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Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World
Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World
by Phillip C. McGraw
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $17.68
363 used & new from $0.01

3.0 out of 5 stars This book saved my family, April 1, 2015
s book saved my family

my dad was up in my grill because college is expensive and i like to party. My dad was mad and a few weeks ago I gave him a book about his favorite rock band so that he would like me, but just got madder.
Wben I came home for spring break this week my dad was nasty and decided to gave ME a book, this Dr Phil book. He said that he wanted me to be patriarchial "be a man" and take charge of my life and be self-responsible and not hit him up for money all the time. He was going to give me a real right wing Fascist book, but my mom instead got him to get the Dr Phil book instead because my mom just loves Oprah. She says that all I have to do is BELIEVE and I can do ANYTHING I want but I still could not go to Florida for spring break with my band. She says Rob the Razor and Todd our drummer are irresponsible.

So the first night I was home my dad said that I could not party with my high school friends and had to read the Dr Phil. I was really mad and if I had been in the 1percent I would have flown to my party house in Florida with all my friends just to make dad mad. But I am oppressed by capitolism and so I had to stay at home.

but then I read this DR PHIL book and found it 2b really smart. There are people who get to you by being UNFAIR. Dr Phil calls them BAITERS. they are just like the 1percent who are out to use you and make you pay big student loans. these people are arrogant and target other people 2 pay off their debts and 2 use other people and steal stuff through neo-Colonialism.

Dr Phil tells us to "trust our instincts" and work hard for what we want and not manipulate other people. I snuck out of the house after midnight to get high and think about what my dad is telling me. My dad always wanted me to work hard and have money just as he tells me how he works hard in his insurance job and makes people buy insurance they may need but probably not. He gets lots of bonuses that he needs to send me to school and can't afford to go hunting up north in November anymore.

The Dr Phil says that we should "play big" and when I was partying by myself in the local school playground swings I realized that I don't want to be a sociologist or an insurance agent, I want to be a punk guitarist like Tom Morello. I wanted to lead revolution for cool rock and roll. It is time to stop the whole scam of the BAITERS that Dr Phil talks about. Then the police car was shining its light on the playground so I had to run and climb a fence and go home, and I ripped my pants.

My dad got up and was pissed off so he would not talk to me for a day, but the next day I decided to show him and work really hard and jam on my guitar. It was great even though I left my electric back at Sellery Hall and only had my sister's acoustic. But I used tabs online and played Tom Sawyer for my dad, but I did not play the solo guitar part, but it was pretty cool. Too bad Todd cant play the drum parts. But the song is about being confident against the man even if you are a Fascist. My dad looked at me and said "be honest, you got some reefer, right?" I was really scared but I did what DR PHIL said when I was "honest and deal with people straight" and I went upstairs and then we shared my best doobage. My sister sent me an email about dealing with dad and had a story from a Bible tract about how a crippled sheperd boy shared his raisin bread with Jesus and so was healed by Jesus because he is generous. So I decided to help my dad get high. My dad's company has drug tests, but he said that Dr Phil says that we have to THINK BIG and enjoy life and besides my dad is in the 1percent of the company so noone will bother with the tests anyway. So we partied while I played guitar with dad's STyx albums and we listened to the Fascist story in Rush's 2112 album.

My dad got the story of 2112 and saw that he was being the uptight priest stopping me from playing the guitar and that I was the bad guy not paying enough taxes to the Solar Federation. It was intense. We decided that we both needed to follow DR PHIL abd TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our actions and help each other avoid having to help for the man.

I broke a guitar string but my sister came home and was not mad at all because we were mellow with my dad and rockng out. She said that she prayed all day before coming home for Easter and knew that God would heal my dad and I.

My mom does not like all the Jesus stuff but she is cool with sis doing her bliss thing. My mom loves Dr Phil and THE SECRET. She told me NOT TO TELL DAD AT ALL about my being a rock guitarist instead of an insurnce agent, but that if I used the good advice of Oprah and DR PHIL the way Beytovan and Newton did, could learn to be as rich as Oprah and stay in the 1percent. I was cool with that and sister says it is all praying so long as I ask Jesus only.

So Dr phil taught me to trick my family into giving me more money and supporting me and not tell him that I want to play the guitar all the time, which will be helpful when my dad sees my bad grades for this semester. I want to rock out and Dr Phil and Oprah taught me.

My mom was really happy. She loves Oprah and wants me to be do New Age stuff with her. And my mom really likes me right now because my sister is born again and I just found out this year that my mom is Jewish. My mom freaked out when sis whent to a bible storefront church when she was drunk over losing her boyfriend. Mom was really mad that the soup kitchen had all drug addicts and mom does not like me and dad getting high, and she says that Oprah is "normal" and middle class.

Sis says a book tells her
that everything is predetermined by history which is kind of like my marxist professors really. So my sister may only be a dental h

Rethinking Mathematics
Rethinking Mathematics
by Eric Gutstein
Edition: Paperback
44 used & new from $0.13

2.0 out of 5 stars A tool to smash the system and get by in class, March 26, 2015
This review is from: Rethinking Mathematics (Paperback)
I had to retake My Soc 452 course on White privildged AmeriKKKa has some math in it, so I figured I better brush up on this book from middle school. It was pretty spot on on with all its awareness of privilidge and social problems but I still have a hard time with the math. But that is cool. I just need to get by until the end of the semester and my prof is pretty Progressive so it wont matter 2 much if I make mistakes. My prof likes this book and thinks that being exact is all White code for "excelence" and "hard work"

Poodle Hat
Poodle Hat
Price: $4.99
29 used & new from $1.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Poodle he weres as a hat, March 19, 2015
This review is from: Poodle Hat (Audio CD)
Poodle hat! He doesnt just keep it as a pet, he has it on his head. funny.

Three Squares: The Invention of the American Meal
Three Squares: The Invention of the American Meal
by Abigail Carroll
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $20.59
64 used & new from $3.69

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3.0 out of 5 stars This is only a textbook not attacking Fascism enough, March 14, 2015
MOther Jones magizine said that eating breakfast is racist White privledge forced on Indian-Naive Americans by uptight Puritan Europeans.

That mag said this book would prove it all so I could say what I want and still get a good grade on a paper and argue with the biznis majors in Sellery Hall. But this book is boring and I could not finish it. Maybe lots of footnotes prove meal times are Fascist, but I can't waste my day with that kind of thing.

I don't want three square meals because I'm not a square. I just stay up late and want to eat microwave munchies later, but the Fascist university says that I have to have boring classes early in the morning. How can I learn at 7oclock when I'm half-asleep and did not eat since 3oclock in the morning?

And eating with your family at night is really Fascist. My parents will just ask me questions about my schoolwork and get up in my grill. It is better to just eat when you are hungry like all the Progressives at Mother Jones say you should.

EMERSON 0.7 CUFT 700W Touch Control BLACK MW8871B MICROWAVE- 025806092929
EMERSON 0.7 CUFT 700W Touch Control BLACK MW8871B MICROWAVE- 025806092929

2.0 out of 5 stars OK but 2 Hard 2 Clean, March 14, 2015
My dad bought this for me last October when I told him that I did not go out but stayed up all night for exam week. He was real happy then and then gave me this mircrowave so I could study without going to student lounge and being distracted. He even gave me lots of microwave snacks. The microwave really helped when the band would be done practicing or if I came back late all partied out and needed to eat. It was fast I could eat and then just go to sleep.

Now it is March and the microwave is really gross and loaded with explosions. Its all caked on and since mom is coming to pick me up for spring break I can't get it clean with water and razor blades do not help. I will hide the microwave just as I try to air out the room with lysol.

Rush: Chemistry
Rush: Chemistry
by Jon Collins
Edition: Paperback
20 used & new from $6.14

1.0 out of 5 stars Bad gift idea, March 11, 2015
This review is from: Rush: Chemistry (Paperback)
last January my dad found my Psych 210 paper where I rate my family on the Adorno F-Scale for Fascism. He was really pissed off. I came home for one weekend to do my laundry and stock up on snacks, he started yelling at me for what I wrote and how college is a waste of money. My professor later agreed that he is totally Fascist with his yelling and I got an A for my paper. He was really pissed off that I said he was all patriarchical and was ready to throw me out of the house when mom and sister told him to calm down and give in. This just proves I am right about him because I got a GOOD GRADE.

So he was all mad and kept saying that he went to college to major in a "real subject" like insurance agent and that I should give up my Progressivism. My roommate Brian is a Fascist conservative but only got a 3.721 on the Adorno F-Scale for Fascim, which is pretty normal for our Fascist country. He said that Ann Rand is cool and that my dad learned his Fascism from Rush.

In February during my volunteer shift at the socialist used book collective on Gilman street I found Chemistry by Rush in a box of donations so I stole it. Old guy Jerry is really a cool old hippy but he was mad at me and accused me of stealing but I did not take money and I was a volunteer anyway so they owed me. I took the book which is mine and gave it to my dad but my dad was all angry some more.

"Who paid for THIS book?" he yelled at me. I told him I got it from socialists so it is cool. Then he yelled that the socialists at the University of Wisconsin are stealing from him in both taxes AND tuition, making my cool professors the real 1percent in Madison! My dad was all 5.138 or more on the F-scale and patriarchial and so would not listen to my mother. And he said he hasn't had time to listen to Rush since 1987, and besides they had not made a decent album in 30 years anyway. He was all like "I work to hard to listen to Rush or Rage AGainst the Machine" and "Rush sucks almost as bad as Rage Against the Machine" and "Who the hell is Ann Rand?" and "I dont have money for albums only money for your food you damned socialist parasite".

I was really mad and would have left right then if I were in the 1percent.

So Brian's cd of Rush has some cool squeaky guitars and lots of busy drums and riffs, but the words are all wierd and the songs are boring. Rob the Razor our bass player wants to play some Rush but the drummer wont talk about it and I think that Rush is like a 4 on the Adorno scale.

Jackass Unrated 3-Pack
Jackass Unrated 3-Pack
DVD ~ Johnny Knoxville
Price: $12.96
34 used & new from $8.63

4.0 out of 5 stars Good movies, February 20, 2015
This review is from: Jackass Unrated 3-Pack (DVD)
This is a good movie. I learned allot from this movie. I watched it during final exams week 2 relax and it still helped me on my tests. You cant just study all the time. My prof in Psych 274 say that 2much work can cause mental illness and that in Sweden they have manditory two months vacation. That is why you need this three pack with lots of extras because it will take up you time when you are relaxing. That and cranking up Black Sabbath's Killing yourself 2live while watching Jackass

The Cambridge Companion to the Beatles (Cambridge Companions to Music)
The Cambridge Companion to the Beatles (Cambridge Companions to Music)
by Kenneth Womack
Edition: Hardcover
30 used & new from $80.72

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2.0 out of 5 stars Beatles were privlidged White men and need 2b forgotten, January 30, 2015
This book is a good example of what is wrong with the scam that is the Beatles. Everyone in the Establishment (Cambridge University Press) hypes the Beatles as wild and free, but they were just middleclass White big businessmen with privlidge. Sometimes John Lennon tried to break out and become revolutionary, but he could not do it because he was rich. Paul McCartney was just a lame middleclass maker of songs that require too much ability, so alienating the lower classes from musical power and social authority.

Walter Everett's essay is filled with all kinds of musical giberish designed to discourage the people from taking up their instruments and going into the streets. Hypermeter? WTF is that? If you want to play music that is vital and part of society, it should have a POST-PUNK SENSIBILITY like Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and AudioSlave. That guy knows how to make his guitar scream with feedback and inspire the lower classes. He would never sell out like stupid rich white privlidged rock stars like Paul Simon and espescially Bruce Springsteen. Morello is the real deal. He would never sell out like Simon or Springsteen--or the Beatles. He inspires me to make my guitar feedback and tell dorm authorities to go to hell.

And dont forget that the Beatles stole their better songs from African Americans of Color. They stole the wealth of others and became rich. McCartney, the guy who is supposed to be the nice guy of the group, stole Oldbladi, Oldblada from a Jamacan African American in London and would not give him credit. This is neo-Colonialism that is worse than Paul Simon. Cambridge was where English colonialism went overseas and stole music from peoples of Color. NOw it is time to take from the 1percent rock stars like Paul McCartney and give to struggling poor players like Tom Morello and my Rage Against the Machine tribute band. Music should be in the streets Uprising at the Capitol building against Scott Walker.

This book is pretty good with footnotes and stuff. I used it write a paper for my Soc 386 and got a good grade because of it. But it still expounds privlidge.
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The Left Behind Collection
The Left Behind Collection
Price: $21.99

5.0 out of 5 stars The COOLEST book since THE TURNER DIARIES, January 7, 2015
After my sister was dumped by her boyfriend she went on a drinking binge and then was Born Again. She bought these books on a kindle for me so I can read them during the early botany class I have to take. I dont like christianity because it is against environment and women, but the story is very similar to the environmentalist problems all my professors say are going to happen and end the world. Kinda cool. My Fascist roomate Brian reads Ann Rand and says that this and the environmental stuff is all lies and fiction. Whatever because it is like all those concept albums my dad used to listen to by Rush and Styx. Really cool.

And the piolot and other left behind guys are just like the cool revolutionary novel THE TURNER DIARIES and speaks about gays about the same way. So it is not so bad and it is better than botany at 7 oclock in the morning.

Kimberly-Clark 07805 Scott JRT Jr. Jumbo Roll Tissue, 1000' Length x 3.55" Width, White (Case of 12 Rolls)
Kimberly-Clark 07805 Scott JRT Jr. Jumbo Roll Tissue, 1000' Length x 3.55" Width, White (Case of 12 Rolls)
Offered by TOG OTC Supply
Price: $50.98
12 used & new from $35.00

0 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars TP made by a woman for the environment, January 7, 2015
I stole a big roll from the Sellery Hall dorm for over the summer when I lived off campus. The squares are too big and wasteful but it was environmentally friendly anyway. I try not to use too much paper just like Sheryl Crowe and big squares are cheating.

It is good to see that TP is made by a company owned by a WOMAN. I don't know who Kimberly Clark is, but I hope she pays fair wages to her workers and cares about pollution.

It is important to think about these things.

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