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Star Trek Deep Space Nine - The Complete Fourth Season
Star Trek Deep Space Nine - The Complete Fourth Season
DVD ~ Avery Brooks
Offered by westcoastmedia
Price: $42.06
16 used & new from $37.69

5.0 out of 5 stars A True Warrior joins the DS9 Crew., September 18, 2007
Season 4 was the start of a major shift not just on DS9, but in the entire Star Trek Universe. A new war was started against a long time ally. The Klingons.

When things come to a head and Sisko can no longer deal with the Klingons he calls in the only person that can deal directly with the Klingons, a Klingon.

This brings Worf, one of the best warrior characters in television, to DS9. Most of the cast of TNG had previous commitments after TNG bowed out. Michael Dorn loved playing Worf, so he decided to continue on the role.

DS9 was no longer a safe haven to all who come calling. They'd had trouble with the Changelings, but nothing prepared them for war with the Klingons, a long time ally. The relations with the Klingons was tenuous, at best. When Sisko rescues the Cardassian Senate the Klingons objected.

When Klingons object, they don't negotiate. Klingons don't sit at bargaining tables. They don't send peace envoys. They don't send pigeons with notes tied to their legs. They start wars, fight to the death, and show no mercy. They take no prisoners, and hold grudges for generations.

This is diametrically opposed to the peaceful(largely) Federation. War is the absolutely the very last resort, and avoided at all costs whenever possible.

After a fierce battle, with dozens of Klingon ships, and the newly armored DS9(a must see for all Sci-fi fans), a tentative truce is found. Worf reminded Martok and Gowron the words of Kahless(the greatest Klingon warrior) "It is better to lose a battle to save an empire, then lose an empire to win a war!"

After the battle Worf is torn between his loyalty to the Federation, and his true Klingon Bloodline. He contemplates retirement to a far away sector. He would be far away from the Klingons the Federation, and any reminders of the dilemma that just won't go away. Sisko reminds him that he can go parsecs away, hide in some remote galaxy. That will not ease the conflict inside his mind.

A compromise is found and we have the newest member of DS9, who stays till the end.

A personal note: DS9 is easily my favorite of the Star Trek collection. It has romance, action, fights, and the widest realm of characters. You've got Quark the rogue bartender. Doctor Bashir the smug cocky doctor. You've got the enigmatic security officer Odo. Worf the high strung Klingon commander. Colonel Kira with a chip on her shoulder the size of the crab nebula. You've got the gorgeous 300 year old Trill Jadzia Dax, who's on her 8th life(host). You've got your chief engineer Miles Edward O'Brien, who came from TNG under different circumstances. He's married with a kid and far far more sedate then the Miles we had on TNG.

In lead of this rag tag crew is Benjamin Sisko, the widowed commander/captain. He's passionate and charismatic, yet rather laid back all in one. He's able to keep this crew from killing eachother while running a space station that sees traffic from two quadrants, and tons of alien characters.

Paul Potts [United Kingdom]: One Chance
Paul Potts [United Kingdom]: One Chance
134 used & new from $0.01

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Paul Potts silences Simon Cowell - not an easy task., September 18, 2007
When Paul Potts walked up on stage Simon Cowell asked what he was going to do.

Paul Potts said "I'm going to sing Opera!" The eyes of all three judges rolled, the audience was gasping.

Paul Potts proceeded to blow the audience away, and drove millions to tears, me included. His voice is amazing, and this from a normal citizen who sells phones. He has an amazing range, and can hold notes for a very long time. This is all with little training. Truly the most amazing winner from any of the Talent shows. America's got Talent, Britain's Got Talent, American Idol will never ever be the same. I think it will be tough as heck for anyone to come close to this guys talent.

To me, thought, the most satisfying part of the whole Paul Potts story is to see Simon Cowell at a loss for words and near tears. Piers Morgan apologizing to a contestant. A large share of the audience in tears. All things that are amazing to see.

Seeing Simon Cowell not able to speak for a full minute is a picture worth a thousand words.

Amazing story, from an amazing artist.

M*A*S*H - Season Eleven (Collector's Edition)
M*A*S*H - Season Eleven (Collector's Edition)
DVD ~ Alan Alda
5 used & new from $23.20

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5.0 out of 5 stars Final Season bowed it with Class, September 1, 2006
Season 11 left like M*A*S*H came in, with class. Though the show was completely different by the end, the show was still quality entertainment. The message and medium were radically different, but the quality was never lost. Even after 11 years M*A*S*H was still able to make you laugh, think, and cry, sometimes all in one episode. Some shows leave on crutches with lame stories and a tired cast. M*A*S*H didn't suffer that fate. That was rare 20 years ago, and even rarer today.

HEY LOOK ME OVER - Hawkeye sees nurse Kellye in a whole new light when she consoles a dying patient. Margaret, though, is putting up with a no-nonsence nurse who's giving the camp a once over.

TRICK OR TREATMENT - Halloween spooks most members as they exchange stories in O.R after a planned party is interupted by an influx of wounded. Mulcahy returns very tired after being worn out at the orphanage. He finds that there was a casualty, or so everyone thinks, when the good Father finds a tear in the soldier's eye.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS - Charles falls in love with a French nurse whose background concerns him. Meanwhile a North Korean prisoner is sought as a defector.

THE JOKER IS WILD - B.J, tired of hearing about Trapper's legacy as a practical joker, promises the biggest joke of all time. But, who's the real target?

WHO KNEW? - Hawkeye offeres to deliver a eulogy for a nurse that nobody knew, he dated a few times, and many didn't have good feelings for.

BOMBSHELLS - Hawkeye and Charles start a rumor, with Klinger, that Marilyn Monroe is coming to the 4077th. Word spreads like mad and almost everyone is extremely excited, including generals. B.J.s more concerned about a soldier that he had to leave for dead under fire while rescuing another.

SETTLING DEBTS - Hawkeye gets a letter from Mildred Potter, sending the Colonel into a rather paranoid streak. He places numerous phone calls to find out what's going on. Hawkeye, Charles, B.J and others set up a party for Potter's Mortgage, which was paid off early.

THE MOON IS NOT BLUE - Hawkeye and B.J try like mad to get an infamous movie to the 4077th. At the same time a visiting officer declares prohibition, including the still.

RUN FOR THE MONEY - After finding that an olympic runner is destined for the 4077th Klinger sees dollar signs and sets up bets with everyone. Everyone gets angry when it turns out the runner isn't coming. Instead it's the overweight, out of shape father of the runner. Margaret is most eager to get revenge upon a nurse from another unit.

THE U.N, THE NIGHT, AND THE MUSIC - A number of foreign dignitaries bring numerous vignets to various members. Charles meets an officer he assumes to be privledged, who's a chauffer. Margaret is infactuated with a Swedish man who has a rather delicate issue. Potter and Klinger have issues resolved an old fashioned way. Hawkeye, though, is stuck in the middle.

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS - Potter must deal with some disturbing news about his son-in-law who's visiting for a spell. Charles, meanwhile, is snoring. He denies it, keeping B.J, hawkeye awake. Eventually then entire camp yells at him, while still in denial.

SAY NO MORE - Margaret gets invited to a lecture and meeting with a doctor she admires. She ends up staying in camp with laryngitis. Hawkeye must deal with a rather calous Colonel who comes in to visit with his son who came into the 4077th in very serious condition with life in the balance.

FRIENDS AND ENEMIES - Potter must deal with a very long time friend who's behavior cost many patients their lives. B.J's ingrown toenail is a cause for aggravation when Charles gets some new records. Margaret gets a record player but no records to play. B.J conspires to stop the playing.

GIVE AND TAKE - A soldier comes in and he must deal with the man he shot who's lying next to him. He begins to question his own motives when the man was after his boots to keep his feet warm.

AS TIME GOES BY - After reading about a time capsule being in Stars and Stripes, Margaret and Hawkeye concoct a plan to build their own. This capule includes Radar's Teddy bear, a pair of boots, a dress from Klinger, a fishing lure, and a bottle of booze, which Margaret refuses to put in until Charles reminds her that it will be over 150 years old when the capsule is opened. Klinger tries to deal with a female sniper who was captured with a high powered rifle. (note: This was the final moments for everyone as G.F.A was filmed prior to this.

GOODBYE FAREWELL AND AMEN - The final episode is the most watched single show in the history of television, a record that is likely to never be broken. Nice to finally see it on DVD, and totally uncut.

Hawkeye is in a mental ward suffering from a complete breakdown after a rather disturbing bus ride after a day at the beach. Charles deals with the long delayed building of a latrine. He "captures" some North Koreans whom he fears will kill him when they reach into a motorcycle. They pull out insturments and proceed to drive Charles nuts while he tries to listen to Mozart. They play Mozart, and then he starts to train them classically.

Mulcahy must deal with possible deafness after trying to save some P.O.W's being held at the unit when the camp is shelled. B.J gets orders to go home early, which Potter says is unfair to the rest of the camp many of whom have been there longer. Potter let's him go after the entire camp, after seeing pictures of Erin, cheers at B.J's cries to be there for his daughter's second birthday. B.J leaves shortly before Hawkeye returns from his time away.

Klinger starts to have strong feelings for a Korean Woman, who was brought in as a sniper suspect, in As Time Goes By. He eventually asks her to marry him. She accepts.

Finally, after the all the wounded are finally gone, they entire camp sits down to talk about what their plans are. Potter will become semi-retired, and open the backroom as an office. Hawkeye will take over as the doctor in Crab Apple Cove. He says that after the experiences there "Being where the action is isn't all it's cracked up to be, for that neither is cracking up!" He figures that he wants to be able to talk to patients so he'll be a simple doctor in his home town. B.J says that he met this little cookie in the airport who begged him to run away with her "I figure what the heck" then says he's only kidding.

Everyone talks about getting home. Everyone, except that is, for Klinger, who's staying in Korea. Because his fiancee needs to find her family first.

Their final day together includes Klinger's marriage and lot's of tearful goodbyes, including a nice exchange between Charles and Margaret who've never really seen eye-to-eye.

All in all a great episode and I couldn't think of a better way to end the show. Klinger staying in Korea after all his attempts to get a section-8. Mulcahy, a priest, dealing with deafness. Charles facing serious issues with music after the prisoners he was working with and befriends are all killed aside from one. B.J and Hawkeye who've become the best of friends realizing that they may never see eachother again.

M*A*S*H - Season Ten (Collector's Edition)
M*A*S*H - Season Ten (Collector's Edition)
DVD ~ Alan Alda
Offered by Brand New Rarities
Price: $33.97
8 used & new from $5.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars Once Again. Mash doesn't dissapoint., February 28, 2006
Possibly the biggest change of the last seasons was the number of subplots that got intertwined in each episode. Many of the episodes had up to four by Season 10. This, again, didn't take anything away from the show at all. After numerous cast member changes, all of them major, nothing but time could stop M*A*S*H

(That's Show Biz) (1hr. Show). A traveling U.S.O show brings many vignettes to our friends at the 4077th. Klinger meets his hero, a very corny comedian who happens to be the group's manager, and emcee. Charles finds his music biases tested when an according player goes over to the piano and impresses him. A woman on the tour seeks a pair of ballet shoes that her brother carried. The best part, thought, is that Father Mulcahy identifies a stripper on the group.

(Identity Crisis) A soldier wants out, so badly that he swaps dog tags with a buddy of his who died in a battle. An insurance man is driving every nuts, except Potter, who bought some. Lastly, a patient gets a Dear John letter, with a request to return her picture. Hawkeye and Margaret come up with a great solution.

(Rumor At The top) Klinger hears that a visiting officer is trying to find a new crew for a MASH. Nobody wants to go, until Hawkeye and B.J Change the rumor to a cushy job to Charles, who goes over the top with the visitor. Classic.

(Give 'Em Hell Hawkeye) - A visiting supply man will give the camp what they need if they beautify the camp. Everyone thinks it's crazy, but they create a small park. This is all desribed in a letter, written to Harry Truman, by Hawkeye.

(Wheelers and Dealers) Potter goes back to driving School at the behest of Klinger who convinces him not to just "Pencil whip" it out. A letter from home makes B.J reckless at Poker, and then at the pinball machine in the Officer's Club. He also gets mad at Hawkeye for not understanding why he's upset because his wife had to take a job as a waitress. He gets brought back to earth by Margaret. "Maybe you have the most. But it's only because you have the most!" She then turns and heads out of the officers club. B.J comes into the Mess Tent and offers a peace offering to Charles, Hawkeye, Margaret and Mulcahy.

(Communication Breakdown) Second class mail is being rerouted due to a snafu. Everyone is antsy due an impending marriage in the Li'l Abner comic. Charles, however, has newspapers sent from home. He gets everyone angry with him when he hoards them from everyone when his secret is let out. This leads to a rather contemptuous battle with the camp and Charles trading barbs. Two Korean brothers are re-united by Hawkeye. One was sent to North Korea, and the other to South Korea, so make sure that the family would be on the winning side.

(Snap Judgment, Snappier Judgment) A gift from a family of a Polaroid gives Klinger a serious problem. After it's stolen Klinger gets it back from the black market, is caught with it, and is finally freed from charges by Hawkeye and B.J who found what really happened.

(Twas the Day After Christmas) On an extremely cold Christmas Potter thinks of following a British tradition by having the officers trade with the enlisted men. Charles gets very bristled at the whole idea, so Potter does it. Hawkeye is changing sheets, Charles is in the kitchen with Margaret, and Klinger ends up in command. Great moments, and a time when people realize that things are tough all around.

(Follies Of The Living - concerns Of The Dead) Klinger, dissolutioned by a fever, carries on a conversation with a soldier who has died. The dead soldier is in denial of his death despite following Mulcahy as he goes through his stuff with B.J, sits while a buddy talks about him to Hawkeye. Margaret, meanwhile, is trying to tell eveyone what the problem is, and they won't listen.

(Birthday Girls, The) Margaret wants to go to Tokyo, for her birthday. She gets Klinger to promise take her. Potter, however, almost ruins her day. A lecture must be given by at least a major. She convinces Charles to do the lecture. Meanwhile, as time to go approches, Klinger is scuttling about trying to raise money in a pool on the birth of a cow that came into camp. Margaret and Klinger don't make it to Tokyo, and Charles ends up helping the birth of the cow.

(Blood and Guts) An infamous reporter comes to MASH with pints of blood from people who write to him. His first patient was delivering food on a motorcycle, an Indian Scout. He makes it seem that the guy was being a Hero. B.J, with the reporter and Kinger's help rebuilds the Indian Scout.

(A Holy Mess) A solider, who despretaly wants to get out of the army, seeks refuge with Father Mulcahy. A farmer, grateful for the military's help, has given a shipment of eggs to the unit.

(The Tooth Shall Set You Free) Charles tries, to no avail, to hide his tooth ache. He takes medicine meant for patients, eats mashed potatoes, and is surly with everyone. Potter, B.J, and Hawkeye help oust a Major with an inordinate number of black casualties.

(Pressure Points) A slip-up in O.R causes Potter to have serious issues with his abilities. He calls in Sydney, who helps, as usual. Charles, B.J, and Hawkeye wreck the swamp. Potter comes in, and just let's them go.

(Where There's a Will, There's a War) With B.J on leave to get groomed, Hawkeye ends up going to the front to replace a dead doctor. Under heavy artillery fire, Hawkeye writes his will. Among the gifts he give out, his Hawaain shirt, Groucho glasses, and a nickel to Father Mulcahy.

(Promotion Commotion) Potter names Hawkeye, B.J, and Charles to the Promotion committee. This causes Charles pains. A soldier, a large soldier well played by former football star John Matusak, threatens his life if he's not promoted. Klinger is in full uniform, and gives crisp salutes, and generally acts 100% like a soldier.

(Heroes) The arrival of a prized boxer, who happens to be Father Mulcahy's hero, launches Hawkeye into the light of the camera, as the press invades the camp after the boxer suffers a serious stroke.

(Sons and Bowlers) The episode opens with the Marines drinking homage to the 4077th, who just got creamed at softball. Klinger says "They're just lucky there's not a bowling alley around. I'd show them a thing or two." Potter comes up with a bowling alley. Meanwhile Hawkeye finds that his father is in the hospital for surgery. His father had written him two weeks earlier, but the mail delay caused the letter to get to him until the day. He tries for a long time to get a hold of his father. Finally, an operator gets the call through.

(Picture This) Potter, painting a picture of the doctors, Margaret, and Klinger, causes severe stress. Everyone is yelling at someone, or mulitple someones, for multiple reasons. Potter gets the painting started by splitting everyone up to cut down on the fighting. This works fine until he tries to get everyone together to finish the painting. Everything comes to a head and everyone is yelling at eachother at once.

(That Darn Kid) The arrival of a goat makes Klinger see dollar signs, selling goats milk. Hawkeye is made paymaster just as wounded arrive at the unit. The goat eats the money, leaving Hawkeye owing nearly a year's salary.

M*A*S*H was one of those rare shows that didn't have a weak season. In a previous review I'd mentioned that the later years got a bit weaker. I was wrong. The release of M*A*S*H on D.V.D means that we see them in order. I was so used to the way that they'd mix the episodes up in syndication, so it's hard to see the good ones from the fair ones.

Elements of Persuasion
Elements of Persuasion
Price: $14.99
47 used & new from $2.37

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5.0 out of 5 stars Blown Out of my Chair. More than 5 if possible., November 15, 2005
This review is from: Elements of Persuasion (Audio CD)
Being a huge Dream Theater, and progressive metal fan I had to get this as soon as money would let me. I was half expecting this to me an album of solo ballads. Not a bad thing mind you. A few ballads on here, but the rest....

Well, I was sufficiently blown away. This is far heavier than anything that Dream Theater has done. This is a lot closer to "Faces", the solo project by the Guitarist for Savatage, Chris Caffery.

Crucify: Sounds like an anti-religion song to me. Starts heavy stays that way all the way through.

Alone: The lost of a love due to mistakes made and the regret of the pain caused.

Freaks: Homelessness, and mentally ill, and their treatment by society. Powerfully deep song in the tradition of the best of Ozzy! Great sound.

Invisible: Lost in a bad relationship that is hurting you, or in a situtation where you feel like you're not the same anymore.

Lost: (Ballad)Looking at the future, not knowing where you're going after a bad event.

Undecided: About blindly following the "words" of politicians, clergymen, etc. Finding out that there's nothing but emptyness behind it all. It's all just retoric. It's very flauccinnaucinihililipilfacacious.

Smashed: (Ballad) Outsourcing of jobs, and the loss of a livelyhood, family, friends, and solid future!

Pretender: False Gods, and preachers. Especially tele-evangalists. Killer guitar drum acoustical. Last words are "Failure to Listen", which leads into a fast acoustical ending.

Slightly Out Of Reach: (Ballad) Destiny is around the corner. Destiny around the corner. Destiny is around the corner. Destiny is.......

Oblivious: Someone in a relationship where she's a bad influence, and the guy has no idea. Thinks he can change her, but will fail. Everyone sees it buy him.

In Too Deep: Getting in deep with the Soprano's. In a bad way. Very powerful song, like the others.

Drained: (Heavy Ballad) Coming face to face with your worst possibly nightmares. Yourself!!!!!!! An almost surrealistic sound to this one. Heavy riffs, acompany a definate ballad.

Totally awesome album. Aside from a few ballads, this album is very heavy. The last song is a very powerful message, with a heavy ballad sound. This album is a certain must for everyone who likes Symphony X, Kamelot,Queensryche, and of course Dream Theater.

Also be sure to check out Jon Oliva's Pain "Taj' Mahal!". It's the lead singer of Savatage, on a solo project.

M*A*S*H - Season Nine (Collector's Edition)
M*A*S*H - Season Nine (Collector's Edition)
DVD ~ Alan Alda
Offered by Brand New Rarities
Price: $33.97
5 used & new from $9.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Still Pleasing afer all these years., September 13, 2005
Season 9 didn't disappoint. Yet another great set of episodes. This is certainly one of the greatest ninth seasons of any show in history. not one weak episode. This didn't hurt the series at all.

Just a few:

Best Of Enemies - Not only do we get to see Hawkeye forced to operate under severe emotional strain, we also get to see Bridge played With Marquis De Sade rules. Colonel Potter gets a letter with a winning bridge hand that his wife, Mildred, won with. This gets the whole camp going for a bridge match. Ends up with Potter, Charles, Margaret, and B.J playing in numerous line-ups, and the good Father winning a bet on who wins.

Father's Day. Hawkeye is working on a patient whose face is seriously damaged, but he's glad to be alive. In return he sends Hawkeye an entire side of beef. This leads to serious problems as Margaret's ultra-military father comes to visit. Classic episode.

War For All Seasons - This episode covers one entire year. Included is Father Mulcahy showing off his green thumb. There's the project of B.J and Hawkeye's that takes a while to build a piece of equipment. Then, finally, there's the baseball bet made between Klinger and Potter, which gets Charles interested, and then the whole camp.

Your Retention Please - A duplicious retention officer comes in just as Klinger gets bad news about his ex getting re-married. A male nurse, who's not an officer, takes issue with the retention officer. This is where we get to see Klinger as Lady Godiva on Potter's horse Sophie. He thought that he'd just re-inlisted for six more years when the retention officer tricked him. Potter made him read off an oath. Fortunately, for Klinger, it was the oath for President of the U.S. Of A!

No Sweat - it's a hot hot night. Margaret has a rash in an embarassing spot, leading to comedic actions in the O.R. Klinger takes the P.A system apart. Charles has tax issue. Potter can't get any sleep because Margaret needs some meds for her rash. Charles needs carbon paper, and such. Great ending, everyone gets a good laugh.

Depressing News - I.Corp. sends the 4077th 50K tongue depressors by mistake. Hawkeye creates a tower with them. He lists every patient that ever went through the unit on the tongue depressors.

Bottoms up - Practical jokes get out of hand, which lands Hawkeye in hot water.

The Red/White Blues - A routine check-up by Hawkeye finds that Potter's blood pressure is just too high. Everyone babies him, and Klinger's actions are totally mis-construed.

The Foresght Saga - A happy letter from Radar is belied when Potter, with the whole gang in the office, calls Ottumwa and finds things are rough. This leads B.J, and the rest to solve the problem with a Korean who gives them vegetables.

The Life You Save - With the camp being peppered with sniper fire during Pre-op, Charles takes a whole new look at life, and death. Hawkeye takes over the kitchen, Mulcahy is the garabage officer, and so forth. Sadness, and light comedy highlight his episode. This is where Charles really becomes a much more down-to earth person. He becomes more humane, and caring after this episode. He's also not as fast to jump on others for things that happen.

In the end the loss of Radar may have hurt the show a bit. However, MASH recovered. It went on for another 4 seasons. It still won awards, triggered emotions, and tugged at heart strings. No other show in history can claim that kind of endurance, while losing key stars throughout it's run.

Back Home
Back Home
Offered by megahitrecords
Price: $11.91
160 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the greatest artists does it again., August 30, 2005
This review is from: Back Home (Audio CD)
Once again Slowhand has released yet anther winner. This album keeps the blues oriented forma that has been his forte for a while, and does it quite well. There's more of an upbeat sound to some of the songs, while still having a basic blues sound. Some have a serious blues sound, like Lost and Found. One of the songs, "Revolution" features Stephen Marley, son of Bob, and has a very reggae sound! He also covers George Harrison, "Love Comes To Everyone." This album also features Vince Gill, John Mayer, and Steve Winwood.

One of the greatest artists in the past 50 years has an amazing ablility to mix in all kinds of sounds into his releases. One Day is a deep sounding song with a slight country twang, written by Vince Gill.

This album has a great collections of songs. Sounds vary from songs like those presented by Cream and Mayall. It also brings back the sound in "From The Cradle", Unplugged, and more.

Eric's abilities are a guitarist, lyricst, and musician, once again shine.

If you aren't a fan of Clapton's blues era then this might not be the album for you.

Starting Over
Starting Over
189 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great move by a great artist., April 19, 2005
This review is from: Starting Over (Audio CD)
I've long been a fan of Reba. I've always like Please Come To Boston, On My Own, and You're No Good. So when I as in a music store on State Street in Madison Wi. I had to pick this up.

I took it home and have played it many times. There are lot's of people who criticize her because of her voice. She may not have the soaring voice of some of the original artists but you're selling Reba short. The point isn't to sound like the original artist. The point of this album is to pay homage to a few of her favorite songs that she's always wanted to sing.

Reba's voice is very strong, consistent, with a real quality. She doesn't hit the high notes of some artists. So what. That doesn't detract from this album. I'll just compare the songs that I've heard the originals.

Please Come To Boston. She did a great job on a song that was originally released by a male artist. She took on the opposing role. Instead of being the guy who's trying to get a woman to follow him, she's being the woman who wants the wondering guy to come home.

You're No Good - Reba just blows Linda Ronstadt away with this wonderful cover. Her voice is superior to Linda's and it really shows on this track.

Starting over again - Same as above. Of course I've never liked Dolly Parton so I'm probably biased, cause I adore Reba.

You Keep Me Hanging On - Another great cover song. Her voice is a bit more simliar to Diana Ross when compared to the other artists she covers here.

In the end when you look at, and review, cover albums don't think about the older songs and find fault just because the artist that's doing the cover doesn't have the same style of voice. As in Please Come To Boston, being that the original was a man. Listen to this album for what it is. It's a valiant attempt by a very popular country artist to sing other mainstream songs, most of which are cross overs.

I hand it to Reba. It took a lot of courage for her to do this album. There are numerous aritsts who would never do an album like this because they are afraid of criticism, and afraid of losing their base. Reba came out and told everyone that she was going to do what she wanted to do, so deal with it.

Train of Thought
Train of Thought
Offered by megahitrecords
Price: $12.44
87 used & new from $1.72

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5.0 out of 5 stars Yet Another winner from Dream Theater, April 5, 2005
This review is from: Train of Thought (Audio CD)
A few years go a friend of mine introduced me to Scenes From a Memory. I've been a Queensrcyhe fan years, and also love Savatage. This friend let me listen to this after work one day. Needless to say I didn't get home until late. I listened to it three times.

Train of Thought is rockin. I think the songs are soaring, loud, and abrasive. Imagine an 11 minute instrumental. When ever I listen to DT I think that the artists in the group must have been classically trained. There are very Classical Romantic undertones in all of their music. This is the kind of music to listen to with your eyes closed and think of the message that they are trying to tell.

I think album is taking a serious look at the world of religion. Most specifically In The Name of God. This looks deeply at the roots of most wars in the world today, and in history. It looks deeply at the fact that so much of religion is blurred with secularism that you can't tell the difference. It also looks at how religion is used as an excuse for everything. Blind allegiance can be dangerous.

As a person who has been estranged from their father for most of my life, I can seriously relate to the song Honor Thy Father.

Upon listening to This Dying Soul, I think of Nicholas, the main character in Scenes from a Memory. He's looking in the mirror trying to figure out what happened. It has the same basic sound, though much much heavier then SFAM. The opening line, along with the similar sound are clues back to SFAM, "Hello, Mirror, so glad to see you my friend, it's been a while.

Where a group like Metallica sold it's soul to the altar of public opinion and committed ritual career suicide, DT just keeps cranking it out. Granted some of it is lighter, but this album is proof that they've never lost their soul of being a Prog metal band.

Don't listen to the one star and two star fools. This is DT with the hardest edge that they can grind.

Another fine example of the fact that DT is one of the deepest, most complicated bands that has ever been into a recording studio, or concert hall, or arena. You listen to this music and it makes you seriously look into their lyrics. Few groups today can say that. So much of the music of today is just candy. It's taste is temporary and fleeting. Then, a short time later more candy is brought to you and you forget about that last piece of candy you had. DT destroys that mold.

St. Anger
St. Anger
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4.0 out of 5 stars 3.5 stars for a valiant attempt., April 5, 2005
This review is from: St. Anger (Audio CD)
My first review was a bit off. This album is good, not great. I've listened to it many times and do find faults. it's not nearly as strong as anything before they cut their hair and mellowed out. I really love Ride, Justice, Master, and even the Black album. They really rocked then. Load and Re-load were both horrible disgraceful albums for one of the greatest metal bands of all time.

I know that they were trying to go more mainline,to attract a wider audience. They failed miserably. This album was an attempt to go back to their older style. They tried to get some of the head-bangers who left to listen to them again. This is halfway back to their greatness. They still need more work IMOHO.

The drums are nearly atonal and dissonant. I don't think it's tin cans, as someone else posted. It almost sounds as if Lars is actually playing in another room or around a corner from the mic. It's almost like the sound you're hearing is the echo from the drums and not the primary sound. He might have been sitting behind the plexiglass drummers sometimes use, without a microphone to catch the sounds directly. I also think that James' voice buries the guitar on way too many tracks.

I think that a bit more work on this album would have helped. "Putting Lars' out of the box, or in the studio" might have helped. It seems that they rushed at the end to get this album out. If they'd waited say 6 months and worked harder on this album in the studio, then it could've been far far better.

In the end it's not that bad an album, which is why I gave it 4 stars. It's a far cry better then Load or Re-Load. With more time and effort this could've been a ground breaking album. This had the potential to bring Metallica back to the old days when they were loud, brash, and helped make many many people hard-core metal fans.

Let's hope that they can finish their comeback with their next album. This was a step in the right direction but was too abruptly released and therefore shows serious flaws. These flaws have nothing to do with their voices, or abilities. It has to do with the way it was recorded and the quality of the recording process.

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