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Disney: Hall of Fame 17 - Dick Kinney & Al Hubbard: Dick Kinney & Al Hubbard (Hardback)(German) - Common
Disney: Hall of Fame 17 - Dick Kinney & Al Hubbard: Dick Kinney & Al Hubbard (Hardback)(German) - Common
by By (author) Dick Kinney By (author) Allan Hubbard
Edition: Hardcover
2 used & new from $27.53

5.0 out of 5 stars If You Also Know Fethry As Dussel, This Is For You, December 26, 2013
English speakers who also speak German and who love Disney comics should buy this comic book compilation for one simple reason: Mr. Kinney and Mr. Hubbard created some of the finest moments of the 'Disney Ducks' in the comics. And this isn't an overstatement at all. So I've never understood why some Disney comic fans treat this duo as second class comic artists.

Dick Kinney wrote many great scripts for Disney comics headed for the market outside of the USA and worked with various remarkable Disney cartoonists besides Al Hubbard, mainly Tony Strobl, who he also produced many comic stories with. Before starting his partnership with Kinney, Al Hubbard became particularly popular among Disney comic readers because of his work with the Disney character 'Scamp'. He also worked as inker for the prestigious Disney comic strip artists Bob Karp and Al Taliaferro.

Here you'll find nothing less than 12 classic stories starred by Donald and his beatnik cousin Fethry, such as "The Health Nut", "Weaving and Ducking" and "It's Music?". Just these three stories make this item worth buying. But besides the peerless 'Fethry Duck', Kinney and Hubbard brilliantly developed other lesser-known (and unfairly overlooked) funny characters. The most relevant ones are the cunning cat 'Tabby', who belongs to Donald and detests Fethry ; the clumsy duo of secret agents 'Double-O Duck' and 'Mata Harrier' ; the short-tempered yokel 'Hard Haid Moe' and his loyal dog 'Houn' Dawg' ; the fat, tall and elegant 'Belle Duck', who already had an affair with nothing less than Scrooge McDuck ; and the annoying marketing man 'Hustler Duck'. And they ALL appear in this fantastic comic book! Curiously, it was included a solo story of Fethry where appears a duo of thieves called 'Doe Boys', who were also created by Kinney and Hubbard.

Light at the End of the World
Light at the End of the World
Offered by newbury_comics
Price: $7.99
9 used & new from $6.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars When Synthpop Goes Golden Again, May 24, 2007
Since the first time I've listened to LATEOTW I took it as the album that I've been expecting from Erasure since they released Cowboy. I mean they finally recorded another upbeat album after 3 slower works (Loveboat, OPS & Nightbird). Ok, it has been a great experience to see Erasure recording more 'mature' and even challenging ones, but it's awesome to discover they still can sound as full of energy as when they were younger. All its 10 songs follow the basic rules from pop without any guilt as usual, but it sounds even more inspired to me in relation to their last ones. Many great (or even terrific) hooks can be heard all through its 10 songs and Andy's lyrics still talk about love most part of the time, what isn't a deffect when you own a skilful hand to write as Andy does, and they continue to be accessible/bittersweet, but they are more creative if you compare them to Nightbird's ones. You can verify this on reading the lyrics from Darlene (Andy should write more ones about fictious girls. Do you remember the also brilliant Joan?!), Sunday Girl (or "try not to lose your stable relationship because of a sassy girl that you met on a dance club") or Storm In A Teacup (a touching family drama which is partially autobiographical). Regarding Vince's synths, he continues to prove why he's a wizard in inventing and re-inventing electronic sounds to let Erasure's music always sound fresh. And his melodic sense keeps intact indeed even after 21 years of career. He has never forgotten how essential a good melody is, no matter how noisy Pop Music has become after the Eighties. Its 1st single, Could Fall In Love With You, isn't the best track of the album, but it's a thrilling one anyway, while Sunday Girl (its very well-chosen 2nd one) sounds as a sensational blend between two tracks from OPS: Make Me Smile & Everyday. Absolutely irresistible! Sucker For Love is unexpectedly vigorous & expansive, including Andy has said it's the 'Love To Hate You' moment of this record, what means you just can love it or hate it. Needless to say I love it. And how! On the other hand Glass Angel, which Andy has said is a kind of sequel to Rock Me Gently (from the self-titled album), sounds as an epic ballad and it's not by chance it was chosen to close (very well) the album. Actually, even the ballads from this work are full of strong beats, what shows how excited they were about making this one. Storm In A Teacup is probably one of their all time saddest ballads (along with The Circus, Hallowed Ground, Crown Of Thorns and Grace) while When A Lover Leaves You is wonderfully romantic and the most beautiful moment of this record in terms of melody at my point of ear. Darlene is so pleasant as a walk through a beautiful park or a nice meeting in a Cafe. Andy has said its melody was inspired by "La Isla Bonita" from Madonna, but I cannot see a big similarity between their respective ones indeed. They're definitely not so 'cousins' as Love To Hate You and I Will Survive from Gloria Gaynor. Well, Spanish rhythms are always welcome, so whatever... The sequence Fly Away (terrific chorus and vocal by Andy), Golden Heart (the synths from Vince are particularly catching here) and How My Eyes Adore You (aside from the chorus, the lines are almost spoken instead of sung here) represents the weaker part of this really incredible work, but weak is a forbidden word for describing any song of this one, even the two bonus tracks. And VIVA ERASURE!

Union Street
Union Street
19 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars It's More Than Fundamental To Be In The Union Street On 2.006! (Please, Forget About The Critics!), May 7, 2006
This review is from: Union Street (Audio CD)
On reading all those negative reviews specially dedicated to this album, I was sincerely shocked, after all it represents to me the definitive slap on all Erasure's knockers... Anyway I'm not so surprised with those commments, since Erasure have been target for jokes since the beginning of their career... But what makes me feel really bothered is to read critics that accuse Erasure of recording the same album every time. What a lie! A pop duo who dared to record such a different albums just like the self-titled or Loveboat or even this last one cannot be accused of repeating themselves. In addition Clarke & Bell aren't worried in following musical trends for conquering new fans indeed. Actually, Erasure's fans know that what makes a good *pop* song is basically good lyrics + good melody and not its position in musical charts, which are basically occupied by artificial and disposable ones. And Erasure own many, many songs that own those two qualities! Well, but let's talk about what really matters here: Union Street is an extremely BEAUTIFUL album and I'm not exaggerating at all! Besides it really owns just gorgeous (and practically ignored) ballads from Clarke & Bell, exception for "How Many Times?", which is just good at my opinion. All the other 10 songs present in this (AMAZING) compilation were very well-chosen. But Erasure own many other underrated ballads that could be perfectly put on this (SUPERB) work, such as: "Witch In The Ditch" & "Hallowed Ground" from Innocents, or "Turns The Love To Anger" and "Siren Song" from Chorus, or "Take Me Back" & "All Through The Years" from I Say (x3), or "Grace" & "A Long Goodbye" from the self-titled, or yet "Surreal" & "Where In The World", both ones from the largely disliked Loveboat, but nothing prevents Erasure from performing all these other ones on The (SENSATIONAL) Acoustic Tour. Regarding the fact this one is totally acoustic, I must confess that I was really worried about how Union Street would sound, but this fear has disappeared as soon as I heard it at the first time! And I almost cried when I did it since all the songs are so well-sung and well-played here. It's really amazing to discover again how great all those songs are. I mean they are all the same ones, but the acoustic instruments gave to them a new chance for being properly enjoyed. In short, Erasure have proved one more time they are far from being a disposable dance-pop band, since Andy's voice has never sounded so beautiful as on this one and Vince could get here a great opportunity for showing he is a brilliant musician (not only a brilliant keyboarder) on creating wonderful acoustic arrangements for all the songs (of course together with the rest of the great team responsible for this REMARKABLE album). By the way, hey, Erasure's haters, don't worry, Erasure will continue to make great records despite all yours bad vibes, after all V&A have flown so high with their talents that your hate will never get them! So if you are looking for some good music to listen to on this year (and on the next years too), it's more than fundamental to go to this Union Street to enjoy great moments of the most perfect musical pleasure.

Electric Blue
Electric Blue
22 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars Dance Music In Big Style!!, April 7, 2006
This review is from: Electric Blue (Audio CD)
First of all: Andy is one of the best pop singers who ever existed! His voice is unique and he sings like a "soul" singer, I mean he sings with real feeling. He perfectly knows how to associate his vocal technique with pure emotion. It's not by chance he loves Motown. Second of all: Ok, he doesn't want to change the way how we see the world with his lyrics like "Morrissey" does, but he's one of the few pop lyricists who talks about love many times without sounding annoying or stupid (and this is also intelligence). Summing up: Andy is talented enough to make a brilliant record without the genious Vince Clarke and this wonderful work called Electric Blue is a proof of this fact. By the way, Manhattan Clique really aren't any "Vince Clarke", but they definitely know how to create amazing infectious beats. I've been considered the best tracks here are the two ones recorded with Claudia Brucken: Love Oneself & Delicious and the one recorded with Jake Shears: the absolutely shaking/delightful I Thought It Was You. All these duets make me consider Andy should record a covers album only with duets. Nevertheless I love equally the hit single Crazy, Jealous, Runaway, I'll Never Fall In Love Again and the half ballad/half dancing Fantasy. It's not a work for being compared with Erasure's ones indeed, specially because it doesn't own the accurate melodic sense from Vince, but I think it's undeniable Andy + Manhattan Clique could make a brilliant "disco/dance music" record!

15 used & new from $0.54

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4.0 out of 5 stars They just dared to change (a lot) the way of making their sound..., August 25, 2003
This review is from: Loveboat (Audio CD)
Why this album didn't get success on the charts? I think it's simple to explain: it caused strange reactions on the fans 'cos it sounds very different from their previous albums. And maybe it has received some good reviews from the critics (a rare thing on Erasure's career) just because of this characteristic, after all they love to praise more unusual/harder records to clash with the popular taste... In fact, Loveboat was intentionally made to own a more challenging sound and I do think it's almost so great as their most classic ones. And it really doesn't matter what happened with it on the charts, 'cos they constantly lie about the quality of an album. A lot of bad ones arrive at the top of the charts in U.S.A., but it doesn't make these same ones become great. It cannot be a brilliant album, but it's quite superior to most ones that have been recorded in the present decade. Besides it has very good songs, such as "Catch 22", "Moon & The Sky", "Perchance To Dream" and the incredible ballads "Surreal" and mainly "Alien", both ones with great lyrics. "Love Is The Rage" and "Where In The World" are almost so great as those other ones while the hit single (cough, cough, cough) "Freedom" is far from being the best one from Erasure, but it's a good pop one anyway. Regarding the other 3 ones from Loveboat, I really enjoy "Crying In The Rain", but I despise "Here In My Heart" (uninspired lyrics) and mainly "Mad As We Are" (confused lyrics and boring melody). Maybe "Perchance To Dream" causes a serious feeling of irritation at a first listening (or at various listenings) since it was intentionally recorded for sounding unpolished (just like a 'trip hop' song) and nobody expects this kind of thing from Erasure, but only more of the same every time... And maybe you can also feel bothered on hearing Andy's muffled vocal on Catch 22 or Where In The World or on hearing semi-acoustic tracks like Love Is The Rage... Well, I've sincerely never felt at this way on hearing those ones, but I think it's a natural feeling of rejection for who was used to hear the traditional and clear synth sound from Erasure. Actually Erasure have never recorded the same album every time at my humble opinion. Try, by example, to pick any track from an Erasure's album for putting it on another one and you will see how unfit it will sound. And this argument is strong enough to prove that Vince has always used his huge talent as keyboarder to create distinct atmospheres for every work he has recorded with Erasure.
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POP! - 20 Hits
POP! - 20 Hits
Offered by SourceMedia
Price: $5.24
293 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars It deserves 6 stars!, September 22, 2002
This review is from: POP! - 20 Hits (Audio CD)
Erasure are the best all-time pop duo and their singles collection is the definitive proof of this fact to me. And it couldn't be different since Vince Clarke is a keyboarder that really knows how to marry technological resources with beautiful & inventive melodies in a perfect way, while Andy Bell owns a superb voice indeed and he's a very good lyricist, but largely underrated on this point... I mean he catches his inspiration for writting lyrics from artists like Burt Bacharach and Motown's legends and not from pseudo-intellectual and pretentious ones. I really think most people tend to confuse complexity with intelligence and simplicity with dumbness. I'm trying to say that many lyrics apparently brilliant and complex don't mean anything indeed while many other ones just apparently foolish can mean so much more... In addition Erasure have always showed a sense of melody really refined, which you can hardly find on most Pet Shop Boys's songs, by example. Songs like "Oh L'Amour", "Sometimes", "A Little Respect", "Stop!", "Blue Savannah" and "Breath Of Life" own in common their elegant simplicity and they all are real gems from Pop Music. Leave the excess of sophistication to PSB... Besides Erasure are a particularly joyful/sunny pop duo that is strongly interested in bringing light to our lives. Leave the excess of darkness to Depeche Mode... Regarding their ballads, I consider they represent the most melancholic side from Erasure, specially because of Andy's bitterer lyrics, as you can see on three ones present in this compilation: "Ship Of Fools", "The Circus" and "Am I Right?". "You Surround Me" isn't so melancholic indeed. These four mellow and brilliant single-ballads reached all of them a relative success in the charts, however I really think Erasure would deserve more recognition about their talents for making this kind of song. I mean the ballads from Clarke & Bell are so great as their dancing songs, but those ones could rarely get the same quantity of claps. And that's totally unfair! Buy it and you won't regret. By the way, who is this Mr. Steve Gdula who classified most songs from Vince & Andy as "limp and uninspired"?! What a foolish thing to say about Erasure's ones! I think you, Mr. Gdula, need to hear all the albums from Erasure again and again and again. And urgently! By the way, it seems to me the critics have never gotten tired of writting limp and uninspired reviews about Erasure.

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