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Inside HBO's Game of Thrones: Seasons 1 & 2
Inside HBO's Game of Thrones: Seasons 1 & 2
by George R. R. Martin
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $24.00
89 used & new from $4.82

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4.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic book for fans, but the "collector's version" is coming, September 27, 2012
So a few days ago HBO released this book, which is a gorgeous 193 page look into the world of Westeros and how HBO brought everything together. It has a great intro by the author of the books and a TON of amazing photos of the show with a great ammount of detail on the characters and actors.

There are 2 things that make this a 4 and not a 5:

1) HBO just announced yesterday (conveniently the day these were arriving at homes) that they will be releasing a delux version featuring the book, maps of westeros on scroll paper, and another huge book with storyboards and renderings and artwork. Obviously since it's through HBO's website it will be expensive (this book alone is over $60 through them after shipping and tax) so I think this version is perfect for fans.

2) The blurays of the show (dont know about the dvds but i think the same info applies) have an amazing special feature that gives an illustrated history of westeros, showing all the events that led to the beginning of the books. Probably one of the best special features I've ever seen. It also has hours of footage for behind the if you have that, you'll see that this book is more a companion coffee table styled fan collectible rather than some exclusive never before scene item.

In summary, the book is gorgeous...its super detailed, soft to the touch, the photos are great, the info is all there (save for the Direwolves, as others have mentioned)....if you are a die-hard fan, you should wait for the delux version, but if you just want some more GoT stuff around you and a really cool addition to your collection, this will suffice.
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Battlefield 3 - Playstation 3
Battlefield 3 - Playstation 3
Offered by Great Price Fast Service
Price: $15.99
515 used & new from $0.43

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3.0 out of 5 stars MW3 vs Battlefield 3 after 10 months..., September 26, 2012
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
Battlefield 3's multiplayer is so different from MW3 that any CoD fan will be frustrated with it...there's a realism in how the guns bounce when you run, a real world feeling when getting hit by a sniper or machine gunner a friggin long distance away, and there really is a faster pace to it..

Coming from CoD I bought this for the hype on the graphics and the huge game environments..I wanted tanks, planes, etc and in that regard the game delivers...however I was very dissapointed in the multiplayer graphics, which look exactly like the BETA graphics.

MW3 just has more stuff...idk how better to explain that..its got so many things right with it that you really cant just swap in this for a while and swap back...this game takes time and devotion to really get into it.

After 10 months I can honestly say i prefer CoD...with Black Ops 2 coming though, I wouldnt purchase either right now

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One - Avengers Assembled (Iron Man / The Incredible Hulk / Iron Man 2 / Thor / Captain America: The First Avenger / The Avengers) [Blu-ray]
Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One - Avengers Assembled (Iron Man / The Incredible Hulk / Iron Man 2 / Thor / Captain America: The First Avenger / The Avengers) [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Robert Downey Jr.
Price: $184.49
24 used & new from $159.95

1 of 11 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Will the delay be worth it? Idk..., September 25, 2012

Just measured the box an there's no way it will fit all 6 blurays inside unless you get some sort of Captain America Shield styled zipper case. It's too narrow for two rows and too short to stack 6 blurays into...which really really sucks cuz that would've been a sweet alternative...anyway, i've edited my review to omit talking about putting the individual dvds inside.....

I just picked up the Best Buy Exclusive Gift Box of The Avengers today. Best Buy has a limited number of these and some sold out when they opened at Midnight on the 25th. However, I can say that the box is pretty nice.

You get a wooden large box with an embossed 3D "The Avengers" title on the bottom of the lid with a large colored 3D picture of the group. Above this and behind is backlit by clicking a button on the lower right of the lid.

Inside is the 4-disc version of the film (3D, Bluray, DVD, Special Features/downloadable music cd/digital copy), 200+ page detailed Marvel Comic Book Characters book with every character and their description from the Marvel Universe, a $30 giftcard to Sideshow Collectibles, and a lithograph 7x9" card.

The Best Buy box won't last very long, one location I went to was sold out already, and if you don't want to wait until (maybe) just before Iron Man 3 comes out for who knows what kind of case, this case is really nice. Best Buy does a great job with their exclusive box sets and this is no exception.

Samsung Galaxy S3, Blue 16GB (Verizon Wireless)
Samsung Galaxy S3, Blue 16GB (Verizon Wireless)
32 used & new from $82.00

335 of 354 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars DONT read the one-star reviews, those people are just moping about a dumb issue...I'll explain., August 2, 2012
The Galaxy S3 is a 4.0.3 Android ICS 4.8" AMOLEDHD 720P 2GB of RAM, fantastic device.

The features that this phone has are top-tier and the gesture control (while gimmicky) is amazing to show off. I still keep a few on cuz they come in handy.

The device is also incredible fast and smooth, and the screen looks perfect. People will complain that this has a PENTILE display, which has faced very harsh reviews on other phones. However, due to the high-resolution display there are so many pixels that the PENTILE isn't noticable at all. The saturation really adds to the screen and all of the colors pop.

The quickness is partially due to Verizon, but mostly due to the S4 processor inside which easily matches the Tegra 3 quad-cores in tablets and the overseas version of this.

In short, for $200 you won't find a better new phone. The speaker on the back is loud, the sound is amazing, the earbuds this comes with are actually pretty good, the processing power is phenominal.

The camera is also the best of any phone...its essentially the iPhone 4S's camera...that Samsung made for them...but tweaked to use more cool features.

The front camera works wonders with Tango and Google+...both are Android/Google's "Facetime" and work with anyone who has a front camera, unlike Facetime, which requires iOS.

The people that give this bad reviews are doing so because of Verizon, not the phone itself. Verizon decided to opt out of a lot of things that people want this phone for:

1) NFC...payments made from the phone using a wireless connection and Google Wallet were switched off by Verizon, all other carriers get it.

2)Dropbox--a cloud based storage system. This phone comes with 50GB of dropbox storage...25GB on some carriers...Verizon's gets 0GB

3) The bootloader, or way to easily root the device and get inside to tweak everything about the device (what Android is best for since everything is open-source) is locked and encrypted...Verizon is the only one refusing to open it.

4) Onboard apps--Verizon's tools like backup wifi detection always turn on and interupt what I'm doing. In fact, when opening ANY app that uses data, Verizon has a big pop up that asks you to switch to an open wifi so you dont use their have to physically hit the "no" every single time...even when checking facebook you have to. It's sooooo anoying.

So, in summary, this is the best phone in the exaggeration, literally every website, including Mac World, rave about this thing...Verizon's version is severly limited due to them being greedy, arrogant, idiotic...well you get the idea.

If you want easy access to rooting, hacking(which is encouraged with android even awards people who hack into their devices to improve them...the Nexus Q being the best example...during the reveal of the device at their conference they stopped to tell people how hackable it is)...get the Galaxy Nexus or wait until this Christmas when the next "Nexus" device is out. I for one, was just tired of waiting and this device was the last one to allow me my unlimited data.

If you have questions, ask.
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ASUS TF700T-B1-GR 10.1-Inch Tablet (Gray) 2012 Model
ASUS TF700T-B1-GR 10.1-Inch Tablet (Gray) 2012 Model
Offered by Speedy Mobile
Price: $249.99
85 used & new from $159.99

2 of 9 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Decent for 4.0.3 (will update when we get 4.1), August 2, 2012
In 2010 I bought my first Android. It was the HTC Incredible and it was probably the best thing I've ever watching monkeys use was great.

When the TF201 (Prime) was announced I wanted it. It looked great, felt nice in the store, but held out since people were having problems with the wifi/ much so that Asus removed GPS from its capabilities.

The the TF300 came out and I thought, "Do I really need 1080p and a 1.6ghz processor?" I decided it was more the plastic back that threw me, so I waited again.

I purchased the Galaxy S3 early July and Android device I've ever used. Since that is a 4.8" 720p screen I figured I'd skip the Nexus7 since that was only 2.2" bigger and had the same resolution with a dimmer LCD screen.

My mom, however, bought it and loves it.

SO after much debate, I bought the TF700 from here. Two days later I played with it and was instantly's why.

My GS3 is smooth...just breezes from app to app, no lag, and obviously the 4G helps. This tablet has jitters just from going to a different home screen.

Videos on this look good...until you realize that the screen is constantly changing the brightness (with auto-adjust OFF)...that is extremely annoying...

Apps freeze and close A LOT. Simple youtube browsing fails every once and a while.

The apps are sorely limited...thought this was something easily overlooked, but no. To be honest, I go right to my phone pretty much every single time I want to look something up cuz the tablet takes too long.

Now, there are some good things, hence the 3 stars.

1) When its good, its amazing...for some reason every once and a while the tablet decides to exceed expectations. Things just blaze through and I find myself having fun with my $500 toy.

2) Games really do rock on this.

3) Touch sensitively is great...sure I have to double/triple press sometimes, but my friends iPads do that too.

4) Apparently there's already 2 updates that are fixing these bugs...however my tablet says its up to date so im not receiving them...ill be trying to install them myself later.

5) My mom's Nexus7 success is 100% due to Jelly Bean's Android 4.1. "Project Butter" tweaks all the Android settings to make sure there's no lag. Asus says these tablets will get it.

So...I'm giving this 3 stars for the sheer hope that this lives up to its $500 tag and all the hype.

For the people giving this 5/5...they are either lying to themselves or don't use android devices all the time...this device is FAR from perfect.

Looks, build, and possibilities make this thing a win but if you can, I'd wait to buy one.

Oh, and forget "Digital Copies"...that wont work on android tablets...gotta download the movies instead.

Finally...I'm really curious about Microsoft's Surface Pro...I may be selling this tablet when that comes out since it'll essentially be a very portable i5 PC that also plays Android apps.

If you are looking for a tablet and don't have a large phone, please just get the Nexus tablet i've ever used and you'll save half of your money...
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Xbox 360
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Xbox 360
Offered by BuyArena
Price: $20.90
599 used & new from $3.19

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Elite? No. Fun with friends...duh., November 12, 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Modern Warfare was badass...Modern Warfare 2 got me to do the unthinkable-stop playing Modern Warfare. So when Black Ops came out I was excited but didn't feel like shelling out the $60 for it right away...after a 5 day rental, I was done. Black Ops was like Halo 2 for people who thought Halo 2 was for losers...meaning it was ALL run and gun, the entire multiplayer was horrible imo, and that damn RC Car sucked.

Now, MW3 got me to trade in ALL of my past MW games, WaW, and even Assassin's Creed....just cuz I wanted it right away.

After 3 days of playing and leveling to 58 I can definitely say it's better than Black Ops...however, this ain't MW2 either. Every review that complains about Maps is right..the layout is pretty simple, clutter. When there isn't clutter there's narrow bottlenecks...when there is an open space forget sniping cuz chances are there's 3 ways to get to you from behind you and you only get one Claymore.

The guns---meh--some are cool and for some reason certain guns kick ass for like 10 matches then become water pistols to someone else's gun that has horrible stats. It really is getting close to Halo in terms of run-and-gun...the only saving factor for the game is the new matchups.

Kill Confirmed---fantastic change in gameplay style
Protect the Flagger---ripped right from Halo and completely useless to anyone who cares about the kill-to-death ratio on their will die an redonk amount of times playing this.

Revamped weapons customization--cool but we never really needed 10 colors for our guns or 5 scopes.

In summary it's a step up from Black Ops and holy crap playing with tons of people I know really does make teamwork, if you have a clan or have friends who come over to play buy this game...if you don't...maybe rent it first.

In case you're wondering my favorite game right now is Arkham favorite is LA NOIRE...

Oh and I didn't mention single player...on purpose.

Motorola DROID RAZR 4G Android Phone, Black 32GB (Verizon Wireless)
Motorola DROID RAZR 4G Android Phone, Black 32GB (Verizon Wireless)
6 used & new from $84.47

121 of 138 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Don't listen to the negative reviews based on price, November 11, 2011
So far the negative reviews for this phone are based off of what Amazon is charging for it ($249 for upgrade customers, $111 for new customers)...the phone is $300 in Verizon and $300 with a ton of accessories over at Costco today.

Now, as for the actual phone's good. The screen is a new AMOLED Advanced which means it can use the same pixel density as other AMOLED screens but provide a better color saturation...while the Nexus and upcoming Rezound have higher pixel ratios the screen on this still looks great.

The operating system is android's kind of new Gingerbread with Motorola's overlay called Blur. It slows the device down a little bit but provides their own custom interface that creates a more flashy transition between apps, screens, etc.

Also Motorola's RAZR has Kevlar on the back for strength, a nano-coating on the outside and inside for splash protection, and gorilla glass 2.0 for the screen...this might be the first legit Droid where no case is required.

Call quality from MobileTechReview, Phonedog, CNET, and others all say this phone is excellent, as is the smoothness of the web browser and the gps.

The only negative is that the battery isn't removable so the battery in the phone is all you get...what that means for me is nothing though since I have a car charger and charger at the office, not to mention the docking station doubles as one and looks good on my desk.

For ANYONE who's been a fan of Motorola's old RAZR, their new Droids, or just needs a new phone, this is the best one that's out there right now...yes better than the iPhone, especially if you like to customize things...nothing competes with Android in that regard.

The camera and the videocamera so far got good reviews as well, with the Camera side of it getting higher marks, especially when showing off the videos to your friends on the big screen.

Cloud service is standard as well as a smart actions app that can customize how the phone works everywhere you go...for instance it uses gps to detect when you're at work, connecting you to the wi-fi there, making your phone ringer change to vibrate on days when u have a meeting,'s a really cool idea.

Finally through Motorola you can sync your PC to the phone and transfer data instantly...take a note in word for class, the note appears in Word back on your dorm laptop, want to listen to your itunes, music can be streamed from your PC's playlist without you having to actually put the songs on your phone.

It's a great device and everyone who's negative about it just for the price is really stupid...either get it now for $249 like the sad sad people paid 2 months ago for the Bionic, like people did for the Thunderbolt, and like people did for the Revolution....or wait till Black Friday and/or Christmas when I'm sure some sort of sale will be happening...either way it's a good phone.
Comment Comments (4) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Nov 19, 2011 10:51 AM PST

Under Armour Men's UA Micro G® Bloodline Basketball Shoes
Under Armour Men's UA Micro G® Bloodline Basketball Shoes

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Micro-G needs to be on every shoe..., November 9, 2011
Anyone who's familiar with UA's new Micro-G line of cushioning and bottom shock absorbing tech knows the "split" training/running shoe is one of the best for summer wear. It makes the shoe lightweight but durable and wraps around the sides of the arch so quick movements provide more spring.

The shoe is almost all black with deep red accents on the arch curving up, over the strap (which is actually effective) and down to the opposed side's arch. The heel has a holographic image with the new logo, and the strap itself has a street pattern that resembles a "google maps" type of design.

The leather mixed with the premium rubber bottom that excels in grip combines with the breathable mesh/cotton top and lace area and this is where the shoe literally shines.

At night it's the perfect "going out" dressier gym shoe but in the daylight the 3M reflection on the strap turns it to silver where the street design is really bright....adding to that there are "sparkles" (sorry thats the only word I can think of) in the red that also reflect and bring out the "Bloodline" name brand.

BUT, take a picture in these and it's a whole different shoe...the strap and mesh areas reflect the flash from the camera and light up like something out of Tron. In reality you have 3 types of shoe...a dress sneaker, a stylish basketball shoe, and a fantastic fashion statement that everyone will react to.

Not to mention the Micro-G cushion is very comfortable...I love a shoe that doesn't let you even feel the ground you're walking on. It has good arch support, good ankle support despite not being a high top....

In short, while I'm sure you'd be cool buying $150 Nike's...spending $110 on this imo is a much better choice...I've always liked UA and this one is the best yet.

BLOODLINE was released on November 4th with other colorways being released for it over time.

Drive Angry [Blu-ray]
Drive Angry [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Nicolas Cage
Price: $7.98
100 used & new from $1.68

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Beer, friends, and pizza required, July 28, 2011
This review is from: Drive Angry [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
What is Drive Angry? Well its not "Faster", it's not "Gone in 60 Seconds", and it sure isn't anything I've seen before.

First of all, don't see this film for Nic Cage freakout moments, that's what youtube is for. He gets a little angry...and yes, he drives a car...but the star of this movie is without a doubt, William Fitchner. Every second of him on screen puts a smile on your face. It's one of those films where you can absolutely tell the actors were having fun making it. Is it worth $15-$20...nope...but on a hot summer night when you and your friends don't know what to do, order a pizza (or $5 Pzones), grab a bunch of beer, kick back, and just have some fun....that's all this movie really is.

People who give this film 1 star don't really know what they're talking about I think...what did they expect? Ask yourself what you expect after reading this:

"A sweet, sassy country gal meets a man who has come back from hell in order to stop a cult leader from murdering his granddaughter...along the way, the devil's right-hand man, The Accountant, forces him to play a game of cat and mouse while we figure out what side The Accountant is really on"...oh, also, there's a gun called The God Killer...and it kicks ass.

ya...really...if you rent this film, know what you're getting yourself into...this is pure mindless who's got a cold one for me?

Source Code [Blu-ray]
Source Code [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Jake Gyllenhaal
Price: $7.19
97 used & new from $0.76

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Simple, thrilling, short, mind-bending entertainment., July 28, 2011
This review is from: Source Code [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
The movie opens with gorgeous shots of Chicago. It's a beautiful day and the regular train heading into the city is passing by houses, fields, forests...and then the main character wakes up. A gorgeous woman is mid-conversation with him and yet he has no idea who she is, or what she's talking about....a few minutes later, the train explodes and he dies.

Then he wakes up...he's in a SIM and being asked to go back and redo everything we just saw...a woman then calls him "Captain", and says he will have ten mins just like before.

Opening the film is also some of the best Hitchcock-themed music I've ever heard. It really sets the stage for what will be a thriller with a small budget. There are essentially 3 sets...a train, a SIM unit, and a command center...that's wild foot chases through the streets of Chicago, no machine guns, planes shooting missiles, etc....its a simply story, where the viewer discovers things at the same time as the central character. This means one thing...we get to guess what is about to happen...this ads the "fun" aspect, something much needed in a film where we watch a man being repeatedly murdered.

It is definitely a science fiction film, having time-travel...or something like it...thrown in to the typical terrorist yarn. Of all the films mentioned I agree with everyone who says this is Quantum Leap meets Groundhog day...maybe with a little Deja-Vu peppered in.

Don't expect Transformers 3, Bad Boys, Iron Man, The Town, etc...this isn't a 100 million dollar summer blockbuster...its a small science fiction story that every person needs to see at least once. As for me, I saw it in theaters twice...something I rarely ever do (Inception, Dark Knight, Iron Man, Catch Me If You Can, and Chicago are the only films that come to mind).

Finally, the ending is jaw dropping, makes zero sense, and requires another viewing or about it with friends, that's what good films are supposed to make you do anyway.

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