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[Movie Masterpiece Diecast] "Robocop" 1/6 Scale Figure Robocop
[Movie Masterpiece Diecast] "Robocop" 1/6 Scale Figure Robocop
Offered by Maybang's Collectibles
Price: $289.99
41 used & new from $248.28

5.0 out of 5 stars Best Robocop Figure Ever Made., April 27, 2015
First of all, I am a huge 1987 original Robocop fan. Back in the day, all we had was a totally inaccurate red visor Kenner Robocop...

28 years later and we FINALLY get a GOOD Robocop figure. Is it PERFECT? No. But it's definitely the best one out there.

When I saw the pre-release photos of this figure, it looked so unbelievably movie accurate, I just had to have it... The figure was frustratingly delayed for months than the expected release date, but the figure is finally available.

The prototype looked like it used all diecast parts, but the final release is NOT all diecast. The side arms are partially diecast, but it is still mostly plastic. However, there is still a good amount of weight to the figure.

I feel sorry for those that own the previous Hot Toy's 2012 version of Robocop (MMS10) - that bobblehead looking, horrible proportion Robocop looks so laughable in comparison; even if that figure were selling really cheap, I would never buy that one. It just looks so BAD! I can't believe how bad that one looks. However, Hot Toys really took it seriously this time and to another level. It's about time we get a good Robocop figure!

I uploaded some photos of my figure; It looks incredibly dead-on accurate. Manufactures from all these years could NEVER get Peter Weller's jawline right in their figures, but Hot Toys finally got it right with this one.

However, I still feel Hot Toys made Robocop too silver. Almost all Robocop figures being made by everyone makes Robocop too silver. Robocop is NOT completely silver and it's not because of the lighting in the film. Robocop has a purplish/blue shade to him. However, with some blue lighting setup, you can kind of get by it.

The holster can be opened and pulled out. It comes with a detailed plastic Auto-9 gun (to make him hold it) and a less detailed diecast gun (this one would go in the holster)

The sound effects are good, but the "Drop the gun you are under arrest" and "Thank you for your cooperation, good night" still has the background noise/TV sound from the film.

I almost thought about buying Enterbay's Robocop, but after watching and hearing many reviews from others, Hot Toys is more accurate and better value. Why would anyone want to be reminded of that horrible Robocop 3 and want junk Jetpack accessory?!

- Most accurate Robocop figure out there today.
- Range of the sound effect remote is quite impressive - does not even have to be pointing at the figure.
- Articulations

- Having to remove the back plate and toggling the on-switch - VERY inconvenient, especially when it's already in a display case.
- Battery for the remote is included; however, battery for the Robocop is NOT included. It requires two N size LR-1 battery.
- Wish they stepped it up even more and added some purple shade to it - being really knit-picky - it is too silver.
- At this price, quality control should be perfect - mine had some minor scratches and being extremely picky, it bugged me a lot...

If you're a Robocop fan, a movie figure collector, this is the best Robocop figure out there.

Looking forward for the battle damaged version with the helmet off expected to be released later this year (although I wouldn't be surprised if it's delayed again) resembling so much of Peter Weller. That one looks incredible!
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SKLZ Quick Ladder Pro Tangle-Free Agility and Footwork Trainer
SKLZ Quick Ladder Pro Tangle-Free Agility and Footwork Trainer
Price: $54.01
4 used & new from $52.79

4.0 out of 5 stars Test your agility looking professional - Quick set up and no tangles, April 27, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
- No assembly required. Just unstrap and unfold.
- Easy to set up. It won't tangle.
- Nylon straps and plastic material makes easier to carry/prevent injury/kid friendly. (comes with storage case)
- Attach as many ladders with the strap.

It includes some warm-up training exercise tip guide.

Price seems pretty hefty, personally, but if you are serious about your work outs then this may be worth your investment, especially if you consider the convenience and safety; no need to be looking for sticks or objects via poorman's way.

Great for indoors and outdoors.

SOLEMEMO Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Handfree Exercise/Running/Sports/Gym/Hiking Headsets Earphones Headphones Earbuds,10 Days Super-Long Standby Time,6 Hours Music Time,6.5 Hours Talk Time,Compatible with iPhone 6,6 Plus,5S 5C 5 4S 4, iPods,Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, S5 S4, S3, S2 Most Android Smart Phones and other Bluetooth-enabled tablets(Black)
SOLEMEMO Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Handfree Exercise/Running/Sports/Gym/Hiking Headsets Earphones Headphones Earbuds,10 Days Super-Long Standby Time,6 Hours Music Time,6.5 Hours Talk Time,Compatible with iPhone 6,6 Plus,5S 5C 5 4S 4, iPods,Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, S5 S4, S3, S2 Most Android Smart Phones and other Bluetooth-enabled tablets(Black)
Offered by SOLEMEMO
Price: $69.99
6 used & new from $21.22

4.0 out of 5 stars Premium package at a budget. Impressive for its price! Wish both were completely wireless., April 16, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
We all typically hear differently and have different taste in what is "good sound" (more bass, less bass, more treble.. etc); it's especially difficult when it comes to earbuds that go into your ear canal because if one doesn't have it inserted properly, they would assume the sound is awful/lack bass or whatnot - these are supposed to go deep into your ear canal; it will sound different if you insert a larger/smaller plugs into your ear. The deeper it goes into your ear canal, the deeper sound experience you will have, obviously. If you don't like that, then these aren't for you.

If this was a Sony or some other major brand, I'm sure more people will flock to this item without hesitation... However, not everything that cost a lot equals better amazing sound; one would think you get what you pay for looking at this earphone, but in this case, I feel the price is an amazing value. Most things are manufactured in China anyway even if it has a major brand name slapped on it.

The packaging is like very similar to what I have seen when I bought an Anker power bank and whatnot - they must all use similar packaging companies or design. From reading the manual, you can clearly tell it is a Chinese company product.

- You get two extra smaller size ear hooks
- You get two extra ear plugs
- You get a dual micro USB-USB cable
- micro-USB cable (for connecting right/ear phones together)

I have many earphones/headphones that cost way more than this -- and lack bluetooth --where these sound just as good, if not, better than those. Bass is there, but again, since these are designed to go into your ear canal, depending on the sizes of your ear/plugs and your hearing, a lot of people will have different experiences - ultimately, you would need to try it yourself. Personally, I'm happy with the sound - and it's especially impressive when considering the price.

I used this with my Android phone as well as a Sony Playstation Vita portable gaming system.

All the controls are on the right earphone - Hold onto the power button and you will see red/blue lights flashing to indicate sync mode. You should see "S530" on your bluetooth capable device.

- Great for exercising/moving around.
- Price - Quite impressive for sound and bluetooth
- You can skip track/rewind control volume up/down
- I like that some of the ear plug insert is differently color coded so it's easier to match.

- You must connect with a micro-USB to the left earphone to listen to both - it would be amazing and great if both were completely wireless! When I first got them, I had no idea you had to connect to the left earphone via micro USB. Bummer.
- Earhooks could be more flexible/better fit for smaller ears

Overall, I believe you get more than what you pay for here at an amazing value - heck... even the dual micro-USB charging cable/micro USB cable extras alone are nice to have and some places charges a lot for those!
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Jackson Safety V30 NEMESIS Wraparound Polarized Safety Eyewear, Brown Lens, Brown Frame
Jackson Safety V30 NEMESIS Wraparound Polarized Safety Eyewear, Brown Lens, Brown Frame
Price: $28.85
5 used & new from $22.65

4.0 out of 5 stars HD Vision!! Not for most tablet screens, April 13, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
"Wow, I can see the world in high definition!"

Have you seen that cheesy infomercial? Seeing the world in high definition... like what does that even mean?? huh?? It totally made me laugh, but when I went driving with this on, it reminded me of that commercial... like it kind of felt "HD" to me... I mean, things felt like it was magnified and definitely clearer and easy to see.

I'm not sure if all polarized lenses act the same way, but it completely blacks out the screen when looking at my tablet/smartphone from an angle. Polarization is definitely there. However, there was no issue with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet; I believe because the screen is AMOLED.

I was hoping to always use this while driving, but I can't see my navigation screen (tablet), so it's a bit of a bummer for me.

- Made from polycarbonate and nylon.
- The tips are rubbery/snake-like.
- Stylish looking/large lens
- Won't fall off even looking down/move around and still have comfort.

- Glasses do not fold completely compact. No case included.

Kensington KP400 Switchable Bluetooth Keyboard for Windows PC, iPad or Android Tablets and iPhone or Android Smartphones (K72322US)
Kensington KP400 Switchable Bluetooth Keyboard for Windows PC, iPad or Android Tablets and iPhone or Android Smartphones (K72322US)
Offered by antonline
Price: $56.94
34 used & new from $51.45

4.0 out of 5 stars Keyboard feedback press is nice. Soft, April 2, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I was surprised how nice the quality of the keyboard press/feedback feel was. It has a good slight amount of mushy feel to it when you type on it; cheap keyboards to me just has a horrible clicky feel to it.

I also like the amount of tilt it provides.

This keyboard is nothing fancy; it has no backlighting or special features other than being bluetooth and allowing you to connect to another input via USB. It would be great if it could handle multiple bluetooth connections.

This keyboard is mostly ideal for Windows and Android.

If you're looking for a good basic quality keyboard, I would give this a try.

Adonit Jot Mini Fine Point Stylus for Apple, Android, Kindle, Samsung, and Windows Phones - Silver
Adonit Jot Mini Fine Point Stylus for Apple, Android, Kindle, Samsung, and Windows Phones - Silver
Price: $19.98
4 used & new from $19.98

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Fine point? Somewhat gimmicky, especially with the necessary CLEAR DISC-SHAPE TIP... gets in the way., March 31, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I was really excited to try this out and was expecting some major accuracy, considering it's marketed as a "fine point".

However, in practicality, it's more like pseudo-fine point... as in, it's actually more of this huge clear DISC-SHAPE TIP that has to be on the surface. I really wish they could have made an actual thin soft tip without needing that annoying disc, as it really gets in the way for me - regardless it being transparent.

If the disc part comes off, then it will become completely useless too! You need to be careful not to drop/hit something and realize it not being attached later on. The disc came off on my mine once, but I was able to snap it back on. It's a good thing it has a cap for the tip. When you're using it, you can screw the cap on the back of the stylus.

I have a Samsung Galaxy phone, and maybe I've been spoiled by the S-Pen, but the S-Pen is far superior than this as there is no annoying clear disc involved; it's just a real natural writing experiencing - the plastic tip "fine point" on the S-Pen makes more sense to me.

Again, an actual fine point pen/pencil we use on regular paper is, obviously, VERY different when it comes to a digital world; it doesn't work the same. In the digital world, you can be using a very fat soft stylus tip, but depending on the software/app, you can adjust accordingly depending the digital thickness you select. The advantage of a small tip on a stylus is so it can be easier to SEE (not actual writing because that's all dependent on the app/virtual world) when you want to write more precisely. With that being said, I find the disc to be bothersome when I'm writing.

I can't agree with the high ratings.

- Seems solid.
- Clip
- Cap; can also be screwed on the back of the stylus

- The whole clear disc-shape tip design. Why? Is it really necessary? It gets in the way. Awkward. I hate it.
- If you lose the clear-disc on the tip, the stylus will become useless.

Artaste 48490 Vertical Rabbit Lever Style Corkscrew Kit with Foil Cutter
Artaste 48490 Vertical Rabbit Lever Style Corkscrew Kit with Foil Cutter
Offered by New Star Foodservice Inc
Price: $19.95
3 used & new from $19.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Fast. Fun. Unique. No loose cork falling. Requires some strength when pulling lever up. Better than Oster Electric Wine Opener, March 30, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I'm not sure why there's so many complaining about how to use this... it's not difficult at all and I'm not even a handy guy. You can remove it quickly and quietly with this -- but it does require some strength when pulling the lever up.

To use this, the longer lever (top one) needs to be ALL THE WAY UP and you sit this device right on the wine, while you squeeze it with the shorter lever -- to grip the wine securely (the shorter lever is simply for gripping the bottle); you then push the long lever all the way down for the screw to go in; then pull the lever back up (this is where it will require some strength) -- and make sure you still squeeze/grip the lower lever on the bottle while putting the lever up.

Once the lever is back up, you can release the grip/lower lever and the cork should pop right out. The cork will still be stuck on the screw once you remove it, so all you have to do at this point is push it down and pull the lever up again and it should just fall/drop right out of the screw.

If you're still confused, just look up "rabbit lever wine opener" or something similar on YouTube and you'll get the idea.

It does require a little more effort than an electric wine opener, but you also don't need to worry about charging or loud electric motor sounds, and you can remove it at your own pace (if you're quick, it's a lot faster than using electric wine openers). Personally, I like this way better than using the popular Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener; I hate that one because I always end up having pieces of the cork drop and it's just loud. With this Rabbit Lever, I can consistently open wines without any pieces of cork falling, which is VERY IMPORTANT.

However, if you want zero effort/no strength at all and don't mind going electric, I recommend the Skybar FPSKBW8216 Electric Wine Opener - this one kills the Oster and it's much nicer.

- Fun to use.
- Unique. Looks somewhat fancy.
- No cork pieces that will end up falling
- No need to charge/no annoying motor sounds (the Oster is super loud and annoying!)/can be faster (just push down/pop out/after you're done, releasing the lever just makes the cork drop right out of the screw versus having to wait for the motor screw to release on electric wine openers.
- Extra screw included

- Somewhat bulky/case storage
- When pulling the lever back up, it does require some strength/gripping/squeezing securely (if you want ZERO effort/strength, then I'd go with the Skybar)

I was worried reading some reviews early on how this may be difficult to use, but after receiving it and using it myself on multiple wines, I personally love it.

Skybar FPSKBW8216 Electric Wine Opener
Skybar FPSKBW8216 Electric Wine Opener
Price: $33.24
3 used & new from $33.24

5.0 out of 5 stars I LOVE THIS THING! It kills the Oster opener. Sleek Luxury Wine Opener!, March 6, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I have to frequently open lots of wine (not that I'm the one drinking all of them) and I've been using the well-known Oster Electric Wine Opener before receiving this one. This SKYBAR kills the Oster in every way! Build quality/looks and functions!

I ended up dreading using the cheap Oster one as it was very difficult to keep the cork going down perfectly straight without it jamming awkwardly to the side -- and most often, also have pieces of the cork fall! That's the worst! I absolutely hated that! It was just always hit or miss with the Oster...

With this Skybar, it was literally a breath of fresh air! Just on my first try, it was such a pleasure and major difference. It's just always accurate and smooth!

First of all, the motor sound is less loud and annoying than the Oster and the speed that it rotates down has a more relaxing, comfortable ideal pacing that it's SO MUCH easier to keep the screw to go straight down -- not to mention the translucent BASE allows you to see the cork ACTUALLY moving up into the screw so effortlessly; I love that! It's so cool and fantastic!

The method works the same way as the Oster where you put the screw on the cork and press down on the bottom button until it goes all the way, except it's just REALLY nice you can actually see the cork rise up. Once the cork is removed, you can press the top button for the cork to come out.

- Translucent window allows you to see the cork actually moving up! VERY COOL!
- Quieter than the Oster
- Nice comfortable rotation speed - (The Oster tries to dig in the screw too fast)
- No loose pieces of the cork falling! YAY (I hate the Oster ending up leaving loose pieces because I can't see what's going on, plus it's more difficult to keep it straight due to the way of the Oster's motor's rotation speed)
- Sleek stainless steel body and look

Although the charging base and design may seem similar to the Oster, the Skybar kills the Oster in every way - It is an easily noticeable premium, upgraded, luxury version.

Yes, it is more expensive than the Oster but you DEFINITELY really get what you pay for! Not only the obvious superior build quality with its stainless steel body, but the way it functions is just night and day - no loose pieces of the cork falling and great visual/fun to see the cork actually being removed with its translucent window!

I highly recommend this. I've used the Oster one enough times to know right away how much I appreciate this one way more.

SentrySafe SFW123BSC Fingerprint Safe, X-Large
SentrySafe SFW123BSC Fingerprint Safe, X-Large
Price: $318.50

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Agent 007 just logging in to grab some books... Fingerprint scanner is VERY convenient, yet NO INSTRUCTIONS!, March 3, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Length:: 2:04 Mins

Ok, I'm really surprised the main selling point for this safe is the fingerprint scanner, yet the instruction manual included in this one has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING written about that feature!!

I mean, the manual itself is a generic one that tries to cover different models including the ones with a dial (which this model does not even have). Luckily, I searched the internet and found one explaining for a different safe/model... (I mean if they have it explained for a different biometric model, why didn't they update/include a manual for this safe?)

To program your fingerprint(s):
you need to press the "P" (program) button
and then enter the 5-digit FACTORY code (located on the back of your manual)
The sensor should be blinking
Make sure you peel the cover on the scanner and then swipe your finger in a downward direction over
When you get multiple successful reads (you must do it several times) then the green light will flash three times

To delete a user fingerprint, press the "P" button, enter 5 digit facory code, and then press "C" (CLEAR). You can program 2 fingerprints.

* There is a factory 5-digit code located on the back of the included manual - THIS CODE CANNOT BE CHANGED OR DELETED - what you get is what you get!
* You can program/add 2 additional user codes
* You get 2 physical keys, which is ONLY for double-security to prevent the safe from opening even if you enter the correct key code; before I received and saw there was a keyhole to this safe, I thought the keys were another way to open the safe/override the keypad, but that's NOT what it does. Therefore, I just leave the key turned to unlock side.
* Replacing batteries is really easy - it just slides out located behind the keypad (this can also be a con!). It takes 4 AAA batteries.
* The sound of the buttons remind me of a microwave sounds - it can be turned off if you wish (The manual says to press 0, P, and 1 to turn off the sound and 0, P, 2 to turn it on -- after several tries I was able to turn it on/off once, but I can't seem to consistently do that right away; I'm wondering if entering the factory code prior to pressing those buttons are required or not... I wish it can be more consistent or the manual to be more clear about that)
* If you enter an incorrect code 3 times in a row then it will enter DELAY mode and you'll be locked out for 2 minutes.

- Fingerprint scanner makes accessing/unlocking very fast and convenient (your mileage may vary depending on your fingers/sweat/etc); I thought it would be a gimmicky feature, but I really LOVE having this! It's very high-tech and cool. It totally beats having to turn the dial on my other safe - having the fingerprint scanner makes storing and removing things frequently possible.
- Cool blue keypad lights; I feel like a secret agent along with the fingerprint scanner. (Red led to indicate access denial and green for granted)
- Sound can be activated/deactivated
- This one does come with built-in LED lights inside the door, so it lights up the inside when you open it (you can program the duration to 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or completely off) - both the LED lights on the keypad and inside makes accessing this safe possible even at night/in the dark! There's no way I can open my other safe with the dial unless the room is lit.
- 4 AAA batteries easily removable (manual says they're not included, but there were already 4 of them in mine) -- however, this can also be a con!

- Mine came with a huge dent on the back (I actually noticed my other SentrySafe with the dial also had a dent too); I'm surprised something that feels/look this solid can have a large dent like it got crushed by some massive hit. It seems other reviews share the same issue whether from during shipping or from the manufacture.
- If someone was around and wanted to mess with you, they could remove the battery compartment and you would be locked out of your own safe!
- Of course with anything digital, there is a greater risk if it fails (although I totally love the convenience of keypad/scanner than having to turn the dial clockwise/counter clockwise) I thought the included physical keys were for override, but again, it is just for extra locking.
- This safe should be called Medium size, but the company refers it as X-Large. They refer to their actual large size as 2X-Large.

I also own and reviewed the SentrySafe SFW205CWB Water-Resistant Combination Safe, 2X-Large; that one is a dial only and weighs a TON! I wouldn't worry about that one being walked away by anyone.
This safe being "X-Large" size is a bit more manageable and a more ideal size; two adults can definitely pick it up and walk away with it. I suppose a heavy lifter can lift this alone, but it is heavy.
I definitely prefer this X-Large size and fingerprint scanner/keypad a lot more than the combination dial; they both have their advantages/disadvantages, but for fast convenience and cool factor, this safe wins.
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Beltronics RX65-Red Professional Series Radar Detector
Beltronics RX65-Red Professional Series Radar Detector
Offered by Esolutions88(Tax Free)
Price: $133.79
61 used & new from $121.00

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best Bang for your Buck Radar, March 1, 2015
Update: I just had a long road trip with this and I love it even more seeing how really effective this device is on a long trip/highway. I got Ka alert miles away and I always saw state trooper somewhere. When it was night time, I could barely see other cars on the road and I see Ka goes off for a long time - I later see flashing lights and see a truck get pulled over.

I bought this because it seemed to be the best bang for your buck; I didn't want to settle for something cheap like the Cobra or generic - I mean... you get what you pay for.

I originally wanted the Escort Passport 9500ix (and may eventually upgrade in the future), which is also highly rated, but I also can't justify paying twice as much for it right now, especially when it comes to detecting the same bands, this radar does it equally well. When the price is right, I will upgrade and well... the price for the RX65 was just right, so I jumped on it. The RX65 and 9500ix have been around for years! It's not like the iPhone where it gets replaced every year, so it's not a bad investment unless all police start using lasers.

Beltronics's parent company is actually ESCORT - the smartcord/power plug can actually be interchangeable, which is nice when I plan on upgrading. (unlike the 9500ix, the power plug on the RX65 is located on the right side)

If you're new to radar detectors, there are different frequency bands that police use for their radar known as X, K, Ka, and laser. Many have said to just disable X band because it is no longer being used.

If you get hit with a laser, it will be too late to slow down. Sometimes, when the sun is pointed directly at the radar, you may end up with a false laser warning.

A lot of super markets automated sensor doors use K band frequency, so you will get LOTS of false alerts when you drive by; trust me, if you're in the city and around stores, you will get lots of K band warnings; you can either disable it completely, or you'll have to press the mute button on the device whenever you hear it. If you know that will be too much of a hassle for you, the extra premium to get a radar detector, such as the ESCORT 9500ix with it's AutoLearn memory capability may be more beneficial to you. The RX does NOT have that ability or GPS. You do not want to disable Ka - that is what you really want to keep on eye on or be listening to.

By default when the radar starts up, you'll get like a R2D2 sound of all alert sounds; if you find this annoying, you can disable it which is what I did.

Some people who are new to radar detectors have a misconception of thinking these will detect every police out there. This is not a police detector - it's a radar detector; if the police doesn't have their radar turned on, it's not going to let you know anything. Also, just because you have a radar detector doesn't mean you become invincible and start being a speed racer. It's just another device to help you become more cautious of your surroundings and be more alert. Your eyes are always the best look out. One day, I also saw a police, on a bike on the side street, pointing a radar gun at cars pointed at my direction, but my detector didn't tell me anything; I believe he was using laser. There is no guarantee. There are other times where I hear Ka band goes off and I do see a police nearby.

I hardwired mine and mounted it right under my rearview mirror for a really clean look - I love it way more now; I'd hate to have an ugly cord dangling and making it obvious when I'm driving.

- Looks nice, clean look (I have the Red display; my car interior gauge/radio is mostly blue, but the blue display costs a lot more!)
- Large mute button for easy access
- Different alarm/tone for different radar detection (I hear the K band beep so many times, it has annoyed me... it is so refreshing to hear a different chirping alert when Ka gets detected!)
- You can switch to dark mode with minimal display
- Ability to disable bands
- Sensitive/Good range.
- Best bang for your buck

- No learning feature, so you will have to ignore the false alerts every time you drive the same route or disable completely; going through the menu is a bit cumbersome.
- No GPS for speed traps, etc (which is fine, since I use other Apps)
- The buttons do feel cheap plastic and the device itself is very light (I guess that's a good thing); it would scratch easily if you don't take good care of it.

Like any radar, if it saves you one ticket then it pays for itself. Combine this radar and app like Waze and you'll have a pretty nice setup.

Also check that the FCCID has M4 - that is the newer one with the TSR anti-falsing installed; if it has S7 then it is the older based RX65 model.
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