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Chic 3 Pack Womens Socks Strawberry
Chic 3 Pack Womens Socks Strawberry
Offered by Bells & Whistles
Price: $7.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Good socks overall, May 4, 2016
To disclose before reviewing, these were provided for sampling at a reduced or at no cost to me. Accordingly, I am not adding pricing to the review. If this is an issue, please skip the review.

These were given a 4, or a "I like them" because these were nice overall but one elephant had a deformed shape to it and there was a tiny bit of thread fraying on one sock. Were I not being picky while reviewing, I might not have noticed this, but i nonetheless deducted for it. These do have a nice color to them and they managed to retain their color and their shape after washing, which is a VERY important thing as well.

For fit and other factors, my wife wore these twice per pair to see how they wore and how they held up after washing, and she had high praise for them. She noted that they fit comfortably and said that the edging was also comfortable. The color was noted as something that ended up getting some nice attention as well.

Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse,VicTsing Gaming Mouse with Adjustable DPI(Default 1000/1600/2400/3200/6400), 7 Buttons, Adjustable LED Backlight, for Gamers & Office
Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse,VicTsing Gaming Mouse with Adjustable DPI(Default 1000/1600/2400/3200/6400), 7 Buttons, Adjustable LED Backlight, for Gamers & Office

5.0 out of 5 stars Nice mouse with good response, May 4, 2016
Before continuing, please note that this was supplied for sampling at a reduced or at no cost. Accordingly, price is not considered as a factor. If this is an issue, please skip the review.

The rating of a 5, or an "I love it" in this rating system, is based on a few factors including the look, feel, and performance of the mouse. I say that having used it for gaming; I am not a FPS player, to note, but more of a horror survival player, engaging titles such as The Forest, Subterranean, The Long Dark, and others. I also use a mouse for performance-based tasks at work, and I use editing software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, and video/sound editing.

Something I insist on in any mouse I use is size. I say that because I have large hands and using a smaller mouse can be annoying to painful depending on how long you end up using it. for people who game, that is normally a long time, too. This mouse size fits my hand really well and allows my fingers to sit comfortably. The grip style is comfortable for extended use, too, and the layout makes it easy to use regardless of what you are doing.

With regard to buttons, you have your basic right button, left button, scroll, plus the DPI adjustment button and the forward and back buttons. You can adjust the DPI in two ways, either with the button on the mouse or with the program that comes with this. DPI is explained online really well, but really why you need adjustable DPI is because of performance. Your basic mouse comes with a standard DPI setting, which is fine when you want to look online or do basic tasks. When you want performance in a program or when playing, however, you need more. Note when I say that that you also need to get a decent mouse pad as well, to get the optimal performance out of your device. Along with DPI, there is a product picture of the setup with the adjustments you have via the program profiles, which include scrolling speed, double click speed, report ratio, and more. There is also a LED lighting setup that will allow you to adjust the lighting.

Lighting is something I can take or leave, but sometimes it is interesting. With this, you have different adjustments, with colors extending to "red, blue, green, yellow, and red purple" according to the product description. I like the fact that this can be adjusted here because the lighting is good in doses.

The cording is nice and seems pretty well-made, which becomes important as you go along. you also do not want any response interference because of some poorly-made product.

All in all, I've been really happy with this. To note, it also comes in a nice box that can be used for transport and storage. This is not a make-or-break thing, but it is a nice addition.

Goodlucky365 8 pcs/set 3" plastic Luminous dinosaur model toy, Luminous Dinosaur building blocks, Luminous toy, gifts for children over three years of age
Goodlucky365 8 pcs/set 3" plastic Luminous dinosaur model toy, Luminous Dinosaur building blocks, Luminous toy, gifts for children over three years of age
Offered by GoodLucky365
Price: $14.40

5.0 out of 5 stars SO much better than the product picture entails, May 3, 2016
Before beginning, two things:

(1) I want to note that these were provided as samples for a reduced or no cost. Accordingly, price is not considered as a reviewing point. If this is an issue, please skip the review. These were rated as a 5, or an "I love it" in this rating system because of a few things that included the quality of these, the way they are constructed, their articulation, and their overall detail.

(2) This contains SMALL PARTS due to assembly, so note that these are not one solid piece. Some stay attached well after assembly, but little hands could pull a head or wings loose.

I am adding a few pictures to demonstrate some of this and especially the coloration and articulation, because they honestly surprised me when I received them. This is not the complete set; I am vying for these currently because my daughter is entranced by small reptilian creatures.

The colors, for example, are bright and purposeful, with the base and the additional colors making them stand out. I like the fact that each dinosaur has its own particular shades that help distinguish it from the others, which adds to the detailing. Even grouped ones, like the raptors, are different because of this. The color also comes across in the eyes as well, making some of these look more ferocious than others. This helps with the T-Rex and makes it stand out from the raptors, for example.

Speaking of the detailing, you have some that are molded into the product like the raptor's claw, and you have some you assemble. For example, the heads come detached in three pieces and you assemble them. This gives them the ability to open and shut, plus you could move pieces around if you were so inclined. The heads also move to the sides, giving them interesting angles, so you can pose them. Other items are assembled as well; the triceratops has the horns added to the head as well as the head assembled, so it adds detail. The same goes for the wings on the pterodactyl, which my daughter was more than happy to stick on the backs of the others. Their arms and legs also move, making them easy to pose.

Interestingly, the backs also have a Lego-like pattern and you can stick a Lego figure on them. I was playing around with building a rudimentary riding harness, which I thought was a nice add-on feature.

These also stand well, which is nice because too many toys fall over a lot.

I like these quite a bit, and the little one these were intended for also likes them a lot.
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Zmodo Pivot - 360° Rotating 1080p HD Wireless Camera and Smart Home Hub
Zmodo Pivot - 360° Rotating 1080p HD Wireless Camera and Smart Home Hub
Price: $149.50
3 used & new from $149.50

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Zmodo = Great 360 device., May 1, 2016
Before reviewing the Zmodo, I want to note that this was supplied for reviewing purposes at a discounted cost or for no cost to me. If this is an issue, please skip the review. Note that the review attempts to be as objective as possible and does not allow sampling to influence rating. The company allowed a lengthy testing cycle, almost a month, and that has allowed me to truly try it out within my home. Accordingly, I feel like know the item's pros and cons. Since this was sampled, i do not include pricing into its review parameters.

When it comes to interior cameras, I have tried out 100s of them within the last few years plus I experiment with all types of cameras as well. These include still shot, DSLR, action camera, and much more, so I feel I know cameras in general. We also employ a variety of baby monitors within our home to assist with our 2 year old daughter, and some of the considerations noted here come off of comparisons with features that each type shares. I have tried out close to 20 of these as well.

The first and foremost thing I want to note about the Zmodo is that it is truly a 360 degree camera, meaning you can deploy it almost anywhere and get results but strategic placement adds a lot more observation area. For my uses, I have situated this in a room that overlooks two outside doors and a window, plus it keeps up with a large den where my daughter likes to play. This allows me to more effectively use the 360 degree monitoring and it also allows me to keep up with the security features, which is very important to me. I say that living in a secluded area where we would have a prolonged wait if the police were needed, so time and knowledge is an utmost consideration. I am employing sensors that came with this along with a set of add-on types, too, to allow for extra security monitoring.

When you are initially setting this up, know that this has a few basic requirements. You are going to have to plug it in, download an application, situate this, and get it synched up; basically, what you have to do with almost any other wireless camera type. Sometimes I walk through how this is accomplished, but with this I feel the instructions really do detail the process admirably, which is kind of surprising considering.

Since I noted them, I want to give the instructions props on how well they explained everything from setup to use. This lacks is so many devices and should be highlighted when someone gets it right. That makes it easier for anyone, be it a novice or otherwise, to use something like this.

Continuing, I want to say that the wireless piggybacking here works really well, and I say that comparing this to a couple of wireless cameras we placed outside and to wireless cameras used to monitor my daughter. With a few of them, we had to use range extenders, but this worked perfectly after getting it ready. I also want to note that you are trusting the encryption of a company outside of the US and that some companies turn out to be creepy, but the company here was transparent when answering questions about encryption and security. This is something a lot of people do not think about at first, and it is something you really should. I had a baby monitoring camera begin showing itself online after use for a week once, for example, and there is nothing creepier than not knowing how is watching or who is trying to get into your network. That does not include any cloud considerations at all, either.

As far as use itself goes, I REALLY like the hub setup the Zmodo has going on because you have a lot of control AND you can place add-ons.

Covering options first, you can control specific setups such as whether or not view modes are automatic whether they have daylight or night modes, and more. You can set how the security setup works and whether or not you want messages sent to you, which also helps. You have the ability to monitor temperature and humidity as well, which is also interesting.

When it comes to controls, I REALLY want to note just how good to the camera reacts when you want to move the camera or switch modes types and I want to also note just how pleased I am with direction arrows that move when depressed and without requiring additional input. I note that because a lot of cameras want you to "swipe" the control to make it move, and this is a terrible, time consuming process. With this, you simply push the button and it moves. I also like the fact that the sound and microphone work/pick up nicely and that you can communicate with those welcome and unwelcomed alike. With my daughter, for example, I can set this up with Bluetooth to play music and keep her calm, I can tell her to avoid something or stay somewhere, and loads of other options. For security, you can begin speaking through it even before reviewing where it is pointing so someone that is potentially up to no good can be scared away.

As I said earlier, I am using this with security features, and it does sometimes trip easily and give false positives. Truth told, that is a quirk with a lot of brands, but I have had good success with it catching the types of movement you want it looking out for. The thing I like with the Zmodo is that you can set this up to cover doors and windows, and the add-on items allow you to cover even more. The Zmodo can be set up to turn toward ant disturbance with either motion detection or these, too, and it can begin recording to capture whatever disturbed it. While that can lead to a few false positives, this is still worth having because it captures actual motion more than anything false disturbances.

When it comes to image quality, I felt the image was above average for this type of camera and worked in both day and night settings. The area I use it in is exposed to natural lighting, artificial lighting, and it also experiences periods where night vision is required. During all times, I can make out what is going on and who is doing what, and that makes a difference when I am curious, want to be part of something, or just want to interject in some way.

All in all, I am very pleased with this device. I will set up a demonstration video later on another social media site since Amazon limits video to 100MB and this greatly influences quality. Simply search for this user name and product to find it.

Elacra Baby Food Storage Containers Set of 6 - Best for Homemade, Organic, Portion and On The Go Tot Meal - Freezer & Microwave Safe, BPA Free, Airtight, 6-oz
Elacra Baby Food Storage Containers Set of 6 - Best for Homemade, Organic, Portion and On The Go Tot Meal - Freezer & Microwave Safe, BPA Free, Airtight, 6-oz
Offered by Elacra
Price: $18.95

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Really nice seal design, May 1, 2016
Before beginning, I want to note that these were supplied for sampling at a reduced cost or for free. These are baby products and a quick scan of that type of item should show that I take those seriously. I rate on design including on safety, on function, and then on aesthetics if needed, and I take that seriously. Accordingly, sampling does not impact review rating.

Now, when attempting to adequately describe these, I first want to note just how happy I am with the storage containers overall and how good specific qualities these have turned out to be. The best among those is the sealing process and the seal itself, which really surprised me when I was first checking it out.

To explain, imagine how many types close. You know how most are plastic fitting into grooving and how they do not apply any extra considerations? Well, these have an upper seal that reminds me a lot of items that maintain a vacuum seal. Basically, the bottom partition fits into the upper partition, effectively creating a solid seal when you use the locks to push it into place. That is what you want when discussing products holding baby-related items, too, and that makes it great for more than just dry food. The locks work well, too, and you can feel it when handling the product; there are four of them all told, and they latch in under the edge of the container and hold it in place nicely.

The room to these is good for baby-related items, and it also works for other storage needs as well. I am picking up an extra set for something not even involving food due to the way these seal and their size, because I can also use them for outdoor needs. I REALLY like that about these, because they would easily hold a baby food jar's remnants or even house one of the little baby food packets you sometimes end up buying. That means a lot less waste plus the ability to examine the contents with see-through walling on all sides.

These are made from BPA-free materials, which is a VERY important consideration. I am not going to get on a soapbox with that, but I would urge anyone parent or otherwise to review findings about BPA materials. There is a lot of evidence suggesting that this is beyond problematic, so having something like this is simply smart shopping.

Added to this, i would suggest getting some removable labels to assist with memory because those early days can seen like one giant blur. I remember how I would constantly forget things and how important labeling turned out to be, and I would accordingly suggest you go ahead and pick that up for yourself.

Portable Velcro Hard Drive Case Travel Organizer Electronics Accessories / Makeup Case/ Travel Toiletry Bag
Portable Velcro Hard Drive Case Travel Organizer Electronics Accessories / Makeup Case/ Travel Toiletry Bag
Offered by Flawloss
Price: $69.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Great hand carry case, May 1, 2016
With my DSLR needs growing, I had been looking for a case that would hold specific items such as my D3200 with a specific lens attachment, a separate lens (normally something shorter like a 40mm macro or a 50mm fixed), something for audio, plus a backup battery and SD card. I have had that in some of my carry bags, but many of them do not work well when you consider travel needs and especially when stacking is taken into account. That is where this is coming in handy, because you have something that cordons off items contingent on how I want to set them up.

When it comes to this hand case design, what we have is structure and padding. You do not have a hard shell type, but you have dividers on the inside of the case and a lid design that gives a decently solid structure. This can help with stacking, noting that this again is NOT a hard shell. Noting the dividers, these are the type you can pull out, so you can situate them how you want and set things up accordingly. You have a large divider and smaller ones, so you can sit things up with a camera separate, a lens separate by itself, or open this up fully. You have a lot of padding on the interior top, a decent amount on the sides, and good padding to the bottom, with the side structure helping to keep things from making contact. If you look at the product pictures, you will see what I mean; the bottom is almost its own separate platform, so the sides do not directly contact items IF you pack them well. This adds more structural integrity to the product and does not align your camera with whatever item bangs against the outside.

The plastic with mesh design sleeve is nice to have as well, noting that this is a sleeve and not a mesh net. I had initially thought it was a mesh net and was not thrilled by that, but this is actually solid with mesh adding item grip. That helps with things you want to carry along and allows you to use Velcro items inside to grip, which is what I have when it comes to my SD cards. I wish this also had something to close it so I added Velcro to the top and I would suggest that people carrying anything that can fall out take precautions like this with any holder. I say that having lost a SD card that cost way too much once and having learned my lesson.

Please note that this product was supplied to me at either a reduced cost or at no cost. Accordingly, I did not consider pricing with this. The rating of a 5 is an "i love it" in this rating system and hopefully this is explained well. While trying to maintain objectivity, some things are subjective and cater to specific tastes. That said, sampling does not impact rating pro or con.

Sades SA-718 3.5mm Stereo USB LED Gaming Headset Headphone Noise Cancellation Headset with High Sensitivity Microphone & Volume Control for PC/Laptop/MAC
Sades SA-718 3.5mm Stereo USB LED Gaming Headset Headphone Noise Cancellation Headset with High Sensitivity Microphone & Volume Control for PC/Laptop/MAC
Offered by winke
Price: $29.99
2 used & new from $11.44

4.0 out of 5 stars Sades SA-718, white, April 30, 2016
Before reviewing these, I want to note that these were supplied for reviewing consideration at a reduced or at no cost. Normally I leave pricing out of that, but these are a VERY affordable pair of gaming headphones I figure people will want to know about. Accordingly, this takes that into consideration. I rated these a 4, or "I like them" in this rating system, because they do really well at this pricing point. I had a few preference issues and the notes on the microphone but cost is a HUGE portion of these.

I have used quite a few SADES products, and many of them have worked out quite well. Of those, I like the ones that fit like this because they will actually fit an adult-sized head. This may seem like something companies would take into account, but a lot of the newer brand products on the market sadly do not. The wide fit types like these are good for a few things beyond this, too, like actually covering all of your ear instead of working like some on-ear device, and situating for lengthy use. Now, with fit, I would detract a little from these on the upper cushioning because it is harder than what I personally like. For people with larger-sized heads, this sits atop the head and takes some time to get accustomed to, but it still fits well.

When it comes to cushioning, the ear padding is average, with a nice thickness and good give when used. They also have not had any chipping or wear, and i say that after some prolonged use. The stitching has been solid around the ear cuffs as well, and that matters quite a bit. As i mentioned before, the upper cushioning is a little more solid than I like. You can wear it down some with use, but it remains pretty sturdy. For smaller to medium-size folks, that is just fine and you probably will not notice it. For others, well, see above.

Aesthetically, these look pretty sharp when it comes to the black padding, the white framing, and the LED lighting. Now, I do feel that the materials reflect pricing in some ways because of the plastic use, the lack of any jointing at all, and the way these are built where they slide down. The LED lighting is not that intrusive on this model and that REALLY makes a difference because you do not want anything interfering with your gaming or any team concentration.

These have a normal USB connector with two color-coded plug-ins. This makes use with different types of PCs including laptops easy. These are also plug-n-play and they worked pretty quickly. I also found the cording average, with it working well but it having no braiding or reinforcement. That makes me wonder about long-term use, but for now it is holding up well.

With regard to sound, I have been pretty happy with the headphones overall when it comes to picking up both lows and highs. The bass could use a little improvement when it comes to explosions both in the forefront and in the distance, but creepy sounds really do come through. Lately, I have been playing a lot of single player titles like The Forest, Subterranean, The Long Dark, and others, and these have done well while playing. I note that because a lot of people seem to review gaming headsets but not many of them seem to actually use them for gaming when saying how they rate. Headsets like this are also good for listening to different site online, but I personally would not utilize them for music because quality headphones used for music require differing ranges. Volume control is on the headphones themselves, which I personally like compared to models with controls on the cording.

With microphone use, I have liked a lot of the SADES types in the past, but I feel like the shorter microphone types like this here perform around average compared to a lot of SADES above-average types. I think this is because of the distance you have the microphone removed from your mouth and because you cannot adjust it to fit different people's faces. Whatever the case, this and the cushioning are the reasons I have deducted a point BUT the microphone still does average.

Reusable-Easy To Clean Lunch Kit Containers With Easy Knife and Fork Storage on Lid Included, Lunchbox for Adults and Kids - SET of 4!
Reusable-Easy To Clean Lunch Kit Containers With Easy Knife and Fork Storage on Lid Included, Lunchbox for Adults and Kids - SET of 4!
Offered by Life Story
Price: $17.40

5.0 out of 5 stars Great, with silverware capacity, April 30, 2016
For my daily work use, I have been carrying my own meals because of health, time, and other considerations. It helps to not have to court preprocessed anything, too, or to have to waste time waiting in line only to find half your break gone. With that, I have a few considerations including separation of meals, not leaking, and of course materials and I also like the fact that I can carry my silverware with me and not forget it. To note, I also have another one from this company with a sleeve for specific meal types, but for my run-of-the-mill lunches these are great.

When it comes to spacing, these are designed with three compartments, with two uniformed areas and one larger partition. The lid seals well on these and there are four of them, so you can use them for multiple meals or for storing leftovers after-the-fact. I personally like the fact that you can prepare and stack three meals this way or you can separate identical needs contingent on whatever you want. The silverware add-on is great, too, and allows you to carry them along even if you forget them. That makes prepping your meal considerations ever easier beforehand. When considering health, the BPA plastics are a must; instead of getting on a soapbox about this and plastic leeching, I would encourage you to read up on this if you have not.

All in all, these have worked out really well so far.

Please note that these were supplied for sampling purposes at reduced cost or for free. Cost was accordingly not factored into the review process.

Stylish Sleeved Amazing LEAK-PROOF Lunch Box-Ideal Size For You! 100% Food SAFE! Easy To Clean And Dry!
Stylish Sleeved Amazing LEAK-PROOF Lunch Box-Ideal Size For You! 100% Food SAFE! Easy To Clean And Dry!
Offered by Life Story
Price: $14.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Great meal carrier., April 30, 2016
When working, I like to save money and actually eat quality by taking my own food with me. You end up having your dietary needs met and you end up avoiding processed food that way, plus you do not have to worry about long waits and hurrying to get back. The issue you run into is storage-related, and sometimes this not only means spacing but also temperature-related needs. That is when I have liked using this, because you not only have plenty of room, but the sleeve keeps in temperatures AND it keeps people from thinking that your food is possibly their food.

When it comes to storage, this has three segmented areas, with two identical areas and a larger area. This allows for a good deal of storage when carrying meals, plus it allows for meal prep as well. I personally like to maintain taste integrity, too, and separate compartments that reach the lid help with that immensely. With the lid, it seals really well and keeps this from leaking and especially when utilized in conjunction with the sleeve. The item is BPA-free, too, which is very important when you consider foods because you do not want anything leeching into your meals. There are still debates going on about its safety, but in reading about it, I imagine you would feel much better going with something free of that type plastic. I am a fan of the sleeve as well, from coloration to thickness and make. I picked up the green model and like it a lot, and the other design looked appealing as well. The zipper stitching is solid and the zipper itself seems well-made and like it will hold up for a while.

All in all, a nice buy.

Note that this product was provided for sampling purposes at reduced cost or for free. Hopefully the 5-star, or "I love it" in this rating system is explained objectively enough to demonstrate that sampling does not impact review rating.

2PC YGDZ Leather Watch Strap, 20mm Crocodile Embossed replacement Watch Band Black/Coffee
2PC YGDZ Leather Watch Strap, 20mm Crocodile Embossed replacement Watch Band Black/Coffee
Offered by YGDZ Direct
Price: $8.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Solid replacement, April 30, 2016
I picked these up as replacement bands for a watch with a classic face, and I am really happy with the way that these look, that they feel, and that they seem to be constructed. The band has a good thickness so it shapes well while also keeping any type of discomfort and sweating to a minimum, the materials look and feel good, the loops are solid as are the buckles, and the fit is accurate. I honestly was not sure what to expect from the pricing point, but it ended up being something I have been quite happy with.

I will update this if needed but, after two weeks, I am pretty pleased.

Please note that these were supplied for sampling at reduced or no cost. The cost is very low, so these are reviewed as items with a low pricing point. This is not meant to be compared with bands on a higher price spectrum.

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