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The Deepest Dark
The Deepest Dark
Price: $4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars my favorite place had no telephones and no TV, August 30, 2014
This review is from: The Deepest Dark (Kindle Edition)
She had started for the kitchen when she stopped in the doorway between the living room and kitchen, thinking she'd heard a noise outside. She listened. Heard it again. A squeaking of the porch swing chain?...Hearing nothing further, but still wearing the same uneasy frown on her face, she continued on to the kitchen. She was reaching into the drawer for a knife to cut the pie with when she heard the noise again. She looked in the direction of the sound and that's when she saw the grinning face in the window. Her heart lurched painfully but before she could cry out, something crashed against the back door. It burst open and three men strode into her kitchen, big as life. Three men she had never seen before.

Ethel and Hartley have raised their daughter and still lived in their country home where neighbors were not a walk away but a drive away. In their 80's they had grown use to their solitude so when their uninvited visitors bust through their door they are at a total loss.

Abby used the facilities, washed her hands and splashed warm water on her face, patting it dry with rough brown paper. When she came back out of the washroom, the woman was behind the counter. "Help yourself to the coffee, dear," she said. "Freshly made."... "Thanks. I needed that." "You're welcome. Don't know about you, but this rain is getting me down. Awful about those three escapees, isn't it?"

Abby is on her way to the lake cabin her husband had bought for their secret get-away. After the disasters she had faced just a few months earlier she wasn't sure of her real reason for going there. She needed time away from everyone but with the bottle of pills in her purse, along with her depression, she just might make this her final resting place.

This book is one for the movies. As the author brings the Ethel and Hartley, Abby, and the three men together it becomes a book that I had hard time putting down. I actually read it in just three nights. I hurt for Abby and her previous problems. I felt for Ethel and Hartley as they are subdued by the three men. I feared the three men as they prompted fear on everyone that came into contact with them. But I learn something from reading this book. There have been times that I go to the mountains alone just for the quiet. As with Abby's lake cabin, my favorite place had no telephones and no TV... just peace and quiet. Never again will I visit my favorite cabin without a phone!

So, if you want a real page turning, grip the edge of the chair and leave the lights burning read, you will surely have it with The Deepest Dark.

After Armageddon
After Armageddon
Price: $3.99

5.0 out of 5 stars the results of the terrible religious wars which rose from the intolerance and ignorance ..., August 29, 2014
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This review is from: After Armageddon (Kindle Edition)
Imagine a world devastated by the unthinkable, a global war enveloping almost every nation on Earth. Imagine the death, the disease and the wholesale slaughter of million upon million of our fellow beings. This, then, is the post-apocalyptic setting for After Armageddon, as one solitary scribe attempts to set out in words, for posterity, the results of the terrible religious wars which rose from the intolerance and ignorance of fanatics from all sides of the religious spectrum, at some time in a future we have yet to meet. Is this a portent of what may be yet to come, or a timely warning for mankind?

After Armageddon is just one of the short stories included in this book but I must say that due to the world as it is today it was one that hit home most. It scared the heck out of me because it is so possibly true. So if you don't read any of the other stories within this book's pages, make sure you read the 2nd story in the book titled After Armageddon.

The other stories within this book are at times dark as well as entertaining. I found that I had to read at least one each night and when time permitted two. The story 'The Devil You Know' takes place in Mexico after the death of a priest. It will take you into the depths of crime as well as archaeological events in history. You will follow a young lady as she is kidnapped where the kidnapper finds out he made a really big mistake. And then there is the story of a woman and her husband as they attend the 'festival'. Will they enjoy it or will they find themselves lost forever? You'll also go back in time to the year 1816 where you'll meet James who loves dead things.

So, if you enjoy a good scary story, this book is for you but be careful when you read them at night or you might be like me... hearing noises that I know aren't there.

And Don't Bring Jeremy
And Don't Bring Jeremy
Price: $3.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Jeremy tells Adam that Eddie has done some bad things, but Adam defends Eddie, August 26, 2014
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I turned around to see what Eddie wanted.

“We— Mark and Danny and me—well, we were thinking of going out for pizza before the game tomorrow. At Gino's. Want to come?”

"Sure, why not? I'll check with my mom and let you know." I shrugged my shoulders, trying to shake the uneasy feeling that just took hold of me. What was wrong?

"Great. Meet us there at twelve. Bring your bicycle. Then we'll ride over to the field early and practice before the rest of the team comes”

I suddenly knew. “All right." In spite of myself, Mom's drilling me to try to include Jeremy whenever I could won out. "But is it alright if I— “

"And Adam—“


His voice cut across my question. "And don't bring Jeremy. Okay?"

Sixth grader Adam and his older brother Jeremy are new to the neighborhood, and Adam is finding it hard to make friends. When Adam joins a Little League baseball team, his mother sees to it that Jeremy, who has disabilities and no interest in baseball, is placed on the same team. Because Jeremy is awkward and always doing something to embarrass Adam, Adam is ashamed to have people know that Jeremy is his brother. When Eddie Gordon, the coach’s son, befriends Adam, he makes it very clear that he wants no part of Jeremy.

Adam and Eddie spend more time together, and Adam finds himself saying nothing when Eddie calls Jeremy names and picks on him. Jeremy tells Adam that Eddie has done some bad things, but Adam defends Eddie. And then Eddie accuses Jeremy of ruining the sets for the sixth grade’s play. Adam learns a few home truths about Eddie Gordon and just how strong the bond between brothers can be.

When I started reading this book I felt the pain that Adam and Jeremy both felt. This book brings to light the emotions and difficulties children who have siblings like Jeremy must face. Even though this is a book written for children/young adults, to me it is one that needs to be read by all young people who have a slower sibling. It needs to be read by all parents that have a child with any kind of handicap. It needs to be read by every teacher. Actually... this book needs to be a #1 seller and read by everyone, young and old, whether you do or don't have dealings with a disabled or challenged child OR adult. I really feel it will help you to see that person in a totally different light. This isn't a hard book to read. I read it in 2 nights but learned a life's worth of knowledge.

THE ORANGE MOON AFFAIR: A Thomas Gunn Thriller (International Mystery, Thriller and Suspense Series Book 1)
THE ORANGE MOON AFFAIR: A Thomas Gunn Thriller (International Mystery, Thriller and Suspense Series Book 1)
Price: $2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Thomas was injured and now spends his life on board his fifty-seven foot Fountaine Pajot with the love of his life, August 20, 2014
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"I saw the FIM-92 Stinger ground-to-air missile spearing up toward us from the far ridge. My reactions were slow and for a fatal moment I watched the white smoky trail from the rocket motor arc its way through the sky. I pulled on the collective and kicked the anti-torque pedals to port, almost escaping the oncoming death, but the rocket slammed into the tail boom. The earth spun in a lazy arc as the helicopter arched over backwards at fifty feet above the rocky desert as I lost control, spiralling to the ground, pieces flying in all directions, the only section remaining relatively intact being the forward cockpit, saved because the main rotor head deflected the impact. There was no pain, just a smashing, grinding, splintering sound. I felt a violent lurch as my head slammed into the side door, then silence."

When Thomas Gunn's father Sir Ivan Gunn talked to him about taking over the family business, Gunn Group Industries, Thomas had declined. He decided instead to join the military. After eight years as an officer in the Special Forces Support Group, Thomas was injured and now spends his life on board his fifty-seven foot Fountaine Pajot with the love of his life, Julie. But when his father was kidnapped and then murdered, Thomas was forced to take over the company. It didn't take long for him to understand that someone had been transferring money into a project that only his father knew about, or so he was told. And when Julie's father started tracking the project, its people and those running it, there was nothing to be found. With billions of dollars being transferred to the project, someone was getting rich but who.

This book has more ups and downs than the biggest roller coaster. There are government conspiracies that take in some of the top names all around the world. Thomas and the few he feels he might be able to trust, find themselves running all around the world tracking those involved as well as the money. Try as I may, I did not guess what was actually going on until it was exposed to me by the Author near the end. This book was one I didn't want to put down. It was one that irritated me (in a good way) because I couldn't guess the ending. And it's one that I recommend, especially to the male readers who love a good espionage, action book as well as those female readers who want a book that will really grab them too. I loved this and am looking forward to reading the next book in this series The Jonas Trust Deception.

Compulsion (Emily Stone Series Book 1)
Compulsion (Emily Stone Series Book 1)
Price: $0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars An entire detailed investigation unfolds in less than five minutes in front of him from a phantom super sleuth. He is just one o, August 11, 2014
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Detective Rivas wastes no more time and clicks on the first email. It quickly loads several photos and a video showing a man clearly digging in a deserted rural area. The detective's blood turns cold and he feels sweat trickle down his neck. He watches the man in the cheap neon Hawaiian shirt talking to himself explaining how sometimes dying is the right thing to do and how brave the little boy was to die for him... clicking on the other emails, Detective Rivas obtains detailed metro-scan maps fro the Yuma county assessor's office and clear photographs of the suspect with a complete background of criminal and personal history. An entire detailed investigation unfolds in less than five minutes in front of him from a phantom super sleuth. He is just one of many who has been blessed with the help of this serial killer hunter.

Detective Rick Lopez of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office has his own serial killer to deal with. Women are turning up dead after being tortured. He is convinced that this is not the work of just one serial killer but a team of two, which is extremely rare. Apparently the killer will remove an arm from his victim and replace it with the arm of the victim before her. This in itself is a puzzle but Lopez knows that the killing will go on until the killer is found and destroyed.

Emily Stone is a loner. Her parents were murdered when she was only twelve and she sent from her home in Indiana to live with her uncle in California. Over the years she has seen her share of crime. Stone crazy men abducting and molesting children and now her attention is being turned to women being abducted in her own town by a deranged killer. Something has to be done and soon but apparently the police haven't a clue as to the person's identity.

Someone is sending high-tech emails and evidence to the police departments that lead them to the arrest of serial killers. Who, no one knows. Could it be a policemen? Could it be Emily Stone? Or is it someone you would least expect? As I read this story I had my killer nailed about half way through the book. Well, I was wrong. The first killer was eventually revealed but not the second. I was firm in my decision as to who the second was. Again I was wrong. See if you can figure this one out before the end of the book.

This is the first in the series and I can't wait to read the next titled Dead Game so I've already bought it and have it in line to read. If it is anywhere as twisting and full of surprises as Compulsion I will find myself up late reading again.

Echoes of Mercy
Echoes of Mercy
Price: $3.99

5.0 out of 5 stars " "The grave is fine. There will have to be some soil added ..., August 8, 2014
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This review is from: Echoes of Mercy (Kindle Edition)
"As I said, I noticed you bring the flowers for your husband's grave," I was grappling for words to explain the situation. She nodded and I went on. "Shortly after you left, there was a disturbance in the graveyard. Something exploded and I'm afraid Mr. Kingsfield's tombstone was destroyed in the mayhem." "Oh my goodness." She put a dainty hand at her throat, "What caused the explosion?" "We're not sure." I looked at her expecting more of an outburst. When it didn't come, I went on. "We felt sure you'd want to know about it." "Of course I do, and it was kind of you to come tell me." "The grave is fine. There will have to be some soil added and grass planted but other than that, it will be ok." "That's good. I wouldn't want to think that Leo's body was disturbed." She picked up the teapot. "Would you like more, Willa?" I shook my head and sipped the tea already in my cup. I was trying to understand what was going on in Elva Kingfield's mind. She was taking the news awfully well.

Reverend Willa Hinshaw had the duty of informing Elva Kingsfield that there was a bomb in the flower basket that she had placed on her deceased husband's grave. From the way this aging lady was acting, could she possibly have been the one to place the bomb in the basket or is someone else simply trying to do away with this little lady with hopes of inheriting her rather large estate? After getting to know Elva, Willa is sure she had nothing to do with the bombing. But when Elva starts insisting that her deceased husband is paying visits and her niece Penny tries to solicit her help to have Elva committed, Willa knows that there is someone sinister behind the scenes. And this all proves true when Willa starts receiving warnings to stay away from the family or face death herself. Now she has the responsibility of helping save this lovely woman from her own family.

This is my first reading of this author's work and I must tell you that I'm hooked. The reading is easy, not too many characters to get them confused, and the mystery keeps you guessing. I loved every word of it and can't wait to get my hands on another of her books.

Murder in the Air (A Twin Lakes Mystery Book 2)
Murder in the Air (A Twin Lakes Mystery Book 2)
Price: $5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars even though Sol doing his best to keep her from investigating, August 6, 2014
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Lydia Krause is present when the discovery of a body puts a stop to all work on the Twin Lakes' newest addition that includes a miniature golf course and putting green. The body is removed and sent to the lab, which estimates it was in the cellar between fifty and seventy-five years. There is no ID, but they determine that the remains are that of a male between thirteen and seventeen years of age. As to what happened to him, why and how he ended up in the cellar is anyone's guess.

Lydia’s boyfriend Detective Sol Molina, who referred to her as "Miss Marple after her help in solving murders that took place in Twin Lakes a few months earlier, warns her to stay out of this investigation. And stay out is exactly what she plans to do. She has more important things to occupy her time, such as her job and attending the eighty-fifth birthday party for a friend and neighbor Daniel Korman. But that changes when Daniel visits her, hinting that he might know something about the body though apparently he isn't ready to share his suspicions. At his birthday party, Daniel announces his engagement to his beloved Evelyn, upsetting many members of his family. Daniel is a very wealthy man, and they see Evelyn as someone out for his money. Then the unexpected happens. The day after Daniel's party he is rushed to the hospital writhing in pain. Hours later he is dead.

Does someone want Daniel dead before he marries Evelyn? It appears that two of his three children are up to their ears in debt and could use his money. But they don't know he has already changed his will leaving most of his money to Evelyn, to go into trust for his kids after she passes. That could prove to be a danger to her life.

With all that is going on around Lydia, there is no way she will let her friends down and not try to get to the bottom of this situation, even though Sol doing his best to keep her from investigating. She is one spunky 59-year-old lady. This is the second book I’ve read in this series. My first was A Murderer Among Us, which hooked me on the characters of Lydia and Sol. These books are light reading mysteries that are hard to put down. And despite the many books I read, I still had a hard time coming up with the truly bad guy until the end.

Price: $0.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Lisa didn't like his family, August 1, 2014
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This review is from: CONTRIVED (Kindle Edition)
Tyler arrived in Dallas from New York to attend his father's 69th birthday party. His flight was late getting in, and he checked his watch - 9:05 p.m. - as he stepped off the plane. He had grown up in Dallas, but now lived in New York City with his girlfriend, Lisa. He had graduated Harvard cum laude and was working as a fund manager at a hotshot hedge fund company on Wall Street. He had not visited Dallas in three years. Lisa didn't like his family, particularly his dad and Tyler couldn't blame her. His dad alienated many in the family with his philandering nature. Over the years, Tyler felt as though he had been losing touch with his family. He was looking forward to this trip as a way to reconnect with his dad and his two brothers - Wolf and Ron.

What Tyler walked into was no longer a birthday party but a murder scene. Someone had been shot in the head in one of the upstairs bedrooms and Tyler's nephew Nick was the one to find the body. With blood on his shirt, he was also a suspect. Then came the 2nd murder.

This book takes you through so many possibilities. I shifted from one suspect to another with almost every chapter. I would convenience myself that I knew who did the killings and possibly why but seems I was wrong each time. This book will really keep you guessing. This is the 1st book I've read by Jay Deb but I hope it won't be my last.

This House is a Home: A story of coal mining, family and the Sengers of Stiritz
This House is a Home: A story of coal mining, family and the Sengers of Stiritz
Price: $3.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars I slowly walked into this small shack that looked like it was falling down and searched for the light ..., July 29, 2014
"Just go in and do your business,” Uncle Rich said as we approached the wooden shack. “This is old school all the way. Do me a favor though. See if you can find any toilet paper in there."

I was stunned. What did he mean by that? I slowly walked into this small shack that looked like it was falling down and searched for the light switch. Not finding one I left the door ajar to allow the sunshine to stream in. Once fully inside I saw a long piece of wood along one side of it that looked like a couch without any cushions. There was a hole in the middle of it with a toilet seat attached to it. I assumed this was where I had to go. I closed the wooden door behind me that had a half moon cut out near the top if it and slowly lifted the seat. A tremendously bad odor arose very quickly... I squeezed my nose shut with two fingers while I did my thing... Even though I didn't need it, I looked around like Uncle Rich suggested and found no toilet paper. I did find a Sears catalog and wondered why it was there but there was nothing to wipe your butt with... Uncle Rich was waiting for me when I finished.... "What's the catalog for?" I asked. "That's old-time toilet paper,” he answered with a smile. “You can read while doing your business and then just rip a page out and use it."

In the 1970's teenager Peter was assigned to do a summer report on his family history. Being from a family of divorce he didn't know his dad's family all that well and knew very little about his mom's side either. He did know his grandfather but when Peter tried to talk to him about the ‘good old’ days, his grandfather, Vern, would joke around, take a draw off his cigar and another swig of his always present bottle of whiskey. Peter's mom and uncle decided the best way for him to find out about his family was to go back to the coal mines of Southern Illinois. Boy was he in for a surprise, as well as an education.

Once in a while I pick up a book that takes me back in time. This was one of those books. As I read about the 'outhouse' I couldn't help but go back to my own life in the 1970's when we would visit my dad's distant relatives in the North Georgia mountains. They too had the outhouses, the cow and chickens, the pot belly stove for heating and cooking, and the way of talking that only comes from the mountains. My first visit was much like what Peter first experienced. I couldn't believe people actually lived like this. Where was the AC? Where was the TV? What was that thing my 4th cousin was pushing up and down after pouring milk into it? And best of all, what did I just eat?

Whether you grew up in the 1970's or not, this book will not only transport you to the way life used to be, and I'm sure still is in some places, but it will also teach you the same lesson that Peter learned from his great-aunt Maddy, "A house is just a building, what makes it a home are the people in it. It doesn't matter where you live or what you do as long as you have family you're taken care of."

I love this book!

Ghost Writer
Ghost Writer
by Lorna Collins
Edition: Paperback
Price: $13.46
21 used & new from $3.00

5.0 out of 5 stars smart, funny, July 24, 2014
This review is from: Ghost Writer (Paperback)
"I don't believe in ghosts," I used to tell anyone who'd ask. I'm a 'techie,' a computer programmer. I deal with data and facts, not fiction and fantasy. So how did I get mixed up with a temperamental, egotistical, rude, smart, funny, aggravating, self-centered, loveable... uh... spirit? Okay, if you insist, ghost.

Nanette (or Nan as most called her) Burton found herself caught up in the downfall of the mortgage industry only five years after graduating from college. But that was just the beginning of her problems. The building she lived in went into foreclosure, so she was also out of a place to live. Then her live-in boyfriend decided to bail out when she received an eviction notice. Well, his leaving was actually a blessing because he didn't work, wasn't looking for work, and simply lived off Nan. So when her paycheck left, he found himself another victim to mooch from. Final step, move back home with Mom and Dad until she could find a job and buy a car. Oh yeah, her car died, too.

Living with Mom and Dad wouldn't have been so bad except they had turned her bedroom into Dad's study so she had to sleep on the sofa. The Victorian sofa with all its wood and firm springs.

Then Nan's great-great-aunt Nanette Burton, whom she had been named after, passed away at the age of 104. When Nan and her dad were called to the lawyer's office for the reading of the will, there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Nan would soon be living at her rich great-great-aunt's beach cottage. Finally a place to live and a bed to sleep on. But her living at the cottage came with a few things Nan didn't expect. One being her aunt's dog, Mitzi, and the other being her aunt's famous author friend Maximilian Alexander Murdoch. Max actually wrote women's fiction under the name of Maxine du Bois and had done extremely well. But when Nan moved into the beach cottage, Max didn't take it too well. This was his house and had been for years... before and after his death. Yes, Max is a ghost, who ends up allowing Nan to live in 'his' house if she will help him finish his last book.

I can never get enough of this writer's light reading. She always grabs me right in the beginning and continues until the very last page. She makes me laugh and she makes me feel sad now and then but she always delivers with a great book. You can't help but love this book.
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