feet tall.
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miCoach by Adidas - Xbox 360
miCoach by Adidas - Xbox 360
Offered by J&S GAMES
Price: $5.15
60 used & new from $0.01

31 of 33 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Good Work Out - Menu is frustrating, July 30, 2012
Bought this today and have only used it once, so far, if further use changes my opinion, I'll update this review.

I've used ALL of the Kinect Fitness games. The thing that most distinguishes the good ones from the bad ones for me is:

1. Variety of workouts
2. Options to choose to customize your own workouts OR have a preprogrammed workouts that address your fitness goals
3. Game interactions that help you know when you're doing (or not doing) the routines correctly and motivate you
4. The games menu system
5. Tracking

So far for MiCoach, I'd give the following letter grades:
#1: A
#2: B
#3: C
#4: D-
#5: B+

So overall, I'd give it a solid "B".

When you start the game, you're asked to choose a field of sport that you want to train for (soccer, football, etc.) or you can pick a general "Men's Training" or "Women's Training" and there was on other "general" category. Within Men's Training, I choose Muscle Building over "Strength".

The 40 minute routine was broken into: a warm up section, a core section(squats, etc) and then Two main sections. Each main section was 2 circuits of 3 sets of 4-6 exercises. Some required dumbbells (and in that case you had to tell the game how much weight you were using) and others required a stability ball. There were a lot of exercises in this game that I have never seen in any of the others (UFC Personal Trainer, YourShape, Biggest Loser) etc, so it was nice to have a fresh take in that respect. They started me out with some really easy stuff in terms of number of reps, etc, but it was still challenging and fun. They set up a calendar for me (which you can adjust) of 3 workouts for 3 weeks and apparently, you can add things to the calendar that you do both inside and outside of the game via a website. Haven't done that yet, but I expect it gets harder with each day you workout.

In addition to straight up exercises in the routine, there was also a game (you can play these at any time outside of the fitness plans) . In my case it was kicking a soccer ball into a net, trying to hit a target and avoid see through goalies. It was fun.

Over all, I found the game to be challenging, and fun. I was sweating like crazy. Even before I did a cardio type routine outside of my fitness plan! Aftet the cardio, I felt really worked out in a good way, but since it was on the easiest level (you can skip straight to the hardest levels if you want) it wasn't the best workout, but as I and it make adjustments based on my fitness level, I think I'll be satisfied.

I thought the tracking was okay, but not great. This game works in that, if it wants 8 reps of an excercise, it won't move on until it gets 8. So if you've done 12 but the tracking only picked up 6, you have to keep going to it records the other 2. MOST of the time, it was good, but in a couple of instances, I was worn out and it wanted me to keep going. Eventually, it "times out" and asks you if you want more time or to move on. That can be very frustrating when you did 20 pushups and it only wanted 8! There was one occasion when it counted a rep, when I'd actually just lost my balance and stumbled. So it works both in and against your favor. :)

Which leads me to the WORST part of this game -navigation. The menu system is a chore (very much like the first YourShape game but WORSE for those who had that). You cycle through the menu options by using Kinect to hit up or down buttons that are close together. When the option you want is in the middle, you swipe to the left to choose it. Almost every time, I would overshoot the up and down options and have to keep VERY, CAREFULLY, going up and then down, and then up, etc just to get to pick the item next to the default. And sometime while doing that, the Kinect cursor would dissapear. Swiping left and right worked pretty flawlessly though. What's worse than the up and down selections? Trying to bypass them with speech commands. Saying either "Me" or "My" Coach would bring up the menu, but then NONE of the options would register. 4 of us tried speaking. Slowly, quickly, over-pronouncing, etc to no avail. Thanks gosh you don't HAVE to use them, but if you thought speech would be a relief from the awful, on screen menu experience, think again.

This game was visually interesting and different from its competitos. Not only in the variety of exercises, I've not seen elsewhere (bench presses on a stability ball!) but in that the trainers were more like those from a DVD than a game in their appearance. (And thumbs up to Adidas for making your avatar look like you and doing it well. The upcoming Nike+ fitness game makes you into a pixel blur which is a huge step back.) The trainers do the movement over and over till you finish the rep, and don't stray from it, however, the dialog (more like voice over rather than the on screen character speaking) does change based on how well you're doing the movements with praise or corrective suggestions. Sometimes they switch to extreme close ups of the trainers involved body part, and sometimes their faces. It is visually interesting, but I don't know if it's useful otherwise.

Again, I'd give this game a solid B. Luckily the navigation issues, while a HUGE pain, aren't TOO big of a problem, becuase of the nature of the game. But I hope and pray, they'll patch the voice navigation issues. I look forward to it becoming more challenging and working me harded, but at this point, I'd give it a recommendation as a second fitness game if you've tried and become bored with YourShape 2012 or to play in addition to it.

==== Update a week Later ====
I love this game. After losing 50 lbs. using YourShape, I feel like I am cheating on that game by saying I like this one more. The problem with the voice controls I mentioned above cleared up after I used the Kinect audio tuning wizard a couple times, so I retract my criticism from above.

This game really gives you the chance to work out really hard if your at the fitness level. Much harder than any of the others to date. And the athletes motivational statements, though canned, just seem to be perfectly on target. When I feel like I've done something extra well, I hear "Out of my way, there's a champ coming through" when I slip up with my format I hear "You can do better next time, don't worry". Even though its all recordings, it just the right sentiment at the right time and it's been very motivational.

LOVE. THIS. GAME. And I swear my pecs are already noticably larger! Can't wait to try some of the new DLC that was released on 8/7.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012
Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012
Offered by Hitgaming Video Games
Price: $17.93
207 used & new from $2.47

112 of 118 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Better than the previous in most ways, November 9, 2011
Played this last night for about an hour. Instead of a real work out I jumped around from activity to activity. I like all of the new classes they've added. I used Cardio Boxing a lot last game,(lost 45 pounds) and can see I'll be using the Hip Hop and Latin dancing often too.

The look and feel of this game is jazzed up a lot. The sterile white work out room is replaced by an environment that differs with what you're doing and at least in the classes, it changes as you progress. For example, cardio boxing is plain room with a flat floor when you start, but as you progress, punching bags drop from the ceiling, the ring pops up around you, etc. They're only decorations -you cannot interact with them- but its visually stimulating. That said, I found the stimulation a little distracting and missed a few moves!

The menu system is different, but not worse or better than what the first game had. I liked the titles of things previously. The titles were more descriptive to me, (Cardio Boxing Silver Part 1 Versus Cardio Boxing Learn it!) but I assume I'll get used to the new naming system.

I don't get how the initiatives feature works. When you start it, it asks you some questions about your fitness goals then highlights some exercises with flags and suggests a frequency and length of workouts. It told me to workout 30 minutes, twice a week for 4 weeks. But then I was lost. Am I supposed to pick and choose flagged items that add up to 30 minutes? I wish it would just launch 30 minutes of activities one after the other, but maybe I am missing a button.

I liked how the time and calorie info was presented in the previous version more. In this version instead of square on, it's shown in a front to back perspective that was hard for my old eyes to read at a glance. Also missed is the easy to find "how-many-calories-did-I-burn-today" number. If its in the game other than online in the Yourshape center, then I can't find it.

But overall, this game is everything its predecessor was and even more. The amount of content is overwhelming at the moment, and I had NO issues with it reading my movements. The differences are something a new player won't care about, and a original YSFE player will get used to.

=== 3 days later ===
I *think* the program works by just following the flags and doing any combination of the exercises to get to the total number of minutes over all by the end of the time period. For example, it said 30 minutes twice a week for 4 weeks --so thats 2 X 30 X 4 = 240 minutes. I did 27 minutes Thursday and 37 minutes today, so it now if you go back into where the program is set up it shows 64 minutes out of the 240 = about 25% (can't remember the exact number it showed me.) I'd prefer it tell me EXACTLY what to do, because for example, I will probably lean heavily on the cardio (easier for me) and ignore the arm strength training (harder for me) because its so flexible and doesn't force me!

But I finally tried the boot camp! WOW is all I can say, the first one yesterday was very, very tough but I made it through. Today's was REALLY challenging and I had to give up on several places (5 or 6 times) and then start up again after 20 seconds of rest. I was sweating like crazy, and def breathing hard, so I know its working me out hard. Can't wait to keep doing it till I can make it through without breaking a sweat!
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Your Shape Fitness Evolved - Xbox 360
Your Shape Fitness Evolved - Xbox 360
Offered by WISHBOX
Price: $23.58
218 used & new from $0.95

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Tremendous Real World Workout, February 6, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I received an X-Box 360 as a surprise Christmas present from my partner. On Christmas Day I ordered this game using a gift card and received it a on 12/28. Since that day, I have used the game 5-6 times a week and as of 2/6, I have lost 18 pounds. My belly is dissapearing, and I had to run for a train on Friday and didn't get winded for the first time in decades!

Gyms have never works for me. My treadmill, stationary bike, and free weight stay unused. But this game is perfect for me. The immediate feedback in the game from the "trainer", the calorie buring information that I can use in a food diary web site (I use [...]), the YourShape web site that can precisely track what I've been doing all work together to keep me motivated when nothing else ever could. The routines are fun, the music is catchy. It just works.

The game has a few issues, but none are deal breakers. The navigation system is a little clunky and it takes a few minutes to get to start your routine. I see some people complain about not being tracked properly, but as long as I keep the lighting in the room high it's not an issue. I wish there were longer routines, but I compensate just by doing 2 back to back (usually from 30-40 minutes a day). There isn't enough weight training, but I am hoping that 6-12 downloadble routines the company promises this year will correct that. The only big flaw that hasn't been addressed is the lack of floor excercises for your abs -maybe the downloadable stuff will address this too. I also wish the in game representation of me could be a lot clearer and more real world like.

So if you're a couch potato who wants to get motivated and nothing else worked, this might work for you too. I am on track to get to my goal of 200 lbs by April 9th! I love this game!

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