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Last Train Home
Last Train Home
Price: $10.89
29 used & new from $4.73

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4.0 out of 5 stars At the end of the day this is a good album., September 6, 2010
This review is from: Last Train Home (Audio CD)
It is sad that in the world of classic rock so many of our favorite people have passed away.
Life still goes on though and the music should as well. I don't know much about the new people in this band, but this is a really good boogie album, I think Lonesome Dave would approve. It is as good as any of the other Foghat albums. If you want some new blues/boogie rock music, this is worth getting.

A Posteriori
A Posteriori
Price: $9.00
62 used & new from $3.21

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nice mix of sound, February 22, 2007
This review is from: A Posteriori (Audio CD)
It was a little different than what I was expecting, but I liked it the first time through. I have always like Enigma and I think as time goes on, I like it more. There are some great modern sounds on this album, as well as some great grooves. I really like it.

Finding Forrester
Finding Forrester
DVD ~ Sean Connery
Offered by CAC Media
Price: $25.00
114 used & new from $0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Very good film with a simple plot, February 8, 2007
This review is from: Finding Forrester (DVD)
I really enjoyed this movie a lot. There is not a lot of action, special effects or mystery, but there is a good story here. Poor inner city boy with talent gets to meet his hero and a friendship / mentorship developes. What really makes this movie tick is the fine acting and the great character developement. The whole film has a nice pace and a good atmosphere to it. I think the acting is superb and Sean Connery gives his best performance since The Name of the Rose. I had a hunch this would be good.

Offered by MediaNett
Price: $19.59
38 used & new from $2.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of my favorite Pink Floyd albums., February 5, 2007
This review is from: Animals (Audio CD)
I recently got a new copy of Animals, since my original copy got lost. I have always liked this album a lot.

I think it is one of their most musical albums, without being played to death. I could not really say which one is their best album, as that is really a matter of personal taste. I like this one because it is their most guitar-jam oriented. My thoughts..

Pigs On The Wing 1: short, more of an album opener, than a real classic Floyd song.

Dogs: This to me is the heart of this album, great bluesy guitar work from David Gilmour, and a lot of just great musical moments in general. I like the way it changes feel several times in the song. Good lyrics too. Considering this song is 17 plus minutes, it never falls flat or gets boring, thats the test of good players.

Pigs (Three Different Ones): I like it, but it is pretty played out on radio, it seems I some how hear this song almost every day, on every classic station, and evan on satellite radio. I will say it is a good song though.

Sheep: My second favorite, lots of great moments, from the spacey keyboard intro, to the heavy middle section, to the end guitar section. This one really goes places. Some of the best keyboard playing that Rick Wright has ever done.

Pigs On The Wing 2: much like first version, I guess this is the album closer, to tie it altogether


Evan if you don't like Pink Floyd, I think they really are very good musicians, and make a lot of unique music, that few others would attempt. I won't go into details about the concept of the lyrics,

because so many others have here. It really think it is great.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jan 13, 2011 1:27 PM PST

tomorrow is the answer
tomorrow is the answer
Price: $16.79
5 used & new from $8.33

24 of 24 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Some good music after you trim the fat a bit, February 5, 2007
This review is from: tomorrow is the answer (Audio CD)
Like most albums this one has it's share of good moments, and some I don't like that much. What gives it a kick start is the fact that out of 120 plus minutes, evan if you threw half of it away, you still have over 60 minutes of good stuff, and thats a lot. For me I liked almost two thirds of the music here. So here are my humble thoughts of the music.

"Ibiza Sunrise", well it's not my kind of thing, but it's a pretty good Trip-Pop song for what it is.

"Heal + Atone", this is one of the reasons I got this CD, a real good song, put together in an very interesting sectional way.

"Baby, I Know That You Know", it's a modern dance/ club song.

"Travelling", My favorite song on the album, slow, ethereal mood song with some unusual surprises in it.

"Hell to Pay', Eh, it's ok, not my kind of thing.

"Blue Haze Around the Crescent Moon", Very cool (in the literal sense) catchy groovin' Jazz song, perfect for the lounge crowd.

"Behind the Mask", Powerful world beat rock song, good lyrics too.

"William and Marie's Prayer", A slow thick ambient song, I like it for the first 5 minutes, it's pretty good, but it is around 10 minutes.

"Blow", The long version on disc two, is the real good one.

Disc 2

"Caravan to Infinity", I love it, a Moroccan infused groove/Jazz track, mostly instrumental, nice sax.

"Blow (extended mix)", This is the good version with the long electronic improv section at the end.

"Behind the Mask (extended mix)", My second favorite, a very long version with a Middle Eastern intro jam and a psychedelic end jam. I like this kind of music, you don't hear this kind of music too often.

"Blue Indigo/Blue Haze Around the Crescent Moon", the same as the short version, except with an extended jazzy-bluesy intro. I like the shorter version on disc 1 better though.

"On Through the Night" a very old bonus track, 80's-ish techno-rock, not bad.

"Neon Nocturne", one more bonus track, I really like this dark, moody swaggery one. Perfect late night music.

"Baby, Don't You Follow", A breezy blues-ish song, nice change of mood here.

"Head in the Sand", More bonus stuff, nice groove and space echo guitar on this one.

That's it.

Shack Man
Shack Man
Offered by Golden Bay Media
Price: $9.19
109 used & new from $0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars The groove never stops, February 3, 2007
This review is from: Shack Man (Audio CD)
This is my third MMW CD, and I cant really pick a favorite, but I like this one a lot. The funky B3 always sounds so great and soulful. The cool grooves really set a mood the puts me in my own soulful mood. There are quite a bit of styles here, I hear some hiphop along with the funk stuff. The best tracks are "Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus" and "Bubblehouse". "Friday Afternoon in the Universe is also a good album.

Sony Cybershot DSC-T10 7.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Steady Shot Zoom (Black)
Sony Cybershot DSC-T10 7.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Steady Shot Zoom (Black)
6 used & new from $25.97

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Pleased, February 3, 2007
I wanted a good quality consumer grade digital camera to take on short trips, so I purchased this one. I think the quality of the picures is very good and it has most of the features I wanted. It was a few dollars more than I really wanted to spend, but all in all I am pleased. My main complaint is the battery life is a little on the short side, and it takes a while to see the photo you just took on the lcd screen. I really want something to hold me for about two years, by then these things will be twice as good for a fraction of the cost. For now it does what I need it to do pretty well.

The Three Stooges DVD Collection (Curly Classics / Spook Louder / All the World's a Stooge)
The Three Stooges DVD Collection (Curly Classics / Spook Louder / All the World's a Stooge)
DVD ~ Moe Howard
5 used & new from $8.89

5.0 out of 5 stars Still funny, January 30, 2007
Some people think this stuff is silly, but it always makes me laugh. I am starting a dvd collection of varioius movies and old tv shows, this is the perfect addition. Works out to about 5 dollars an episode, can't beat that.

I would like to collect all of them, the ones with Shemp Too!

Offered by CD Warehouse 817
Price: $25.00
40 used & new from $1.60

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5.0 out of 5 stars Electro jam music that rocks, January 27, 2007
This review is from: Neu! (Audio CD)
My favorite music is free form type of stuff, so hearing "Hallo Gallo" made me buy this CD. I have heard this band before but never bought anything by them in the past. This is a hard album to put in a catagory, maybe 70's Krautrock?? This album is a perfect example of how much you can do with a little when you know a lot. There is not much in the way of melodies, but the sonic structure is what makes this record. The fact that there are guitars on this album, really give it a dynamic push/pull that most electronic music lacks. There is a balance of beautiful weirdness and improvisational structure that has it's roots in much 60's psychedelic music, the make up the heart of this music. Truly unique.

Moroccan Roll
Moroccan Roll
18 used & new from $3.49

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Not what I expected, but it is very good., January 27, 2007
This review is from: Moroccan Roll (Audio CD)
I purchased this album based on the sound clips, the cover art ( a western world man walking down a Moroccan street) and the album title ( 'Morooccan' Roll). I was expecting a mix of Moroccan world music and rock/fusion. The first song "Sun In The Night' is very much what I had expected, the rest of the album is not. I was a bit disapointed at first, but what is here is some SUPERB 70's fusion music. The playing is totally hot on a true virtuoso level, and this album really grew on me. I am a big fan of any kind of jam music Jazz, Rock Fusion, whatever and there are many great moments on this album. It is hard to believe that at one time people made this kind of music. On this album Phil Collins does what he does best - play fantastic drums. I don't konow the other musicians, but the play great as a unit. This was a great accidental find.

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