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Mr N Forbes-warren "author of RESURGENCE and OPERATION ASTUTE" RSS Feed (Newport, South Wales, UK)

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I.D. [Region 2]
I.D. [Region 2]
DVD ~ Reece Dinsdale
10 used & new from $0.32

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5.0 out of 5 stars Very unpleasant subject but well worth watching and well acted., August 25, 2007
This review is from: I.D. [Region 2] (DVD)
This British movie from 1995 and set in the late 1980s may have perhaps inspired recent inferior efforts like THE FOOTBALL FACTORY and GREEN STREET, but this works more as a police/detective drama. Inspired by a real life undercover op to root out Millwall FC hooligan firms, I.D. tells of four police officers who infiltrate a hooligan firm - that's gangs who start fights at matches, fighting with firms - gangs who follow rival football teams - belonging to the fictional Shadwell Town Football Club, set in east London. Reece Dinsdale(THREADS) plays the officer who becomes a bit too addicted to the thrill of starting rucks with rival football fans at the games as the operation to stop the ringleaders gathers momentum, and it proceeds to tear apart his job, home and marriage . . . when the operation winds down, will he sort himself out? The match scenes don't show a single game of football, they focus more on some shocking fights in the stadium, which, sickeningly, are all too realistic. One wonders if this movie is glorifying football violence in places, and it does from the start, but on the other hand it does show the consequences brutally. Watch out as well for Warren Clarke as a bull-like pub landlord. He is best known as one half of the BBC detective duo Dalziel and Pascoe and was also Malcolm McDowell's sidekick Dim in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Sean Pertwee also appears. This movie does have a couple of funny moments - the quiet copper yelling SHADWELL BARMY ARMY and the firm's reaction is a real lulu, and also the impulsive sex scene and backside tattoo on the beach bit appealed to my sicker sense of humor! Overall, brilliantly acted but not for the easily upset.

Who Dares Wins (The Final Option)  [Region 2]
Who Dares Wins (The Final Option) [Region 2]
DVD ~ Lewis Collins
5 used & new from $14.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars A classic action movie, they don't make'em like this anymore!!!, August 24, 2007
Based on the book THE TIPTOE BOYS by James Follett(under the pseudonym George Markstein), this movie adaptation works on many levels. If you like movies chock full of military action and anti-terror ops done realistically without Jerry Bruckheimer-style slowmo and weepie music when some terrorist gets creamed, this is for you - straight and to the point! Even 25 years on, this movie is still as thrilling, heart pounding and relevant as ever.

In the movie, SAS officer Peter Skellern goes undercover into the People's Lobby, a far-left wing peacenik anti-nuclear organisation to investigate possible terrorist infiltration - and gets close to the group's leader Frankie Leith(well played by Judy Davis) to gather intel. Trouble is, insiders are watching him and when the group launch their attack on the US Ambassador's Residence and threaten to detonate a nuke in Scotland in the name of peace(!!??!! shows how hypocritical such radical organisations are at times when they let themselves get manipulated by extremists!!) and as if that wasn't bad enough, his wife and child are taken hostage. Watch out for Ingrid Pitt(WHERE EAGLES DARE) here, playing a cold-blooded terrorist with plenty of energy! The fight between her and Skellern's wife in front of her baby is just priceless, adding to the tension.

This movie would never be shot today - if it was, by the likes of Bruckheimer or Tamahori, the politically-correct radicals would be the good guys, the Brits the bad guys and the Americans would be the heroes - and you'd get a Nashville-written corporate cheese country ballad by the likes of Martina McBride or Faith Hill at the end credits as opposed to Roy Budd's pulse-pounding action soundtrack here! Watch out as well for the scene where the American military officers are discussing tactics for world peace with Frankie and generally telling her that terrorism on behalf of the 'common people' is unjustified, almost reducing the scumbag to a wreck! Genius!

World Trade Center (Widescreen Edition)
World Trade Center (Widescreen Edition)
DVD ~ Nicolas Cage
Offered by CAC Media
Price: $7.99
212 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars BEST MOVIE OF 2006, November 4, 2006
This retelling of one part of 9/11 struck several chords. You will know the story of Port Authority cops trapped beneath the collapsed Twin Towers who just do all they can to survive, thinking about their lives, their families, and overcoming their life-threatening injuries through the primal instinct to survive. This movie is expertly done with superb production, acting, effects and clever use of news footage interseprsed with the movie. Nicolas Cage has made many movies, some great(THE ROCK, GONE IN 60 SECONDS, LORD OF WAR, CON AIR), others not so great(8MM, BRINGING OUT THE DEAD), but without a doubt this is his best role. Being crushed beneath the rubble you just cannot imagine until you see this.

And WTC is NOT political in any way or form, you will see that persons from 87 countries - including many Islamic nations - died in the attack.

Work colleagues of my wife were killed when one of the adjacent buildings was hit - the Compaq building was one of the first to go when the towers collapsed and this brought back some memories and opened a can of worms a bit. I didn't cry in the cinema(this came much later on), as being a writer who covers such subjects I guess I am used to dealing with it, and I do read many sides of events these days. Worth letting people know as well that I was almost caught up in a bombing in Paris in 1995 on the Metro, escaping it by 14 minutes. So it also struck a nerve there.

The effects of seeing the collapse from an INSIDE point of view of the Port Authority cops was somehow more dramatic than seeing repeated new footage of the towers again as in our cinema, the surround sound gave the whole experience additional impact.

If anything, these attacks - and the many more that have followed such as those in London, Madrid and Bali have brought more people together and there is more good than evil in any society as the movie goes to prove. The Marine who found the cops trapped in the rubble who wanted to go and avenge the attack was well portrayed - summed up many people's feelings, but sadly the war on terror has suffered from bad fighting strategies and an overzealous cowboy of a President.

One day events such as 9/11 will stop and maybe we can one day live in a world free from terror, but it is up to us to make that happen.

Everyone should see this movie, and I would also recommend UNITED 93 and FLIGHT 93 for another significant event of that fateful day.
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Yours, Mine & Ours (Widescreen Edition)
Yours, Mine & Ours (Widescreen Edition)
DVD ~ Dennis Quaid
211 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars Better than I expected, November 4, 2006
Myself and my wife watched this on Sky Box Office last night as another channel keeps re-running the same NCIS episodes over and over again, so while we waited for E Ring to come on, this was a flick we missed at the box office. To tell you the truth I tried all I could to avoid it as the trailers made it look just awful . . . but how surprised I was. Yes, it is a bit of a copy of the slightly better CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN movies - and lacks Steve Martin(and Hilary Duff, hee hee) - but it does have a great cast - DENNIS QUAID(The Day After Tomorrow), RENE RUSSO and RIP TORN as a military officer once again. Russo looks a hottie in one scene as well, but steady, this is a PG film. The story - high-ranking officer meets Bohemian hippie/peacenik type, each having lots of kids falling in love, marrying and having to put up with the 18(yes, 18, he must get paid a lot of child allowance from the social then!!) kids not getting along and tryiong to break them up is originally from a 1968 original which maybe did inspire THE PARENT TRAP along the way, may be predictable and schmaltzy, but there is enough comic chaos along the way to keep everybody amused, for instance want to see Dennis Quaid kissing a pig? This movie is for you! Also clock the kids all giving a new meaning to Extreme Makeovers, and Quaid getting slimed. All in all, nowhere near as awful as critics made it out to be. Definitely a great movie that all ages can enjoy, and there are very few of those these days!

Storming Heaven
Storming Heaven
by Dale Brown
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: $8.99
163 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dale Brown's best book by far, August 28, 2006
Reading this now five years on from 9/11, I can see why a reviewer might have thought Bin Laden had read this book, and it's also worth checking out Dale's blogs on, as a writer myself I know all too well the responsibility an author has to society - in my first book, published a year before the 7/7 London attacks, a terrorist takes a rucksack bomb on to a London tube train and is stopped at - wait for it King's Cross! Scary.

But fictional events coming true - its happened this weekend in Marmaris, turkey, as well - is part of being an author, one of the risks you take. Dale Brown is one of the best at his game and I think with all his knowledge of military and geopolitical affairs he should run for President, he would do a better job than, say, Bill Clinton, whose administration he rips into in STORMING HEAVEN. Hilary, named only as the Steel Magnolia in his narrative, however, he always portrays very well as strong-willed and full of guts. Way to go! I'd vote for her.

In the story, set in 1995, American airport and border security is under threat when a Belgian terrorist Henri Cazaux, out for blood after he was abused by American soldiers as a child, gets assistance from ex-SAS commando Gregory Townsend to launch a bloody attack on America's airlines by crashing planes laden with fuel and explosives into air terminals. First, he strikes Oakland International at San Francisco and causes massive loss of life. Then Cazaux goes for Memphis International in Tennessee, wiping out a cargo terminal. Panic sets in all across the States and reaches the White House.

Action is taken by Rear Admiral Ian Hardcastle, who first appeared in HAMMERHEADS - read this, this book is ahead of its time - Patriot missile launchers at airports, talk of chaff (defensive countermeasures to distract surface to air missiles) on airliner wings, unauthorised flights shot down by F-16s or ordered to land, which has happened recently, and then terror hits Washington as Cazaux decides to attack the White House . . . Dale Brown did reuse this scenario well for ACT OF WAR too recently though the strategy was a bit different. The ending as well is not what you think - paved the way for character continuation in THE TIN MAN, which is also well worth a read.

Brown surpasses himself here - this book now was not speculation, it seems like a prediction of events to come. With recent security scare threatening air travel and the tourism industry in general, it all seems like essential reading now. I would love to see this book made into a movie, but I think it might be too shcoking for the nanny state we are forced to live in. But overall, this is a MUST READ. Especially if you are an aspiring author and/or historian! If you are new to this author, then this is a great place to start.

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Superb remake of a classic!, June 20, 2006
The original POSEIDON ADVENTURE was one of my childhood favourite movies, which I had on video and watched many times, it was big in our house! And I'm happy to say the long-awaited Wolfgang Petersen remake was well worth seeing on the big screen! My heart missed a beat when I saw the name IRWIN ALLEN PRODUCTIONS and also SHEILA ALLEN, Irwin's widow, as executive producer at the start during the intro - awesome CGI shots leading into the jogging-on-the-deck scene! When I saw those names I thought YEEESSSS! Irwin Allen has made some great movies(THE LOST WORLD(1960), ONE HOUR TO DOOMSDAY, the original Poseidon of course, THE TOWERING INFERNO, FLOOD, HANGING BY A THREAD, FIRE!), and also some stinkers(BEYOND THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE, THE NIGHT THE BRIDGE FELL DOWN, CAVE-IN, WHEN TIME RAN OUT, THE SWARM) and lest we forget, LOST IN SPACE, LAND OF THE GIANTS, THE TIME TUNNEL et al for TV . . .but at least the baddies were hugely entertaining in a guilty pleasure kind of way that I rate them well. But I digress. Like many disaster movies, the usual nuts line up for the New Year's Eve cruise. When the POSEIDON capsizes due to a rogue wave(?!), a compulsive career gambler played by JOSH LUCAS decides to climb up to the propellor shafts against the orders of the captain who instructs those that survived the capsizing to remain in the main dancehall. Joing JOsh are an ex NY mayor and fireman Robert Ramsay played by KURT RUSSELL, a jilted gay man(cashing in on BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN methinks) played by RICHARD DREYFUS!!!!(Mr Holland's Opus, Close Encounters of the Third Kind), the fireman's daughter played by the lovely EMMY ROSSUM(Phantom of the Opera, The Day After Tomorrow) who looked great wet(hee), and many more. You get the rest. Some live, some die. As this motley group climbs up the ship through a surreal and inverted world, you get to see some awesome setpieces and suspenseful action scenes - the aircon shaft scene was well and truly claustrophobic and the elevator/burning oil sequence was brilliantly excecuted bringing back fond memories of the original. The ballast tanks flooding was good and also like the original, anyone remember Stella Stevens swimming in her panties? You get a snatch of this as well. Of course, with every disaster movie you get an annoying kid, the one here was no exception. Again, I refer to lots of disaster movies of the 1970s like TOWERING INFERNO, CASSANDRA CROSSING(clock this one, this is fun), EARTHQUAKE . . . the annoying kid cliche makes the experience complete! The ending was truer to Paul Gallico's novel on which this is based than the original too, and again this was well executed. Overall, this remake is genuinely gripping in places, boasts some eye-popping SFX and excellent production design and cinematography. Oh, one moret hing, Black Eyed Peas fans will get a kick out of Stacey Ferguson as the ballroom singer on the doomed cruise! RECOMMENDED!!!

Come & Get It
Come & Get It
Offered by IMS Distribution
Price: $19.13
16 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars A surprisingly great listen!, April 2, 2006
This review is from: Come & Get It (Audio CD)
I never cared for S Club much, but in my opinion Rachel Stevens going solo has gotten better and better, and the COME AND GET IT album has her best material to date incoporated! You can have some fun spotting the 80s influences and samples on some tracks, but overall this is electro pop at its best! Highlights are the singles tracks like SO GOOD - a nice elctro disco track with a consistent basline and catchy verses. The chorus reminded me a lot of the 1995 dance hit 'Not Over Yet' by Grace, remember it? I SAID NEVER AGAIN kicks off with a cheesy '1234!' and brazenly samples Status Quo guitar licks and Adam And The Ants drum beats . . . getting away with it in the process! This is a great dancefloor filler that will have you up and at it at the office party! DUMB DUMB is the high point and a strong track to finish on, perhaps the best track with nods to Laura Branigan's hit SELF CONTROL, Depeche Mode and some old school 80s goth guitar riffs thrown in for good measure. CRAZY BOYS takes its tune from The Human League's EMPIRE STATE HUMAN and works; NEGOTIATE WITH LOVE made Top 10 in the UK but did not get the airplay it deserved, this one reminded me of Blondie and Kim Wilde's early material. THe big hit from 2004 called SOME GIRLS is on the LP too, which sounds like a cross between the Dr Who theme and Goldfrapp! And there's nothing wrong with that. If you like your 80s music, then this may appeal to you. Although its easy to compare and contrast tunes, I also think Stevens has done well to use these influences and mix them up with her own sound(and good looks to boot!!!) to create a perfect pop album which has wide appeal. Well done Rachel!!

Deception Point
Deception Point
by Dan Brown
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
765 used & new from $0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Glad I discovered this author!, February 17, 2006
Until now, I'd never read any of Dan Brown's books until I picked up this one on a friend's recommendation. This is just a superb read - a very suspenseful and action-packed political scientific thriller which seems in part to be influenced by 1978 conspiracy movie CAPRICORN ONE, which was way ahead of its time! Though this story is Earth-bound in a different way . . . an ailing NASA and their scientists make an amazing discovery in the remote Milne ice shelf in the Arctic. Rachel Sexton, a brilliant young NRO officer is sent by the President to investigate. She teams up with TV celebrity Michael Tolland who's thrown his life into his shows about exploration. Together they learn startling facts about a meteorite found in an ice floe, but is it all it seems to be? When members of the NASA team begin to die in mysterious circumstances, it seems they are being watched. Why is a covert Delta Force squad, using the latest weapons and spy gadgets so interested in the meteorite's discovery? Why is Rachel's overbearing father keen to exploit the situation using any means necessary to interfere? Why is Rachel's father, a Presidental candidate, so keen to exploit the situation? YOu'll have to read it to find out, but all in all if you're a thriller aficionado, this is a must have! The narative is straight and to the point making a Clancy-esque story shorter, condensing it into hald the amount of pages.

Seven Deadly Wonders: A Novel
Seven Deadly Wonders: A Novel
by Matthew Reilly
Edition: Hardcover
103 used & new from $0.01

3 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Exciting is an understatement!, February 16, 2006
As this book is more of a rollercoaster ride with more thrills and death defying situations than you could throw a big stick at! I think Matthew Reilly's books simply rock big time. You have to suspend a degree of disbelief when you read them, all I will say here is that if you want serious stuff stick with Tom Clancy or the late Robert Ludlum's earlier works. I love these authors as well, but Reilly simply goes for al-out action at a lightning pace. The story of SEVEN ANCIENT WONDERS(as it is called here in the UK) is a terrific one that would suit a big-screen spectacular. Various pieces of a golden capstone must be found in order to prevent a devastating solar flare(the Tartarus Sunspot) and give power to whatever nation/entity posesses all pieces by a certain date and be placed aloft the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Who's after all of this? Why, the United States who are the bad guys in the story(for a change), various EU nations and a group of archaeologists headed by Jack West Jnr who are out to prevent an upset in the balance of world power. In West's team are a multinational selection of characters - Captain Zahir al Anzar al Abbas, a Saudi, an Israeli, a New Zealander who pilots West's 747 he stole from Saddam Hussein(!!) and many more. Their mission takes them across various countries - Tunisia, Kenya, the Vatican(in a great lampoon of THE DAVINCI CODE), Paris France, Iraq and Egypt - this bit was well researched as far as locations and some of the history went. When they reach each of the seven wonders, there are various Indiana Jones-style traps to avoid and assorted dangers - including the US and EU forces and in-fighting in West's team itself which put everyone at risk. These parts of the story are well told at the fastest pace possible so as you can picture a scene as you enjoy the action, which is jaw dropping in places! Another interesting character with West is a ten year old girl who holds the key to each treasure chamber, having memorised ancient writings throughout her life, giving this book wider appeal. In spite of some mild gore, this will also appeal to teenage readers as well beacuse of this. Overall, a fantastic piece of mind candy reading at Reilly's usual breakneck speed, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Secret of Life
Secret of Life
Offered by CD Baby
Price: $11.36
21 used & new from $1.50

5.0 out of 5 stars This fine lady never fails to amaze me!, January 6, 2006
This review is from: Secret of Life (Audio CD)
Being a Douglas Adams reader, I thought the secret of life was 42 . . . ha ha ha . . . until I learnt of this lovely lady! Gretchen Peters is someone I discovered one morning at work back in April, driving the truck and suddenly on BBC Radio 2, this beautiful song called ON A BUS TO ST CLOUD comes on. I just pulled over by the side of the road in tears thinking WHO IS THIS? And my prayers were answered! This classic Peters track features on this CD, along with many other of her favorites such as I AN'T NEVER SATISFIED, the acoustic folky CIRCUS GIRL which is another tender one that wil rip your heart out, all about being a performer on the road and how people can rush you by too quick to become real friends, ROOM WITH A VIEW, an uptempo country rocker about being content with what you have in life and making a point that there is definitely more to this life we have than making money. The title track THE SECRET OF LIFE also carries this theme; these days it's more relevant than ever, as many people crave the lifestyle of so-called celebrites. WHEN YOU ARE OLD, like other tracks on the CD, has some top piano playing by Barry Walsh, who also performed on Beth Nielsen Chapman's great SAND AND WATER. Another ballad that just makes me weep. Gretchen is also a lovely person and is very kind to her fans indeed; I met her after a concert in Bristol, UK, last September(2005) and she was simply wonderful to talk to. If you like artists like Beth NC, Faith Hill and Trisha Yearwood, I recommend Gretchen Peters with all my heart, you will not be disappointed!

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