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El Yucateco Jalapeno Hot Sauce - 5 oz
El Yucateco Jalapeno Hot Sauce - 5 oz
Offered by The Hot Sauce Stop
Price: $9.79
4 used & new from $3.50

5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous flavour, April 3, 2016
This may not be "pure" but for me this is the best tasting bought green chilli sauce I have ever used. I love it. I have been making my own chilli sauces for years, I have a fridge full of about 20 or so. This is fabulous and it tastes fresh as well despite it having a few stabilisers and gum in there.

Before History Dies
Before History Dies
by Jacob M. Carter
Edition: Paperback
Price: $14.99
24 used & new from $11.57

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Bravo Jacob Carter, March 19, 2016
This review is from: Before History Dies (Paperback)
I have to admire the fact that the author did something we seem to have lost the ability to do -pick up the phone and actually speak to people.

This is an admirable book which gives an excellent appraisal of a number of key aspects of the assassination and one that would be a fine introduction to the subject for a newcomer or indeed to some one who finds it difficult to gain clarity over an event that perhaps was part of their life.

I found the interview with Tony Summers rather fascinating. Tony helped me many years ago when I started a thesis on the assassination for a masters degree by putting me in touch with researchers Mary Ferrell and Paul Hoch. I never knew he was thinking about calling his book "Probable Conspiracy" rather than Conspiracy...!

Jacob, you did a great job of tracking down well known authors and you are to be congratulated for doing an overall fine job with well thought out questions.

I found David Talbot a little disappointing over his layman's interpretation of the Zapruder film as he believes it tells us that JFK was struck from the front. Of course it does no such thing. But Talbot did have some good points on Oswald's possible intelligence ties.

It was encouraging to read Gerald Posner on how he understands how people come to the conclusion that there was a conspiracy - when he himself has done such a good job of stating there was no such thing. I come across a lot of anti Posner material on line when discussing the case which I feel is unfair. And you have Dale Myers in there too - it made me laugh when I read that he wondered why people did not contact him more readily - that he was happy to talk.

Max Holland was interesting following his documentary JFK The Lost Bullet. I noticed you stayed clear of shall we say the more eccentric pro conspiracy authors which I think was probably rather wise. I wonder if you spoke to author David Lifton about his book Best Evidence in which he theorised that the wound of JFK were altered prior to the medical examination.

My only suggestion is that you expand the book with a few more interviews and include author of "Phantom Shot" Mike Majerus. I have studied this case for 25+ years and have a book or "work in progress" on the go myself. I spent many months in Dallas in the 80s and interviewed people who were part of the story including some witnesses to the assassination......Mike Majerus is one of the most knowledgeable experts on the case I have come across and he theorises that there were only two shots.

Your book Jacob took my tally to some 400 +now on the case and really you have done a great job when you consider just how much nonsense there is out there - especially some of the self published e books.

I fine little book, highly recommended to all and a fine introduction to the case - well balanced and presented. Bravo.
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JFK Assassination: The Reporters' Notes
JFK Assassination: The Reporters' Notes
by Dallas Morning News
Edition: Hardcover
9 used & new from $55.03

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful book, probably more for the JFK assassination afficionado ..., November 4, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Wonderful book,probably more for the JFK assassination afficionado or people who were touched by the event at the time.

The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination
The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination
by Lamar Waldron
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $13.33
65 used & new from $2.90

5 of 10 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Presents a highly distorted and often inaccurate view of the events of Dallas Nov 22 1963, July 26, 2015
This is an extremely biased and one sided representation of the events of Dallas, Friday Nov 22, 1963. I could list dozens misrepresentations of the witness reports, expert opinions on certain aspects of the case and known facts, but I expect it would make little difference to readers of this book who support the notion that Oswald did not shoot JFK.

A case can be made for conspiracy in the JFK case and has been done far better by the likes of Anthony Summers, Henry Hurt and Gaeton Fonzi to name but 3.

I am afraid I could tear this book to shreds for its appallingly misleading observations, but there would be little point, because for most, the JFK assassination cannot be the act of a malcontent 24 year old ex marine who happened to get lucky with a cheap, but effective rifle on that fateful day in Dallas.

Lamar Waldren's rendition of the details of the assassination regarding Oswald's actions is one of the most misleading I have read - and I should know as I have almost 400 books on the case. For example Waldren indicates that Oswald could not have made it down the stairs in some 70 or so seconds after the last shot - this is nonsense, it is possible to "pause", walk across the floor, "pause to drop the rifle" and walk quickly down the 72 steps to floor 2 in under 50 seconds - I know because I did this in 1983, timed by a Dallas police liaison officer.

Waldren's rendition of the shots is awful, misleading the reader that Connally was struck 1.65 seconds after JFK was stuck in the back...this is merely his opinion based on his viewing of the Zapruder film. Personally I find the frames show clearly that both men visibly react to being struck within approx 2/3 second of each other. Waldren also refers to rear police outrider Officer Hargis being struck by blood and tissue - which he was, but Waldren neglects to inform the reader that the majority of the blood and matter was driven FORWARD of the back of JFK's head (approx 85% of the visible blood spatter in the Zapruder film). Blood was on the backs of John and Nellie Connally and the two secret service agents, blood was also spattered on the inside of the windshield and on the OUTSIDE of the wind shield.

Waldren alludes to the fact that Connally held onto his Stetson hat with his right hand after he had been shot through the hand - implying that he could not then have been shot at that point in the Zapruder film, ignoring the fact that Connally actually held on to his hat as far as Parkland hospital and it had to be prized out of his hand (Nellie Conally interview post 2000 daytime TV).

It is exactly this kind of misrepresentation of fact in the case that makes one ask, how reliable is the rest of the book and what credibility does the author have - Waldren is a recognised player in the JFK assassination - this is his third major work on the case. It contains nothing new and it places the Mob behind the assassination and Oswald was framed.

I wonder why the Mob would frame Oswald with a weapon prone to be unreliable (but perfectly capable when it performed), why risk the rifle misfiring for example...? Waldren seems to believe that the "rifle" seen being fired out of the TSBD 6th floor window was a "decoy"....despite the fact that three TSBD workers heard the shots being fired directly above them from their vantage point on the fifth floor.

I often wonder what is the point of writing a book on the case if only to mislead your reader, I still ask myself that question. The book is no honest appraisal of the events of Dallas, it is skewed heavily toward multiple shooters and conspiracy and offers little if any support to the notion that one gunman fired the shots from the TSBD that killed JFK - no matter who that gunman was. Instead we have an implausible and grandiose rendition of events.....and yet another book on the case that belongs in the Fiction section of every library it resides in.

I cannot recommend the book at all, it is however well written and publication is of good quality. There are far worse books on the subject - with far more errors, hence the two stars here - zero is not an option.

If you want a balanced, scholarly and largely neutral book on the case you can do no better that Peter Knight's masterpiece "The Kennedy Assassination" , 2007 and only 200 pages approx. Mike Majerus wrote an outstanding work in 2013 - "Phantom Shot" approx 300 pages and a must read. For the pro conspiracy angle stick to Anthony Summers "Not in your Lifetime" and Henry Hurt's "Reasonable Doubt" together with "The Last investigation" by Gaeton Fonzi. If you have the time add Vincent Bugliosi "Reclaiming History".
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Dec 23, 2015 2:32 AM PST

JFK: Assassination Rehearsal
JFK: Assassination Rehearsal
by Nick M. Nero
Edition: Perfect Paperback
Price: $21.95
8 used & new from $21.95

5 of 9 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars One of the worst of the 2013 crop, May 17, 2015
The author contends that Lee Harvey Oswald took part in a rehearsal for the JFK assassination at a Mobsters country retreat. If the author had done his research he would have realised that Oswald's whereabouts are accounted for at the time....

I purchased most of the 50th anniversary books on the assassination - there were over 30 in print and a significant number as e books. Not surprisingly, when one considers that there was a bandwagon to get on in November 2013......most were absolute garbage and this book is one of the worst of the crop. This book is not written by an authority on the JFK case - it is full of errors and conjecture.I have approaching 400 books on the JFK case and this one is one of the worst. The best pro conspiracy books are written by Anthony Summers, Henry Hurt, Gaeton Fonzi and Vincent Salandria

If you want a dose of sanity and neutrality try Peter Knight's "The Kennedy Assassination" 2007 - just 200 pages and a master work on the JFK case. If you want a balanced and well written, but rather curious book try the outstanding "Phantom Shot" by Mike Majerus - 2013, approx 300 pages - one of the most informed researchers on the case on planet earth.

As for this one - forget it. It's truly awful - it beggars belief that some people have rated this book highly.

Dallas 50 Years On: The Murder of John F. Kennedy
Dallas 50 Years On: The Murder of John F. Kennedy
by Blaine Taylor
Edition: Paperback
Price: $6.77
38 used & new from $0.77

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A surprisingly good overview and an interesting read, recommended as a good introduction to the events of 22 No 1963, April 25, 2015
I was pleasantly surprised by this book which contains some interesting observations on the events of Dallas.

There are a few mistakes which should have been spotted in proof reading - one made me laugh....Dr James Humes who was in charge of autopsy died in 2012 aged 74.....which would have meant he was born in 1938 meaning he would have been youthful 25 at the autopsy......

The author also has the first shot being fired at around 90 yards, in fact the last shot was fired at approx 88 yards from the 6th floor window,

Its good to see that the author does not support the fairy tale that JFK was shot from the front and all that Grassy Knoll gunman baloney.

The book is somewhat neutral and considers in brief selected conspiracy theories and deaths of some figures associated with the JFK story such as David Ferrie the New Orleans based character who featured highly in the JFK movie by Oliver Stone.

It could be a little more detailed on the assassination and for me had too much on the pre Dallas Nov 22 politics and wranglings- but for some that might be interesting.

I have hundreds of JFK books - around 400 now and the recent crop have been disappointing - many full of abject nonsense. This is a fairly welcome addition, but more for someone who is new to the assassination subject matter.

Probably the best book from the 2013 "to date" releases and an all time classic on the case is the outstanding "Phantom Shot" by Mike Majerus and Jack Nessan which is a must read for all JFK assassination aficionados.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy; the reasons why
The assassination of John F. Kennedy; the reasons why
by Albert H. Newman
Edition: Hardcover
25 used & new from $7.99

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A master work on the JFK case - one of the best ever written on the suibject, March 19, 2015
I was just recommending this book on an Amazon discussion forum on the assassination and thought I would check to see if it was still available. I bought a copy around 10 years ago and to this day believe it to be one of the very best books on the case.

So just a quick review......

Well written, balanced and authoritative and indeed somewhat unique for its insight (potentially at least) into the mind of Oswald, this book is a must read for anyone interested in the events of Dallas Nov 1963. Newman was relatively obscure in respect of this book unlike some of the pro conspiracy heavy weights like Lane, Livingstone and Summers et al, but non the less wrote an absolute gem of a book. One reviewer here though provides some interesting background on the author.

Should have been reprinted for the 2013 50th anniversary.
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Bill's Basics
Bill's Basics
by Bill Granger
Edition: Hardcover
34 used & new from $17.42

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars One of Bill's best!, January 6, 2015
This review is from: Bill's Basics (Hardcover)
This is one of those rare cookery books in which every dish is worth doing. Very well put together and easy to cook dishes.

Large variety of ideas from Asian fusion to American / French with an Aussie twist and Italian classics.

I own hundreds of cookery books and this is one of my favourites. Makes a great present, beautiful photos.

Good to see a genuine Bolognese sauce true to the traditional versions you will find around Bologna using both beef and pork and a splash of milk as well as the wine and pancetta.

I'm English but have spent time living in the US and I've rarely seen or tasted a good home cooked ragu - its invariably an assembled effort with way too much tomato. Bill's borrowed his recipe from Anna Del Conti's classic ragu, but hey ho, he's got some original ideas in this book as well.

Sydney Food is also a great book. He's moved from Sydney now and lives in London - his books are sunny - he makes you want to cook and they are easy to follow.

Don't hesitate to buy this book - its layout reminds me of the Barefoot Contessa books, but healthier and zestier.

Very cool too!
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Undeniable Truths: The Clear and Simple Facts Surrounding the Murder of President John F. Kennedy
Undeniable Truths: The Clear and Simple Facts Surrounding the Murder of President John F. Kennedy
by Ed Souza
Edition: Paperback
Price: $23.95
33 used & new from $19.04

11 of 51 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Undeniable Untruths !!!, September 27, 2014
I knew by page 11 that I would be shaking my head with frustration throughout as even within the first few pages I was confronted with basic errors and ill-informed judgment. Having completed the book, my impression is that the author is well intentioned, but where on earth is he getting his facts from.....?

Rather than writing a lengthy discourse on the book, I will just simply highlight some errors which are thoroughly misleading:-

Page 2

Quoting author Jesse Ventura.....(surely one of the most unreliable commentators on the JFK case.....I would certainly urge anybody reading around the JFK case to take anything Ventura says with a grain of salt).

"Numerous bullet fragments were found inside the president's limo; some were standard ammo, others were apparently from frangible bullets"

What a piece of fiction - I have over 400 books on the JFK case and I have to my best recollection NEVER read this before (I don't have the Ventura book). Two pieces of bullet CE567 and CE569 were recovered from the foot well area of the drivers seat. A few minute fragments were found, but that is all. NO pieces of frangible bullets were found whatsoever. CE567 and CE569 were ballistically matched to Oswald's rifle.

Page 3

"they took more fragments out of the governor's wrist than was missing from the magic bullet"

This is pure speculation on the part of the author and almost certainly an untruth. Several minute splinters of bullet were removed from the wrist during surgery - the thickness of a postage stamp. The weight of the fragments remaining in Connally is of course unknown, but X rays showed them to be microscopic.

Page 3
"it is strange that the Secret Service agents in the front seat had no blood on them, nor were the back of their seats covered or sprayed with brain and blood matter"

In fact the backs of the seats and those of the Connally's were indeed covered in blood and the agents had blood stains on their suits and shirt collars. The vast majority of blood and matter was in fact propelled forwards, forwards and upwards, forwards and downwards in relation to the the rear of JFK's head. Google - "high contrast black and white Zapruder frame 313" and you will have your answer. Some matter did indeed travel rearward striking outrider Officer Hargis and a piece of brain ended up on the trunk. Blood was also found on the inside and outside of the windshield, but the author is either ignorant of these facts or leaves them out on purpose.

Page 6

"The official pictures of President Kennedy's autopsy are evidence that the head shot could not have come from behind"

This is complete nonsense, to the contrary the pictures show a bullet entry wound in the rear of the head in the EOP region and an avulsed wound above the ear extending somewhat to the parietal and temporal bones. Exactly where the wound appears in the Zapruder film.

Page 8 the head shot from this location (TSBD) would have blown the front of the presidents head into the front seat of the car . There would have been major damage to his face"

Does the author advise the reader here that there was a bullet entry wound in the back of the head...? No. Does the author advise the reader of what is happening during the impact and exit of the fatal bullet. No.

The bullet strikes the rear of the head at approx. 2000 ft per second and exits in the area of the right temple fragmenting as it does so, the large "exit wound" above the ear is caused by the following shock wave and NOT the bullet itself directly. The reason why the exit wound is to the side of the bullet's path is because the pressure forces the skull bones to fracture along their weakest points - where the bones fused (fissures) during embryonic and early childhood development.

One could also reasonably argue that the same could have happened had the bullet been fired from the opposite direction - ie in the case of a head wound, an exit wound will not necessarily be opposite the entry wound - the author surely should know this given his experience?

Page 8
"When the first shots went off (note "shots" - my comment) it would have been impossible for the shooter to have seen anyone in the vehicle"

This statement is simply untrue because it cannot be determined with certainty when the first shot was fired....we know that TWO shots were fired at JFK at Zapruder frames 222 (or within frames 220 to 222) and 313 - some 5.2 seconds apart and we know the location of the limousine at those points - all the occupants of the limousine were VISIBLE from the TSBD 6th floor window. The shot at approx Z222 could have been the first and from 6th floor window the targets were indeed visible.

Further more in respect of the missed shot (if there was indeed one) it is simply NOT KNOWN if it was fired between the two shots that hit or before. If the missed shot were fired earlier - as some witnesses believed, it was most likely fired around Z160 and due to the fact that it missed the limousine completely, probably struck a branch of the oak tree or the street sign or traffic light - we simply do not know. It seems reasonable to suggest that it would seem unlikely that if the missed shot were fired between the two that struck, it would completely miss the car...

Additionally it is entirely reasonable to consider it more likely that an assassin who had a window of some ten seconds to fire down into Elm St would attempt to fire three shots so quickly. Of course the author does not even advise the reader of these possibilities. The author merely conjures up his preferred scenario and presents it as fact.

On page 154 you state:-

"he (Oswald) would have had to have hit a moving target through trees and thick foliage. It was an impossible shot."

There were no trees or foliage blocking the view from the TSBD 6th floor window during the time frame between Z210 and Z313 - the non fatal shot striking Kennedy at approx Z222.

There was foliage blocking the view from the 6th floor window shortly after the turn for a few seconds with a break at Z186.

So there was in fact NOTHING in the way between the 6th floor window and JFK when the two shots were fired. This fact I am afraid contradicts your statement in the book - to my knowledge no author writing about the case has made this factual error regarding the visibility of the target during the shooting of JFK from the moment he was struck in the back to the fatal shot - this reflects very poorly on the research and interpretation of known facts and simply casts doubt on the credibility of the book in general.

Page 271

"Just running across the floor , burying the rifle in a row of boxes, and then running to the stairwell would have taken him at least one minute, never mind running down all those flights of stairs....."

This is just blatant misinformation. Firstly the rifle was not "buried" it was simply dropped between a pair of boxes on one side and one other box on the other - perhaps a box placed on top loosely - this could all have been done in a few seconds and ref the totals for timing the flight and descend to the second floor:-

It takes approx. 50 seconds to do the following:-

Pause after the "last shot" (as per witness Howard Brennan on the street)
Exit the snipers layer
Walk across the 6th floor diagonally to the stair well, pausing to drop the rifle between two boxes.

The above takes approximately 25 seconds

To then descend the 88 steps to the 2nd floor lunch room takes another 25 seconds approx. I know this because I did this in 1983, timed by a Dallas police liaison officer who assisted me with my research for the masters thesis on the assassination. In fact if you "skip-run" down the stairs, you can make the journey in 45 seconds. I was around 24 at the time and of slight build and reasonably fit.

One of the History or Discovery channels re enacted the movement with a 24 year old marine - 5ft 9in and it took 48 seconds. Even if it took the assassin a minute to make this flight it is probably still possible to get within the second floor lunch room and beat Truly and Baker to it even if Baker arrives just over a minute after the last shot - see also below for next page.

Page 272

"and then there were dozens and dozens of workers running through the building or down the stairs."

No there were not!.......there were two young female workers who ran from their 4th floor window viewpoint out to the front entrance after the shots. No others were running down the stairs. In fact no worker saw any stranger running down the stairs nor Oswald - yet the elevators were on the ground floor - but whoever shot JFK descended that one set of stairs.

No workers were on the 6th floor either - Bonnie Ray Williams was the last to leave the 6th floor around 1215. So the authors statement regarding dozens of people running within the building is either just plain deception lie or born out of ignorance.

"Officer Baker was in that building within seconds of the shooting and he encountered Oswald almost immediately"

This is categorically untrue. Baker arrived at the 2nd floor lunch room within approximately 60 and 90 seconds of the shots. Period.

Author Ed Souza also advises the reader that Oswald was eating his lunch when confronted by Officer Baker, this again is not true, Oswald was standing in the doorway of the 2nd floor lunch room, probably drinking a coke - though this cannot be confirmed as a fact.

Naturally one must conclude that the Baker / Oswald encounter was tight on time, but there WAS sufficient time - just - and Oswald we can assume almost to a certainty if he did shoot JFK, would have moved very quickly indeed.

There are I am afraid many more errors in the book and additionally wayward opinion presented as fact. Ironically the author has a habit of referencing two of the most outrageous books on the JFK case - David Lifton's "Best Evidence" (which is brilliantly written - it's simply a work of fiction) and Orlando Martin's "Analysis of a Shooting" - the latter of which is in this reviewers opinion a contender for possibly the worst book on the JFK case written to date.

It is with some dismay that one resorts to writing such a damning review of a book, given no doubt the effort that has been put into it, but any author naturally opens themselves up to criticism on publication, especially on such a contentious subject as the JFK assassination.

The author states in fairness in the introduction that he does not intend his book to be detailed and aims only to provide an introduction and overview of the case. That may have been the aim, but it falls well short of proving any kind of balanced and well reasoned overview, it is I sense on the whole well meaning, but it does not give an accurate picture of the facts in the case. I would suggest if you read one book on the JFK case, it must be Peter Knight "The Kennedy Assassination" approx. 200 pages, 2008. A brilliant and scholarly work, easy to read and somewhat neutral and one of the "go to" books on the case. I would also highly recommend Mel Aytons's new book "Beyond Reasonable Doubt" and the excellent "Phantom Shot" by Mike Majerus - in this reviewers opinion also one of the finest books written to date on the assassination. For the pro conspiracy viewpoint, Anthony Summers "Not in your Lifetime" is probably the best start.

One minor point - Ed Souza either states or quotes that some 2000 books have been written on the JFK assassination. This is not actually accurate, the number of books specifically about the assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald is closer to 500 excluding recent e books that are not available in print. Of these approximately 80% are pro conspiracy. Very few are neutral - Peter Knight probably comes the closest.
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Hamburger America
Hamburger America
DVD ~ Glenn Fieber
Price: $12.99
5 used & new from $10.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous film about a few of the best burger joints in the good ol' US of A, September 5, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Hamburger America (DVD)
I am sure there are many hundreds of good "proper" burger joints in the USA, many run in the family style for years and years. Here just a few are selected from no doubt a lengthy short list. If I watch this dvd it makes me want to cook a burger simple as that. Beautifully filmed, some interesting characters too.

The steamed cheeseburger for me was an eye opener - I am from England and I had not heard of this way of cooking a burger - the same place has been on Man v Food and indeed other food shows since this film was made.I was not quite so taken by the butter burger - heart attack material I am sure. In one place they used square white toast and a processed cheese - not so keen about that either. Missing was the Cherry Cricket in Denver - I think this is the place that Adam Richman from Man v Food declared made the best burger he had tasted. Personally I doubt that accolade can be made, there must be dozens of places in the US that produce great burgers with nothing to choose between them

A few tips on making burgers born out of years of practice.......try seasoning with smoked salt as opposed to regular salt. Mix salt with your burgers either immediately before you cook them or 45 minutes before. Use Kaiser rolls or better still glazed Brioche buns - but not the really sweet ones. Burgers should not be packed densely and should be medium rare or at least still pink and they should be caramalised or bbq'd on the outside. personally I think raw onion ruins a burger, but slightly cooked red onion works great. Don't put ketchup on the burger - it ruins it! Use American style mustard or Colemans from the UK.

Whilst cooking your burgers, a few drops of Worcester sauce and or Tabasco can give a depth of flavour and a glaze. Cheeseburgers need a mild and creamy cheese. Do NOT use those awful processed cheese slices please. That does not qualify as cheese and ruins your burger. IMO bacon does not work either. I do though think that fresh green chilli, avacado and
even pineapple can work though best to keep it simple. If you want to add lettuce and tomato fine, but try and de seed the tomato as the pips make the bun go soggy. Eat you burger HOT from the grill or bbq. French fries are a good accompaniment and with those you can have ketchup.

I agree with the reviewer here who is a retired chef - grind your own beef. Sirloin is not known for great flavour, but a combination of it and chuck works well. Turn your burgers twice for each side - ie in a very hot skillet - 1 minute then flip, 1 minute then flip and 1 minute then flip. Set aside to rest for 2 minutes then eat. Cheese is best melted on top in the last minute. Dont grill cheese on the bun as it can separate into fat. My one gripe about the film is that they dont get the chefs to give you tips on cooking - only on what meat they use!

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