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McGraw-Hill's 5 TEAS Practice Tests
McGraw-Hill's 5 TEAS Practice Tests
by Kathy A. Zahler
Edition: Paperback
Price: $23.75
68 used & new from $7.29

4.0 out of 5 stars Used this to help prepare for the TEAS Exam, pretty helpful, May 10, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I used this book to help prepare me for the TEAS exam and I have to say that it did help me prepare for it pretty good for the most part. The science aspect of the TEAS exam is somewhat of a gamble although the nice part about this book is that it not only has practice tests, it also gives you a general consensus of the topics that will be on the exam for each section of the test. For me, some of the math problems on the test were unfamiliar or just not really covered in this book but then again I got a good score that got me into the program I was applying for in the first place! I would recommend this book to help study for the TEAS exam. Not sure if getting the official book would be any better or not, as I haven't seen the official book.

E.T. 101: The Cosmic Instruction Manual: An Emergency Remedial Edition
E.T. 101: The Cosmic Instruction Manual: An Emergency Remedial Edition
by Zoev Jho
Edition: Spiral-bound
24 used & new from $28.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A must read for ALL!, March 10, 2013
I got this book from a place besides Amazon after several recommendations from other starseeds. I must say this book is full of wisdom and truth all should wish to seek, whether they are a "crawl-in", starseed, extraterrestrial, alien, or heck even human. Initially, the presentation of some of the viewpoints put me off (came off somewhat angry at first) as someone pointed out in a review. However, I kept on reading anyways and I will say that truthfully, people need a bit of a "slap on the face" to face the real truth: the world is changing and we should not keep fighting it. We cannot continue doing things the way we are now and not expect it to come crashing down (and harshly in that).
This is all in all a must read in my personal opinion, starseed or not!

Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Manual (5th Edition)
Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Manual (5th Edition)
by Elaine Nicpon Marieb
Edition: Spiral-bound
Price: $50.21
57 used & new from $19.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very helpful laboratory manual, February 1, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I had to buy this lab manual for my entry Anatomy & Physiology class. This laboratory manual explains concepts in a highly detailed yet direct manner. There are very helpful activities in this manual that will be quite useful when it comes down to studying. The tables, charts, and pictures within this manual are very to-the-point (they beat the actual bush instead of AROUND the bush).

I personally wouldn't recommend buying this in a kindle format if you are going to be using this in most laboratory room settings, as this is a LAB MANUAL. Please think about that before buying this. This is a highly recommended buy coming from a college student who has taken multiple biology classes!
EDIT: As another reviewer said, it would be helpful if this manual came with colored pictures instead of black and white. Apparently some versions have colored pictures (students who bought from the school bookstore got colored pictures apparently!), although this would not be known unless the seller specifies this fact in their description of this product.

Connect Core Concepts in Health, 12e Brief Loose Leaf Version
Connect Core Concepts in Health, 12e Brief Loose Leaf Version
by Paul Insel
Edition: Loose Leaf
Price: $116.74
108 used & new from $24.80

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Pretty decent health book, February 1, 2013
As other reviewers have pointed out, if you do not need this book much of the content in this book can be found online. However, some of the content in the book is worded in a way that can be hard to find at other sources (careful if your teacher likes to take content right out of the book, as some of the content wording is unique to this book [surprise, surprise]). The practice homework that comes with the online access stuff is pretty helpful in understanding the material. You can buy the ebook from the connect website currently for about $62 (which includes the online code) or the code alone for $29; often times, you may have a trial period and the ebook on the connect site gives you the option of printing pages in various ways if you choose to do so.

Tarot (Miniature Editions)
Tarot (Miniature Editions)
by Running Press
Edition: Hardcover
94 used & new from $0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Great tarot card deck, February 1, 2013
I personally did not buy this deck from Amazon but from a Borders book store a few years ago when shopping for my first tarot deck. The version I have has the bigger sized cards, which came with a miniature paperback book and in a box. The larger set of these cards are no bigger than an adult's palm (will upload pictures), so if you have big hands this deck may feel too small. Unfortunately, the description on Amazon for this deck is actually quite misleading. As you may have read in other reviews, the cards are rather small (there is a MINIATURE deck [which sounds like what this product is] and then there's another size deck that is more regular-sized, which is what I have). There is no way buyers would know there is another set of cards that are larger unless they have done further research or have the deck (or at least seen) it themselves.

As for the deck itself, this is a great starter deck with less conventional artwork imagery that is considered appropriate for children (see link below for some examples). Some say that the imagery itself is either too simple or is hard to relate with (or is considered "less serious"), which is entirely a matter of PERSONAL preference. Whether or not you get accurate and detailed readings, is again all about PERSONAL preference and whether or not you are truly connected with the cards. I personally have gotten some very accurate, highly detailed readings and have learned a lot about each person I have given readings to with this deck of cards. I feel like this deck is getting some unfair reviews based upon the reviewer's personal preference. While reviews of that nature can be helpful, it is all a matter of personal opinion and may not necessarily help someone determine if this deck is for them or not (some shoppers heavily rely on customer reviews afterall!). Since the store I bought these from is no longer in business (Borders), I am not sure where you can buy the larger version of this deck individually without buying the whole kit that is also for sale here on Amazon unless you see it on Ebay or something. The only thing I can really think of besides somewhere online is perhaps a local occult shop if there is one available near where you live.

When tarot card shopping, it's more ideal to actually buy them in a store to get the feel of the cards themselves rather than online. Here are some important questions to ask when picking and choosing a deck of tarot cards: Do the cards fit in your hands comfortably size wise? Does the imagery portrayed on the cards appeal to you? Is the texture of the cards ideal for you? And most importantly: Do YOU feel a connection with the tarot cards themselves? It's also important to ultimately look for a tarot deck that fits your personal tastes, not just because the deck is priced reasonably.
Anyways, here's a link showing some examples of the artwork portrayed on this deck.

Joker Assisted Open Pocket Knife
Joker Assisted Open Pocket Knife
Offered by Unlimited Wares, Inc
Price: $6.78
7 used & new from $5.50

4.0 out of 5 stars Great pocket knife for its price, January 11, 2013
This review is from: Joker Assisted Open Pocket Knife
I bought this knife a few years ago from a store in a shopping mall and I am very happy with this knife. It could be a little sharper although anyone can sharpen the knife as they please. The screw that holds the blade in place gets a little loose here and there(at least for mine) although I have a screwdriver to fix that minor issue. I trust this knife will help me should I ever need it for self defense purposes.

Petri Dishes with Agar and Swabs - Science Fair Project Kit
Petri Dishes with Agar and Swabs - Science Fair Project Kit

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Products worked as promised, very helpful guides and instructions, December 28, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I bought this for a science fair project in my biology class. The instructions and guides that came with this kit were very helpful (even gave suggested layouts for the poster board). Be careful when cooking the agar; definitely wear hand protection, as it cooks FAST in the microwave depending on your settings! At first I had a hard time growing bacteria (did toilet and sink bacteria in my house) but this is more due to the fact I was not keeping them at a warm enough temperature (around body temperature is said to be good for a lot of bacteria species). The agar did grow bacteria successfully. I was very pleased with this kit and would buy again if I had to do another science fair project.

- Some places to keep petri dishes warm (if you do not have access to a bacteria incubator) include: inside of an oven that is off (be sure to put a note outside the oven to inform other household members the bacteria is in there!); inside of a tupperware container with a heat coil bulb or incandescent light (over 40 watts) over it; on top of a tv if you watch plenty of it and dishes can fit on top of such; above a frost-free model refrigerator; and inside of a cupboard (as long as any other household members are aware of where the dishes are).
A lot of household bacteria will grow best around 35-37 degrees Celsius or 96-98 degrees Fahrenheit. Do research on what type of bacteria you are trying to grow before choosing what temperature to store the petri dishes at, as all bacteria are different. Bacteria can grow at room temperature but will grow more slowly.

- Store petri dishes upside down to avoid contamination from water droplets that form in the petri dishes (this is normal).

- Tape the petri dishes after you have swiped the bacteria on there, so you do not accidentally open the petri dish, possibly causing airborne contaminants to go onto the petri dish.

- When swiping the bacteria sample onto the agar, do so in a recognizable pattern.

- The agar included in this kit is nutrient agar. Some bacteria may not grow in nutrient agar (a lot of bacteria will grow on here but some specific strains will NOT grow on here). Please do research to make sure the strains you are trying to grow will grow on this type of agar. When you start smelling the agar, this means bacteria is starting to grow.
For more information on different types of agar, go to [...]

- DO NOT store by sunlight. Not only will the warmth be unevenly distributed, this can actually end up killing or hindering the bacterial growth. Store in an area that gets minimal sunlight.

- When done with the petri dishes, pour or spray bleach onto the dishes before disposing.

LG Optimus V VM670 Accessory Bundle - Car Charger + Home Travel AC Charger
LG Optimus V VM670 Accessory Bundle - Car Charger + Home Travel AC Charger
Offered by MyNetDeals
Price: $9.95

4.0 out of 5 stars Works very good, December 28, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I bought this bundle and wanted to wait until I had owned the product a while before reviewing. The chargers are compatible with my VM670 (Lg Optimus V) and was very excited about the price. They work as they should; however, the one problem with the car charger is that it makes my phone very warm while it's charging (does not happen with the charger that came with the phone while plugged into the wall or the computer). This does not seem to happen with the wall charger that came with this however. I otherwise recommend this bundle to another VM670 phone owner.

Nike Men's Lightweight Run Glove (Anthracite/Varsity Royal, Large)
Nike Men's Lightweight Run Glove (Anthracite/Varsity Royal, Large)

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Bought these for dad, December 28, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I bought these gloves for my dad as he likes to go running outdoors. He wears these gloves all the time and say they keep his hands warm and aren't too heavy. The nice part about these gloves is the bonus key holder, which comes in pretty handy!

Sandisk 32GB microSD Card
Sandisk 32GB microSD Card
Offered by BoBotechnic
Price: $27.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Does its job (bought for Android phone), December 28, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I bought this for my android phone and it does its job, not much more to say really. I have no problems with compatibility or anything of the sort.

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