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Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola Cereal, Blueberry Hemp, 12 Ounce
Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola Cereal, Blueberry Hemp, 12 Ounce
Offered by Earth's Supply Specialties
Price: $6.99
6 used & new from $6.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding - Best [healthy] granola I've ever tried, January 31, 2014
Sure - anyone can make a tatsy granola using tons of fat and sugar and run-of-the-mill ingredients, but to find a granola that uses quality ingredients AND is delicous is a true find.

I stumbled upon this granola at Whole Foods and was intruiged by words like "ancient grains" on the front. After getting over the sticker shock [almost 8 bucks a bag - ouch!], I decided to give it a try. The verdict? The PERFECT blend of sweet, crunchy, nutty and a hint of salty. Besides taste, I love that it is:

- vegan
- gluten-free
- uses coconut sugar (low GI)
- uses coconut oil (adds a rich taste is a healthy fat)

Price aside, there are zero cons to this product. And since I'm single and don't have to share it, the 12 oz. bag lasts me a good two to three weeks. I like to have it over plain greek yogurt with fresh blueberries and sometimes a pinch of unsweetened cocoa powder or sprinkle of dried coconut. Yum . . . yum . . . yum.

Kashi GOLEAN Instant Hot Cereal, Creamy Truly Vanilla, 11.28-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)
Kashi GOLEAN Instant Hot Cereal, Creamy Truly Vanilla, 11.28-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)
Offered by Peters Select
Price: $41.89
3 used & new from $41.89

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Delicious - my new favorite hot cereal!, August 23, 2013
Let me start by saying I've never been a fan of instant oatmeal [mushy, not filling], but love slow-cooked oatmeal, and am a big fan of Kashi products.

I came across Kashi creamy vanilla hot cereal while on a recent vacation. I stopped into a local Wal-Mart looking for something quick and easy to have for breakfast that supports my healthy lifestyle. I didn't have a microwave in my hotel room, so I actually just prepared this cereal by mixing it with boiling water from the coffee maker in a coffee cup, then covering it and letting it sit for about 5 minutes. Stir and enjoy. The result? Creamy yumminess, packed with fiber and 9 grams of PROTEIN [hard to find in a hot cereal].

Now that I'm back home, I get a little fancy with it by mixing it with a sliced banana, dash of cinnamon, hot water and 1 tablespoon of almond butter, and "baking" in the toaster oven on high for about 5 or 6 minutes. It smells AMAZING and tastes just like banana bread! Swap the banana for half a chopped green apple and you get an apple pie-type breakfast treat.

It was cheaper at Wal-Mart that they're selling it for here, but at less that $0.50 a serving, it's still a steal! Even adding my banana and almond butter, it's breakfast for well under a buck. Highly recommended.

Bell Plantation PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter, 16 oz (Pack of 2)
Bell Plantation PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter, 16 oz (Pack of 2)
Offered by Common Cents Distributors
Price: $16.99
5 used & new from $16.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous! Great low-cal alternative to peanut butter., February 17, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I've been eating this stuff for years . . . on apples, bananas, mixed into yogurt, on toast, in sate sauce [Asian sauces], in homemade salad dressings, in smoothies, cookies, to replace some of the flour in pancakes . . . the list goes on and on. It is tasty, versatile and you can make it as thick or thin as you want.

Note, however, that you shouldn't try it expecting it to taste/be exactly like peanut butter; after all , much of the fat [which makes real peanut butter creamy] has been removed, so you get the peanut taste without the richness of peanut butter.

I HIGHLY recommend it!

Bill Cosby, Himself
Bill Cosby, Himself
DVD ~ Bill Cosby
Price: $6.56
128 used & new from $0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Classic . . . you will laugh 'til it hurts, November 28, 2012
This review is from: Bill Cosby, Himself (DVD)
I caught this at my parents house several years back [I think it came on HBO], and I was lauging so hard my abs hurt and I had tears rolling down my face. This is saying A LOT because while I'm known to be the comedianne in my circles [and did my first successful stand-up routine last month], it's very hard to make me laugh out loud. I'm just not entertained by most of the crass, sexual and profanity-based "humor" that is out there day. Call me a fuddy-duddy (at the ripe old age of 33), but I like my comedy like I like my underwear - clean.

Cosby delivers. The opening few minutes are entertaining enough (i.e. the foils of drinking too much), but Cosby really hits a home run when he gets to the material about his kids. Growing up in a large family myself, I could relate to his stories, and got a newfound sympathy for what my parents had to go through raising four kids.

It even had my grandmother in stitches. Definitely worth having in your dvd collection!

Kashi Chewy Granola Bars, Dark Mocha Almond, 6 bars, 7.4 Ounce (Pack of 6)
Kashi Chewy Granola Bars, Dark Mocha Almond, 6 bars, 7.4 Ounce (Pack of 6)
Price: $18.38
14 used & new from $18.38

5.0 out of 5 stars Delicious perfection!, October 3, 2012
I was looking for an easy snack to take with me on vacation to have while I was out and about all day. I stumbled upon these at Wal-Mart and was attracted to 1) The nutritonal content [reasonable calories, good amount of fiber and enough protein to tide me over] and 2) The word "mocha" in the name, as I love all things coffee.

These were inexpensive, DELICIOUS, and not too sweet - which is important for me because if something is really sweet (like most granola bars are), I lose control and end up eating two or three at a time, like I would with a cookie or any other sweet treat. But these are perfect - just enough sweetness to "hit the spot" without triggering a sugar craving. I guess if you are used the typical sugary granola bars [Nature Valley, Quaker Oats and chocolate], these might not be indulgent enough for you. But again, I like that these are not crazy-sweet.

The mocha is more like a hint of coffee flavor - just enough to enhance the taste of the chocolate chips and almonds. So if you're not a big coffee person, there's a good chance you'd still like these bars. And if you *are* a coffee person, you'll certainly enjoy these. They have a sprinkle of chocolate chips on top, and whole, yummy almonds throughout. I bet they would be mighty good broken up into pieces and put on top of some greek yogurt, along with sliced strawberries. What a breakfast that would make!

These are definitely a winner, and I plan on buying them again and again. Highly recommended!

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars It's like a cookie . . . with protein! Yum, yum, yum., August 13, 2012
I stumbled upon these quite by accident: a co-worker left them in the kitchen (people often bring in leftovers or things to share). I read the package and mused "Creme filled wafer bar? Intriguing." I'd never heard the words "wafer" and "protein" used in the same sentence. But I remembered how much I used to love going to my grandma's house as a kid because she used to keep vanilla, chocolate and strawberry wafer cookies in the cookie jar.

These tasty, light crunchy wafers do remind me of those wafer cookies from my childhood. The peanut butter ones are sweetened with fructose and stevia. Stevia is a natural swetener with a sightly unusual taste that might be jarring if you're not used it. It's sweet, but doesn't taste quite like sugar, which is what I like about it. These bars are just sweet enough to be enjoyable, but not sweet enough that I would want to devour a whole box of them like I would a candy bar.

They are light and crispy, and perfect as a snack or a treat. They're only 10 grams of carbs and 5 grams of sugar [just over a teaspoon] - perfect if you're watching your carbs and want a sweet[ish] snack. I brought the chocolate one with me to the movies the other night, and while other people had their candy, I had my own "candy" to enjoy, without the suagr high and with the benefit of 13 g of portein. I can't see a big, buff muscley guy getting a lot out of them [men need more calories & protein], but for me, they are the perfect addition to my health and fitness plan.

The only thing I'd change [for nutritional purposes] would be to add more fiber. But I suppose adding that would affect the texture and possibly the taste.

My Week With Marilyn
My Week With Marilyn
Price: $2.99

35 of 47 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars 'A' for effort, but decidedly lackluster, March 30, 2012
First off, I tip my hat to Michelle Williams. She gave a valiant effort in trying to pull off an icon, but she only got it 50% right. What she DID nail was Marilyn's emotions: vulnerablility, insecurity, brokeness, and need to be loved. She painted a beautiful picture of wounded woman. Where she missed the mark big-time was in not nailing the charisma, sex appeal, bombshell MOVIE STAR quality that men were captivated by and women wanted to attain. Sorry, but Ms. Wiliams, as good of an actress as she is, simply lacks the glamour, punch and va-va-voom flair of an old Hollywood starlet. This was like casting Anne Hathaway to play Elizabeth Taylor - just wouldn't work. When playing someone famous, simply being a good actor won't do - you have to have at least *some* of the essence of the person being emulated. Marilyn was lost in her internal drama a lot of the time, but she knew how turn it on and sell the showgirl image for the cameras. Williams seemed to just be growing through the motions and looked painfully uncomfortable in any scene where Marilyn had to be "on". You get the sense that she's a painfully shy/quiet person and couldn't turn up the personality enough notches to be believable as a 50's movie star. This is where finding an actress who had a background in musical theater would have made a world of difference. [No one knows how to "sell it" better than a Broadway actress!].

The poor casting continued with Julia Ormond [laughably] as Vivien Leigh. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING about Ormond's looks and performance remotely resembled the icon america came to know and love as Scarlett O'Hara.

The only saving grace acting-wise is Kenneth Branaugh who nailed Sir Lawrence Oliver down to the very last crisply-accentuated syllable. Well done! Dougray Scott was pretty good as Arthur Miller, but [sadly] was not in many scenes.

Performances aside, the movie was slow, predictable, dull and felt inauthentic.
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John Masters Organics Zinc & Sage Shampoo with Conditioner
John Masters Organics Zinc & Sage Shampoo with Conditioner
Offered by b-glowing
Price: $20.00
7 used & new from $17.71

9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Smells great . . . but that's about it., February 1, 2012
I'd been looking high and low for a natural shampoo with zinc to control the seborrhaic dermatitis on my scalp. Pyrithione zinc shampoos work great, but they contain sulfates which make my [very thick, very curly] hair dry and frizzy. So I tried John Masters Zinc & Sage shampoo.

-Smells AMAZING . . . like caramel and vanilla. Seriously, you'll want to drink the stuff 'cuz it smells so much like a dessert.
- It's sulfate-free

- Did absolutely nothing for my flaky scalp; in fact, it made it even itchier.
- The word "conditioner" in the title is a joke, and nothing but a marketing ploy to make you feel like you're getting two products in an attempt to justify the price. There is nothing "conditioning" about this product. Could not get a comb through hair without using a seperate conditioner after this product. (This was not shocking, though, as I've never seen a shampoo/conditioner combo that works on curly hair).
- Didn't make my hair feel soft or clean
- The price - absolutely outrageous for a little 8 oz. product, especially one that doesn't work!

The percentage of zinc is not listed on the bottle, leading me to suspect that there isn't enough of it to make a difference.

I just ordered a bar soap containing zinc [Noble brand] to try on my face and scalp; we'll see how that works out.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (Two-Disc Special Edition)
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (Two-Disc Special Edition)
DVD ~ Kristen Stewart
Price: $8.82
88 used & new from $1.23

6 of 16 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Awkward, slow and cheesier than a grande quesadilla [**contains spoliers**], November 30, 2011
So I have seen all the other Twilight movies and have enjoyed them for exactly what they are: campy, mildly entertaining fantasy romance melodrama. I have not read the books, but knew what to expect plot-wise from this movie thanks to every magazine, news show, and email homepage that insisted on spilling Twilight "secrets" and ruining it for those of us who wanted to - I don't know - SEE what happens in the movie instead of having it's details babbled to us.

Anywho . . .

The Good:

There were a few very honest moments in the movie that I appreciated. 1) Bella being very nervous about her first sexual rendezvous with her new husband. On many of these teen shows and movies, people just hop into bed like it's no big deal. How they played this scene out, how tastefully it was done and the fact that they waited 'til marriage was beautiful and honorable. 2) Bella examining herself in the mirror the next morning through new de-virginized eyes. 3) Flashbacks of Bella's life as she is dying/in the process of being changed into a vampire. It really gives you the sense that one life is ending and another is beginning; it's a rebirth.

I also like that Jacob [Taylor Lautner] got a lot more screen time. I started off the series being "Team Edward" but am now squarely "Team Jacob". He's a waaaaaay better character than Edward: strong, assertive, and, uh . . . actually still alive! Of course the tanned six-pack doesn't hurt either. ;)

Some of the special effects were good (Bella's back breaking, making her look even thinner when sick and pregnant, her transformation to vamp).

I love how smartly they ended the movie (with a split-second shot of Bella's new vampire eyes). It definitely leaves you wanting to know what happens next and what the new Bella is like: How strong will she be? What special abilities will she have? And most importantly . . . will her acting skills improve?

The Bad [better pull up a chair for this part]:

Obviously, watching a movie about fictional creatures (vampires & werewolves) requires one to exercise a certain amount of suspended disbelief, but there were elements that were downright ridiculous (100+ year old dead guy impregnating someone), and MANY things that were inconsistent from movie-to-movie.
Exhibit A: When did Edward stop sparkling in the sunlight? Is this explained in the book? Sure, there were plenty of scenes where the weather was overcast, but how about when Edward and Bella were on a beach in broad daylight? I thought Edward's skin was supposed to be like diamonds - I guess when he's in a committed relationship he downgrades to cubic zirconium.
Exhibit B: The characters personalities are inconsistent from movie to movie. In the first two Tilight films, Jasper was played like in immature newbie vampire that was wrestling with his vegetarianess. Now all the sudden he's mature? His Southern accent seems to come and go as it pleases too.
Exhibit C: The werewolves seem to have shrunk dramatically. In the last movie, they appeared to be the size of clydesdale horses. In Breaking Dawn, they look roughly the size of your neighborhood guard dog. Not to mention the fact that they have entire conversations [telepathically, of course] in wolf form. Felt like they'd spliced in a scene from that Zookeeper movie with Kevin James.

More badness . . .
A VERY out-of-place cheesy wedding reception scene, chock full of sit-comy toasts from Bedwards' [Bella/Edwards] friends and family. I *almost* appreciate the attempt at adding some levity early on since the audience knows the movie will take a dark turn. But the result is awkward.

Three words: BELLA'S. WEDDING. DRESS. This was the most truly awful, cheap-looking garment I have ever seen in a film wedding in my life. I can't believe this was designed by Carolina Herrera. They must've run out of money after making all those cgi werewolves. It looked like the spandex leotard from a Halloween costume left in the clearance bin at the dollar store. Now if stick-figure Kristen Stewart couldn't make it look flattering, I can't imagine what it would like on a woman who actually eats breakfast. The sad part is, there is a scene where Bella dreams about the wedding before it happens, and the dress in the dream [different dress] is STUNNING. What happened to *that* dress - was it too fancy for the conscious Bella Swan?

And for the worst part . . .
Jacob "imprints" on Bella's half-vampire baby, Renesmee. Yes - that's right - an 18-YEAR-OLD dude falls instantly in love . . . with a newborn. Should I call the police, or will you do it?

Despite the cheese factor, the long, slow chunk of the movie that was spent on the honeymoon scenes, and the inconsistencies, will I still see BD Part 2? Sure. Why? Because it's likely to be much better than BD Part 1, which is the weakest of the Twilight films. And best case scenario, I might finally get an answer as to why a vampire and a werewolf would fight over a girl who has no life goals (other than to die), and constantly appears as though she is experiencing severe menstrual cramps.
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Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting
Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting
by Eve Adamson
Edition: Paperback
Price: $13.53
602 used & new from $0.01

226 of 229 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good advice, but do as she says, not as she does, October 4, 2011
There are a lot of negative reviews about this book, throwing out the A Word [anorexia], and full of people making a big stink about how Bethanny advises people take just a few bites of food. But here's the thing: if you want to lose weight, you basically have to decide what you want to sacrifice - quality or quantity.

By that I mean you can either choose to eat lots/large quantities of food, but it has to be low-cal healthy stuff [veggies, air-popped popcorn, fat free dairy, lean protein, nothing fried/sweetened/fatty, etc.]. In this case, you're sacrificing quality - meaning you're limiting (or eliminating) richer, tastier foods in favor of getting to eat more. This plan is great for those who like to consume in bulk.

The other option is to sacrifice quantity [this is the route Bethanny seems to advocate], meaning you can eat whatever you want, but must stick to small portions. I've observed that this is actually how most of my thin friends eat/drink. I used be jealous because they appeared to be able to eat whatever they want (and they do), but the difference is they stop when they're full (what a CRAZY concept, right?) and they're never the ones to have that second piece of pizza/cake/fried chicken.

All that to say, you can moan and complain all you want about Bethanny's portion-minded way of indulging but I guarantee that you will never find a weight loss book that's going to tell you that you can eat whatever you want, as much as you want because it simply can't be done.

Getting back to the book itself . . .


-Encourages you to indulge in the foods you want (in moderation). This is key. Deprevation almost ALWAYS backfires when it comes to weight loss/dieting. As I always say "Woman shall not live on rice cakes alone".

- Requires you to eat mindfully. Years of dieting can cause people to forget how to listen to their bodies. Getting re-familiar with hunger and fullness is important and can help you eat the proper amount of calories for YOUR body, as opposed to how much your friends/husband/kid/neighbor eats.

- Bethanny shows you a sample of what she eats in a given week/weeks. It's a good example of a balance of healthy foods and less healthy ones.

- There is freedom is not being on a "diet" and not having to cut out any food altogether.


- For those of us who have struggled with our weight for years, and especially people like me who battle binge eating, the concept of having say, 3 bites of a brownie is almost laughable. After all, if we had the restraint and discipline to stop at a half a bagel, we probably woulnd't be heavy to begin with. I imagine leaving some (or most!) of your food on the plate is something that would require LOTS of practice.

- She oversimplfies the impact of emotional eating and throws out only one brief sentence about getting professional help if you binge eat. This is CRUCIAL because if you are not in a sound place emotionally and psychologcially, all the other advice in the book becomes a moot point. It's almost impossible to take a balanced approach to eating if you're a wreck on the inside.

- This was the biggie for me, and the main reason [I think] why people cry anorexia over this book: Bethanny's food journal. While it's a good mix of healthier foods and treat foods, she doesn't eat anywhere CLOSE to a healthy amount of calories for a grown woman. My three year old neice quite likely consumes more calories than Bethanny does. Now I'm sure being in the public eye means that Bethanny is under pressure to be a few sizes smaller than the average [healthy] woman because well, thin is in, and the camera adds ten pounds. But the average woman reading this book is likely not an aspiring reality star, model or actress and doesn't need to subsist on merely the amount of food that falls off the table at a small dinner party.

My advice/verdict/summary? Fill up on healthy food, top it off with a few bites of the more indulgent stuff, be active as much as your schedule allows, and seek help if your emotions are getting in the way of making better choices for your body.
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