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1.0 out of 5 stars If u are in the US Military- Beware!, February 5, 2012
This stuff has been taken off the shelves of the exchanges and commissaries in Japan due to the potential side effects on the health off those who have taken it previously. I reading the same for the States but not sure. Their is also this word going around that Jacked will make you test positive on a piss test due to the DMAA in it which may or may not be a rumor depending on what you read. Either way, it is not worth your health or carrer. Just buy another product from BSN or Muscle Pharm if you need a boost before you workout.
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ASICS Men's GT-2170 Running Shoe
ASICS Men's GT-2170 Running Shoe

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5.0 out of 5 stars BEST RUNNING SHOES EVER!, January 8, 2012
It would not surprise me if Runner's World chooses this pair of running shoes as a Best Update or simply the Best Pair of Shoes the next time they review running shoes in the Spring 2012 issue! I got Plantar Fasciitis in both feet and a painful heel spur in the right. I run a lot and most shoes seem to be uncomfortable even after around 100 or so miles (usually between the first 10-15 runs for me). I've always looked for either Motion Control/Cushioning support and owned pairs of running shoes from Brooks, Saucony, Nike, New Balance and even previous Asics models to name a few that I've tried. My size 12 under pronating feet to go along with my 6'2" nearly 200 lbs frame always seem to hurt as well my lower back and recently around my knees area on both legs as well. Looking around for a new pair, I was going after the 2160s but just didn't like the feel for them. Great shoe- don't get me wrong- but just wasn't for me as I wanted more cushioning than what the shoe was offering. However, I've discovered these 2170s next to the 2160s. Without any doubt, I can honestly tell you that I now have my best pair of running shoes I've ever owned. There is plenty of gel, foam, cushion and yet a firm-like support structure throughout the shoes that I can't recall ever feeling and now makes me want to run further than before and has got me feeling the joy of running when I first started to get into the sport. Even the sides of my feet are feeling good after a 10 mile run this morning. If your New Year's Resolution is to get back into shape and you want a good pair of running shoes to go running, jogging or brisk walking in- you can't go wrong with these shoes in my opinion (unless you are looking for minimalist shoes like 5 Fingers or Nike Free) as these Asics 2170s have the perfect combination of both cushioning and support structure I have run-around in during nearly 15 years of running.
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Remember To Live
Remember To Live
Offered by Marks Ear Candy
Price: $8.25
67 used & new from $0.41

4.0 out of 5 stars Solid- Except the Moody Mix, January 13, 2011
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This review is from: Remember To Live (Audio CD)
I love Flyleaf more than any other alternative or Christian band right now- including the wannabe look-alike Fireflight. Mainly, most of Flyleaf's material is orginial, well-thought out and the direction on their main-stream releases has a direction, a purpose, all pointing positively upwards- and it is something that can be played over and over without me getting overly tired over it. When I read that this is only a 7 song set due to Lacey's pregnancy, I was kind of adrift in my thoughts- wondering how it would turn out, but with Howard Benson behind it, these 7 songs turned out better than some full sets by other bands right now. I love all of them, except Arise (the Ben Moody mix). I know the fans of the band picked out this song, but this one totally destroys the mood at the end- with all songs starting off with an accoustic guitar and this song with a cheesy-sounding 1980s drum-machine sound. It sounds like as if it doesn't belong but was included anyways. I like the song (love the orginial) but I hate it at the end of this CD, in my personal opinion, because the Moody Mix totally destroys the mood, so to speak- which is why I give it only 4 stars. I will get my iTouch to skip over it when listening to this CD- but will play this song in my other playlists. Otherwise, another solid set again from Flyleaf and it makes me want more new music now- not 2012/13- but something to look forward too.

Passion: Awakening
Passion: Awakening
Offered by Wits End.
Price: $9.95
41 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good but not a contstant play, August 25, 2010
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This review is from: Passion: Awakening (Audio CD)
This is a very good CD- but, I just can't describe it, not all songs I would want to play over and over in my iPOD. In fact, only a handful of songs I would consider amazing- like "With Everything" by Hillsongs United (the last song on the CD). This song is just totally awesome and it even sounds better than the version on the Hillsongs "This is our God" CD. Other songs like "Amazing" by Chris Tomlin and "How He Loves" by the David Crowder Band are both skillfully arranged and lyrically powerful worship songs while "Healing is in Your Hands" by Christy Nockles is a beautiful heartfelt song. These are the true winners of the CD in my opinion as well as "Rise and Sing" by Fee- a get out of your chair and left your arms in praise worship song. However, the dropoff for me is where the songs become of what the artist is wanting to do for the Lord and not what has already been provided by the Lord to the artist. It's not about what we want to do (which is of work that we want to provide for Him out of gratification) but what already has been done (which is of by His grace) and repeated back to the Lord (an acknowledgement of His provisions and blessings which the bible says- pleases Him) is what seperates the good from the great songs to me. There is simply more of a spiritual/annoiting element in these songs that acknowledge and express heartfelt love and reverence for the Lord than the rest when the artists glorify about what they want to do for the Lord- with all good intentions- during the song. It is like they are magnifying what they are doing for the Lord instead of what the Lord has already done for them and their hope in His words, promises, love. This is the artists works, almost like they are working to try to earn His blessings by making songs of what they are going to do. To me, nothing beats "With Everything" on this CD- simply because of these lyrics "With everything, with everything, we will shout forth your praise, our hearts will cry, be glorified, be lifted high above all, For your our King, with everything, we shout forth your praise". With everything in each and every Hillsong United musicians- they shout forth in praise because they realize what the Lord has done for them and they are lifting Him up in a prayerful song. They are ackowledging and praising Him- which pleases the Lord and you can tell this song is different from the other songs- dare I say is more blessing to listen too- it edifies my spirit more. I hope you can see what I'm trying to say. Again, this is just my opinion.

With Everything (Album Version)
With Everything (Album Version)

5.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING SONG, August 24, 2010

Price: $11.92
93 used & new from $0.54

This review is from: Tonight (Audio CD)
Don't believe me- ask CBS Sports why they choose "ShowStopper" to be played while airing commercials for the Final Four and many NBA basketball areans are pumping it out over their loud speakers. Want more proof- explain why "Tonight" is now being played on rock stations throughout the land and in Major League Baseball parks around the country. This CD is def not like other Christian music artists CDs which are chessy, preachy, or downright boring to listen too. Want even more proof? Listen to Changed Forever- which is quickly becoming a party hit on secular stations during their Weekend "Jam" party sessions and Start Somewhere- both songs are favs of my non-Christian friends and all of them tell me that they can easily be played on secular radio, esp. Changed Forever. And I wouldn't be surprised if you hear "Funky Jesus Music" on your way to church on on mainstream R&B stations which plays Gospel songs on Sunday mornings. Of course, the Christian audience already knew what I just said- and they are awaiting the release of "Captured and Break Open the Sky". This is in addition to what you mainstreamers already knew- "City on our Knees". Just do yourself a favor and check out, you know, those other songs besides "City" on Tonight and get to know what the rest of entertainment world has already figured out- Toby Mac has one terrific, solid album worthy of your iPOD, CD-collection, etc. And on a personal note- I believe this is T-Mac's most productive outing ever. He just sounds more grown up now. Maybe his time of paying dues is over. Even TruDog (his ten year old son) sounds darn good and got my 10 and under kidz singing along as well. Hopefully, TruDog makes a true song next time- not something that is a "for kicks" kind of track. Truly, T-Mac was blessed from the Lord on this CD- and you will be as well should you spend the money on it. Trust me, there is a lot worse in the secular realm for your $$$.

DLO Action Jacket Armband Case for iPod touch 2G, 3G (Black)
DLO Action Jacket Armband Case for iPod touch 2G, 3G (Black)
Offered by aSavings
Price: $10.74
4 used & new from $5.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Accessory, May 25, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This iPOD accessory is great. Seriously- a plastic cover that doesn't need to be changed every week/month- depending on how much you use your iTouch. A belt clip and sports arm band- plus I've noticed it can be shock proof as I clumsily dropped my iTouch from a height of almost 6 feet and my iTouch worked just fine after that. All included in one product.

The two things that I don't care for- is that it is hard to remove out of the case and the screen gets little air bubbles in it. However, these are minor complaints of mine and not enough to make me want to purchase another accessory for my iTouch. This is the closest to the perfect carrying case for my usage. I strongly recommend this accessory.

The Naval Institute Guide to Naval Writing, 3rd Edition (Blue and Gold)
The Naval Institute Guide to Naval Writing, 3rd Edition (Blue and Gold)
by Robert Shenk
Edition: Paperback
Price: $28.73
30 used & new from $17.15

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Opens your eyes- this book should be on, March 7, 2009
From a Navy Chief on Active Duty, I must say this book is worth whatever price you will pay for it.

Clearly explains things where many of the Navy instructions or other publications is lacking... puts wordy and complex jargon into layman's terms (for the most part).

Also, this book is the first that I've read that clearly spells out why flowerly adjectives won't work on enlisted evaluations by giving examples of the "cause and effect" evals that enlisted boards are looking for and then goes on to clearly explain what officer boards are looking for as well.

Not only does it explain the mentality that goes behind the prepartation before writing, this book gives you clear points and examples to remember while doing it. I'm very satisfied- and will refer back to it again often.

Destined to Reign: The Secret to Effortless Success, Wholeness and Victorious Living
Destined to Reign: The Secret to Effortless Success, Wholeness and Victorious Living
by Joseph Prince
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $13.79
126 used & new from $2.92

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I wish more pastors was like Pastor Prince, February 19, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Imagine if more pastors was like Pastor Prince. Would we be living in a legalistic, law-based views or grace-filled love driven messages of Christ? Truly if Christ wanted to be never-forgiving and withholding of His blessings unless we meet certain qualifications- then who would ever met them in our sin-filled state? I'm glad to know that God looks at what Jesus did on the cross as the qualification which allows us Christians to receive freely from Christ out of grace and mercy.

I'm highly favored, richly blessed and deeply loved by what Christ did for me at the cross both yesterday, today and forever more!

That is a whole lot better than checking myself to see how is my standing with the Lord... to see if my robe still has spots.... to see if I'm worthy to receive communion... and all the other traditional, legalistic ways of thinking that seem so out of line with what the bible states and what Pastor Prince places an emphasis on throughout this book- Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness and Prosperity.

One way of preaching has us remember our sins and the other liberates us by stating that Jesus remembers our sins no more. If Jesus isn't condemning us over our past sins than why should we condemn ourselves when we Christians are in Christ? In other words, one way of preaching holds us back due to our past sin and the other way of preaching liberates us from our past- thus, making us Destined to Reign in our life with Jesus Christ. I say it again- America need more pastors like Pastor Prince. I can only imagine how better off I would be if I had this kind of preaching when I was a young kid- growing up into my adulthood. If you are in Singapore reading this review, attend New Creation Church and count your blessings that you can easily go see Pastor Prince throughout most of the year.

When Angels & Serpents Dance
When Angels & Serpents Dance
18 used & new from $3.96

4.0 out of 5 stars Do You Really Want the POD of 2001?, January 18, 2009
C'Mon people- one more year and we will be entering the next decade. Nirvana- Gone. Stone Temple Pilots- Gone. Alice in Chains- Gone. Rage Aganist the Machine- Gone. Soundgarden- Gone. Godsmack- Gone. P.O.D.- STILL ALIVE AND STILL EVOLVING!!! THANK GOD!! Do you really want P.O.D. to making the same music as 2001? Wouldn't it have gotten old by now? With blogs on Amazon such as "Is Music Crappy Nowadays" (or something like that) and a number of posts to it (myself included)- it is refreshing to know that a band that has paid its dues- left one major record label for another because they didn't subscribe to Atlantic's "formula", and risk a lot by putting out a CD that won't please the casual listener, but will be something them and their fans can enjoy for many years down the road- why on Earth would they go back to 2001? Columbia's INO Records gets major props from me from letting P.O.D. be themselves and try different things.

There will be songs on there that you and I will disagree on. I love Condescending, I'll Be Ready and the title track, but I can't stand Roman Empire and Cali-forn-I.A. is an easy skip for me- even though plenty people prefer to listen to this track. You know what- you can't have it all. P.O.D. isn't just making music for my taste, but for all their fans and casual listeners tastes alike. The question is what do you think and feel when you listen to this CD? If you get more out of their CD and than other bands- then won't you consider it a good CD? You can clearly hear them evolving, maturing and trying to do something orginial and mixing genres while taking chances... This CD takes a few spins and for the most part- it is well worth your money. You won't get the whole feel of it by just listening to 30 second track sound bites. Trust me, I've listened to many bands last year and this CD is one of my favorites of 2008. I can't wait to hear what they try next- and I don't consider WA&SD "CRAP".

If your still skeptical, try checking out their videos on YouTube.

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