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La Femme Nikita: The Complete Second Season
La Femme Nikita: The Complete Second Season
Price: $9.99
37 used & new from $3.08

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Diamond in the Rough, November 14, 2004
I discovered La Femme Nikita while I was working out at the gym one day, of all places, because it was playing on one of the 30 TVs. The next day I remembered to watch the show at home and found myself almost instantly addicted to the series because of the good (beautiful) actors and the gripping story. If I recall correctly, La Femme Nikita ran only 4.5 seasons, but I was lucky to catch almost all of the series over several months on one of the cable channels.

That said, I've got to say that the 2nd is a very important one to the story. After Nikita escapes Section One at the end of season one, season two brings Nikita back to us as an even more empowered and strong willed character. Her shere will to adhere to her own sympathy for humanity clashes harder than ever with Section One while the dynamic between her and Michael grows more complex. In season two Nikita becomes more deeply empowered in herself but still does the things she hates as an agent. Section One, on the other hand, is resolute in becoming even more evil in order to prevent evil. Section One's role grows and develops to become a character player of its own as well.

Since I've seen the series from beginning to end, I remember there are, in this round, a number of very important storyline episodes that add to the final outcome of the series in this round. I am greatly looking forward to the release of season two, Warner willing.

Sabatier Precision 38-Piece Knife Block and Tool Set
Sabatier Precision 38-Piece Knife Block and Tool Set
Offered by Internet Seller
Price: $129.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars It cuts the cheese but you get what you pay for, June 27, 2004
I'm an occational cook, so this set suits my needs, however, when I buy a house and start cooking more, I'm definately moving on to Henkels. Let me show you why.
Quality: These knives do the job. They come with a sharpener and a good variety of cutting utensils. However, my biggest grievance is that the first time I ran them through the dishwasher they showed rust spots. Now I have to spend more time than I've got to wash them by hand so that they stay sterile. If I can't put it in the dishwasher I don't want it. Ah, the modern conveniences of life.
Durability: If you run these through the dishwasher, the handles are gonna degrade--fast-- as well as get rust spots. Just keep shapening them so you don't squash your tomatoes.
Value: Amazon's currently listing these for $25 and I paid $50 for the set last year. It does, redeemly so, come with a decent set of cooking tools and measuring tools. I do use those in the dishwasher without a problem. You get steak knives, a serraded knife for cutting bread, meat scizzors, a sharpener, a butcher knife and a couple other slicers. As far as value goes, it's decent for a starter kitchen, *as long as you don't use 'em in the dishwasher*.
So overall, like I said, they *do* the job, but I don't like them because I don't want to wash by hand all the time. The value is there, but in this case value does not equate to quality. J. A Henkels are a much better VALLUE for the QUALITY. This is a value for the PRICE--Just to make it clear to you. Keep these til you can't stand 'em no' mo'.

Corelle Livingware Just White 34-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 8
Corelle Livingware Just White 34-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 8

85 of 86 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent value, holds up well, June 27, 2004
I bought this set, actually two of them, about 6 years ago when I got my first apartment and I've got to review this set very highly because: 1. they're extremely durable 2. they're so easy to care for 3. they look great and 4. its a great overall value package.
Durability: I bought 2 sets, so that's 8 settings and it came with small coffee cups, dinner plates, bread plates, cereal/soup bowls, a serving plate, and serving bowls. I have gotten a helluva lot of use out of them. I've used these dishes for more than eating, including plant water bowls. I've dropped a number of them on the floor and found not a crack or scratch. Only warning, don't leave them in your sink on top of cookie sheets, they'll get a rust stain, so make sure your boyfriend isn't too lazy to put them in the dishwasher. I microwave these suckers all the time and they've never broken. Only a couple of the bowls have broken because they got stuck together or I opened the dishwasher when it was still hot. Still, excellent lifespan.
Ease of care: Yeah, all you have to do is get these dishes into the dishwasher and you're set. Again, the only discoloration was from leaving them in contact with poor quality cookie sheets which rusted on them a little bit, but given how long I've had these, it doesn't bother me much. They stack up very nicely and don't take up a whole lot of space.
Looks & Use: All the pieces fit together well and look nice when dressed up with food. I bought frost white because food looks better on white, and then I can put down different colored table cloths or place mats and change it up whenever I want. The coffee cups are nice, but since I don't drink coffee, I just use them for sip cups or sometimes cooking. I use the large plates and the small bowls ALL the time. Bowls are perfect for cereal, soup, dry snacks, beating eggs for an omelette, or anything. They're just the right size for a serving, especially a pack of ramen noodles.
Value: So you've read how much and what I've used these for, you can see what a great value this is. It's an ideal set for people just getting started on their own, college students, young couples, etc (and keep in mind, the children will have to TRY to break these things, I've seen kids drop my plates and not have them break). They're inexpensive to replace if something does break. The lifespan with typical use is at least 6 years. Even now my stuff looks good, despite the stains (which are on the bottom, and not due to manufacturing defect) and I plan to keep using them until I decide to get something that runs about $10-15 a plate (read, higher paying job). But even if I had kids, I'd have them use these dishes because I'm not going get upset if something happens to it.
Overall value: excellent. You get a lot of pieces for a great price and they'll last you a long time!
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Argumentation and Critical Decision Making (5th Edition)
Argumentation and Critical Decision Making (5th Edition)
by Richard D. Rieke
Edition: Hardcover
37 used & new from $2.11

33 of 35 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This Book Could Change Your Life, April 30, 2002
Not only have I read this book, but I did so in conjunction from taking an argumentation class from the author, Dr. Richard Rieke. Dr. Rieke is an extremely experienced and talented communicator and this book would be a valuable addition to any scholar and layperson alike.
Rieke's background includes mediation and negotiation for some of the most prominent global companies and more than 20 years experience as an educator. Currently he is a Communication professor at the University of Utah and the director of the university's Honor's Program.
What I've learned from this book is how to go about the dialectical process (research, criticial thinking, refuting) an issue to constructing a rhetorical argument (persuasive case) in favor of one side or another. I feel that this book has given me a very strong grasp on how to construct various types of arguments, and how to modify them based on who is supposed to be persuaded by the argument.
One of the things I liked most about this book was it's very detailed and logically organized for the processes of argumentation. A list of terms is presented at the beginning of the chapter, each chapter is subcategorized for maximum orgnization, and each chapter is concluded with a summary and suggested exercises.
Each chapter is detailed with universally used information about how argumentation relates to various spheres (or contexts) like science, religion, business, politics, etc. In addition, the authors provide numerous, clear examples to help you understand their points.
I have used this book in not only preparing a brief and case thesis for the related class, but have used as a guide in creating numerous other essays for other Communications classes.
I will not be selling this textbook back to the university bookstore; instead it has earned a permenant spot in my library because I know I will be referencing it often for other classes, and in business well after I graduate. I feel especially privileged to have been able to take the course from the author, because Rieke is very articulate and an excellent educator.

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