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Overcoming Obstacles in Cooking
Overcoming Obstacles in Cooking
by Matthew W. Miller
Edition: Paperback
Price: $32.39
19 used & new from $15.00

5.0 out of 5 stars I am motivated to cook because of this book., April 18, 2014
I have cerebral palsy like the author in this book. I have problems with fine motor skills like cutting and peeling. I would have a hard time cooking anything that involves heat too. With assistance from someone, I can try to make some of the recipes that Matthew Miller includes in this book. I believe that any new experience is an obstacle at first. I also believe that each obstacle is an opportunity for growth.

I love to try to make a crunchy cauliflower salad. This salad includes cauliflower, radishes, water chestnuts, onions and sour cream. This sounds like a delicious salad that I would definitely eat. There is another recipe for zucchini bread that I would like to try. This recipe involves using zucchini, raisins, cinnamon and eggs. I would need help cracking the eggs, but this is something I would enjoy eating. There is a recipe for a winter black bean salsa that I would to try to make. This recipe includes tomatoes, corn, jalapeno peppers. I love to bring this salsa to my friend's house for a party. There is a recipe for a fruit cup salad. This includes pineapple, bananas, pecans and lemon juice. This salad sounds simple enough for me to make on my own. I would just use a chopper device to get the ingredients the right size and amount.

Matthew Miller advises to start making recipes with the fewest number of ingredients. This is great advice for someone with a disability. He also points out that people with disabilities might need more time to learn how to cook. I will probably make a lot of mistakes when cooking something so this is something I need to remember. There are television sitcoms like The Cosby Show and Full House that feature characters cooking. I love watching these shows. I will be sure to look for specific episodes about cooking. Matthew Miller includes a beautiful poem entitled "Different". This poem focuses on the ability of a person and not the disability of a person. The tone of this poem is positive. It encourages a person to celebrate having a disability. I love everything about this book. It motivates me to start cooking.

SterlingPro 8 Cup (1 liter, 34 oz) French Coffee Press-#1 With 2 BONUS Screen FREE(over $25 value)-Durable Coffee & Espresso Maker with Stainless Steel Plunger & Heat Resistant Glass--- Best shinning Chrome--Great Christmas & Birthday Gifts for Coffee Lover-Limited Quantity!!
SterlingPro 8 Cup (1 liter, 34 oz) French Coffee Press-#1 With 2 BONUS Screen FREE(over $25 value)-Durable Coffee & Espresso Maker with Stainless Steel Plunger & Heat Resistant Glass--- Best shinning Chrome--Great Christmas & Birthday Gifts for Coffee Lover-Limited Quantity!!
Offered by SterlingPro
Price: $65.00
2 used & new from $29.85

4.0 out of 5 stars I will strive to learn how to use this French coffee press better., April 14, 2014
I haven't made a good cup of coffee yet, but I am not giving up on this French coffee press. My biggest problem is getting the temperature of the water just right. The water that I have been using has been too hot. The coffee comes out tasting bitter as a result. This coffee press is good exercise for my hands. I often don't press down hard enough for it to work, but I am getting better at it. I don't have good dexterity in my hands to do this well enough in the morning This coffee press takes a lot of effort. I will strive to learn how to use this French press better.

The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph
The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph
by Ryan Holiday
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $18.71

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5.0 out of 5 stars I hope this book will help me become a happier and more productive at work., April 9, 2014
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This book will help me approach the obstacles and present situation with more clarity and confidence. I recently applied for a job that I did not get. I originally perceived this as a negative experience, which it is. I will try to apply the three phases of overcoming obstacles that Ryan Holiday writes about this book. The three steps are to change my perception of my situation, take the proper course of action and to strengthen my will and continue at my present job.

The author provides a story to illustrate how these three steps work. Each story in this book contains a pearl of wisdom that makes me feel better. I am inspired by the example of Thomas Edison. He continued to invent things even after his lab burned down. I learned from Thomas Edison that I should embrace the setbacks in life and keep working. I am inspired by the life of John McCain. He served with honor with his fellow as a prisoner in Vietnam instead of refusing a chance for freedom. John McCain helps me realize that my decisions affect other people. I am inspired by the life of James Garfield. He worked as a janitor to pay his college tuition and later became the President of the United States. I learned from this example is that every job is worth doing well.

The advice in this book is based on maintaining an even keel about obstacles in life. I will strive to see the positive aspects in every negative experience. This book motivates me to work harder to provide employment services for my clients. I will also try focus on the things I can change and not dwell on things I can not. What I can change is my attitude about my job. What I can not change is the amount of money that I earn. The Obstacle Is The Way will help make me a happier and more productive person.

Price: $9.00
39 used & new from $7.10

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5.0 out of 5 stars Linda's duets are part of her enduring musical legacy., April 8, 2014
This review is from: Duets (Audio CD)
Linda Ronstadt has left behind a great musical legacy. This duet album is part of that legacy. For the first time, I get to hear all of Linda's greatest duets on one CD. My favorite track is "Prisoner In Disguise". This is a duet with JD Souther. This song is musically arranged perfectly. It has the acoustic guitar in the beginning of the song and superb piano playing in the rest of the song. JD and Linda harmonize so well on this song. "Don't Walk Away Renee" is another highlight. This song is very pleasant and soothing to me. "I Can't Get Over You" is another excellent duet with Ann Savoy. This song expresses heart break beautifully. Linda duets with James Taylor on the song "I Think It's Going To Work Out Fine". This song has a faster tempo. It contains a few seconds of saxophone playing. The sax playing makes this song groovy to me. I love the way Linda belts this song out with spirit. "Some where Out There", "Don't Know Much" and "All My Life" three of my favorite pop songs from the eighties and nineties. Linda's vocals on these three tunes have made them into contemporary pop music classics."Sisters" is a breezy sounding duet with Bette Midler. I enjoy listening to all of these songs very much.

Sergeant Stubby: How a Stray Dog and His Best Friend Helped Win World War I and Stole the Heart of a Nation
Sergeant Stubby: How a Stray Dog and His Best Friend Helped Win World War I and Stole the Heart of a Nation
by Ann Bausum
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $16.93

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sergeant Stubby is a reminder that a dog can be a war hero too., April 4, 2014
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Sergeant Stubby is the true story about the relationship[ between a soldier and his bull terrier in France. during World War One. Stubby captured a German prisoner. For this courageous action, he earned the prestigious German Iron Cross. Using his keen sense of smell, Stubby also warned soldiers of gas attacks. This enabled soldiers to escape in time. Stubby and his owner Robert Conroy also escaped numerous gas attacks during the war too.

I admire Robert Conroy, because of the way he honored his dog after the war. He donated his dog's uniform and a scrap book of his dog to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. Robert Conroy individual achievements are equally impressive. He earned a law degree after the war and became a legislative aide. He also worked for the FBI for a few years.

I learned that the goal of World War One would be trying to spread democracy all over the world. Women gained the right to vote with the passage of the Nineteenth amendment in 1920, so I can say with pride that Americans were successful in World War One. Not every country is a democracy. This is why I have so much respect for military veterans. They fight so that American citizens can have the democratic freedoms to elect our own leaders.

Ann Bausum provides 25 discussion questions at the end of the book. One of the things she points out is that American soldier did not enter the war until 1917. Bausum does not offer any answers to these questions. She forces the reader to come up with their own answers. I think that President Wilson did not send troops overseas until 1917 because he wanted to ensure that Americans could successfully defeat the Germans and secure democratic freedom for everyone. I wish our current president possessed the ability to think like Woodrow Wilson. His foreign policy goals are not that clear to me. These discussion questions really reinforce the important material in the book. Sergeant Stubby combines the themes of war and friendship. The combination of these themes makes Sergeant Stubby a special book.

The Kill Switch: A Tucker Wayne Novel (Sigma Force Novels)
The Kill Switch: A Tucker Wayne Novel (Sigma Force Novels)
by James Rollins
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $20.51

5.0 out of 5 stars The Kill Switch is an exciting adventure novel with beautiful geographical settings., March 20, 2014
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The Kill Switch is an exciting novel by James Rolllins. The plot is centered around how a former Army Ranger named Tucker Wayne, and his Belgium shepherd dog named Kane escort a Russian pharmacist out of Russia. They are being pursued by a Russian general and a female sniper across Russia and South Africa. The pharmacist is in search of a plant organism called the Last Universal Common Ancestor or LUCA for short that can be found in Africa.

LUCA is a real concept in science according to James Rollins. It is kind of like a stem cell plant that can adapt to any environment and interact with any other living organism. It is a mushroom shaped plant that emits sulfur. The fascinating thing is that LUCA can used in conjunction with other plants to create medicine. It can also used be used as a weapon that can contaminate the water supply and destroy vegetation. The science references in this book makes want to learn more information about LUCA,

I enjoy novels where a man and his dog work as a team. This combat dog understands 1,000 words. This man and his dog work in symbiotic harmony in this book. The dog supports the owner and vice versa all the time. This shepherd dog has the courage to confront lions and the ability to find villains and attack on command. I am always amazed by the things that dogs can be trained to do. I love dogs. I own two of them, so I understand the bond that a man can have with a dog.

I really enjoy the geographical aspects in the book. The characters in this book travel across Russia and South Africa. Rollins makes me feel me like I am travelling right along with them. I learned that the Volga is the longest river in Europe . I would love to take a submarine ride on the Volga river just to take in such a beautiful sight. I would love to visit a region of South Africa called Upington. I learned that is an area of South Africa where wine is produced. I would love to enjoy the caves and tunnels of Namibia to see what I could find. The Kill Switch is an entertaining adventure novel with beautiful geographical settings.

Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me a Mathematical Marvel
Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me a Mathematical Marvel
by Maureen Seaberg
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $19.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars This book gives me a greater appreciation of math and science., March 11, 2014
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Struck by Genius is a fascinating book about how a man becomes a math genius after a brutal mugging eleven years ago. Jason Padgett acquired synesthesia and savant syndrome after the accident. Jason is transformed from a carefree young man with a poor academic record into a person with a thirst for knowledge about math and science. There are negative things about Jason's brain injury. He is obsessed with germs and more open to bouts of depression because of his accident. His mathematical abilities seem to outweigh the negative aspects of his brain injury though.

Jason possesses an unique kind of synesthesia. It gives him the ability to assign a certain color with a certain number. He perceives something called fractal geometry in everything he encounters. Fractal geometry involves the repetition of a certain pattern. Jason also discusses examples of geometry in every day life like ripples in a water puddle during a rain storm. There is fractal geometry in the swirl of coffee in a cup and even in blood flow of veins in the body. I have never thought of real life examples of geometry before. There are math and science references in book that make me want to learn more. The Doppler effect is something that involves how a sound is perceived differently at two separate locations. The Pythagorean theorem involves something about the square root of sides being equal. I believe this theorem can used to construct buildings. Even though I did not formally study these concepts, I feel I learned something just by reading about it.

Jason is also a talented artist. This book includes some of his drawings. There is a drawing of a nautilus shell with triangles in it. There is a diamond shaped figure with circles in it. Jason's drawings attracted his wife Elena to him. Their easy going chemistry and loving relationship is something that I aspire to have some day with someone. I love the chapter about how Jason travels to his wife's home country of Russia to woo and convince her to marry him.

There is an invention called the creativity cap mentioned in this book. This cap sends electrical currents into the brains of people who do not have savant syndrome and it makes them smarter. In the example provided in this book, people who wore the creativity cap suddenly had the ability draw pictures more easily. I would love to use a creativity cap to become smarter. I am inspired by the life of Jason Padgett. His thirst for knowledge and his passion to share it is inspiring to me.

Mambo in Chinatown
Mambo in Chinatown
by Jean Kwok
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $20.48

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5.0 out of 5 stars Mambo In Chinatown is entertaining, informative but also heart warming., March 7, 2014
This review is from: Mambo in Chinatown (Hardcover)
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Mambo In Chinatown is about how the life of a twenty-two year old Chinese woman is transformed when she becomes a professional ball room dancer and dance instructor. I admire ball room dancer because of the athletic ability they possess. I have never done ball room dancing, but I enjoy visualizing all the spins, lifts and turns that Jean Kwok describes. I really like the title because I never thought Chinese people were known for being good ball room dancers.

Charlie is a strong lead female character. She starts the novel as a clumsy dish washer. But through hard work and determination, she becomes a graceful ball room dancer. The professional chemistry and romance that develops between Charlie and her dance partner is a lovely relationship that develops in the novel. I learned that having a background in tai chi and boxing could help someone become a graceful dancer.

I also like the relationship between Charlie and her younger sister Lisa. They are sisters, but because of an eleven year age difference their relationship is more like of a mother and daughter. This relationship is beautiful. Charlie feels enormous pressure about having to be both a sister and a mother at the same time. This is an aspect that makes Charlie's character so fascinating. I like reading how she tries to juggle two different roles.

I am half Chinese. So personally, I found the elements of Chinese culture included in this novel are fun to read. Kwok makes a reference to using the mugwort herb in acupuncture treatments. I have never tried this before, but I wonder if it would help me with my back and joints. She also makes a reference to eating caterpillar soup as a cure for the common cold. She sounds like a strange remedy, but it is so far out there that I would not try it. Kwok makes another reference to a dish called congee. This is a delicious rice porridge that I enjoy eating. There is also the theme of trying to please a Chinese person's parents while trying to live independently from them. This is something I try to do more of in my own life It is a theme that is handled very well in this novel. I found Mambo In Chinatown to be an entertaining, moving and informative novel. I really enjoyed it.

Morning Phase
Morning Phase
Price: $11.28
101 used & new from $4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars I love this new album from Beck., February 26, 2014
This review is from: Morning Phase (Audio CD)
"Morning Phase" is Beck's finest work. All of these songs touches me either lyrically, thematically or musically. "Waking Light" and "Unforgiven" are two songs that I enjoy lyrically. These two songs are reminders to embrace the end of life and not to be afraid of it. "Heart is a Drum" is a song that features beautiful piano playing. I can listen to this song while riding in the car. It is a song with a great beat that would always make me feel good. "Morning" is a song that gives me a sense of optimism that I can make the most of each day if I just slow down and accept things as they come. This song is very soothing and lyrically beautiful. "Country Down" is a song that contains thirty seconds of simple harmonica playing. Country Down is the kind of song that gives me the courage not be afraid and to explore different avenues in life. "Blackbird Chain" is a song with simple acoustic guitar playing. I have never seen a chain of black birds, so this song has a visually poetic quality for me. "Blue Moon" is a song that features a few seconds of good mandolin playing. The musical arrangements of "Country Down" Blackbird Chain" and "Blue Moon" are flawless. These songs are superbly crafted both musically and lyrically. I absolutely love this new album from Beck.

Edison and the Rise of Innovation
Edison and the Rise of Innovation
by Leonard DeGraaf
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $18.17
74 used & new from $10.98

5.0 out of 5 stars This Edison biography is informative and inspiring to me., February 22, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Edison and The Rise of Innovation is an biography by Leonard DeGraff He works as an archivist at the Thomas Edison National Park in New Jersey. Most biographies have just words in them. This biography is special, because it is includes photos of all the inventions. This biography also contains photos of the house where he lived and the lab where he worked. This biography is informative and inspiring to me. I want to invent things to make the lives of disabled people like myself easier. But, I will digress and offer my review of the book first.

I am fascinated by Edison's range of scientific curiosity. Most people know that Edison invented the electric light, but I learned that he started a company to develop things like cement, motion pictures and even rubber. I learned that rubber can be made from the latex extracted by the golden rod flower. I learned that latex can be extracted from 38,000 different species of flowers. This is just an amazing fact to learn.

Edison produced a film entitled The Life Of Abraham Lincoln in 1915. I am a big movie fan. I would love to see the quality of a film that is a century old. Edison unsuccessfully tried to market battery powered vehicles like cars and motorcycles. This is due in large part to the preference to Henry Ford's gas powered cars. in the early twentieth century. There are really neat pictures of Edison's early model vehicles in the book. Even though, his batteries did not work in vehicles, they powered things like radios, boats and telephone switch boards. I am amazed at the versatility of Edison's inventions.

Edison also invented the electric doll and the phonograph. He put a phonograph into the doll that gave it the ability to speak. He pioneered the first record club, in which people were sent twenty records to listen to every month. Leonard DeGraaf makes references to people I have never of like singer Enrico Caruso and actress Sarah Bernhardt. I would love to listen to Caruso's music and watch Bernhardt's films just to see if I would like them. This Edison biography sparks the inventive spirit in me. I would like to invent an inexpensive wheelchair that can move up steps and curbs. I would also invent a sturdier portable walker that I could use at work and in airplanes when I travel. I hope I can find the money, material and connections to make these inventions become reality someday.

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