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Half Way Home
Half Way Home
Price: $3.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Interesting Science Fiction - Intellect and Emotion, June 12, 2014
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This review is from: Half Way Home (Kindle Edition)
This is a great novella by Hugh Howey that explores our roles in society in a very interesting and thoughtful way. Without revealing much I can tell you that it is about a sect of colonists, whom are designed specifically to explore the viability of a planet. If it is found to be viable, then they become a colony and prepare and harvest the resources on that planet. If it is not, then they are aborted.

The colonists are grown to adult hood before they are purged- their place in the colony (electrician, psychologist, teacher) is selected and it is that skill set that they are taught. When they are 'born', they will perform their pre-selected role. This colony was set for 'abortion' , but instead of being erased, they are born prematurely. This sets in place a course of unusual occurences that the AI and the colonists were never prepared for, so their reasoning is what determines their actions. You will then see how their roles are affected, how their own emotions are affected by the other colonists, how they reason what they've been taught to feel vs. how they really feel. It's quite an interesting look at the complexity of emotion, responsibility, viability and survival. If you enjoy science fiction, I think you will be pleased.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jun 23, 2014 11:03 AM PDT

True Detective [Blu-ray]
True Detective [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Various
Price: $39.96
28 used & new from $30.54

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5.0 out of 5 stars Review of the Blu-ray: What You'll Get, June 11, 2014
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This review is from: True Detective [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
The series is phenomenal and so much of that has already been expressed so I will let you know what you'll be getting from the blu-ray release:
3 Disc Set
HBO is traditionally good to fans when releasing sets, adding extras to enhance the experience and they have kept to that tradition. First off, you will find several deleted scenes and two audio commentaries, I enjoyed the one featuring Pizzolatto and T Bone Burnett (the music coordinator) You are also treated to a conversation between those two.

You are also given a making of - around fifteen minutes, which if you are an HBO fan, you know how they set up their featurettes, interviews, on set chatter. Scene reviews, and come on McConaughey and Harrelson are entertaining, so they enhance everything they are involved in. They go through scenes almost like a dissection of sorts, which is fitting.

The audio and video are stellar. I wish there had been just a bit more background in regards to the writing etc., but I feel satisfied, you get the series and a way to enhance that initial experience.

Although, the cast will change, I am looking forward to Season 2.

White Horse: A Novel
White Horse: A Novel
Offered by Simon and Schuster Digital Sales Inc
Price: $9.73

3.0 out of 5 stars Bleak, dystopia with high exploitation, June 5, 2014
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This novel is very well written. I found the writing to be strong, directive and nice to read. The story, however, was not my preference. I am not going to give this book a one star rating because the contents were simply not what I prefer to read about. This world is bleak, the purpose and cause are thin, and the two heroines are exploited. I had a difficult time wanting to spend my hours reading about a young girl raped by her family members and then aided to escape only to be caught in another situation of sexual exploitation: she is then sexually exploited by the man that is supposed to be helping her. That kind of story is not escapism for me. Girls and women are exploited everyday and I don't want to read a futuristic novel about it certainly.

Dystopian novels are a rave in the United States, I think as we gain more and more, we are drawn to stories in which characters are facing a world without all of the daily comforts we afford ourselves. We like to read about the consequences of so much of the greed and corruption we hear about daily. We love to read about the struggle for all those things we take for granted. This novel missed that mark for me and I will not be reading anymore of this particular set of stories. I just don't want to read a novel where girls are exploited. It lacks depth. Instead of heroism, I found no heroism, humiliation is a tough thing for a reader to overcome. If you humiliate your hero, there's no coming back from that.

That being said, Alex Adams can write and write well, it is the content that will keep me away. So be aware of what's here and make the right choice for you.

The Black Phone
The Black Phone
Offered by HarperCollins Publishers
Price: $0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars That phone is ringing, but you know it's not supposed to, May 21, 2014
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This review is from: The Black Phone (Kindle Edition)
That phone is ringing, but you know it's not supposed to. You are pretty sure you heard it, and just when you've convinced yourself it was just in your mind, you hear it again.

Joe Hill explores some of our worst fears in this short. I think as a child we hear stories of abduction and children that are murdered and it really is something that seems far and away and unbelievable. When I was really little, they had the whole milk carton thing going on, you remember, with the "Missing" in bright red and the picture of a kid that you didn't know, but could imagine knowing.

This short really explores what could happen, what might have happened to those "Missing". It's a creepy, uneasy feeling to be held, to imagine what is going to happen to you, knowing the person who has you, who took you, isn't right.

It has tension, great descriptive writing and I imagined what I would be doing, I'd be looking for something to use as a weapon too wouldn't I? Wouldn't I try to crawl up to the window?

It's a tense thriller that explores fears we've all had at one time or another.

So far, Joe Hill has never disappointed.

Thumbprint: A Story
Thumbprint: A Story
Offered by HarperCollins Publishers
Price: $0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Joe Hill Has Earned His Own Reputation, May 21, 2014
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Most readers know Joe Hill has accomplished authors whom he calls Mom and Dad, but he has already earned his own reputation as a fresh, well-versed writer with brilliant ideas, strong characterization and a strong narrative voice.

This short story is a dip into the psyche of war, not the politics of war, not the reasons for war, not the buzzing of bullets and whipping of helicopters of war, but how war falls on the mind. Regardless of what 'side' you are on, a human being really only has the mind to answer to. If the driver of a car is impaired, the car cannot drive itself.

He really explores how war can affect a person, change a person, instill it's own will in someone. It is well written, it can make you wince or even cringe, but you know it's real. It's happened to someone, maybe more than one someone. He builds excellent tension, the only thing I didn't like was an abrupt ending. But that's how short stories go, they are short trips, not long cross country drives and sometimes you just find yourself suddenly at the end.

One for the Money (Movie Tie-in Edition) (Stephanie Plum)
One for the Money (Movie Tie-in Edition) (Stephanie Plum)
by Janet Evanovich
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: $3.60
29 used & new from $1.39

5.0 out of 5 stars 2 for the Show, 3 to get ready now Go Plum Go!, May 18, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I read this on the recommendation of a friend and because he also mentioned there were over 15 titles, I was intrigued how a character could be so compelling that they would sustain fifteen books.

Well, after reading One for the Money, I have my answer. Stephanie Plum is a deliciously, honest, frank, funny, interesting character whose narrative is extremely entertaining. That is the basis of the book: Entertainment. It doesn't miss the mark.

There were moments when her bumbling bordered on the ridiculous (how many times can a gun fall out of girl's purse) but she is so believable that instead of being off-putting, it was just hilarious. I had several laugh out loud moments, her Grandmother shooting the chicken parts was great!

Her snarky thoughts and dialogue are fantastic. It's a smooth story, great characterization and you'll like Stephanie, you'll want to be her friend, you'll laugh at her awkward moments and feel proud when she manages a win.

I can see how one can get hooked, I think I am!

Path of Destruction: Star Wars (Darth Bane): A Novel of the Old Republic (Star Wars: Darth Bane Trilogy - Legends)
Path of Destruction: Star Wars (Darth Bane): A Novel of the Old Republic (Star Wars: Darth Bane Trilogy - Legends)
Offered by Random House LLC
Price: $5.48

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic story. Everything you could hope for., May 18, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The story of Darth Bane's journey from a cortosis miner with an abusive father to a member of the Dark Brotherhood to reigning Sith Lord is a fascinating, amazingly entertaining read.

Science fiction novels, Star Wars titles especially, can get muddled down with technicality, which appeals to some, but I don't want to read a detailed ship analysis, I am more drawn to stories. Drew Karpyshyn delivers a great story, that also is very important to the overall history of the Brotherhood of Darkness and the history of the Lords of the Sith.

It is well written and compelling, plenty of story, plenty of humanism to pull you in. There are satisfying obligatory battle scenes, constructed really well, and presented in a way that makes you care about the losses and the cost.

One thing I didn't anticipate was my own reaction to the philosophy. I found myself identifying with many of the faults in the Jedi philosophy, their code of honor, strict line of morality and it really helped me understand how some, so skilled, intelligent and capable like Bane, might find themselves on the opposite side of the spectrum.

The characterization is superb, and each has a distinct purpose in the book and I had my favorites and I had those that I despised, yet all were interesting.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves science fiction, being a Star Wars aficionado is not a requirement, you will love this book.

The Fault in Our Stars
The Fault in Our Stars
Offered by Penguin Group (USA) LLC
Price: $4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars This is the Reason Books Exist., May 3, 2014
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When I began reading this novel, my first quick impressions were that it was clearly well written but the knowledge that the lead character was a 16 year old girl with stage 4 cancer was a bit worrisome, because well, the end most certainly is inevitable and would be hurtful so did I want to put myself through that? I am generally not a Nicholas Sparks kind of gal when it comes to stories, not my thing. I continued to read, to spite that feeling.

Now that I've finished, I am so utterly happy to have made the journey and I'll say, maybe even lucky to have done so. What I got from this wonderful story was such incredible thankfulness for life and friends and family and my simple, but life-fulfilling love of books and my own unique view of the world.

What runs through this book as a thread, a beating, thriving heart - is love. The love we feel as human beings for children, parents, lovers, friends, the world in our eyes and stories. It is woven so skillfully, so thoughtfully. I read so many books and they make me feel many emotions, but most internally. This book on the other hand made me smile so many times, made me laugh out loud and yes, cry out loud, but not for the reasons I assumed when I first began reading.

I am an instant fan of John Green. He doesn't play with words, he guides with them. He chooses them perfectly, he doesn't go too lightly or too heavy. It is like the baby bear's porridge in the Three Bears, just right. There are so many thoughtful moments in the book, so many times for us to reflect on the world, on our family, our own thoughts and feelings. This kind of book brings something to the reader and those books I find great value in.

I cannot recommend this book enough. It is the reason books exist and should always exist, they can reveal and therefore, enlighten, the human heart.

The Cuckoo's Calling (A Cormoran Strike Novel)
The Cuckoo's Calling (A Cormoran Strike Novel)
by Robert Galbraith
Edition: Paperback
Price: $18.00
73 used & new from $8.41

5.0 out of 5 stars Cuckoo Wanted to Belong, May 1, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I really enjoyed this book. This detective novel about Cormoran Strike and his determined temporary assistant Robin was a real delight to read. It has the usual plot twists and questionable characters that you find in most detective genre novels, but I think the characterization was exceptional. That is a strength of hers, she is a fine writer.

I loved Cormoran Strike, a man who seemed to believe he deserved a failing career, a broken body (he lost a leg in Afghanistan), a broken engagement and a past featuring a famous family of failure, when in fact, he did not deserve any of it, he was far above it, and I admired him; his intellect, his careful observation, his compassion. I really hope in the coming books that he can come to the realization that he is much more than his failings and I think with the help of Robin that he just might.

And that leads me to one of the reasons I also loved Robin - his determined temporary assistant, she appreciated all of this as well, and saw that he was in fact, much more than even he believed he was. She is a smart character, true to herself and I can't wait to find about more about her. The two of them together makes for an interesting read.

The mystery of what occurred to super model Lula is a tragic story that unfolds and features some themes we are familiar with; the separation of those that have and those that don't, the longing that we all have for belonging to someone, knowing and accepting our roots, if we are successful but feel alone, that success just isn't as beautiful as it should be. You get to know Lula posthumously and she is much more than just 'the body', or the victim.

Another thing I appreciated, that bothered some other viewers, were the interviews he conducted during the investigation. I like realism. I understand that shoot outs, and car chases and stalking shadows is fun in a pulp kind of way, but real detective work rarely involves these things, it is indeed, interview after interview, and paying as much attention to what people don't say as to what they do. So I found this to be much more realistic in that sense. Cormoran is a P.I with skill.

Bravo Ms. Rowling. Looking forward to more.

Corrosion of Conformity
Corrosion of Conformity
Price: $10.00
38 used & new from $3.20

5.0 out of 5 stars Pepper Fans, Don't Dispair, April 28, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Corrosion of Conformity (Audio CD)
COC has gone through many changes over the years and different cycles have their own fans (there are some Pepper loyalists that will have it no other way and vice versa). I listened to COC before Pepper and it was different, it was more of a punk type sound and when Pepper joined the band, and also became the vocalist, they put out what I believe were two of the best rock albums ever recorded "Wiseblood" and "Deliverance". I saw them live during this period as well, and they are just a stellar band. Pepper has moved on to Down and Mike and Reed are taking their turns at vocals. Yes, it is different without Pepper, they are a three piece, but this album is fantastic. In my opinion, this record is a mixture of both of the COC 'sounds' - there is the punk influence of their past and there is their new sound, with dynamics and warm, waning guitars. There is something sexy about a three piece band, and this record really demonstrates what a 3 piece can do and how dynamic it can really be. If you loved Wiseblood and Deliverance, give this a try. It's a great record and I am anxiously awaiting the new one coming out next month.

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