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Fairy Tale Fusion
Fairy Tale Fusion
Price: $2.50

5.0 out of 5 stars Funny and Creative, April 19, 2014
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This review is from: Fairy Tale Fusion (Kindle Edition)
Have you ever wondered about what happened to all of our nursery rhyme characters? All of the stories ended with "They lived happily ever after" but is that true. Well, according to A. F. Stewart and the story land reporters, along with the story land police, that wasn't really the case.

Do you remember Alice who went to Wonderland? Well, there was a grand wedding of the Mad Hatter and Alice last Sunday. It was a stunning affair, utilizing a red and white wedding theme with a playing card motif. The bride looked dazzling in a crystal encrusted white dress with cap sleeves, offset with a red embroidered sash. Bridesmaids included the bride's sister, the Duchess, and the Cheshire Cat. The best man was the White Rabbit.

Have you ever wondered what ever happened to The Three Little Pigs? Well, according to reporters Spider Bramble and Aurora Gossamer with the Fairyland news, there appears to be a manhunt for the First Little Pig, in connection with a tragic domestic incident that left the other two Pig brothers butchered. A late night dispute, over what seemed to have been long simmering family grievances, went terribly wrong, resulting in the stabbing death of two of the brother Pig.

And what ever happened to the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe? She went missing fourteen days ago, after apparently suffering a nervous breakdown. This is the latest in a string of mishaps, including her arrest on drug charges and the removal of her children into foster care by Child Services. The Fairyland Police tracked her down and evidently found her trying to make a size 12 Oxford loafer her new home. She is now undergoing psychiatric observation and rehab.

To my surprise, and I'm sure yours too, there apparently wasn't a Happily Ever After for these beloved childhood characters. Fairy Tale Fusion will take you back in memories as you find out what really happened to Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, Tom Piper, Sleeping Beauty and even Beauty and the Beast.

I've read other books written by A. F. Stewart and enjoyed them and this book was just as enjoyable. Her version of these bedtime stories are not exactly great for children but they sure did give me a chuckle and I think it will you too.

The Memory Keeper
The Memory Keeper
Price: $6.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful story with lots of history, April 15, 2014
This review is from: The Memory Keeper (Kindle Edition)
"What is he doing here?" I heard as I worked in the padre's quarters shortly after Maria and I were married. "Tomas helps me." The padre's voice was firm. "I can no longer walk the grounds and warehouses, and he is good at ciphering. Among other tasks he totals the mission products for my reports to the governor." "Well, I'm here now, and I will take care of the mission property. Too many Indians are employed." He took off his jacket and laid it over a chair. Then he turned to me. "You may be able to help me in other ways. Show me to the guest quarters. My family of twenty-two will arrive in a few days. They will require adequate accommodations."

Tomas has just met the new majordomo that would be taking over the mission. And take over is exactly what he did as well as just about run it into the ground. All work that the Padre and the Indians done over the years storing up grains, wine and cattle will no longer be controlled by the Padre but by Santiago Arguello with the work being done by the Indians as he makes his own family comfortable.

In the 1800s Indians were not allowed to be taught reading and writing but Fray Barona saw something in Tomas that prompted him to teach the young boy in secret, allowing him to help with the record keeping at the mission. Unknown to Tomas, this would later lead to a future unexpected by most Indians of that time.

I'm from the South and the southern history tells of the slaves and eventually their freedom but we're taught very little about the Indians and the slavery they actually lived through. Even more so, we hear very little about the Southwestern Indians that were in a fact, slaved by the Spaniards/Mexicans. This book has become an eye opener for me. I've found it quite interesting to read their trials as they go from the uneducated to educated. As they go from what were called property owners but the slavery that went along with that ownership in the form of all proceeds going to the government. And as they evolve in their freedom as they become citizens of the United States when California becomes a state.

This has been a very enjoyable reading in history but it has also been a heart touching reading as I followed the family of Tomas' mother as she lives in her old native ways and his father as he tries to bring her into the newer ways of the mission.

Broken Promises: A Matt Davis Mystery (The Matt Davis Mystery Series)
Broken Promises: A Matt Davis Mystery (The Matt Davis Mystery Series)
Price: $4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Such a beautiful story, March 30, 2014
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The man turns and starts toward her, but Maggie doesn't recognize him. As he moves forward, he trips, and suddenly there is a flash of light and a loud crack like a tree being struck by lightning. Maggie feels a dull thud, then a burning pain in the center of her chest; and in just seconds, nothing. She never hears the words the man screams, his voice filled with anguish, "Oh, my God! What have I done?" The man shoves the still smoking pistol into his coat pocket and rushes toward her, stumbling over the pile of rubble, but it is too late.

Maggie McFarland was 86 years old. She was dressed in a textured lavender cotton dress with pearl buttons down the front and a high collar trimmed in white lace. The dress falls just above her satin-finish shoes with stacked heels and laces, all dyed in matching lavender. The dress was tailored to her perfect figure seventy years ago for a very special occasion. It's now 9:45 p.m. and she is expected at 11:00 p.m. Her destination - The Artemis Hotel.

Matt Davis is the chief of police of Roscoe, NY. When a call comes in from Nellie, Maggie's granddaughter, saying that she is missing, it doesn't take Matt and his team long to find Maggie's 86 year old body at the Artemis, which was nothing but ruins and had been since its burning in 1944. Who would murder a sweet elderly lady like Maggie? The only thing Matt has to go on is a shell casing found in the rubble.

The name Broken Promises fits this book perfectly. The promises, made years earlier, were broken by both Maggie and her Beloved. Matt Davis' problem is that he will never solve the murder until he knows exactly what the promises were and who they were made to. This was a book I read late into the night. Author Joe Perrone took you into two stories, one of the past and one of the present, as he led you to the ending. I will say that I was just a little surprised when I found out who actually killed Maggie. I will also say that to me the ending was beautiful in a sad way.

I love this character - Matt Davis - and I want to read more about him as well as his wife. Here is hoping that the stories will keep coming.

Alexander Steele Mystery Trilogy: Case of the Deadly Ring  Case of the Death Dealer  Legacy of Death
Alexander Steele Mystery Trilogy: Case of the Deadly Ring  Case of the Death Dealer  Legacy of Death
Price: $2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Just enough to make me want more!, March 26, 2014
The Case of the Deadly Ring - "Listen to this boss, a stranger from a distant land will enter your life. He will seek out your counsel on matters of health or religion," Steele snickered as he shook his head. "Sugar Bear, would you please give it up? Those things are never right." Sugar Bear's mood was deflated.

Oh, was Steele wrong. It wasn't long before he was paid a visit from Julius DiBona from the Vatican City, Rome, with a mystery to solve and a very short time in which it had to be done.

The Case of the Death Dealer - "There's a guy, a big time drug dealer named Fat Daddy. Him and some chemist got into a thing in Florida about 6 months ago about manufacturing a large quantity of pills, probably Esctasy. anyway it ended badly and Fat Daddy had his sister offed. Now the doctor is after Fat Daddy's next coke shipment. If it's true, and it works, folks for Philly to Maryland are gonna start dropping dead within 48 hours after using the drug.

Steele had grown up with Trench and learned to despise him. He was bad news but how could Steele not help prevent hundreds of deaths. But again, time was running out since the shipment could come in at any time and even already be in and just waiting for distribution.

Alexander Steele and the Legacy of Death - It had been nearly 20 years since the double murder that spawned dozens of rumors and never ending gossip. Some say the murders of the Mt. Airy barber shop owner and his South Philly girlfriend were the results of a love triangle gone bad; while others whispered strange tales of mysticism and witchcraft. No matter what story you believe they all say there is a treasure hidden within the dilapidated old building.

Steele has decided to expand his club by renovating the old barber shop which was right next door. But all work stops when Julia walks into the club. Julia was the daughter of the murdered woman and she is in need of Steele's help to help save the restaurant she inherited from her mother and the only way to do this is by finding the missing money.

Alexander Steele tells everyone he is retired from the detective agency work and is now just an upscale club owner but his reputation for success seems to prevent his retirement. His fast actions and quick thinking keep him telling himself, just this one last case. As I read these 3 stories I wanted more. I wanted to know more about his best friends Sugar Bear, Roger the Philosopher and Stan his computer man. I wanted to see him in action in a full book story. Author Lawrence Johnson has started that story and I'm really looking forward to him finishing. I can see a possible Alex Cross set of books in the future.

Final Respects (Rocky Bluff P. D.)
Final Respects (Rocky Bluff P. D.)
Price: $2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars 1st in the Rocky Bluff P.D., March 24, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Doug Milligan spent part of Friday tinkering with his classic MG. His wife, Kerrie, had been in a foul mood most of the day, no doubt because he had come home so late from work. Rather than find out exactly what her gripe was, he elected to stay out of her way. But when he came inside and took his shower in preparation for work, she dogged his steps.... Doug is a policeman with a wife who isn't too happy about her husband's choice of work.

Al Bertalone's wife, Barbara, flung open the front door and met him on the porch. She gave him a big kiss... As he stepped inside, Al sniffed in an exaggerated fashion. "Is that my favorite dinner I smell?" Barbara giggled. "If you mean spaghetti, it most certainly is." ... Barbara patted the place where his uniform stretched tautly over his belly. "You're the sexiest police officer in the whole department." Al too is a policeman and best friend of Doug. He too is married but has a wife who not only supports his choice in occupations but is proud of him.

For these two brave men, life is getting ready to take a dramatic turn as one of them finds the body of a teenager that has been bitten in the neck and left dead. But this is only the beginning of the problems they'll encounter as they go through their task of protecting and serving. One won't make it, the other will, or will he?

Following Doug and Al through their daily routines... some cases simple, some actually funny and some downright scary... I couldn't help but feel for the officers themselves as well as the wives. The constant fear of losing a husband has to be one that nags not only your heart but also your mind. But when given an ultimatum of the job or wife, what do you choose?

This is the 1st in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series by Author F. M. Meredith. This Author has a style of her own. She actually takes you into the lives of each character allowing you to know them personally and their connections with each other. After you get to know them personally you're brought into the true action of the book which allows you to continue to feel what they feel as they step into the job they're hired to do. I can't say that I've ever read a book that makes me a part of the story as much as this book has. I loved it and am looking forward to reading the next book in the series Bad Tidings.

Murder on the Eros Star (Da'Quan Intergalactic Detective Series)
Murder on the Eros Star (Da'Quan Intergalactic Detective Series)
Price: $0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Entertaining short story, March 17, 2014
The Eros Star is an entertainment and pleasure ship that travels throughout the galaxy. Jada was working a case on the Eros Star. When she got close to solving it someone pumped poisonous gas into her quarters. She was alive but sedated. The doctor feels that she will be ok but he is not 100% certain and the assailant is still on the loose.

Intergalactic detective Da'Quan was on his way to the yearly Festival of Life on the Planet of Lazon when he received word that his assistant Jada had undergone an attempt on her life. With his plans now changed, Da'Quan speeds to the Eros Star to not only find the perpetrator before he tried again and succeeded.

Jada had been working on a case involving a time machine. Apparently someone had the main components that were up for sale to the highest bidder. In the wrong hands, this could change the complete outcome of the world as they knew it and from what Da'Quan would soon find out, the wrong hands were attached to an old enemy of his. Now he just had to make sure he stopped him before it was too late.

This short story is, I hope, the lead-in for Author Lawrence Johnson's next book and I can't wait!

Sticking Point: A Logan Hunter Mystery (The Logan Hunter Mysteries)
Sticking Point: A Logan Hunter Mystery (The Logan Hunter Mysteries)
Price: $4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Anothern Logan Hunter Mystery!, March 8, 2014
I opened squeaking French doors and stepped into the big yard now in dire need of attention. I glanced at the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain range, wanting it to fill me with peace and calmness. It didn’t happen. Instead I sat down on the terrace steps and buried my face in my hands. A warm nose nudged me and I looked into the forlorn eyes of my blood hound, Homer. He turned his head back and forth a few times, studying me, and then barreled around the corner of the house, reappearing with a nearly deflated football dangling from his huge mouth. When I made no move to play with him, he put the ball down and pushed it toward me with his sizable snout. He needed attention too.

Logan Hunter has lost her husband Chase as well as their baby she was carrying. As she sits in the Asheville home that she inherited after Chase’s death, all memories of the past continue to flood her mind. Then the phone rings.

Logan is a North Carolina SBI agent and after months of trying to pull herself back together, her agent supervisor has decided it’s time for her to get back into the game of life. Her assignment is to travel to Beaufort to investigate the death of a 14 year old boy who was known, by the whole town, as being the “ruling bully.” Kids, parents, teachers, store keepers, all alike were no exception. He would bully anyone to get his way. This being said, the number of suspects that would be on Logan’s list to talk to included pretty much the whole town. But this wasn’t all that Logan was hit with. She was being assigned to work with Farris “Crack” McCracken. She had been teamed with McCracken before and the two are like mixing oil and water. She blamed him partially for not backing her up when she needed him the most which prevented her from getting help for Chase, resulting in his death. He blamed himself for the death of his own wife and for letting Logan down in her time of need. This assignment is something she simply does not want to do but has no choice in the matter.

I’ve read all of the Logan Hunter series and loved them all. I’ve followed her through happy times as well as sad. I’ve laughed with her when she went to the Mountain Testicle Fest and hurt with her when she lost her husband. And I’ve cheered her on each time she picks up the pieces and puts herself back into action. Each of the books gives the reader everything a good book should… mystery, love, hate, happiness, sadness, laughter, tears, and just a tiny bit of sex.

Stalk Me
Stalk Me
Price: $5.79

5.0 out of 5 stars Richard Parker just keeps getting better and better!, February 26, 2014
This review is from: Stalk Me (Kindle Edition)
Beth tried to look up and along the curving road, but her aching spine only allowed her to raise her vision enough to glimpse the bottom half of the skewed camper in front. The chocolate-brown back doors were mangled and the French license plate lay in the other debris that had been smashed from it, but the vehicle was still the right way up. In the gap between its underside and the road, she could see a pair of feet moving. Dark navy trousers and black boots. She cried out, not recognizing the mournful howl that emerged from her, but hoping it would be loud enough to attract their attention. Her face dropped into the puddle a second time and she had to blow a few bubbles of air into the water before she could raise her head again. Beth fought unconsciousness, and when she cracked her eyes and blinked the water from them, somebody was standing beside her, a smudgy black silhouette against the failing daylight. She opened her mouth, fighting oblivion to alert them to Luc's predicament. The foot swung back and kicked Beth squarely in the face. Before the impact embedded her deep into unconsciousness, she heard the squeak of her teeth and a flat crunch as her jaw fragmented.

When Beth woke to find herself in the hospital, the doctors informed her that her jawbone had been in fragments when she was admitted and had to be replaced with plates. She also learned that she had been in a coma for over eight weeks. Her first question - "Luc?" Where is he? Did her survive the crash? Unfortunately, the answers weren't what she wanted to hear. But Beth was soon to learn that this was just the beginning of what awaits her as she travels from France to America in search of answers to the last word Luc uttered to her... "sorry" and the one word she was told he uttered to the emergency nurse at the site "Allegro."

Author Richard Parker has a knack for writing books that will keep you not only on the edge of your seat but also finding it impossible to put down . This book is no exception. Each chapter fills the reader with nail biting action that draws you tightly into the story. And with the chapters being 1 - 2 pages long, you'll find it hard not to read 'just one more.' I can never get enough of his books.

When the Drum Major Died
When the Drum Major Died
by Anjuelle Floyd
Edition: Paperback
Price: $13.50
10 used & new from $9.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars So much love between 2 covers!, February 25, 2014
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“The thick jungle, and the heat. It was too much. They had to cut their way through vines and over growth. No path had been laid out like usual. It was native tropical forest, untouched. They had been through their own war.” Clifford lowered his head. He teared up, redness swallowing the whites around his irises. “Towards the middle of the night the Viet Cong heated up their firing. We thought it was all over, that in the next moment their entire company would descend on us. I lost track of Ennis. Like me he was trying to keep focus on his men amid the fighting and keep them alert. Firing died down about one the next morning. We began to hope. Then one of my men reported seeing a soldier dragged off. By morning twenty-five men lay with their necks slit.” “Not more than ten yards from me Ennis lay dead.”…. “I never got to say “Good-bye,” Clifford said, barely audible. Neither had Florina.

Florina had met Ennis while in college. They found themselves deeply in love and married just before he left as a First Lieutenant in the US Army on his way to Vietnam. Many saw him as a white man but Ennis’s mother was of both Negro and Cherokee heritage. This was no problem for Florina since she was of the Negro race but very light skinned. But due to his heritage, she decided to keep both Ennis and their marriage a secret from her family until after her graduation. This never took place. Ennis was killed in action while in Vietnam.

Life goes on for Florina. She found a great man and husband in Dr. Redmond Austin, one of only 3 black doctors in the small North Carolina town of Poinsettia… Redmond, his father and Macon Elders. But as all lives come with baggage...hers was in continuing to keep Ennis and their marriage a secret, Redmond’s baggage came in the form of Agnes, Macon’s wife as well as their next door neighbor.

Now and then I run across a book that has a story that simply tugs at my heart with its love/hate relationships. This is one of those books but this is more than just a love story. I grew up with boys I went to school with being drafted to fight in the Vietnam War. I grew up with segregation going on all around the little town where I lived just outside of Atlanta. I also grew up confused as to the way both white and blacks treated the one boy that was admitted to my high school. He wasn’t accepted by either race. Why? He was light skinned. I never understood the problem. As I read, When The Drum Major Died, after all these years, I have begun to understand. If you grew up as a baby boomer, especially in the south, this is a book I recommend you read. It is beautiful, educational and simply a wonderful book to read.

Kindle Fire HD 7", HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers
Kindle Fire HD 7", HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers
Price: $119.00
26 used & new from $91.97

5.0 out of 5 stars I love it!, January 28, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I can do just about everything with my Kindle Fire! Facebook, my own sites, read, email, everything. I love it!

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