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3.0 out of 5 stars It might help with weight loss, but it really depends on you..., December 9, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I noticed a bit of appetite suppression early on, so that's a good thing. In the month of taking this, I lost 5lbs. That was with a healthy diet and an excercise routine, so really I expected faster results. But it might have helped, I'm not really sure.
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DVD ~ Ric Kauffman

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5.0 out of 5 stars A gorehound's wet dream come true, August 4, 2013
This review is from: Goregasm (DVD)
Ok twisted fans of the extreme cinematic's time for Goregasm! This flick has everything your cold, subdued, annihilistically tainted but good-natured little lonely freak heart desires. I'm talking about a super-ecstatic and ridiculously abundant serving of sex, drugs, and pointless violence....all without getting arrested or kicked out of your mother's basement! This is a bloody jolly good time you don't want to miss.
The story haphazardly follows the lives of a couple of adult store employees and their desperate attempts to score with the ladies. Some brutal masked maniac makes their bedroom conquests even harder than usual. The results are gleefully dangerous and borderline insane.
This movie is total B-movie heaven. Chock full of nakedness and craziness, the kills are mostly old school gory and practical. It perhaps briefly wavers across the line of sleazy good taste but you seasoned gorehounds will be constantly entertained. Nudity, mutilation, domination, fetishes, necrophilia--heck it even features a glory hole...what more could a man ask for? A must see for the modern extremist...
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Mother's Day (Blu-ray + DVD)
Mother's Day (Blu-ray + DVD)
DVD ~ Rebecca De Mornay
Price: $14.28
46 used & new from $2.25

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1.0 out of 5 stars Horror moms can't wipe the stains from this baby turd., May 16, 2012
I encourage everybody to check this flick out, as all my horror buds seem to love it. I for one had to call the horror plumber, as it severely clogged up my mental pipes. Seriously I had to flush this gigantic piece of poop far, far away. The Mother's Day stench still permeates my room like a baby squatting in month old diapers.

Now let me say I love silly low budget horror flicks. Pretty much anything from Troma or the like I totally dig, or at least can appreciate the efforts of the independent filmmaker. This one does have great production values plus a talented cast. Not to mention Rebecca DeMornay seems to be aging like Benjamin Buttons--looking better than ever. I'm curious why she agreed to this flick though, I guess casting calls have sadly been few and far between.

Anyway, this is a home invasion flick. Super scary premise. It's the kind of serious subject matter that perhaps requires a certain director to pull off. As I watched this movie start to unfold, I began to get the same feeling I got when watching Die Hard 4. Not because of some over the top action scenes, but because of developments that defy all logic. I can handle a few miscues plus I can leap over some plot holes, but c'mon! Groan after groan after head shaking followed by unintentional laughter...this became an unbearable chore for me to sit through. Nonsensical dialogue and character reactions coupled with straight up preposterous unbelievable situations...ARGGHH! I was crying for my mommy.

Mother's Day does have a nice pace to go with the solid acting and good production values. There are a couple halfway decent violent moments but nothing too graphic. This movie appeals to many viewers, but I'm definitely not one of them. If you're looking for a suspenseful, believable home invasion flick, I highly recommend you checkout Kidnapped.
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DVD ~ Emily Haack
Price: $26.95
4 used & new from $19.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars All the disgusting joy and familiar frustration that comes with independent horror, May 7, 2012
This review is from: Ratline (DVD)
Director Eric Stanze's Scrapbook and his latest offering Ratline are perfect examples of why independent horror films have a passionate but limited fanbase. Shocking moments of hardcore violence, graphic nudity, plus dark, intense storylines that might make you mess your shorts. Barf baggin good sick times.

Budgets for these types of flicks are usually hard to muster up though. Acting is usually atrocious. The stories often don't flow evenly. Plus there will likely be some groan-inducing moments that defy all logic. Like the vulcan neck pinch or one punch knockout scenarios. Everybody turns into ninja Mike Tysons in many of these flicks, and sometimes it causes some unintentional laughter.

Well, you can expect all of that type of stuff in this movie. Devil worshipping, full frontal nudity, decapitations, bloody mayhem with an evil Nazi backstory...all of this offset by horrid acting, a few slow moments, and some questionable developments that are kinda hard to buy into.

So expect to cringe, to cheer, to chuckle, and probably shake your head. This doesn't come close to the uncomfortable realism that Scrapbook obtained, but stepped up with some bloody action and kills. All in all it's a great attempt at something original that will please many low budget horror fans.
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Dawna the Dead
Dawna the Dead
DVD ~ Laume Conroy

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3.0 out of 5 stars the Undead erected from the grave, January 2, 2012
This review is from: Dawna the Dead (DVD)
Zombie porn! Nuff said. Okay, need a little more info? Here goes...

Dawna of the Dead might be considered an incredibly inventive X rated film or a horribly offensive low budget zombie film. I think it leans more toward the former. Great idea, but could have been developed better.

Dawna is still grieving over the loss of her boyfriend. She and her girlfriend head to his burial site and play around with a Ouiji board, in hopes of some sort of connection from beyond the grave. Their wildest desires are about to take a pounding, as zombies rise up from the earth, anxious to bury their bone. Sex with the ex has never been this morbid!

Up to this point this story is electric. Absolutely shocking and engaging. Even with the sub par acting and cheap effects, it is totally mesmerizing. Not to mention totally erotic. Seeing beautiful women being violated by these foul, soulless creatures is definitely something to behold.

However, somehow these demented acts of perversion become quite tedious. Maybe it's just me, but I have little desire to sit and watch straight up porn for thirty plus minutes, regardless if zombies are involved. Eventually some cheap gore effects were added, but for me it was too little too late.

Still, Dawna of the Dead is a remarkable cinematic achievement that pushes new boundaries and deserves to be seen. Surely it will have a divided fan base, and many people will be highly offended. Not sure what the naysayers were expecting, but hopefully this review gives you a pretty good idea. Only for the most adventurous of gorehounds.
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The Two Worlds of the Mind
The Two Worlds of the Mind
by Randall Brooks
Edition: Paperback
Price: $31.46
17 used & new from $31.46

2 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A tantalizing, homoerotic dream within a dream, December 2, 2011
Are you interested in an offbeat murder mystery like you've never seen? Randall Brook's enthralling psychological journey teeters on the abyss of explicit sexual fantasies and an ambivalent reality. The author exposes the dangers lurking in the corners of our mind plus the fear of not succumbing to our wildest desires. Elevating thoughts and dreams to the cusp of a broken reality, this story is a demented head job like no other.

It's the story of Brent, a young gay man who is a writer, artist, and musician. Brent has a crush on a straight guy named George. Well, the two men become close friends as their relationship opens up new doors for both of them. Well, Brent sleeps with a mutual close friend of theirs, then eventually another fling comes back to stalk the two. People close to them start turning up dead as this vortex of danger, lust, and mystery shatters the essence of their existence.

The novel is told in broken fragments of time, very nonlinear and bewildering. It definitely keeps you on your toes! It provides some nice insight into the gay mindset, which is quite revealing and interesting. It made me wonder how much of this story was derived from Mr. Brooks actual experiences in life.

Two Worlds of the Mind is very well written and expressed. It is challenging and might push you to the threshold of mental exasperation. The gorehound in me kept hoping for more focus on the murder elements and have the violence kicked up a notch. But, this isn't that type of book. Still it absolutely made for a nice change of pace. There is a heavy focus on sexuality, plus it deals with friendship, betrayal, danger, and just life in general. Part satire, part fantasy, it delves into a complex cerebral vortex like you've never imagined. Or have you? A fascinating scope of the constructs of the human mind. 4.5 stars.
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Das Komabrutale Duell
Das Komabrutale Duell
DVD ~ Heiko Fipper
Offered by Badlands DVD
Price: $14.95
17 used & new from $9.71

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The 1st Party Splatter movie! Low budget awesomeness!!, November 3, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Das Komabrutale Duell (DVD)
Any of you supposed gorehounds hungry for a ridiculous serving of mayhem, filth, chaos, destruction, and insurmountable violence and human suffering? Do you crave an abundance of horrific flesh rippage and eviscerations and decapitations spiked with non stop brutality? Well you sickos better grab a bib and pull up a chair. This is some underground German gourmet! Thrown down your vulnerable little throats, low-budget horror at its absolute most vile. You better have a strong stomach to handle this non-stop barrage of nastiness. This is just flatout awesome. Dig in!

Okay, fair warning...the story here barely serves as a tablecloth. The characters barely make for an appetizer. No pretty cinematography to set the mood, no CGI to amuse the children, no clever writing to stimulate your mind...heck the budget is so low it can't come close to covering the tab. BUT!...I just don't give a darn. This is seriously one of the GREATEST FLICKS EVER MADE. Yep, I said it. I totally love this flick. Watched it three times this Halloween season.

It's a revenge flick like you've never seen. The Eightlets Mafia have a vendetta and will seriously jack some people up. Pain and misery will be dished out in spades. Only problem is...the victims won't freaking stay dead!?!?!?!? They are invincible? WTH!?!? Chainsaw to the face, skull fractureage, bullets buried in the temple...their victims just keep coming back! No clever explanation here, that's just the way it is. Deal with it.

Some people will understandably hate the cheap effects. Some of the deaths look horribly fake, I admit. When one head gets chopped off, I honestly thought the effort could have easily been better to make it look more authentic. But some of the murder shots look very good imo. Plus they are all super bloody!!! Granted sometimes the blood looks like coffee for some strange reason. But it's flowing heavy and frequently. Plus seriously, the best thing about this movie is THE ACTION NEVER STOPS!!! Fighting fighting fighting yes yes yes!! The blood flows constantly. Its crazy stupid brutal, I love it.

One example of the awesomeness--A guy gets both legs shot but can still stand up and fight. Then he gets a chainsaw to his neck with blood flying everywhere--but strangely he can grab the razor sharp vibrating blade as it shreds him apart and his hands don't even get a scratch?!? Go figure.

Need more details? We get a severed arm reattached with a nailgun. Bowling ball sized holes blown in peoples faces. Twin babies ripped from the womb and stomped on. A bucket of blood brought out to the battlefield so the wounded can get a homemade transfusion. Slicing, dicing, hacking, punching, blasting...plenty of gooey bloody insanity, just so freaking amazing it should be illegal. In fact, is is. Banned in Germany, deemed unfit for domestic viewing. Can you handle it?

Seriously, I'd rather watch this than SPLICE or H2 remake or plenty of other Hollywood "hits". I found this more entertaining than the Vomit Gore trilogy as well, although I did like those also. That's just me though, obviously this isn't for everyone. Bravo to Heiko Fipper, the writer, director, producer, and actor plus eveyone involved. I watched the special features, and they all had alot of fun making this movie.

If Death was a sport, this flick is batting a thousand! Step up and take a swing.
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Pearls of Wisdom: "...don't shoot The Messenger!..."
Pearls of Wisdom: "...don't shoot The Messenger!..."
by Jerry Hamric
Edition: Paperback
Price: $13.95
15 used & new from $13.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Mr. Hamric drains the intellectual main vein (4.5 stars), July 11, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I was lucky enough to discover this thought-provoking and pleasingly kooky, mishmashed resemblance of a book simply by being at the right place at the right time. Pearls of Wisdom "don't shoot the messenger!..." is the story of an ordinary man with extraordinary ideas and a twisted sense of humor. It's the literary purging of his soul perhaps, and the results are scattered all over the place. Parts unique and visionary, parts familiar, and parts that might offend or make you feel stupid. Definitely a journey well worth the trip.

It starts of with a Santa Claus story that is absolutely bonkers. Possibly the funniest stuff I have ever read! Politically incorrect and just flatout outrageous, Mr. Hamric now owes me a new pair of boxers. Genius.

Unfortunately the mood quickly changes with the next chapter. Mr. H attacks the widespread use of the English language. Not that he doesn't have some very valid (even funny) points, it just made me feel this _ tall, LOL! I have been corrected here at Amazon for my use of the word "spade" instead of "spay" in reference to animals. Plus I was also politely corrected here on a couple of my reviews for my use of the word "confiscated". Note to self--it does not mean a confined, isolated space. These are all things that I am well aware of but don't think about in my daily language. We all probably do that from time to time. When people point them out it initially makes us feel silly, but in the long run we should be grateful, because we now are consciously aware of our own stupidity. Okay Jerry, you win. I'm tempted to shoot the messenger. =)

The book continues will the author's take on odd little occurences in everyday life. I could easily relate to many of them. My own son raised the similiar question when he read the sign "NO SHOES NO SHIRT NO SERVICE". Yes pants are also required, or something covering your lower half.

This book covers a wide range of topics that are often hilarious or thought-provoking, like I already mentioned. Politics, religion, your hat turned sideways...nothing is off limits. The author at times comes off like The Big Bad Wolf waiting for you at Grandma's house. I also got the impression Mr. Hamric was once like Frank the Tank with the beer (it does taste so good when it hits your lips) LOL! It might seem bold and opinionated, but also genuine and intriguing. This is an excellent change of pace book that is well worth reading.
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A Virgin Among the Living Dead
A Virgin Among the Living Dead
DVD ~ Alice Arno
Offered by feed_your_tv
Price: $19.09
25 used & new from $3.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Barfing with pure erotic weirdness, May 20, 2011
It's time to party in the dumpster of broken screams! Jess Franco's A Virgin Among the Living Dead undeniably qualifies as trash cinema for many horror fans, possibly even to some cult underground horror fans. It's definitely low budget with some sloppy drunken storytelling, and it often dry heaves on the dirty curb of absolute nonsense. This ain't for the kiddos or your typical Hollywood horror fans. But for the craziest of cult horror party animals, this head-spinning disorientation might somehow wake up in bed next to brilliance. Not exactly sure what I'm saying here, but just like this flick, you gotta be willing to just go with it.

Cristina is a hot little vixen (probably a virgin I'm guessing) that is paying a visit to her extended family in their old mansion of Montesserate. She is warned to stay away from that old deserted place, but she insists her fam is waiting for her there. So she gets to the house and kicks it with her blood, kinda sorta literally.

The title of this movie hints that Cristina's kin are a bunch of zombies, but that isn't really accurate. No dead flesh, shambling or moaning here. Other reviewers claim that they are vampires, but the sunlight doesn't seem to bother them either. Maybe they are ghosts with a thirst for blood and naked chicks? Whatever you wanna call them--maybe Franco is making a sly profound stab at in-laws--who knows? But these folks can definitely cause some mayhem.

What can you the viewer expect?

Well, there is some gratuitous full frontal nudity after about thirty minutes in. When a hot woman goes for a stroll in the woods and sees a lake, you know the skinny-dipping urge is just uncontrollable. Additionally, there are some weird conversations with bloody human parts being hidden. Women who sleep naked while other family members sit and stare. What else? Oh, a big black phallus that controls the fate of the world. Plus, there is a little lesbian blood sucking bedroom endeavor involving scissors.

Yeah, this is a Jess Franco film. Nothing adds up. Not a lot of blood or gore. No real story with every loose end getting tied up nicely. But love it or hate it, it does have some crazy stuff that you just won't see anywhere else. Recommended to those who think about the box from outside.
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DVD ~ Brendan Fletcher
Price: $19.55
22 used & new from $10.93

10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Witness the hardcore eruption of everyday inhumanity, March 16, 2011
This review is from: Rampage (DVD)
Every once in awhile a film comes out of nowhere and seems to blister the screen. Rampage is a simple story that engages the viewer with a harsh acuity that is impossible to disregard. If you're addicted to danger, this is awesomely brutal and all too real. It's not based on a video game, Director Uwe Boll gets serious here and takes absolutely no prisoners.

It's the story of a young man named Bill. He's a bit of a slacker, floating around through life with little direction or motivation. His parents are getting leery of his lackluster drive, putting pressure on their son to grow up and start showing some initiative. One day, Bill finally reaches his breaking point.
After being dissatisfied with the service from a coffee shop employee, Bill is bound and determined to get revenge. Not only on the worker, but the entire town. With a couple of machine guns and a full body suit of Kevlar armor, he goes on a killing rampage. It's a harrowing display of controlled but psychotic madness. Pretty difficult not to get immediate flashbacks of Columbine or Virginia Tech.

Reasons? The violence seems pretty senseless. Frustration, indifference, mental instability? Or maybe like the P.O.D. song, maybe Bill just needed to be hugged. He seems to be a bit introverted, without too many friends. He resembles countless other young people in society today. Could be your son, your neighbor, your classmate. That makes this all the more frightening. He brashly claim to be on some sort of mission because much of the world's problems come from overpopulation. Not to mention the ineptitude of the mass majority (this coming from a total deadbeat). Anyway, time for him to start cleaning house, and it's survival of the fittest.

Final grade = A. Much like the hapless victims, I was blown away. Rampage is a total shocker, plus a brash profound statement. Oh, the acting here is flawless as well. These awful events seem all too real. It might be classified as an action movie, but it also qualifies as psychological horror. Completely gripping and unflinching. Must see stuff.
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