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G-Star Raw Men's Forc Across Biker Jacket In G.P.L, Black, Large
G-Star Raw Men's Forc Across Biker Jacket In G.P.L, Black, Large
Offered by Addicted Wear
Price: $314.95
2 used & new from $310.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Slickest Jacket Ever! Everyone believes it is real leather!, April 23, 2015
This jacket was a spontaneous buy for me. I didn't need it since I just got the similar Kenneth Cole Moto Jacket but it was on sale for $63.99 one-day sale at my local G Star boutique. Even if it was $200 or $300, after trying it on I couldn't leave the store without it. The Forc Across looks way better in person than it does in any picture you will ever see online.

At $63.99 this jacket was a gift.

I especially lucked out because the only size left was a LARGE which fit my medium 5'8" 160 lb frame perfectly.

I can wear just a T-shirt or a T-shirt/medium sweater-combo underneath and the Forc still fits and looks the same. The faux fabric has a bit of stretch to it so the jacket wears comfortably independent on how many layers you wear underneath it.

One potential concern I had early on was discovering the sleeves on the Forc were not articulated (which means whenever you move your arms above your head or when driving a car the jacket can ride up and bunch up around your torso). This worry was quickly quelled because the fabric does stretch along the arms and back so it compensates for the lack of articulation when you move your arms around. It doesn't ride up or bunch up that much.

The outer pockets all zip close and the one interior chest pocket button-snaps to close. I would have wanted another interior chest pocket but all the pockets are cavernous and comfortable.

The jacket does not have an insulation fill between the cotton inner lining and outer faux leather. As a result I did not find it to be warm in temperatures below 45 F degrees. It is also not all that windproof so even on a windy 50 to 60 F degree day you will be cold if you do not layer well underneath or wear a scarf. The neck collar has a wool/acrylic fleece lining that can work to keep your neck warm when the jacket is zipped up and the collar cinched closed. That is the only protection against the cold you will get so prepare to layer up and put on a scarf if you tend to get cold.

The cotton inner fabric collects a lot of lint. I would have preferred a polyester or nylon lining.

I also own the Kenneth Cole Reaction Moto jacket and I found that Moto jacket to be much warmer and more wind resistant since it has a quilted polyester lining with an insulation fill inside.

The plus side to this for the G Star Forc is that I found in temps above 70 F to 85 F degrees that I did not overheat or get hot at all. The jacket vents/breaths very well in warmer temps even when zipped up. So this is an ideal Spring into Summer season jacket whereas the Moto (or similar jackets) are mainly Spring up to Summer jackets.

For my tastes I prefer the G Star Forc jacket. It looks very slick since it is not riddled with zippers and pockets and of all the Faux Leather bikers it's leather quality looks the richest and realest.

$310 retail is asking a lot for it but even those paying that price will be VERY HAPPY with the product!

G-Star Raw Men's New Radar Slim Fit Jean In Comfort DELM Denim, Dark Aged, 33x32
G-Star Raw Men's New Radar Slim Fit Jean In Comfort DELM Denim, Dark Aged, 33x32
Price: $150.44

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Jeans! Easy to wear and goes with EVERY Situation from Formal to Hood!, April 12, 2015
Really great piece of denim!
The Comfort Delm fabric feels rugged yet very comfortable when worn. It has a bit of stretch to it so it wears very well. The Dark Aged finish is not
as dark as I would like but it is more of a medium denim wash exactly like the pictures show.

Unlike most of G Star's fancier fare this stretch mid-weight denim is easy to wear in literally any situation. Put on some tan suede loafers, chukka's or oxfords with a baby blue sheen business shirt and you will fit in amongst the trust fund folks brunching life away on Madison Avenue. Put on a pair of Timberlands or Air Jordan's and a G Star hoodie and you will find yourself on stage rapping next to Bobby Schmurda!

All Radar Slim fit slimmer than your average G Stars. I'm normally a 32 x 32 but sized up to a 33 x 32 in these for an exact fit. They do have a bit of stretch so it would be okay if you get your exact size for a tighter fit. It would not be un comfortable at all.

Definitely a great piece of denim for everyone's G Star Collection.

One thing I noticed when looking for these online is the European Product Code is listed as 50740.6083.89 while the North American/USA Product Code is 50740-6083-020 for the same New Radar Slim Comfort Delm Denim Jeans.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, White
Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, White
Price: $49.26
31 used & new from $43.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very Good Product! Worth the Money!, April 11, 2015
This was totally worth it! My wife sleeps thru the night now. I highly recommend this even though the price is high compared to the $9 straight body pillow. This one is better because it is curled in the shape and firmer so it offers much better support.

We didn't get the cover since the covers for this are very overpriced at about $30+! Compared to the pillow itself which cost us $37 on sale.

The white color doesn't get dirty and the material is stain and fuzz/pile resistant. The whole thing is also machine washable.

G-Star Raw Men's 5620 3D Low Tapered Leg Jean, Dark Aged, 30x36
G-Star Raw Men's 5620 3D Low Tapered Leg Jean, Dark Aged, 30x36

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Jeans but for some reason I had to size down two waist sizes to get a good fit., April 8, 2015
First pair of G Star Jeans I owned that I sized down from my normal G Star size 32 x 32 to a 30 x 32. I won't say they fit big but it seems 32 x 32 , 31 x 32 and 30 x 32 all fit the same!

Yeah I was lucky enough to find a couple of these left at my local Lords & Taylors for $60 on sale. For me I could have bought any size but I found the 30 x 32 to fit the best with the Slim Taper cut.

The Taper style for this 5620 3D tend to fit slim on the waist, baggy in the thigh and slim in the calf and ankle. I'm not sure if I got an irregular but the Taper 30 x 32 in these particular pants fit exactly like a Slim 32 x 32 in all my other Slim Fit G Stars.

That said I am extremely happy with the over all style and function of these 5620 3D although I won't buy anymore of this Taper 5260 3D. It is not really my style compared to Arc 3Ds, Radar Slims and the Attacc/Nattacc. Stylistically 5620 3D seem boring and dated by comparison. Actually had I not found them for $60 I definitely would not have bought them over any other G Star jeans at their original $180 retail price tag.

One thing to add I've notice the dark blue dye on these particular jeans comes of much easier than my other dark blue dyed G Stars. I haven't washed them yet but I expect them to most likely fade in time.

Remember G-Star says to never wash their dark denims but if you do turn them inside out and use ONLY ice cold water (literally put ice cubes in the machine if you have to) and hang dry in a dark place.

Over all I am happy I got these even though they are not my favorite G Star jeans.

G-Star Raw Men's Arc 3D Slim Fit Jean In NOLDS Denim, Vintage Medium Aged, 34x32
G-Star Raw Men's Arc 3D Slim Fit Jean In NOLDS Denim, Vintage Medium Aged, 34x32
Price: $300.00

5.0 out of 5 stars The most perfect Blue Denim Wash but the thick 13 oz fabric makes the fit tight for the tag size., April 8, 2015
This is a beautiful piece of denim! The pictures do not give justice to how amazing this denim wash is. These look absolutely amazing when you put them on. The blue color here is the most perfect wash of indigo blue I have ever seen on jeans in all my life. I don't think G Star or any other top denim maker will EVER procure a more brilliant indigo blue denim wash. The whisker and fading patterns are simply electrifying when seen in person. These would be the perfect jeans except for two things;

1. The Nolds fabric is a really thick and rigid 13 oz weave and as a result I needed to size up from my normal G Star size 32x32 to a size 34x32 just to get a proper fit in the waist. G Star recommends the normal size because even though the first wear will be tight as heck their fabrics all stretch out or break in to fit to your body in time. With the Nolds I really did not feel this thick of a weave would ever stretch out.

2. If I was rich I would have kept them but for $300 I found the price to be extremely high relative to other Arc 3D denim that G Star sells.
I replaced these Nolds with the Wisk Medium Aged Arc 3D and the Neill Dark Aged Arc 3D and still had money left over to buy a couple of G Star t shirts.

I think later in the year if I can find these Nolds on sale for cheaper or when my tax returns come in and I have cash to spare I will buy these again.

The denim wash color of the Nolds will leave you speechless.

It is a joke how the pictures on Amazon don't do these pants justice.

G-Star Raw Men's Arc Slim Fit Jean In Neill Denim Dark Aged, Dark Aged, 32x32
G-Star Raw Men's Arc Slim Fit Jean In Neill Denim Dark Aged, Dark Aged, 32x32
Price: $120.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Great 'beginner' Arc 3D Jeans for someone who has never owned a pair of G Stars!, April 8, 2015
The Neill Denim Dark Age is the best denim fabric for someone who is a first time G Star buyer. While most of the Slim Fit Arc 3D denim pants tend to be super stiff, thick, heavy weaves that can fit extremely tight for the tag sizing these Neill Denim jeans are of lighter weight weave and as a result very EASY and COMFORTABLE to wear relative to other Slim Fit Arc 3D jeans.

The Neill Denim is not tight for the size and is not big either. The slim fit here is precise and if you get your normal size you should be happy.

An example of what I mean can be summed up with this; I tried on the Wisk, Lexicon, Nolds and Firro washes on the same Slim Fit Arc 3D style and I could not fit into the size 32 x 32 on all four of those jeans. I needed at least a 34/32 in those washes. I normally wear 32 x 32 in all my G Star Slim Fit and Straight Fit jeans. With these Neill jeans I was able to fit into a 32 x 32 prefectly. This is because the Neill is a lighter weight and thinner weave denim cloth compared to what G Star normally makes.

The Neill Denim at $80 to $120 retail are also much cheaper than the normal $200+ price tag you'll find with other Arc 3D.

NOTE: Amazon sells two types of Neill Slim Fit Arc 3D. The first is the Dark Age ones with the fading and whisker shown here. The second is the stiffer rigid Raw denim fabric Neill that is a flat color navy blue denim. This may not be clear in the photos but the local Century 21 Department store in NYC had both types in stock and it was only then I noticed the difference. They are both great looking light weight jeans but I preferred the detailing of the faded/whisker on this Neill jeans over the Rigid Raw ones.

Either way these are a great way to break into the G Star Arc 3D style jeans for beginners. The price is great for what you get and the fit and comfort is very welcoming for someone who has never worn G Star Arc 3D clothing before.

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Faux-Leather Moto Jacket
Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Faux-Leather Moto Jacket
Price: $74.50 - $89.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Warm, Durable & Stylish Jacket! Nickel is the BEST Color! Size down for a Slim Biker Fit!, March 21, 2015
I found this jacket at Burlington Coat factory for $70. They had two sizes left in the store; Medium and Small. I spent 30 minutes trying both sizes on with various layers underneath. This is what I found:

I'm 5'8" tall and 160 lbs. and I wanted this Moto jacket to fit as slim as possible with no loss of comfort. I also wanted to still be able to wear both t shirt AND a medium-weight sweater underneath it.

Generally with a "slim fit" jacket like this you will look your best and feel most comfortable with just a light t-shirt, preferably a Ramones vintage tee, worn underneath.

For my body the Medium and the Small fit almost the same with a few key differences. The size Small fit me perfect in the torso and shoulders but was slightly shorter in the sleeves while the size Medium fit me exact in the sleeves but was too wide in the torso.
The faux fabric has a lot of stretch to it when you move. As a result the Small was better since the shorter sleeves could be pulled down and the back could be stretched out a bit. I also can easily wear both a t-shirt and a heavy sweater at the same time under the Small. So I went with the size Small. In fact the best way to describe the sizing of the Moto is the Medium fits like a normal medium but the size down from your normal size, in my case the Small, fits like a slim-Medium would.

If I was heavier, say I was 170 to 200 lbs., but the same height range 5'6" to 5'10", then the size Medium would be a better fit to wrap around a broader, rotund frame. Basically the jacket gets wider and sleeves get longer as you size up.

That said the jacket is padded and lined on the inside so you will be warm down to 35 - 40 degrees F. Today was the first day of Spring in New York and was 30 F degrees with a lot of wind gusting and I was warm wearing a medium weight t shirt and a medium weight G Star Aero cotton knit sweater under the Moto. With a wool hat and thin scarf on I was very warm and also very happy to find the Moto jacket to be windproof when zipped up. As the weather warms up I will just wear t shirts under the jacket which is the ideal thing to wear with it.

I got the Nickel Color which I didn't realize at the time of purchase was one of four color choices. From looking at the Amazon pictures the Nickel is the best color for the faux fabric. Black and Brown can look like cheap Pleather and Blue looks very odd if you don't know how to wear your Moto properly.

With Nickel you can wear white, black, red or navy color T Shirts under the jacket and the colors all coordinate very well. I like the aged vintage look of the Nickel as well. Everyone asked me if I bought a new jacket but I could have easily have told them I found it in my Grand parent's basement from like 50 years ago and most people will believe me

The only gripe I have the faux zipper on the collar. I thought the jacket had a stow away hood inside the zipper but when I got home I saw the zipper itself is not real.

For the sub $100 price offered this jacket is a steal. If you wear a lot of G Star or Diesel jeans with vintage style t shirts then this jacket will work very well into your wardrobe.

G-Star Raw Men's New Arc 3D Slim Fit Jacket In Carbourne Nylon
G-Star Raw Men's New Arc 3D Slim Fit Jacket In Carbourne Nylon
Price: $195.49 - $197.44

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Looking Jacket That Will Ask You To Size Up Twice For a Perfect Fit!, February 22, 2015
This is one awesome jacket! I got the stiff dark blue black "Lexicon" denim version and not this nylon version. I'm 5'8" 155lbs usually wear a Medium or 38R suits and I barely fit into the XL when I tried it on at the store. It was really slim in the sleeves and short on my torso. A size M or L in this jacket would have look like doll's clothing on my human sized body. Even my slimmest G Star jackets I own in Large but this required me sizing up by two to get the perfect fit. That said I intended to wear a T-shirt and a long sleeve denim work shirt under this Arc 3D Slim Jacket so the XL works nicely to allow space to layer under. However, I can also just wear a white T-Shirt under the jacket and the jacket still fits nice and slim on my naked arms.
That said look-wise this jacket looks awesome. It has genuine worn-in a rugged biker look without the all pretense you sometimes see on mainstream brands that offer the look without the substance.
The only downside is the price on Amazon. Asking $200+ for a nylon windbreaker jacket is absurd when the actual G-Star stores in NYC sell the better quality Lexicon Denim and Riley versions for the same price or cheaper (when on sale).

IT Luggage Mega lite Premium Expandable Spinner 33 Inch Upright, Purple, One Size
IT Luggage Mega lite Premium Expandable Spinner 33 Inch Upright, Purple, One Size
Price: $104.99

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars BEST Of The It Luggage Brand! Super Spacious, Lightweight & Airport Approved!, February 2, 2015
I was deliberating between the World's Lightest 34.3" 5.95 lbs 7371ci and the Traveler Sedona 29" 10.45 lbs hard shell. The issue with Hard Shells is while the Polycarbonate shell is strong the zippers, if cheap, become a major weak point.

What shoppers may not realize at first is Hard Shell's handles are ALL on one side. The issue is when both sides are packed and it is closed and you pick up your luggage and all the weight on the shell half that doesn't have the handles obeys gravity and pulls on the zipper. What you see is the side without the handles dip lower than the side you are holding up. Cheap zippers will put up with this for only so long before ripping and your hard shell splits in two. To deal with this some newer hard shells have deleted the zippers in favor of clamps. Clamps add significant weight to the case so that turned me off from hard shells. One work around the zipper is many folks use luggage straps to pull both halves together so when lifted the entire case is equally picked up.

My issue with the World's Lightest was the thin soft fabric and external size measuring over the 62 linear max that airlines allow before they charge you $75+ each way for being an inch over their limit.

So I was slightly edging towards buying the Travelers Sedona and a luggage strap to stabilize the load when along came the Megalite.

A week had passed of searching for the right luggage when I accidentally came across this Mega-Lite 34.3" 6.6 lbs 8845ci beast in royal purple. It holds more than the World's Lightest but the external dimensions are at 60 linear inches (or 62 if you measure in the wheels). It is expandable by 2" and the outer fabric and handles are all super durable and rigid. The opening of the main compartment is done so when the lid is unzipped there is a lip around the opening in base. This is great because when stuffed with clothing and bits the lip will hold the weight away from the zippers there will be minimal strain on the main zipper (compared to other luggage that zip around at the edges). The wheels are tiny and are of the single wheel style. I found them to be smooth on carpet and hard ground. So far no issues with durability and they seem tough. There is also a reflective piping on the front to help when walking at night. There is no TSA lock built in but I ended up buying one for 98 cents on eBay.

Over all this is a great piece of luggage.

ADDED 2/2/2015:

The one I have is the IT Luggage Mega Lite Premium Expandable Spinner 34.3" inch Upright. Which is the largest luggage from this design set that is sold individually. The 34.3" that I own may be a either a special limited edition or a discontinued earlier edition to the 33" spinner shown at that link because I never see that size online anymore. eBags and Overstock used to sell back in 2013/2014.

That being said I traveled three times in 2014 with my IT Luggage Mega Lite Large luggage and all airlines had no issue with the size. In May I went from NY to Miami then from Miami on a Cruise to Central America (Belize/Honduras/Costa Rica). During the summer I went from NY to London. I also went from NY to Cancun, Mexico. I took four different airlines Delta, Jet Blue, British Airways and American Airlines and all accepted the large luggage with no issues at all.
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G-Star New Radar Slim (32)
G-Star New Radar Slim (32)
Offered by Denim Industries
Price: $200.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Slim Fitting Jeans! Nice Washes for the New Radar Slim!, February 2, 2015
This review is from: G-Star New Radar Slim (Apparel)
These slim fitting jeans are awesome! They will fit just like how they look on the Amazon Item Page's model. I got my exact size and I am happy with the fit however when you first get them the New Radar Slim waist will "feel" slimmer than expected BUT I've been told by everyone who wears G Star and works at G Star that this denim, like most G Star Jeans, will stretch out to fit more comfortably with wear. The waist is slimmer than the Attaccs and possibly even the Arc 3D but they tend to stretch to fit perfectly after

I really like the faded medium age wash on these. On the indie of the jeans you will find a rich quality dark wash lining when you turn them inside out. My jeans are tagged MADE IN ITALY and the quality really shows. G Star really do a great job with their denim fades and washes. Lengthwise the inseam is exact but if you are on the fence or faced with ordering a longer inseam than you normally wear with G Star then an inseam longer will work and not look bad at all. These do taper at the ankles but not as extreme as the Arc 3D.

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