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DII Cleaning, Washing, Drying, Ultra Absorbent, Lattice Microfiber Dishtowel 16x19" (Set of 4) - Eggplant
DII Cleaning, Washing, Drying, Ultra Absorbent, Lattice Microfiber Dishtowel 16x19" (Set of 4) - Eggplant
Price: $6.99
2 used & new from $6.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Microfiber is not the best option for drying glass or plates - for general cleanup in the kitchen, it's fine., April 23, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
What you get:
A set of microfiber dishtowels. Two have pattern on both sides, two have pattern only on one side and white on the other.

I'm really not convinced that microfiber is the way to go for dish towels, because they don't ever seem to DRY anything. They streak the water across a glass or a plate or a dish, and I wind up having to expend more effort than necessary to finally get the thing dry. Microfiber seems to repel the water vs. actually absorb it and take it away. The towels are soft, and they are great for non-abrasive use. The stitching and the pattern are consistent across the product (although I don't really understand why two of them have full pattern and two have only one side.

They wash up easily in the machine and I've not noticed any bleeding of colour even when washed with bleach. That's a good thing because I like to throw all my dish towels and bath towels together into a hot wash with bleach.

I suppose for general cleanup, hand wiping, things like that in your kitchen or laundry these towels are fine. If you're looking for something that maximizes the hand-drying of a dish or a glass, don't go with microfiber unless you want to spend more time than is necessary to complete the task.

PNY CS1311 120 GB 2.5" SATA III Internal Solid State Drive SSD7CS1311-120-RB
PNY CS1311 120 GB 2.5" SATA III Internal Solid State Drive SSD7CS1311-120-RB
Offered by Cyber Trading
Price: Click here to see our price
28 used & new from $40.92

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Solid product, fast performance, installation can be wonky based on your system's config, April 5, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
What you get:
A 120GB SATA III SSD, rated at 6Gb/s
Mounting platform
(note that there are no cables or connectors provided - these will come from your existing power supply - so if you do not have an available connector in this style you'll have to get an adapter)

The PNY 120GB SATA drive is very simple to install into your PC. Find an open space in one of your drive bays and make sure it's clean and ready for you to install your new drive. There are four screw holes on the drive (I didn't have any provided screws in my order) which can be used to physically mount the SSD if you so choose. You'll only use that method if you're mounting it vertically inside your case, with screws like you'd use for a DVD ROM or physical hard drive.

The plastic mounting platform that comes with the SSD is just something I've never personally found useful. It has two sticky strips on it so you can attach it, but if you do that on the underside it cover the screw holes (and the circles on the platform don't align with the holes), and if you put it on the top side...well, that's just silly looking because that's the logo side of the SSD. I didn't use the plastic platform at all when I put this SSD into my system. I laid the SSD on top of another SSD in one of the drive bays and connected it up.

There are no moving parts, so you don't have to worry about it vibrating around like an unattached hard drive. Plug in power, and plug in the drive cable and you're good to go.

The drive was immediately recognized in Windows 10, I gave it a preliminary format to NTFS (you can choose exFAT or whatever you want), and started moving files over. This was a replacement for a 50GB secondary SSD I had in the system which is now just a spare.

File movement is very fast like you would expect with an SSD. You might consider this for heavy gaming, but most games these days are going to fill up 120GB in no time flat, so I'm using it for a small SQL server and some web development. Performance is what you'd expect from an SSD vs. a physical hard drive. Very fast.

Overall, the product itself gets full marks. Installation is where you will just have to do what makes sense for your setup and your case.
Enjoy the speed (but remember that you'll likely have a 1TB SSD in another year to replace this with).

Teknor Apex Lightweight Ultra Flexible Durable Kink-Free Garden Hose, 5/8" x 50'
Teknor Apex Lightweight Ultra Flexible Durable Kink-Free Garden Hose, 5/8" x 50'
Price: $36.98
9 used & new from $36.98

41 of 43 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars A wonky hose that's difficult to roll up and isn't as kink-free as described, but does what a hose should do, March 22, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
What you get: one hose, advertised as kink-free

This hose has some good things going for it, as well as some drawbacks that I've found so far. Overall, the hose does what a hose is supposed to do, but it's not as user friendly as I was hoping for.

First, the fittings are exceptionally well made. The steel-like ends screw onto the water output with ease and they feel strong and secure. On the output side you can also screw it into a nozzle or sprayer and it again feels very secure. There have been no leaks on either side of the hose with these fittings.

The hose itself is designed to be kink-free and durable. It's got the durable down without question. I've stepped on it, thrown it around, no issues whatsoever with the material or its durability. I have a feeling the hose will last for a long time. As for the kink-free portion, my experience hasn't been the same. The hose bends and flexes very easily, and you can get quite a few kinks along the way if you don't pull it and stretch it out. On my very first use I was wondering why the water flow was so low-pressure, only to discover that a few feet behind me the hose was completely kinked, and that was after rolling out the hose from the package. Because it's not solid construction, it's really flimsy when the water is off and it kinks up almost immediately.

Rolling this around a hose carrier is...well sort of a disaster. Because it doesn't actually have a circular shape to the hose, it just gets all wonky and goes all over the place. It's like trying to wind up a vacuum cleaner cord without untwisting it. It just goes everywhere and doesn't actually wind up like a hose should. I've just left it laying in a pile on the ground instead of even trying to wind it up.

For the hose function of water...when it's not kinked up or folded it does what it's supposed to do - allows water to come in one end and go out the other. But your mileage may vary on the other aspects that it's advertised to perform.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Apr 15, 2016 10:09 AM PDT

Dorcy International 41-1081 Rechargeable Power Bank Lantern with USB Input/Output
Dorcy International 41-1081 Rechargeable Power Bank Lantern with USB Input/Output
Price: $51.50
76 used & new from $42.42

4.0 out of 5 stars A very lightweight lantern with multiple lighting options for all your camping needs, February 15, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
What you get: the lantern, USB charging cable (note that the charging plug is standard USB female - I'll get to this more in a moment).

First, getting the product ready to function is very simple. Charge using the included cable (which is a female to female connection) and the product is ready to go. It's lightweight and very easy to pick up, with labeled buttons so you know exactly what you're turning on - there are three different lighting zones.

On the front you have the two-mode spotlight. It's a VERY bright spotlight but can also be used on a lower-power setting. Not exactly intuitive is the switch at the front with an I and an II. You'd think that setting I would be low and II would be bright, but it's reversed. Setting I is the brightest setting which is described as 700 lumens reaching a distance of over a quarter mile. Lower setting is 270 lumens. You'd choose this if you want longer battering life for those really extensive expeditions.

On the left side you have a white opaque panel with a series of LED lights behind it. This is your flood light side. It's great inside a tent when you need ambient vs. directed light, or in your campsite when you just need wide lighting options. It's not as bright as either of the spotlight modes, but provides a very substantial flood.

On the right side you have the red emergency flashers. They do exactly what they are designed to do - flash red light. Hopefully you'll never need to use that side of the product.

Switches to operate the flood and emergency lights are on the back just above the USB port (which serves two purposes).

You charge through the USB port, and you can also charge a phone from there as well (so be sure to take the appropriate USB cable for your phone). Don't expect rapid charging, and remember that because this has a relatively lightweight battery you are not going to get multiple charges for your phone. Everything you give the phone takes away from the lantern, so just be aware of it. In my setup, I have a secondary battery pack specifically for the tech - they are so small these days you can afford to have an independent charger and not use the lantern's power.

Secondary use of the USB port is charging the lantern. The cable is female/female and I have never seen a device with that kind of charging cable. It's not mini or micro USB (or USB-C) like nearly all of today's products, which means you need to make sure not to lose that cable because you likely don't have another one like it. Above the USB port you'll find a series of 4 LED lights telling you the power remaining in the battery.

Overall, I am very impressed with how lightweight the lantern is, and the quality of both the high beam and the flood light. If I had to change something I would make the input charger port something more common like mini-USB, since we all likely have 10 of those cords laying around. By using the full-size USB plug for battery charging, they've created a single point of failure if you lose that cable because you likely don't have another like it at home.

Forensic Files -The Best of Season Ten
Forensic Files -The Best of Season Ten
Price: $29.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Binge watching pleasure - the science behind strange crimes - 5 stars, February 9, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Forensic Files started as a binge watch program that I only watched when I was travelling and in the hotel room.
There would be marathon sessions on whatever channel it was on, and I'd stay up for hours into the early morning watching them back to back.
On a recent trip, I started googling about the program and eventually discovered that it was also available on prime (not all the full seasons but the "best of" of the seasons).

I was in heaven...the show is totally addicting. It's not a big deal for me that there are a few episodes missing, because quite frankly, I haven't even noticed - there's a HUGE collection here. All of them are worthy of binge watching, but I have been skipping around a bit. After reading some of the previews, there are some that sound more interesting than others, but they all impress.

The VO is tremendous and emotional when it needs to be. Sometimes I giggle when I shouldn't, but such is the show.

The program takes us through a crime and the forensic science that figures it all out. In many cases you will find that the people in these cases have gone on to do great things (trust me, google them). It's a fascinating look into the science behind the cases.

Binge Worthy programming in every season. You're welcome.

Cuisinart CSC-213 Grilling Smoking Cup (3 Pack), Silver
Cuisinart CSC-213 Grilling Smoking Cup (3 Pack), Silver
Price: $16.74

4.0 out of 5 stars Easy to use, easy to cleanup, great for your chicken, pork, and steak, January 23, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
What you get: 3 smoking cups, each a different "flavour" of smoke - hickory, mesquite, apple

How you use them:
I have a gas grill, but if you have charcoal the only real difference is that in a charcoal grill you will place the cup directly onto the coals (just make sure it's an even surface). For a gas grill you can place the cup directly onto the same surface as you cook the food, or if you have a lower surface or grating you can put it underneath. I put it directly on the cooking surface, to the right of the main cooking area on my particular grill.

You don't have to do anything special to make it work, just peel the top portion of the foil off which creates the vent. Then put it on the grill when you're pre-heating and go. They will last for about half an hour of smoking, so you could either put it in at the beginning, or closer to the end depending upon what you're cooking. If you're cooking some thawed chicken breasts or beef, it's not going to be on the grill for half an hour, so put the smoker in while pre-heating to get the whole grill smelling good.

In my opinion, these three flavours are more appropriate for chicken or pork (leave the apple for the pork). Beef would also do with mesquite if you want that, but I prefer a more natural beef flavour. For fish - I don't think any of these are a good thing...the fish will absorb flavour you just don't want.

As for cleanup, just let it completely cool and then throw it out. It will stay hot for a while after use, so I just leave it there and toss it the next time I open the grill.

It's a good product, creates plenty of smoke and your back yard will smell like you're cookin'! Enjoy!

South Main Hardware 10-Pack, SH3055-SN-10 Modern Round Pull Knob, 1-1/4", Satin Nickel
South Main Hardware 10-Pack, SH3055-SN-10 Modern Round Pull Knob, 1-1/4", Satin Nickel
Price: $14.47

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A bag of 10 door handles that are easy to install, look great, and will last you for a long time., January 16, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
What you get:
A bag of 10 round satin-finish nickel door handles. Each individually bagged with mounting hardware.

After getting some new bathroom cabinetry that did not have door handles, I was searching for something that would match the existing brushed / satin nickel fixtures for the sink and shower. This package of 10 was a great option since I was going to need several just for the cabinet doors and then would have some extras to replace others in the house.

Installation is very simple - but does require some tools to get the best results. Grab a drill (with the necessary bits), a clamp, some masking tape, and a ruler or one of those thin paint stirring sticks. Here's a great way to make it happen:
1) Tape over the area where you are going to drill. This will help minimize tearing of the wood / laminate / whatever you might be drilling through, and keeps things clean.
2) Using the clamp, affix a ruler (or paint stirring stick - this is the easier choice) to the backside of the cabinet with the clamp. You're going to be drilling through this stick so it should line up with the hole you're going to drill from the front side.
3) Using the drill, match up your bit with the size of hole you need to drill, and then go for it. By drilling through the tape and the paint stick you will make sure that the back of the wood won't split apart, offering you a nice cleanly drilled hole.
4) Remove the clamp, stick, and tape, and affix the handle.
5) Enjoy your new door handle.

These things are lightweight and go with pretty much any sort of wood finish on your door. The biggest part is the prep work to make sure the hole you drill is as clean as it can be.

Enjoy your new door handles - a solid full marks for product quality and ease of installation and use.

Cuties Baby Wipes, Powder Scent, 72 Count (Pack of 12)
Cuties Baby Wipes, Powder Scent, 72 Count (Pack of 12)
Price: $35.60
2 used & new from $34.17

5.0 out of 5 stars Good texture, appropriate scent, easy to remove from packaging - a great personal wipe product., January 9, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
What you get:
An easy-open container of wipes, with a powdery / baby-ish scent.

There are a variety of wipe products on the marketing and most of them are really the same. The slight differences in scent, packaging, and wipe texture are really what you're looking for when considering a personal wipe product (PWP).

One of the things that I start with is how easy is it to get a wipe out of the container. In some cases you might have a hard plastic box that you put your wipe refills into and pull from there, but if you want something that's easy for on-the-go, to put in a travel case, or just for regular bathroom use, this one is pretty good. There is a hard plastic topper right in the center which is your access port for the wipes. They pull out of the package quickly and easily, and so far I haven't noticed a "bunching" of multiple wipes coming out at the same time as I have with other products (which I don't like).

The thickness of the wipes are just right for personal cleansing, and the texture will make sure that you're getting a nice clean wipe every time. With other wipes I've had to double them up, or open the wipe and refold it before I feel comfortable with the thickness and the texture. This one seems to just work right on first try.

Because they are in a soft container (with the exception of the hard plastic top) - you can toss them in a bag to take with you on an adventure, or if you prefer you could pull all of the cuties out and put them in a hard plastic container you might already have in the bathroom. I just have a stack of these in the closet in front of the toilet and pull them out as needed. It's quick, convenient, and simple.

As for the scent - baby-fresh is such a strange way to describe a scent - they smell clean but not overpowering. Personally I don't mind scented or unscented for a PWP, but your mileage may vary depending upon personal preference.

Overall for texture, scent, ease of removal from packaging, and portability, this one gets full marks.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Assassin's Gauntlet with Hidden Blade
Assassin's Creed Syndicate Assassin's Gauntlet with Hidden Blade
Price: $24.30
31 used & new from $24.30

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A detailed and faithful replica of the Assassin's Gauntlet / Blade, December 11, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
What you get: the gauntlet glove (the portion that fits over your hand/wrist), the blade housing (attaches to the underside of the gauntlet once you have it on), the instruction leaflet

The first thing you'll notice is that this product is a really good representation of the Assassin's Gauntlet / Blade from the game series. The detail that is on the gauntlet is actually pretty impressive compared to other cosplay things I've seen. The buckles look authentic, it's well painted in a variety of styles, and even the plastic attachments don't look plastic at first glance.

First step is to put the gauntlet on your arm/wrist. There are straps that will hold it in place but you won't tighten those first, the the wrist strap. Next you'll put the blade assemble in place on the underside and use the black straps to secure it to the underside of your wrist. Be sure to push the plastic blade into the house first for ease of assembly.

Although it appears that there are several working components of the gauntlet, there's just one and that is the extending blade. On top of the gauntlet you'll see something like looks like a bolt - but it's just for decoration. To the side of the blade you'll see the AC logo symbol which looks like a little dart - it's also just for show, it doesn't move or do anything else.

The blade assembly is activated by pressing a button in the center of the disc at the base. The instruction leaflet advises you to make sure your fingers are outstretched to prevent the plastic blade from hitting your fingers or hand when you push the button. The blade easily pushes right back in and snaps in place against the spring, ready for your to send it shooting out the next time you push the button.

The whole thing looks like metal at first glance, but it's plastic, and you aren't going to injure anyone with the non-sharp plastic blade unless you're being really careless. I've sent the blade out and pushed it back in over and over and haven't noticed any degradation of the spring. Your mileage will vary of course depending upon how you use this.

In terms of a standalone item, it's really slick to display. As part of a full outfit I think you'll find that it's a worthy cosplay element (unless you like to make your own stuff).

I wish there were more active elements besides the blade, because it's designed in such a way that there could be a few other things going on. But overall it's a solid 4 star product! Enjoy it!

Tumi Alpha 2 Lightweight Medium Trip 4 Wheel Packing Case, Black, One Size
Tumi Alpha 2 Lightweight Medium Trip 4 Wheel Packing Case, Black, One Size
Price: $845.00
5 used & new from $610.16

5.0 out of 5 stars Smooth gliding, medium sized baggage that is perfect for checking (not a carry-on). Huge storage, fantastic wheels., November 29, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
What you get: one medium sized rolling suitcase. Built in luggage tag. Built in TSA-approved lock.

Measurements are: 28" high with handle closed, 41" with handle extended. 20" wide. 11" deep (fully zipped up). Bag is not expandable.

It's important to note that this bag is not a carry-on. You must check this bag due to the size, so just be prepared that this piece of luggage will be for your longer trips, or those requiring a lot of clothing options, vs. a day trip.

This bag has a lot of interior space, as well as the regular belts and straps inside that you'd expect from a good piece of luggage. The interior is not cluttered at all and provides you with a huge open container that will fit multiple pairs of shoes, pants, shirts, and still have room left for purchases you make on your trip. There's a built-in luggage tag on the side which is a nice touch (I always wind up having to find a tag). There's also a TSA-approved lock included which is also a nice touch. (although for the price you would expect these amenities to be included)

The best part about the luggage is how utterly smooth the wheels are. Rolling across hard surfaces as well as carpets, I am incredibly impressed with how these wheels pivot and spin 360 degrees for a smooth pull. Standing up it's easy to push the bag and let it roll on all fours, or with the handle tip it onto two. Either way, it just glides across the floor. This sounds like a trivial thing because of course most bags have wheels - but I'm telling you, this one glides like it's on ice...which makes it VERY comfortable to pull even if you've got it loaded up with clothes.

The bag is black, with handles all around so you can carry it in a variety of configurations if you aren't pulling it. There's a front pouch as well for quick access to items you might need, but since you are checking this bag I don't think you'll find that as useful as you would if this was carry-on size (which they do make).

Overall I'm really impressed with how much I can fit into this bag, and how smooth it glides along the floor. I haven't found a single problem with this product so far, so I'm giving it a full five stars across the board.

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