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Life of Verdi, The
Life of Verdi, The
DVD ~ Ronald Pickup
Price: $34.99
19 used & new from $22.81

5.0 out of 5 stars Get the ACORN edition, very good!, June 22, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Life of Verdi, The (DVD)
Excellent, fantastic. Be sure to get the ACORN version, as it was a very good DVD transfer with excellent audio.

Phi Naturals Collagen Complete Powder Supplement - 14.6 oz
Phi Naturals Collagen Complete Powder Supplement - 14.6 oz
Offered by Phi Naturals
Price: $49.95

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars UNSWEETENED IS AVAILABLE, ASK THEM., February 21, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Initially I found it to be far too sweet. I asked if they had an unsweetened variety available, and they said yes. So they sent a replacement without the sweetner flavoring, and it was very neutral, excellent and I am quite happy with it. They were very gracious also, offering to refund even if I didn't like the replacement. So if you don't like extra sweetened powder supplements, contact them and ask about it.

Sony HVR-DR60 60GB Hard Disk Recorder for Compatible Sony HDV and DVCam Camcorders
Sony HVR-DR60 60GB Hard Disk Recorder for Compatible Sony HDV and DVCam Camcorders
2 used & new from $624.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Works Perfectly for Recording and with FCP, but you Need the Software!, January 6, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This unit worked very well with our HVR-HD1000U Sony camera. The problem some people seem to have is that they may not have got the software disk, to download the sony software necessary to interface with FCP. The software disk also has other helpful instructions. See here for the software:
A Windows utility from here:
Hope this helps some.

ATN MO4-1 1st Generation, 3x Night Vision Monocular
ATN MO4-1 1st Generation, 3x Night Vision Monocular
3 used & new from $199.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A good intro night scope., September 2, 2015
A very good Gen.1 night vision scope. Used it for basic star-light and astro work. A good intro night scope.

Chef's Choice 681 Cordless Electric Kettle
Chef's Choice 681 Cordless Electric Kettle
Price: $47.99
20 used & new from $47.99

1.0 out of 5 stars Guaranteed to Fail !, July 25, 2015
The electronic switch broke on this about 1 year after purchase. Had two othe Chef's Choice electronic kettles and each of them also had the same problem, the electronic switch failed, and would shut off after only a few seconds of being turned on. Tried stacking coins on the switch, but it demanded more and more weight just to say on, which then defeated the auto-shutoff. Cannot be repaired either. From what I read, most will have failures with this brand within a year max. Going back to boiling water over my gas stove.

Leaves From A Russian Diary: And Thirty Years After
Leaves From A Russian Diary: And Thirty Years After
by Pitirim Aleksandrovich Sorokin
Edition: Paperback
Price: $36.95
18 used & new from $32.77

Verified Purchase(What's this?)
An excellent review of the critical historical period of the original February Russian Revolution, with its subsequent degeneration into totalitarian butchery at the hands of the Bolshevik Marxists, led by comrade Lenin, in October of that same year. An eye-witness account, gripping and important for anyone who still nourishes illusions about how and why the original freedom-oriented Russian revolution collapsed into communism.

The Real American: Joe McCarthy
The Real American: Joe McCarthy
DVD ~ Lutz Hachmeister

5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This production is leftist propaganda and historical revisionism, as one expect from generally anti-American, pro-Communist and Marxist media . McCarthy may have been a bit bombastic, but history judges him by standards of fact, not leftist expectations. For one example, John Earl Haynes, a Cold War historian, re-compiled the original McCarthy lists of accused communists and compared them to what is known today from Soviet decryptions, archives and other new information. He wrote "Of the 159 persons listed ... there is substantial evidence that nine assisted Soviet espionage against the US. ... My own view is that a number of those on the lists... perhaps a majority, likely were security risks." Haynes full report can be found on internet by the title "Senator Joseph McCarthy's Lists and Venona".

This DVD is no "balanced" view, and avoided all mention of substantial evidence indicating the legitimacy of investigations carried forward by McCarthy's team. And worse, it never once mentions the tens of millions of people who were mass-murdered in Communist Party genocides across the Soviet Union, Red China, Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba, to give some legs to the motivations of people like McCarthy, who did not want to see the horrors of Communism enacted in other nations. 100 million victims of Communist butchery in the 20th Century, as determined by Courteois, et al in their well-documented work "Black Book of Communism". Much of this was known in McCarthy's time, was observed happening at the time when he was elected by ordinary Americans, who also knew the facts from remaining honest media reports. One is forced to wonder, how many more tens of millions of dead victims would be necessary before leftists and Marxists would recoil in horror at the consequences of the ideology they supported, and continue to support. Corinth Films distributes this DVD, which was produced by a consortium of European film companies known for general anti-American and hard-left political sentiments. The title shows their contempt for Americans, as if their jaundiced view of McCarthy defines "The REAL American". The general theme of the DVD follows suit, providing a few known anti-communist or pro-McCarthy personalities a tiny fraction of the time provided to anti-McCarthy personalities with known radical Left and pro-Soviet sentiments. It would take too much space to detail, but one can get a better view of McCarthy by fact-driven writers as in these two works:

"Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy and his Fight Against America's Enemies", by Stanton Evans

"Hollywood Traitors: Blacklisted Screenwriters, Agents of Stalin, Allies of Hitler", by Allan Ryskind.

Remember, Stalin and Hitler joined forces in 1939 to divide and conquer the world, both invading and dividing Poland in massive slaughter, with the Soviets then invading the Baltic States, Finland, and Eastern European nations. By that time, every Communist with a remaining speck of decency recoiled in horror and quit the Left parties in disgust. However, American communist leaders in media and politics rarely did so, and continued their fantastic support for Communist causes, spreading pro-Soviet propaganda in print and films, expanded to include support for their new "comrade Hitler". When Hitler predictably turned on Stalin and attacked the Soviet Union in 1941, those same people turned on a dime and then became "anti-Nazi". But for a time they were pro-Nazi before they were anti-Nazi, something to keep in mind when deciphering Cold War history, and those like this DVD and its producers, deliberately erase from all mention. And no amount of slaughter in totalitarian Communist nations deterred them from trying to create a similar "Communist Utopia" of mass-murder and death-camps in Europe and the USA. One only has to read the writings of the pro-Soviet writers of those days, their slogans to "wipe out the counter-revolutionaries", their disgust at "capitalism", proclamations how they would "destroy, smash, obliterate" the US military, religious institutions, and American industry, and send to death-camps the people so engaged in those institutions.

History correctly discredits the Hitler supporters as examples of blood-lusting sadists longing for totalitarianism, who cannot be trusted in any institution where freedom and justice is valued. Communists were the same, however, with a much larger body-count in their genocides, which were far worse than the Hitlerites. But by virtue of decades of Red propaganda in the West, they have got a free pass in this regard,, and ascended to positions of greater power and influence. The bloody history of Marxism-in-practice has been more or less erased from public knowledge. This DVD carries on that leftist tradition of deceit and propaganda in favor of Communist agendas, even if the word "Communist" is never mentioned in their advocacy. The overall agenda is to distort anyone opposed to Communist butchery into a clown or fanatic or unbelievable character.

Further evidence for my analysis is found in what is NOT presented in this film. None of the points I make here were mentioned, even casually, nor were the authors of those books, or the facts revealed in them, included into this film. The few statements by anti-Communist writers appeared as window-decoration, as if to say "See, we were balanced and included some supporters of McCarthy"... but nothing of substance in those interviews were allowed into the film. If they had included such material, it would have resulted in an entirely different picture of McCarthy and the deadly battle he and his associates were engaged in.
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Exodus: The Real Story
Exodus: The Real Story
DVD ~ Artist Not Provided
Price: $8.52
30 used & new from $2.60

9 of 12 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Cloaked Jew Hate? Very Bad "History", Don't Expose your Children to this!, January 18, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Exodus: The Real Story (DVD)
With the "History" channel logo, I expected at least some attempt at historical themes and accuracy, and avoidance of blood-soaked violence. I was disappointed on all counts.

There are three sections which cover the Biblical tales about Moses, Joshua, and the Exodus, which is where my complaints are focused. Also two additional presentations narrated by Leonard Nimoy, of old Star Trek fame, are included. One is on "The Secret Life of King Ramses II" and the other, on the "Ark of the Covenant". Both of those last items are excellent science-based investigations, and also available elsewhere as VHS or DVD (by A&E), so my one-star review is aimed only at the three Biblical items, which are so bad it overshadows what good is in the Nimoy presentations. I would highly recommend those other two, but get them separately, or at least know what you are getting if you buy the full set here.

Firstly, authentic historians will note that the characters in the Old Testament, such as Moses or Joshua, are completely undocumented from any archaeological or ancient-historical records from the times when they supposedly lived, or when the Old Testament is supposed to have been written. The Bible chapters have no surviving copies that date back before c.300 AD, and nearly none of it has archaeological supports in terms of the people and events, recounted outside of the Old Testament Bible or Torah. Factually, those ancient tales or events are so generic they could easily reference many different things, even while some of the place-names are identifiable. But archaeological ruins from ancient Egypt or modern Israel and Jordan do not confirm any of it in an unambiguous manner.

So just what is being discussed on the DVDs? I expected some Bible sympathy, certainly, where the characters of Moses and his followers could be sympathetically and critically reviewed against known Egyptian archaeology, and later events in Sinai and Palestine, to point out the many unknowns. Instead, everything in the Bible and Torah was accepted as fact, but with a twist I could not anticipate. The entire first three sections were composed of a small group of professors who re-cast the entire story away from the early Hebrews and Exodus tale, of escape from bondage under Egyptian slavery, with various Bible miracles. Instead the ancient Hebrews were re-defined as a group of mercernaries bought by Pharaoh to guard the NE border of Egypt, and Moses -- after his fall from grace within the Egyptian hierarchy -- was transformed into a violent murdering war-lord. There were no critical reference to any existing archaeology, or to note there was no archaeological or historical supports, save for some generic scenes out of old Egypt, as if that "proved" the accuracy of the ancient tales. There were no images of the ruins of any of the cities of Cannan or Jericho, nor any of the archaeology which the old Bible tales were supposed to be detailing. In this, both the religious Christian or Jew, and the secular scientist, will find to be a big disappointment.

But worse than mere disappointment, supplementing the talking heads of the selected professors, these first three programs of the DVD set re-cast the ancient Hebrews as bloodthirsty monsters, with constant CGI graphical re-creations of battles where merciless slaughter and added blood-splatter on your TV screen was the major theme. Over and over again, when discussing Moses, he is shown as a war-lord of no redeeming values, sword in hand, throat-cutting and goring people, and sound-effects to go with it.

Surely, bloody battles occurred in ancient history just as in modern times. The Bible tales in the Book of Joshua indicated he led armies to battle and merciless slaughter in the Jordan River Valley regions, the old god Yawhe demanding much in the way of murder. Some of that would have to be discussed in any critical evaluation of the Exodus story. But instead, everything the Hebrews did was cast in that light, of being warrior-butchers and mass-murderers, without any comparable contrast to other tribes or nations who might have been similar, or to counter-arguments that they only occasionally descended into such disgraceful conduct. The tales of Hebrew slavery under merciless Egyptian totalitarianism were turned instead to Hebrews in a military alliance with Ramses II, breaking free of Egypt to run off and pillage neighboring regions. And that is the entire narrative, other than to make sometimes reasonable discussions of more natural scientific explanations for the Bible miracles.

But nowhere was it ever mentioned, especially as regarding the non-stop bloodletting, that it was merely the interpretation of this select group of professors, who due to an absence of corroborating facts, could re-write things however they wanted -- even while acting as if it was all proven "history". These old Bible stories have no archaeological or historical proofs that any of it ever happened. Which is why honest Christians and Jews constantly say, it is a matter of faith.

The professors mention the old term "hebiru" or "khibru", and archaeology and ancient history DO record this as a generic term for desert nomads or "wanderers" of the region -- but without specificity. It could just as easily identify the ancient Libyans, Sudanese and Arabs, or the Asiatic wanderers and warrior nomads who crossed into Mesopotamia and ancient Assyria, such as the Kurgans or Sythians and their derivative groups. There is no historical proof that "Khibru" specifically identifies the people who later called themselves "Hebrews" or Jews. "Khibru" has no fact-based specific connection to the modern Jews of Israel either, even if some Jewish theologians would insist upon it. The Jewish claims to an ancient kingdom of Israel does have certifiable archaeology to support it, as with the remains of the old Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, but that was a thousand years after Exodus. Events of the Old Testament and Torah, from Abraham, Moses, Joshua, etc. have no certifiable archaeology, and there are no mentions of them to be found in stones, carvings, tablets, bas-reliefs, or ancient graves of the region dated to those times. And much of later archaeology is also problematic, as when the time-period of ancient King David shows statues of Astoreth, the "Queen of Heaven" in the archaeological layers. These facts, unearthed by Jewish archaeologists in Jericho and elsewhere, have infuriated the religious Jews. But... science has a habit of doing that.

But... why was such simple clarification never given? How can it be that modern archaeologists could discuss the Exodus tale as if it were proven fact, never mentioning it is so far undocumented, in the realm of mythology? And then, to deliberately invent a new mythology of Moses as a violent warlord? They could say he wore a red dress and rode a unicorn into battle as well, given the absence of detail which, for some, invites "filling in the blanks" with whatever they can dream up. Or, did those scholars mention all of this, but those parts deleted by the history-channel producers?

My impression is, the whole enterprise of those three segments had a political motivation, to slander modern Jews as bloodthirsty savages. By using a one-sided interpretation of ancient Hebrews as bloodthirsty savages, led by a merciless throat-cutting Moses, with all other tribes or nations of the region being depicted as more "noble warriors" or "civilized". With all the needless blood-splatter re-creations of battle-scenes -- replayed over and over such that 50% of the time that is what you see, with a blood-red background for the speakers -- what is one to conclude except they wish to slander modern Jews as being the same? Maybe my interpretation of political motivations is incorrect, but why the abysmal failure to show the actual landscape and archaeology where these events supposedly took place? Even some satellite images could have helped. Why were those presentations made as if were 100% proven history, when factually 0% is proven out by actual ruins or ancient bas-reliefs and such. The Sumerian Mesopotamians also wrote about the "Khibrus", but the Bible stories do not place the Jews in Iraq until after Nebuchadnezzar, whose armies invaded and wrecked a proven-Jewish Jerusalem and took the non-Khibru, non-wandering settled Jews of ancient Israel into slavery.

This DVD was a disappointment, and might have been cobbled together purely to be a tag-along to the big Hollywood movie "Exodus" that is now being shown. Another reviewer indicated his confusion in purchasing this item, wrongly believing it was the Hollywood film.

I expected History channel to do a better job. Silly me.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 31, 2015 4:07 PM PDT

Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War: The True Story of How a Communist Spy Team, Government Hoodlums and Sick Psychiatrists Destroyed Sexual Science and Co
Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War: The True Story of How a Communist Spy Team, Government Hoodlums and Sick Psychiatrists Destroyed Sexual Science and Co
by James Edward Martin
Edition: Paperback
Price: $22.99
34 used & new from $22.62

8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Exceptional Excellent Research Confirming Reich's Suspicions: It WAS the Communists!, October 27, 2014
For those interested in Cold War history or the biography of Wilhelm Reich, especially as regarding the issue of Marxist influences within European and American psychoanalysis and psychiatry, and who was behind the major attacks against Reich during both his European and American periods of work, this new book Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War by James Martin will be an eye-opener. For many years, the "collective consensus" on who was responsible for Reich’s demise in the USA -- where he was subjected to public slander and undeserved ridicule, his books and research journals being banned and burned by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), with Reich dying in prison for daring to defend his findings -- has always been too-neatly blamed on "right-wing McCarthyites", "antisemitism" or "conservative Christian" elements within American society. No hard proof was ever offered for such assertions, but nearly all of Reich’s major biographers expressed such views, as Martin points out, given their own liberal or left-wing political biases.

Martin was the first to seriously investigate the backgrounds of Reich’s major detractors and the circles they travelled in. In so doing, he shattered many myths. His book details the personal history of those detractors, and how they influenced the powerful FDA, which eventually launched a flawed and fraudulent "investigation" of Reich. As the attacks mounted against him, Reich wrote that the attacks were coming from Communists (capital "C") or even Soviet agents whom he denounced as "Moscow Hooligans", something which his modern biographers claimed was evidence of a loss of clarity or outright paranoia. After all, the American and European political left-wing had denounced the fear of Soviet Communism as a "collective right-wing paranoia", about a supposedly non-existent "communist bogeyman". The fact that the Soviet Communists and their various regional Communist Party groups had engineered massive genocides around the world, with 100 million victims during the 20th Century alone, was hardly permitted into discussion. Mostly it has been conservative writers who brought forth that documentation. Reich was also ignorant of this Marxist/Communist blood-lust (look up my article "Marx Engels Genocide Quotes") during his early years when he supported the Marxist causes.

Martin covers Reich’s early work over the period when, in opposition to growing Nazism, he joined the Austrian and later German Communist Party -- both would eventually kick him out of their organizations for failing to rigidly follow Marxist dogma. Reich argued against "class warfare" rhetoric and in favor of basic human freedom and the needs for reform of existing sexual and family law, to make contraception, abortion and divorce legal, and to support abandoned mothers with children. His advocacy of responsible adolescent and premarital sexual freedom (as well as his opposition to pornography and child-molesters) was the breaking point between Reich and the Communist organizations, who accused him of "distracting youth from the revolutionary cause". Reich responded by pointing out how the supposedly "New Man of the Soviet Proletariat" was just as neurotic and sexually impotent as the "old man" of capitalism. This clash led to the banning of Reich’s writings from the Communist Party bookstores. After witnessing the many betrayals of life and freedom by the European Communists, Reich turned away from them. The Nazis also attacked Reich from the get-go, burning his books. Soon enough he wrote that the "Red Fascism" of the Communist Party was functionally identical to the "Black Fascism" of the Nazi Party, with severe criticisms of both Stalin and Hitler. For such writings, Reich attracted the fury of both the extreme Left and Right. Reich had always been anti-Nazi, and by the time of his American period, he had become decidedly anti-Communist.

The charge that Reich had gone "paranoid", was also promoted by many on the Marxist left by claiming his later unorthodox scientific research was prima-facia evidence for it. His exceptionally good work on cancer and biogenesis, his discovery of the bions, the orgone energy accumulator and orgone energy continuum, the cloudbuster, and inquiry into the UFO question, all were dismissed as "lunacy" by Nazi and Communist writers during his lifetime. Persisting attacks and ridicules continue today by predominantly leftist and a few right-wing writers.(look up "Emotional Plague Bibliography" for a long list of the attacks against Reich)

Today we know Reich’s cancer research, his discovery of the bions, the orgone accumulator and cloudbuster are legitimate natural science, the result of serious clinical and experimental investigations, and confirmed in various books and research articles authored by other scientists who have replicated those investigations. Biogenesis is today no longer a taboo subject, space between the stars is no longer considered so "empty", and the UFO phenomenon is also accepted as a legitimate subject for scientific investigation. And from various Cold War histories, we know how the American government was infiltrated by numerous Soviet spies and Communist sympathizers during much of the 20th Century. From Martin’s new book, it is now proven that Reich’s charges about influential Soviet spies working to destroy him were also accurate and true.

As the sub-title of the Martin book reveals, the American Communists and Marxists got help in Reich’s destruction from various government hoodlums (in the FDA and US Courts), and from the many psychoanalysts and psychiatrists who hated Reich since his European day. They never approved of his rejection of Freud’s dogmas about an unproven "death instinct", or his critique on the supposed biological nature of the Oedipus Complex. They were further troubled by his Sex-Pol work, at a time when Nazi Brownshirts were smashing up people who dared to do such things. Their anger at Reich persisted into his American period, when they also fled to America for refuge from the European nightmare. Their collective fury at Reich extended way beyond honest criticism, however, straying as a rule into sexual slander and character assassination, as well as typical back stabbing and dirty tricks.

Martin documents those attacks, which others have done to a lesser extent, but he goes a quantum leap further to investigate and document the backgrounds of Reich’s major detractors. Mildred Brady, for example, who wrote major slander articles against Reich in the popular New Republic and Harpers magazines, triggered a tidal wave of copy-cat articles, which misguided an entire generation of Americans into wrongly believing Reich was the master of some kind of "sex-cult", promoting the orgone accumulator as the "orgasm box" or as a "cancer cure"-- none of it was true, but no matter, the same lies get repeated even today by modern "journalists".

Martin documents how Mildred and her husband Robert Brady were both closely tied to one of the most effective Soviet spy rings working in the USA, led by Nathan Gregory Silvermaster. Robert Brady wrote books and articles praising Stalinism (even after the Hitler-Stalin Pact) and called for the extermination of "bourgeois" Americans. He asserted American capitalism was "no different from Nazism", and wrote similar alarming things in support of the Soviet Union, even after the Hitler-Stalin Pact. His wife Mildred became a cloaked Stalinist agent within the nascent American consumers’ movement. As a top administrator of the then-communist lobby group, Consumers’ Union (today publishing Consumers Report magazine), she wrote drafts for laws later adopted by the FDA, allowing for police actions against natural healing methods, herbal medicine, and unorthodox physicians like Wilhelm Reich.

Martin recounts how both Mildred and Robert Brady had been exposed in prior years as Soviet agents, during hearings led by Rep. Martin Dies of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. After being exposed, they were fired from their jobs within the Roosevelt-era Office of Price Administration, some years before linking up with the New Republic magazine, which at the time of their firing had praised them as martyrs to the Socialist cause. When Mildred ran the West coast branch of Consumers’ Union, she and her husband were both in communications with, and attending dinner parties with the Silvermaster spy group, Silvermaster himself being a former university student of Robert Brady. Mildred also had meetings with Robert Oppenheimer, head of the US atomic bomb program -- incidents which figured centrally into Oppenheimer’s later loss of Top Secret clearances, and removal from that program. All this was documented in FBI files, as Martin shows, which included testimony of eye-witnesses and transcriptions of wire-tapped telephone calls. The same gal who worked to destroy Reich also apparently went snooping for atomic secrets.

When Mildred penned her defamatory articles against Reich in the New Republic, it was in service to the then Editor of NR, the former US Vice-President Henry Wallace, a well known Soviet sympathizer who had been fired by Roosevelt after making too many pro-Soviet speeches. Had Roosevelt died prior to replacing him with Harry Truman, the US would have had a Soviet agent in the top position as US President. The Publisher of NR at the time was another notable Soviet spy, Michael Straight, an American member of the notorious Cambridge spy ring, which included Philby, Blunt, Burgess, Mclean, and others who took atomic bomb and other secrets to the Soviet Union.

All these connections were investigated, documented and exposed by Martin, plus much more.

For example the role of Max Etingon, lawyer of the well-heeled Etingon family which ran a lucrative fur-trading business with Lenin and later Stalin out of the Soviet Union, in financing Freud’s psychoanalytic publications. Meanwhile another, General Leonid Etingon, was an NKVD assassin of anti-Stalinists in Europe. The psychoanalytic Etingon hated Reich and helped get him expelled from the International Psychoanalytic Association, and presumably Reich must have narrowly escaped the attention of the NKVD Etingon, as Reich was put on an NKVD death-list in 1936. Or Arnold Deutsch, a top Soviet spy who at one time helped Reich publish one of his books, and later became a top recruiter of British spies for the Soviet Union, including Philby and the Cambridge spy group. Or Reich’s first wife, Annie Pink Reich, who broke with her husband "Willy" in solidarity with Freud, to become a leading psychoanalyst herself. But not before getting remarried to a top Soviet spy Robert Rubenstein, operating under the pseud. of "Comrade Thomas", who had been in control of millions of Soviet-supplied Reichsmarks, earmarked for destabilizing Hitler’s Germany.

Martin also informs on Arthur Garfield Hays, former lawyer for the Etingon family Soviet fur-exporting business, and Reich’s personal lawyer at the time of the Brady slanders. Hays alarmingly and wrongly advised Reich it would be fruitless to file a lawsuit for defamation against Brady and the New Republic. What he didn’t tell Reich, however, was his working associations and friendship with the Bradys, through his own founding role in the Consumers’ Union. Lawyer Hays was also a top Soviet sympathizer, who had championed Soviet and Communist causes nearly all his adult life.

It was amazing Wilhelm Reich managed to survive his European period, given how so many top Soviet agents were buzzing in and out of the Vienna and Berlin psychoanalytic scene in which he had once been a central participant and leader. And also not surprising that Reich would learn the deadly games played by the Communists, as well as the names of their key players, so as to later identify similar Soviet and Communist agents in the attacks against himself in America, a time when he had become decidedly anti-Communist.

Whatever your opinion of Wilhelm Reich, or of the Cold War in general, Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War has much to recommend it. It is no empty "conspiracy theory", but a biographical narrative and documentation of a very real conspiracy that weaves through many different social circles and world regions. The book is heavily referenced and fully indexed, with a map of Reich’s travels, a photograph section, and documentary appendix reproducing several "smoking gun" documents retrieved from FBI or Soviet archives. Chapter sections are also included on Reich’s Tucson Arizona cloudbuster experiments with desert-greening, where he made rain and UFOs were observed and photographed. Martin’s work plunged straight into lingering controversies, and the documentation he provides rehabilitates Reich from the dark shadows into which his malicious attackers have cast him. At the end of Martin’s presentation of evidence, we find Reich had remained brilliant and clear-minded into the very last days of his life, about his work, and about those who organized and plotted against him.

It should also be mentioned, the first edition of this book, which came out in 1999 in a very limited hardbound edition, was the winner of a Hochberg Award for exceptional new research in orgonomy. If you have the older edition, you will love the 2nd edition even more, for the text revisions, new documentation, new map and other features.

Elenco Electronics TL-6LG Large Alligator to Large Alligator Test Lead Set
Elenco Electronics TL-6LG Large Alligator to Large Alligator Test Lead Set
Price: $9.83
8 used & new from $8.95

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars NOT AS ADVERTISED, ONLY 24", AND NOT SOLDERED TOGETHER., July 8, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Wires only 24", not 36" as described. Alligator clips NOT soldered to wire, flimsy attach with pressure clip, will surely fail after some usage. I ordered two packs, and would have returned but needed for an emergency job, so doubled them up.
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