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Fellowes Saturn3i 95 Laminator with Pouch Starter Kit (5735801)
Fellowes Saturn3i 95 Laminator with Pouch Starter Kit (5735801)
Price: Click here to see our price
10 used & new from $95.10

5.0 out of 5 stars Nice and very easy-to-use, February 28, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
This is an awesome product for both home and office use. It comes in handy for everything from preserving documentation to readying presentations and more, plus it helps out tremendously when it comes to items that people handle a lot. Take training packets, for instance; in the past we would end up making countless copies, but now we make a few, strategically place them, and no more worries. There are also required documents you have to display, those that might be inspected, and much more. At home, you can perverse pictures for the kids to play with, keep instructions for items you do not want destroyed, and so many other things. We have even started laminating receipts that otherwise end up fading over time, allowing us to keep both scanned copies and the original.

The Saturn3i is easy to set up and use, and does not require a lot of trial-and-error to learn. I personally like that because I have not had a lot of practice with lamination and was concerned that I might end up having to make a number of mistakes to learn. The controls are pretty easy to understand. It has an on/off switch on the back and buttons across the front that allow you to set the thickness of the pouch being used. There is also a feature for cold lamination but that is not something I currently utilize, and a feature that allows you to clear any mistakes out of the laminator. As far as it getting ready, it heats up fairly quickly, going from being turned off after a use to again being ready in a minute or so, which is pretty nice. When it comes to turning it back on from being cold, this increase to around five minutes, which can seem a tad slow sometimes but is not bad at all. You can choose the size of the pouches you want to use (this comes with 5mil pouches but you can get 3 and 4 mil as well).

I really like this and find it VERY useful.

Tea Beyond PINK Glass Teapot Butterfly 710ml 24 Oz Non Drip with Infuser
Tea Beyond PINK Glass Teapot Butterfly 710ml 24 Oz Non Drip with Infuser
Offered by Tea Beyond
Price: $21.00
2 used & new from $21.00

5.0 out of 5 stars I'm a little teapot!, February 28, 2015
I had received this little teapot right before Valentine's Day and I was so excited because my husband knows me well! I LOVE TEA especially in Winter when my sinuses are horrible and the weather is bad! So I was reading the directions on how to make the flowering tea blooms he had gotten with the tea pot and it stated the water has to be 200 degrees which made me nervous the first time with this little teapot because I thought it wouldn't hold up to that kind of hot water, but I was wrong! AWFULLY WRONG! The tea didn't bloom right because the water wasn't hot enough because I was worried the pot my break. The second time I made one I made sure the water was 200 degrees and I boiled it in a pan on the stove. I poured the water into the teapot and then placed the flowering tea bulb into the water where my daughter and I watched it bloom! It was beautiful and the fact that this glass is heat resistant made it even more enjoyable because after that first time of realizing the water needed to be hotter, I realized I could pour hotter water into this teapot and watch the blooms. My daughter, who is 16 months, was absolutely amazed and wowed by the flowering tea in the pot and she also loves the little butterfly on top!
The teapot is made from heat resistant glass and it comes with a infuser as well to place loose tea leaves in for brewing! Just because this teapot is heat resistant does NOT mean you can place it on the stove to boil the water! It just means 200 degree hot water can be placed in it and it won't break!!! You fill your teapot with the hot water as previously stated and then you put (I do 2 tablespoons) loose tea leaves in the infuser (I enjoy strong tea!)I have never had a teapot like this before and have always used tea bags like Lipton or something I can buy at the store. After experiencing the flavor and aromas of the loose tea in the infuser, I will NEVER go back to those disgusting old tea bags again! I absolutely love how rich and enjoyable the diffuser and loose tea leave made my tea drinking experience. The teapot also comes with a lid that has a little pink glass butterfly on top! It made me feel girly! I absolutely love my butterfly teapot and infuser! The handle doesn't get hot when the extrememly hot water is in the teapot so it is able to be moved without burning your hands. The handle also has little grippers on it that allow for easier handling which made having tea with friends a great experience. Thank you Tea Beyond for making a teapot that is appealing and easy to handle! I absolutely enjoy making tea and drinking it with my friends.

Tea Beyond Tea Combo FLS-TCBO-FJEC001 Fab Flowering tea plus assorted whole leaf tea
Tea Beyond Tea Combo FLS-TCBO-FJEC001 Fab Flowering tea plus assorted whole leaf tea
Offered by Tea Beyond
Price: $14.50
2 used & new from $14.50

5.0 out of 5 stars A spoonful of sugar is not needed to make the tea go down! :), February 28, 2015
I love good hot tea on a cold day or when I am not feeling well. I was so excited when I got the flowering teas because I thought they were just beautiful in idea and I had seen the concept performed in videos online and in asianfilms. Well the first time I tried to make one, I didn't get the water hot enough and my tea did not flower right so I was bummed. The next one I did, I made sure the water was 200 degrees Fahrenheit! It was absolutely amazing and beautiful to watch it bloom. The tea itself is amazingly aromatic and the smell just filled my kitchen! These flavors are bold and smell so wonderful. My favorite of the blooming teas was the Forever Love, it is this beautiful red flower that blooms under the hot water.

I also tried the Earl Gray loose leaves in my diffuser,and I absolutely loved the flavor mixed with 2 teaspoons of honey and lemon. I had a sore throat and it felt amazing on my throat. I love how tea doesn't make me feel like I am pumping my body full of toxins and how I can sweeten it with out using actual sugar! My 16 month old loved the Earl Gray flavor as well and I put just a quarter of a teaspoon of honey in her to sweeten it. That made me happy as well because I know she is getting something that is healthy and not pumped full of sugar as well! Thank you Tea Beyond for such a marvelous natural product.

Abena Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers, Training Pant , Size 5, 20 Count
Abena Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers, Training Pant , Size 5, 20 Count
Price: $17.34
3 used & new from $17.34

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5.0 out of 5 stars Allergen free, good fit, easy removal., February 24, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
We have gotten to the point where potty training is a consideration, so I want to start checking out a variety of pull-ups because I am curious about a few things including fit, design quality, if there are any instances of reactions (rashes, etc.) caused by the product, and how much moisture they can hold. As far as this brand is concerned, I had also never heard of them and that intrigued me and made me wonder about a few things.

After testing, here are some of my thoughts on them:

First, there is fit and size of the child. My daughter is extremely long and very skinny, and these fit pretty well I would imagine maybe a 30 pound threshold or so for a child with that build to use them properly, and less (27 pounds possibly) for a chubbier kid. This is common, too, and nice to know as a parent looking over item.

Second, there is quality. I saw another reviewer mention the built-in disposal tab on the back before I picked them up, and I have to say I like that. It makes taking these and doing away with them easy, which is nice for any party involved in the process. I like the tear-away sides as well; I cannot even begin to say how much easier that makes clean-up. This may be a point of contention with other folks, however, because some might not like to have to use them in this manner. I also like what the company is touting as far as ingredients go. The removal of specific chemicals and compounds, the use of sustainable tree farms; all of this matters and explains the cost difference between these and lower quality items.

Third, I always have concerns when it comes to products and allergies regardless of their claims because we have had a few products break our child out and worse. I, myself, have experienced allergies when it comes to some diapers, and my child had a nasty rash appear after wearing a type of "natural" diaper. That made me pause and watch these carefully, but thankfully everything turned out fine here. I looked over product reviews of these as well and did not note any reports of that being an issue. I like what the company notes on this, stating they have left out a number of harmful products, and while I cannot definitively say that I noticed this while reviewing, I can say that I was pleased by the results.

Fourth, there is the matter of moisture, which the item did very well with. We tried these out during the day and they seemed to perform well, so we decided to give them a real test and see how they handle at night. They do seem to cover more surface than two other brands we tried out, and this did allow them to pick up quite a bit more moisture. The moisture stayed in as well, which was pretty impressive.

If I had to go with a downside, it would be cost. When comparing these to major brands, they can be more than double the price per diaper and that hurts. I do want to be able to keep the same quality, too, but not everyone can afford what ends up amounting to a luxury diaper because of that.

I'm giving them 5/5, not counting in price as a factor because parents know their budget and needs.

Offset Cane by VIVE - Best Adjustable Walking Stick for Men and Women - LIFETIME GUARANTEE (Grey)
Offset Cane by VIVE - Best Adjustable Walking Stick for Men and Women - LIFETIME GUARANTEE (Grey)
Price: $14.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Sturdy, lightweight, great handle, lifetime guarantee., February 22, 2015
I want to note beforehand that I received this product as a sample in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. This is no way impacts the reviewing process and even betters it because a reviewer can compare/contrast items/companies offering similar items.

As far as the company here goes, VIVE is a name I feel I can get behind because their products have consistently performed at or well-above expectations. From support belts to extensions and other mobility devices, they offer good products that are simple in design and very functional, cutting down on things that could possibly give out and cause issues. As far as canes go, they make some really good, basic (and by basic I mean well-designed, solid, and functional without excess bells-and-whistles you do not want or need) products I feel will hold up and they provide them for a great cost. That is very important as well, because an inexpensive product can reach so many people who could positively benefit from its use. They also come with a lifetime guarantee, which says a lot about a company willing to stand by its product.

With regard the the Offset Cane by VIVE, it has several things going for it.

First, it is very sturdy, providing stability in a nice package. It also seems very durable, which is great from something so lightweight. The product itself touts that its lightweight design comes from anodized aluminum body, which is 20 % lighter than the competition. Honestly, I can believe it, which is nice considering they did not sacrifice quality getting there.

I like the way it appears, with the black handle accenting the black no-slip grip, and more importantly I like the way it works and feels. For canes in this price range, that can be really rare and most end up looking hideous. Anyone undergoing a procedure or using one of these frequently does not also want to have to content with an eyesore.

The cane itself can be adjusted to fit most heights comfortably, with its pin locks adjusting from 29" to 38". To give an example of just how tall that is, I am 6'6" and can use it comfortably, and I also had someone at 5'4" successfully try it as well.

The handle is very sturdy and has wrist strip for added stability, with a handle that is easy for me to grip despite increasing trouble with arthritis and large hands. My wife said that the grip was harder for her to use with small hands but that it was still very good overall. I read someone stating that they use it one size shorter than they would their typical cane and I tried that out, with great success.

The non-slip grip on the cane performs very well, allowing access to areas that would be difficult. I tried it when it rained and it did a great job.

It has a lifetime guarantee.

Combining these factors, I feel this is a solid 5 star item that anyone can benefit from. I like the way it grips and think anyone using an atypical cane should try out this type of handle as well.

Deluxe Cane by VIVE - Best Lightweight Walking Stick for Men and Women - LIFETIME GUARANTEE (Silver)
Deluxe Cane by VIVE - Best Lightweight Walking Stick for Men and Women - LIFETIME GUARANTEE (Silver)
Price: $14.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Sturdy, comfortable, reliable, February 22, 2015
Talk about an impressive item that, as far as canes go, has one of the more comfortable grips available in my opinion. That alone merits it consideration for a 5-star review, because its soft foam design is one of the most comfortable I have ever picked up. It does not surprise me that this is offered by VIVE, however, because VIVE offers great items from supports to extensions to canes. I, myself, have used six items by them so far, and I can see myself turning to them when I or someone else I know has a need. i also like the affordability offered with their products, making needs like this accessible to so many.

So, what makes this item stand out?

First, there is the lightweight design, which makes it easy to travel with and carry without wearing you down. It feels very sturdy in the process, too, which I find reassuring because I would hate to be out only to find that my mobility device is giving out. The cane adjusts easily and holds rather well, which is also nice. Speaking of design, this model is basic, and I mean that in the best way possible because basic means that there are not extras to wear down and give out.

Next, there is the rubberizing bottom, which catches very well on numerous surfaces without sliding. It is firmly attached and does not seem like it will let go with long-term use, allowing it will hold up for some time, which I also find reassuring because I have seen them give out on other, cheaper items.

Third, that handle is impressive. I love the way it feels on my hand when using it as a support. I applied my full weight to it and could fill the metal beneath the padding, but the foam itself pads out the feel and provides a good bit of comfort. I allowed two other people to try it and they said the same thing as well.

Fourth, it adjusts to almost any height. I tried this out at 6'6" and had someone around 5'4" try it out as well to see if there were any noticeable differences in the way it handled and felt, and we both agreed that it would meet our needs. That's because of the 10 hole, up-to-39" design.

Considering these four things and price, I give this a solid 5/5 and would recommend it to others.

Please note that this was supplied as a sample in exchange for an honest, unbiased review and this in no way impacts the reviewing process.

Gembonics® High Speed USB Car Charger (36W / 7.2Amps, Triple Port, Auto Detect Technology) for Apple iPad Air / Air 2, iPad Mini Retina 2, 3; iPhone 6 Plus 5s 5c 5 4S; Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3, Note 2 3 4; Google Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10; LG Volt G3 Optimus Realm, Moto G, HTC One M8 M7 Desire 816, Nokia Lumia 520 635 1020, Blackberry and Many other USB charged devices (Silver & White)
Gembonics® High Speed USB Car Charger (36W / 7.2Amps, Triple Port, Auto Detect Technology) for Apple iPad Air / Air 2, iPad Mini Retina 2, 3; iPhone 6 Plus 5s 5c 5 4S; Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3, Note 2 3 4; Google Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10; LG Volt G3 Optimus Realm, Moto G, HTC One M8 M7 Desire 816, Nokia Lumia 520 635 1020, Blackberry and Many other USB charged devices (Silver & White)
Offered by Gembonics
Price: $29.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, charges quickly and evenly., February 22, 2015
With all the electronic devices we use as of late, it has become more and more difficult to find somewhere to plug things in while travelling. And charging? You can carry portable chargers, sure, but sometimes you have long trips with a few people and need to plug in multiple devices, and that gets messy. I had been in the market for something to meet this demand and had even reviewed a few disappointing products when I was offered this sample in exchange for a honest, unbiased review. I am glad, too, because this is probably the best made dual-port accessory I have tried and I plan on continuing to use it.

As far as aesthetics, this looks great and seems well-made, which is a MUST for anything carrying power and being hooked for expensive devices. I initially saw how it was touted, with a compact, stylish design and wondered, but it does look very good and is nice and compact, making carrying and switching it out simple. With regard to use, it connects smooth-but-firmly and does not hang, which is a must for items of this nature as well. Devices charge quickly, allowing extended use throughout your devices, and the smart technology inside keeps me from worrying about the use of phones vs. tablets vs. other devices. This had been a big issue with other devices in the past, because they worked unevenly and could damage a device. This is designed so it does not overcharge your devices, however, which i find impressive considering the fact that there are so many harrowing reports of cheaper products and the damage they can cause. How it works is simple enough; It provide 7.2A for a single device while charging and 2.4A while charging three at a time. It did not get hot while in use, either, which is very nice. And the price - it is easily worth that and more.

I really like this and give it a solid 5/5.

IBSound Motion Detection Clothes Hook Hidden Camera for Home Security - 1280 x 960 Video Resolution
IBSound Motion Detection Clothes Hook Hidden Camera for Home Security - 1280 x 960 Video Resolution

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Easily concealed, motion sensing, and with good quality recording., February 21, 2015
This is a interesting product because of its very concealable design, and the fact that it is a mountable clothes hook allows you to sell the facade that it is merely another household item extremely well.In that sense it works in ways many other concealable camera will not, with people tending to look on shelves and even at stuffed animals but who checks out an innocuous clothing hook with a shirt gingerly sprawled across it?I had already been in the market for some type of Nanny Cam when I was offered this as a sample in exchange for an honest review, so I figured I would try it out and have some fun. To test it, I wanted to check the overall quality of the product, its ability to blend in, and ease of use/ the recording itself.

Regarding the quality of the product, it was better-than-anticipated and seems like it will be durable and last a while. There is a 12 month warranty noted with the product as well, so if there are any problems the company touts they will replace it. It sells itself as a clothes hook very well which is extremely important, and can be mounted very easily. In fact, my wife was more-than-thrilled with the look and feel of it because she knew where we could get a couple of real hooks that allowed this to blend in even more. After picking those up, I have to say that I can see how this would work for so many different needs. A good thing about this is that you can see where the camera is positioned rather easily as the person setting it up, so you can strategically place clothing on the hook and further sell the design. Now I saw somewhere where someone had noted wondering if this could be used as a clothes hanger, and I would say sparingly to no because it is not designed for that. If you want to hang clothes there are plenty of cheaper alternatives, but if you want to hang a shirt of two to sell the product then it works well.

To test its ability to blend in, I had people come over and goof off at my house at first to see if they noticed. After no one did, I began telling them that there was a camera in the room we were in and asked if they could find it. I have a few friends that enjoy things like this and they scanned the room and abused a few stuffed animals and potted plants, but no one found it. That made some pretty funny videos, too, and allowed us to all check out just how easily an everyday item can be overlooked.When you think of functionality as far as added security or a Nanny Cam, this would work contingent on the duration of need, and I could also see using it in a business setting to keep up with customer and even employees. Duration of recording is the one thing I would keep in mind, with the battery needing a recharge after around 90 minutes (like the product notes beforehand), and the fact that it takes a 16 GB card and records good quality video which always inhibits duration somewhat. That said, an hour and a half is not a short period of time by any means and you want good video. It is also motion detection recording, so smart placement can mean a much longer amount of recorded time.

Speaking of the video, I was actually impressed. I say that having tried out a few hidden recorders in the past and finding that most do not produce anything you can make out, too, so this was bounds above what I was expecting. It is really easy to get ready and can be figured out right out of the box, with basic charging needs and a light that tell you if it is charging (flashing) or finished (not flashing). Hooking it to your computer is simple, anyone that has used a device before can figure that out, and since it is plug-and-play you do not have to download anything. The format the video is in will work with almost all software if you want to enhance the video of splice it/do other editing, so that is nice as well. The video also has time/date stamping, which is an added bonus.

I really like this product and have continued moving it around and trying it out, seeing what all I can do with it. Watching the baby play, feeling a sense of added protection; those are great things in my opinion and cannot be understated.

Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Space Saver Jumperoo
Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Space Saver Jumperoo
Price: $61.68
10 used & new from $61.68

5.0 out of 5 stars T I double Grrrrr!, February 20, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
My baby loves being independent so I usually let her crawl while I clean or do laundry. Most times it isn't conducive to cleaning when I have to worry about her pulling things off shelves and putting every little small thing she finds in her mouth, however, so when I received the jumperoo I was so excited . I was able to put her in it and her still be able to move without moving in a direction that could potentially be a harm. Now I must admit here, my little girl is almost 16 months but weighs about 22 lbs. so she is still able to fit in this jumperoo but it only goes up to 25 lbs. so consumers if you have a baby that is more than that then this is not the product for you. To all you new moms and dads who have a mover and your needing something to help build muscle tone and endurance as well as balance this is the perfect product for your wee little one!
Our daughter has a physical delay so the jumperoo helps in building her core and working on balance because all she does is bounce up and down on her own and she loves it! I don't know why we didn't buy one before now but I am so happy we have this particular jumperoo! I would say this is probably good for from 4 to 12 months really. The box doesn't tell you an age limit though only a weight limit. Also there is a strap in the back that allows you to adjust it to 4 different heights with 1 being the shortest and 4 being for the tallest Their feet is not suppose to sit flat on the floor but their toes are suppose to touch it!
It also comes with a little play area that plays music and has a little arch with spinning toys.There is also what appears to be a teething frog attaches on the left side and sliders on the right! Your baby will play for hours and be happy in this bouncing trouncing toy that offers stimulation of the brain in all directions!

Black Flag Indoor Fogger, 1.25-Ounce
Black Flag Indoor Fogger, 1.25-Ounce
Price: $11.99
6 used & new from $8.45

2.0 out of 5 stars This product was very ineffective after use. It has ..., February 20, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
We decided to try this out in a home that had been abandoned and was overwhelmingly infested, thinking it might work out. Instead, this product was very ineffective after use, killing what it contacted but leaving loads of other behind. It has a lot of risks associated with its use only to kill on contact, too, as the rather-thick instructions indicated. I would not use this product nor recommend it.

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