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Spalding Zi/O Excel Tournament Basketball - Official Size 7 (29.5")
Spalding Zi/O Excel Tournament Basketball - Official Size 7 (29.5")
Price: $38.42

4.0 out of 5 stars Make sure you don't go over 8 PSI air pressure. Great grip., June 30, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I feel dumb that I never really took the amount of air to put into a basketball seriously. I thought putting more air into it as much as possible would mean better bounce, but it's the exact opposite.

I never bothered to see that on the ball that it's labeled the recommended air pressure amount is 8 PSI.

If you put too much air over that amount, the ball is just going to end up being hard as a rock and the bounce of the sound will end up sounding more like a dodge ball.

You really don't want to go over 8 PSI. In fact, professional NBA regulation is 7 1/2 and 8 1/2 PSI.

Get it to around 8 PSI, the sweet spot, and the ball will have good grip softness (not be a complete rock) and also make a nice pleasurable bounce sound too.

Don't laugh, but I once put 40 PSI into this, thinking easier bounce would be better (I had to deflate it and now all is good. Haha)

The grip on this is really great (then again, it's also a brand new basketball, so I'll see how long it lasts); it definitely makes it a lot easier to palm and dunk the ball (no, I can't dunk, but the grip makes me feel like could! Haha)

I give it 4 stars because obviously it's not official NBA basketball quality where the stitching is absolutely flawless and beautiful like a display piece; like the other reviewer complained about the stitching could be done better. After all, this ball is made China. However, if you aren't picky about aesthetics too much and just want a good grip basketball to play with, it works.

Speaking of basketball, let me just add that the 1996 Chicago Bulls are still the greatest team ever assembled in NBA history with 72-10 record AND NBA Champions with an rockstar lineup - MJ, Pippen, Rodman, Phil, and many many greats Luc, Kukoc, Harper, Kerr... UnstoppaBULLS! Golden State had a great run with a 73-9 record, but what an amazing comeback for LeBron and the Cavs! (Game 7 down from 3-1... Wow. I was rooting for the underdog... I'm happy for them! If LeBron made that final dunk on Draymond Green, before the minor injury, that would easily have been the all-time NBA greatest moment dunk in history). Also, ABC will never be amazing as NBA on NBC. Kobe! MJ is the greatest NBA player of all time, and Kobe comes second. Okay, bye. Haha

Motorola VerveOnes+ Completely Wireless and Waterproof Smart Earbuds
Motorola VerveOnes+ Completely Wireless and Waterproof Smart Earbuds
Price: $249.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Not quite ready for prime time? Occasionally syncing drops, June 28, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I own so many earphones/headphones, that I was pretty excited to try these out. I mean, it's pretty amazing technology on paper to really be truly wire free - this will make you seem even more crazy like you're talking to yourself or people may think you're deaf, especially if you have long hair because people won't see anything! However, it seems the technology is not quite there yet where I have occasionally experienced where one of the left/right earbud sounds drop syncing - that can get annoying!

It's a little odd that it advertises 12 hours of playback, but fully charged, the device tells me it only has 3 hours of playback remaining.

The left earbud is the master earbud and the right connects to the left. You can also use it with just having one earbud in your ear.

These have 6 built-in EQ (Bass, Brilliant, Balanced, Rhythm, Live, Moto Sound) settings where if you hold onto the button for about 3 seconds or so it will go into "EQ cycling mode" where the voice will say the type of sound and cycle to the next one until you push the button again to confirm; however, it cycles a little too fast for my taste, to try to hear the differences, so I wish the duration was a little longer or be a better way to toggle the EQ yourself.

You can also change the EQ via the VerveLife app. Unfortunately, you have to have the earbuds connected to the dock, which means you can't listen to music while you cycle through different settings! A little ridiculous/bad design... you might as well just use the EQ settings on your favorite music player.

With the app, it will also allow you to disable "Ear Detect", which is enabled by default; it's where if you remove the earbuds from your ear, the sensors will automatically turn off and stop playing the music; while this feature might seem cool at first, it seems better to just disable this feature (you must download the app to change this setting), as you'll later realize it's not as convenient as it seems when you take it off and want to put them back on right away again.

Both earbuds have the same button
- Press once to play/pause music
- Double press to skip track
- Triple press to rewind track
- Hold the button to enter EQ cycling and press button again to confirm choice.

Calls will only come on left earbuds.

- Completely wire free; really be stealth - people will have no idea you're listening to music if you have long hair (great for those boring meetings or classes... just kidding)
- Nice docking case (wish it had a lanyard hole or something)
- Built-in EQ (but also cons with the automated cycling time)
- IP57 means it could submerge in water, like 3 feet, nothing extreme.

- Earbuds must be connected to the case dock to change settings via app
- Occasional experience of right drop syncing with the left for a brief moment; not sure if it's some kind of interference, but it happens quite a lot; it seems the technology is not perfected yet (I do not have the phone far away); it can get annoying.
- A little heavy on the ears; not the most comfortable pair
- Odd that they advertise 12 hours, but the device tells me there's only 3 hours of battery life
- OK sound; the "Deep HD sound" is pretty overhyping it.
- Wish there was an easier way to distinguish left and right instead of trying to find the tiny 'L' 'R' writings; just make them different colors.
- Expensive

The occasionally right earbud dropping from the left master can be quite problematic. I can let go maybe once or so, but I've experienced several times already which means the technology they used in this is just not ready yet. While I absolutely love having no wires get in the way and feel totally stealth, it needs to be more consistent and the earbud weight/comfort can definitely be better! The sound was also just OK decent and the "Deep rich HD" is a bit of a stretch.

Night Therapy Memory Foam 4 Inch Pressure Relief Mattress Topper, Queen
Night Therapy Memory Foam 4 Inch Pressure Relief Mattress Topper, Queen
Price: $158.08
5 used & new from $154.79

3.0 out of 5 stars The term Memory Foam and 4" can be misleading. If you prefer firm mattress. Scrunches up, June 28, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
For me, it's just ok, hence the 3 stars. I already had a 2" memory foam, and I was really hoping this would be an upgrade, expected getting that same soft cloud feeling memory foam - especially with this being 4 inches instead - but it's actually a stiff firm mattress. It is not that waterbed/sinking/marshmallow feeling. It feels more like 1" or barely any memory foam softness. Yes, I did wait 48 hours to fully expand.

This is very similar to Sleep Master Cool Gel Memory Foam 5 Inch Sleeper Sofa Mattres, which I also thought being 5" would be a super soft, but that mattress is VERY stiff and firm.

Like another reviewer mentioned, I also don't like how the mattress edges ends up curling up and has trouble staying in place. Overall, it was not what I expected.

This is softer than the Sleep Master, but nowhere near that real "memory foam" cloud feeling, even my 2" one is able to provide with.

It comes rolled up in a white bag where you must cut open. I expected the smell to be bad, but it was minimal in my case.
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Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation/Platform Bed Frame/Box Spring Replacement/Quiet Noise-Free/Maximum Under-bed Storage, Queen
Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation/Platform Bed Frame/Box Spring Replacement/Quiet Noise-Free/Maximum Under-bed Storage, Queen
Price: $69.00
48 used & new from $64.17

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very easy to set up. No Tools or box spring required. Extra bottom storage is the best!, June 26, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I always wanted one of these because it saves the need to buy a box spring and ability to store things below.

It might not be fancy look, but setting up is really simple. No tools are required. For the queen size that I received, it comes in two pieces and the included screws are only for attaching the two frames together.

After you extend the legs out, you also then extend the little arms out to "hook" the built-in screw until the legs are secure. The center part folds and there is no screws for that.

I like being able to store bags and not waste space on the bottom of the bed now, but too bad I can't put and take out larger items from the other shorter side, since I have the bed located in the corner of the room (not in the middle), because of the support bars that get in the way there.

Jaws 3 [Blu-ray]
Jaws 3 [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Dennis Quaid
Price: $9.49
16 used & new from $8.57

3.0 out of 5 stars Watch out for that speargun!! 3D is too strong that hurts your eyes/focusing, June 26, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Jaws 3 [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
I'm a sucker for 3D, so that's why I bought this... especially hearing that this got great 3D ratings and gimmicky pop-out effects. (I'm sure nobody bought it for the story)

I was wondering why they don't advertise this blu-ray as 3D (I was worried if it included it or not) and I can kind of see why now after buying it. Actually, it's just 1 DISC and to play this in 3D, it's hidden under the menu EXTRAS

When I first played the movie in 3D, I thought there was something wrong with my glasses because it just felt very off-axis/really hurt my eyes, makes you cross-eyed, and wasn't sure what I was focusing on. I realized the 3D strength in this film is done way too much over the normal comfort zone... while the 3D looks fine and is tolerable in some scenes, it's just not optimized well throughout the film, where it seems they just always used the strongest 3D strength throughout making it extremely uncomfortable to focus at times.

You might be thinking what's wrong with having higher/stronger 3D effect as that should give you a better 3D experience, right? Well, no... there's a reason why even recent movies don't go too much with the 3D strength level because it's a very unpleasant feeling and hard to focus when it gets to a certain level with too many objects getting that strength. While there are tolerable scenes, I wish they would have optimized it to make it more comfortable.

When Dennis Quaid shoots that speargun right at the camera, it makes me flinch the hell EVERY SINGLE TIME... it actually made me put my hands up to block it! Even though I know it's coming, the 3D there is really impressive and definitely effective. I think that was the most impressive 3D.

Another pop-out scene that impressed me was the syringe spraying right at the camera - that also made me flinch!

When the head was floating, that scared the hell out of me as the 3D looked so real... that was horrifying more than the shark. But the close-up shot of that dead guy uncovered out of the water, the 3D strength is way too excessive that it was just one of those discomfort 3D effect that I could not focus.

I would have liked to have seen more of the shark come out of the dark areas of the ocean towards the camera, as that would be the more scariest to experience in 3D. There is a scene where the shark is coming towards the screen, before breaking the glass, like it's popping out, but it's clearly a cheap overlapping matte effect look.

Two pieces of shark bones also pop out of the screen in 3D, but it's rather comical - as much as the theme park guests' acting... well, this movie really is a joke. Clearly, this film is guilty pleasure. It's got Marty McFly's mom (Lea Thompson) and of course she looks great.

It's 3D that was done in the 80's, so it's obviously not the best movie to show off the 3D effects, as well as the film being grainy. If you want to experience some gimmicky 3D effect, the speargun and syringe will definitely make you flinch; I think when it's well designed shot, 3D is an amazing technology that really can feel real than being just a gimmick.

Black & Decker 20v Cordless Glue Gun System
Black & Decker 20v Cordless Glue Gun System
Price: $79.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Feels more like a power drill. The only TRUE cordless glue gun out there., June 24, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I'm surprised there really isn't that many true cordless glue guns out there. This one is also heavy duty and really great grip that really feels like a man's power tool than a cheap flimsy regular toy-quality glue gun. This is definitely a cool must-have in your tool arsenal.

This really does heat up fast, although there's really no indication that it's "ready" (it would be kind of nicer/cooler if the led turned green or something to let you know it's ready); there's just an orange power on LED.

Charging can take 3 hours, which is pretty long. (the charger led blinks green when it is charging and remains solid when it is charge) The manual mentions that it's okay to keep it plugged into the charger for a long time even when it's fully charged.

To insert the battery, you really have to push it in really firmly until it CLICKS/SNAPS completely flush; if you gently try to slide the battery in, you definitely don't have it in all the way. You really have to put some extra strength into it.

The power on switch, also requires a firm push, is a switch you have to slide down firmly and springs back; you do the same to turn it off.

It comes with two 8" glue sticks. It's really sticks fast and strong.

- The only real true cordless glue gun out there; adds so much convenience!
- Heavy duty and feels like a power tool
- Really great grip
- Heats up fast
- Sticks really strong and super fast!
- Must-have in your tool arsenal

- Long time to charge (3 hours)
- A bit difficult to insert the batteries (requires a firm push, but is very secure)
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TICTID® MXR (MXQ 4K) Quad Core Android 4.4 Tv Box RK3229 with android 5.1 1G 8G Wifi Kodi Fully Loaded Support 4K 10-bit 60fps H.265 Video Decoder LAN Miracast Video Playback Streaming Media Player
TICTID® MXR (MXQ 4K) Quad Core Android 4.4 Tv Box RK3229 with android 5.1 1G 8G Wifi Kodi Fully Loaded Support 4K 10-bit 60fps H.265 Video Decoder LAN Miracast Video Playback Streaming Media Player

4.0 out of 5 stars A Powerful Android Box - Turn your boring TV into an Amazing SmartTV that can do so much more!, June 23, 2016
Edit: seems to have issues powering down withe the remote. It just goes into sleep mode (blue led on the front blinks), but then wakes up on its own after a few minutes.

People can be sooo hard to please! Seriously.

I also own another android TV box like this from another Chinese company called Sungale STB370 (has lousy support and costs more - don't buy it), but this one easily blows that one away. Years ago when devices like this first appeared, like the Western Digital TV Live, it was very cool to have a tiny box to playback videos than turning on a PC. It's amazing how spoiled in technology we have become that this little thing -- that only costs $30 (Seriously!?! They're even nice enough to include an HDMI cable!) -- today can do so much more. This is one of the greatest upgrades you can add to your TV.

I think the more things this has the ability to do, the more complications and complaints people start picking out. It can also be more of the fault of the app/software than the hardware. (Like Kodi 16.1 has issues playing back 60 FPS)

Ok, this device is definitely not perfect, far from it, but for the price, it really is an incredible device/major bargain (as long as you don't end up with a defected product). With full Android, the possibilities are really endless.

One of the biggest flaws is DO NOT USE THE ANDROID POWER OFF option/button because it just makes the screen blank and the TV Box itself doesn't shut down (doesn't respond to the power off on the remote because everything relies on the Android!). There is no physical power button on the device itself, so you need the remote to power it off.

For just simply being able to playback 60 FPS HD and 4K videos on it and basically turn your TV more powerful than a SmartTV, this is totally worth it! I even own an ASUS Chromebit, which costs like 3 times as this, and that's not really ideal for video playback.

Even the PS3 can't handle 60 FPS but this little thing has power to play it and even 4K smoothly. You cannot build a home-theater PC to playback 4K/60FPS videos for $30... This is just incredible.

It is basically having a full Android phone/tablet on your TV. You get Google Playstore. I even installed the game "Into the Dead" and it's actually playable with the remote! How cool is that?

The device comes with Kodi (I've never knew about this app until now) video player, but it's an old version 15 RC. When I went to the Playstore to update the app, it didn't have the update function, so I decided to uninstall the app (I think doing so lost some add-ons), but then I was able to install the latest Kodi 16.1 Jarvis (the latest that supports Android 4.4.4); doing so allowed me to playback DVD ISO files and the Menu system all worked perfectly with it! However, for some reason Kodi 16.1 made playing back 60 FPS videos really lag and sluggish. I've tried different settings from tweaking hardware acceleration to refresh rate in Kodi, but still unsmooth playback, so it seems something in Kodi 16.1 is broken. The old Kodi version 15 RC that came installed in the box has some issues too, like the DVD ISO Menus to work, and getting out of the app would be so slow (with 16.1, it shuts down immediately). Also with Kodi 16.1, you have to go to Settings and change the Font type to "Ariel" to get international filename support.

I just installed MX Player and it plays 60 FPS and 4K perfectly, so I will just stick with that. This is what makes having full Android so great - having more options!

- Play 60FPS and 4K videos smoothy (unsmooth playback may be dependent on the app/settings - the device is definitely powerful enough; I use MX Player)
- 4 USB ports! Great for connecting wireless keyboard/mouse (A MUST for better experience! For me, I love using the Logitech M570 trackball on it. There's also those USB handheld keyboard/touchpad combinations you can buy for cheap too)
- Relatively fast initial bootup (The Sungale one was sooo slow at booting up); once it's fully boot up, it can wake up immediately from powering off with the remote
- Android (although it's an old version Kitkat 4.4.4) for your TV, basically having a phone/tablet on your TV, install YouTube, Spotify, your favorite video player
- SD Card support
- Games work on it! Install a game called "Into the Dead" and actually play with the remote! (Left/Right arrows and OK button to fire weapon)
- Price (It's not a perfect product, but got to give a 5 stars for that); powerful enough to playback 4K/60FPS for $30? Wow.

- No built-in bluetooth support
- Power cord is so short!! I would just love a device like this to be powered via USB and just use an AC-USB adapter for more flexibility (because even HDTVs these days have a USB port to send power) instead of a proprietary AC plug
- No physical power button on the device itself. Do NOT shut down using the Android interface/button, it will just cause the screen to go blank while the box is still on and it you won't be able to turn it back on unless you unplug the AC again. You have to shut down using the REMOTE!
- Old Android 4.4.4
- Creating a new Google sign-in doesn't seem to work (Existing account worked fine)
- Old version of Kodi 15 RC version (can't seem to simply update the app through Playstore; had to uninstall to get 16.1 Jarvis installed; which actually made 60 FPS playback unsmooth! But gained the ability to load ISO DVD files with working Menus!)
- I wish there was a way to reorganize the shortcuts and main dash menu

This product definitely can have some flaws, but you would have to be really picky buyer to nitpick what this device is really capable of, especially for its price tag. I know it's not perfect, but it definitely deserves a 5 stars for the powerful features of playing back 4K/60FPS, 4 USB ports, and just turning any TV into a greater media station. How spoiled we have become in technology. It seems there are updated versions of this product available with newer Android support, so you may want to shop around.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch- Retail Packaging - Jet Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch- Retail Packaging - Jet Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
23 used & new from $95.00

3.0 out of 5 stars The advent of Smartwatch flawed due to battery., June 21, 2016
I have never worn a watch where I've gotten so many compliments from strangers, especially if you have the right clock skin on it.

When this first came out, many people criticized this being pointless, but look at how many wearable tech is released now and even Apple joined the bandwagon.

Unfortunately, the biggest flaw of this product is the battery that they use in these things; it really is crappy.

If you're lucky, you may get half a day out of it; bluetooth really eats up the battery.

It's not just the battery life, but if you also somehow end up depleting the battery, it will have issues recharging. (No battery charging indication, it just looks dead) One thing that everyone seems to mention and some anomaly is if you directly charge it through a laptop USB port, there may be a chance that you may revive it to display the "charging indicator" to show up=.

I've actually bought a second one, because the first one had the battery issue and I could not revive no matter how many different USB ports and cables I've tried. This is happening again on my second one.

The only reason I preferred this Gear 1 was the ability to install a custom rom called NullRom to allow full android on the watch. Being able to get your favorite apps on the watch and do more than just phone calls was just the coolest thing. I even installed an app called Tablet Talk on there and Swype keyboard to send text messages with the watch directly. Getting a custom rom on there is pretty difficult for the average consumer and there's still a lot of limitations.

This watch definitely is not worth the original $300 price tag, especially with the crippled Gear Manager app.

If they could release this watch with a good battery life and allow FULL ANDROID then it would totally be worth the investment. There's a reason why this one got discontinued because the battery life is severely flawed. Actually, even the Gear 2 seems to have battery issues still.

Personally, this Gear 1 looks a lot better/fancier than Gear 2. However, I hate the camera placement on the Gear 1 with the lens protruding.

Also you can only sync with the cradle that matches with the specific gear watch, so don't even bother buying from unknown sellers or buy a watch used without the cradle.

It's such a shame Samsung doesn't put a decent battery in these things. Of course manufactures always love to cripple products and not provide full potential to consumers.

SUPERNIGHT Aurora Star Borealis Projector, Color Changing Led Night Light Lamp, Atmosphere Accent Light Mood Lamp for Leisure Relaxing Rave Party
SUPERNIGHT Aurora Star Borealis Projector, Color Changing Led Night Light Lamp, Atmosphere Accent Light Mood Lamp for Leisure Relaxing Rave Party

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Wow, aurora effect in your home!, June 21, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Length:: 1:27 Mins

This really is cool. Just watch my video to see how cool it looks. It really gives the Aurora effect. It really is more impressive than those disco lights and it also gives a relaxing feeling. It really feels like looking up in the sky in your own ceiling, or like there's a pot of gold coming from the lighting. Haha

I didn't know at first that you can remove the cover for a more direct brighter display; add the cover for a softer look, especially if you're projecting close to the wall.

There are buttons to control the speed of the movement.

It seems to have an one hour auto-shut off. There is a minor fan noise when it is on.

This light is powered via micro USB (cable included along with USB-AC wall plug). However, I wish the input port on the device would have been a female micro-USB instead of a proprietary port.

If you want to create a nice mood in your room or your next party, this will definitely make a great addition!
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Ugee M708 Graphic Drawing Pen Tablet with 10×6 Inch Large Working Area (Black Color)
Ugee M708 Graphic Drawing Pen Tablet with 10×6 Inch Large Working Area (Black Color)
Offered by PNBOO
Price: $55.99
2 used & new from $52.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Nice drawing tablet, with some premium features. Driver/software needs improving., June 21, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Length:: 0:42 Mins

There are 8 hotkeys on the side of the tablet.

By default, starting from the top is:
- Brush Larger
- Brush Smaller
- Zoom In
- Zoom Out

(the middle bar that separates the four top buttons from the bottom four is where a blue LED turns on when the pen is active)

- Redo
- Hand
- Brush
- Eraser

When you press the hotkey, you will see an On Screen Display with that function name -- HOWEVER, if you were to change the hotkey, the driver/software does not have an option to change the name of that function! That's disappointing.

The pen requires one AAA battery, which is NOT included. The tablet connects via micro-USB where the port is located on the left side.

The pen has two buttons (by default it acts as a left click/right click)

You screw on the pen holder, which holds 8 spare pen tips inside.

- Clean big professional looking layout and color
- Pressure sensitive tip, so the harder you press down the pen, the bolder brush strokes
- If you're using multiple monitors, it can detect all as the drawing area (I'm using four monitors and able to move to different screens with the pen) or just select an individual monitor
- Pen holder with 8 spare tips
- Good for starters/Price

- The software/driver is quite lacking; although you can change the hotkey commands, it doesn't allow you to change the name of the function! I also wish there was a way to disable the on-screen dot indicator that appears indicating each time you push down on the pen.
- Major fingerprint magnet (if you're picky like me)
- Pen requires one AAA battery

For the price, it's hard to complain for the features you're getting. It should be more than enough for someone starting out as their first drawing tablet. I like the size and overall look of this tablet, clean and professional looking, and it really makes drawing things in photoshop A LOT nicer than using a mouse for sure. I just wish the driver/software could be updated/improved. For those that just want to draw, this should be more than enough.
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