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SDC Nutrition About Time Diet Supplement, Chocolate Peanut Butter, 2 Pound
SDC Nutrition About Time Diet Supplement, Chocolate Peanut Butter, 2 Pound
Price: $36.14
14 used & new from $36.14

5.0 out of 5 stars Rich and creamy and great tasting, September 7, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have had problems with whey protein but isolate usually works well for me. Getting one that tastes good, however, isn't easy. Nor is getting one that mixes thick, like a malted. So, I was surprised when this one did both - tastes incredible and mixes thick and creamy, even when you don't add a banana or anything else.

I like that it's clean, with very few ingredients and it's all natural. And, it doesn't bother my stomach - regardless of what time of day I drink it.

This is an excellent choice if you're looking for a good protein isolate. I think it's prices reasonably for an isolate - especially of this quality. I still prefer eggwhite protein powder but this is cheaper and a real keeper.

-Susanna K. Hutcheson
Health & Fitness Researcher

High-Performance Training for Sports
High-Performance Training for Sports
Price: $14.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Discover the latest science in proven training protocols from experts all over the world, August 23, 2014
Training for elite athletes is quite intense and not at all like the weekend warrior or casual fitness enthusiastic. When you have to bike for hours or run for endurance or any of the other things expected of the very elite, you have to be at the very top of your game. That's where this book comes in.

Experts all over the world share their knowledge on how you can train like the Olympians and other top athletes and teams. You'll find the latest science with proven training protocols in the book. You will receive guidance in these areas:

Optimise the effectiveness of cross-training.
Translate strength into speed.
Increase aerobic capacity and generate anaerobic power.
Maintain peak conditioning throughout the season.
Minimise the interference effect.
Design energy-specific performance programmes.



Introduction: Understanding Modern Athletes
David Joyce and Daniel Lewindon

Part I Building Robust Athletes

Chapter 1 Evaluating Athletic Capacities
Mike McGuigan, PhD

Chapter 2 Developing Younger Athletes
Rhodri S. Lloyd, PhD, ASCC, CSCS*D, and Jonathan L. Oliver, PhD

Chapter 3 Enhancing Movement Efficiency
Craig Ranson, PhD, and David Joyce

Chapter 4 Stabilising and Strengthening the Core
Andy Barr and Daniel Lewindon

Chapter 5 Optimising Flexibility
Sue Falsone

Chapter 6 Monitoring the Training Response
Aaron J. Coutts, PhD, and Stuart Cormack, PhD

Chapter 7 Retraining the Injured Athlete
Daniel Lewindon and David Joyce

Part II Developing Athletic Capacity

Chapter 8 Customizing the Warm-Up and Cool-Down
Rett Larson

Chapter 9 Fine-Tuning Motor Control
Frans Bosch

Chapter 10 Using Strength Platforms for Explosive Performance
Daniel Baker, PhD

Chapter 11 Successfully Translating Strength Into Speed
Derek M. Hanson, CSCS, BA, MASc

Chapter 12 Optimising Training for Jumping and Landing
Jeremy Sheppard, PhD

Chapter 13 Increasing Agility
Sophia Nimphius, PhD, ASCC, CSCS*D

Chapter 14 Generating Anaerobic Power
David Martin, PhD

Chapter 15 Establishing Endurance for Repeated Performance
Darcy Norman

Chapter 16 Boosting Aerobic Capacity
Grégory Dupont, PhD

Chapter 17 Optimising Effective Cross-Training Methods
Tony Rice, PhD, and Chris Spinks

Part III Delivering Performance

Chapter 18 Planning a Performance Program
Ben Rosenblatt, PhD, ASCC, CSCS*D

Chapter 19 Designing Energy-Specific Programs
Joel Jamieson

Chapter 20 Minimising the Interference Effect
Glenn Stewart

Chapter 21 Optimising Preseason Training in Team Sports
Darren Burgess, PhD

Chapter 22 Peaking for Competition in Individual Sports
G. Gregory Haff, PhD, CSCS*D, FNSCA, AWF-3, ASCC, ASCA-2

Chapter 23 Maintaining an In-Season Conditioning Edge
Stuart Yule

Chapter 24 Recovering Effectively in High-Performance Sports
Christian J. Cook, Liam P. Kilduff and Marc R. Jones

About the Editors
About the Contributors

Highly recommended.

-- Susanna K. Hutcheson
Health & Fitness Researcher

Conditioning to the Core
Conditioning to the Core
Price: $10.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Strength and conditioning coaches share the secrets to getting a core that delivers dynamic strength and power, August 17, 2014
Conditioning to the Core is a comprehensive guide to training the entire core in order to garner the highest athletic performance. I might add, functional performance as well. It contains color-coded stability, strength, and power training exercises, programs, and assessments. The book has lots of great color photos of the many exercises, complete with instructions.

The core is the center of power. With a strong core, an athlete can perform with great strength and endurance and the average Joe can function better in his or her everyday activities well into old age. One can't stress enough the importance of a powerful core and to that end, you will be greatly helped by this book.

Admittedly the book is aimed at the athlete and their trainers. But anyone can learn from it. I especially enjoyed the part on power, strength and speed and was overwhelmed and delighted at the many exercises available to produce a dynamic core. I found lots of new exercises to add to my arsenal and so will you.

Here's what you'll find in the book:


Introduction: Unleashing Your Core Potential

PART I Core Benefits

Chapter 1. Key Sports Performance Factor
Chapter 2. Anatomical Lynchpin
Chapter 3. Injury Reduction
Chapter 4. Strength and Power Source
Chapter 5. Exercise Selection and Training Considerations

PART II Core Stabilization Training

Chapter 6. Anti-Extension Exercises
Chapter 7. Anti-Rotation Exercises
Chapter 8. Scapulothoracic Exercises
Chapter 9. Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Exercises

PART III Core Strength Training

Chapter 10. Anti-Extension Exercises
Chapter 11. Anti-Rotation Exercises
Chapter 12. Scapulothoracic Exercises
Chapter 13. Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Exercises
Chapter 14. Total Core Exercises

PART IV Core Power Training

Chapter 15. Anti-Extension Exercises
Chapter 16. Anti-Rotation Exercises
Chapter 17. Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Exercises

PART V Core Testing and Program Design

Chapter 18. Core Assessment Tools
Chapter 19. Complete Core Program
Chapter 20. Advanced Core Programs
Chapter 21. Sport-Specific Core Programs

Highly recommended.

-Susanna K. Hutcheson
Health & Fitness Researcher
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The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet
The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet
by Nina Teicholz
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $17.70
55 used & new from $16.74

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A good addition to the low carber's library and good information to those who don't know which way to turn for the perfect diet, August 13, 2014
Nina Teicholz, author of The Big Fat Surprise, is a low carber and you know going in that she will only be kind to the "science" backing that lifestyle and find holes in the "science" backing other diets. Even the popular Mediterranean Diet is shown to be somewhat of a fraud. This especially interested me as I thought it healthy. I had no idea of the enormous amount of money making this diet popular and the lack of science behind it.

Most of the material in this book has been published by Taubes and Bailor and many other low carb pushers. It leaves the reader not really knowing how to eat, what oils to use when and it's the basis of confusion.

While the author discusses cholesterol, she doesn't know if it's a medical problem or not. Does anyone? But she tends to go along with the line that it has been made too much of and is not a real threat to health. She gives lots of studies but fails to even mention the recent study showing the relationship between high cholesterol and alzheimer's disease. In fact, I don't know of any of these authors who have mentioned that. Nor have I read the study enough to punch holes in it myself. But, if true, it's a reason for legitimate concern.

I've read about Ancel Keys ad nauseam and, of course, this is more or less where this book starts. Then it reads like a Taubes book. She has done a good deal of research. She's spoken with the people who are still living who participated in the low fat studies and the other diet studies.

I think she perhaps gives a good supplement to the Taubes writings and she offers the low carb community more information if not ammunition. Of course, the low carb diet is not at all new. It was tried with a good deal of success decades ago. But there was no governmental interest, no big food or big pharma interest and no money to do studies to any large extent.

One can't help but wonder if the low carb diet is just another low fat diet, South Beach Diet, Atkins and on and on with no real evidence that it will work or that it won't even do us harm. The low fat craze has injured several generations of people who followed it unwittingly and trusting those in positions of power.

As the author says, the American public has been used in a very big, very dangerous experiment. We don't want to be used in another one.

- Susanna K. Hutcheson
Health & Fitness Reacher

FITNESS CONFIDENTIAL: Adventures in the Weight-Loss Game
FITNESS CONFIDENTIAL: Adventures in the Weight-Loss Game
Price: $9.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Excellent entertaining writing but lacking in science and alternatives, July 22, 2014
The author is a brilliant writer and story teller. This book is mostly autobiography along with some diet and exercise advice. The diet? Don't eat sugar or grains. However, there is absolutely no science, no studies, to back a thing he says. I personally abhor these books that want you to eliminate an entire food group. But, we can overlook that. We could overlook it if he expanded on what constitutes sugar, what turns into sugar and what he believes can be eaten in moderation and how he can prove it. But, that doesn't happen.

The exercise part? Join a gym and lift free weights. Well, that lets out a whole lot of proven, excellent exercise methods like bodyweght exercises that many of us love and enjoy and that - well - seems to work for us. And it lets out folks like me who have a home gym or workout at home.

The book is a cute look into the fitness industry which, like all businesses, are out to get your money. Not that that's a surprise or should be a surprise. But, he offers tips to save you some money too.

His life story? It's interesting. His battle with cancer is inspiring. But few of us can take chemo in a doctor's home and recover in the doctor's home. We don't get that sort of care. So his outcome had a far better chance going in. Having said that, cancer is a tough opponent and I honor anyone who can beat it in whatever manner available to them.

All in all, I found the book entertaining and fun reading. I found one of his little writing habits annoying. You know how some things are cute when you first read them? He will introduce a character and say, "I'll call her _____. Well, because that's her name." Ok. Once, it's cute. He says it all the time. He also says it in his newsletters and it's no longer cute nor effective.

I found a few good take-aways. But it is simplistic and the view of one person with no science to back it and no alternatives offered. Dogmatic. Young people would be drawn to it as it's simple, easy to read and doesn't cause you to think much. But I'm not young and I expect more from what I read. I also am a researcher and demand the science and even the science can change in ten years. You know, eat margarine. No, eat butter.

The book is worth reading if you want to be entertained and, to some extent, inspired to get up and move and to eat better. Just don't take everything you read in it as gospel. It's only one man's view.

- Susanna K. Hutcheson
Health & Fitness Researcher/Reviewer

The Qigong Workbook for Anxiety: Powerful Energy Practices to Rebalance Your Nervous System and Free Yourself from Fear (New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)
The Qigong Workbook for Anxiety: Powerful Energy Practices to Rebalance Your Nervous System and Free Yourself from Fear (New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)
Price: $9.39

15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Respected Chinese QiGong Master provides the secret to being free of fear and anxiety and finding inner peace, June 29, 2014
I accidentally discovered Master Kam Chuen Lam when I found an old VHS of his Stand and be Fit. I was captured by his enthusiasm and knowledge and his terrific personality that comes across easily. I liked the way he did the video on location in China and above all, I liked the way the simple exercises made me feel. I liked the energy they gave me and the strength I felt.

And so, when I discovered he had a new book and it was on a topic I have a good deal of interest in, anxiety, I wanted badly to read it and apply it to my daily life.

In the past I would try to avoid thinking about things that made me anxious or troubled. But Master Lam teaches a very different approach. He writes:

"In the ancient tradition of qigong, which is a way of working with all forms of energy, trying to avoid our actual experience is not considered healthy. Whatever we are experiencing is part of the total energetic field, both around us and in us. The more we are open to it, the more power we can draw from it."

And so, I started to allow the feelings to do their worst. I found, as a result, they would diminish as I stood like a tree and did the other simple energy producing exercises he teaches in the book. The Qigong exercises are a form of Zhan Zhuang which means "standing like a tree" and is roughly pronounced "Jan Juang", or, in southern China, "Jam Jong". This is the method he teaches in his video "Stand Still and Be Fit" (1995) and the one that is helping me so much. It's now on You Tube if you'd like to view it. And it's a form he teaches in this book. In the current book, however, many of the exercises are done sitting rather than standing.

This new work is in a workbook format so that you can follow the exercises illustrated in the book and record your own progress over time. It is very interactive and unique to your needs.

With this book, you will learn to relate yourself and your anxiety in a manner very different from the familiar western perspective. You will also learn to recognize your inner resistance to those moments of anxiety and other overwhelming emotions.

Master Kam Chuen Lam has been a traditional Chinese healer for over forty years. He is also an internationally respected authority in the Chinese health systems of qigong and tai chi. He has produced over ten titles on these subjects and they have been sold across the world in over 17 languages.

In these wonderful, empowering exercises you'll learn to turn feelings of anxiety into resilience and inner strength. The workbook also contains illustrations to help you easily do the exercises. Anyone can do them. They require no equipment and are simple to learn and put into action immediately. The author has incredibly effective communications skills and writes in an easy flowing style that makes reading a pleasure. And it makes learning very easy and even fun.

There are many forms of qigong. This method was taught to Master Lam by his Master, Professor Yu. Master Lam says in the book, "The fundamental practice of wi ji is to align yourself, normally in a standing position, so that your body is centered, well-balanced, and upright -- and to remain in that position, without moving, while you progressively relax all your muscle groups, until the flow of energy within you and around you gives you what might be called a complete energy bath." He then goes on to show you how to practice wu ji. Wuji (pinyin) or Wu Chi (Wade-Giles) is an important component of Taoist cosmology. It is the Chinese word used to point to the unmanifest aspect of Tao, or Tao-in-stillness. It is this stillness that allows the nervous system to calm down and for you to regain your peace of mind and empowerment.

"Standing still in wu ji helps calm your nervous system. This process of relaxation is vital to your health and well-being. If your nervous system is agitated, the flow of energy throughout your body is seriously impeded. As you stand in wu ji, follow the following inner relaxation sequence." He then describes the method for you. He adds:

"Inner relaxation is the secret of all health and well-being. As you practice the postures and movements in this book, your inner work is to relax -- whether you are standing still or moving. You can then carry this inner relaxation with you throughout your day, whatever you are doing."

But, there is more in the book than exercises. The book is a complete guide to overcoming fear and anxiety and you'll discover how to use your senses to help you become calm and centered and deal with your fears and anxieties. You'll learn to use your sense of smell, vision and hearing. You'll also learn how to take tea in a way that will have a calming effect. You'll read:

"So what should you do if you want to use the power of taste in an intelligent way and not succumb to the unhealthy eating habits of the modern world? There is an ancient tradition - famous in China, but also enjoyed throughout the rest of the world - that I highly recommend: drinking tea. Drinking a cup of tea is a way of engaging all our senses in a sophisticated way. There's the shimmering surface of the tea in the cup, the aroma that arises from the steaming tea, the delightful sound of the tea being poured from the pot into the cup, the warmth of the cup in your hands, and the taste of the tea itself. Every culture has its own version of a tea ceremony. Whether it is in a Middle Eastern market, a stately home in Europe, a Japanese teahouse, an Indian garden, or a Western restaurant, tea works its magic."

There's so much more in the book than I'd expected. It even gives you a daily schedule that will help you win the battle over fear and anxiety. It's truly a book of healing. It is also, however, a book of empowerment whether you suffer from anxiety or not. And do not be misled by the use of the word Qigong. Qigong simply means Life Energy Cultivation. It has its roots in Chinese medicine and while there are forms of martial arts Qigong, this is not that sort of Qigong. These are gentle exercises that result in calming, rooting, peace and inner happiness. They give you release from your fears and anxieties. They are proven to work. They've worked for thousands of years and some say it was passed on in secret transmission in China.

While the exercises are calming and healing, there's more to them. Contrary to the most common notion of cardiovascular exercise necessitating vigorous movement, it is said that zhan zhuang confers significant physical conditioning. Postures used vary among martial arts and styles, with many schools using postures according to their own traditional forms (though the basic structure and principles of zhan zhuang practice largely do not vary). The type used in this book are healing and give energy.

Do these exercises work? They do for me. The Tao Te Ching, penned by the beloved Laozi, says, "By standing alone and unchanging, you will find that everything comes to you and the energy of the cosmos will never be exhausted."

The Taoist philosopher Zhuangzi tells us that the sages of old were "still and unmoved . . . Their breathing came deep and silent." Their "minds were free from all disturbance . . . forgetting everything." They were "open to everything and forgot all fear of death."

Highly recommended.

-- Susanna K. Hutcheson
Health & Fitness Researcher

SmartSign Adhesive Vinyl Label, Legend "Do Not Disturb" with Graphic, 10" high x 7" wide, Black/Red on Yellow
SmartSign Adhesive Vinyl Label, Legend "Do Not Disturb" with Graphic, 10" high x 7" wide, Black/Red on Yellow
Price: $5.49

4.0 out of 5 stars So far it's working, June 28, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
It's too early to know if this will work or not. I've had a No Soliciting sign on my door for ages and people still come to my door. I'm especially bothered by lawn mowing boys. So, I bought this. Why? Well, it's bright colored, fairly big and above all -- it has a picture. People seem to either be unable to read or too lazy to do so. But they're used to pictures thanks to their phones and devices. I'm hoping this picture will let them know I do not want their services. I'll update this when I'm more convinced of its effectiveness. In the meantime, it's worth giving it a try.

Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas
Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas
by Edward Klein
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $16.79
129 used & new from $7.98

214 of 243 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Well presented saga of four big egos and their skills and weaknesses, June 27, 2014
Edward Klein writes a great story. His writing, his reporting, is impeccable. His sources seem to be very credible. Of course, we all remember conversations slightly different than they were and in each person who does the telling the story seems to grow like a tornado in Kansas. But the original intent seldom changes. And facts are checked.

This book is a page-turner. I seldom pay much attention to the stories of politicians because they're all so shallow and egotistical and such experienced psychological lairs. But this book is not written "by" a politician but by a skilled and, hopefully, objective reporter. One of the first things we're taught in journalism school is to be objective. Unfortunately, however, people don't seem to be learning that anymore. I think Klein still maintains that vital journalistic skill.

Everything in the book has already been leaked or reviewed here. I won't repeat all that. All I'll say is that it's an eye-opener. I'd heard some of the stories before and suspected many more. With politicians, you're not dealing with normal people. Power is the coin of the realm to them --- the only currency they know or care about.

I personally do not like the Clintons nor do I like the Obamas. Nor for that matter do I like many on the other side of the isle. I dislike politicians equally and without bias or regard to party or anything else. Frankly, I liked the Clintons and the Obamas even less after reading this delightful book.

The egos of the two Clintons and the two Obamas are unbelievable. They all four feel entitled. That, I think, is at the center of this book. The feeling of utter entitlement coupled with childish fears and insecurities that make them close to pathological people ill fit to lead. And yet the American public vote for these people. They adore Bill Clinton as if he were a god. In return, Clinton uses the public's adoration for his advantage. He uses everyone and everything. But then, all pols do. It's just that Bill Clinton is superior at it. Both families want dynasties. It's all about them. Not the American people.

Edward Klein has given us an eloquent study on two powerful families and their inordinate need to get and keep total power long term.

-- Susanna K. Hutcheson
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Benefiber Fiber Supplement - 722g 190 servings
Benefiber Fiber Supplement - 722g 190 servings
Offered by PrimeBuy
Price: $27.00
20 used & new from $23.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Better than the generic by far, June 27, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I mix this in my morning protein shake and use it at least one other time a day in just some water. I've also used the generic. They're not the same. The generic has an odd taste and clumps. It's also not totally clear. This is none of those things. It has no taste. It's clear. It mixes well. Oh, and it works. Pay a bit extra and get a lot more. And the Amazon price is better than what you'll likely get locally - even with a coupon.

Zing Spices Nutmeg Ground, 3 Ounce
Zing Spices Nutmeg Ground, 3 Ounce
Price: $1.00
2 used & new from $1.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Lovely, tangy taste, June 27, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I drink Turmeric tea often and use Nutmeg in it. In fact, I use a lot of nutmeg. I wanted something really good and some spices I use I am sort of picky about. So, I thought I'd try this. I'm glad I did. It's in a very nice, sturdy plastic shaker that lets you use a spoon if you need to. And the flavor is superior, in my opinion at least, to what you get at the store.

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