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SainSpeed F198 Car Dash DVR With Night Vision, Microphone Built In, 2.5" Rotatable and Foldable TFT LCD Screen display
SainSpeed F198 Car Dash DVR With Night Vision, Microphone Built In, 2.5" Rotatable and Foldable TFT LCD Screen display
Offered by Inkker
Price: $13.25
20 used & new from $13.20

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4.0 out of 5 stars Problems likely due to SD Card, February 22, 2012
I got this yesterday and unwittingly used it with a malfunctioning SD Card, so have hardly used because it froze up. However, I thought I would point out something that flummexed me when the device suddenly froze up and appeared unresponsive - having read the instructions where it states if it freezes up, then press the reset under 1 mm. Well, I can confirm after checking for 10 mins there is no reset hole!! How crap is this manual?

What you have to do to reset it ; 1. Ignore the Instructions. 2. Simply take the SD Card out, 3. take the Battery out. 4. Put the Battery back. 5. Turn on without SD Card. Voilia! all is working.

The second problem aera people have problems with is setting the Date/Time. Unfortunately, despite being a frequently used function, this is buried away in the menus and you have to use many keys to set it correctly. The procedure is ;


The trick here is to use the 'RECORD button' (next to the ON/OFF button) to cycle through the Year and time data fields. You use the UP and DOWN Button on the flip down to change the numbers, and the RECORD button as enter.

Locate the date/time menu by selecting MODE -> PLAY. Then press MENU until you get the SETTINGS MENU. Goto DATE/TIME with the UP/DOWN Keys and when it says 'NEXT MENU' go into this, Then PRESS RECORD and set this with the UP/DOWN Keys as described above.

I quite like this device, and the moment I got it, yesterday, I went out with it and was nearly involved in a accident as a car signalled right into a junction and rather than waiting for me to pass simply drove in front of me causing me to brake at 25MPH with cms tpo spare. A closer look at the driver told me he was about 13 and had certainly stolen the car, and thought he had right of way over the mainflow of traffic, which had to break from 30MPH to let him pass! The whole incident lasted only 5 seconds. It shows how critical having a camera like this can be! Unfortunately, due to my SD card failing (my fault) it didn't record this.

The device is basic and functional, and will do the job - it does work from the car lighter quite well turning on and off with the ignition. I haven't tried the fancy functions like motion detect, night mode etc... but I assume its just as useless (along with the 6 IR LEDS) as the other reviewers say it is. The added bulkyness of the 2.5 inch LCD screen is not really worth having in a device like this, and I would prefer a more unobtrusive (hidden) camera which could go behind the drivers mirror or look like a GPS module, Air Freshener, or Toy/Mascot which I can dress in local football club colours. reason is I hate the idea that this makes my car more vunerable to theft as it looks smash and grabable, (it looks like one of those expensive radar trap detectors) which defeats some of the purpose of having the camera.

The only other thing I would say, is that I would sersoiusly think about paying extra for a higher spec model with GPS and better res. The reason being, you will likely want to upgrade, despite this device being functional and generally fit for purpose, it will save you some money if you buy a higher spec model right away. If you look at techomoan on youtube you can see a 1040p, GPS device review with full logging etc.

Overall: Of its 3 modes; My device is without a DL mode, but is the same elsewise, and instead it has a QVGA mode. QVGA mode is next to useless (320x240) and cannot resolve number plate of car parked in front of mine, yet VGA mode at 640x480 is decent resolution and I can just about resolve the number plate of the car parked in front in this mode. SVGA mode I have NOT had a good look at, but I suspect this device just doubles the pixels in this mode and there is no difference between VGA and SVGA, however I have not tested this yet.

Frankly, for what you get for the price, its a bargain. One other tip - you have to make sure both the windsheild and the suction cup is spotless and wiped clean of all greese dirt, etc.. before you get a secure grip.
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