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Price: $8.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful album by Rameses B, August 20, 2014
This review is from: Reborn (MP3 Music)
Beautiful! That is the word I would use to describe this album. From start to finish the album takes you on a calm liquid-dnb journey. Rameses B has the chill/liquid genre mastered and this album clearly shows as much. My favorite song is "Left Behind" and is probably my favorite "chill" song to date.

If you are on the ropes about purchasing this album please just buy it. You'll be pleased you did.

Avast Free Antivirus 2015 [Download]
Avast Free Antivirus 2015 [Download]
Price: $0.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Avast! continues to be a low-footprint antivirus that has also protected my pc excellently!, January 24, 2014
I have used Avast since 2006 and have never looked back once during this relationship. I originally chose Avast! in 2006 because it was free and because it was/is a low-profile antivirus. As a self-proclaimed PC gamer enthusiast I choose to spend a considerable amount of time and money making sure that my computer system is as fast as it can be. At the time I switched to Avast! I had been using Norton Antivirus. Then, Norton had a huge system footprint and slowed down systems simply by its existence. Unfortunately, after using my family's computers that still have Norton installed, this problem is still existent. I am pleased that since 2006 Avast! has continued to be an excellent free product that also consumes a minimum of cpu/memory resources.

Also, and very important, I have only had one virus this entire time! Amazing!

Vestax VCI-400 Professional MIDI and Audio DJ Controller with Built in Mixer
Vestax VCI-400 Professional MIDI and Audio DJ Controller with Built in Mixer
8 used & new from $350.00

5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great piece of kit, July 9, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The VCI works so well for what it does, however what it does has got to be what you want for your investment to be sound. The VCI is expensive compared to the price-cut S4 and some of the cheaper midi gear out there. I feel that without intending to customize the VCI then the price is a bit too steep imo.

As for the controller its build quality is immediately apparent when comparing it to other gear. Everything looks great and feels very solid. I feel that the VCI has a perfect size. It's small enough to be portable and fit alongside other gear. Yet despite it's relatively small size everything feels easily usable. The knobs have plenty of space between them and they're big enough to use in quick-finger moments. On many forums some people have expressed disapproval in how quickly the jogs work with traktor. Personally, I have latency lowered to 13ms and I find there to be no noticeable latency between jog manipulation and response in the Traktor software. I am using an i7 powered machine and i'm sure this makes a good difference.

The sound quality is excellent and with a 24bit soundcard that's no surprise. I don't have the trained ear of a veteran producer/engineer but I can feel the clean signal and clean powered volume noticeably when pumping 24bit .wav songs.

The setup is fairly simple for Traktor. The gear flashes firmware up and down very stably and should you mess something up it's usually a quick fix. The VCI support community is by no means as large as the S4's, but it's good enough to support confidence.

Only gripes are that my first controller didn't work properly. On the first-shipped controller the jogs wouldn't properly register pressure. Excellent customer service paid for shipment back to their shipping facility and another VCI was shipped to me in a few days. My only other gripe is that the large red filter knobs each give different levels of resistance when used. This has evened out with some use, but I think at this price such small issues shouldn't exist.

Overall I love this piece of gear and it beckons to be in a relationship. With reliable soft care I'm sure I'll be using this piece of kit for many years to come.

Just Like Glass Screen Protector - Samsung Galaxy Note II Screen Protector
Just Like Glass Screen Protector - Samsung Galaxy Note II Screen Protector

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great protector, January 21, 2013
The Just Like Glass screen protector for the Note 2 is excellent and I am very pleased with it. When it is applied properly (Please do research on how to do this. It doesn't matter which protector you purchase. If you get particulate between the protector and your screen your experience will quickly sour). The protector is very clear and very hard. It is almost as smooth as the gorilla glass on the Note 2. Using the S pen with JLG works perfect. After a few days of having my JLG protector on my phone I hardly notice it is there.

I have one issue with the protector that influences my decision to be four stars instead of five. While the protector looks great, sometimes at certain angles in low light you can see a rainbow-like effect that is less than perfect. However, the JLG protector's other qualities are so ideal that overlooking this rarely seen problem isn't an issue.

The CEO for DBA Cases is active in the XDA forum community and provides quick and excellent customer service. I have also purchased their "Six Abundant" case for the Note 2 and I must say it makes the Note 2 look even sexier than without it! I highly recommend the case as it is sexy and provides a grippier experience than the rather slippery stock battery cover.

Schwinn Men's Prelude Bicycle (BBWhite)
Schwinn Men's Prelude Bicycle (BBWhite)
Price: $248.99
13 used & new from $247.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great bike for a great price, January 16, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Hello everyone!

I had two problems: 1. I was gradually falling into the depths of "no longer in shape" and 2. I hate paying for the gas in the 4 miles it takes me to drive to work. Money is tight these days and if I can save a bit more by driving less I'm all for it.

I figured buying a cost effective road bike could solve both of my problems and I hope that it does!

So, I did a few hours of research online and found this bike to have the most healthy ratings and it seemed to be the best bang for the buck. I wanted to spend less initially, but from what I've researched it is nearly impossible to get a road bike that's not just a single speed for less than $230.

Using the free trial of Amazon Prime I had the bike delivered in one days time. The packing the bike came in seems less than stellar, and the box did indeed have a hole in it, but nonetheless the bike was delivered in excellent shape.The bike comes mostly assembled. The pedals, front tire, front brake and Shimano shifters were not assembled yet everything else was on the bike. As other reviewers have stated, the directions leave MUCH to be desired. Only common sense and Youtube tutorials will help you properly assemble the bike. The bike took me roughly 4 hours to assemble. I used to be a contractor and have built impressive gaming computers in my time so I feel that I am decently experienced with minor mechanical assembly. If you are not, I highly recommend taking the bike to your LBS and have them do it. I must admit that a large part of my time assembling the bike was due to my OCD nature in setting things up properly. I managed to get the brakes at a near perfect tightness, lubed all chains/cables and tweaked the handlebar/shifters. Please read other reviews to find out that some work needs to be done to the rims before you inflate and ride upon the tires. Instead of spending money on rim tape I simply used duct tape to go over the existing rim tape and thus insure the tube won't come into contact with the spoke holes. Search the internet and you will find that many people suggest duct tape as a quick and cheap alternative to rim tape. Also, I made sure that the hole the nipple pokes through was free of any sharp edges/burrs. This is EXTREMELY important as my rims were a bit sharp around the nipple hole.

I may not have much experience with road bikes but after assembling the Prelude I must say she is a gorgeous bike. My coworkers (even those who own $600+ road bikes) gave me generous comments on the bike's appearance. If appearance does in fact matter to you than this bike is indeed nice to look upon. I've ridden the bike to work and back two times now (~16 miles) and I am very pleased with it thus far. The brakes leave a bit to be desired even when they've been tweaked to as tight as they can be before rubbing on the rims. However, after going down some steep hills they do the job well enough, you just need to brake a bit earlier than you might need to with more expensive brakes. Speaking of brakes, I did notice that because the brakes are only on the vertical part of the handlebars you need to be careful of riding around blind corners, steep hills, etc. This is because in the time it might take to go from the horizontal part of the handlebars to the vertical part in order to access the brake levers, you might already be in a sticky situation. This is by no means a turn off, but instead a word of caution.

I hope to remember to update my review as my experience with the Prelude increases, but if I do not I do believe this was a great purchase for myself and would be one for you too.

Note: After doing some research online it is advised to pump the tires to 115 or 120 psi. After I made my increase in air pressure I did notice a more efficient ride.

Kenwood Kac-9105D 1800-Watt Class D Mono Amplifier
Kenwood Kac-9105D 1800-Watt Class D Mono Amplifier
Offered by Sound of Tri-State Inc
Price: $158.95
4 used & new from $158.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great amp, June 29, 2010
I am using this amp to power two Kicker 07CVR12-2 subwoofers.

The amp looks great and feels solid. Pushing my subs to extreme ear-splitting volumes in no way surfaces any sound issues. This sub send clean power and its rated RMS without any issues or hiccups.

The sub may be a Mono amp, but it has connections for two subs!

I did a lot of research to find the best amp for the money and I firmly believe that this amp was a great purchase that didn't hurt my wallet. I think if you buy this amp you will be pleased just as much as I am.

Good luck!

Seidio SURFACE Case for HTC DROID Incredible - Black
Seidio SURFACE Case for HTC DROID Incredible - Black

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars You Get What You Pay For - And You Get A Lot With This Case!, June 29, 2010
This is an amazing case. It installs very easily and looks great on my Incredible. It is thin yet does a great job of protecting the phone. It slides easily in my pocket and I have yet to have it catch on anything.

A nice feature about this case, and the reason I bought it is that the case actually is raised above the camera lens. So, when you put your phone down the lens shouldn't be touching any surface - A nice feature sure to keep the camera safe for months or even years to come. The case also fits very snug to the phone.

It is expensive, but I promise you that you will be pleased. My experience with this product has made me a Seidio customer for life. I think it will do the same to you.

Good luck!

Kenwood KAC-8404 600-Watt Max Power Stereo Four-Channel Power Amplifier with Variable LPF/HPF
Kenwood KAC-8404 600-Watt Max Power Stereo Four-Channel Power Amplifier with Variable LPF/HPF

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Very Pleased With This Amp, June 29, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have this Amp powering four speakers rated to handle the amp's rated RMS at 4 Ohms. The Amp looks much better in real life than it does in pictures. The build quality is great! The Amp feels solid and thick. There are no creaking or loose parts on the Amp. The amp's crossovers give you many options across the entire frequency range - including for base, but why anyone would use this amp to power a subwoofer is beyond me.

There really isn't much more to say. I am pleased with this product and I am sure you will be too.

Good luck!

Alpine Type-S SPS-600C - Car speaker - 80 Watt - 2-way - component
Alpine Type-S SPS-600C - Car speaker - 80 Watt - 2-way - component

3.0 out of 5 stars Good Speakers But Probably Not Good Enough, June 29, 2010
I bought these speakers from Best Buy for $100. That was a mistake! I should've bought them from Amazon!

I have these speakers hooked up to a kenwood amp putting the required RMS power to them, so the speakers frankly have everything they need to perform as good as they will. I am happy with them but I believe I could've probably bought better speakers for the same amount of money. The base is good, the mids are okay and the highs are okay. By no means do these speakers suck. They are far better than my stock '98 4Runner speakers.

However every now and then on higher volumes you can hear the tweeters crack a little bit. Indeed, as so many reviewers before me have said, the crossovers supplied with the speakers really don't do a good enough job of keeping the lower mid-range frequencies away (keep in mind that my amp is set to keep all base frequencies away from these speakers, so if you don't have any type of crossover before your speakers this issue could even be worse!). This isn't a huge deal as at the volumes I'm talking about your ears are hurting, HOWEVER, what about when I want to open the doors and use my system to keep me company while doing some yard work or while camping? I see myself using these speakers as I see fit regardless of how much damage I do to them. If they finally die on my due to my abuse I'll just replace them with a different brand - a brand that doesn't have these tweeter clipping problems.

I am happy with my purchase but I'm not ecstatic - and as a consumer, don't we all want to feel like we have superior components that didn't stab our wallets as well? Isn't that why most of us purchase good online in the first place?

I recommend you go elsewhere for your needs. In my research many people seem to have great things to say about Rocksford Fosgate. In the past I have had great experiences with Boston Acoustics and Kenwood speakers.

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