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Fruit Of The Earth 100% Aloe Vera 24oz Gel Pump
Fruit Of The Earth 100% Aloe Vera 24oz Gel Pump
Offered by AmericanWholesale
Price: $10.25
14 used & new from $9.03

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Aloe & Turmeric v/s Proactiv Chemicals, October 1, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I had some serious acne since 1.5 years. I used Proactiv and Proactiv+ for several months. I took its monthly membership to get rid of my acne after seeing all those brilliant looking people in their commercials. Yes, my acne was reduced but as soon as I stopped using Proactiv, it started again. I came to know that Proactiv doesn't cure the problem but just patches it up temporarily until you use it.
So I started finding herbal/non-chemical solutions which could take time but cure acne from its root.
I started using paste/mask of
-- Neem Powder + Lemon juice
-- Mango Turmeric powder + Neem powder + Lemon juice
-- Mango Turmeric powder + Sandalwood powder + Honey + Milk (Optional)

I applied mask twice/thrice a week, along with this Aloe Vera gel which I use every night without fail. At night, I wash my face with neem soap bar and extensively apply a good layer of this gel and leave it overnight. The results are showing up real good. The breakouts have stopped and now there is hardly any sign of new acne buildups. Though the old scars exists, they are showing signs of fading out.
One of my Indian friend recommended Vicco Turmeric Cream as daily face cream. So I am using it with nightly Aloe treatment since a month now and am happy to see the results.

I gave 4 stars to this product because it is doing the job which expensive chemical products failed to do. Once all my old marks are gone I would update my review and rating as well.

This is coming from my experience. I am not a doctor but just want others to benefit.


Proactiv Solution Advanced Blemish Treatment 0.33 OZ, 9.45g
Proactiv Solution Advanced Blemish Treatment 0.33 OZ, 9.45g
Offered by JCG Health & Beauty
Price: $22.15
3 used & new from $16.99

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars It's magic. Prevention is better than cure, November 27, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Magically amazing product.
My face was clean until I started facing this acne torture. This product is just amazing because as soon as you come to know or start feeling a tingling sensation under your skin, immediately apply this and wait for few hours. Boom.... it's done.
I started using Proactiv 3 step treatment recently but this (Proactiv Solution Advanced Blemish Treatment) product took me by surprise. I used Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Vanishing Acne Treatment, which works as well but Proactiv is way smoother and once it dries up it even fades the redness or scar color.
I would like to say that this works 101% on preventing acne/pimples to pop on your skin. Curing an existing pimple is a pain and time consuming task. This is all from experience. You only need little portion of this treatment to cover the affected area and so this tube lasts for a while though the quantity is less. This is not a moisturizer that you have to apply it all over your face.
Remember, prevention is better than cure. Go for it...

Mediabridge BASICS Series HDMI Cable (6 Feet) - High-Speed Supports 4K, Ethernet, 3D and Audio Return [Newest Standard] - 2 Pack
Mediabridge BASICS Series HDMI Cable (6 Feet) - High-Speed Supports 4K, Ethernet, 3D and Audio Return [Newest Standard] - 2 Pack
Offered by Mediabridge Products, LLC
Price: $12.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Tested with Roku 3 and HP Laptop (Mediabridge HDMI Dual Pack - Basic series), October 4, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Mediabridge cables have always lived to my expectation. I thought of using this basic series for the first time after comparing the difference between their Basic, Ultra and Flex series. I noticed that there is no difference in the picture quality but there is extra protection and the connection points have been made better in Ultra and Flex which has lifetime warranty. Basic series is cheaper than Ultra or Flex by almost half the cost and has only a year warantee.
I had a high quality expensive HDMI cable for Roku 3. I switched that cable with this and found the picture quality to be intact.

Quality at a reasonable price.
Cheaper than others. Don't compare these (Basic series) with those 2 bucks HDMI cables. These are far far better.
Firm connection points and 6 feet long cable.

I am using Mediabrige Ultra cable for PS3 since couple of years now without any issues. Though can't guarantee the same durability for this basic series as additional durability comes for additional price, though I can't compromise of picture/sound quality.
I am also using AmazonBasic cable for a device which is doing fine as well, but I prefer Mediabridge over AmazonBasic because it looks solid and well made.

There is nothing to deduct from its score/stars. So five stars *****. I have already recommended these cables for few of my friends and relatives.

No Title Available

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars You may like it but it's OK for me, August 15, 2013
I have several perfumes and the most I like is Armani Code and 1 Million. I do have Drakkar Noir, D&G One, Polo Red and few more.
Burberry London is no way near the first 2 which I like the most. Somehow I felt it is less masculine, may be my personal opinion but if you like any one of the perfumes I have mentioned above then you may like to pass on this. The fragrance gradually fades down and I like it more than the top note. I am able to sniff it after 3 hours as well, I guess it lasts for may be 4 hours.
I got this as a gift from my bro and I won't purchase it the next time. I may try John Varvatos instead.
Hope this helps. Cheers...

Update: August 21 2013 10:20AM
Yes, after using it often I have realized that the fragrance is bit flowery and so I had to spray and mix my D&G One to make it feel better. I have mentioned few perfumes so that readers could compare their taste with mine before purchasing. It's all about making the online experience more better as we are not able to try those samples which we can do at Sephora.

Thermaltake Mobile Fan II External USB Cooling Fan - Us
Thermaltake Mobile Fan II External USB Cooling Fan - Us
Price: $10.99
50 used & new from $10.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Magical fan for cooling PS3, February 7, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Excellent product. I have started using it with my PS3 slim and was monitoring it for couple of days since I bought it. It does its job pretty well as my PS3 hardly feels heated. I did some research before purchasing this product. People are also purchasing laptop cooling pad for PS3s which made no sense to me though lot many users say it works. PS3 slim's heat outlet is at the back and not at the bottom like laptops. Though I know PS3 heats a lot at the bottom. I placed this fan at the back near the heat outlet (fan grill almost touches the heat outlet) of my PS3 slim and using it as an exhaust than blowing air into the console. Results are simply amazing and it keeps my PS3 cool 'n healthy. I am using my PS3 on weekdays for almost 5 hours after office as it's ON since I step into my room. On weekends it is OFF when I sleep or not at home :). Important thing is I am not using the full speed of the fan but using somewhere near 75% its strength. FYI, I am a Software Engineer by profession.

This review is based on testing this fan with my Sony Playstation 3 slim. Though should do its job for any other device if used correctly.

1. Quality built. Doesn't feel cheap at all considering the price what we are paying here.
2. Does its job. 9.5 out of 10 for that.
3. Connector USB retractable cable ain't cheap. Good quality cable.
4. Fan speed control is really useful.
5. For PS3 users, just grab it and use it as an exhaust and not as a blower if possible. Simply keep it connected to your console and it will turn On and Off automatically as you use your PS3 because the USB ports are only powered when the console is On.

I am not sure if I could write it as a con but at a full speed this fan makes some noise. But if I am playing a movie or games at a decent volume it's hardly audible. I guess the performance of the fan is excellent and some noise is expected if it has to perform so well. It is clearly audible if there is no sound activity in the room, that means you better turn your console off than wasting power.

Also note that my PS3 is not in a closed cabinet. For users with devices in closed cabinet, should make a square hole in the cabinet from where this fan could exhaust the hot air inside the compartment.

Strongly recommended. If I see any flaws in this device I will update my review. It deserve 4.5 stars out of 5.

Cheers. Happy cooling...

LaCie Rikiki Superspeed 1 TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive 301952 (Black)
LaCie Rikiki Superspeed 1 TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive 301952 (Black)
Price: $149.99
9 used & new from $83.98

4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent hard drive. Still running strong after almost 2 years., January 31, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Bought this cute little drive on June 23, 2011 from Amazon as I had no faith in Seagate or WD. It is still running strong and perfectly fine. I never had any hiccups till date and have used it with different Windows operating systems.

Pros (from my experience:
1. Reliable for sure
2. Decently built
3. No sound while IO operations
4. Stylish
5. Compact

No cons, but Lacie is always expensive than Seagate or WD. But everyone knows that we have to spare some extra for Quality.

In future I may get Lacie 3TB. I think I am not going to change my mind for any other brands.


Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500 - Lochness Gray
Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500 - Lochness Gray
Price: Click here to see our price
60 used & new from $8.49

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Best amongst wired mouse, January 6, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I started using this mouse recently and have started liking it. There is nothing bad about this mouse and all its features work excellent. I recently stopped using my wireless keyboard and mouse because of it connectivity/sleep activation and precision issues in case of mouse (wireless). I ordered Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard as it was the best available wired keyboard from Mircosoft. Strangely it wasn't sold along with a mouse of same style and looks. So after looking for a while, I came across this mouse and thought of giving a try. They both go well looks wise. Following points would describe its pros and cons;

- Professional looks. Excellent styling and looks.
- Quality material. It has a mat finish and not glossy.
- Guaranteed precision pointing. Perfect movement and precision pointing which was one of the reason I moved to wired components.
- Scroll wheel is amazingly smooth and works perfectly fine. Important point to note is, download its configuaration software from [...]
Once you install this software cum drivers, you can configure the scroll wheel according to your requirement. I read reviews about scroll wheel not working properly but it's incorrect. Horizontal and Vertical scrolling works absolutely fine. Though remember it's a smaooth scroll and there is no clicks when you scroll vertically. I love it.
- Left button and Right button can be set in the configuaration software to ease our tasks. The default assigned purpose of these buttons is to go Forward and Back while browsing.
- So called its BlueTrack technology works well on wooden desk, paper and leather like material. Though keep in mind the mouse works on a light beneath it, so it won't work on transperent glass or mirrored surface according to the manual.
- Plug and play, No hassel. Basic feature like vertical scroll and pointer started working out of the box. For all other extra features install the software from the above link.
- Fairly priced, may be on the cheaper side.

- Personal opinion: the width on top of the mouse is bigger than most of them available in the market. I have a small hands though it's not a big deal, I may get used to it soon.

As expected from Microsoft, this product is a well built product with pro looks and that is why I prefer Microsoft over any other brand (even Logitech). Yes it costs more but what you get is what you pay for. I am a Software Engineer and have ordered this mouse for daily use at home. No more the mouse sleeps or looses its smooth pointing and also no more battery issues.
Though I recommend not to forget the installation of the software cum driver from Microsoft's website. Check out the images I have uploaded. So far satisfied. If I found any issues, I will update this review.

Happy pointing and scrolling :).
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Laptop Notebook Cooler Pad with 3 Fans
Laptop Notebook Cooler Pad with 3 Fans
Offered by Sanoxy
Price: $8.99
3 used & new from $8.99

4.0 out of 5 stars 100% Effective cooler pad., December 17, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)

I started facing issues with my 4 years old HP dual core laptop. I am into IT and connect my laptop to a large screen and work on it for several hours. Since 5 - 6 months my laptop started heating really bad and after almost 3 hours of non-stop use it started shutting down abruptly. The problem was heat and this product proved it could do magic.
With this product review here are some tips to resolve this issue without opening the laptop or spending any $ on professional cleaning services. Do it at your own risk, though my laptop is running like a horse in a derby.

- Purchase this product without any doubt
- Purchase dust buster spray
- Identify the heatsink outlets on your laptop.
- Spray dust buster inside the outlet from all possible corners.
- Keep this SANOXY pad on a solid stationary object/table and place your laptop on top of it and connect it.
- That's it, you won't see your laptop heating the way it used to be. Smile and enjoy your work.

About this product;
- Made with thin plastic material. Though it's solid enough to hold the weight of any laptop. I am using 15" HP Pavilion dv series with extended battery.
- 3 fans located at different positions.
- Important: Does its job of keeping your laptop cool which can now run for several hours. My laptop since I purchased this product never shut down on its own.
- The blue lights underneath are cool.
- All this in price of peanuts as compared to those highly priced products. Cost effective, this is almost 5 to 6 times lesser than other expensive products.

- This pad is too flexible and could bend easily. People looking for an option to place it on a lap should look for some another product. Fans are not protected with any cover as the back portion is open, so the fans will not work if you set this on your lap or if there is any obstruction. You get what you pay for, don't expect a Mercedes in a cost of Yaris though both serves the purpose.

You can't expect more at this cost. I have no idea about its durability but so far no issues at all. If I found any issues I would definitely update my review. 100% recommended for stationary use (not on your lap).

International Cricket 2010 (Ps3) (UK Version)
International Cricket 2010 (Ps3) (UK Version)
Price: $119.99
10 used & new from $34.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Awesome game - Works in USA with HDMI connection (PAL format), September 24, 2012
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
My experience playing this game is decent. Don't have high expectations but for a cricket fan this is really a treat. PS3 users have been really blessed that this game work absolutely fine irrespective of PAL format.

- Decent graphics
- Batting: Good shot selection. You can play several shots in the area you intend to play.
- Bowling: Swings/Cut deliveries are available. You can switch sides while bowling as well. Also you can change the field position according to your bowling strategy.
- Fielding: Ready field settings are available to change and select the field quickly.
- Grounds: There are many grounds available in this game, almost from all cricket playing countries.
- Match type: Test and One day matches are available. Minimum you can bowl for 5 overs in a One day match.

- Batting (Spoiler): Even a yorker ball can be pulled or hooked to boundry till then you time your shot well. The animation for such a shot is horrible because of the way the ball bounces.
- Batting (Spoiler): To hit fours and sixes to a fast bowler, just hit the loft button as soon as he delivers the ball from his hand. They could have made it better.
- Online gaming: Good that online gaming is available but you won't find any sessions to play with.

This game works well in USA though is of PAL format. I am playing on Sony Bravia HD LCD TV using HDMI connection. I am using AmazonBasics HDMI cable for connecting my PS3 to my TV. Also have tried MediaBridge HDMI cable and the game works absolutely fine with either.

For a Cricket fan this game is a must. You won't regret buying this game.

1 BlackMicro Fiber Bags
1 BlackMicro Fiber Bags
Offered by Sun's Out Shades
Price: $3.75
4 used & new from $0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Similar to Oakley micro fiber bag, July 15, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: 1 BlackMicro Fiber Bags (Eyewear)
Good bag and is similar to what you get after purchasing Oakley sunglasses. If you want a microfiber bag for your sunglasses, this is the one. Reviews which say it's an oridinary cloth, have not used such bags.
Nothing to lose at this cost. Cheers.

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