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My Gigolo
My Gigolo
Price: $5.50

5.0 out of 5 stars Sweet, sassy, fun and sexy, February 12, 2016
This review is from: My Gigolo (Kindle Edition)
**I read this book for the first time over 5 years ago and it is one I never forgot. What is sad is that this author never put out another book at least under this name and that's a shame because this was an awesome story.

What would you do if your older sister bought you a gigolo for your birthday? Well, if you are Gabrielle (Gabe) Turner you invited him in and ask him to help you with your baking. Yep, you read that right. So begins the crazy, mixed-up non-relationship between Gabe and Jack (aka Blade) Savage. From the start of this book it was easy to see this wasn't going to be a "normal" romance, but I also fell instantly in love with the good guy, male prostitute who was also somewhat of a geek and while I liked Gabe she was a lot more complex, had a lot of issues she kept hidden from the world but when she and Jack were together their easy camaraderie and sizzling sexy times made it easy to love them together.

This book takes place over a year with Gabe and Jack starting out as one thing and turning into so much more. Along the way they had some fun times, some sad times and a lot of bumps in the road. One thing I loved was that for the most part Jack never gave up hope, he was sure of his feelings, was willing to make sure Gabe's friends and family knew his intentions were pure and help back from sharing those with Gabe because he knew it would send her running. Gabe impressed me with her ability to look past Jack's career choice, to see the man inside and to offer him the escape he needed.

There is a lot more I'd love to say about this book, but I don't want to ruin it for you so I'll just say read it because you won't be sorry. Sweet, sassy, fun and sexy My Gigolo is an absolute delight to read and while a bit unusual, a perfect romance.

To Have and to Master: Masters Unleashed
To Have and to Master: Masters Unleashed
Offered by Penguin Group (USA) LLC
Price: $2.99

4.0 out of 5 stars This story was fun, didn’t take itself too seriously, and was an enjoyable way to spend a few hours., February 12, 2016
Out of the Master’s Unleashed series, I have to say that I liked this one the best! All of Sparrow Beckett’s books in this series are entertaining and these three Doms, Ambrose, Banner and Konstantin are just plain fun. Getting to see them all again, as well as their women, was a real treat, and while this story can be read as a stand-alone, reading them in order just makes them that much better. It’s like getting to see old friends I haven’t seen in a while, and have missed.

Konstantin is my dream Dom. He’s handsome, wealthy, kinky, sweet and sexy as hell. Traveling to Russia to meet the woman his grandmother has chosen for him to marry, I thought this was a quaint and charming twist for such an unconventional man. His bride-to-be is a virginal farm girl, and the difference between the innocent Varushka and the worldly Konstantin makes him seem even more like a handsome big-bad-wolf. Yummy!

The drawback for me was Varushka herself. Don’t get me wrong; I did like her. She was too sweet and innocent not to like. It would be like trying to hate a cute little kitten. It’s just that the descriptions of how childlike in appearance she was made me uncomfortable. And I understand that she was trying to be portrayed as wide-eyed and inquisitive, but I almost felt as if she came from the out of the early 1900s, rather than just a small town in Russia. I kept getting a distinct “Fiddler on the Roof” vibe from her, with her goats and chickens. And for a woman in her twenties, the whole issue of needing her family’s permission to wed was a bit over the top. She was a grown woman, not a child (despite appearances) and the fact that she was worried what would happen if her father didn’t give his blessing seemed a bit absurd. Again, I’m hearing “Sunrise, Sunset” fiddled in the background.

However, while this may have distracted me, the sweetness and sexiness of the story drew me back in.

Reading this story, I found myself not wanting to get to the end because I genuinely liked these guys. This story was fun, didn’t take itself too seriously, and was an enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

Review copy provided for an honest review.

Into the Fire: The Texan Quartet
Into the Fire: The Texan Quartet
Price: $2.97

4.0 out of 5 stars Into the Fire effectively wrapped up this series in a truly wonderful way., February 11, 2016
When I read the first book in Claire Boston's Texan Quartet series, I was blown away and somehow the next two books escaped my attention, but I was very happy to pick up the last book, Into the Fire. While I enjoyed this book quite a bit, for me it didn't work quite as well as the first book. That being said, this book was engrossing, informative and extremely entertaining.

When Piper (whom we met in the first book) meets Tai for the first time there is this smoldering chemistry between them, but Tai is rude beyond belief and Piper kind of brushes it off because she hopes to interview him for a series of articles she is doing for the paper she works for. Tai comes across as a brooding, rude a$$hole, but when is layers are pulled back we find out he is so much more. In fact you could almost make the case that the man is a saint at least to his people, the Queche tribe. He is kind-hearted, giving, caring, passionate, sexy, and totally swoon worthy but he has a vulnerability that makes him seem very human as well.

I admired Piper's tenacity from the start and loved that she had journalistic integrity something that is so lacking in today's world. She was determined to get the best story, but to also report the truth and she showed passion in everything she did. I appreciated that once she began to research the tribe and find out the plight of the indigenous people she wanted to do something to help and began planning right away to see that it was done.

I enjoyed that this romance focused on the differences in this couple's heritage, but also focused on the meaning of family and hard work. Tai made some mistakes where Piper was concerned and in my opinion she was much too forgiving, but there was no doubt these two were of the same heart. They both had such loving and giving spirits and it showed not only in how they lived their lives but in how they related to one another.

While this is a romance on the sweeter side, it was clear these two enjoyed each other immensely in the physical sense and their attraction to one another was apparent anytime they shared the same space.

It would have been very easy for this book to come off preachy given the way Piper became so involved with the tribe and her interviews with the elders, but instead I think it gave a voice to what they've been through, some of the misconceptions, and was respectful to their culture.

The ending felt a bit rushed to me; yet I was still very happy with how this book ended and it effectively wrapped up this series in a truly wonderful way.

Review copy provided for an honest review.

Brass & Keys - Freshman Beginning
Brass & Keys - Freshman Beginning
Price: $3.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Sweet, funny, intense, and sexy and this author shows great promise in his work., February 11, 2016
First time author Russell Soots offers up a complex and entertaining story of two young men finding each other through their love of music and embarking on a relationship filled with up, downs and quite few twists and turns. Despite that is was relatively angst free and given the fact these young men were 18 going on 19 they were both very responsible and mature, something I appreciated greatly. Brass and Keys-Freshman Beginning was sweet, funny, intense, and sexy and this author shows great promise in his work.

This book follows two young men both having just graduated from high school and headed to college in the fall. They meet when Tyler comes upon Keldon playing his saxophone in the park and eventually meet for a jam session followed by a coffee date. Both men have had prior relationships which have left them both with a bit of baggage, but they mesh very well from the beginning and soon find themselves exclusive and enjoying spending as much time together as they can despite their work, school, and family obligations. I enjoyed that their relationship built over time, that they were both pretty open with each other from the start, they agreed to be honest and open with one another and that they both had parents who were supportive and there for them at every turn.

There were a lot of characters in this book; both men have friends that they spend quite a bit of time with as well as Keldon's co-workers at the bookstore and their parents. With so many characters, at times the romance between Keldon and Tyler got a little lost, but they did add color and interest to the story as well as offering support throughout their journey.

While a bit wordy and overly descriptive at times, this novel had good bones and I was genuinely interested in the characters and their developing relationship. The author has at least three more books planned for these two and I suspect as they grow up and get more involved in college life and the demands of work and school complications are bound to arise between them and it will be interesting to watch them navigate life, love and their relationship.

Review copy provided for an honest review

Impact [Suncoast Society] (Siren Publishing Sensations)
Impact [Suncoast Society] (Siren Publishing Sensations)
Price: $4.61

5.0 out of 5 stars This one is a masterpiece., February 11, 2016
This book is a reminder of how this author can tell a story that drags the reader into the action, twists their emotions and leaves them with a book hangover that lasts for days.

We met the characters in earlier books, particularly Tilly, Landry and Cris, from Cardinal's Rule. These three have a complex relationship and have reluctantly given up on the possibility of Tilly having children due to medical issues, when Cris' cousin Sofia contacts them. The former girlfriend of a gang member, she is a new mother and is trying to escape the baby's father, who has beaten her senseless. Fear of her ex and dislike of her father leads Sofia to give the trio custody of her baby, Katie. The three start providing a safe haven for mother and child, until the mother is taken back to jail for violating her probation. When Sofia is killed by a gang member, the guilt is hard for all of them bear, especially when they learn that the cops were using her .

But things aren't that easy for the trio to keep the little girl they have already come to love. Cris' family, the same group that threw him out for being gay, is trying for custody of Katy. Can the fact Sofia gave her to them make the difference?

Interspersed with the enthralling story are sex scenes that will heat up your e-reader to the damage point. Because the three of them switch roles, the scenes are not just hot but intriguing. But the story line is what makes this book. When the author is “on” her books are works of art. This one is a masterpiece.

Review copy provided for an honest review.

MACK (The King Series Book 4)
MACK (The King Series Book 4)
Price: $4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Mack is a stay up all night and read book!, February 9, 2016
What would you think if a sexy and enigmatic man claimed that you’ve been lovers for thousands of years?

I’m not usually a fan of the paranormal genre, but there are certain authors that just do it so well, I can’t resist. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is one of those writers. She can take evil spirits, monsters wearing human clothes and curses that survive death, and weave them into something so fantastic that I find myself believing that everything I read is possible. Throw in some dominant, sexy men and strong no-nonsense women, and you’ve got a story that will make you stay up all night just to finish it.

Mack was one of those books.

Readers of the first three books in the King trilogy will recognize him as King’s pilot and, as we found out towards the end of that saga, King’s twin brother. But Mack has a story of his own, and here we find out what happened to him once Mia made him run after King’s death eons ago. We find out his tale of love and loss and murder that spans centuries. We again get to see the wickedness that is The Ten Club, a group of the most wealthy and powerful men and women on earth that personify evil. And as the reader, we get to experience the joy, the snark and the heartbreak along with Mack and Teddi, the woman he’s loved throughout time.

My review of this book feels woefully short because I don’t know what to say without giving away any of the story, and Ms. Pamfiloff does a much better job of telling it than I could.

I will point out, however, that once I finished the book, I was thrilled to keep reading the authors note and find that these four books of the “trilogy” were not the end, and in the next story, we get to find out more about The Ten Club, in addition to getting more of Mack and King. I could not be more excited, because this world that has been created is simply too fascinating for me to want to leave just yet!

Review copy provided for an honest review.

Leaving Yesterday: A Laurel Falls Novel
Leaving Yesterday: A Laurel Falls Novel
Offered by Random House LLC
Price: $2.99

3.0 out of 5 stars A lot going on in this book, February 9, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I seriously had a hard time getting into Leaving Yesterday. I am glad that I pushed through and finished since it ended up where I hoped it was going. But, getting there, unfortunately, had me putting the book down and then picking it back up again. It was a nice, well-written story but, I felt that it took a long time to get where it needed to go.

Rafferty confused me. In the beginning, I thought that this would be a story about a woman finding herself, finding her way, after a divorce. There were times that I thought that’s just what she was going to do and then she would just disappoint me. I didn’t understand her reasoning for keeping her occupation a secret or her reasoning for not being truthful with her father, Greg and Susan. She flipped back and forth between the high-class New Yorker and wanting to be a down-home girl. Trace, on the other hand, totally opened up and told her of his past, of what he had to do to keep his family together. Even then, knowing how hard it was for him to tell her everything, she couldn’t tell him or trust him. I love reading about strong woman who own who and what they are. Maybe that was my problem with Rafferty, she didn’t own it. Don’t get me wrong, she did have her moments when I really started to like her … her talk with Anzu, how she handled Cadie, the things she did with Harley, showed me a totally different side of her, one that I liked.

Trace, at first, just turned me off with his red-neck attitude, with pretending to be someone he really wasn’t and the way he constantly compared Rafferty to his mother. But, then he grabbed me and made me really like him, respect him. He was a strong character that carried much of the story. Honestly, if he turned out to be a backwards, s***-kicking character, I probably wouldn’t have pushed my way through the story. He made it for me … his openness, his reliability, his trust, his sense of family really turned me on.

Then, we have the minor characters and the off-chute stories. The PTSD with Harley … Reese and his firefighting and “possible” feelings for Eden. Yes, Eden and Anzu are a whole other mystery and I’m not sure just where they fit in here. Then there was Cadie. I’m still a little bit amazed that she took her where she did and I am not sure where it really fit into a story that was supposed to be, I thought, about Rafferty and Trace. Greg, Trinity, Brooks, Clem … there were so many characters and other story lines that I started getting confused and had to re-read some parts to understand exactly what was happening.

I have read Zoe Dawson before and I have enjoyed her other works. My only thought on all the characters that were introduced is that she is setting up the series and showing us where she’s bringing everyone? I seriously do not know. The story didn’t flow for me because of all of the other story lines being developed and interrupting Rafferty and Traces story. I hope, in the future, to again read Zoe Dawson, I’m just not sure if it will be one of the Laurel Falls novels.

Wrecked (Axle Alley Vipers)
Wrecked (Axle Alley Vipers)
Offered by Macmillan
Price: $2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars SMOKING HOT., February 9, 2016
4.5 stars

This book truly tugged at my heart. Cole Black is a former cop who was injured on duty. This left him scarred and feeling overly self-conscious of himself. One the sexy bachelor that trolled the scene with women, living the life, he is rather reclusive now, having grown a full beard just to cover his facial scars. He has been in love forever with his best friend’s sister, Piper West, and had planned to act on these feelings…right before his accident left him disfigured. Figuring that his chance with her is gone, he is enlisted by his friend to watch over Piper. This puts the two smack dab in each other’s lives, for better or for worse!

I loved the give and take between these two characters. You never would have guessed that Piper was as into Cole as he was into her. Sherilee Gray was a master with words, keeping the reader entertained, and continuously doing things that brought these two closer together, even though they literally have grown up with each other. The two want each other badly, but really had to break down walls between them, and honestly around them in their own personal lives, before they could explore more than friendship boundaries. Their chemistry? SMOKING HOT. These two were on fire and Ms. Gray weaves a tale that I, as a reader, wanted to be a part of. I wanted to be Piper! I wanted to take as much as Cole wanted to give! Protective, sexy, alpha man, who wouldn’t want him?! Great read!

Review copy provided for an honest review.

Give Yourself Away
Give Yourself Away
Price: $5.49

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A well written, well thought out and beautiful story of two men finding just what they always wanted in each other., February 9, 2016
Reviewer's note: I almost didn't read this book because of the warning at the front of it: "This book contains difficult flashbacks of child abduction and sexual violence...." However, I read it because this is an author who has never let me down. I won't lie and tell you it wasn't hard getting through it, but I'm also not sorry that I read it.

GUTTED...emotionally exhausted, and my brain won't stop looping back through this story, however Give Yourself Away was everything I've come to expect from author Barbara Elsborg and more. This was a brutal story, but it was also one that makes you aware of the dangers in our world and how the human spirit can persevere even in unfathomable situations. It is also a story about love, devotion and never giving up hope even in the darkest of times.

Two men are brought together during a rescue mission in which one disobeys orders to save the other's life. There is an instant connection one that the ever cautious man wants to explore and the adrenaline junkie man wants to ignore, but one neither one can deny.

March is a risk taker and craves the high he gets from putting himself in danger. He does it to fight the pain of loss and to numb the blame he feels for not being able to help the best friend he lost as a child and his father whose death he blames himself for. While he claims he doesn't have a death wish, it is also easy to see that he would be okay if it happened. March is gay, something he has never explored and something he has hidden his whole life so when he meets Caleb his life is turned completely upside down.

Just when Caleb begins to feel somewhat settled and even a bit safe, he finds his live in boyfriend cheating on him, a series of strange incidents make him think he has a stalker and then he accidentally winds up falling into an ocean cave and has to be rescued. When March saves him, he feels grateful beyond reason but there is something about the man that makes him want more even when he's not sure of his sexuality or interest.

These two men couldn't be more different in their temperaments or the way they lead their lives. Neither one has had a picture perfect life, in fact that is so far off the mark for both of them it isn't even funny but more so for Caleb whose history is incomprehensible. They get off to a rough start with March trying to come to terms with his sexuality even though he feels he's know he's gay since his early teen years. Caleb was surprisingly forward with March, but I think he realized he was going to have to push him in order to get him to open up and accept his true self. These two men go through a lot of self discovery during this story, they open up old wounds and they build a trust that was necessary in order for them to deal with the past and move forward.

It is very difficult to review this book without spoilers, so I'm just going to say that this is a well written, well thought out and beautiful story of two men finding just what they always wanted in each other. While their love story is pretty wonderful, there are many events in this book that are hard to read, comprehend and understand. What I loved is that despite everything they've been through, they still managed to see the good in their lives, in each other and in the world. I applaud Ms. Elsborg for tackling this sensitive subject and for exploring it without being overly graphic. Take my word for it folks; you will need tissues when reading this story.

Review copy provided for an honest review.

His Forever Family (Billionaires and Babies)
His Forever Family (Billionaires and Babies)
Offered by Harlequin Digital Sales Corp.
Price: $3.99

4.0 out of 5 stars I truly enjoyed this story. It made me smile and cry and hope that Marcus and Liberty got the family they deserved., February 9, 2016
It’s been a while since I’ve read a straight up romance, and I sometimes wonder why I don’t reach for them more often. His Forever Family is a perfect example of how good this type of book can make you feel and was a sweet and enjoyable story of two people from different worlds, both wanting the same simple things out of life. This story did have some issues for me, but on the whole, it was really a delight.

I liked Liberty. She was a woman who came from less than modest beginnings, and she struggled for everything she had in this world. She had a good heart, good intentions, and I wanted to see this woman who played by the rules succeed and get her prince charming.

And Marcus truly was a prince. Smart, wealthy, driven. He was handsome and kind, and only wanted a normal family life to be happy. These two people fit perfectly together and I wanted to see them create the perfect family and live happily ever after.

What I had a problem with was the conflict, which seemed to be manufactured and too simple. On Liberty’s part, she fought the attraction to her boss by clinging to her “you deserve so much better than me” attitude. She looked to circumstances of her past that she had no part in creating and felt that they defined her. I was sad that she didn’t have enough trust in Marcus to be honest with him from the start. And on Marcus’ behalf, I didn’t feel that a successful and wealthy businessman should be letting his mother dictate every aspect of his life. At some point, the apron strings needed to be severed, and Marcus’ mother, as the villain in the story, came off as simply too Cruella de Vil to be believable.

These issues aside, I truly enjoyed this story. It made me smile and cry and hope that Marcus and Liberty got the family they deserved.

Review copy provided for an honest review.

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