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Out From the Heart
Out From the Heart
by James Allen
Edition: Paperback
Price: $16.10
12 used & new from $10.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars Self-Mastery Is Key, July 23, 2006
This review is from: Out From the Heart (Paperback)
Much like the message in "As a Man Thinketh," this book reminds us that many want to improve something externally when the solution is internal.

The truth about yourself and your experiences are found by searching deeply in your heart.

"Out From the Heart," also advises that to purify our hearts, we must master the fundamental lessons of virtue:

1. Physical Discipline;

2. Mental Discipline;

3. Willingness to perform your best;

4. Self-honesty; and,

5. Forgiveness.

And this little 54-page is a nice reminder of what matters when you want to make the storms of your soul obey you.

The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent: Living the Art of Allowing
The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent: Living the Art of Allowing
by Jerry Hicks
Edition: Hardcover
237 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars Trust Your GPS System, July 11, 2006
One of the most important questions asked in this book is, "Are you allowing or resisting wellness, thriving, clarity, and abundance?"

Most might say, "Of course I want to feel great, thrive, be really clear and prosperous."

And then, if we are to monitor our emotions, in the present tense, noticing when we feel pain, and when we feel pleasure, we would find that what we feel about what we think is guiding us to either resist or allow our desires.

Our emotions tell us, much as a GPS system does, if we are moving towards or away from our life's journey.

And, even though this information was not new to me, I had the opportunity to track my GPS system by writing a 20-page emotional map letter, identifying the worst to the best feelings, in a relationship.

The outcome of my emotional map letter (that is tracking what I felt about what I thought and experienced) supported "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent," because what mattered most, with clarity, created the best outcome for me.

Two points, however, that did surprise me about "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent," are: Although the author asserts that this book is a follow up of her first book, and that the reader doesn't need to read the first book without receiving full appreciation of this book, I noticed that terms in this book were not clearly defined, early on, as they were in "Ask and it is Given."

Also, while I appreciate what I learned from this book, the second half of this book really seemed to be a recreation of the first book.

A great quote from "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent," is, "Life is really about beginning to feel the slight tugging of dissatisfaction with your current vehicle ... and then feeling the gentle process of clarifying personal preferences regarding details of the desired vehicle ... and then consciously witnessing the movement of forces and situations to accomodate the acquisition."

Another powerful message from this book is, "If you feel as if things are not changing, or changing very slowly, this is the reason: You are giving most of your attention to the what-is you are living, and little of your attention to the what-you-would-like-to-be-living."

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires
Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires
by Jerry Hicks
Edition: Paperback
Price: $9.60
373 used & new from $0.64

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5.0 out of 5 stars Your Desire and Faith Must Be Equal, July 1, 2006
Thirty, or even twenty years ago, I would not have even picked up a book like this, not to mention read it, and really get excited about what it has to offer.

Yet, this is a book that, written so well, with answers to readers' anticipations and concerns, guides you to relax, and truly be one with your earthly purpose.

"Ask and It is Given," tells you that what you pay attention to, that is, what you think about, and feel the strongest emotions about is what you manifest in your life.

Early on in this book, the author suggests that you envision something that you want to accomplish, and feel what you want to feel when you accomplish it.

And so I gave it a try. My new vision was to run faster, and a longer distance up hill, at 5:30 am. I had just started running again, a few months prior to reading this book. For three years I had not ran, because my knees and feet had hurt, every time, until February 2006, when I visited experts at the world's largest running shoe store - Road Runner Sports.

I had learned that I was not wearing the right shoes. Once they literally gave me those $100 pair of shoes, I was running again.

To run every morning, at 5:30 am, I created a vision of different things that I would notice along the way. And as I envisioned myself seeing those things, while running, I felt relaxed, during these practices.

What I needed to do, to solidify this goal was to remind myself that my body is the servant of my mind. So I talked to my adjusting heart, then to my churning stomach.

And the results proved that my desire to run further in less time, coupled with my faith to make it happen is the solution.

This is one of many changes where reading this book has made an empowering impact upon my life.

Some of my favorite quotes from this book are:

"As long as you are more aware of what you do not want regarding this situation, what you do want cannot come to you."

"... the most important thing we want you to realize is that it does not matter how good you feel or how fast you feel it --- the only thing that matters is that you consciously discover some relief, no matter how slight it is, and that you understand that your relief has come in response to some deliberate effort that you have offered."

"When your desire feels so big that it feels unreachable, it is not on the verge of manifestation. When your desire feels to you like it is the next logical step, then it is on the verge of manifestation."

" ... every subject is really two subjects: what is wanted, and the lack of it."

This is a book that is so well written that one cannot help but to live at least a little better, immediately, no matter what tools you've used in the past.

Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul: A Woman's Guide to Promoting Herself, Her Business, Her Product, or Her Cause with Integrity and Spirit
Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul: A Woman's Guide to Promoting Herself, Her Business, Her Product, or Her Cause with Integrity and Spirit
by Susan Harrow
Edition: Hardcover
39 used & new from $1.69

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sell Yourself to Yourself --- Then The Public, June 16, 2006
In "Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul," Susan Harrow puts a label on why many resist publicity.

Many people think that promoting themselves, their business, or their cause ranks up there with [...] bragging or begging.

Recognizing the desire for fame, fortune and the fear that is getting in the way of aspiring celebrities, Ms. Harrow walks readers through the process of being an equal to all publicists, marketing experts and event planners.

This book is the best book that I've read on how to simultaneously be committed to what you have to share with the public; how to create a public persona for yourself; and how to create an ongoing demand for what you represent.

What makes this book great is that it begins by teaching readers to know who they are, and to honor themselves first.

With your personal integrity always in tact, the journey towards publicity that gets your name, product, service or cause to the top of the list requires a methodical awareness of how to communicate, in print, on the phone, in person, on air, and afterwards with the media. You must show that you know and appreciate the rules, while you honor your own rules.

For example, does your press release show the media in 350 words why you, your product or service deserves immediate media coverage?

For television and radio coverage, does your pitch letter explain why you, your service, or your product is the answer to an important issue that impacts a specific group of people?

Before you call the media to pitch your newsworthy idea, have you narrowed what you anticpate saying, down to 10 seconds? Have you verbalized this out loud, in front of your mirror? Do you know that greeting a media member on the phone is different from greeting someone from other professions?

Is there a cause that you actively support? What miss-understood, or under-represented group can you be a voice for?

Have you asked your clients why they have chosen you?

Have you prepared a list of questions and answers that help your interviewer cover what will make you look or sound great? Have you written out questions and answers related your your weaknesses?

This is an excellent tool - no matter what your profession.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah, Second Edition
The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah, Second Edition
by Susan Harrow
Edition: Ring-bound
4 used & new from $85.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Make the Oprah Producer's Job Easy, May 28, 2006
This is a great workbook, written for millions of people, because let's face it, letting others know that you were on Oprah, or that Oprah quoted you opens many doors.

Lady O' has become a power house above all other power houses by branding herself as someone who really cares about the world, and who moves millions, if not billions of people into being their best self.

So what does it take to be: a guest; an author of Oprah's Book Club; an on air expert; or, an audience participant?

To answer this question, I invite you to think about the last time someone tried to sell you a service or a product.

Did you feel like they knew you? Were they succinct? If this was in person, did they make soft, direct eye contact with you, at all times? Did they stay in rapport with you? And, did you really feel like you were the Queen or King, while they seemed to balance being dignified and interesting?

Oprah's producers represent her interest in finding solutions for their millions of viewers. Your desire to be a millionaire, a celebrity, or endorsed by Oprah does not factor into creating talk show segments - to get on the Oprah Show you need to demonstrate that you can contribute to Oprah's desire to do something grand and unexpected by others.

Before Calling the Show:

1. Establish yourself as an expert;

2. Ally yourself with a local journalist (print, radio and tv);

3. Find ways to be interviewed, and to be taped;

4. Read [...] and,

5. Write Op-Eds in the top 10 United States papers.

Ready for the Queen of Talk:

1. Study Oprah's history;

2. Study the show and their website;

3. Know what your life mission is;

4. Live that mission;

5. Create a topic sheet;

6. Write a pitch letter (be sure to address it to the

appropriate editor);

7. Write 5 talking points;

8. Create 10 questions about your topic;

9. Create, rehearse and know your 10 second sound bite;

10. Be willing to do a great deal of the producer's work, to

make it easier on them; and,

11. Be willing to adapt your schedule around the ever-changing

needs of what's hot now.

"The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah" is an excellent workbook for you to prepare yourself to take on the identity of doing what it takes to contribute to Oprah's commitment to connecting with the world.

If you do what Susan Harrow suggests in this book, you will be showing Oprah that you appreciate what she does - and in so doing, you will be embraced by millions of viewers from around the world - who will really want more of what you have to offer.

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance
The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance
by Edwene Gaines
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $16.11
74 used & new from $9.93

85 of 92 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I Am a Woman of Power, May 27, 2006
And, that is how Edwene Gaines begins her introduction to teaching her readers to let their light shine so brightly before everyone who they contact.

Law One: Tithe

When I read in this book, "... tithing is the prosperity principle that tends to bring up the most resistance in people," I could almost hear so many others say, "Every church wants you to keep paying and paying to make the the preachers rich."

Yet, if those same people were to read the explanation that Edwene Gaines has for tithing, they would understand, accept and appreciate that to tithe ten percent of your earnings is giving back to whomever or whatever has given you spiritual food.

This isn't a donation, or a way to control anyone else - it's just a recognition that there is always more, and that your source comes from God.

Law Two: Set Goals

As I read this chapter, I was amazed of the dreams that I had, starting with my falling into a beautiful, clear, crisp ocean, and rising back up in due time.

When I awoke the next morning, I was more relaxed , than I had been in a very long time.

And I was truly moved by a quote in this section of the book, "Successs is built through a willingness to play in an increasingly larger and larger arena."

Law Three: Forgive

Ms. Gaines say's "...unwillingness to forgive is like stabbing ourselves with a knife and expecting the person who did us wrong to feel the pain."

What a great analogy about forgiving.

In my life time commitment to endlessly grow, particularly at the beginning of my having made this commitment,in 1989, I have been writing emotional map letters, where I typed the worst to the best about what I experienced with anyone in my life.

The more that I knew the person, the more details that I wrote.

And after writing over 250 of those letters, which of course included forgiveness, and my writing their response, I developed a sort of quiet power within my life, that has given me strength beyond my wildest dreams.

Yet, reading the chapter on forgiveness within this book, I clearly see another great tool that I must use to forgive - it's the rewriting what happened from the perspective of all the opportunities that I have as a result of the experiences that I had, that I hadn't wanted to have.

I also enjoy the question that Ms. Gaines asks her readers to ask themselves, "Have I put anyone outside of my heart today?"

Law Four: Divine Purpose

February 18, 1999, the morning that I literally woke up saying to myself, "Okay. Now I know my life's mission. How could it be anything else?" was a day like none other.

I had been searching for my mission since 1989, but found it at the point of great material loss, while also realizating that my family role versus who I had evolved into meant another huge change of acceptance, surrender and goodbye.

My life mission is "To guide women and girls to earn trust in themselves."

When I first asserted this, online and in person, strangers whose belief systems that did not fit into what I had in mind contacted me in droves.

What I meant and still mean by this mission is that when we let go of the "No compete, no outdo, and gonad alert," we stop holding one another back, stop blaming men for what we lack, and we give men permission to process their emotions, while they remain men.

Rarely do I want to stay up late to read a book, even though I really love reading - Ifeeling focused is better, but this is one book that because of Ms. Gaines' lessons, her humor, and her willingness to be humble in telling her history, I wanted to read through the night.

And, I know that I will reread this book, to check in with my commitment to elevate my life to one of faith, love, risk, integrity, commitment, persistence, gratitude,passion, and discipline.
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'Till Death Do Us Part: Love, Marriage, and the Mind of the Killer Spouse
'Till Death Do Us Part: Love, Marriage, and the Mind of the Killer Spouse
by Robi Ludwig
Edition: Hardcover
85 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars You Don't Attract Who You Want, April 26, 2006
You attract who you are - subconsciously.

And, as a relationship goes on, you are faced with who you are, in the mirror of your partner.

There are many messages from your spouse's resistance or acceptance that tell you the reality of what is in your relationship.

And when you fight this reality you fuel the problems, and make it more difficult to either break up or to solve the problem, by healing your own wounds.

I like this book because Dr. Robi explores the childhood relationship fairy tales that we all start out with, and, using real life spousal homicides, she shows the readers how going into the marriage while holding onto the fairy tale, and your unhealed shame wounds can contribute to the "every day six people in the United States are murdered by spouses or intimate partners."

What surprized or puzzled me in this book is that Dr. Robi say's that the public is "fascinated" by these spousal homicides.

For me, I found these homicides interesting, not fascinating, because they tell a story over and over again about how so many people live their lives in denial (Don't Even Notice I am Lying).

This means that so many people are not being given room to be authentic. Eventually, harbored emotions do explode like a pressure cooker.

As I read each psychological profile, I found it interesting to note how I handled relationship conflict in my 20's, compared to now in my 40's.

Wow! In my 20's, I would "scrap." Now, in a situation where there is no room to compromise, and I'm clear of my role in what is not working, I'm too busy to allow that person room in my life.

Read this book to become more aware of your role in your relationship, and in "if" you can be supportive of those around you who may be in a relationship conflict.

The Gift: The 12 Greatest Tools of Personal Growth -- and How to Put Them into Practice
The Gift: The 12 Greatest Tools of Personal Growth -- and How to Put Them into Practice
by Shad Helmstetter
Edition: Hardcover
371 used & new from $0.01

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3.0 out of 5 stars Fundamentals to Personal Growth - For Everyone, April 5, 2006
Normally, I read a book because I feel it "calling me."

But this book was given to me by a sales rep for Arbonne International who was trying to convince me to not only become a sales rep, but to also give her a list of prospects in an area that she had been trying to tap into for some time.

While she learned from me that neither of these approaches worked for me, because I know what I am meant to be doing, and I not only am doing, but I also value my resources too much to even consider parting with them, I did choose to read this book.

The "Gift" is that we are all born with the ability and right to not only dream, but to also fulfill our dreams.

And, to fulfill our dreams we all need twelve tools. They are:

1. Surrounding yourself with success;
This comes down to envisioning yourself amongst people who
bridge what you lack, who encourage you to be your
authentic self.

This also requires you to take time everyday to check in
with your spirit, and reaffirm your partnership with your

2. Choice;
With a healthy sense of what is right and wrong, you create
choice for yourself.

3. Helping other people to grow;
This requires excellent listening skills, where you are
fully in the moment, compassionate and whole.

A by-product of helping others to grow is that you too will

4. Believing in yourself;
One of the most important things that I do that affirms my
belief in myself is to introspectively write everyday,
about my experiences with others. I write from the worst
to the best, then, respond in the same introspection from
the other person's perspective with these 6 sentence stems
(Thank you ..., for ... I understand ... I am sorry ... You
deserve ... I want ... I love/admire ...)

The results are always wonderfully amazing.

5. Changing your self-talk;
Because we are all influenced by attitudes of those who we
interact with, our self-talk may be limiting what we are
capable of. We need to compassionately respond to our
inner selves, as though we are talking to little children.

This is how we evolve.

6. Exceptional attitude;
To me, this doesn't necessarily mean always being positive,
because to always be positive means to not allow yourself
to experience what is not right, for you.

You've got to find balance, where you are free to own,
admit, experience and express your truth; direct yourself to
matter you desire.

7. Finding your focus;
Deep, relaxed breathing does the trick.

8. Setting great goals;
Great goals take you further along your life's mission.

9. Taking control of your time and your life;
When you know what your life mission is, and you choose to
live everyday doing what is within your life mission, you
take control of your time and your life.

10. Putting yourself into action;
If you have trouble executing your goal, maybe that goal
isn't yours. To achieve, and actually surpass that goal,
you must have intention. And you must enjoy seeing yourself
doing what it takes to achieve that goal.

Sometimes this takes getting indignant with yourself - then
choosing to rise like the phoenix.

11. Never giving up;
This is where being around successful people is
important. They will freely encourage you to stay
focused upon remembering your dreams.

12. Doing something you love.
This is giving yourself permission to be yourself. And it
is something that if you don't do it, for some time, your
life is not balanced.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Referral-Based Businesses Are More Profitable, March 25, 2006
Having benefitted from "The Mastermind Marketing System," by Jay Abraham, I wondered what "93 Extraordinary Referral Systems" could have.

While the CD's and printed material in the referral program are significantly unlike what's in "The Mastermind Marketing System," the referral system is reminder of how important it is to count upon "who you and others know."

If you believe in the saying, "Everyone knows at least 250 people," you will appreciate the power of this CD program.

By asking someone who you know, "Who do you know who ..., ..., and ...?" you are being specific, and helping others to help you to create a 24-hour, no cost sales force.

Before asking this question, here are some things that you will need to do:

1. Decide who your ideal client would be (profession,
education, value system, location, etc.);

2. Decide why your service or product is ideal for this client;

3. Know how you are different and better than your
competitors, and why;

4. Put yourself in check, recognizing your passion for your
product or service;

5. Decide, in advance, what you will do for the person who
refers business to you (something that he or she would
appreciate). Be sure that what you want to give
them is what will benefit them, not you;

6. Consider getting referrals from your competitors, by coming
up with a reason why this is mutually benefitual - and have
the chutzpah to contact them with your well-thought out

7. Identify three benefits that the person making the referral
will gain, by making a referral;

8. Be prepared for resistence, which you can counter with a
brief, compassionate response, followed with questions that
guide this prospective referrer to want to give you a

After gathering this information, and prior to approaching someone for a referral, format your request, in your head, so that in less than 30 seconds, you can ask for this referral, and get it.

Caveat: Be sure that the person who you are asking for a referral is someone who understands the true value and meaning of referrals. Mutual appreciation of reciprocity is key.

I was surprised in listening to and reading this material for the following reasons:

1. There is a great deal of mention about "customers" and
not "clients." The "The Mastermind Marketing System"
encourages listeners to think of those who they are doing
business with as "clients," people who not only buy from
you, but with whom you are a trusted advisor.

2. There was a great deal of mention about Rolodexes, and
other pre-Black Berry technology; yet, this was published
in 2004.

Aside from these two points, this is an excellent tool.

The Art of Seduction
The Art of Seduction
by Robert Greene
Edition: Paperback
Price: $17.65
54 used & new from $13.88

6 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Stir Up The Pot - To Show Them Who Owns The Spoons, March 19, 2006
This review is from: The Art of Seduction (Paperback)
Let's face it, each time you speak to someone, you are trying to influence them to accept your idea, product or service. And you are most effective when you communicate in a way that allows your interlocutor to see, feel and hear the benefits of what you are communicating from his/her stance - not yours.

"The Art of Seduction" looks at how others throughout world history have gained people's confidences and influenced change through balancing their awareness of what their opponent/interlocutor wants and needs.

Mastery of seduction takes patience, being fully in the present moment, full, relaxed breathing, and thinking on your feet.

Each story presented in this book will help you to relate to a seductive experience where you were the victor or victim of; and, it will inspire you to adapt new seductive habits in your life that speed up the process of you getting what defines who you are.

In some cases, your opponent will thank you for your chutzpah. In others, well, they just might be licking their paws.

Some ways to use the Art of Seduction are:

Boxing: Look for your opponent's weaknesses, and play to that.

Sells: Look at your prospect's weaknesses as opportunities to bridge what they lack so that you are their advisor.

Relationship: Notice their weakness as areas to accept them for who they are - this brings change, naturally.

You are responsible for your part in your communication with others, regardless of your interlocutor's self-image, or your interlocutor's expectation of who you should be.

This book is a must read.

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