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Fisher-Price: Peek-A-Rounds Jungle Friends Treehouse
Fisher-Price: Peek-A-Rounds Jungle Friends Treehouse

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Grea peek-a-round toy, whats with the bad reviews?, May 1, 2005
= Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:5.0 out of 5 stars 
It does exactly what its supposed to do, whats with the bad reviews? there are many activities to this peek-a-round jungle which my 8 month old twin boys have loved since 6 1/2 months old!

* They love the parrot, lion, monkey and elephant balls, especially the parrot

* They love puting the ball in through the top of the tree, down the chute (supposed to be a ladder) and then through another tree to the spinning yellow platform, very easy to do and aparently very fun!

* Or you can drop it at the top of the waterfall, and it will go to the spinning blue disk

* I love that the button to make the music start is BIG AND RED, easily seen by a baby, why arent more toys like this?

* The music is not too annoying

* It doesnt really eat up the batteries

* My kids will sit there for a good 15 minutes just doing this, and of course banging the balls and throwing them, (we have many more of these too)

* As another reviewer said, it doesnt make a horrific noise when the baby stops the disk, that happens in ALOT of other toys, what baby isnt going to grab a spinning disk?

* The monkeys are very cute and my kids ALWAYS get a kick outa opening the door

I like this toy and so do my kids, and I dont see why the reviews are bad for one little "flaw" (not even a flaw) in the toy, the balls make a loud noise when they hit the disks and you cant "hear the music". This toy is definatly great and is exactly what its supposed to do!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Not instead of a PNP, just for different use!, May 1, 2005
I love this play yard/tent combo. Its very easy to set up and take down. It is also pretty light as playyards go! It doesnt have so many poles, just some around the outside perimeter. I have 2 sets of twins, 3 y.o b/g and 8 month old b/b. I love that this doesnt have a weight limit either. I do agree that it should have some sort of pad, but my MIL said she could make one. I do have 2 colby print PNP's but this is great for outdoor use. I have used the colby PNP outside but its much harder to put together and take apart, the 3 y.o's cant go in and my twins cant play together. Today is the first day I got it (gift from MIL) and I am so glad. My twins love it, and the dogs do too!. I love that it can be a little play house tent (we were gonna buy a play tent for the 3 y.o's but this is just perfect!). Another great product by graco. I fully anticipate using this at the beach, park and just on the deck. The shade is GREAT, much more coverage than our colby pack n' play, and I know my babies (all FOUR of them) will be able to have a safe place to "hide" from the sun. The cover is half mesh (to let air in) and half solid (to protect from 98% OF UV RAYS! It is also very easy to put on or take off. (My 3 year olds LOVE the little hatch too!) I also like that if I really dont want my toddlers to open the hatch, I can fully close it and they dont know how to open it lol. In the manufacture description it says the travel bag can fit more than just this pack n' play sport, IT CAN! (Just maybe a towel or blanket, OR the pad my MIL will make, although the idea of an alphabet foam pad sounds good too!). Like another reviewer stated, we think we will use this as a toybox too, (our 3 year olds are actually begging to just throw things in it lol). We will soon have this set up all the time, (like the colby's) when our 8 month olds grow out of the colby's and just put this where the other PNP's were. I do recomend you puting something underneath the bottom, (towel or something) if you are on a surface like concrete or brick (although I dont know why you would put this there any way) because the material is vinyl so it could rip and get holes in it easily. We look foward to using this non stop, and I'm sure you wouldnt regret your purchase either!

Baby Bjorn® Large Potty Chair White
Baby Bjorn® Large Potty Chair White

4.0 out of 5 stars Great for a training boy, May 1, 2005
We trained our then 2 year old son to stand from the beggining. His twin sister never really used this potty (we have the black and white baby bjorn insert too!). It has never leaked, though it does slide around a little bit, we just put on some adhesive grippers for that though. My son doesnt use it too much now at 3 years old, (he goes in the regular potty standing on the baby bjorn step stool without the insert and goes like his sister sitting for #2 on the insert). I think its great for a standing boy because it is the perfect hight so your trainee wont topple over! Its basically just two pieces and very simple. Its not too colorful like other potties we tried, (our kids thought it was like a staking toy that you take apart!). My son has never once complained when he used to sit on it, (no red marks either) and it is very easy to clean. We still have it to keep in the car on long road trips, (A very absorbant diaper in a plastic bag, just tie up the bag and throw it out and put another one in!) Its also great for young visitors. I would recomend it for a sitting boy too because the splash guard works VERY well (my son has tried but he prefers standing like a "boy") It worked great for my little girl also, the few times she had to use it. But I would also recomend the baby bjorn toilet insert for advanced trainers. I love it, my twins love it and I'm sure I will use it to train my 8 month old twin boys to stand when the time comes. Exellent product, just a little over priced and it slides.

Fisher-Price Roll-A-Rounds Twirlin' Whirlin' Turtle
Fisher-Price Roll-A-Rounds Twirlin' Whirlin' Turtle

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4.0 out of 5 stars The turtle is a crowd pleaser!, May 1, 2005
This is a great little toy. A friend got it "by accident" after she heard about my twins obsetion with peek-a-BLOCKS, but it was one of those GOOD mistakes! My 8 month olds have loved it since they were 6 months old. Its great for being able to put them in, and take them out. Soon my 3 year olds "tought" my 8 month olds how to make it work by pushing the head. It was fun for them, their first peek-a-round toy, which eventually lead to more, (just like peek-a-blocks we now have MANY peek-a-rounds and their playsets, the gumball machine, and the jungle)SO this was the first peek-a-round toy and my kids still enjoy playing with it now and then. The few gripes I have are that there is only one song, and it doesnt spin for too long, but it is still a great toy!

Fisher-Price Baby Playzone: Pull Up Ball Blast
Fisher-Price Baby Playzone: Pull Up Ball Blast
2 used & new from $49.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Another simple, but GREAT toy!, May 1, 2005
I was sorry to hear that most of the bad reviews were based on "the wobbley version", which I thankfuly do NOT have. But here are a few reasons why I LOVE this toy

* Its a great way for my 8 month old b/b twins to "pull up"
* The sounds DO NOT get annoying, and its great to see my 3 year olds dance to it lol
* It can take some other balls, (my kids have managed to stuff peek-a-rounds into this thing)
* They think its like "basket ball"!
* Alot of colors and sounds
* They NEVER get bored of it
* Makes them stand then sit/squat (get up and put the ball in, go down to pick it back up) which is great for strenghtening their mucels but one of the few ways in which no moving is involved lol
* There is more than one way to get the balls in, great for when more kids are playing at a time

My kids REALLY love this and even drag it around the house! They fight over who gets to play with it too. Its a nice toy, but one of those toys that can't fit into the toy box! All in all my kids all are in love with this toy, so I guess I am too!

Gobble & Go Hippo
Gobble & Go Hippo

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars "IPPAUW" works WONDERS, May 1, 2005
This review is from: Gobble & Go Hippo (Toy)
** This gobble n' go hippo or my sons way of saying it, "IPPAUW" (This is Pronounced IP and then Ow (like what you say when you get hurt ;) ) their favorite new toy. Our sons are just starting to stand up (8 months old) and they LOVE peek-a-blocks (we have the wagon, giraffe, hippo, dumptruck, circus set, incrediblock, and shape sorter! they LOVE them ALL). But this hippo is one of their (and my) favorites!

** They squeal when ever they play with it. But I dont really recomend it for wobbly babies, mine are but I have a little technique. My twins seemed very fustrated that they couldnt run and walk like every one else. So they hold onto the couch and then sort of push it alon (with me holding their waist) I think with this help that they are really improving.

** They even love to watch "IPPAUW" gobble the blocks, which I have to say he does surprizingly well, maybe I just got lucky with a good one! I also like that the inside of his mouth is very soft so I dont have to worry about curious hands getting "gobbled" and then hurt.

** What I really love about this is that its stable, (although it doesnt turn too well), yet as another reviewer said, having swivel wheels may just make it harder for a new walker to start taking those first steps. It will be a great and fun way for my babies to learn to walk. I can see no way that this toy could be harmful, it moves well on our carpet, and it doesnt move too fast on tile for a shakey toddler. Its a very stable ride-on too, but I would NOT suggest you ride it outside

** Even my 3 year olds LOVE "Mr. Hippo". They love to ride him all over the house because "Mr. Hippo" is one of the few riding toys allowed in the house. My 3 year olds also think its a lawnmower ever since they saw one at a friends house, and since we only have one shopping cart they use it for that too, and, its so great to see their little imaginations at work, they pretend that they are taking their pet hippo on a walk!All the neighborhood kids LOVE him, even my twins daycare cot one!

** This hippo also gobbles more than peek-a-blocks wich all my kids think is even MORE hilarious, he gobbles other blocks, balls, and whatevers in its path, my 3 year olds say that his tummy is always very full!

** Since we have DOZENS, and I mean dozens, of peek-a-blocks, its a great place to store them other than the toychest (where they always end up on the bottom).

** But what really surprized me was that this hippo excited my sons so much that after hearing us reapeat the word "hippo" over and over again, they said "IPPAUW"!. I was SO excited, (even though they still didnt say "mommy" lol). This is an amazing acomplishment being that they could only say daddy, yummy, and "nehmo" (elmo).

** Its great to see all 4 of my kids enjoying a toy, and I know this will be a key factor in walking because my friends 13 month old gave it a 'spin' and whenever she ended up in a corner, wall, or piece of furniture, she would just stand there and look at us and say " uh-oh"... so cute. (she couldnt walk alone yet)

** Bravo for the Gobble n' Go Hippo for teaching cause and effect, walking (eventually), riding and SPEACH!

Ocean Wonders Fishbowl
Ocean Wonders Fishbowl

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Who knew that a fishtank would be so interesting!? :), May 1, 2005
This review is from: Ocean Wonders Fishbowl (Toy)
I have 2 sets of twins, 3 year old b/g and 8 month old b/b. We also have MANY pets (2 dogs, a cat, and fish). My kids just LOVE looking at the fish tank so someone bought this for us as a joke, but my kids LOVED it!! My 8 month olds love rolling the balls and putting them in the bowl. The 3 year olds love to sort of throw them in the bowl, (not recomended, but as long as the babies aren't around I dont hassle them too much :) ). They all love this toy and I had to go out and buy another one, (I cant have ALL four of them playing with it at once!)This toy is NEVER in the toy box, because someone is always playing with it! My 8 month olds are actually really in love with the turtle, while the 3 year olds love the pink fish! I think they like the bubbles better than the music (because thats what "the real fishies) do!) I love the aquarium toys (we have the crib ones too) and I love fisher price. Your kids will LOOOOVVVVEEEEE this too!

Baby Bjorn® Safe Step Stool White
Baby Bjorn® Safe Step Stool White
2 used & new from $18.40

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Great Stool, May 1, 2005
This review is from: Baby Bjorn® Safe Step Stool White
I usually write very long reviews but I think I can cut this one short! Other step stools skid around, are too brightly colored and too short! My 3 y.o b/g twins have used this since they were 18 months old. They use it for getting to the sink, to get on the potty, to reach something up high, to get on the chairs to eat, an deven to get into bed sometimes! They LOVE them. The stools are very sturdy and I recomend them for ANYONE, whether you have kids or not, it holds almost any weight and is very convinient and the perfect height. We have one in each bathroom, one in the upstairs hall closet and one in the cabinet under the kitchen sink,(or under the table lol). That means we have 4 of these stools. They are very simple to use and I even use them to sit on when I wash my younger babies. I plan to have these around for YEARS. They are great, clean and blend perfectly into any room. Buy them, they dont skid and are great for ANY age!

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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great chair, May 1, 2005
Unlike alot of the reviewers we still have our highchair! But this chair is FANTASTIC. My mom bought this for me when we were going to a picnic with all 4 twins (3 y.o b/g and at the time 6 month old b.b) I loved it and so did my youngest twins. It was a very safe and sanitary place for them to eat, (although no matter how safe it was I put chairs under these travel light chairs, just in case, the chairs under them didnt touch the travel lite chair but it gave me a peace of mind!). We use these all the time at friends houses (either they have no highchairs or their kid is using theirs lol). Both grandparents bought them for their , (much easier to stow away than a highchair). I still dont think its as comfortable as a regular highchair so I wouldnt recomend you using this as an "all the time" cahir unless you really dont have the money and/or room. It folds very nicely and cleans up very nicely. I like being able to have the option of using the tray or not, (In restaurants I always use the tray, dont now WHATS on those tables, but at friends houses I dont, it saves space and more room for plates ect.) These chairs are always in my trunk so we always have them. When folded they take up very little space and even when the child is in them, they take up minimal space too. We plan to even use these at big family gathering meals (thanksgiving cristmas...) so it saves space at the table for alot of people! I would recomend this chair to EVERYONE, even if you already have a highchair. We get many compliments on them and many people come to ask us where we got them. My twins are 8 months old and we must have used them atleast 12+ times in the last two months! Oh and I dont think the price is a steal, or too much, just right!

No Title Available

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars I Love Baby Bjorn, May 1, 2005
I love baby bjorn. I have two sets of twins, 3y.o b.g and 8 month old b.b. I have MANY baby bjorn products including the carrier, the toilet insert, the stand alone potty and the step stool. I now have this lovely booster for my 3 year olds. I do agree that the picture is VERY missleading, but I always look in the store before I buy anyway. This booster is meant for an older toddler, I'm guessing 2 1/2 at the youngest. People who are complaining about the lack of straps, would you put an infant in an older childs car booster seat and complain that the saftey restrictions are not good? No, there are certain products for certain age groups and I feel that this booster could have had a better raiting if people were buying it for the right purpose, a boost on a chair for short young children, not one of those boosters to compensate for a highchair! My kids love it, they like being able to sit all by themselves. It is very easy to remove if you need to, but I wouldnt particularly recomend it for travel, (although we do have 2 at grandmas and if we need to we bring them in the car) because they do not fold, which in my opinion is GREAT. Its one piece (like most baby bjorn products) so food does not get stuck in odd places and it is very easy to simply wipe clean. It stays securley on the chair so even a very wiggly child can sit on it without it sliding, though if you have all wooden chairs I would recomend buying somesort of cushion or those sticky grip holding adhisive knobs for the bottom of the chair. My kids can easily get in and out of it on their own and I love it too. I recomend it for any one who has an OLDER toddler who just needs help to reach the table. Its a great product. (the only reason its 4 stars is because it is a very simple product, yet pretty expensive! :) )

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