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Dennis the Menace: Season 1
Dennis the Menace: Season 1
DVD ~ Jay North
Price: $8.99
33 used & new from $7.39

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5.0 out of 5 stars Classic TV that you can be proud to share with your entire family, April 14, 2011
This review is from: Dennis the Menace: Season 1 (DVD)
"Dennis the Menace" has always been one of my very favorite sitcoms of the late '50s/early '60s because it is funny, wholesome and the characters are always relatable. Even though the series is more than half a century old each ep still holds true in some way. This is a 5-disc set which includes all 32 eps from S1 in their original unedited format with the original beginning tags, as well as a bunch of extras, such as new interviews (this is 39 minutes in total!), "Dennis the Menace" promos and vintage commercials and a bonus ep with Dennis on "The Donna Reed Show." The only thing I regret about watching these DVDs is that I completed it so quickly, but these are the types of shows that you can watch over and over again. This is packaged in a clear plastic case and each of the 5 discs includes a color silkscreen picture of Dennis on it, also included is a color insert which details all of the eps (see pics I posted of everything). Each ep is just over 25 minutes in total, inclusive of the opening and closing credits. S2 of "Dennis the Menace" will be out in July so longtime fans of the series won't have to wait much longer. Remember, you are what you watch.
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Crest Premium White Strips, 28 Count
Crest Premium White Strips, 28 Count

4.0 out of 5 stars overall this is among the best whitening products I've tried, March 31, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have used these for a while and I have seen results with them. They are easy to apply and usually stay on for the full time once they are applied. If the strips start to fall off (and that is rare) I just press them firmly back into place with a cotton swab and that usually does the job. I did take off one star because at times they can be somewhat painful because of the added pressure. Overall the Crest Strips are among the best whitening products I have used.

Precious Moments Bible - New King James Version
Precious Moments Bible - New King James Version
by Sam Butcher
Edition: Imitation Leather
17 used & new from $29.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars along came Jesus and He rescued me, March 31, 2011
My favorite aunt gave me my Precious Moments Bible many, many years ago, and although I have gotten several Bibles over the years this one has always remained closest to my heart. Yes it is written for children, but it is also a Holy Bible containing both the Old and New Testaments in The New King James Version. This edition was first published in 1985 by Thomas Nelson Publishers. The Bible also includes additional questions which would be great for a Bible study class or Sunday school. And there are little stories interspersed throughout the books which detail and describe some of the verses and chapters. There are black and white illustrated Precious Moments drawings on many of the pages as well as full color pictures on glossy paper which include accompanying Bible verses throughout. All quotes directly spoken by Jesus are in red. And at the very end of The Bible there are several important passages, such as The Ten Commandments and Psalm 23. There is also a glossary which not only defines many words but also states the correct pronunciations. And there are several pages which include common questions that children may have (such as "how often should I pray?") with verses from The Bible which answer all of these questions. The outside cover of The Bible is beautiful looking, it is a very light pastel green. Even though it has writing in it and is worn and some of the corners are frayed I cherish my Precious Moments Bible very much and look forward to one day passing it along to my children.

Bormioli Rocco Verdi Cappuccino Cup with Stainless Steel Handle, Set of 4, Gift Boxed
Bormioli Rocco Verdi Cappuccino Cup with Stainless Steel Handle, Set of 4, Gift Boxed
Price: $12.99
7 used & new from $11.04

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5.0 out of 5 stars durable, high-quality cups, March 29, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have gotten tremendous use out these cappuccino glasses. They are the perfect size for cappuccino, espresso or even a small glass of coffee or tea. The steal handles come off and go back on nicely and the glass is high-quality and very durable (never any chips or cracks and I use these all the time). These are dishwasher safe, however I recommend putting them in the bottom rack and using a little bit of JetDry with your cycle just to make sure they get fully cleaned and sparkle. Besides hot beverages, I have found other uses for these cups. I also use them to crack eggs in; they're perfect for holding at least 2 eggs because they are see-through and because of the slightly oversized top of the glasses which include an elongated lip. I have also used these glasses to serve mini parfaits in. I'm also very pleased with this set because it's at offered at a great value.

Mr. Belvedere: Seasons One & Two
Mr. Belvedere: Seasons One & Two
DVD ~ Christopher Hewett
Price: $28.80
12 used & new from $22.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars totally 8ighties, March 27, 2011
"Mr. Belvedere" was always one of my very favorite shows growing up. I enjoyed it because the series presented a real family with real problems in a way that was always funny and down-to-earth. The series stars the late and very talented and much-loved Christopher Hewett in the title role as Mr. Belvedere. He always offered a touch of eccentricity to the Owens family, yet he was often always the voice of reason.

Wesley (Brice Beckhman) was the Bart Simpson of the '80s. He was always getting into mischief (like painting his sister's face to look like an Easter egg) and it was always Mr. Belvedere's responsibility to teach him a lesson.

This is a 5-DVD set of the first 2 seasons of this classic '80s sitcom. By the way, take a look at the scan of the DVDs that I posted. Included are a total of 29 eps, these are the complete an unedited shows with the original opening and closing credits.

Some of my favorite eps are probably some of yours as well:

The Play - Mr. Belvedere directs Wesley's school play

Amish - Kevin (Rob Stone) meets a young lady from an Amish background.

The Letter - Kevin moves out on Thanksgiving Eve after harboring some hurt feelings his George's (Bob Uecker) interest in football.

Also included in this set is a new interview with Ilene Graff (Marsha), Bob Uecker, Bob Stone and Brice Beckham. Tracy Wells (Heather) does not participate in the interview but she did give commentary on further sets. There is also an SNL sketch with Tom Hanks about "Mr. Belvedere" included on the S1/2 set.

What I also love about "Mr. Belvedere" is that it is just so '80s. The big hair, the corny jokes, the "Duran Duran" references and that huge '80s style kitchen with that huge wraparound counter that I think all family sitcoms from the '80s had.

The series ran for a total of 6 seasons, so far Shout! has put out the first 4. Let's hope they release the final 2 because this is one of the best family sitcoms of the '80s.
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American Gothic
American Gothic
DVD ~ Rod Steiger
Offered by Outlet Promotions
Price: $19.70
20 used & new from $11.75

4.0 out of 5 stars hide and go shriek, March 24, 2011
This review is from: American Gothic (DVD)
"American Gothic" has got to be one of (if not my very favorite) films in the sub, sub category of "family slasher." If you look up "over-the-top" in the dictionary there will most assuredly be a picture of this movie because it is the height of high-camp.

Following the lead of the classic slashers of the '80s, this one also is about a group of young adults (headed by Sarah Torgov as Cynthia) that get their comeuppance when they are stranded on a deserted island with "Ma" (played by a wonderful Yvonne DeCarlo) and "Pa" (another fascinating performance by the great Rod Steiger) and their "children."

Janet Wright as Fannie offered up a particularly chilling viewing experience because she ran the gamut of farcical and chilling yet had a sense of oddness to her that even made her stick out in this already very eccentric family. Michael J. Pollard was also rather creepy as younger bother Woody.

I also enjoy this movie because there is somewhat of a twist ending. I am not going to give it away but it was interesting because movies of this genre usually follow a particular format yet "American Gothic" is well off the beaten path in this regard. And you can rest assured, that like the rest of the movie it is just as dramatic and silly.

This is a great movie for anyone that enjoys slashers or just horror in general. I did take off one star because although it's a fantastic movie, the beginning was somewhat slow-moving (it doesn't start to pick up momentum until after the first 20 minutes).

There is an almost haunting quality to "American Gothic" because everything is played so deadpan and serious, yet it's just too ludicrous to watch with a straight face (for example watching Fannie, a woman in her forties or fifties with a child's cloak on running around with her "doll" was just too hysterical for words). For a good laugh watch "American Gothic."

The Hitchhiker, Vol. 2
The Hitchhiker, Vol. 2
DVD ~ Various
Price: $14.99
32 used & new from $2.39

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars pickin' up strangers, let me tell you 'bout the dangers, March 21, 2011
This review is from: The Hitchhiker, Vol. 2 (DVD)
Up until recently I never knew of "The Hitchhiker" and I was a little disappointed in myself for not know about this fantastic series sooner. I am a huge fan of horror/mystery/sci-fi anthologies (TFTC and TFTDS are my 2 favorites). "The Hitchhiker" is a fantastic addition to this genre. Included on this 2-disc set are a total of 10 eps (5 eps per disc) that were first broadcast on Home Box during the golden era of the horror anthology series.

These are some of the best eps from this set:

Perfect Order / February 17, 1987 - Will a model do anything it takes to pose for one of the world's most eccentric photographers?

Cabin Fever / May 12, 1987 - The tables are turned when a young man goes to work on a houseboat.

Out of the Night / October 29, 1985 - A man wonders aimlessly searching for something or someone and along the way he finds out a startling secret.

Secret Ingredient / May 5, 1987 - A glib salesman gets his comeuppance when he finds out that all isn't what it appears. (This is my favorite ep from the set.)

The storylines and themes do not revolve around a hitchhiker, rather it was narrated/hosted by Page Fletcher (The Hitchhiker) who had the tightest jeans in Hollywood. He always opened and closed each ep, sorta like the Crypt Keeper (but not nearly as funny).

The set is closed captioned, includes subtitles and includes audio commentary for 3 of the eps by one of the directors and Harry Hamlin who was in one of the eps. By the way, I posted a pic of the 2 discs and the insert.

I would like to see more DVD sets of this series (including some complete season sets) come out as I am sure many fans would just gobble them up. Or at the very least Home Box could provide some eps to YT or even Crackle or FearNet. I realize many eps are available through other channels but in twenty-eleven many consumers do not use a computer as their primary streaming method anymore and can only access what their blu-rays provide.

Get "The Hitchhiker" Vol. 2 and experience macabre, terror, excitement and lots of overdone '80s acting.
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The Love Boat: Season 1, Vol. 1
The Love Boat: Season 1, Vol. 1
DVD ~ Gavin MacLeod
Price: $12.96
65 used & new from $6.86

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars come aboard, we're expecinging you, March 20, 2011
I love "The Love Boat" it is such a fun(ny) series that everyone will appreciate because it's like you're going along on the cruise with everyone, too. My favorite thing about watching "The Love Boat" besides it's fantastic cast (see below for that) of recurring stars and an endless list of revolving stars (such as Charo, Bonnie Franklin, Milton Berle, Bill Bixby, Florence Henderson, Patty Duke and many, many, many, many more) has always been the theme song. It is so inviting and almost has a romantic quality to it.

Since this was an anthology series the stories did not necessarily revolve around the cruiseship crew, yet unlike most anthologies "The Love Boat" thrived because there was always a sense of continuity with the cast, which included:
Gavin MacLeod as your captain, Merrill Stubing
Lauren Tewes as your activities director, Julie
Ted Lange as your bartender, Isaac
Fred Grandy as your yeoman purser, Gopher
Bernie Kopell as the ship's doctor, Doc Bricker

This includes the first 12 eps from S1 (this does not include the original movies) on 3 discs. Each ep rounds out at about 45 minutes in total and the best that I can tell these are the unedited eps. (I have no way of knowing for certain as "The Love Boat" predates my arrival on this planet by many years). Special features include the original episodic promos which I understand were shown as "teasers" before each ep. Also included on the inside of the DVD inlay are some trivia questions.

Each ep has 3 stories that intermingled with the others. There was never really a star of any particular show, rather there were many stars because everyone shined on their own and I love the way the stories fell into each other. For example on the show when Charo crashed the ship she was seen singing for everyone that the ep revolved around. It's very difficult to pick a favorite ep because each one is just as good as the one that proceeded it. I did especially enjoy the Christmas ep, because besides the Grinch who wouldn't want to go on a Christmas cruise? One more thing I gotta say is that there's a lot of comedy in each and every ep. It's such a breath of fresh air because the jokes are wholesome yet very easy to laugh along with. There is almost a timeless quality to the themes and references made that everyone is able to relate to by finding some comedy within it.

This is packaged in a clear plastic case which includes each of the show titles listed on the inside (each show has 3 titles as there are 3 stories per ep). By the way, I posted a scan of this as well as a scan of the 3 DVDs and the back cover of the case.

Watching this 3-disc set was like taking a cruise again (although surprisingly a lot less hassle and a lot more fun, and not surprisingly, not as expensive). There is such a sense of almost macabre adventure in each ep. And no the acting wasn't always Emmy-worthy and some of the singing and dancing were over-the-top, but you know what, that's OK, too. It's just so much fun to watch. If you enjoy old school and classic TV shows you will want to get "The Love Boat" S1 V1. It's an open smile to a friendly shore.
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Desert Royal: Princess 3
Desert Royal: Princess 3
by Jean Sasson
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
57 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars a story that must be read, March 4, 2011
"Desert Royal" is the British edition of Jean Sasson's latest book in her "Princess" trilogy, "Princess Sultana's Circle." The first edition of the book was first published in 2000 and this particle version (with the white cover) was published in 2004 which includes an updated chapter and a letter from the Princess.

I enjoyed this book very much because Princess Sultana is always engaging. Reading about her life, family and various hardships (the book is written in first-person) I felt like I was almost having a conversation with her because the writing is so personal. And even though the Princess is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and doesn't think twice about spending more than point three million dollars during a typical shopping spree she comes off as both very down-to-earth and humble.

Like the first two books in the series, this one follows the Princess's life and focuses on the welfare of women's rights in Saudi Arabia. There were many passages that I found shocking and tragic because the Princess described a life and place that read like it was not just from another time, but another world, as well.

What I enjoyed the most about "Desert Royal" is that it gave a lot of hope to the future. Even though women are afforded very little rights in Saudi Arabia the tides are slowly starting to change with the help of the Princess.

This is an important book that must be read. I especially recommend this book to anyone studying women's rights or just world events in general. The book is absolutely fascinating.

For the Love of a Son: One Afghan Woman´s Quest for Her Stolen Child
For the Love of a Son: One Afghan Woman´s Quest for Her Stolen Child
Price: $4.99

11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars an important book by an important writer, March 1, 2011
As someone that has read every single book that Ms. Jean Sasson has written over the last several years, I can say with all certainty that "For the Love of a Son" is among her very, very best (and that's saying a lot because Jean is one of the world's greatest writers on women's issues). I enjoyed this book immensely as it is gripping, thought-out, thought-provoking and very detailed. My only regret, like all of the books that I have read by Jean is that I completed it too quickly. But that is only the work of an exceptional writer.

"For the Love of a Son" is the autobiography of Ms. Maryam Khail. Like all of Jean's other biographies, this one is written in first-person and reading it was so captivating because I felt like Maryam was actually speaking to me from beyond the pages.

Maryam is an Afghan citizen that moved to the US and then to Saudi Arabia. I like to think of this book as 2 books in 1 because there are so many fascinating aspects to it. I learned so much about Afghan culture, history and everyday life in this part of the world (both before and after the Russian invasion during the '80s). The author also took the reader on a tour of a her familial tree, detailing her parents' upbringing and even her grandmother's life.

The book is called "For the Love of a Son" for a reason. I don't want to give too much away, but Maryam tragically loses her son (he is kidnapped). Some of the passages were very shocking and incredibly sad, I couldn't believe how it ended. This is the type of story that one cannot put down. Some of the book reminded me very much of one of my favorite TV movies with Kate Jackson, "The Stranger Within" (if you ever get an opportunity you have to see this movie, it is excellent and I strongly recommend it).

If you read books about humanities, women's issues, geography and true-to-life stories you will most assuredly enjoy "For the Love of a Son." I congratulate Jean on writing another gripping book and anticipate reading her next one.
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