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Voices (After Dark Horrorfest III)
Voices (After Dark Horrorfest III)
DVD ~ Jin-seo Yun
Price: $9.96
59 used & new from $0.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Stereotyping got me nowhere...., June 6, 2012
I don't even know where to start. Quite frankly, i have never saw a movie like this before. IN MY LIFE. Im not a big fan of foreign horror flicks (With The exeption of After Dark's HIDDEN.) So i skipped out on this movie for the longest time. I was looking through some movies the other day, and got to thinking... "i have seen all of the other After Dark films, so why not go ahead and give this one a shot?" All i can say is... im so glad that i did. I was very hesitant to watch it. I popped it in the DVD player, and immidiatally wanted to pop it right back out. But, i tried to bare through it, and after 10 minutes, i couldn't take my eyes off of the television. Most horror movies take forever for something exciting to happen, but not this one. Dramatic events, kept ahppening over & over again. They almost didn't give us a break. It's like this.... i was shocked. NO horror movie EVER shocks me. EVER. But thos one... is in a league of it's own. This is one of those, that you have to pay VERY close attetntion, to understand the full meaning of the plot. All that i kept saying to myself throughout this movie was. "Ohh god"... or "Oh my god"... Literally. Under my breath, throughout the entire movie. They even kept the suspense rolling untill the very end credits. It's like, everyone has a vendetta out for the girl. Bad things keep happening to her. Everyone is turning on her.... Her best friends, Boyfriend, Teacher, random classmates, even her own Mother. This movie, doesn't let you trust ANYONE in this movie. Not even the lead girl. Everyone has the potential to turn in this flick. Overall, i would give this movie a 10/10. Are all asian horror films this deep? If so.. i might have to burn all of my past thoughts of foriegn films. My only thing about those kinds of films, is that the subtitles annoy me a little bit. But after 10 minutes, i really stop noticing. Please check this movie out, you don't know what your missing, if you haven't seen this. Espicially, if your new to the Asian Horror Film, category.

The Devil Inside
The Devil Inside
DVD ~ Fernanda Andrade
Price: $15.22
86 used & new from $0.01

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3.0 out of 5 stars Left us hanging..., June 6, 2012
This review is from: The Devil Inside (DVD)
For the scenes that we actually got to see in this movie, it was OK. It deffinitally, wasn't the best horror flick that i have saw. I was expecting so much more. The whole plot of this movie was supposed to be centered around " Maria Rossi". No, it isn't. I mean, of course she is in a couple scenes, but that's about it. The movie just kept shifting.. and shifting.... So much, at one point, i didn't know what was going on. W ego from trying to solve a case of "Demonic Posession" to a "Traveling Demon." The movie wasn't awful, but it had potential to be SOOOO much better. The film should have atleast finished what it started, and tie all of the open ends. Expect a sequel for this....

Rated R
Rated R
Offered by cdgiveaways
Price: $10.91
69 used & new from $3.39

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4.0 out of 5 stars Some Great Tracks..some not...., May 14, 2012
This review is from: Rated R (Audio CD)
Knowing me, i am the BIGGEST Avril Lavigne fan. As well as Rihanna. This is the album when we really felt that Rihanna, had went "Bad". It is more aggresive, sexually explicit, & deep. She really went all out for this album, and is one of my favorite Rihanna Albums.

1. Mad House - 1/10 - Perfect intro to a haunted house. (lol) I just wish it was longer. Sort of like "Birthday Cake" from her newest album "Talk That Tak". (Length Wise)I really don't have much to say about this one. Quite boring actually.. I always find my self clicking off of it, when it slef plays on iTunes.
2. Wait Your Turn - 9/10 - One of my favorites from the album. RiRi's accent, is very thick throughout the song. A fun, club, reggae type of song. Very catchy, and you will find yourself humming this one throughout the day.
3. Hard - 6/10 - VERY catchy. Im not a real "Big" fan of Young Jeezy, but i think that he did pretty good with RiRi in this song. I must say, it seems like this song last FOREVER, and can get a bit annoying. espicially the chorus. Like, a cloying perfume that you just can't seem to rub off. Saying that, it isn't one of my "Most Played" on iTunes.
4. Stupid In Love - 7/10 - Solid emotional ballad. This isn't one of those "Repeats" for me, but it is great to listen to, when you loose your hand to the game of love. Rihanna, really connects with her fans through her music, and ALOT of young boys could relate to this. (and girls)
5. Rockstar 101 - 8/10 - One of my favorites. Surprisingly, i HATED the song when i firest listened to the album. That is how it usually works for me. If there is something that i LOVE, i usually Hated it at first. Im glad i gave this one another chance. Fantastic beat, good lyrics, and just a really fun song.
6. Russian Roulette - 0/10 - Hear me out on this one.... Russian Roulette has ALWAYS been something that has creeped me out. I always get an "eery" feeling when i hear about it. I CRY my eyes out, when i hear this song. That is strange for me. I am NOOO means, an emotional person. I have NEVER once in my life got even the slightest bit emotional listening to a song. Besides this one. I love the beat of the song, it is extremely catchy. But the lyrics..... is a whole other story. I burst into tears when i listen to these lyrics. It is so deep, and dark and depressing. I DO NOT reccomend listening to this song, if you are an easily depressed person. Because, it is quite disturbing. And, what about the message she is sending to her fans? What about the people, who are at a dark place in their life, as it is? Suicidal thoughts? Call me crazy, but i think this song could push them right over the edge. I still LOVE Rihanna, but i hope that she NEVER releases a song like this. EVER again.
7. Fire Bomb - 5/10 - Not one of my favorites. It is VERY forgettable. It is not a bad song, just not one that i would listen to alot. A "Stupid In Love" Wannabe. it has a similiar beat, so i would just listen to that one.
8. Rude Boy - 10/10 - PURE SEX. Literally. It is SOOO very catchy. Perfect Club/Pop song. I love it. EVERYONE knows this song. I don't really listen to it now, as much as i use to, because i know it by heart. It's old to me. But still, one of the best of the album.
9. Photographs - 10/10 - FANTSTIC song. Great beat. A fun pop song, but also an emotional ballad at the same time. I have never really heard anything like it before. It is quite unique. I can't believe that RiRi didn't release this one as a single.
10. G4L - 10/10 - Possibly, the Best song on the album. Deffinitally in the Top 3. I love this song. It is a Reggae/Pop song. It is comparible to "Man Down" from her LOUD album. Also, has an Electronic/Club/Soul Vibe to it. I am SHOCKED Rihanna, didn't release this one as a single.
11. Te Amo - 7/10 - Im not really sure where Rihanna is going with this song. I heard someone say it was written by a guy, and she just sang it, but im not sure if that is correct. Personally, i think she is talking about a gilr that liked her, and she doesn't really like her back. She doesn't want a relationship with her, and she doesn't want to hurt her, by telling her how she feels.
12. Cold Case Love - 4/10 - I don't particurally care for this song. I think that it is too long, and we have heard ALOT of songs similiar to it in the past. Even on this album. It is too long, and talk about lasting forever......Not a bad song, just not one of my favorites.
13. The Last Song - 8.8/10 - Self Titled Track. An Emotional, goodbye ballad. good vibe to it, with some fantastic vocals. If they would have just taken out the Electric Guitar Solo's in it, and sped it up Just a little bit, then it would have been perfect. Great way to end the album, and gave us a preview for what was to come on her next album, LOUD.

Overall, i think that this is a pretty good album. Not her best, but one of her best. The Song Highlights from this album, are Photographs,G4L,Rude Boy. The ones that are just forgettable/Or Bad are... Mad House & Fire Bomb.
Russian Roullette is in a category of its own. VERY DISTURBING.
Wish this album was a 10 Tracker, and left those 3 off.
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The Shrine
The Shrine
DVD ~ Aaron Ashmore
Price: $16.65
24 used & new from $9.43

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5.0 out of 5 stars PURE HORROR., March 17, 2012
This review is from: The Shrine (DVD)
This movie gave me the creeps. Seriously, i got chills. In my book, it's right up there with the exorcist. The demon statue in the mysterious fog, just got to me. What i love about this movie, is that it doesn't end up, how you think it will. Like, the people who you think are the enemys, aren't. Very Original. It had to take a creative mind to create this masterpiece. An instant Classic.

Summer of Fear
Summer of Fear
DVD ~ Linda Blair
Offered by cds_dvds_guaranteed
Price: $54.89
28 used & new from $7.16

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Lost Treasure., February 28, 2012
This review is from: Summer of Fear (DVD)
I remember watching this film, when i was just a little kid, when i had the VHS. Sadly, This movie is kind of forgotten about, by everyone. Therefore, it is hard to find. I wish that i was more avaible. We need a Re - Release to this DVD. + a Blue Ray. Linda Blair, is the Queen of Horror, and needs more recongnition, along with this film.I just Wish that it was more affordable.

Hell Night
Hell Night
DVD ~ Linda Blair
Price: $19.97
3 used & new from $19.97

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2.0 out of 5 stars Nahh.. I'll Pass., February 28, 2012
This review is from: Hell Night (DVD)
Linda Blair, is the Queen of Horror. I jsut don't like this movie. I have seen movies like it SO MANY times before. If you Like Linda Blair, nad you wanna watch a movie with her in it, go with Summer Of Fear.

Babysitter Wanted
Babysitter Wanted
DVD ~ Sarah Thompson
Price: $17.96
10 used & new from $14.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars PERFECT horror film., February 28, 2012
This review is from: Babysitter Wanted (DVD)
I Cannot say enough good things about this film. At First, it has that whole " When a Stranger Calls" feel, then it takes a dive for The Exorcist & FarmHouse. The Babysitter, is babysitting the Son of Satan. We find out, that the family is putting up " Babysitter Wanted" Adds, ( Perfect Title! LOL!) and when girls apply, the Maniacal family slaughters them, for their "Son Of Satan. ( That would have been a great titlle too!) LOts of twists & turns. GREAT addition to my horror collection.

Turistas (Unrated Edition)
Turistas (Unrated Edition)
DVD ~ Josh Duhamel
Price: $5.92
197 used & new from $0.01

3.0 out of 5 stars 3 Stars, is about right., February 28, 2012
This review is from: Turistas (Unrated Edition) (DVD)
Im glad that the average rating for this movie is 3 Stars, because i think that is what it deserves. I Bought this with high hopes, but i was let down. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad, but i had a MAJOR problem with it. It would have been a 5 Star, if it wasn't for the Lighting. The last 30 - 45 minutes, was completely black. Almost, All that they had to do, was add some extra light. But besides that, it was a really good film.I wish that they would have corrected the lighting, so it could have been 5 star. I have seen NO BUDGET movies with better lighting than this. Acting was Great, LOTS of Blood && Gore, And the Characters were very likable.

Spirit Trap
Spirit Trap
DVD ~ Billie Piper
Price: $7.99
45 used & new from $0.98

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1.0 out of 5 stars Could Not Finsih it., February 28, 2012
This review is from: Spirit Trap (DVD)
BORING. Thats all i can say about this one. is just VERY boring. I got about 15 minutes in it, and took it out of my DVD player. DO NOT reccomend.

Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper
DVD ~ Cherish Lee
Offered by Amazing_Deal
Price: $6.06
31 used & new from $0.01

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars WILL NOT watch again., February 28, 2012
This review is from: Grim Reaper (DVD)
I rented this, not expecting much. I had 7 movies picked out, and i needed 8 because 8 is my lucky number. lol. But this movie is very Dark. It has a depressing feel, and you cant hardly see some of the scenes due to the Lighting.( Darkness.)

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