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Womb of Primordial Nature
Womb of Primordial Nature
Price: $15.15
27 used & new from $4.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Epic, beautiful, and brilliant., September 3, 2014
After _Morningrise_, Opeth released _My Arms, Your Hearse_, a masterpiece that intimated a general shift from the style heard in their first two albums. Opeth never returned to the style of their first two albums.

But what if they'd continued in the style of _Orchid_ and _Morningrise_, and blackened it up a bit? Then I think _Womb of Primordial Nature_ by October Falls is roughly what would've happened.

For some of us, this is the very reason we are alive: sorrowful metal and that sweeps you away with its emotional weight and epic melodies. This album will stir your soul to revolutionary ambition with its greatness.

This music is full of soul-aching harmony-laden dynamic metal. October Falls creates long, majestic tracks of grave emotion and atmosphere, whether in its always-melodic but fierce blasting blackness, the thunderous and soaring symphonic escalations, or its lovely interludes of dark acoustic psych-folk delicacy.

If you like Agalloch or early Opeth, you NEED this. There isn't any room for doubt. A quest for awesome metal that doesn't find _Womb of Primordial Nature_ is a failed quest.

Embittered Darkness / Isles De Morts
Embittered Darkness / Isles De Morts
13 used & new from $8.80

5.0 out of 5 stars Isles de Morts is truly one of the most brutal albums of all time., December 30, 2013
There are two albums on this disc. _Embittered Darkness_ is classic Striborg, while _Isles de Morts_ is the best of the pre-Striborg Kathaaria demos and beyond.

_Embittered Darkness_ is brilliant. The production quality is so broken and bad, delivering static-like streams of scorched riffage. Sin-nanna's goblinoid vocals are impossibly twisted and disturbing. There are many strange interludes that deepen the mystery, from creepy distorted ambiance or disturbing synths.

But then _Isles de Morts_ is completely different. It's about ten years older, so that should be expected. Yet it almost sounds less like lo-fi black metal and more like some kind of industrial hellscape of hyperspeed junkyard machines. It is a brutal sonic onslaught of blasting buzz that cuts your soul with blades of pure entropy. The production doesn't even stay the same from song to song, yet there is a weird transcendent coherence to the sound, as the mix warps and distorts. You will dread to even ponder the wretched mind that conceived this relentlessly disturbing epic. It's not necessarily the BEST Striborg, but it is the scariest.

Sony DEJ011 Portable Walkman CD Player (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Sony DEJ011 Portable Walkman CD Player (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Offered by Pro JeM
Price: $249.99
26 used & new from $44.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Bad design and annoying interface., October 26, 2013
I actually bought this because I wanted a cheap CD player to use on the main stereo system. I wasn't using it to run around while listening to CDs. The price is low and the sound output is good, but this CD player has some serious problems and I can't recommend it.

First of all, the display is on the side of the unit, rather than the top. This is very annoying. You cannot be looking from "above" the unit if you want to see any information. You either need to get your eyesight level with the display, or you need to pick it up, tilt it over, and look. This is actually extremely annoying.

Secondly, you may have noticed that some CDs are a little warped. Usually this doesn't even matter. Most CD players can handle a slightly warped CD without problems. Different CD players can accommodate different levels of distance between the CD and the lens. Car stereos are especially good at this. But this CD player can't handle it at all. When the CD is mounted, the device holds it so low that there is virtually no clearance between the surface of the player and the CD. So it will frequently scrape the edges of CD while spinning it. Many CDs will be unplayable in this CD player.

Another problem is the Program play mode. You have to do this annoying thing where you hold the play button for like 5 seconds on every track you want to add to the program list. It's awful, especially because of the side-facing display I complained about earlier.


5.0 out of 5 stars Grim brilliance beyond any conceivable expectation., September 10, 2013
This review is from: EXPULSE (Audio CD)
There are a lot of pretty special one-man black metal bands out there, but perhaps none as masterful as Stielas Storhett from Russia. The previous album _Vandrer..._ was already a shocking masterpiece in its own right. Amazingly, _Expulsè_ is perhaps twice as good. First of all: the sound of the guitars. That soul-shuddering, epic, fuzzy heaviness is like no other. The bass is actually quite intense on this album as well. The songwriting follows progressive structural inferences with blasting blackened rage and balls-to-the-wall metal and is extremely _metal_ in its audacious reliance on face-kicking riffs, rather than minimalism. The album is truly exploding with malignly imaginative blackened melodies and buzzing riffage, but also unbelievably gorgeous solos and acoustic intervals that would make Mikael Akerfeldt cry for a few hours or so. There are also parts that seem otherwise seem "weird" but are masterfully synthesized with the general black metal aesthetic. I seriously can't tell if this is supposed to be vile black metal or some kind of weird, heart-crushingly beautiful audio manna. The whole album has this enthralling, riveting emotional desperation in both the instrumentation and the vocals that you will scarcely draw breath in its full duration. This is easily one of the best metal albums I have ever heard.

Road Salt One
Road Salt One
Price: $14.96
19 used & new from $4.75

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1.0 out of 5 stars Garbage., August 6, 2012
This review is from: Road Salt One (Audio CD)
Only the most diehard crazy Pain of Salvation fan can defend this album. It is terrible.

The problem with this album is not that it is "different", or that there is "no metal" in it, or anything like that. (In many ways, it's not really _that_ different.) The problem is simply that it is unbelievably boring.

Some have said that many of the best PoS songs are simple, as if to vindicate _Road Salt Part One_. That is a true statement, sure. But an important point is lost if one fails to realize that most simple PoS songs are actually good. They are not boring. _Road Salt Part One_ features songs that are simple and boring. Or complex and boring. They are all boring.

Others have said, "Well, people aren't giving it a fair chance because it's called Pain of Salvation. BUT, if it had a different name, people would judge it on its own merits and like it." Um... No. If any band released this album it would be garbage.

A boring album is the last thing you'd expect from PoS, because they are genuinely NOT a boring band. They are usually exciting, full of surprises, and good, interesting writing.

"No Way" is the most dull Pain of Salvation opener in the universe. Why anyone thought it was appropriate to open an album with this tranquillizer song I will never understand. The middle section when Gildenlow is singing in a weird time signature sounds so bad. Really though you'll be lucky to fall asleep before this overlong, overwrought grandpa rock gets to the next song because it gets worse. "She Likes to Hide" is slow sleazy song of bluesy boredom, it would be "super boring" rather than "boring" but fortunately it is over in less than 3 minutes. "Sisters" is some kind of weird ballad and it's very long and boring. "Of Dust" will put you to sleep if you are still awake by this point, although you will experience a moment of uncomfortable laughter when the spoken word part kicks in, because you will think, "LOL this is so stupid, what was D/Gildenlow thinking???" "Tell Me You Don't Know" will be skipped every time because you are so embarrassed on Gildenlow's behalf. "Sleeping under the Stars" sounds a Tom Waits song with all the Awesome(TM) removed. "Darkness of Mine" is hilariously over-the-top and laughable. "Linoleum" sounds like extremely drunk Foo Fighters. I'm not even going to finish talking about these songs. This album sucks. The last four songs are all bad. Actually, I will mention "Innocence", the finale, because at times it ALMOST seems like it COULD HAVE BEEN good.

Disclosure: _Entropia_ is my favorite. The first four PoS albums are brilliant. _BE_ was mostly great with some terrible moments. I really liked _Scarsick_ a lot.
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A Serbian Film
A Serbian Film
DVD ~ Srdjan Todorovic
Offered by out of this world
Price: $10.09
27 used & new from $10.09

50 of 70 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The most powerful horror film., September 20, 2011
This review is from: A Serbian Film (DVD)
Where do you even start with a review for this movie? This might not even qualify as a "review" in the typical sense. Well to explain my "paradigm" from which I'm coming from, let me say i've always had a fascination with violence and "disturbing content" on film and in the media. So I've seen a lot of "horror movies" but also a lot of other weird things. I've explored the worst of the worst but virtually never is there a film where violence is used to inflict really, really soul-scarring damage. That is because, you see, most "extreme" violence films are what I would call "Trashy". This can refer to the poor quality of their presentation, but more often it refers to an attitude about violence. Violence used for entertainment, I think, is perfectly okay and sometimes very awesome. On the other hand, violence as a tool to evoke a different emotional effect has an entirely different effect on us as a viewer. And I have always been interested in those latter kinds of things. I don't know why. Humans have always had that curiosity, they just externalize it differently.

Most of the "most disgusting/violent/disturbing movies", according to the internet, are actually in this "trashy" category, so they aren't _really_ all that disgusting or violent or disturbing. They are just dumb and do not create an emotional effect beyond something superficial and shallow. Often they are just bad movies so they generate contempt for wasting anyone's time. They certainly do not create a real sense of HORROR or TERROR. And you know, I have always wanted to find the pinnacle of _really_ disturbing/violent films for years now.

That movie is definitely _A Serbian Film_, without any doubt. I will not discuss the story at all or refer in detail to any specific scenes. I don't even really think anyone should watch this movie, and you can go read more about it elsewhere. I'm not really here to make this movie sounds interesing so that you go watch it, and honestly the basic premise is pretty clever so if I avoid that issue it's probably for the best.

But I will say -- without hesitation but still feeling a bit weird about it -- _Serbian Film_ is a MASTERPIECE. It is the scariest film of all time, easily. The way it creates an emotional attachment, establishes an atmosphere of utter, paralyzing dread, and its escalation from one unbelievably devastating, brutal, and shocking scene to another, is really, really effective. This movie really really, really terrifying. In terms of craftsmanship, the filmmakers really deserve credit. They know what makes a good horror film, and then they just raised the intensity and brutality to infinity and beyond. The level of depravity and cruelty inflicted upon people in this movie is really unimaginable to the average person. Your heart will feel like it's going to explode about halfway into the film... and then it gets way worse. I almost couldn't bear to see what was going to happen in the end (although it's somewhat predictable, which actually makes it WORSE as the end approaches), but I did and it sucked. No, the ending did not suck in the sense that it was "bad", because it was a good ending in terms of climactic narrative, but in the sense that it BAD -- like "that's the worst thing I can ever imagine happening" kind of BAD.

Some people will jump in at this point and say, "Oh well it can't be as bad as X". No, shut up. You don't know what you're talking about. It's way, way worse than X. I promise you, I have seen all those obscure movies you scour google for days and weeks to find. "Oh but have you seen--?" Yes, I've seen it. "But i bet you haven't seen--". No, _i've seen that too_. And it's mostly trash.

But here is why this movie is not "trash". First of all, it is extremely well made. The acting is very effective, the writing is sharp (even with some nice moments of tenderness and humor early on). But most importantly the story, which is probably not very realistic or anything, is completely absorbing and it makes the viewer care. We can appreciate the main character's situation. He seems to be a likable dude. We want good things to happen to him and his family. But, then he is lured in by what seems to be a good opportunity and becomes quite literally enslaved to evil. Our empathy becomes horror magnified a thousandfold by the fact that we give a damn, and by the unbelievable intensity of evil perpetrated -- manipulating someone into doing something they would never do, something that is so vile that even talking about it will make you puke.

It almost makes you forget that you are watching this movie because it's supposedly the "nastiest ever" and not because it's just a good movie. Almost. But then it beats you like a sledgehammer as a good movie AND the nastiest.

And yet here is the paradox. This is not really a good movie, like "I recommend this" or "I would watch this again." In that sense, it is the worst movie. But because it is the best worst movie, it is actually amazing. But your soul will be shattered when you watch it. The ending is literally the most horrible thing ever on film. I will certainly never, EVER watch it again. Just thinking about it makes me feel bad. But I cannot deny that it is incredibly powerful on its own terms, and it has to be taken seriously. This is not like our normal horror movies where violence is really part of the fun. But here with _Serbian Film_, you dread violence like you do in real life. That is a powerful effect and I can count the number of movies like that on one hand. All possible goodness in this movie is utterly broken, corrupted, and destroyed by the end, through abject violence. Your soul bleeds into the ether as the credits roll.

Is this movie "deep" or interpretative on some level? I don't know. Maybe it doesn't matter. "This is a diary of our own molestation by the Serbian government... It's about the monolithic power of leaders who hypnotize you to do things you don't want to do. You have to feel the violence to know what it's about." Those are the words of the director. Take them for whatever they're worth. Indeed, truly horrible things happen to people in real life. Real horror is real people dying and suffering and being forced to do awful things with real consequences. In that sense, this movie is not that bad. No one died. No one got hurt. No actual children were exposed to anything inappropriate. But by drawing on some a real sense of loss and tragedy and horror they grew up with, the filmmakers create a really powerful horror film. I find that interesting.

My heart is racing just thinking about this movie. I feel like i could faint. Why did I even write this review? It makes no sense, i gave it 5-stars saying no one should see it and you will be scarred by it and probably react negatively _even if you normally dig this stuff_. Seriously. I could give it one-star and have the same content for this review. Another reviewer somewhere said it best, "You don't want to see this movie. You only think you do." Be careful. You can't go back in time and un-watch this movie after you watch it. And so in seeing _A Serbian Film_, my quest for the most violent and disturbing film of all time is over. After seeing this movie, I am reduced to spending the rest of my days watching nice happy things like episodes of "Sailor Moon".
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Price: $11.88
35 used & new from $6.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars "infernal machines arise - flesh and steel collide!", September 20, 2011
This review is from: Iconoclast (Audio CD)
Sometimes bands just seem to do everything right. Symphony X is basically a band like that. _Iconoclast_ is a brilliant prog-metal album. First of all, the band sounds tighter than ever and the production is really heavy, really METAL. It's sound is very similar to _Paradise Lost_. You know when bands suddenly gets 'heavier' on an album or two, and the heavier albums are the best albums? Yeah, this is like that. However, the band retains its knack for amazing vocals, melodic hooks, and songwriting that closes on your skull like a bear trap snapping shut. Not to mention some downright rippin' prog-metal breakdowns, face-melting solos, and a big, epic, "Rise of the Machines" kind of theme. There's an absolutely brilliant 'power ballad', "When All Is Lost". And that's saying a lot when you think of crazy songs that might be in that category, such as "Candlelight Fantasia," "Lady of the Snow", "Awakenings", "Paradise Lost", "Edge of Forever" maybe... anyway. You know, a lot of the album sounds kinda 'the same' at first, and it's long which doesn't help that initial impression (2-disc version is mandatory, if you get the 1-disc set you are stupid). But that is only at first, because give it some attention and the music reveals all the brilliant layers that make awesome prog-metal so tasty (especially with this emphasis on METAL and great hooks). I've listened to this to death since it was released and it fills me with joy. This is probably Symphony X's most _perfect_ album so everything else they release after this is just gravy. Well maybe the last song could have been a wee bit more epic and huge but it's still excellent so oh well. And one final comments, even after all these years there are still reviews that say Symphony X has "stupid" or "bad" lyrics, but come on, what do you expect, Edgar Allan Poe? It's a metal band, writing about (in this case) evil machine empires (or something) messing $&@% up. The lyrics are actually AWESOME when you think about it.

We Are the Void
We Are the Void
Price: $12.99
22 used & new from $6.64

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5.0 out of 5 stars perfect metal, nothing out there quite like this band., August 29, 2010
This review is from: We Are the Void (Audio CD)
Dark Tranquillity seems to be a band incapable of producing anything less than a great album. Most bands go through a history of releases comparable to topography, with varying heights of accomplishment. You know, like peaks and valleys. Dark Tranquillity seems to exist on a plateau, and over the course of their last three or four releases have really perfected the style that is manifest on _We Are the Void_.

This means _We Are the Void_ is good... very good. So good, in fact, that anything but an enthusiastic deluge of praise from the metal community is a shameful response. I cannot understand all the tepid reviews for this album. people perhaps are just negative and grumpy. like that guy who prefaces his review with "i've been a fan for a million years and i am hugely disappointed." Don't listen to this guy. I just don't get it. I realize opinions are subjective. But reasons for those opinions are still subject to validation or repudiation. So first of all, I don't understand the complaint that this is stylistically too similar to the last few. Well so what. That's what Dark Tranq does these days (and they do it amazingly well i might add). If you don't like it, wait until they change styles to something different for you. There is nothing bad per se about having a consistent sound over x amounts of releases. As to saying this band is in a creative rut... wow, seriously, if this guy is correct and this is a creative rut, then anything truly inspired would probably kill me because it would just be too good. I wish other bands could be so darn GREAT when they are in a creative rut! The sheer amount of amazing guitar writing along invalidates any claim that this is a creative rut.

Although their history of greatness predates it, since _Damage Done_ this band has been developing a remarkably distinctive and evocative style where brutally heavy and mechanically precise metal meets the stunning melody and swift speed of the early "Gothenburg" style. Yet there are also heavy duty uses of synths and pianos, wielded with such perfect taste and intelligence that no other band can claim such a success in the world of metal. Usually synths in metal sound either cheesy or "unheavy". You know when you go to a concert featuring a metal band with a keyboardist, and the sound quality snuffs out the sound of synths more or less entirely, but you never feel much like anything is missing? That's not what it's like with Dark Tranquillity's last several releases. Songs like "Archangelsk" and the epic finale "Iridium" reach cosmic heights of intensity with their crunching arrangements and synthed conjurations. Other times they are nothing more than the equivalent of ambient lighting, and other times counterpoints are built up specifically around the pianos, or they function as the main melodic device (like one of my favourite moments on the album -- the piano, drums and bass interlude that sets up the drop-dead stunning guitar harmonies of the middle section in "The Grandest Accusation").

And one might wonder just how metal it is with all these pianos and laserbeam synthesizers, well it is super-metal. Very heavy, very melodic, and just extremely masterful songwriting overall. You will be hooked right away, when "Shadow in our Blood" kicks in with its ominous clomping intro, and explodes into pure speed metal, with fast melodic riffs picked out meticulously. "Surface the Infinite" is whiplash inducing metal with blastbeat drumming and furiously melodic guitars. The title track is all-out speedy riffage and crunching arrangements. "In My Absence" glides through ripping metal, haunting piano lines, and creepy lyrics like "I know you're out there searching tonight - I'm right here - Another day and I cannot see through your eyes," and it builds intensity when it revisits the first riff with an altered rhythm, and it groves hard! Every song has killer riffs and guitar parts busting out the seams, and it seems ridiculously that these guys can keep coming up with this stuff and weave it all together to make each song such a dramatic rush. Even "Her Silent Language", which you might expect to be relatively "light(er)", starting as it does cascading pianos, cleanly sung verses, and a rather "light" groovin' guitar riff, has an all-out chugga-chugga metal rock-out in its bridge section.

The vocals are primarily growly-screaming, as it has been since "Haven", but you will hear Stanne's clean voice throughout the album, but not in a cheesy formulaic way like many contemporaries.

If you are a big Dark Tranq fan like me, pick this one up - you won't be disappointed. If you are new to the band, well... whether you check out the old classics like _The Gallery_ or _The Mind's I_, or something newer like _Damage Done_ or _Fiction_ or _We Are the Void_, or something weird like _Projector_, you are in for a treat.
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Dead as Dreams
Dead as Dreams
Offered by zionsgate
Price: $24.99
4 used & new from $19.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars black metal's ultimate masterpiece., April 5, 2010
This review is from: Dead as Dreams (Audio CD)
There are a lot of very special black metal bands and black metal albums. But there is no album that achieves the same terrible perfection and establishes its own echelon of superlative mastery as Weakling's _Dead as Dreams_. It's hard to think of it as "just" black metal, but if you do think of it that way, there is no better album.

If making such a claim, a good review would at this point undertake to explain, to some extent at least, _why_ this is the greatest black metal album of all time. A bold claim such as this needs something to back it up! Well, honestly, I must ask that you simply take my word for it. No, I have not heard EVERY black metal album ever made -- but I say with certainty that there is no better black metal album than this. Listening to it is a revelation that reveals the absolute truth that it is greater than anything.

Some will want more than this, but here is the problem -- how can i use my limited literary skills to convey the sheer greatness of _Dead of Dreams_? How do you describe music so awesomely, epically nihilistic that that angels would commit suicide if they listened to it? What can I say about these five huge tracks, all between 10 and 20 minutes in length, that reveal such cosmic aural horror that is virtually unintelligible for human language? What words describe the perfection of the vocals, which sound like a troll getting devoured by a pack of wild dogs? How can i give any adequate description of the soul-crushing violence of the incredible blasting metal, or the abyssal doomy sludge? What possibly comparison can I make to any other black metal album, when this is so much more than black metal, so much more than even the _greatest_ black metal? It would be as absurd a comparison as King Crimson to Nickelback just because they are in the "rock" category.

i could mention how you have probably not heard of Weakling. They existed only briefly in the late 90s, releasing only one album called _Dead as Dreams_, never touring, and breaking up without much fuss. But this does not add anything to the substance of the album other than create a bit of a mystique if I spin things like, "Oh Weakling was so good it just wasn't possible for mad genius such as this to continue for long..." I could also say it's strange that the greatest of all black metal comes not from the lands Scandinavia, but San Francisco. if you are inclined to believe, like i do, that the greatest masterpieces tend to be unfairly obscure, then perhaps this will make this review more convincing somehow.

this album is a revelation, like i said -- revelation in the sense that its "truth" has a standard outside any normal standard of _reason_. A lot of things one can intelligbly say about it are reducible to general traits that a lot of black metal has. It's just that this album has that _something_, that MAGIC, that you _cannot_ really talk about, the way you can talk about blast beats, screaming, evil guitar distortion, dirty production, etc.

so please, just take my word for it, and get it.
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For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto
For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto
by Murray N. Rothbard
Edition: Hardcover
25 used & new from $48.91

6 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This book changed me., March 25, 2010
It might change you too, if you pick it up and read it with an open mind.

The thesis of this book can be summed up as "libertarianism is a justified social philosophy and only it is capable of resolving our social problems in an economic and moral way." Other reviews can provide more detail, in fact you can read the whole book online for free if you know where to look and check it out yourself, or use the "look inside" feature.

Establishing that private property rights are ultimately justified, Rothbard tackles all the big issues of his day and our own -- war, the business cycle, environmental conservation, the public sector, welfare, education, personal liberty, etc. When he analyzes a problem and offers a libertarian solution, prepare to be have all your assumptions about the world challenged like you never thought possible, even if you are naturally sympathetic to the "lite" libertarian position of limited government. Rothbard does not pull punches -- only private property rights are justified, and therefore the government, which is intrinsically and institution that violates private property rights, is evil by nature and should not exist. The fact that libertarianism would be economically better is secondary to the moral issue. That is why this book is "hard"-core libertarianism and it is so valuable. (Most libertarian literature is grounded in economic arguments.)

That's the core of the book, essentially. For the remainder of this review I ask you indulge my personal story as to what this book meant to me when I read it -- perhaps that will produce a more compelling a reason to read it for some people.

This is the book that converted me to libertarian anarchism about 10 years ago, Before that, I was your typical minimal government "classical liberal" sort of guy. But in chapter 2, "Property and Exchange", I came across the argument that shattered my simplistic conception of the world and made me realize that no alternative to libertarianism is morally acceptable.

It wasn't that easy, of course. I grappled with Rothbard's arguments in my mind for a long, long time. I was figuring they were so radical they MUST be wrong, although the arguments were so clear and decisive it seemed oppressively difficult to say _why_ he was wrong. Eventually, I had to concede that Rothbard is, quite simply, correct on the issue of justice, and there is no honest way around it.

And this isn't even the hardest part! When it came time to face Rothbard's arguments on the superiority of PRIVATE COURTS and PRIVATE POLICE, I rather dogmatically assumed he had to be wrong. I could accept libertarian solutions to almost everything, being a classical liberal n' all that, but private courts? Private police?!? Come on... but even here, Rothbard is consistent where the classical liberal is not, and most importantly I found his arguments to be unassailable after long, careful, agonizing consideration. It is easy enough to agree that taxation is robbery, yet think taxing people to pay for socialized police services is legitimate just because "it has to be that way." But Rothbard attacks this inconsistency and demonstrates that socialized courts and police DON'T WORK, anymore than the post office, the Department of Education, or whatever, and government services are immoral anyway.

Needless to say, I am a Rothbardian now. People will say "Rothbard's solutions are impractical", which is simply false. What is impractical is the government, and liberty is the most practical solution of all. Not only that, but more important liberty is JUST. Let this book show you why -- it is the best introduction to libertarian-anarchism, along with another charming book by Dr. Mary J Ruwart called _Healing Our World_.
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