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The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman
The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman
by Timothy Ferriss
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $16.65
336 used & new from $6.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Ferris possesses an EXTRAORDINARY MIND - Take Advantage of It - 5 STARS !!!!, January 26, 2011
There aren't too many people playing at the outer limits of human knowledge. Occasionally you run into such an author, and when you do, you remember it forever. Ferris is that type of mind. I am going to come at this book from a different perspective than most because of the sheer number of reviews.

As I read this book I realized that Ferris had pearls of wisdom in this book. I made up a small list of some of the more brilliant concepts, and I am publishing them for your pleasure. After reading this list, you will have a much better feel for how this man thinks. It will also help you determine if you want to go ahead and read this book which I strongly advise that you do. Good luck and here are the author's best thoughts:

* If your breakfast calories are composed of at least 30% protein, your resting metabolism will increase by 20%.

* If you absolutely must have a snack, than go for carrots.

* Instead of olive oil, try macadamia oil; it's new and improved.

* Get rid of dairy

* Take one day off per week from dieting - Dieters Gone Wild (DGW) day

* Don't Drink Calories

* Awareness even at a subconscious level beats fancy checklists without it.

* The immense practicality of baby steps - take the pressure off

* Post before and after pictures - use available websites to do this

* Most people wish for an outcome but make no intention-driven actions toward that outcome.

* Stop Wishing - Start Doing

* Ten pounds of weight is roughly a clothing size. XL yields L yields M

* It's not what you put in your mouth that matters. It's what makes it into your bloodstream. If it passes through, it doesn't count.

* In fitness gyms, before they sell a product, they calculate profit first, and then work backward to justify the method.

* Schedule your overeating

* Recreation is for fun. Exercise is for producing change. Don't confuse the two.

* A drug is a drug is a drug. Herbs can kill, supplements can kill, arsenic is all-natural, if it has an effect, it's a drug.

* Avoid all methods with a high failure rate. An example is chopping vegetables and cleaning the Cuisinart three times a day.

* When we do nothing as human beings, we burn 100 calories per hour just giving off heat.


It is clear that Ferris is playing at a different level than his contemporaries. He has taken the time to master his profession. I urge anyone who is interested in sustaining his health, or losing weight to go through this book thoroughly, and adopt the appropriate practices. It will change your life. I thank you for reading this review.

Richard C. Stoyeck

The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Foods You Were Designed to Eat
The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Foods You Were Designed to Eat
by Loren Cordain
Edition: Paperback
Price: $10.48
260 used & new from $2.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars This is the Diet NATURE Designed YOU To Eat - EXTRAORDINARY - 5 STARS !!!!!, January 25, 2011
When you discuss dieting, in the end when all is said and done, you have to ask yourself - does it make sense? I like most of you have read dozens of books on dieting through the years. The result is that nothing has worked, the so called yo-yo effect. You lose and you gain it back. The idea of the Paleo Diet makes sense and other people have written of the effects of the actual diet on their lives.

This book lays it all out for you, and the author Loren Cordain is one of the original researchers of the prehistoric lifestyle. The whole concept comes down to this. Human evolution goes back 5 million years. Genetic researchers tell us that tell us that there have been no genetic changes in human development in 40,000 years. What this means is that we could transport a new born baby born today, back 40,000 years and the child would grow up perfectly in tune with the environment. The reverse is true as well. So what we have to do is explore the diet that nature intended us to live by, and that is certainly not the one we are using today.

More than 40,000 years ago the following did not exist:

* Agriculture

* Animal Husbandry

* Technology

* Processed Foods

Yet our current economy is dominated by the above four concepts today. The result is that we are living on grains which agriculture provided us. The planting of seed and harvesting crops only started about 10,000 years ago. There was no dairy. Could you imagine the cave man milking a cow? Refined sugars did not exist or refined oils for that matter. As for processed foods, that is a 20th century happening. In the end it is our genes that determine our needs nutritionally, and we are not living in conformity with them. What it really comes down to is that we have Stone Age genetics living in Space age.

Author Cordain quotes a study in which Eskimos in Greenland were studied. Now these are individuals who eat about 60% animal food. Most researchers would think they would die heavily from heart disease. During the ten year study which lasted from 1968 until 1978, not one Eskimo died from heart disease, heart attacks, or even had detectable heart disease. Here are the highest protein foods you can currently eat:

1) Skinless turkey breast - 94% protein

2) Shrimp - 90%

3) Red Snapper - 87%

4) Crab - 86%

5) Halibut - 80%

6) Steamed Clams - 73%

7) Lean Pork tenderloin - 72%


What we are currently taking into our bodies is a nightmare for our biological systems. We are not eating enough protein. We are taking in too much of the wrong carbohydrates. There's not enough fiber, and too many of the bad fats. Carbs do not furnish fiber as most people think. Fruits possess two times the fiber of whole grains. As a society we need to move back to what we were originally intended to eat. The Paleo diet is the answer and this book is probably the best presentation of it. I thank you for reading this review.

Richard C. Stoyeck
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The Next Decade: Where We've Been . . . and Where We're Going
The Next Decade: Where We've Been . . . and Where We're Going
by George Friedman
Edition: Hardcover
148 used & new from $0.01

249 of 279 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars If there is a more informative thinker writing today, you let me know - EXTRAORDINARY - 5 STARS !!!!, January 25, 2011
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In the 1950's John Von Neumann was acknowledged as the greatest mathematician of the 20th century. A man so smart that the United States military said that when you asked Von Neumann a question, if he answered you, there was no need to think about it any longer. He was that far ahead of everyone else in the room. Author George Friedman is an extraordinary thinker, and he is paid to think, which makes for an interesting profession. Born in Hungary, and educated at the City College of New York, he has a Ph.D. in government from Cornell. He then teaches for 20 years at Dickinson College.

His real deal however is that for years he would brief senior commanders in the armed services, and you can't blow smoke when you do this. People simply get onto you, and they do not suffer fools gladly. For years now, he has run Stratfor which is a think tank specializing in intelligence matters. They also have a paid subscription service for those who are interested in current, cutting edge information on geo-political matters. He has authored more than a half dozen books, all of which have been profoundly interesting and what I call page-turners.

In this book, The Next Decade, Friedman only goes out ten years in time compared to his previous work when he went out 100 years. It is the author's contention that with the demise of the Soviet Union, the United States has become pre-eminent in the world militarily, politically, economically, and no one is even close. We have become an EMPIRE like it or not. Now we may be an Empire that doesn't like being an Empire similar to ancient Rome or Great Britain in the 19th century, but it doesn't change facts, and the facts are we are what we are.

The second theme of this book is that since we are an Empire, we must learn to manage the Empire, and at this, it does not seem that we have given it much thought. The author does a thorough job of going through three Presidents, Lincoln, FDR and Reagan, all of whom were great influences in the creation of our Empire. As Great Britain was the pivot point of the world up until WWI, the United States is now the pivot point or fulcrum of the world and that is not going to change. His feelings on China are darn right fascinating. He believes the so-called Chinese miracle will come to an end fairly soon, and China's growth rate will slow down to that of a mature economic power. This may well be. It is also Friedman's opinion that in another five years if China's growth continues, they will still have a billion people living in abject poverty. You don't read this kind of thinking anywhere else.

Is An EMPIRE Worth the Price of a Republic?

Friedman very clearly brings forth a concept that the very creation of an empire means a loss of liberty to some extent for its citizens. The question becomes how great a loss, but it is obvious that the author worries about this loss of liberty. Do we want our government to install sufficient numbers of computers at the National Security Agency to monitor one billion phone calls? What does this mean for democracy in America, and the loss of personal freedom associated with it? This is really the big question for the author, and it needs to be thought about and answered.

On the foreign policy side, the author believes that terrorism cannot be eradicated from the earth, but sufficiently damaged as to bring it under control. Al Qaeda has sought to create chaos in the Muslim world, and reconstitute an Islamic Caliphate, which was a theocracy established by Mohammad in the 7th century. Clearly, this is not going to happen. At the same time, the United States invades Iraq, and then re-invades Afghanistan recently, a process Friedman refers to as slamming into the Muslim world. These are really spoiling attacks, and they cost us dearly in terms of treasure, and energy.

We have put a trillion dollars into Iraq and we don't even know the amount for Afghanistan, although we do know that one American solider costs us one million dollars per year to send overseas. That amounts to a billion dollars per 1,000 soldiers, a number that is not even comprehendible under normal thinking. Friedman's answer seems to be that the United States should encourage regional balances of power. If we continue to build up Japan, South Korea and Indonesia, than we do not have to worry about China. This is because China will be concerned with their newly powerful neighbors.

He feels that we have not created a proper working relationship with Russia, and we have driven the Russians into a working relationship with the Germans of all people. At first it does not make sense, but then when you follow his logic and this author always has impeccable logic, it does make sense. The Germans do not want any more immigration. They have massive problems with the people coming into the country now including the Arabs. At the same time, the Germans have massive technological expertise, on a par with America. The Russians have massive manpower and not technology. You can combine the two and both Germany and Russia will benefit. It makes sense, and this is why you read Friedman. So what is the answer for America in the event this alliance becomes stronger? The answer is we re-invigorate Poland, to offset the power created by Germany and its new friend Russia.


I have always looked forward to George Friedman's next new book. His thinking is refreshing, it's original, it's provocative, but most of all, it is always brilliant and cutting edge. Every time I read Friedman, I feel like I am the President of the United States getting a briefing on a topic. It is that good. When he talks about the United States being a DEEP POWER, and Europe being a WEAK POWER, it all becomes clear. It hits it right on the head when he says that we Americans don't like being an Empire. We don't want an Empire, but we like the BENEFITS OF ONE. We want all the growth potential of OPEN MARKETS but we don't want the PAIN that comes from it. In politics we want and have enormous INFLUENCE in the world, but we don't want other people's RESENTMENT, and it goes hand in hand.

Finally, we are a COMMERCIAL REPUBLIC. As a 200 year old country, we were built on TRADE. That is why we have the largest navy in history-to protect the sea lanes. As the dominant power on the earth we have to manage our power. We could choose not to, but if we choose to be oblivious to our power, than the author likens us to a rampaging elephant and that doesn't seem helpful. Read the book and enlighten yourself. We are citizens of the most important country ever created. We owe it to ourselves to be individually responsible for our country's acts. Buy the book today, and thank you for reading this review.

Richard C. Stoyeck
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What Color Is Your Parachute? 2011: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers
What Color Is Your Parachute? 2011: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers
by Richard N. Bolles
Edition: Hardcover
26 used & new from $7.35

16 of 19 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This is the BIBLE of JOB HUNTING - IGNORE IT at your PERIL - 5 STARS !!!!, January 24, 2011
Let's get it out of the way right up front. If you are looking for a job and not using this book, it is the same as sending an army to war without rifles. This is it, and it simply does not get any better than What Color is Your Parachute. Every year it seems to get better and better.


I would tell anyone that you must read this book before going to interviews in your senior year in college. Anyone who is seeking to change positions that is out in the work force should have a well-marked and annotated copy in her briefcase. There are simply no excuses. The information you need to get and find the job that you want and deserve are in this book. It's easy to read and easy to use.

Some things you can figure out for yourself - others are not as easy. Do you ever notice that people in the trades all have their secrets that are passed down from older people in the trades? A carpenter will tell you that you MEASURE TWICE - CUT ONCE. It makes sense, because then you will not waste wood. In job hunting it is the same deal. There are things you need to know, because it will give you an edge over your competition.

Remember there is always more than one person looking to fill the slot that you are looking to fill. YOU NEED THE EDGE and this book will give it to you. As an example, one of the key points and there are hundreds of them is that YOU ARE ALWAYS INTERVIEWING. The moment you walk into a company, you are being watched. It might be the receptionist, or the pre-interviewer, but you are always being measured. This means you have to always have your guard up, take nothing for granted.

This book will teach you about the latest techniques for looking for a job, and much much more. Here are just a few of the issues you need to be concerned about:

* There are thousands of Internet sites that help people searching for jobs. This book tells you which ones are for you. Page 53

* What do you put into the resume - key points? Page 71

* You will learn the specific interview questions that in all likelihood, you will be asked. BE READY page 93

* What about salary negotiations? The other side negotiates all the time. You only get to negotiate a couple of times in your lifetime. You need this information to even out the playing field. Page 121

* There are always mistakes made during interviews. The book covers the big ones. Page 92


There simply is no better book on the market for those who need a job, or want to learn how to promote themselves. This book is the BIBLE OF THE INDUSTRY. Buy it, read every word, write in the margins, take notes and write the notes in the back of the book. It is a resource, use it wisely and get the job you want. Thank you for reading this review.

Richard C. Stoyeck

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother
Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother
by Amy Chua
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $19.45
506 used & new from $0.01

18 of 33 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars WOW - Talk About Raising Your Kids !!!! - 5 Stars, January 24, 2011
I am going to come at this book from a different perspective, because with 200 reviews, it's all been said before. Yes, any parent can stay on top of their children and force them to study to the point of absurdity. Read the biographies of Norbert Weiner Ph.D. Harvard at 18 years of age, or Albert Einstein, and you will learn about 2 individuals acknowledged to be incomparable intellectuals, both of whom were miserable in their personal lives.

In this case the author Amy Chua has perhaps battered her children into academic brilliance but at what cost to them? The ancient Greeks said that life had to be lived in balance on four levels:

* Spiritually

* Emotionally

* Intellectually

* Physically

These children are not living a balanced life, and it seems unlikely that they ever will. What about the concept of finding and living your bliss? The author is a very special person, and reveals the true core of the book in the first 50 pages when she talks about herself as a Harvard trained lawyer working in a prominent Wall Street law firm daydreaming about other things while working on contracts at 1 AM in the morning. This really says it all for me.

Do you want to be a miserable doctor looking to do something else, or do you want to be a doctor that loves what you are doing. The vast majority of people in our society are not doing what they love. They are settling for less than what they can be. There are then those of us, who find, absolutely find what they were born to do, and those are the fortunate ones. I heard Michael Jordan, admittedly the greatest basketball player ever, state that when he left the Chicago Bulls the first time, he continued to play basketball in the inner cities in pick up games in school yards to keep in shape. What amazed him is that he found guys who were postal employees, fedex drivers, and UPS delivery people who were COMPETITIVE to him on the court. They just never had the chance to go pro. What a God given waste of talent, and that it what this book is about. It doesn't matter what the children want; it's what the mother wants.

I thought this book was fabulous, because in many ways it told me everything I don't want to do as a parent. I don't want to force my will on my children. The year Robert Kennedy died in 1968 while campaigning for the Presidency that would take his life, he was asked a question. What do you want for your children? I was 17, and still remember his answer. Perhaps that they should be well-adjusted.

The author's children not well-adjusted, and if this is where they are at this stage, I am frightened for their future. As for the comparative values of Chinese upbringing versus our way of life, it's very simple. People are breaking down the doors to come to America, including the author's parents. Nobody is breaking down the doors to become a citizen of China. America is the only country in the world that renews itself through immigration. We bring in more people and make them citizens of the United States each year, than the rest of the world COMBINED. Doesn't this tell you something? We are doing something right. Finally, the whole planet wants to come to America and go to our colleges and graduate schools. It's not the other way around.

There's one more vital observation I would like to make. The people that run the planet, that create the innovations that change the world, and rule Wall Street, are not the guys and gals with the A average out of Harvard or anywhere else. They are the B players with massive communication skills that can run teams, groups and empires. All the studies show this. The A students in the end work for the B players who can talk, and work their will in the market place. China made it on organizing tens of millions of people and getting them to work for 18 cents an hour. You can't compete against 18 cents. When I asked them how they get someone to work for 18 cents? The answer is we can't get them to work for 15 cents.


Mrs. Chu comes from a family where three sisters went to Harvard, Yale and UC Berkeley, and between the three there were two lawyers and one doctor. She then marries a Jewish man who is also Harvard law. Now anybody in the CIA will tell you that the Jews and the Chinese are the smartest people in the world genetically. In fact in the CIA, the Chinese are referred to as the Jews of the Orient. Why should anyone be surprised that the author's children have done so well? My only qualm is that perhaps had she had the willingness to allow them to find their own way, she would have produced happier children, who will not express animosity towards the forced upbringing they were taught to embrace. When love is withheld unless you do what I tell you to do, you have a tough situation with a lot of emotional baggage that will be lugged around for a long time. In this case a lifetime - 2 lifetimes. Thank you for reading this review.

Richard C. Stoyeck

Drink This Not That!: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution
Drink This Not That!: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution
by David Zinczenko
Edition: Paperback
Price: $19.99
273 used & new from $0.01

8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars INCREDIBLY HELPFUL - Read this book and CHANGE Your LIFE - 5 STARS !!!!, January 23, 2011
A book like this has the power to help you implement incredible changes in your diet and food intake in such a way that you will dramatically lose weight and feel no hunger whatsoever. This is because we are dealing with your fluid intake which is never filling, no matter how much you drink. Just think about this however. You would have to cut your fluid intake by half, that's right, 50% just to be back to what the average American drank 30 years ago. If you did that, you would also lose about 23 pounds per year.

Somewhere in the last 20 or 30 stars Americas went through a perception change, and they started to drink soda as the equivalent of water. About 15 years ago, the average American drank as much soda per day as they did water, which tells you about what a massive change we have all gone through. Today the average American consumes about a gallon of soda per week. There is no nutritional content - it is simply wasted calories.

The Coca Cola Company is responsible for 5% of the consumption of all the sugar in the world, that's the whole planet. Fortunately for them, they use enormous amounts of fructose corn syrup, which is cheap and absolutely horrible on the human body, but it has created enormous profits for the food industry. If you want to do yourself a favor, look at the labeling on the food packages you buy, if it contains this product, just walk away. You will lose weight by making that decision.

In 1980 we consumed on average 2 and a half gallons of bottled water per year. Now many Americans only drink water in a bottled format. It's telling you something, and the PET bottles that it comes in, cannot be good for either you or the environment. By the way 85% of all coke is sold via PET bottles. It's all here in this powerful book.

My favorite section of the book is the 20 worst drinks in America. Some of the drinks mentioned were:

* Snapple Agave Melon Anti-Oxidant water - you get 150 calories and 33 grams of sugar - unbelievable

* Sob Green Tea - 240 calories and 61 grams of sugar - you think you are doing the right thing, and you are flooding your body with sugar

* Rock Star Energy Drink - An amazing 280 calories and 62 grams of sugar

In Chapter 1 of this book, the author will blow you away when he tells you that swearing off soda and iced tea for one year will lead to a 20 pound annual weight loss. In addition if you drink 8 glasses of iced water per day it will also lead to substantial weight loss. This is because the body must use energy to heat up the ice water to your body temperature which is 98.6 degrees. It is also suggested that you drink a glass of water immediately upon waking up in the morning. This will enable you to cut your daily food intake by 13%, which can amount to a 21 pound annual weight loss. By the way 40% of all bottled water from the tap, just look at the Dasani label on the bottle as an example.


Of course it is too much to ask, but if you can substantially cut liquid drinks out of your daily intake, you will radically alter your body weight over time. Liquid calories are WASTED CALORIES. They simply do not fill you up. A book like this can radically change your life. If you are serious about weight change in your body than you need to understand the value or non-value of the drinks you are taking into your body, and thank you for reading this review.

Richard C. Stoyeck

Eat This Not That! Restaurant Survival Guide: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution
Eat This Not That! Restaurant Survival Guide: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution
by David Zinczenko
Edition: Paperback
217 used & new from $0.01

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars WOW - You Won't Believe What YOU Are EATING When You EAT OUT - 5 STARS !!!, January 22, 2011
You go to Burger King with your family and you think by ordering a BK Big Fish Sandwich for yourself, you're doing the right thing. Meanwhile one of your children orders two, not one, but two Whopper Jr's, and the reality is
you are taking in more calories than your son. You eat the fish and you wind up hurting yourself.

You go to TGIF, you order the Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad, it sounds great, chicken is good for you, and so is salad. You have just consumed 1300 calories. Try the Asian Sesame Chicken Salad at Panera Bread and you have cut 950 calories from that meal. There is no other way to know what you are eating than to have a book like this at your side. Is it any wonder that we as Americans are up 20 to 30 pounds on average from our relatives in the 1960's? The cards are stacked against us, or in this case, the foods.

It's because restaurants are out for the buck, and they want their food costs to be as low as possible. To do that they think about 3 words constantly. They are FATS, SALTS, and SUGARS. By utilizing the maximum amounts of these three ingredients, they can give you flavors which you desire, but not the quality and nutrients which you need, and there is no way for you to tell the difference. There are five chapters in this book. They are:

1) The New Rules of Eating Out

2) The Best and Worst Restaurant Foods in America

3) At Your Favorite Restaurant

4) Menu Decoder

5) The Captive Eater's Survival Guide

Every chapter is crammed full of fascinating information that you simply cannot be without. The pictures are extraordinarily helpful. This country spends over $500 million on health and fitness books, over $18 billion on health and clubs. If you give another $5 billion for diet foods and weight loss concepts, you realize this is a very big business. At the same time, we are all putting on weight. It doesn't make sense.

What's going on here is we are eating foods in restaurants that are bad for us while we think they are good for us. Every one out of four meals is being eaten outside the home. There is no other explanation. The obesity rate has doubled since 1970, and this book explains why. The average male consumes 7% more calories per day than back then. The average female, you don't even want to know what she is consuming. The answer is 22% more calories than 40 years ago. We are getting fatter and fatter, because when we step out and eat out, we don't know what they are feeding us. This book will tell us.

If you SUPERSIZE IT, you are SUPERSIZING your belly. Some restaurants offer to more than double the size of your soda by adding a few cents to the bill. How do you say no to that? In essence, what you are really doing is buying calories, and putting them right into your waistline. Gaining or losing weight is really simply a matter of calories in versus calories out, adjusted for your physical activity level for the day.

If you accumulate an extra 3500 calories beyond what you need, boom you have added a pound of weight to your body. It also means if you eat something out and it's got 1300 calories in it and you think it's got 300, it only takes 3 meals like that to add a pound to your body. It's EASY TO GAIN WEIGHT. You don't even have to work at it.

The Restaurant Survival Guide gives you 100's of pages of pictures of foods in different restaurants, all of which you will know. It then tells you which foods to eat and which to avoid, and it pulls no punches about it. The names of the restaurants are there, and the specific meals are told to you in detail. Go to the Cheese Cake Factory and order the kids' pasta with Alfredo Sauce and you are looking at 1803 calories, which is absolutely outrageous. The same meal at Fezoli's and its 290 calories. Just one more example to make the case. You can walk into Starbuck's and order an Espresso Frappuccino blended (Venti) and its 290 calories. A Dunkin' Donuts frozen cappuccino with skim milk is 550 calories. You simply cannot give away that kind of calorie count without knowing. The results are too consequential.


I loved this book. It was just real easy to absorb the knowledge and the lessons. This book is part of a series and they are all outstanding additions to anybody's search for dietary knowledge and salvation. Yes, there is hope out there, but the odds are against you as the consumer. Manufacturers are allowed to lie, and print false advertising on products. Restaurants are not posting calorie counts on their menus that are truly helpful. The power lies with us to change things, and so it is up to you, and thank you for reading this review.

Richard C. Stoyeck

Cook This, Not That!: Kitchen Survival Guide
Cook This, Not That!: Kitchen Survival Guide
by David Zinczenko
Edition: Paperback
346 used & new from $0.01

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This Book Can Change Your Life If You Let It - 5 STARS !!!, January 22, 2011
If you spend time with the Kitchen Survival Guide, it will give you more information about dieting, physical fitness and changing your body weight than just about anything else you might be able to read. Like most Americans I think I know something about weight loss and how it works. I looked at this book, and said to myself, I know NOTHING. Look at the four statemetns below which shows several food products purchased from a restaurant versus a supermarket and home preparation, and the calorie contents in each case:

1) PIZZA - 210 cal in a restaurant versus 510 preparing it at home

2) HAMBURGER- 830 cal in a restaurant versus 350 from a supermarket

3) ENCHILADA - A mindboggling 1315 cal in a restaurant versus 380 in the super market and 304 at home

4) STEAK - 655 calories in the restaurant, 260 in the supermarket, and 243 at home

The point becomes very simple. We are making ourselves fat by eating in restaurants. We have no idea what we are eating, and what's going into our foods. Restaurants have 3 secret ingredients and for us, they are deadly in terms of diets. They are FAT, SALT, and SUGAR. Look at the above chart. You go to a restaurant and you consume 1315 calories by eating an enchilada whereas the same food prepared at home can be managed with 304 calories. None of us can afford to consume an extra 1000 calories on one meal.

In 1963 28.5% of our food dollars went towards meals prepared outside our homes. Today that number is 49%, and thus we are consuming more fat, salt, and sugar and we do not even know it. A peppercorn burger at the Round Robin Restaurant is 1440 calories, while a Bacon Cheddar mini at Ruby Tuesday is 1440 calories. The killer to me was a milk shake at Cold Stone Ice Cream parlors. You are looking at 2010 calories.

The book is quick to point out that the multinational food corporations have bought off the politicians and the government to form laws and regulations favorable to them. Look at it this way, the government says that we should consume no more than 2 grams of trans fats per day, yet by law a food may contain as much as 0.5 grams of fat and on the label, it can read - NO TRANS FAT. This means if you eat 4 cookies, you have already blown through the government allowed 2 grams of trans fats per day. It's pretty wild isn't, but this book can change everything for you.

Some vital points made by the authors that I have never seen anywhere else follow:

* Use whipped butter instead of regular butter. It's half the calories.

* Always shop with the seasons - it's fresher and cheaper.

* Cook with a 50-50 combination of butter and olive oil

* Heat the plates before putting food on them.

* Pat meat and fish down before cooking -impedes caramelization

* Microwave lemons, limes, oranges for 15 seconds - you get twice the juice.


With hundreds of pictures of why you should choose this food over that food, you have a visual reference for learning how to negotiate your way through supermarkets and restaurants. You can learn so much more with a picture than a 1000 words, and it becomes obvious with this book. As a nation we have all added 20 to 30 pounds of weight per individual since the 1960's. There is no way to explain this weight gain other than through the foods we are consuming. We are doing ourselves a disservice by not reading a book like this with a penetrating eye towards understanding everything we are doing wrong that we don't even realize. Run to get a copy and thank you for reading this review.

Richard C. Stoyeck

Cook This, Not That! Easy & Awesome 350-Calorie Meals
Cook This, Not That! Easy & Awesome 350-Calorie Meals
by David Zinczenko
Edition: Paperback
150 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars RUN OUT TODAY And BUY This BOOK - Do Not Hesitate - It's That GOOD - Five Stars !!!!, January 19, 2011
Imagine looking at a book of recipes, but instead of just recipes the author gives you two versions with a picture of one version on the left page of the book and a second picture on the right page. The only difference is that the one on the left may have half the calories or less of the one on the right. They look the same, and they may even taste about the same. One side will keep you nice and thin, and the other will put 25 pounds on you in a year.

Now as consumers without this knowledge how can we save ourselves from being victims of the market place? The answer is a book like this. It lays it out in a way that we can all understand, and the answers to our food eating problems becomes obvious after we have this knowledge. The recipes that the authors provide are about 350 calories per portion. Since most people need about 2000 plus calories a day to survive depending upon your weight and activity level, this book could be right up your alley.

Think about it, you walk into a TGIF Restaurant and order a nice Santa Fe Chopped Salad because you want to eat healthy, and you wind up consuming 1800 calories which is almost the entire allotment that an adult should consume for the entire day. What about breakfast, and what about lunch? You have to eat nothing because it all went towards the salad. Meanwhile Mr. Chubby Burger goes to Pizza Hut and consumes 3 pepperoni personal pan pizzas and comes in at less than 1800 calories. He's beating out the Santa Fe Salad, and enjoying it more to boot, and this is why you need this book.

This is basically a guide to the 350 calorie kitchen. If you want to eat smart, than this is the place to start. There are chapters for every conceivable food category. They include:

* Breakfast

* Appetizers and small bites

* Soups and salad

* Sandwiches and burgers

* Off the grill

* Pizza and pasta

* American classics

* International classics

* 10 minute meals

* Sides and snacks

* Deserts

Now here's what you have to do. When you look at the pictures be sure to look at the sidebars on the pages. They are going to tell you an enormous amount of useful information. There are different sidebars represented. Some are called Secret Weapons, while others are called Meal Multipliers. There are two others as well. They are Master the Technique, and Nutritional. You will be amazed at the information the authors are giving you.


If Americans had more information like this, if the government forced the manufacturers to give us this information, and if the schools taught this type of information, we wouldn't on average be 25 pounds overweight compared to 1960 statistics. We have gone wrong, and it's time to put it right. It's up to us to educate our children and each other as to what to eat, how to shop, and how to cook it in a calorie reduced way, because fasting sure isn't our problem. This book helps in a major way. It fills a big gap in the knowledge base. Good luck to all of us, and thank you for reading this review.

Richard C. Stoyeck

Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution
Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution
by David Zinczenko
Edition: Paperback
797 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars EXTRAORDINARILY HELPFUL - Can Change Your Life - 5 Stars, January 19, 2011
This book is very easy to read and a delight to go through. As far as dieting books go, this one is a page turner. You're going to love it. The pictures are absolutely awesome and that's a word I don't use too often. The quality of the printing is even superb. It's laid out beautifully and thoughtfully. There is no superfluous information or filler in this book, and any reader will welcome that. This is also a unique book. The authors' approach to his topic is different than just about every other book on dieting and nutrition on the market. Here are just a few of the insightful hints you are going to get:

* When you walk around a supermarket, you will have 50,000 items to select from.

* Most food labels are phony. When you see lines like fortified, all-natural, and multigrain, they have very little to no meaning.

* Between 1971 and 2000, the manufacturers added 93 calories to a snack size bag of potato chips, and 49 calories to a coke. If you consume this every day, you will gain an extra 14 pounds per year than you would have had you consumed it in 1971.

* The worst invention for shoppers was the creation of high fructose corn syrup. Yes, it increases shelf life, and it's cheap, but it has wreaked havoc on our biological systems.

* We have paid for SUPERSIZE IT with the most obese population in world history.

* Trans fat is another invention that has dramatically changed our waistlines, look for it on the packaging.

* Six out of every ten fruits are down dramatically in nutritional content per laboratory testing in the last
40 years.

* Chicken has 266% more fat today than it did 40 years ago.

* Recent studies show we consume 450 calories a day from beverages. That is twice as much as 30 years ago. This equates to adding 23 pounds per year to our waistlines.

There were 100's of tips like the above in the book. Here a couple for actually shopping in a supermarket.

1) The healthiest foods are always on the outer walls of the market. The inner aisles is where you will find all your branded products.

2) In any aisle your healthiest foods will be on the top shelves and bottom shelves. Major manufacturers pay for aisle position. It's called "slotting fees", and they want the eyelevel shelves because that's what most consumers buy or chose from.

3) The closer to the earth the product is, the healthier it is. Fruits and vegetables are healthier than cakes and cookies, because they come directly from the earth, whereas cakes and cookies are a refined product. Always remember this, buy foods that are green, they are healthier like vegetables.

4) The fewer the ingredients in a food, the better. Manufacturers use many ingredients to dress up what they are selling.

5) When you look at a list of the ingredients in a food, the ingredients with the larger percentages in the item are always nearer to the top of the list. So beware of strange names near the top.

6) There is always the bait and switch - When it says fat free, it probably also means that it is full of sugar.


I thought this book was fabulous. I enjoyed every page. You could not believe the amount of false advertising that is permitted in the food industry. Keebler cookies like to advertise that they have 33% less butter in their cookies, but they do not tell you that they have 33% more carbs. Every major food category is covered in this book, with colorful pictures to help you remember what to do when you shop. This book should be part of every food shopper's library before they hit the stores, and thank you for reading this review.

Richard C. Stoyeck

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