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The Cure [Deluxe Edition w/ Bonus DVD]
The Cure [Deluxe Edition w/ Bonus DVD]
32 used & new from $1.51

2 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Not disappointing at all...., July 7, 2004
Ok. Before I get started with my review, there is something that I feel like I have to say. The whole purpose for giving people the ability to post reviews on here is so that people can give their OPINION of the product that they are reviewing. To write a "review" saying that everyone who loves or hates something sucks is not reviewing the product. Everyone is entitled to their OPINION and therefore should be able to feel free to enter their OPNIONS here so that people can make of them what they will... If you don't like someone's OPNION, then either buy or don't buy what they are reviewing or write your own review, stating your OPINION of the product. There are people who love the Cure who both love and hate this CD and both points are equally valid. As are the OPINIONS of non-Cure Lovers.
Now for my OPINION:
I feel that this is the strongest effort put out by this version of the Cure. Robert, Simon, Perry, Roger and Jason make some wonderful music here that recalls the past as well as pushes into new territory (with new structures, chord changes, different sounding production and textures, etc). It sounds like Robert was refreshed and revitalized by going over the Cure catalog as much as he has been lately while working on Join the Dots (excellent - you should buy it!) or remastering the entire Cure Catalog (which I can't wait for!). There is stuff here that sounds like it could have fit nicely into The Top or Kiss Me or Wish or any other of the Cure catalog.
I have been a Cure fan (like many reviewers here) since 1985 when I heard "Head on the Door" for the first time. I'll be the first to admit that the Cure doesn't always hit the mark. There have been some weak efforts that they have put out (Parts of Kiss Me, Wild Mood Swings, Bloodflowers - Sounded like Robert was ready to give up, Pornography - good, but needs something lighter to break up all the bleak and dark music... also.. yeah.. the "Trilogy" version of Pornography kicks the original's butt all over the place.) So basically, what I'm saying is that I am not one to automatically throw a 5 star rating on something by a band just because I like them.
My favorite songs here are "Lost", "Labyrinth", "End of the World", "Anniversary", "Us or Them" - I love the anger in Robert's voice in that one!, "Alt.End", "Never" and "Promise" - the energy and texture of "Promise" are excellent, although Robert's whining does get a little much by the time you get to the end...
All in all, in my OPINION, this is a very solid effort and makes me look forward to more Cure output as the years go on... If you're a Cure fan, you owe it to yourself to at least check it out and form your own OPINION. If you listen to it and hate it... you have to admit, it's better than most crap out there.
Thanks for listening.

The Cure [Deluxe Edition w/ Bonus DVD]
The Cure [Deluxe Edition w/ Bonus DVD]
32 used & new from $1.51

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Not disappointing at all...., July 7, 2004
this is a great CD... read my other review... I messed this one up, so I just killed it. Anyways... enjoy.... Robert's voice has never sounded better, jason is really coming into his own as an excellent Cure drummer... the guitars, basses and keyboards create wonderful textures for Robert to float on top of....

Priest = Aura
Priest = Aura
29 used & new from $3.70

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The Start of The Church v2.0, April 7, 2004
This review is from: Priest = Aura (Audio CD)
In my opinion, this CD is the one that marks the end of the "old" church (i.e. starfish, GAF, heyday, etc.) and the beginning of the "new" church (with the exception of the unfortunate misstep of "Sometime, Anywhere"). For the most part, the charm of this CD is the wonderfully atmospheric and layered guitars and Steven Kilbey's intriguing lyrics and vocals. This CD misses when it tries to be the "old" church (i.e. in Feel, Dome and Kings), but shines when it tries to move forward (i.e. aura, ripple, lustre, mistress, chaos and the disillusionist). This CD is a very important piece of the puzzle for any church fan because it does bridge the two different "eras". Buy this, then everything from Hologram of Baal until present and be mesmerized. Also pick up the Refo:Mation CD if you can get it... it makes up for "Sometime, Anywhere".

Forget Yourself
Forget Yourself
Offered by 5_star_sales
Price: $39.99
17 used & new from $4.84

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars More magic from this fine band...., March 12, 2004
This review is from: Forget Yourself (Audio CD)
First of all, let me preface this review byt saying that the ONLY reason, I did not give this 5 stars is that "After Everything" is one of those "once in a lifetime" CDs that a band creates that just cannot be equaled. Having said that, this CD is growing on me more and more with each listen (After Everything hit me right away). This CD brings back a bit of the murkiness that was so present on Hologram of Baal (funny - this CD actually made me go back and listen to Hologram of Baal and definitely appreciate it more than I originally did). In this CD, the trademark dense textures and other-worldly sounds permeate every song. I would give anything to find out how Marty and Peter make some of those guitar sounds and textures.. they're breathtaking!
Basically I would rate this CD slightly below "After Everything" and above "Hologram". The bonus tracks are good too.. letting us see that the experimental/improvisational side of the church is still alive and kicking!
My favorite tracks: Sealine, The Theater and Its Double, Lay Low, Maya, June, Appalatia, I Kept Everything, Nothing Seeker, and Reversal. Summer is the standard CD-closing type Church song along the lines of Glow Worm and Invisible. Is it Tim Powles singing "see your lights"? I listened to the Refo:Mation CD and his voice in the song he sings on that, "Take Your Place", sounds a lot like the voice singing this... I don't know.. they don't tell us anything like who plays or sings what anymore. Maybe they just want us to listen to the music and not care who does what. Anyway, this is brilliant stuff! Long live The Church!

137 used & new from $0.01

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Yes, another 5 star review!, February 17, 2004
This review is from: Up (Audio CD)
Like many people have stated in their reviews of this CD, it took me a while to get into it. I actually bought it when it first came out, couldn't really get into it, so I sold it. After picking up his "Hit" CD, I was re-introduced to some of the songs on here and decided to buy it again. Ever since buying it the second time, it has not left the CD player in my car. This CD just grows on you until it takes you over and doesn't leave. Even when i'm not in my car, these songs are in my head.
I think it's interesting how some people criticize this CD because of the chances PG takes and how it sounds "different". Since when have 2 PG CDs sounded the same? PG is constantly changing and growing and giving those of us willing to take the trip something intereting to listen to. I agree... if you're looking for pop fluff, then this is not the place. But I think if you're looking for pop fluff, you wouldn't be looking to PG anyways.
My advice, for those willing to put in the effort, is: Buy the CD. Listen to it a few times. Set it aside. Listen to it again... you will be hooked. Especially if, during the break in lestening, you listen to other music by other people... when you listen again, your response will most likely be something like "wow! how come no one else is making music like this!!!" UP is to me what music is meant to be. not just something to sing along with and dance to, but something that touches your soul and touches it deeply.
My favorite songs on here are:
Growing up (fun, intelligent, great use of sound and layering)
Sky Blue (just plain beautiful! the Blind Boys of Alabama really make this song)
No Way Out (Great textures, cool guitar, power when it needs it)
More Than This (This really is the song that made me buy it again... just perfect!)
Signal to Noise (Wow! that's all I can say... sends chills down my spine every time I hear it... who said PG "phoned in" his vocal performances on this CD??????)
The bottom line is: if you're a PG fan, this still may take a little to get into.. but trust me, it's well worth the effort! If you're looking to get into PG and have an open mind, then buy it... if not, start with SO.

The Cure - Trilogy
The Cure - Trilogy
DVD ~ Perry Bamonte
Price: $13.99
58 used & new from $1.80

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars "WOW" does pretty much sum this up, September 11, 2003
This review is from: The Cure - Trilogy (DVD)
Having been a Cure fan since 1985, this is nothing short of a godsend. I have seen the Cure live (only) 3 times.. on the kissing tour, the disintegration tour and the wish tour. I had tickets to the swing tour, but broke my leg just before the show and therefore couldn't attend... That said, I think what impresses me most about this DVD is how much Robert and the boys have progressed as musicians and as a band. Robert, Simon, Perry, Roger and Jason play their collective butts off during this set. Now let's get down to it:
Pornography: To echo most other reviews here, this version of Pornography blows away the original. The energy here is much more intense. Jason, i think, does an excellent job of recreating Lol Tolhurst's tribal drumming, and adds some nice fills and touches to update the feel a bit. Best songs: One Hundred Years (btw, it really impressed me when during the interview Roger said that this brought him to tears the first time he played it live with the band), Siamese Twins, The Figurehead, A Strange Day (one of my all-time favs), and Cold (chilling).
Disintegration: One of their strongest albums played in its entirety.. what more could a Curehead ask for? Beautiful performances here... I know some people complained about some of the keyboard sounds not being exactly the same, but give the guys a break... I didn't find it to be enough to detract from the incredible performances. Again, Jason had his work cut out for him, filling the huge drummer-shoes of Boris Williams. Again, he rises to the occasion nicely. Roger's piano in Homesick is excellent. Best songs: Last Dance, Fascintation Street, Prayers for Rain, Same Deep Water as You, Disintegreation (nice to see that Robert is actually human, flubbing the words a little), Homesick.
Bloodflowers: As much as I wanted to really like this CD, I couldn't get into is as much as the earlier ones. That said, this performance does salvage it some for me. These songs do work better in a live performance. The energy is better and the passion is stronger. The band also seems more comfortable with the songs. The big surprise to me here was Perry's lead guitar in Watching Me Fall, Bloodflower and other places... while he's no Porl Thompson, he plays with a great deal of emotion. Robert also seems to sing these songs better live than he did on the CD. Best Songs: Watching Me Fall, The Loudest Sound, Maybe Someday, 39, Bloodflowers.
The encores are also awesome. Having seen them perform both of these songs live before, I was not surprised by Robert's lead guitar abilities.
Overall, Robert, Simon, Roger, Perry and Jason put in fine performances. Minor mix issues (yeah it would be nice to hear Robert's 6 String Bass more) don't take away from it. The camera work is very tasteful and well done, and the sound itself is very good.
I am also enthusiastic about what is alluded to on the DVD Jacket... the remastering and re-release of all Cure CDs in 2004. Wow... they've deserved it for a long time now... bonus tracks would be awesome... like the live version of Faith from the Charlotte Sometimes 12 inch, the B-Sides to Head on the Door, etc... I also would love to see The Cure in Orange relased on DVD. Also, as Robert says he has tons of tapes of live shows, how about releasing some of those as well... I think this band's live performances are greatly overlooked. Any Cure fan will tell you.. this band (no matter which incarnation) kicks live... If you're a Cure fan or are Curious about the Cure, you should waste no time and buy this. Oh, but if you just like the Cure for their light poppy fluff then you may require therapy after this...

Price: $6.99
86 used & new from $0.01

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars 5 Stars because this is a wonderful debut, September 11, 2003
This review is from: O (Audio CD)
There is no way I can even think of giving this CD less than 5 stars. Damien Rice has crafted as close to a perfect debut CD as I've heard. The whole package here is just brilliant. The music - soft and sincere when in needs to be, loud and angry when it needs to be, and the lyrics - very emotional, very personal. The performances are also excellent... from Damien's guitars and vocals, to Vyvienne Long's cellos (celli?), and Lisa Hannigan's angelic vocals. I think the part that gets me the most is the 2nd half of "I Remember" where Damien's vocals are loud to the point of clipping over his acoustic guitar, while Lisa's harmony is frail and barely audible. The places where Lisa sings solo parts are definitely among the highlights of this CD (Volcano, The Blower's Daughter, Cold Water and I Remember). I'm not going to list my favorite songs from this CD, as there are no bad ones. I like how the songs run together, as well... The music seems to bring to mind such artists as Jeff Buckley, David Gray, Don McLean, among others.
My only gripe is one that others have voiced. Why do people place "hidden" tracks within the last song of the CD? Eskimo is a great song, as are the two "hidden" tracks, but it would be nice to be able to select them or at least not have to wait a long period of time to get to them. Overall that is a minor point. This CD is just wonderful, excellent, brilliant and near-perfect. If you have a soul, it will be touched. If you don't, you have more serious things to worry about... lol... This one has definitely found a place on my "best of the year", possibly best of the decade list. Let's hope he can keep up the impressive work...

Rage in Eden
Rage in Eden
17 used & new from $4.49

29 of 30 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Oh I Remember...., August 20, 2003
This review is from: Rage in Eden (Audio CD)
Just recently had the urge to pull this out of my CD collection and listen to it for the first time in a while. I agree with other reviewers who say that this is the best offering from their "quartet" of early 80s releases (in order, "Vienna", "Rage in Eden", "Quartet" and "Lament"). This CD is the strongest from beginning to end and flows seemlessly.
Back in the 80s, I discovered Ultravox with "Vienna", coming from a steady diet of overblown 70s prog rock. What attracted me to Ultravox, was the intelligence of their music. There was nothing light and fluffy about this band. The keyboard arrangements are well thought out and almost classically inspired (Billy Currie after all was classically trained), and the way they used the guitars and violins/violas really was different for the era. Another thing I liked about them was how drastically they could change their sound from song to song, but without disturbing the flow or continuity of the album.. one song will be triggered synth bass and drum machines and all keyboards, the next will be live bass, drums, guitars, piano, etc... and all kinds of different variations thereof. Regardless of the instrumentation, Ultravox had an incredible way of making highly emotionally charged music... They were masters of making machines have feelings... Alot of this had to do with Midge Ure's incredible voice and his emotional guitar playing. The piano and violin/viola helped with this alot too... Basically, against the trends that were popular in the day, Ultravox had talent and weren't afraid to use it... Now for a song by song breakdown:
The Voice: For some reason, Ultravox had a way of starting off an album with (in my opinion) one of its weakest songs (i.e. sleepwalk, the voice, reap the wild wind). This song is good, but only a glimpse of what is to come... (Live Drums, Live Bass, Lots of Keyboards, Piano)
We Stand Alone: This song haunts me constantly... I love the keyboards, and the chorus... Midge's guitars are also used very tastefully to add to the tension... (Live Drums, Triggered Synth Bass, Guitars, Keyboards)
Rage In Eden: Nice title track.... mysterious, haunting, moody... I like the backwards chorus ("Oh I remember death in the afternoon" - as someone else said.. a great lead in to the next song... very clever). Again, the guitars add lots of interesting effects and tension to this one... (Drum Machines, Triggered Synth Bass, Guitars, Keyboards)
I Remember (Death in the Afternoon): Excellent song... beautiful piano, powerful drums, great melodies. (Live Drums, triggered synth bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Piano)
The Thin Wall: Always one of my favorties from this CD. I love the pulsing synth bass, and the funky rhythm guitar, and Midge's vocals, but this song is really a showcase for Billy Currie... his multi tracked violins, keyboard solo and violin or viola solo... (Drum Machine, Triggered Synth Bass, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Violin, Viola)
The Stranger Within: I agree with others... this is a very disturbing and paranoid song... not to be listened to in a dark house by yourself... I love the way the synth and guitar noises pop in and out to add to the eerieness... Funky Bass by Chriss Cross over very rigid machine drums. I also like how Billy Currie added real strings to the synth strings to give it a nice full texture. (Drum Machines, Real Bass, Guitar, Violin/Viola, Keyboards)
Accent on Youth: Maybe a slight step down from the last few tracks... the chorus and the lead-in to the chorus are great, but the verses don't really do alot for me. (Live and Electronic Drums,Triggered Synth Bass, Keyboards, Guitar)
The Ascent: Instrumental Coda to Accent on Youth... Nice transition from Live Drums in the previous track to the drum machine here. This is another showcase for Billy Currie's talent. (Drum Machine, Synth Bass, Violin, Viola, Keyboards)
Your Name Has Slipped My Mind Again: I think this song is a perfect ending to this release... it strips away everything down to a stark backdrop for Midge Ure's haunting vocals. This song kind of reminds me of Queen a little... (Percussion, Piano, Processed Piano, Guitar)
I Never Wanted to Begin: I love this song.. this is probably my all time favorite Ultravox B-Side. Tribal Drumming (machine and real/electronic drums), Violins/Violas, Nice keyboards, cool guitar solo, and the trademark Ultravox enigmatic lyrics.
Paths and Angles: Another cool B-side.. this time with Warren Cann handling the Vocals (ala Mr X). Again.. very machine-like, but brought to life by the piano, guitar and violin/viola.
I'm not sure why they included the extended version of "I never wanted to begin", it doesn't really add much to the CD, but it's cool nonetheless.
Anyways... enough rambling for now... This is an amazing CD... I wish someone would wake up and release some live recordings from this era... I went to see them on the Quartet Tour and they were amazing live...
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A Rush of Blood to the Head
A Rush of Blood to the Head
Price: $4.99
608 used & new from $0.01

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Even Better than Parachutes, July 31, 2003
As many people probably were, I was a little skeptical when this came out. Parachutes was (and still is) one of my all-time favorite CDs. I had doubts whether the band would be able to improve upon what I already thought was damn close to perfect. There is also that legendary "sophomore slump" that happens to many artists out there. After hearing "In My Place", I figured that this CD was worth the risk, even if it was slightly inferior to Parachutes.
Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. It took a couple listens for some of the songs to really sink in, but they definitely have... These songs are definitely slower and mellower than some of the stuff off of Parachutes, but make up for it in emotion, power, and intensity. Chris Martin's voice, piano and guitars pretty much drive all of the songs, with the other members filling them in nicely.. especially the subtle but effective electric guitar work.
My favorite songs from here would be "Politik", "God Put A Smile On Your Face", "The Scientist", "Green Eyes", "Warning Sign", "A Rush of Blood to the Head" and "Amsterdam". The only song I'm not totally thrilled with would be "A Whisper", but it's still good enough to not take away from the 5 star rating, and what it lacks is more than made up for by the other tracks.
Basically, if you're looking for another "Yellow" (which is indeed and incredible song), you won't find it here... but if you really liked "Spies" or "Trouble" from Parachutes, you'll fall in love with this...

OK Computer
OK Computer
Offered by Customer Direct
Price: $7.36
298 used & new from $0.58

7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect, Just Perfect, July 10, 2003
This review is from: OK Computer (Audio CD)
I remember back in 1997, anxiously anticipating the release of this cd, having been so impressed with The Bends. However, nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to hear, as I popped it into my CD player (I even got the import version which was released shortly before the american version...). When Airbag started, I had to literally stop my car, find somewhere to park and sit in awe for the next 50 something minutes.... even for a while after. What I had heard during that time totally changed my ideas of what "popular" music should be and raised the bar ever so high... I must agree with the thousands of reviewers here that this is the Radiohead CD that tops them all. After listening to this, even The Bends sounded weak.
So here we are... now 6 years later... Hail to the Theif, stuck on permanent repeat in my CD player... but still I keep finding myself going back here, where this musical journey really got a big kick in the pants... While Hail to the Theif is an awesome, scary and wonderful CD, it still does fall (ever so slightly) short of this one. I also agree with the many reviewers in that you do really have to listen to this CD all the way through to get it's full impact... and good lord what an impact that is... Standout tracks to me are Paranoid Android, Exit Music (For a Film) - always brings tears to my eyes, Let Down, Climbing the Walls - wonderfully scary, Lucky, and the Tourist.
This music is definitely not for the casual listner, it's not for those looking for cheap pop songs or songs who's merit is based on how good they are to dance to... This is music for thinking people... this is music for people who, like me, consider listening to music a never ending journey and who strive to find music that is different, interesting, creative, and touches you way down deep...
One of the reviewers in here mentioned a band called Porcupine Tree... I agree with him 100%.. they also deserve to be checked out... they are in a different class from Radiohead (then again, who isn't?), but their music is very intelligent, creative and progressive (in the sense that it takes many diverse elements and blends them together to create new sonic experiences).

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