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3/2 Wetsuit 100% CR Neoprene Backzip w/ Taped Seams
3/2 Wetsuit 100% CR Neoprene Backzip w/ Taped Seams
Offered by Greco Surfboards
Price: $499.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Consistent with other Greco Products: Excellent!, January 14, 2012
I've used the covenant wetsuit in the Gulf of Mexico in water about 57 degrees F this past winter (2011-2012) and have been plenty warm. The wetsuit comes with a fleece type interior which helps with the insulation of the suit. I like the outside zipper/pocket and the double taped seams keep the cold water from filtering through like non taped wetsuits.

My wife got one of these as well and she's a smaller framed person and gets cold VERY easily in the water--even in the summer with 87 degree water. She can wear her Greco Covenant wetsuit in the winter waters and stay out for a full hour with NO problems (she only comes in after an hour or so because we switch off watching the kids on the beach while the other surfs). She said the waves crashing over her head actually feel refreshing because she's so warm in her suit.

Definitely a great purchase and we'd recommend to anyone interested in a great quality wetsuit.

New 8 foot foam softtop soft surfboard foamboard, Blue
New 8 foot foam softtop soft surfboard foamboard, Blue
Offered by Greco Surfboards
Price: $349.00

82 of 85 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Hands down, the best board., June 4, 2011
I bought my first Greco 2.0 over a year ago so I've had a couple seasons to really test it out AND get a feel for the customer service level of Greco. Let's start with the board and then move onto customer service.

The Board
The size of an 8 foot board generally equates with a lot of weight. This can be burdensome for carrying, hauling, and paddling on it. The 2.0 is approximately 10 lbs. and makes easy jobs for carrying from the car to the beach (and back), weight on the top of the car roof, and making it out past the surf break.

The leash is a professional grade leash with thick, neoprene cuff for your ankle, 99 inch long (swivel to swivel) cord which is 7.5 mm thick, a couple stainless steel swivels (I use lithium grease on mine to keep them from developing resistance/to keep them turning easily from the fine sand/salt water that may get in there), and an 8 inch rail saver (the other side of the cord that connects the cord to your board; not your ankle).

There are 3 fins in what's called a "2+1 setup" (two outter fins of the same size with a larger middle fin that sits behind both of the smaller fins). Each fin has 2 nice screws each to hold them to the board (I recommend using a Susan B. Anthony coin to screw them in as it fits almost perfectly into the screw head and most screw drivers will only damage the screw heads because of bad fits). You can also use a quarter without any harm to the screws, but the dollar coins are even better.

I had never touched a surfboard in my LIFE before I got the 2.0 and got up on my FIRST try. My wife was the same way. In fact, I've had 5 other people on my board over the past 18 months or so and of those people, 4 of them have since gotten the 2.0 and now we all surf together in Galveston (some of the mushiest, choppiest, and hardest to surf waves around). They say if you can surf in G-town, you can surf anywhere. I'D say, you can surf ANYwhere--if you have the 2.0.

The foam in the board, and the slightly extra wideness of the board, provides the buoyancy and foundation to make it EASY to catch a wave without having to paddle like the pro's do (I've seen some guys paddle like a mad men in both Hawaii and Texas to catch a wave; experience/practice is a MUST to be able to do that with fiberglass boards). I've traded with some other local surfers to try out both long and short fiberglass boards and I can tell you from experience, that i'd much rather spend my time having fun rather than working hard out there. I can't just enjoy myself with other boards I've tried. It's a lot of work to keep the board under me since it sinks more into the water, I struggle more to swim myself AND the board out past the surf, I sturggle more to catch waves and on the off chances I do catch one, it's always short lived compared to riding the waves almost all the way into shore like I do on my 2.0. Add that the 2.0 is more durable than a fiberglass board (won't crack/take on water) and that it doesn't leave me or my wife with bruises on our knees, and it's a no brainer. Oh--and have I mentioned that there is NO other longboard that even comes CLOSE to how low the price is on the 2.0???!!! You'll waste hundreds more on fiberglass boards!

I'd suggest waxing the board as this makes a great difference in my own personal ability to stay on the board. I'd go with sticky bumps before the other popular brand (sx wax) as it lasts MUCH longer.

Customer Service
I cannot say enough great things about the customer service from Greco Surfboards. Todd is an amazing leader and has built an amazing company. I didn't think to grease my swivels when I first went out surfing. The second time I took my board out (after it had a month or so to sit with salt water/sand in the swivel), the swivels didn't turn as well and I didn't know what to do about it to I just went out surfing again as is anyway. Of course, the leash broke at the cuff/swivel because it didn't turn when I got pummeled by a 7 ft wave). I wrote Todd Greco to see if he sold just the leashes and within the next week I had a brand new leash and on top of that, he sent me a traction pad because he felt the leash should have lasted longer than it did. I was more than pleased with this resolve.

I signed up for the monthly emails they send out to their fans and have gotten incredible deals from Greco that way as well. In January they had a buy 2 boards, get 1 free deal. That's 80 bucks off each board!!! I've also gotten a 50% discount on their new wetsuits that will be out later this month. I've also gotten in on one of those monthly deals even AFTER the month ended/the deal passed. All it took was a quick email to Greco and I was extended the big discounts on the boards I was interested in (they arrived last week, in fact). I cannot say enough good stuff about this board, the Greco Surfboard company, and their incredible and over-the-top customer service. I am in no way affiliated with them (though if I read this review, I'd be like, "This guy must be his brother or something."). Google Jonathan Canlas (this is my real brother).

Much thanks to the Greco team for making a great board, selling it at an incredible price, and for making sure your customers stay satisfied after the sale has been made!!!!!!
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Premium Transparent Clear Hard Snap-on Case Cover for HTC Aria
Premium Transparent Clear Hard Snap-on Case Cover for HTC Aria

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Great fit case for HTC Aria, October 12, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This product fits snugly around the phone with no wiggle room (good). However, there are two items I'd like to see changed. First, the case has indentions as it curves around the volume button, the mini usb port, camera eye/speaker, etc. The one curve/indention which is not sufficient is where you plug in the headphones.

The case has two pieces (bottom/back and top/front). The bottom piece has a curve for the earphone jack hole but the top does not. Technically, the hole is on the back side of the Aria, but if anyone uses a phone jack other than the one provided by HTC, they have somewhat bulky heads on the plugs and since the top piece pf plastic isn't molded, you can't plug it in all the way. I had to use a small wooden dowel with some fine sandpaper to created a rounded out indention on the top piece which worked perfectly.

The other item I'd warn buyers about is that this does NOT come with that yellow mini crow bar. I ordered two of these and neither had a tool to get the case off with. And it's quite the feat to take this off once it's on there without a specialized tool. I don't want to break the case and have to buy another, so it takes a little time and careful effort.

Other than these two items, the case is great and I'm glad I went with it.

Made In Nature Organic Orchard Select  Apples, Dried And Unsulfured, 3-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)
Made In Nature Organic Orchard Select Apples, Dried And Unsulfured, 3-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)
Offered by *Dolly's Kitchen
Price: $29.00
6 used & new from $29.00

10 of 13 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely dissapointed., January 14, 2009
I received a 6 pack of these apples from because I absolutely LOVE this brand because of the taste and lack of sulfuric additives. However, the quality of apples I received is substandard compared to what I've experienced by buying them in the normal grocery store.

These apples "look" as if they have a coating of dust/grey around them. At first I thought they were coated in a light sugary substance. I had to double check the front to make sure it said unsulfured. Then there was the taste--they didn't even TASTE good!

Don't waste your time buying these from AMZ. It seems to me that they're selling the bad batches that go through Quality Control and are deemed insufficient for normal store shelves. BLYEACHK!!!!

I've opened three of the 6 packs and they're all the same. I double checked the expiration date and they all show Oct. 23, 2009. I also am wondering if they use different apples depending on the season because these taste NOTHING like the ones I bought back in early November (the reviewed ones I'm discussing were purchased in Jan. 2009).

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