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Jif Creamy Peanut Butter Granola Bar, 5 Ct
Jif Creamy Peanut Butter Granola Bar, 5 Ct

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars If you love Jif, you'll love Jif Peanut Butter Granola Bars, September 2, 2015
To start, there are three flavors of the Jif Peanut Butter Granola Bars that are available - chocolate, creamy and crunchy. I was able to try all three flavors [for free] as part of a Crowdtap program in order to review the product. This product is pretty much exactly as it's advertised. Unlike most granola bars on the mark, these bars are creamy with no hint of dryness whatsoever. The peanut butter is smooth (well, except for Crunchy) with just enough sweetness to the bar to make it seem more like a guilty pleasure than a healthy snack. They are the perfect grab-on-the-go snack, with the exception that you eat the bar before you end up in a situation where you're in very warm temperatures - we are talking about peanut butter and [possibly] chocolate, after all! They seem to be readily available and the price point is a reasonable price for the snack. Overall, I was satisfied with these bars and will definitely be buying more in the very near future.

Disclaimer: I’m a member of the Crowdtap Jif™ program, and Jif™ sent me a sample of its Jif™ Bars to try and asked me to review.

Regalo My Cot Deluxe, with Sleeping Bag, Navy
Regalo My Cot Deluxe, with Sleeping Bag, Navy
Price: $35.92
21 used & new from $34.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Great cot, cheap sleeping bag., August 12, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I love the cot itself. My son absolutely loves it and now insists on sleeping on it instead of his bed. However.. although it seems convenient, if I had to do it all over again I would have just bought the cot without the sleeping bag/pillow. The sleeping bag/pillow is made out of really cheap material and tore in less than 24 hours after the cot was delivered to us. There was no rough play involved, my son just sat on the cot and the fabric ripped right at the pillow. (And for reference, my son is 2.5 years old and about 30 lbs.) It is a nice cot to take on trips, though.

940 Saturdays: Family Activities & a Keepsake Journal
940 Saturdays: Family Activities & a Keepsake Journal
by Harley A. Rotbart M.D.
Edition: Diary
Price: $16.36
61 used & new from $4.43

3.0 out of 5 stars Review From Missy's Reads & Reviews, October 28, 2014
Obviously, I'm a little late to the game on this book (or the book is a little late on the game for me?) since my son was born in 2012 - so I've already missed the first (approximate) 104 Saturday opportunities to write about in this book. Nonetheless, I was very excited to receive this book and start on our memories together.

After getting this book and getting the chance to check it out firsthand.. I have mixed feelings about it. The best reasoning for my feelings, I think, is what I assume to be a missed connection that happened somewhere between the actual title of the book and the synopsis. It clearly states in the blurb that there is a removable booklet full of activities. But, after seeing the cover and full title of the book, wires got crossed and I thought that it was a book full of activities with a small journal area. Completely my fault. I might also note that this was the first time in YEARS that I didn't read any reviews before purchasing. Again, completely my fault.

When you get this book, you get a book that is 480 pages. It's THICK - about 2 inches thick. And every single page of this book, aside from the booklet tucked neatly in an envelope on the inside of the back cover, is a journal page. You have room for two Saturdays on each page: each titled with the numbers 1-940 to represent every Saturday, along with a place for a date and about ten lines to write your journal entry on. Another hiccup for me - I write big, so I'm scared that the space provided may not be enough for me to write entire entries in. But it IS a beautiful book. The cover is what I call a soft hardcover, it's hard but has a padded feel to it. I do believe this book will stand the test of time.

However, as I said, it's not what I expected. It's disappointing, but I can only blame myself. The booklet in the back IS full of ideas and you do have the added convenience of activities being divided into age groups. A lot of the ideas are what I would consider common and not very original, something that someone can think up themselves on a whim. In my opinion, I think this book would be more successful for me if the ideas in the booklet were written in the actual book itself - and they were a bit more creative and uncommon. Also, each entry for every single Saturday seems like it could get a little overwhelming after a while with trying to keep up with every single weekend day to write down what you did. But, again, this is just my opinion.

I'm giving this book 3 STARS out of 5, based solely on how I feel about this book - which is middle of the road and somewhat neutral. If you're one of those people that can keep up with weekly updates on your family and want something a little fancier than just a regular lined journal (with the restrictions of only writing on Saturdays), then I think you will REALLY like this book. Otherwise, with a retail price of $24.99, if you are NOT one of those people, then I might suggest otherwise.

(Note: This book was received free in exchange for an honest review.)

Draw-A-Saurus: Everything You Need to Know to Draw Your Favorite Dinosaurs
Draw-A-Saurus: Everything You Need to Know to Draw Your Favorite Dinosaurs
by James Silvani
Edition: Paperback
Price: $11.58
66 used & new from $9.03

5.0 out of 5 stars Review from Missy's Reads & Reviews, October 21, 2014
Back in the day, I used to be somewhat of an artist. I loved to draw. I drew all the time.. took as many art classes and courses as I could. Then, I became an adult. Work and responsibilities made me put my art on the back-burner. Aside from random, boring doodles, I don't think that I've drawn in the better part of a decade. Then, I found out I was pregnant. Pregnancy sucked but, when I had time to myself, I always daydreamed about showing my son all of the things that I love.

My son isn't too old (he'll be two next month), but he's already very artsy and loves doing fun activities with his mom throughout the day. One of the things that we love to do together is draw - well, doodle. But having a child so willing to learn has inspired me to push myself and make time for those creative outlets and education that I loved so much when I was younger. Draw-A-Saurus: Everything You Need To Know To Draw Your Favorite Dinosaurs was actually on my radar and on my wishlist for some time. Having the opportunity to review it was just a fun little surprise that I'm grateful for.

No matter if you're a child or adult, beginner or expert, everyone can have fun reading and following the instructions of this book. Before you get into drawing, you can read the first chapter, titled "Getting Started" which gives you details of items you need and tips to help you with your dinosaurs. The chapters that follow are categorized into dinosaur suborders like Theropods, Sauropods, Armoured, etc etc; and this is followed with chapters that covers topics like fine tuning your drawings and environments these dinosaurs lived in.

Being a huge fan (mainly because I have no choice) of the popular PBS show, Dinosaur Train, I knew that the first dinosaur I wanted to try to draw for my son was the Tyrannosaurus. Conveniently, it was one of the first dinosaurs covered - obviously, since T-Rex is the king and all. Sitting down with the book (and supplies), I found it amazing easy to follow along with the step-by-step instructions that you're giving. Every dinosaur pretty much starts out as a stick figure - yes, a stick figure y'all! Saying this book simplifies for even the most novice of drawers would be an understatement - this book breaks down every single detail for you and turns it into a fun activity that actually ends in realistic (and detailed!) drawings that you will be proud of, no matter what your age. As if that wasn't enough, this book is FULL of scientific facts on almost every page. Being a tomboy growing up and having been obsessed with dinosaurs for many years, I thought I knew all there was to know about dinosaurs but it seems my knowledge didn't even scratch the surface of what this book has.

Obviously, this book was an absolute home run for me. Though my son may not be old enough to actually be able to follow along, I'm confident that he'll be able to pick this book up in just a few short years and be able to draw some of our favorite dinosaurs just following the easy instruction in this book. Until then, I will happily draw all the dinosaurs he wants me to - with confidence. And I'm sure I'll be able to impress him with my newly-found vast dino-knowledge. Mommy bonus!

I'd recommend this book for anyone and everyone. If you have a passion for dinosaurs, drawing and/or even a curiosity for science, I believe you'll enjoy this book. On my usual five-star scale, this book will definitely be receiving 5 STARS!

Oral-B Prohealth All-In-One Medium Toothbrush, Colors May Vary, 1 Count
Oral-B Prohealth All-In-One Medium Toothbrush, Colors May Vary, 1 Count
Price: $3.06

5.0 out of 5 stars Hello New Favorite!, September 4, 2014
The Oral-B toothbrush is, hands down, one of the best manual toothbrushes that I have had the pleasure of reviewing. Comfortable grip, scrubs the grime off your teeth and stimulates your gums without that sore feeling after, and gives you that overall fresh-from-the-dentist feel that lasts for hours.

All's Fair in Vanity's War (Book I The Seer's Seven Deadly Fairy Tales 1)
All's Fair in Vanity's War (Book I The Seer's Seven Deadly Fairy Tales 1)
Price: $3.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars From Missy's Reads & Reviews, February 17, 2012
I want to start by saying that after reading this book (which I did a while ago but had to wait for the blog tour to post my review), I knew this could be one of those books where people would either understand it and fall madly in love with it - or they'd just get confused and give up. I've seen both and can understand both sides. Fortunately for me, I fell madly in love with it.

This book is chock full of history, mythology and plot. Add to that it's written from the point of view of the Seer and not necessarily one of the main characters the book focuses on (Keleigh/Locke), you have the potential to be overwhelmed. I think I can safely say this book is not meant to be read quickly or skimmed through - it's intended for those that can sit down and fully immerse themselves in the rich details written on page upon page. If you have that sort of time, then you definitely won't regret it.

There was an amazing cast of characters starring in this book. Keleigh is the sort of girl that just tries to blend in with everyone else, when she truly stands out no matter what she does. Locke is a wild spirit that I honestly can't pin down with just a few words because he is truly everywhere with his personality and emotions. Both Keleigh and Locke's best friends are amazing supporting characters, full of charm and loyalty. Over all of the characters though, I think the Seer was the one that struck me as one of the most intriguing. Perhaps it was because the book was from her POV mostly, but her personality and wit really added another level to the story. It was strange to read the story from a secondary character's perspective, but it also added something unique to the story that I don't think would have been present had the POV from the story been from someone else. And even though the story is told from her POV, the Seer is still something of a mystery that keeps the element of intrigue that isn't necessarily quenched by the end of the story - making it impossible not to want to read more about her.

All's Fair In Vanities War has everything that I could ask for in a great read and I cannot wait to read more. If after reading my review, you're not in the least timid by this book... then I would wholly recommend checking it out.

Double Clutch: A Brenna Blixen Novel
Double Clutch: A Brenna Blixen Novel
by Liz Reinhardt
Edition: Paperback
Price: $9.99
14 used & new from $2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars From Missy's Reads & Reviews, November 29, 2011
When people ask me why I review self-published works as well as works published by major houses instead of just reviewing for major houses only, I want to point them in the direction of fabulous books like this one. If I just reviewed for publishers only, then I would miss out on some really incredible stories.

Double Clutch is not a book that is driven only by its plot. As a matter of fact, the plot takes the backseat to character development. Sometimes in stories, this is a downgrade because the story tends to drag and there always seems to be too much brooding and melodrama. Thankfully, this is not the case AT ALL with this book. The funny thing is that Brenna starts out as a strong character to begin with - she's pretty confident and sure of herself with a nice dose of independence. However, we get much more from her as we proceed through the novel. She grows significantly, maturing and adapting to everything that comes along with being a teen, as well as having a boyfriend and feelings for a guy that seems to be a little more than just a friend.

Normally, this is where I post my doubts about how a love triangle could possibly be good for a story.. but I just can't do that with Double Clutch. This is one of those instances where there are two guys that are attracted to Brenna that are both flawed but inevitably both nice guys who show their adoration in different ways. Relating to the main character and trying to figure out which guy is best for her really keeps you turning the pages in this because it isn't a typical cookie cutter love triangle. This is one of those rare instances where there's no clear "better" choice for Brenna and that really turns the intrigue up. Jake and Saxon are both great guys in their own ways with their own sets of pros and cons. Add to that a history and story between THEM as well (not romantically), and your head is spinning from all of the revelations and swoon-worthy moments between the three of them.

As far as romances go, I give this book an A+ and then some. I would have loved to see a little more to the plot - maybe a little more conflict. Like I said though, the story keeps you so hooked with everything going on with the main characters, there's no way I could give this anything less than 5 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed Double Clutch and cannot wait to read more in its sequel, Junk Miles.

Shut Out
Shut Out
by Kody Keplinger
Edition: Hardcover
46 used & new from $0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars From Missy's Reads & Reviews, November 29, 2011
This review is from: Shut Out (Hardcover)
Even though I do own Kody Keplinger's debut, The D.U.F.F., Shut Out is the first book that I have read by her. Having said that, I went in with very little knowledge on the author (other than knowing people sing their praises for her debut) but finished the book with much respect for the author.

I like Lissa as a main character because she's very easy to relate to, yet there was something there that held me back from absolutely falling in love with her. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, though I'm pretty sure that it has to do with something that can't be mentioned anyway because it would be slightly spoiler-ish. She has the right idea in the book though and she executes it seemingly well with the help of some of the other female characters. I actually kind of like all of the girls that was part of the group in the book because they do develop a sense of camaraderie throughout this whole debacle that they've put themselves into when they normally would probably never get along. It was... sweet. I'm also probably going to be one of the only girls to review this book and say this, but I really don't think that Randy was as bad as Lissa made him out to be. She did break promises to him and any normal guy would be a little ticked, even though those promises should have never been made in the first place. Cash is obviously very swoon-worthy, so there's no need to spend unnecessary time singing his praises - just trust me when I say he's a great character.

While I normally cringe at books that have themes like female empowerment, this book was sprinkled with just enough to where you know it's there but it's not completely extreme nor overwhelming. I'll also be honest and say that I expected to see more dealing with the strike itself... or at least, I wanted to see more that dealt with the strike and the battle that followed.

Overall, this was a great read that deals with real life issues not always touched on in the Young Adult genre. Although it's loosely based on a Greek play, it most definitely stands strong with its own plot and voice. If you like a good YA Contemporary read, you'll want to pick up Keplinger's Shut Out.

by Stasia Ward Kehoe
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $12.15
69 used & new from $0.01

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars From Missy's Reads & Reviews, November 29, 2011
This review is from: Audition (Hardcover)
This is the second book in my entire history of reading that was written in free verse, unless you count actual books of poetry - which I don't. For one, the books of poetry were always for school and absolutely bored me to death.. not like this book at all. Something else that has absolutely bored me to death all of my life is dance.. which is not like this book at all. If you know me in real life, then you're probably cracking up at my last statement of hate toward dance.. considering my husband's minor in college was dance and he absolutely LOVES it. Talk about opposites attract! Any way, my point is that comparing either one of these things to this book would do this book an injustice. However, not telling these things would also be its own sort of injustice considering how much I loved this book, despite the two things listed above.

There are so many good things about this book that I guess I should start with the bad. Well, there is no bad.. which is kind of a bad thing in itself. Why? As a book reviewer, I feel as though I should point out the bad with the good and, if I don't, I feel as though I may not be doing my job well enough - critically enough. To be honest, there was nothing in this book that gave me pause or made me think it's something that should be pointed out. I've even gone and read a ton of other reviews to see if there's something I agree with, and I came up completely empty-handed. So, I apologize for that.

Now, let's get to some of the good. Sara is the best. I think I might have a slight girl crush on her. She's an amazing protagonist that is completely driven by her passion and is incredibly strong inside and out. I love that when she comes upon bumps in the road, she doesn't whine or cry or turn into a blubbering pile of blubbering goo or a damsel-in-distress.. she hits the bump dead on, sucks up the bad and moves on with more determination. Even though she is a strong character, she grows and gets stronger throughout the story. Love it. Now... Rem. Hate to admit it, but I kind of turned into a sucker for him and his douche-tastic ways. Honestly? I don't think he's a horribly bad guy, but then again maybe that's the denial talking? He had his nice moments and I can definitely see why a girl would go for him. Definitely a charmer. Some of the characters in the book touched my heart as well, especially the other dancers and their struggle to be the 'best'. I even found the dancing aspects of this book interesting, and I didn't think that was possible.

I know I've mentioned it before, but Kehoe's writing in verse is... spellbinding. It really pulls you in from the very beginning and you'll be lucky if you can detach yourself from it at all through any part of the story - or unlucky, considering how you see it. This was a one-sitting read for me and it was definitely worth the few hours of sleep that I missed because of it. If you like verse, you'll fall in love with this book. If you don't, you'll still like this book. If you hate dance, you'll still like this book. It's just THAT good.

It's a Waverly Life (The (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Bryson)
It's a Waverly Life (The (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Bryson)
by Maria Murnane
Edition: Paperback
Price: $9.99
50 used & new from $0.04

11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars From Missy's Reads & Reviews, November 29, 2011
To begin, I had actually never read Murnane's first Waverly book, Perfect on Paper, until I was actually finished with this book. Having said that, there was never a moment while I was reading It's A Waverly Life that made me feel lost when there was a reference to the first book. However, after reading this book, I immediately wanted to go back and read the first because Waverly is an amazing character that's easy to relate to and a personality that will charm the wits out of you. You just can't get enough of her!

At the beginning, everything seems to be going wonderful for Waverly.. but of course, all that glitters is not gold. Soon, things start going downhill and it seems as though all of it will consume her. However, Waverly never acts like a little damsel-in-distress. She takes charge and always confronts whatever may be going wrong. I love her attitude and the way that she doesn't seem to give up, even when you feel as a reader like you would if you were in her shoes.

The romance in this story is just like it is in real life, it has its ups and its downs. But that's what makes love so much fun.. if you want it, you have to work for it. To my surprise though, the romance was not the center of attention in this story - which I really liked. Instead, it focused on other aspects of Waverly's life along with giving us a good helping of the romance along the way. I loved it.

Overall, this was a wonderful read. I especially enjoyed all of the twists and turns in the story that kept me on the edge of my seat, eagerly wondering what was going to happen next. This isn't a YA read, but it is a story that Chick Lit fans will thoroughly enjoy.

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