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And Hell Followed With Her: Crossing the Dark Side of the American Border
And Hell Followed With Her: Crossing the Dark Side of the American Border
by David A. Neiwert
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $3.47
105 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars Evil draped in a flag will always get a prime spot on cable TV, June 27, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Once again, David Neiwert examines the dark corners of American conservatism and exposes the evil from which it derives its power. The first chapter, in which a young girl and her father are executed by "patriots," shook me like few other things I've read. From there, he careful tells of the rise of Shawna Forde in the militia movement and the media's complicity in turning her and the movement into American heroes.

One comes away from the book with a better understanding of the hate that drives such movements, and how such evil consumes those who embrace it. We see that in Shawna Forde, who now sits on death row, and in Chris Simcox--the national Minuteman leader who protected and defended her--who was arrested just last week for molesting children (for the second time by my count.)

Few people have spent as many years as Neiwert studying the extreme right, and mo one writes about the it as well as he does. Buy the book, and pick up "Strawberry Days," "In God's Country," and his other books as well. You'll thank me for it.

Apologies to those who came to read one of the General's reviews, his inner Frenchman got the best of him this time.
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Agenda 21 (Agenda 21 Series)
Agenda 21 (Agenda 21 Series)
Offered by Simon and Schuster Digital Sales Inc
Price: $8.54

323 of 434 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Fiction, Fact, and the 5.56mm Truth, January 16, 2013
This is a work of fiction that could, very well, someday be stocked on the current events shelf in the non-fiction section of your favorite bookstore. Or, at least, that's what the "author," and top reviewers would have you believe.

But is that truly the case? Will the Agenda 21 Enforcers use Obama's UN-based laws to force our future Emmelines to pledge allegiance to spotted owls and snail darters?

Anyone who believes in the power and the importance of the Second Amendment knows such a future is impossible. Armed patriots will stop Obama's tanks, the UN's jet fighters, and the reptilian aliens' vipersturmen when they come to take our guns.

Only the deserving few, those who refuse to purchase firearms, will be eaten during the great molting fests, and among them, only Piers Morgan, George Soros, and perhaps the comedian, Carrot Top, will be mounted by the Imperial Szliardisterg before the Great and Terrible Devouring.

We patriots will be armed, safe, and happy in our gated mobile home communities. We'll be playfully punching each other's arms, drinking Night Train, eating Moon Pie Chocolate Flavor - 24 ct. box, and shooting spouses, goldarned random sumbishes, and scary-looking people, while the Obamunists suffer under the lizard's lash.
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Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics
Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics
by Ross Gregory Douthat
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $17.68
129 used & new from $1.10

207 of 321 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars There And Back Again: Ross Douthat's Adventures Beyond the Shire, April 24, 2012
Reading this book, one quickly comes to the same conclusion Michael Sean Winters came to in his TNR review: "My problem is that he does not seem to have any idea what he is talking about." But, unlike Mr. Winters, I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. Talking out of one's "cave of shame" can be a good thing as long as one's basic thesis is ideologically correct.

Mr. Douhat is generally correct as he describes modern Catholicism's transition from righteous rigidity to a heretical focus on social justice and equality, and then back again to a more Christ-centered, Torquemadian theology. But, unfortunately, he gets many of the reasons for those transitions, as well as their timing, wrong.

Although Douhat is right about the introduction of such heresies as love, compassion, tolerence and inclusivity corrupting the Catholic Church in the Sixties, he is wrong to identify the genesis of that rot as Vatican II. It began almost decade earlier, on December 7, 1953.

That was the day Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac ran into Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton* and introduced them to jazz. Soon, the beats were dragging the formerly pious pair through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix. That was the beginning of the corruption. Poetry, Coltrane, and, no doubt, a healthy dose of smack, fueled the heretical bus that eventually brought Catholicism the twin evils of social justice and Vatican II.

Merton and Day quickly spread the new beat gospel to priests and nuns like Sister Elizabeth McAlister and the Berrigan brothers. Soon, the Catholic clergy was undermining God's will in Vietnam and opposing their good Southern Baptist brethren in Selma, Birmingham, and Little Rock. By the end of the Seventies, Catholicism had become a synonym for godless tolerance, barbarous compassion, and the idolatry of love.

The Popification of John Paul II in 1978 and the election of Ronald Reagan two years later changed everything. Reagan brought the greatest Straussian Catholic scholars into his administration--Jesuit theologians like Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, John Negraponte, Elliot Abrams, and the aptly named Otto Reich.

The Pope signed Cardinal Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger on as Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Ratzinger was a perfect choice to lead what was once known as The Office of the Holy Inquisition. He had learned to revere order in his youth when he wielded a Rome's #4100 Super Duty Wiener Fork, Chrome Plated Steel as a member of Germany's most prominent Teutonic heritage appreciation organization. Establishing order, good, capitalist, Teutonic order, was what the Cardinal lived for.

Together, the President and the Pope went to war against social justice, defending the god-given right of Central American plutocrats to exploit their human capital with ruthlessly vicious efficiency. Cardinal Ratzinger defrocked those who hindered the plutocracy by preaching liberation theology to the poor. Douthat's Reaganic heroes dealt with those who would not bend to the Cardinal's will. For a few dollars, Major Roberto D'Aubuisson, the Gipper's man in San Salvador, would silence a meddlesome archbishop or a quartet of compassion-mongering nuns.

By the time Cardinal Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI, social justice was no longer a threat. The Church had returned to it's more Torquemadian roots. Once again it became the Church that God and Ross Douthat wanted, a righteously despotic institution that enslaves women, persecutes homosexualists, and serves the needs of the Borgias rather than the Bowers.

And that is the ideologically correct truth that wins four stars for Mr Douthat.

*Most Gingrichian, Palinian, and Teabagian scholars agree that Merton served as the basis for Kerouac's Dean Moriarty character in "On the Road."
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Core of Conviction: My Story
Core of Conviction: My Story
by Michele Bachmann
Edition: Hardcover
135 used & new from $0.01

403 of 462 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Fighting The Tyranny of Tolerance, November 29, 2011
"Core of Conviction" tells the story of one woman's jihad against the tyranny of tolerance. It's not always a pretty story, but then waging holy war against agents of diversity and other belief criminals is never pretty. It's just something that must be done before the Prince of Peace returns to cleanse the world with fire.

"Core of Conviction" is also a love story. It tells the tale of how Rep. Bachmann met her soulmate, Marcus, and how the consummation of that love led to one of her most important pieces of legislation: the "Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act of 2008."

Rep Bachmann may never achieve the presidency, but by simply running, she's promoting important issues. Someday, as Americans bow their heads in compulsory prayer, they will thank her for preventing the imposition of sharia law. Not-men will also thank her for freeing them from the responsibilities of managing their uteri. And many very excited men--men like Marcus, who are fully committed to the heterosexual lifestyle--will thank her every time they purchase GE 48688 60-Watt A19 Reveal Bulbs, 4-Pack.
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Kids Ghillie Suit Set Woodland Green Camo
Kids Ghillie Suit Set Woodland Green Camo

32 of 51 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Your Kid is Still Visible, November 28, 2011
I had high hopes for the "Kids Ghillie Suit Set." I mean, hey, it's just like what the Marine snipers use, isn't it?

Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Obama's Child Protective Services thugs spotted Junior the moment they walked into our living room. The ghillie suit provided no camouflage whatsoever. If anything, it drew attention to him.

Consider getting the "Cellblock C Little Shiv-Works" craft kit instead. It comes with everything you need: an authentic prison cafeteria spoon, enough electrical tape to shape a handle to fit any child's hand, and a cinder block sturdy enough to provide months of sharpening fun. It's what saved Junior from that CPS worker. He used the shiv he created to shank her right through her jackboot and make his escape. Now he lives freely in a nice little spidey-hole he dug out behind where we keep Sheila, our militia morale sheep.
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Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band/1.3% Blue Band Pepper Spray
Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band/1.3% Blue Band Pepper Spray
Offered by Niezle - Great values from an environmentally conscientious company
Price: $68.73
3 used & new from $59.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Stops 'em From "Going to the Walkers", November 22, 2011
I'm faced with a lot of dangerous situations at the nursing home. I give an order to move from the TV room to the cafeteria for a performance of the Tremonton 2nd Ward Primary Childrens' Chorus and the codgers immediately surround me, leaning threateningly on their walkers. It's a frightening situation to be in, one that always sends me scurrying to the crafts area, seeking the illusory protection of a pair of Fiskars 94917097 No. 5 Blunt Tip Scissors.

That was until I saw Lt. John Pike use this product to defang the threat of sprawling hippies at UC Davis. I immediately purchased a dozen cans. Now, not even the possibility of missing a Matlock rerun can prompt the residents to "go to the walkers."

As for mealtime, grandma no longer menaces me by shaking her mush spoon. Rather, she quickly wolfs her gruel down like a marriage defender getting the most out of a luggage handler, leaving me plenty of time for a long Postum break.

The best thing about this product is that, unlike a cattle prod, it's easy to hide when Uncle Orville's relatives drop in for a visit. No more arguments about what actually constitutes a threat.

Sure, the orange skin stains can be a problem, but that's easily explained away as a sleeping accident in the fingerpainting room.

I recommend it wholeheartedly. Heck, I'm even going to buy stock in the company. Lord knows that after Newt is elected, this product is going to be a godsend to any company faced with potentially violent labor actions launched by our new pre-pubescent workforce.
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Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever
Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever
by Martin Dugard
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $19.04
358 used & new from $4.27

395 of 613 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A History of "Should Have Beens", November 13, 2011
There are many who criticize "Killing Lincoln" as "sloppy history," "a long, rather boring, string of lies," or "an ahistorical vanity project foisted on a passionately credulous fan base by an egomaniacal serial prevaricator." I think it's more than that. It's the culmination of a lifetime of effort on Mr. O'Reilly's part to establish a new kind of truth, a truth based more on what one man believes "should have been" rather than such unreliable things as facts.

Despite it's many errors, I believe it to be one of the greatest historical works of all time. Forget Barbara Tuchman, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., and Rick Perlstein; "Killing Lincoln" confirms O'Reilly as the greatest historian since Melvin Dummar.

It's all there: the burning of Ford's theater a year later than records indicate, the first confirmation that Lee stood Grant up after surrendering at Appomattox, and the hundreds of other "should have beens" O'Reilly so boldly proclaims within this book.

Unfortunately, I cannot give "Killing Lincoln" five stars. O'Reilly leaves out too many great "should have beens" that would of added immensely to the book. Lincoln would have appeared to be a much greater man had he won two Peabody Awards for journalism and was born in Leavittown.

Additionally, it would have made for much spicier reading had O'Reilly claimed that Abraham "The Factor" Lincoln had "courted" Harriet Beecher Stowe by sending her late night, laudanum-fueled telegraph messages or added chapters on Lincoln's love for 7" Loofa Sponges and Professional Falafel Scoop Scooper tools. That's something all great men do.

And where are the claims that William H. Seward was a filthy communist hippy or that Edwin M. Stanton was secretly allied with Hitler? One has to wonder if the publisher exercised a bit too much editorial control.

Hopefully, Mr. O'Reilly will not allow such criticisms to dissuade him from writing additional histories. Like that other great historian, Baron Karl von Münchhausen, he may not receive the accolades he deserves during his lifetime, but his legacy will be timeless.
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In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir
In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir
by Richard B. Cheney
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $23.49
408 used & new from $0.01

1,120 of 1,738 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Into the Darkness, August 30, 2011
In the days leading up to the Iraq Phase of Our Glorious and Eternal Crusade to Resubjugate The Brown (GECRB), Leader Cheney sat down with Tim Russert and spoke about our need to embrace the "dark side." This book chronicles His leadership down that sacred path into darkness, His battle and ultimate triumph over the forces of light, and His emergence as America's Dark Lord.

It wasn't an easy journey. His enemies were quick to attack each new initiative, characterizing His insatiable appetite for torture and assassination as unconscionably evil and blaming His penchant for face shooting on an inability to resist the bottle.

What His critics fail to understand is that these dark acts gave Lord Cheney the tools He needed to execute His glorious global vision.

While torture seldom provided intelligence, it gave Lord Cheney something even more important: stories to tell when peddling His policy initiatives. It did not matter that the tortured invented what the torturers wanted in order to avoid further pain. Truth was not the objective. It was the "proof," true or not, that mattered to our Dark Lord.

Assassination worked the same way. Summary execution bypasses the inherent risks of judicial involvement. A dead man can be assigned any number of actions and motives. Courts of law are too concerned with facts to be useful.

As for face shooting. You can't blame a Dark Lord for wanting to have a little fun.

Unfortunately, I can't give Lord Cheney's book a full 5 stars. He fails to adequately provide the reader with the sense of joy He obviously derives from pain, turmoil, and murder. There are no tales of bathing in his enemies' blood or feasting on their hearts or livers.

Still, this book will shape the history of our time. Lord Cheney will be remembered as a strong leader like Somoza, Amin, Mussolini, and other men who weren't afraid to embrace the dark side in the pursuit of their vision.
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Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President
Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President
by Jerome R. Corsi
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $16.69
205 used & new from $0.01

706 of 1,123 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The Walrus was Barack, June 7, 2011
The author of this book, Jerome Corsi, is a true patriot. If it wasn't for the critical work he did to undermine John Kerry's status as a genuine American hero, we'd all be reading Sartre and speaking various dialects of Bostonese.

Corsi saved us by exposing Kerry's manipulation of a rift in the time/space continuum to make it appear that he was in Cambodia on Christmas rather than on President's Day. Kerry never recovered from that revelation. George W Bush, who had spent the war heroically searching for Gen. Vő Nguyęn Giáp in honkytonks across East Texas, beat Kerry handily in the presidential election.

Now, he's saving America again with this book questioning the citizenship of our current president, Barack Obama. Building on forensic research conducted by Orly Taitz, Law Dentist, Mr. Corsi proves beyond doubt that Obama: (A) is unheartlandishly hued; (B) has a foreign sounding name; and, (C) replaced the staff of the Hawaii Department of Vital Statistics with a dozen malevolent, fist-bumping, dashiki-wearing, document-forging robots and an old Mexican guy who sits at the reception desk and answers phones.

That's enough to earn "Where's the Birth Certificate" (shouldn't it be "No, Not That Birth Certificate") four stars, but it's a shame Mr. Corsi didn't work a little harder to earn that fifth star. By simply applying Sarah Palin's historical research methods, Mr. Corsi could have fully exposed Obama for who he truly is: An Eskimo who embraced the communist ideology of his walrusian foster parents.

You see, Obama is the love child of the Hawaiian crooner, Don Ho, and an Eskimo woman named Kakrayok (One of the hundreds of Eskimo words meaning "ukuleles get her hot.") After a heated fight over poi, the pregnant Kakrayok left Ho and returned to her home in northern Alaska, where she delivered baby Obama.

At the age of two, Obama became separated from his family during a seal hunt on the ice flow. He would have surely died within hours had he not been found by a pupless walrus couple, who, after much barking and flipper clapping, decided to raise him as their own.

Unfortunately, the walruses were members of a Marxist herd that believed in taking care of each other and sharing their fish communally. They indoctrinated their pups in herd schools where they were force fed such concepts as "walrus exceptionalism" and "fishing for the good of the whole." Obama was a quick learner, and soon became the head of his class.

On the day Obama turned 13, the party chairwalrus pulled Obama aside and told him he was going on a special mission. He would be sent to live with a human couple to finish his education, be elected president of the United States, and, then, destroy our nation by turning it into one big godless walrus socialist commune.

The chairwalrus gave Obama two thick stacks of documents to take with him. The first was a plan to use "global warming" to make boat fuel so expensive, Americans would have to buy all their seafood--yes, even Whole Herring - Old Country Style, 26oz--from walruses. The second was a set of design plans to build malevolent, fist-bumping, dashiki-wearing, document-forging robots. The party chairwalrus also gave Obama a bottle of tequila to use to recruit an old Mexican guy for the receptionist position.

Isn't that a much better story? If only Mr. Corsi had taken the time to apply the Palin historical technique, this could have been a 5 star review.
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Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!
Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!
by Andrew Breitbart
Edition: Hardcover
241 used & new from $0.01

315 of 406 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars America's Leading Reality Re-Engineer and Caucastorian, May 31, 2011
I bought this book, reluctantly. Although I'm appreciative of Mr. Breitbart's work as a reality re-engineer and caucastorian, it's disheartening to contribute my hard-earned dollars to what eventually will become Shirley Sherrod's retirement nest egg. Still, like so many others in Mr. Breitbart's fan base, I ignored my better judgement and bought his work.

"Righteous Indignation" begins in the heady days of Monicagate, when Mr. Breitbart's master, Matt Drudge, and his sycophantic servants at the Times, the Post, AP, CNN, and ABC impeached the President for staining a dress. He was there for it all, strategizing with Drudge over a slathering of eggs, retrieving instructions from eager Starr minions, and issuing orders to the likes of ABC's Mark Halperin and the Post's Susan Schmidt.

But it wasn't until the election of Barack Obama, that Mr. Breitbart made his most important contributions to imagineering and denigracial science. Within minutes of learning that Obama had won the nomination, Mr. Breitbart suddenly realized that there was something very different about Obama. The Democratic candidate appeared to be unheartlandishly hued--by God, the future President was, indeed, a Canaanite, a Negro. It was an important revelation for Mr. Breitbart. It appears to be the driving force behind his later successes.

Now, he had to tell the world. He did so, immediately, by co-manufacturing a controversy about the very black proclivity of the Obamas to engage in both fist bumping and calling the righteously-hued, "whitey" in secret, unheard, unseen videotapes. Next, he used the undeniable evidence of shared skin-color to tie the President to a pair of crazed, racist black guys who muttered epithets at a polling station.

But it was his re-branding of ACORN that showed his true genius for reality re-engineering. By utilizing advancements in the field of creatively edited tape--and as some have suggested, perhaps the magic of distilled spirits and free market cocaine as well, Mr. Breitbart re-branded a poverty-fighting organization into a criminal syndicate. Mr. Breightbart brought everything he'd learned to this project: a reliance on traditional sterotypes (i.e. Blacks are criminal, Blacks pray on white women, etc); and, again, tied Obama to it via the undeniable evidence of shared skin-color and the President's history as a community organizer.

Breitbart's base, upper-middle-class poster children for the sad, sorry plight of the white, Christian male, quickly proclaimed him a true American hero, a white messiah sent by God to remove the heavy boot of Black oppression from beneath their feet.

Next, Mr. Breitbart applied his skills in the promotion of creatively edited tape to bring down a USDA official named Shirley Sherrod, re-branding her from a champion of tolerance to a racist extremist. Unfortunately, un-edited tape was quickly made available this time, and Breitbart was unable to make the crucial "Obama is a scary black man" tie.

It's unfortunate that the book was published before Mr. Breihtbart undertook his latest project, an examination of a white Congressmember's member. It will be interesting to see how he re-brands it as black to make that important tie to Obama. But then, I guess that's for another book.
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