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SMALLRIG ® 1/4" Male to 1/4" Male Threaded Screw Adapter (2-pack)
SMALLRIG ® 1/4" Male to 1/4" Male Threaded Screw Adapter (2-pack)
Offered by SmallRig
Price: $5.99
2 used & new from $5.99

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Must Have Screw Adapters, February 11, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Well most of my ratings are a bit long but this one is simple…

5 Stars

I started my quest for these the day I bought an Action Cam. I really needed to mount it in a place where a small screw could only go though I didn't want to use a single poll type threaded unit as I needed a stop point on both ends. Then I found these and I will say they go like hot cakes so get them when you can and order an extra one or two as well (I wish I did the first time around).

These screws have many uses, I mostly use them for small led lights, extra male to male screws needed for holding anything and everything around my cameras. I currently use these to hold my mini tripod heads to stands, mic clamps, extension rods, tripod head plates for wireless audio receivers needing to be mounted to my shoulder rig and so much more.

Perfect, durable and thus far they have been a quality product for my video camera "if only I had" needs. The only bad thing is you never have enough of these little guys.

Pelican 0915 Black SD Memory Card Protective Case Replaces 0910
Pelican 0915 Black SD Memory Card Protective Case Replaces 0910
Offered by Norman Camera & Video
Price: $18.49
74 used & new from $14.45

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Newer version of an older but trusted case, February 11, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I'll start off by saying I have the old case this one replaces, so with that said I'll add a few comparisons in this review.

Overall: 4 Stars

Size: 5 Stars

Length (915) - 5 5/8" - Length (910) - 5" So the 915 is an extra 5/8" This includes the little clip holder on both.
Width (915) - 3 1/4" - Width (910) 3 1/4" Same
Height (915) - 7/8" - Height (910) - 7/8" Same

Now I've read about this case being "bigger" than the older case, well it is a bit bigger… in length but let's put this into real perspective and not subjective perspective. The older case is 5 inches in length, the new one is 5 5/8" so sorry, 5/8" is not as huge as some are making it out to be. What you get for that extra 5/8" is the difference of 8 SD cards in the old 910 case and 12 SD cards in the new 915 case. I'll take the 5/8" bigger case to hold 4 extra SD cards because I have and use 4-6 SD cards per camera so it's a big difference to have enough room to hold my SD cards such as 6 for camera A and 6 for the B camera in one case, one place, done.

Weight: 5 Stars

The new 915 is a bit lighter than the 910 even with both fully stocked with SD cards so if you travel this shouldn't matter, which brings up the next two subjects being the actual case material and the internal insert material.

Case: 4 Stars

The new 915 is a bit lighter due to two factors even though it holds more SD cards. First, the 915 has a different type of case material, it looks and feels different than the 910 case does. Now all though it is lighter I will question how durable it will be over the long haul. Even the case has been designed different and how this will effect the energy dispersion of an impact will be one of those if and when it happens we will know type of events. Based on the 910 I was pretty confident it could handle a good drop or roll in a backpack, the 915 I will be a bit more careful with thus this would be where a 4 Star Rating would be.

The Second part, the insert gets 5 Stars from me. I like the foam that the 915 came with. Nice to place the cards in without smashing them in place or flexing them more so in the 910 with the rubber insert. I personally didn't find the rubber insert as good as a soft rubber, my 910 had a harder rubber insert and quality seemed to vary heavily in the 910 inserts from tough to nice and soft. I always felt my cards might chip, bend, crack to some extent with the 910. The 915 to me seems to be an improvement (at least with the unit I received) as it wasn't too soft yet firm enough to keep the SD cards in place. So for now until time shows a difference I like the 915 insert which lastly is where the lighter weight most likely comes from.

So between the 4 Stars and the 5 Stars for the case we get 4 1/2 for the case as an overall to be fair.

Okay, the last two are part of said case however merit their own rating, the latch and hinge.

Latch: 5 Stars

I know on my older 910 (I would give it a generous 4 Stars) the latch would catch from random time to time on stuff and of course unlatch leaving my cards exposed.
I very much like the new 915's latch. It seems to fit flush and at a more even level to the bottom of the case and not hang down or over the side. This will in an event be unlikely to chip if it gets caught, dropped or something worse, open up in travel or on site.

Hinge: 3 1/2 Generous Stars

I feel that the weakness of the 915 case will be the hinge in the long run as it is not built or designed as part of the case like most other Pelican cases have deflection fins/ribs to absorb the impact/energy from a hit, biff or drop. The 910 case had a wonderful hinge design where it was reinforced all along the edge and could handle a good drop (mine did and still looks brand new) because it was integrated into the case as one not a separate extended chunk of a piece of material sticking out essentially unprotected (it has a top and sides of said hinge unprotected). Really poor design from a company that prides itself on impact resistant cases.

Sorry to say but if you are the designer of this case reading this review section, function over form for a Pelican product is required verses poor comprehension of the design process where form needs to stand out. Molds are easy to design, I know first hand about this, any excuse or reason otherwise would require a repeat enrollment back to remedial kindergarden art class. I'm guessing by the way these hinges were made that visit should be made sooner rather than later.

Okay so while no product is flawless Pelican had a very good product, the 910 and should have built on that very product which given the raw materials available, would be easy…well should have been.

The 915 while having improvements such as extra storage capacity, weight reduction, using foam verses rubber inserts to reduce vibration and retaining that snug fit, a better latch system may just suffer from a badly designed hinge and only over use and time will anyone be able to tell how the 915 case will hold up or last.

I like where the 915 is headed, thus 4 Stars as it is… but just remember it's not built like a 1620 case or their better cases but for what it is, it works until it doesn't.

Pelican 1620 Case with Foam for Camera (Black)
Pelican 1620 Case with Foam for Camera (Black)
Price: $213.92
44 used & new from $139.99

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great, when it's new!, January 20, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I will start off by letting people know one important thing first…This Pelican case (actually all of them) should ship in an original Pelican box with printing on it (I will be uploading photos). Why? This is right from Pelican, all their products that are new come in a box with colored printing and the Pelican stamp so one can be assured it is a genuine, brand new Pelican product. My first case from Amazon arrived in a beaten up Amazon brown box, no original box, no pick & pluck padding and it looked as if it was dragged across a baseball field. After calling Pelican first to verify how one should expect their cases to arrive even if ordered through Amazon, I knew it was time for a return and enter stage left, the real new Pelican 1620 from Amazon.

Shipping: This second 1620 unit was packaged very well, shipped with and inside the original Pelican box (Red & Black printing of product) and then in an Amazon box. Complete with all the foam, including documentation and in excellent shape. So 5 Stars this time around.

Outside Construction: The case, handles and wheels are in excellent shape. The handles are located in very good positions and sturdy so I don't think they will break off, bend or chip in the near future. The Wheels seem very durable and do not hang over the side edges ready to catch things around the ground by accident. The pull out handle, very nice and to add to the over all fit and finish of the handle, wheels and size of the case, this doesn't seem to wobble like some cheap luggage case would even if it is packed full of equipment. 4 Stars for the exterior layout.

Latches: While this is considered the outside of the case it really needs it's own review section. The latches are truly top notch. Deflection ribs that really will protect and safeguard the latches for a long time and not made from some cheap plastic materials. The latches are easy to lock into place and secure, which once you latch them yourself you will understand when I claim an excellent status. The unlocking action is also excellent. The latches are robust, far from delicate and give off a snapping sound be it latching or unlatching the lid on this case. Four (4) latches in total so one knows their gear is safe and the lid is tight and in place. 5 Stars

Internal Area: Very good storage area. Wheels and the slide out handle are not impacting the interior space like on some smaller units which is nice and helps maximize storage space. I really like the depth on this unit as it allows to store some bigger pieces of video gear while keeping it safe. The walls seem very sturdy and based on Pelicans claims should hold up through the test of time. 5 Stars

Foam: Six (6) layers of foam, all separate ready to customize! One of the most important and key parts. I like the pick & pluck type of foam in this unit. For my application it works perfect. One can either use toothpicks to outline a piece of gear or use a white colored pencil (very lightly) and then start picking away. Many have said how long foam takes to layout, well with this case it was only the top layer of foam to layout and then the rest was easy. Once you have everything laid out on the top 2 1/4" piece of foam (that's the time consuming part, knowing your layout) then just rest or place that on the other layers and pick one layer at a time until you have the depth you need, simple. I will note again, this unit has six (6) layers of foam. One (1) would be the lid egg crate type, four (4) makes up the main case foam which is about 2 1/4" each and then a one (1) inch bottom layer of the non pick & pull type of foam. When you pick & pluck go one row smaller on one side and see how your item fits. You want it snug but not jammed in to tight. You can always go bigger or fine tune but adding is not as fun or functional (you might in time lose a few non glued pieces). As of right now I think this is one of the best foam options in a Pelican case because of the four (4) main layers of padding and the very bottom (solely for protection) fifth piece of foam. I also like, for those that don't know, the outer edge of foam is about an 1 1/2" thick before the pick & pluck even starts so you don't get to close to the edge making sure things stay protected like they should. Last, the foam feels like it will absorb a good amount of vibration but to be sure I personally store my larger video camera at the top (pullout handle) end of the case so the foam can do it's job by isolating any vibration travel. 5 Stars

Overall: Excellent, so why four (4) Stars? I can't give 4 1/2 from Amazon. Small things that add up. While the case seems very well constructed the lid leaves me with a few questions because I would have thought it would be a bit more reinforced. Once it is placed down things will get stacked on top of it and not perfect (think about air travel abuse). Also placing screws into a lid where the molded plastic could have a simple "U" clip to attach a strap(s) instead of screws for the accessory panel makes me ask why alter a solid piece or allow others to alter said piece? Maybe that's just me however after seeing a friends family own and run a molded injected plastics company this can be done if it was designed that way, simple fact. A few other fit & finish things like the pullout handle could be padded like the other handles but more so the latch that holds the handle seems like a last minute thought to a great design that most military personal use. The wheels, while you don't get the roller wheels because those will wear down depending on the terrain you pull this case through, a bit larger wheels help disperse vibration. So while the outer part of the wheel could be nice a hard the inner part could be a different material, just as strong but a bit more effective. Back to the pullout handle, I know I don't have this case loaded down like the specs claim it can be I question the overall strength of the handle long term. I know the shell can take the abuse (the material) but say there is 100lbs loaded and realistically one grabs the upright travel handle to start walking (please, don't type back about not walking by and just grabbing the handle, we all do this), I have to ask, will this snap, flex to a stress point or hold up with travel over time. I have traveled with my gear 26 weeks straight and less than good equipment really works the nerves. I feel the core points on this unit will last yet they could be better or improved. That leads to the next statement but not factored in as I bought this model regardless but it needs to be mentioned (since it's not mentioned on many vendor sites).

Since this case is designed for protection, the one thing that I'm not 100% sure about and at this time I haven't received a definitive answer from Pelican or another vendor for that matter, is this case the newest model where the shell is of two pieces and bubble filled between (simple description), better latches and the ribs to absorb impacts. As I understand it the ribs have been updated on several models, the latches have as well and the overall case has a better protection level.

Does that mean this one is less of a quality unit, no. Updated information would be very welcome though because I don't want to assume one construction method is used and if something happens I expect one response and receive another because there are differences. I would still buy this unit, actually I bought another 1620 unit though I would buy from another top photo/video vendor because I'm very tired of dealing with huge price fluctuations from Amazon. If I buy direct from Amazon it should be one price across the board not a forty dollar ($40) difference from something I bought before (very recently and actually the price changed by the time this shipped, so one day).

So I hope this helps and once my cases are stocked I will upload photos. Any Questions just ask away…
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Aputure MagicRig Video Stabilizer Shoulder Support
Aputure MagicRig Video Stabilizer Shoulder Support
Offered by fotodiox Inc.
Price: $44.95
5 used & new from $44.84

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Magic Rig Very Good Starter Rig, November 30, 2012
As the Title states, this is a really nice starter rig and I'll go over why below.

I'll start with the Overall rating, Four (4) Stars. I will take away one (1) Star for the mounting plate as this is it's only weakness. This is not the greatest plate setup I've used and I wouldn't feel to good about mounting my D7000 on it for a long time or at certain angles. To be fair though I'm use to using Manfrotto plates and not thinking twice about putting my camera upside down or even my Sony NX70U on a Manfrotto unit. This mounting system/base plate setup would be good for a P&S or Action Cam at best. The unit I have once you loosen the side turn knob lets the plate slide right out even with the safety button in place. I tested this out with my Action Cam which can take a tumble or two. Aside from that it's made really well for what it is. I will replace the plate setup with another and that is simple, just loosen the lever, lift and remove. The whole rig is nice like this, read more below.

Stable: Excellent, very stable for any person to hold and use. This is a big plus for using at family events, school plays where a steady hand could be welcomed. The shoulder pad is a firm rubber material and should last very well over the long haul.

Construction: Excellent for this price range and even higher. Everything on the unit I received was metal except the end caps which are plastic and that for myself is a good thing. If they were metal and got scraped it would leave gouges or the like and ruin a nice small light rig. The tubes seem sturdy, the levers are all metal (big bonus) and with that said I don't have to crank down on them or fear them breaking anytime soon. The grip, if you have ever ridden a bicycle then you know how a handgrip feels. I don't think this one will fall apart quickly yet if it gets dirty it will cleanup very nice. The paint seems like it will last and not scrape off so long as you loosen the levers accordingly and a big bonus, it's super light, not heavy so even a kid could use this with ease if need be.

Adjustment: Excellent again. This rig will let you adjust everything every which way one could think of. This rig will really allow you to customize to your needs be it your body comfort when holding it or just for a shoot where it needs to be angled in a specific way. Everything moves once the levers are loosened with no drag or having to torque things around which is really nice. Now once you set things up they also stay put without having to crush the levers down past the point of no return making life pleasant. Last for this category, if you think the shoulder pad can be placed on top of your shoulder think again. It's not meant for that but more for a front shoulder brace which is also adjustable to an extent.

Fit and Finish: Excellent minus the base plate. How big is this rig? Small enough to fit in a shoe box size 12. The small size is great for travel, storing or even having to set this up and placing it solo. Those with small hands will enjoy it just as much as those with large hands. I have mine folded up in the box it came in and it takes maybe (being very generous) five (5) minutes to setup or break down. The paint is smooth, even and doesn't have that rubbery feel like cheap paint. So, I will add another category below...

Durability: Since I just got this I'll project based on the fit & finish and update after the middle of the 2013 Summer since that will ultimately end up in a "Longevity" category. Ok, based on the feel of the rig as of now I feel it will clean up nice with a simple wipe down and since it is so easy to adjust I would go the extra five (5) minutes and take it apart, wipe it down to make sure all the areas are dirt/dust free for long life regardless of this being a really good deal price wise. Back to the plastic caps, this is a plus as Lowes carries these caps so if they need to be replaced it will be cheap and add continuous protection for the rods. Aside from a 150lb person falling on this this rig should give long term use if one takes care of their stuff. I will stress again for the last time the base plate will not last if you have to keep removing the camera that is mounted so save up and replace that as soon as you can. On to the next and last part...

Add-on's: Excellent possibilities. Plan things out for the future... This little rig has room for adding a light bracket arm, an off camera flash unit, a microphone or a small lcd view finder. Add another handle/grip if need be or if you are adventurous, get another one and make one little giant of a rig from the two (I have too say it) minus the base plate, sorry.

Excellent overall, light weight, small, compact, easy to hold onto and well thought out all for a great price. Four (4) Stars for this rig.

Twelve South HoverBar for iPad - Adjustable arm for iPad (2nd, 3rd and 4th generation)
Twelve South HoverBar for iPad - Adjustable arm for iPad (2nd, 3rd and 4th generation)

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Twelve South iPad 2 Arm, November 30, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
After a good amount of research looking into a product that would give me a stable adjustable arm for my iPad 2 this Twelve South product delivered. This is a review after a good amount of time has passed because with some products, they start off strong and fade soon after. Not this product, it's staying strong.

It's simple, easy to adjust, made very well and above all does what it's intended to do, hold your iPad next to your iMac in a safe and adjustable manner, nothing more, nothing less.

Starting with Space Saver: Excellent, no stand to take up extra desk or table space. Simply mount it to your iMac and adjust it, done. Easy to dust around for those thinking about more than just space saving and cleans up nice if need be.

Assembly: Very Easy so Excellent: Gives you plenty of ways to assemble which also leads into adjusting to your needs. Take your time, put it together one piece at a time and things are fine. I've read reviews about trying to mount this with everything all in place and I just have to ask why make things difficult and then rate a product low because the "buyer" didn't assemble it the easy way.

Build Quality: Very good from simplicity to fit & finish. The materials used seem to be top quality for what this product is designed to do, hold an iPad snug and allow one to adjust it to their liking. Metal where metal should be such as the arm, the bracket that attaches to said surface though it really is designed to accompany an iMac first and foremost and then the iPad plate that holds the iPad. Is the plate snug? Yes, why would you not want it to hold an iPad secure, that would cause some complaints about rubbing the iPads surface so those addressing the it's really snug comment need to understand it's main purpose. As far as snug, when taking the iPad out just slightly push down on the iPad, not hard but a bit and slowly lift "UP" then back with the top mount. This works very well on my iPad 2 and no marks have happened.

Side Note: Those complaining it won't fit an iPad with a case or cover should really think about that statement. Do you know how many covers would have to be accommodated for? That's a rhetorical question but then the iPad would not fit safe in said mount because of some poor choice of a cover or case. So again it fits much better than those you see at the local music store where if tilted it can fall out, no thanks this Twelve South works just fine.

Ok the Clamp: This holds tight to the iMac stand and is made really well and I don't see this breaking anytime soon. I have read a review about it being difficult or too tough to tighten down, nonsense. I asked my mom to tighten this piece down for two (2) reasons: She has severe neck damage from an accident which effects her grip and at times certain movements will cause issues of discomfort. I asked if she could evaluate this part without causing her any stress which she did and was fine. The second part: Could this be adjusted by almost anyone not knowing how or really what to do, yes and yes.

Design: Excellent execution of a specific design. This is really for one purpose, extend an area next to your iMac. This works very well in either Landscape mode or Portrait mode depending on your taste of view point. Also the unit can be mounted on either side, again your choice.

Stability: Very stable. I use a stylus for my iPad when this is mounted to the Twelve South. I also understand this isn't a mount that I can hang my arm from, it wasn't designed for that nor is it designed to hold a ton of weight like a small TV. This stays in place whether I type or use my stylus but keep in mind it's not a desk top either so be realistic with considering your needs.

Aside from what this is made to do, all those reviews knocking stars because of it's lack of your wants and needs it's really simple, don't rate this product based on things outside the parameters of it's purpose. Your car can't fly, it drives or if you were only a bit taller to whatever, it has a specific purpose and it does it very well. Look around, there are more products out there that cost double to triple that will still leave you wanting or needing more.

Over All this gets an Excellent rating and if I upgrade my iPad 2 which I don't plan on doing however all you need to do is buy a new plate holder, not the whole thing so it has room to grow, maybe even for an iPad Mini now, who knows but just enjoy it for what it is. A quality product for mounting other quality products.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Dec 2, 2012 3:32 PM PST

No Title Available

18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Nice video head for a smaller video recorder UPDATED 2/13, December 5, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
After using this for some time during the summer months and into the fall I have to say I wish I bought this long ago.

Nice smooth action once you get use to it's behavior. I say this since it can be a bit of a snug feel when panning even after you use it for awhile which is fine that it has stayed nice and snug so I know it won't "wear out" too soon. The vertical adjustments are really nice and the long adjustable handle makes this function with little effort.

UPDATE: 2/2013

I have listed below what I have used with this Tripod video head in two sections, from October 2012 which is some new gear and then prior to this update which is what I have used since I first bought the 701.

I am now using a Sony NX70U and full XLR mics (10/2012). I have also used this 701 unit over 500 hrs., closer to 600 hrs. and it still feels like new. I am not one to toss around my gear and yet it has traveled with me for 18-26 weeks straight, two (2) years in a row and no issues. It has also held up in winter conditions filming different dogs in the snow and some winter rec vehicles as well. I have not been keeping track of my personal use hours with this 701 unit.

This up coming 2013 spring/summer I am planning on testing this 701 unit while mounting a new Shape Spider shoulder rig (about 3lbs) and the Sony NX70U (about 3lbs with largest battery, mic and lens hood) and seeing how it all balances out and how the 701 holds up with about a total of 5-7lbs balanced out (including a wireless mic receiver pack). So with all things considered this unit has held strong for small to mid size cameras and it will remain with me even if I need to upgrade purely because of weight additions for my gear requirements. I wouldn't think twice to use this for a small A cam or a small B camera, anything from the Sony NX70U, Canon XF100 or any small Panny camera and XLR mic.

I have also used this with my D7000 and a 70-200 lens with no issues. Everyone who has used this when I pull it out tells me the same thing, what a great tripod head and even better once I mention how affordable it is for what it offers.

I will say that with more weight added the head moves smoother in the panning and if you are not use to panning, grab a huge thick rubber band and use that to help pan by pulling it from one side to the other as this absorbs drag or energy from moving and aids to a smoother pan for beginners. This unit still is very snug which is nice so for me the extra hours of break-in I thought would loosen the pan action up has not mattered and thus even though I do like it, I still give it a 4 stars in this area because it could be a bit looser per se.

Gear Used: (prior to October 2012) I have a Canon HF-S21, wide angle lens which adds a good amount of weight, sitting on top of this with a Rode VideoMic so by me stating "smaller" in the title you will be able to understand that the head works well with this size/weight of a camera.

Fit & Finish: Very good fit on my tripod. This head seems to be made nice and strong so I'm willing to say that it won't wear out in the near future. I've put well over 115 hours using it and it still feels and acts like new.

Cost Factor: I think this is well within the price being sold for and unless you need a head that will hold double the weight as this one can, save your money by buying the 701 and buy some extra flash cards, lights or other items needed.

Issues: Nice and snug can also be a bit much if your tripod is too light, which mine can be as this head would benefit by being mounted on a set of legs with a bit of weight on them so panning would not allow the tripod to crawl at times. Simple fix is just hold the side of the tripod until you move the head even the smallest bit, once you get going it's all good. I'm thinking that after a couple hundred hours it should move really well or some heavier legs will do the same. One can also use the old "weighted down" tripod method and save some cash while the head breaks in.

Over all I'd recommend this every time if you have a smaller camera, don't need a big budget head unit and want quality right from the start.

Canon WD-H58 Wide Converter Camcorder Lens
Canon WD-H58 Wide Converter Camcorder Lens
Offered by TheBestDealsToday
Price: $299.99
6 used & new from $159.00

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Quality but at a price and some weight, December 5, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This lens lives up to all of the feedback on the web which is a quality piece of glass but it does come at a price, and some weight. The lens fits nice on my Canon HF-S21 however it does add a good amount of weight. To compare the weight it seems to be about the same as my 16-85mm DSLR lens or a tad bit more.

Performance wise, this gives a nice crisp focus with no distortion that I can see or tell throughout the zoom range. I wish I knew before hand about how much field of view it could add to a scene so I'll add some perspective, about 8 feet maybe 10 as compared to without it when at the widest view (angle) in a 12x22ft room. This has helped out a great deal for capturing a wider viewing area both indoors and outside at some events I was at this summer. I haven't taken this lens off because I don't want to disrupt the threads since I put it on the camera therefore I'm not sure of the quality at that end and if it could hold up being removed a few times a month if needed (not sure why one would but I thought I should mention it).

Build quality is solid, metal and glass. Nothing of poor or low quality at all. My only non tech issue is the price, this seems high compared to the rest of the wide angle Canon lenses in their lineup. The last issue is that Canon doesn't even offer a hood lens for this unit as one would need to be snapped on so it becomes almost impossible to find something that fits without being modified to a degree. My only solution would be purchase an extra lens cap and find a hood to mount around that once the cap itself was cut away leaving just the ring.

Quality wise 4 stars because of the weight and lack of a lens hood. Price wise is also 4 stars because this seems like a special jab considering all the wide angle lenses before were reasonable priced and $100+ less.

Moshi FireWire 800 to 400 Adapter (99MO023901)
Moshi FireWire 800 to 400 Adapter (99MO023901)
Offered by outfitYOURS
Price: $14.95
19 used & new from $9.99

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Must have connecter adapter, December 5, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I've had this for some time now and it is a must have to connect any FireWire 400 peripheral be it a hard drive, camcorder or the like when all you have is a FW800 port(s).

This adapter fits really nice, snug and can be positioned how needed so as to not place any stress on the end of the cable or FW port.

Best simple solution that can travel with you or stay at home.

Rode VideoMic Directional Video Condenser Microphone w/Mount
Rode VideoMic Directional Video Condenser Microphone w/Mount
Offered by Kellards
Price: $149.00
17 used & new from $139.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic for the price, December 5, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Great product! I have used this mic since spring/summer of 2010 and each time I wonder if it will handle a situation and it continues to amaze me. The Rode VideoMic was able to deliver and pickup the sounds of a Qui Gong Master performing an exercise/lesson/demo while outside and having me stand about 25-30ft away while clicking his fingers behind and on his head with crisp, distinctive sound when played back. I couldn't believe it captured the sound which now makes me wonder, what would the audio have been like using the DeadCat for the wind reduction. That is next on my wish list for sure.
This little unit was also put through a test when video recording a friends wedding and the minister turned off the sound system on me and I was left to record only the sound that was being presented without a direct connect. That was in a balcony, around 100ft away. It did a fair job, well more than I could have asked for and I'm not sure another mic would have even performed that good. A simple run through SoundBooth after for cleanup and the audio would go from fair to very acceptable. An event to remember to say the least.

The battery life lasts more than I could ask for. I used only "two" 9 volt batteries and changed one out after 115 hours because I didn't want to be caught needing to change them during an event even though the light turns yellow. I'm still on the second battery and after a minimum total between the two batteries of 230 hours of video/audio recording since I received my Rode Mic this really adds ease of mind during any event.

Fit and finish are nice. I don't mind if things are made from plastic as long as the material is really sturdy. This unit is. I have it in my backpack all the time and aside from the action of travels, it gets removed from the mic bracket constantly without issue or seemingly any wear and tear. I will touch on this more below. I really like the fact that Rode gives you about 4-6 extra "bands" for the shock mount. My only slight issue is that the mic can bounce around somewhat easy because of the bands but it does take away any noise issue one would get without them so it's acceptable.

Now a few findings...

I know this will very by skill and what equipment is used by an individual(s) so a quick list of what this is used with. I'm using the Rode with a Canon HF-S21 and a "L" bracket attached to the bottom of the camera and mounted with a Manfrotto 701 video head and 055CXPRO3 tripod legs. Very good setup however I found out that any bump to the camera (of course) and the legs gets picked up by the mic as well. I mean as simple as my headphone wire hitting a tripod leg while panning (live and learn). I think I will also be adding some tripod leg wraps of foam to play it safe in the future but the tripod really isn't made directly for video. It's for a camera and I know that the legs for a video tripod are different but you do with what you have on hand and learn from that. If the mic had any faults, it is that it can pick everything up so keep that in mind.

To get back to the above wear and tear, I question how well the cold shoe mount threads will hold up under a ton of tightening and loosening (and I don't mean over twisting/tightening them) but it also has a 10 year warranty so for now, I won't really loose sleep over it. Of wear and tear, an included soft or optional hard case would be something nice offered by Rode to keep the mic in great shape. Other than that I can only question one last thing and that is the on/off switch. While it is sturdy, will it triumph on the longevity? Only time will tell.

I highly recommend this mic for video and even for a Pod/Video Cast if need be.

Flashpoint Heavy Duty L-bracket with 2 Standard Flash Shoe and Microphone
Flashpoint Heavy Duty L-bracket with 2 Standard Flash Shoe and Microphone
Offered by Fancier Studio
Price: $22.99
8 used & new from $3.94

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not what it seems to be..., December 5, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I went through a similar issue that others have questioned or found with this product when I ordered this bracket (not my first issue buying from Adorama) only I'm not even sure off hand what brand they sent me (I put the package in the trash). I was looking forward to getting this bracket after looking and reading Daddy V's review and a few others on Amazon but it would seem I got some cheap third rate unit. I called and got the run around that the model's change from time to time without notice so it was hard to return it without paying for shipping twice. Needless to say, after looking at a bunch of these I seem to have an [...] bracket that in the end cost me $20 plus.

I also noticed that my original review (and photos) are not posted on here after I placed them back in June of 2010. So I will add what is missing from a review about an "order with a product" start to finnish. I'm giving "1" star for the overall process with this product since I did receive a bracket. "2" Stars for this off brand bracket because the bottom screw is iffy at best and only the bracket (damaged clips) is built like described. The clips that hold a mic or small light were damaged so nice craftsmanship there on build quality. I fixed the clips since I happen to have a small tool that could pry them back up without any damage. This came from the factory that way because the package was in good shape but not sealed, staples were used so I can't tell if it was a return in new packaging. Last, "5" Stars to get me to buy from B&H Photo from now on or just look elsewhere for a better product. This leads to overall experience with said product which clearly to me wasn't the correct product but if Adorama insists it was, then I have to review it as so.

Why not return the unit? Shipping cost and again after a few calls with the reply of stock changing so does form, one can't prove it's not said bracket even though it's clearly made by someone else. Save your money and buy a different brand or look at other established vendors as they have a ton of brackets that can surely fit anyone's needs from trivial to complex camera systems. If I actually bought an $8 bracket, didn't get charged for shipping a few things said would be, hey, it's an $8 bracket, someone did make it and you get what you pay for. That would be spot on.

For an update: I hope this part finds folks well as I have the bracket placed behind the battery (I have the largest battery) and not to the side since the bracket won't fit to the left because of the screen of my Canon HF-S21. Having the bracket on the right is ok but you can't hold the video recorder itself. You would need to hold the bracket and with the less than well made bracket screw I don't trust almost $2000 of gear to it. So by having the bracket wrap up and over the back of the video camera, I can hold the camera, use the LCD without struggle and last, if you have (like me) the wide angle lens on your camera, this gives the whole unit a nice balance when using a large mic (I have the Rode mic mounted on top zooming over the camera). The only down fall to this system is if you need to use a light and a mic on your unit. I'm lucky as I don't but if I did I could place one on my camera shoe and get by that way. I will try to post some photo's of this setup once again to give some idea for mounting options.
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