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Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within (Pocket Classics)
Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within (Pocket Classics)
by Natalie Goldberg
Edition: Paperback
40 used & new from $1.34

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2.0 out of 5 stars My Dog Lily, August 26, 2002
Dear Friends,
My Dog Lily taught
me how to write,
and here's how:
1)Pretend to throw,
and then:
Throw her,Lily, a
juicy steak.
2)Watch her
Jump up and Down
in Anticipation,
then catch the
large thing in her
mouth and paws-
like she has
won the Kentucky Derby
and the Powerball Lottery-
and a night with
Mel Gibson,for example. Whatever....
Watch her attack this
piece of beef like it
is her last meal.
She will destroy, consume,
love and destroy this
former cow, until
this cow
is naught but bone.
Then, the bone is cracked
open by her mighty jaw,
and the marrow is
new flesh to be exploited,
destroyed, loved and
She will worry this bone
until it is a sorry
relict of a cow:
Broken and almost
from any other broken object-
This,This,This I believe
is the True Meaning of
"Writing Down The Bones":
Destroy Life[metaphorically
speaking] like a dog does
to a Bone, until you
have understood Life.
Then, write about this
In other words,
Be an enzyme, a biological
catalyst, so to speak.
Writing is about
down to the bones,
and then
re-creating "Life"
in your own

Writing down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within
Writing down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within
by Natalie Goldberg
Edition: Audio Cassette
23 used & new from $6.75

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1.0 out of 5 stars Hippie Bones Lie Near Parched Death Valley Dry Lake, August 21, 2002
The Beat Generation
is so Over.
Zen Buddhism is
a big, big, big
confidence game.
Natalie Goldberg,
a very nice person,
and Zen Veteran,
from Looooooong
Guyland, got
sucked into
the Naropa Institute/
Allan Ginsberg
writing ghetto
and never escaped.
On the other hand,
she absolutely
fosters and encourages
any and all writers
to go the last mile
to become a writer-
which is a great and
good, admirable
Her Voice, Her Persona
are Irresistable:
Charming, Loveable,
Her cloddish references
to her Zen teacher
become annoying.
The sub-text of
this cassette:
All others=BAD,
handicaps this
I listened to 9 hours
of this cassette, plus
3 hours of the cassette
before stuffing
the cassettes back in the
I cannot deny my love
for Natalie,the person, as she appears on this tape.
She is so charming!
I cannot deny my irritation
with her presentation,
which so quickly
wears thin.
A Big conflict.
However, I believe she could
write a dozen
great novels:
She has the Heart, Mind,
Guts, Sensitivity and
Insuperable Diligence
to create good fiction
far into the future.
Am I, then, a
mean man?
P.S.: I think... Good Writing can be found in
the Final movie-script of "Galaxy Quest",for example,which
sings like a taut violin string.
The Shooting script of "Galaxy Quest"
is lumpy and flaccid.
Much can be learned I believe
from comparing the two

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