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Medal of Honor xbox 360 "kdog909" RSS Feed (Iowa City, IA United States)

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Twinkle Brass & Copper Cleaning Kit, Easy Effective Cream Formula, 4.38-Ounce Box (Pack of 2)
Twinkle Brass & Copper Cleaning Kit, Easy Effective Cream Formula, 4.38-Ounce Box (Pack of 2)
Offered by ToysNGamesEtc
Price: $9.04
7 used & new from $8.85

5.0 out of 5 stars Like magic, December 22, 2015
I collect copper billion and foreign copper coins. A lot of the coins I buy are almost black due to oxidation, rust, etc. Twinkle never fails at getting even the blackest, most eroded looking copper coins looking shiny and brand new. It takes only about 20-30 seconds to clean one coin, and it only takes a tiny amount of product per coin, so one jar of Twinkle will last me years (easily cleans a thousand coins). My only complaint is that there is a bit of scrubbing required, which means if I have 100+ coins to clean, it takes several hours. It would be nice if they made a soaking copper cleaner that didn't require scrubbing. I still give it 5 stars though because it really works on even extremely tarnished copper.

X-Mini UNO XAM14-BL Portable Capsule Speaker, Mono, Blue
X-Mini UNO XAM14-BL Portable Capsule Speaker, Mono, Blue
Price: $19.71
31 used & new from $9.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing little speaker, July 15, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I work as a "floater" pharmacist, working mainly in small hick towns within a 100 mile radius of the larger city I live in. In every town I go to, I walk in the pharmacy to the sound country music, which I HATE with a passion. The constant excuse I get is "this is the only radio station we get here". This wonderful speaker has solved my problem. I walk in and turn the radio off, then plug in this speaker and hook up my 2nd gen IPod Nano that I bought used for $25. This speaker is small enough that I can easily travel with it (it's about half the size of a tennis ball when closed). And the sound it puts out is amazing. It's loud enough to put out enough sound to fill a noisy pharmacy and the sound quality is better than the tinny old radios that the stores I work in use. And the battery life of the product is long enough to last for a 10 hour shift. This little speaker is great for traveling workers like me who are sick of listening to whatever s***ty radio station that is normally the only music source.

Battlefield Hardline - Xbox One
Battlefield Hardline - Xbox One
Offered by A&E Deals(No Tax)
Price: Click here to see our price
168 used & new from $9.98

1.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely pathetic (single-player review), July 12, 2015
I have at most 30 minutes a day to devote to gaming, so I mainly stick to the single player campaign modes. I knew this wasn't gonna be a typical BF game, but I still expected a Battlefield experience, with intense gun battles on large open war zones with dozens of enemies all over the map, etc. What I got was a ridiculously boring, predictable cops vs. robbers piece of s***. Why did they even call this a "Battlefield" game? It is NOTHING like a Battlefield game, AT ALL. The single-player mode of this game is as similar to other Battlefield games as it is to Guitar Hero. TOTAL RIP-OFF!

Even if this wasn't called "Battlefield" and was sold as a new game, the single player mode would still be a pathetic joke. Glitches are constant, both graphically and in the game dialogue. Your cop partners sometimes just appear right next to you, even though they were 50 yards away from you two seconds ago after you had to stealthily avoid detection by criminals. And the plot couldn't be more bland and boring. I can't imagine they spent more than a day writing the entire plot and dialogue for this worthless game.

Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro, Blue
Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro, Blue
Offered by iYoukes
Price: $17.69
75 used & new from $5.00

3.0 out of 5 stars Fun, works great, just DON'T EVER TRY TO FIX IT, February 20, 2014
I had wanted an RC helicopter ever since I was a kid. For whatever reason, I never got one. Finally, at age 32, my wife and I saw someone demonstrating RC copters at a mall booth, and I told my wife that I wanted one for Christmas. She chose this one, and at first, I loved it! It is a bit challenging to master, but that is part of the fun. Once you've used it for an hour or so, you'll by buzzing this thing all around you house! I felt like a kid again.

Unfortunately, while the S107G is surprising durable, after a certain number of crashes, you may need to change out one of the blades, because they chip and crack fairly easily. I thought this would be no problem, because the kit comes with replacement blades. I made sure to check the blade as to which direction it was facing, etc., and took out the cracked blade and put in a new one. I fired it up just as I always had, and as it lifted into the air, instead of hovering nicely like usual, it was spinning and drifting all over the place! I had no idea what I did wrong. I tried tightening all the screws, removing and re-installing all the blades, but anything I tried to do to fix the problem just made it worse. The thing became completely unusable, just because I was trying to switch out one of the blades.

I guess you could say it's my fault, but I think the manual should come with more detailed instructions for how to repair a broken piece. Apparently these things are VERY precisely put together, and if you make the slightest change, you might end up with a worthless piece of plastic.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Feb 21, 2014 5:19 PM PST

Random Access Memories
Random Access Memories
Price: $6.99
148 used & new from $1.71

3 of 11 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars The beginning of the end for Daft Punk, June 7, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Random Access Memories (Audio CD)
Pretty much every great band/artist, no matter how good they have been over their career, will eventually release an album that just plain sucks. This album, I'm afraid, is that album for Daft Punk. Every album from that point forward tends to be worse than the last. However, just like with every other band/artist, people will refuse to admit that their beloved favorite band has actually released a bad album. They will defend it to the end, saying that the band is "breaking new ground" or "evolving their sound", rather than just admit that the new album sucks.

I have been a huge Daft Punk fan since I first saw the video for "Da Funk" on MTV's short-lived "electronica" video show called "AMP". Since then, they have been one of my favorite artists. I own all their albums, including the Tron soundtrack and their live albums. I have watched the video of their live performance at Coachella at least a dozen times. But I have to face reality: this album blows. Daft Punk have always created ground-breaking house/techno/electro with a distinct "retro-futuristic" vibe that only they have perfected. This album, on the other hand, sounds NOTHING like Daft Punk, other than their signature vocoder robot voices which appear intermittently in certain tracks. The rest of the album is a completely generic sounding mix of pop, disco, and r&b, with a tiny bit of danceable house/techno elements. It could easily pass for a Justin Timberlake album. And unlike previous albums, rather than make you want to get up and dance your ass off, this album is kind of a downer, with a lot of slow, "lost-love" type of songs.

The local pop stations where I live play "Get Lucky" constantly. No other Daft Punk song has ever had wide radio airplay. This leads me to believe that Daft Punk is trying to "cash-in" with this album, so they don't have to work as hard at trying to be innovators. I'm guessing that each album after this will continue to get worse and worse until they finally call it quits.

Member's Mark Chicken Breast - 5/13 oz. cans
Member's Mark Chicken Breast - 5/13 oz. cans
Offered by Daily Market
Price: $29.99

3 of 6 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars bland, overpriced, July 24, 2011
First of all, you can get this same item (5-13 oz cans) for less than $10 at Sam's Club, so this product is ridiculously overpriced, even if you factor in free shipping. Secondly, as another reviewer pointed out, this chicken is extremely bland, in fact I think it is the most bland chicken imaginable. It just tastes like nothing. I honestly use it for dog treats. It works great for this purpose. For some reason my dogs will not eat specially made "dog treats", no matter what kind I try to use. This stuff though is bland and lean enough that it works great as a dog treat.

Dock Connector to USB 2.0 Cable for iPod and iPhone (White) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Dock Connector to USB 2.0 Cable for iPod and iPhone (White) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Offered by HighTechParts
Price: $1.50
12 used & new from $1.50

1.0 out of 5 stars Cheap and defective, January 24, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
My charger worked about twice, then stopped working altogether. This is a cheap knockoff import, I'd recommend buying the charger that's made by apple. This one is a piece of junk.

Malco 4.4 Oz Twinkle Copper Cleaner  75105,  4 3/8 oz
Malco 4.4 Oz Twinkle Copper Cleaner 75105, 4 3/8 oz
Price: $7.27
25 used & new from $4.19

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Works perfectly, December 2, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I recently started collecting souvenier "elongated" pennies, the kind you get from the machines at tourist attractions where you put two quarters and a penny in and then crank it to get a smashed penny with an image or logo on it. Anyway, upon hearing that I had begun collecting, I received many of them as gifts from friends and family. Some of them were nice, but others were black or green from tarnish and definitely needed some cleaning. After comparing different brands I settled on Twinkle, hoping that it would maybe help a little. My expectations were blown away however, as I was pleasantly surprised to find that this product cleaned the pennies so well that they looked like they had just been minted. Perfect shine, not a hint of tarnish. I highly recommend this product.

Medal of Honor - Xbox 360
Medal of Honor - Xbox 360
Offered by Hitgaming Video Games
Price: $18.97
207 used & new from $0.01

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Call of Duty + bugs - fun = Medal of Honor, November 23, 2010
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
Most games borrow ideas from other games to some extent. It just makes sense to emulate an awesome game to try to make your own awesome game. But Medal of Honor "borrows" from Call of Duty to the point of ridiculousness. 99% of the time you are playing Medal of Honor, you feel like you are playing Call of Duty. That's how similar they are. That sounds like a good thing, right? Wrong. What Medal of Honor adds is a TON of buggy situations, like times where you are supposed to enter a COMPLETELY OPEN doorway, but can't do so for some reason until you kill an enemy that is completely on the other side of the map. The first time this happened to me, I was frustrated enough to scream at my TV! Also, while Call of Duty is somewhat structured, it still gives you a choice as to whether you want to "run and gun" or lay back a be a stealthy, sniper type of player. Medal of Honor gives you no such choice. You have to do EXACTLY what they tell you to do, or else the enemy will decimate you. This basically removes all of the fun factor of a game like CoD, as you feel more like you are watching a movie than playing a game.

Overall, I would definitely say just save your money and buy CoD: Black Ops than waste you money on this game.

No Title Available

1.0 out of 5 stars pedophilia is bad, censorship is worse, November 10, 2010
While I gave this book 1 star because the subject matter is deplorable, I think the author should have the right to sell it and people should have the right to buy it. Censorship is a worse evil than pedophilia in my mind. Censorship can cause untold harm to entire societies, while pedophilia generally only harms a few, since obviously the act of pedophilia is revolting and unthinkable to 99.9% of the population (no offense intended to those that have suffered due to the acts of pedophiles).

Anyway, the people getting enraged that Amazon is selling this book should also realize that anyone buying it surely will end up on some sort of federal watch list, and many pedophiles will probably be caught as a result of this book.

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